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REDUX ;Ae Ajnabi, Awaz de kahin Se !!* updtd (Page 14)

sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 4:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

Originally posted by sunflower52

Originally posted by --Anna--

Originally posted by sunflower52

Originally posted by --Anna--

Originally posted by sunflower52

Well I hope so she takes the clues soon enough or else I will think her brain is indeed a black hole. 

Right now it seems only Arnav's brain is going to light up. Khushi will remain clueless, how can I feel for her when I do not understand her LOL
Wahin toh sirf Arnav ki feelings and Arnva ka confusion dikhta hai - Khushi needs to be more expressive! I do not understand her either - she is tooo righteous! LOLLOL

Wahin toh why are we seeing only Arnav's confusion and thoughts.

I thought Khushi was a parallel lead why is her thoughts missing. No one is too righteous in real life. She needs to be expressive.

Her mistake will be made to look like righteousness and I do not want to see that. 

Khushi is parallel lead but I feel the creative sometimes forget that! And I say this because Arnav's character is never messed up with - Khushi's is - more often than not. I want to see her monologues - they are important!

I know - I do not want to see her rigfhteousness projected as right too. Keeping a secret that was not hers - however good the reason might be - is not right! Angry

I agree she had the chance to tell him when he asked her as she was crying on his shoulder she blew it.

This was not her's to keep, the Raizada's has the right to know. Even if they do not believe at her 1st. 

Does she not even feel guilty of knowing Shaym's true colour from the family and Arnav and not telling them. 

At least we got to see that Payal does feel guilty of keeping this secret from Aakash.

Now the whole Gupta parivar has amnesia regarding this. They should be feeling guilty about this, how can they even look in the eye of the Raizada's family by keeping such a big thing about their son in law.

What are the cv's trying to show is beyond me.

Bang On salma! That is what I have been trying to say - Let her come out with the secret - if the Raizadas do not believe her then they will be blamed - abhi she is to blame and so are the guptas. And yes the guilt is missing. Chalo one moment I can understand that why the gupta family is not guilty - but Khushi is going through crap from shyam everyday - he is not going to change and still she feels that she is doing right!? Arnav does not know the extent Shyam can go - but Khushi is aware of the cheat he is - she needs to tell someone! 

Creatives have lost it - Khushi is least bothered about Shyam - his realization is only there when he does something. Just like I want Khushi's monologues about Arnav - I want to see about Shyam too

I even want Khushi's monologues on her thoughts about Shaym. He is after her, when a guy is after you like that you would be disturbed.

Their daughter is married in that house and they should feel guilty about keeping Shaym's secret.
I know I would. 

Arnav just saw the real face of Shaym, so it will take time for him to understand him again, but Khushi knows the real Shaym and still has not realize that he has not changed. 

I have to agree cv's have lost it when comes to Khushi and her on & off thoughts process.

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--sumana13-- IF-Rockerz

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Hi Reduxians ...
Heres wishing you all a Happy Easter ...


                       Happy Easter Pooh Cute

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Nia.D Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --sumana13--

Hi Reduxians ...
Heres wishing you all a Happy Easter ...


                       Happy Easter Pooh Cute

Happy Easter to you  too Sumana!! And to all Redux members too... feast on yummy Easter Eggs!! Smile

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TheDailyRush Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 5:08am | IP Logged
update sooon lol LOL
.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Was searching for this thread last night, missed reading everyone's great analysis!
I loved this episode, it was definately not a filler by any means. Things are moving forward, no more OTT comedy or immaturity to dumb down characters. The CVs have finally fixed the damage done to their characters
I felt so bad for Khushi when she looked on at Arnav's caring nature towards his sister and wondered how he could be so indifferent to her. I don't fault her for not remembering all the care he showered on her in the past, right now she is hurting and can't see past his harsh treatment.
I love that as soon as Arnav found out why Khushi hid the truth of him his immediate action was to apologize knowing he was in the wrong. Yes, the trust has definately been built on his side but has started to slip on Khushi's.
The scene with Shyam just lost me, I didn't understand it. Shyam already knew where the key was so why did he need confirmation? I thought he was going to take the key from Arnav's wallet given his bold nature but nothing like that happened.
I loved the scene between Khushi and Arnav in their room. Khushi removing her colorful clothes was very symbolic to their relationship at the moment.
Arnav learnt in this episode to be careful what you ask and wish for. Though he was angry that Khushi gave him the silent treatment, his words once again pierced her heart and it really was the last straw for her. Loved that for two whole days she avoided seeing him, the memories of her presence in his life began to haunt him. We got a glimpse of what Arnav will go through when Khushi leaves his life, its going to kill him more than her silence does!!
Doodles, I think you are right about Arnav and Khushi they will start connecting the dots. I remember the last time the CVs worked on clearing misunderstandings that existed between both, the track took a positive turn and I am hoping the same happens here. Arnav learning about Khushi's reasons for not accepting the award, not telling him about Anjali happened for a reason.
I too am happy about Mami staying within character. Yes she understands why Payal lost but it doesn't change the fact she is still disappointed she lost, this competition meant a lot to her. Payal should have talked to Mami before making such a decision.

