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REDUX ;Ae Ajnabi, Awaz de kahin Se !!* updtd (Page 50)

vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
@Pami...Excellent analysis..your analysis about Arnav care for his family..his feelings for family.. absolutely true Big smile  ..and yeah i believe kushi is strong in handleling  better than ASR..she is perfect in maintaining relationships.
 Arnav the one who blackmailed he will leave the family if they won't stop the Natak..but kushi  she waited for the absolute timing to make the family happy who are angry on them bcoz of their hasty marriage..    Arnav has no patience,but kushi has patience when its comes to family values..

so when it comes to Arnav redemption track..he has be have patience highly to deal with kushi...
its question on her character..she won't forgive him so easily.

i remember the day when she gave him resignation letter..she is so furious at him,we will see that kushi when she knows the reason.
on that day when kushi came to give resignation letter to Arnav, Arnav  has no answers for her questions and even when truth comes out  than Arnav has to stand before her like victim with no answers..

And when he tried to explain his actions to her the office store room he did that in his own way..commanding and with arrogance,where kushi  not even try to gave him damm chance to speak to her..that's kushi.
so its very very hard for ASR to convenience kushi,he has to finish a long way of redemption Big smile 

In heer ranja act  Kushi said...ranjha  ke bure din ayenge Aur app ke ache din..Hum mar jayenge..

before that she said Kehne ko hum  Heer per dil se Hum ranja hai..

she love him,her heart feels for him.But when she knows that he questioned her character ,her love for  ranjha will die..The heer that peresent in kushi will die.

Ranjha ka bure din ayenge..yeah he knows Kushi is innocent that the Ranjha in ASR  will start to repent ,bad day's for ranjha  will start ,he will than search for love in kushi's heart.

he has to again make her alive,with his redemption,he has try really really hard to get  back kushi in his life.   


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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 11:58am | IP Logged
@Doods    as  pami said how will you manage to see  Arnav   repentance than..Big smile..with loads of water in his eyes.i liked the way he is searching and missing kushi. silence is gold,kushi know it very well..go girl its your turn to make ASR life hell Big smile.

The way you said i really want kushi arnav witness anjali giving the thread to shyam ,so it could be first   step  for connecting of dots by their own ways.

Awesome analysis Loved it Thumbs Up
Nope123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

Coming to my analysis of today's episode ; Today's episode can and cannot be called a drag. If I have to see the continuity from yesterday's episode then it sure was a drag - because clearly Khushi is not gonna pick up any hints. I have quite much feeling that Khushi will somehow just stumble upon the truth and then will her brains pick up on every word Arnav said. Yesterday's episode - I felt was to give Khushi every clue to reach to an answer - but I do not see it happening any time soon and I do not know what the Creatives are playing at.

Exactly what i felt Big smile..but iam Ok with kushi going in to silent least  its something new compared to result less fights !!!   

Coming to the equations and their analysis ;

Their equation is something that I really like to watch out and I wish more of this would be shown. The reason being - this is the main equation on the brink of which the whole track is running. It is the Arnav Anjali bond - the brother sister bond that gives this track the push and I want to see more of it - time and again.
Me too Ditto !!

Today it was adorable to see Arnav stop Anjali from eating Papaya - and Anjali asking him to relax and not fuss over. We were not shown the concern from Arnav's side for Anjali's pregnancy specifically after he and Khushi got married - and today we saw that. True -it was  for Arnav to know where Khushi had gone - but nevertheless it was cute. More such scenes should be shown in my view. Moreover Barun and Daljeet look so good as bro and sis.


I do not understand this equation at all. One day its Hot - the other day it is cold - small scene - Payal complementing Mami - and Mami retorting back - I could not see any significance in it and I do not know why it was even there.

Shyam has started making his move - and that is what has kept the story on a teeny weeny bit of progression today. He knows what he wants and that is the file. Now even I am getting desperate to know that what the hell is in that file!? He comes in and uses his charm on Nani - using her beliefs against Arnav. We all know that Shyam has always been treated like a son - a guide of the family - everyone listened to him before and everyone will till the truth comes out - and that is what will stand against Khushi in the beginning. It will be gradually that everyone in the family will move away from Shyam and towards Khushi.