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savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:15am | IP Logged
@Tants, lovely song choice. Will wait for your analysis
@Doods - Excellent explanation as usual.
The episode was a perfect cap to a good week in IPK land. I really like the way Khushi's character is being etched out this week, not cowing down, anticipating Arnav's reaction and questioning back. The silent treatment was the best.. can we please continue this track and not forget it like the dabba business?
@Tants, @Doods- Thanks to you, I have started looking for triangles in scenes! and noticed  one in the beginning of the episode today! What has become of me Smile
Have you wonderful weekend you all.

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ArShiLover11 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Such an appropriate song 4 the epi...
pamk06 Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged

Tanthya:  Lovely song selection. Will wait for your update.


Fantastic post!! So your heart did ache, huh? and here I was thinking that I was the only one. Big smileAfterwards, I was thinking if I could not take his 10 mins of pain, how will I see his redemption act and your ""rain-pain" scene. I guess, as you say, with bucketload of tears.LOL

Today, one of your pictures made me think and connect with your yesterday's post:

See the triangles:

The first picture, Tanthya's triangle,  Anjali and Khushi are the base, Arnav is at the apex. As you said, because of a conversation between Khushi and Anjali, a truth was kept from Arnav and MU was created between Khushi and Arnav. But later, it will be Anjali who will be responsible for clearing that MU, that is making Arnav aware of the situation and uniting them. 

Similarly, in the second  picture Anjali and Arnav are the base, Khushi is at the apex. Thus, again because of the conversation or this brother-sister relationship, Khushi will leave and that time also, it will be Anjali who will be responsible for clearing or getting her back into Arnav's life and uniting them. 

Below is my analysis,

Arnav Singh Raizada - Today I notice two of his traits, one we already know, the other I am trying to decipher but will still write about it


Yesterday, when Nani asked Arnav to tie the thread, he refused but later, when she showed him that his action has upset her, he reluctantly accepted. This is not the first time its happened. Its happened many times before and it got me thinking, that this guy just cannot bear the people he cares about being angry at him, he cares being the key word here. He  is not a man of emotions nor words, and his approach is always been to cut the matter at the core. Remember, after his marriage, he understood why his family was making such a emotional drama, he had done the unthinkable but he did not like his family, his nani and his sister being upset with him, he wanted them to stop. His words, that time cutting right to the core were ""Yeh natak kab tak chalega".  He wanted his family to accept it, forget and forgive and move forward. He just wanted them to be like before, the people who cared about him. They say, all men are child at heart, they require the constant care and acceptance from their loved ones, its their need. But for Arnav its more, because of his past, because of his parents. It is a kind of an insecurity in him and inbuilt fear that the people he cares about might leave him, and he is always taking measures to make sure that they do not, it can be as simple as giving in to the emotional pressure from Nani/Anjali or as extreme as getting married without informing his family. 

Similarly, today he did not like Khushi being angry with him. He knows he had done wrong but for him even she was wrong as she did not tell him the reason when he gave her the chance. But what really pricked him was her silence because even though, he is a man who likes silence, he hates it if he is been subjected to the silent treatment. With his family, he knows what cards to use to make them happy or get the assurance that they care because if nothing else works, he knows his trump card will work and that is "I will leave the house". Also, with his family, he has that confidence that they do care but with Khushi, he has no trump card, he has no confidence,he knows she does not care but he was still trying to instigate her because it an all-universe logic, that a person gets angry with you or with something only when he or she cares, he wanted that hint, that proof,that assurance.