Shyam made his move to find the key - played his game well - used Nani as a bait - who used her emotions and Anjali to get Arnav to do what she wanted to do I hence giving shyam that chance to know what he wanted to know. One thing I did not understand - why dint shyam just take the key when he picked the wallet up!? Arnav would not have checked it there and then right!? Now - one more move from Shyam that we can expect is to try steal the key and either get caught or be successful - and finally let us know what is the mystery behind that file!

yeah me  feel the same exactly in the file Angry ..its been two weeks they are dragging it.

coming to shyam not picking the key than and their..if he picks the key their than he has wait till arnav  leaves the room ,before that if Arnav checks for the key than he will easily find out who took the Shyam only confirming where Arnav keeps the key..though the scene was useless,it might result to something..



And here comes my favorite part - The Arnav Khushi equation! :)) Starting with is Barun looked gorgeous in green and Khushi in purple! Now coming to their equation :

Khushi sees Arnav taking care of Anjali and she is surprised to see the duality in his character. She cannot understand how one man can care for his di so much and hate and hurt her so badly - tears in her eyes are a reflection of what she feels and how much she is hurt of his cold - hearted behavior towards her. I personally would have expected the hints to come in play here and she could have linked two and two - but no! Nothing like this happened and she just leaves - what was the point of Arnav saying and blurting out so many things yesterday then!?

Next Arnav comes to know that Khushi and Shyam had gone to get medicine for Anjali and it was she who had sent them together. Does he feel guilty!? Yes he does - he realizes he was wrong and he had misunderstood her. He sees her walk up the stairs and wants to apologize. He calls her out and speaks to her softly - telling her that all she had to do was let him know where she was - and he would have been okay - and that was his way of saying sorry. Khushi retorts back with I do not need to tell you something - and that is where Arnav disappears and ASR comes back. He remembers the interaction of Khushi and Shyam back stage and on the terrace and rightly thinks - ' she could have refused to go out with Shyam - but she did not' - something that even I had thought.  What was beautiful in the scene was the trust he has started building up on her. When initially Anjali tells him about the reason - not once - did he think about what he saw backstage and on the terrace - all he felt was relief! I said it in my analysis yesterday that it was endearing to watch Arnav question Khushi on where she was - not once - but more than 4-5 times because in his heart he had hoped that he had seen wrong and there was a justification to it - and today when he got that answer - he was just relieved! He was glad! What he thought later was only because of the retort he got back from Khushi and nothing else.
Next comes the silent treatment! Am I in a favor of it - hell yeah! I have always said - if Khushi wants to get her answers from Arnav she needs to get it out in a mature way. Her OTT drama did not get her anywhere and neither did I expect it to. What gets Arnav Singh Raizada ticking is - her silence - her withdrawl from him. She may not realize it - but that is the best way to break him, however much he may say he likes it the other way.

Everything was perfectly done - Arnav getting irritated by Khushi's dupattas and asking her to not put them there and what does she do while he keeps up at his angry outbursts as he feels she is not looking and answering him - she does what he wants without answering him. That is how she hurts Arnav - by not saying anything. Same thing was shown in the file thing - he commented on her messy attitude of keeping things here and there - in hope of getting a reaction - but again no answer - and he got even more frustrated that even in that silence - khushi helped him.

What does the great Arnav Singh Raizada do then!? He claims to be happy that she is silent and that he is glad that now it would not be so difficult to stay with her for 6 months - that he wished he could not see her face also - but he cannot throw her out before the time is up - bringing tears into her eyes. What I felt from this scene - was that instead of telling all of this to Khushi - he was trying to somehow get Khushi to talk and to convince himself that it was all happening for the good. He was hurt by her silence and he did not want to be - hence even though he spoke  harsh words to her - it was more of him convincing himself that all is well if this is how she wants to be.
Khushi on the other hand - very hurt with his words - decides that if he does not want to see her ever - she will grant him that wish and never come in front of him. And this is where I would like to tell a certain Angry man - think before you speak and wish. ;)
The whole of the next part of the episode was dedicated to Arnav and his love for Khushi. Here is a man - who claims to hate her to an extent of proclaiming that he does not want to see her face - and the one moment he is alone - all he does is thinks about her. He can deny - he can hide - he can run away from all of it - but he cannot ignore the fact that she has become the most important part of his life. When she is not there physically - she is all he thinks about - she haunts his brains - she brings a smile on his face - she is the one who he lives for. He may not have gone and explicitly looked out for her - yet not having seen her one day - and all he could do was think about her and her alone. No cloud of misunderstanding - just both of them and nothing else.
Next day again when he does not see her again - he is restless and he goes to find and look for her. And is he happy when he hears her voice!? He is! Is it not what he wanted - to see her and hear her voice again!? He may scream - shout and do anything but he cannot hide the fact that no matter what he cannot do without her.
All I can say is - if in hatred the man cannot stay without her for 2 days - what will happen to him when she may leave him and go away and he will seek repentance! All I can say is that day -Arnav Singh Raizada will  create History in love! ;))
 loved above analysis Clap Clap..i am with the bold line he will create history in love  Big smile,kushi is the person who deserves such love and she is only one who can bare his anger and will give Dugna love to him as his mother's wish 
Small and light - hearted episode! Not much to analyze but still have tried to touch on few points!Smile
Love :)
 i am in pink Anna Big smile