Alas, it did not work and he left in anger because Khushi proved smarter or dumber than him, depending on the way you look at it, she is not his soulmate for nothing.  She knows with words he will always win so she used the opposite thing to irk him and that is "silence". Well, only if she knew, that it was words he sought, words he was looking for, words he wanted to hear, even if they were just in anger.


Arnav Singh Raizada, a man of action. This we have already seen before, that as soon as, he encounters a situation, he wants to rectify it. Today, also he realized that he had made a mistake with Khushi and he wanted to rectify it. He went to her, but did he apologize, NO, because he did not go to apologize, he went to justify his actions. He had remorse, he was guilty, he knew he was wrong but for him she was wrong too. The "what" was his fault i.e his actions but the "why" was her fault. He blamed her for the "why" because he had asked her for the explanation, he gave her chance to make him understand but she was the one who refused to oblige yesterday before the fight. Thus, according to him, he was at fault because she was fault. Hence, no apology, just justification that if you would have told me, I would not have reacted. Similarly, he again gave her a chance to explain, he again wanted to understand, but she did not take it, and then thus, she again became a culprit in his eyes, as for him she is still continuing her relationship with Shyam even after marriage.

But when the times comes, he will apologize, he will have remorse and he will be guilty because that time he will realize that the "why" and the "what" was wrong and both were his fault. He will be guilty not because he misunderstood the situation but because he did not give Khushi the chance to explain, a chance to justify. He will be angry because he punished the innocent and he will be filled with remorse that will be nothing compared to what he felt today. He said today, that she is made his life hell but soon he will know that it was not Khushi who has or will make his life hell, it is he, himself who is responsible for making his life hell, now and then.

Ja dekta hu waah tumhara saaman bhikra hua hain

This statement is so true. As her things, Arnav feelings for her are also all scattered. Sometimes he thinks she's innocent, sometimes he things she is guilty. Sometimes he thinks she cares for him, and sometimes he thinks she does not. Every time he decides on the verdict, her behavior, her actions confuse him and send his emotions on a different course. He has become like that ship, that is unable to find an anchor, with every wave his emotions take a different turn sending him and his life in an uproar.  He does not know how to encounter this changing feelings, he is a person who knows only black and white. he does not know how to deal with gray. He does not know which course to select, which path to walk on, he does not know whether black is right or white and his only way is to lash out at the person who is responsible for them. But, like today, as Khushi silently found the file for him, it will be Khushi who will steer him in the right direction, who will unknowingly help him to decide between the black and white,who will help him find the grip on his emotions and  who will be his anchor which has been lost since that fateful day.


They say, before you do anything you should always take the blessings of your elders. The day of reckoning is nearing and Arnav needs all the blessing that he can muster. Today, he got from Nani and Arnav though reluctant, accepted the blessings. Ironically, it was Shyam, his opponent, who was responsible for them. Unknowingly, Shyam gave him the thread, the thread that was a symbol of protection to Arnav. Now Shyam has lost, both his symbols of protection, which represents his two main protection from Arnav, his so-called relationship with Khushi and Anjali. 

Today, he handed over the thread that represented the protection, to Arnav himself and soon, I feel, unknowingly, he himself will be the one to bring the truth of his relationship in front of Arnav. It can be because Arnav might hear that confrontation between Khushi and Shyam or something else but he will be aware of the reality. Thus, as soon as, Arnav finds out the truth behind  Shyam's relationship with Khushi that it was a lie, a hoax, Shyam will lose that protection, that second chance that was handed to him like a plate of gold. 

His other protection, his other raksha thread, has unknowingly reached Anjali and I think, when the times comes, it will Anjali herself who will take  that protection away from Shyam. This very thread will be one of the clues that will help her to connect the dots and to reveal the true identity of Shyam and to throw him away. That time, Anjali will vet out the punishment that Arnav wanted her to give on the day of marriage. Well, as they say, better late than never.

Thus, initially, even if it seems that Arnav has lost, lost in the game of love, but in the end, against all odds his love will win and in their own ways, it will be Shyam unknowingly and Anjali knowingly, who will make his love victorious, who will bring Khushi and Arnav together. They already have love, its the trust and respect, that is missing. Thus,it will Shyam who will bring trust to their relationship by revealing the truth whereas it will Anjali who will bring the respect because in the way, she and her relationship with her brother and husband are and will be responsible for it being absent.

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