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supermom1 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
@Tantya...was waiting for yor analysis since yesterday...but as always you have done an amazing jobClapClapClapClap
Great choice of the song one of my favourite and apt to the situation on friday.
Loved the following lines...
"I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out.And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart.And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you.But those words may forever stay in my heart-locked inside.Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know."

Beautifully written...both of them are too scared to let their actual feelings out. They want to say something but end up saying something else. Unfortunately, more harsh words are used by Arnav will create more distances between him and khushi. It was already evident when she things how one person can be so loving and caring to his Di and so rude towards her. By his words he is killing her from inside, Arnav is not able to see through Khushi's emotions as to how much he is damaging her. It will be a long and painful repentence for Arnav to bring her back. To me it seems she might just become lifeless by the time the MU is cleared.

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sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
@tanthya, amazing analysis.

About Khushi I was getting confused, but after you explained I kind of got her.

Yes I also felt bad for her when she saw the love of Arnav for his di and for the 1st time the cv's gave an insight of her feeling and yearnings. Otherwise you have no idea what she is feeling.

It seems she is growing up and she has no been able to push this aside like she use to.

She has started to look like human to me who also has yearnings and feelings. Who also desires to be loved for herself there is a part of her which no one knows, just like Asr. 

She has given Asr the power to hurt her, i.e why his harsh words hurt. With others it does not and the only reason she does that pleasing with other to make her feel that she is not alone. 

These two really need to start to listen what the other is saying. Their lack of communication is the reason why they do not understand each other.

To get love you also need to show that love to the other person, which they are failing big time.

Both Arhi expect the other to understand without explaining or listening to the other.

They need to learn that in order to have a real relationship one need to listen what the other is saying.

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poolovesarnav Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Amazingly supreme :)

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peepli IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by peepli

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by peepli

Great Sathya.. thanx for the pm.. u n doodle never fail to amaze me... btw i wanted to ask u n doodle something

In friday's epi, after anjali tells arnav that khushi had gone to buy medicines, arnav gets up turns and is about to go search for khushi when he sees her walking up the stairs. The camera shows khushi walking up the stairs along the corridor. .. Now remember, that horrid epi 2 months back which aired on a friday itself, when Arnav finds Shyam hugging khushi n the whole MU crap started?  well, in that epi also, Arnav is about to search for Khushi n he sees her walking up the stairs. The camera catches Khushi walking up the stairs along the corridor. It was a sense of deja vu as The same scene was shown today, only that day Khushi was happy today she is feeling hopeless n sad..

Is there any significance in the repetition of the scene??? Is there something in it or am i going crazy and should bang my head on the wall Ouch?? plz do say!!

Thank You, Shal Big smile  ..It is the least I can do ...

IMO.. I do not see the significance of it ..apart  from  what I have explained in the analysis itself...

I am seeing  Khushi drawing further away from Arnav and  Arnav searching  and reaching the higher plateau  where Khushi is emotionally..

Thanx sathya.. i can finally RIP... Wink

What Tha ShockedShockedShocked..RIP while we chatpatao here thinking about various P&C's of Arhi equation ..Nahiii...!!LOLLOL
Oh.. i meant RIP till monday night dear... Wink after which if there is no progressAngry I can start banging my head again on the wall againConfused and stop only when i receive yours n doodle's amazing analysis which makes me calm and gives me hope for the next day !!! Clap

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