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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
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REDUX ;Ae Ajnabi, Awaz de kahin Se !!* updtd

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Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se

Roz roz resham si hawa aate jaate kehti hai bata
Resham si hawa kehti hai bata
Vo jo doodh dhuli masoom kali
Vo hai kahan kahan hai
Vo roshni kahan hai vo jaansi kahan hai
Main adhoora tu adhoori jee rahein hain

Tu to nahin hai lekin teri muskurahatein hain
Chehra nahin hai par teri aahatein hain
Tu hai kahan kahan hai
Tera nishaan kahan hai
Mera jahan kahan hai
Main adhoora tu adhoori jee rahein hain

Hello EveryoneSmile,

What can I say about Friday's episode... A mellifluous Song presented  visually to viewer's delight, A rhapsody which captured our heart, lingered on our minds leaving us with  sadness,  yearning and a prayer !!  ..

This episode belonged to Sanaya and Barun ..Sanaya after many  a episode finally  got some meaty scenes to sink her teeth into and she did full justice to it  ; a viewer's delight !!

Khushi is going on about her day to day job and she witnesses the love, care and concern that Arnav has for Anjali, watches from afar, a indefinable sadness in her eyes   as Arnav administers his tender care  on his sister, She wonders at the duality f this man who can  straddle the two extremes of  love and hate with ease ..A man who is the veritable ocean of  Love to his sister  but is a bubbling, boiling Volacano  in their relationship ..Anjali reveals the reason for absence and the silence of Khushi . Arnav takes Anjali's leave  ...

Khushi is beginning to get more hints and so is Arnav .. each  hints negating their assumptions  , furthering their progress towards truth  but in the case of Arnav , not just his head but his emotions come into play too and when his heart rules, all the hints   take a beating and he slides back to the same square , burning in the same hell again and again ...

Khushi,  I had always held the thought  that  in comparison to Arnav Khushi was the luckiest one since she had  a loving refuge and a age which could act as barrier  to the grief  but today  after watching that scene, I would say that she is grievously injured  too, her  desire to belong overwhelming..In Arnav's case, The siblings had one another , to feed or lessen one another grief  but Khushi, NONE !!.. She was taken in by a benevolent family , loved by them yet there was always a  soupcon of alienation , A trace of charity in their behavior which drove Khushi to be the life and bread of the family, she was the clown, the joker who  made them smile, the punching bag who absorbed their barbs, the  banyan Tree who provided the shelter..She made them smile, laugh   the while her craving for acceptance.Khushi appeared to be the proverbial sunshine girl, always cheerful , positive, goofy, idiotic, immature but  beating  underneath all this  spurious acts was a aching heart, mutely crying  to  belong, to love , to be accepted for herself rather than on her usefulness..She thought for a brief while that she did get what she had longed for all her life "Unconditional Love" But that proved to be a dream...Now she reels under the hatred  of the man whom she loves, despeartely seekign some clues to that young man who bought her bangles,hope arising  one second as she catches a fleeting glimpse of the caring man only for it to smashed into fragments of zillion pieces comparison to Khushi, Arnav has had a easy ride ..

So Redux's pet triangle  is back again...yes..this time the siblings at the base and Khushi at apex..what strikes me about the triangle is its fluidity , it is not a fixed triangle ..The person who is at the apex is almost always out of the loop while the members at the base exchange the secrets  or hold a secret...One another thing I noticed is that Arnav  forms relationship with one woman at a time ..when he is with Anjali, Khushi walks away ..Arnav gets closer to Khushi after Anjali leaves the  stage...when will the girls come together ...

I am tired, Beloved,
of chafing my heart against
the want of you;
                                                ~Amy Lowell, "The Letter"

Arnav approaches Khushi , tries to make amends and for his good intentions is rebuffed by Khushi...The ego which is just beneath the surface flares up  turning to ashes the finer feelings of apology !! Arnav  climbs the high horse of misunderstanding again, while Khushi leaves quietly without sparring with him.. ..

The distance has begun to grow, Arnav at the lower rung, flung from his  pedestal bec  his love lacked one important component , TRUST !! bec he humiliated the sanctity of marriage, bec he disrespected relationships..but does he remain there , No..Once he sees the distance  growing , He moves to shorten it , catches up with Khushi only for his ego to be pricked again ...

"I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out.And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart.And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you.But those words may forever stay in my heart-locked inside.Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know."

The battle of wills starts quite seriously..Khushi removing the dupatta from his path, Arnav following her , provoking her, throwing vengeful words calculated at getting a raise from her but his efforts come to a naught as Khushi  follows the principles of least resistance  ..Arnav leaves  the room, thinking he has won , not realizing that this is one victory he does not want or would ever want...

it was a moment of quiet dignity, How wretched would Khushi be feeling, to be accused of turning someone's life a hell !!..She is a girl who worked tirelessly to bring a smile on everyone's visage sometimes at the cost of her own happiness, pride and self respect   ..and today  to be accused by the very man whom she loves  so much so that she would even embrace death !!  it would be like getting staked through ur heart by the very man whom u trusted to protect ..Khushi decides to give Arnav what he wants not because she wants to extract her pound of flesh but bec she want to relieve him from the agony of confronting her everyday , She withdraws from him so that he can smile again but the simple girl has not realized that Arnav  was spiteful bec he sought assurance, the assurance of being needed, of being cared from her .

I liked the shot of Khushi and Lakshmi together when  Arnav was going on about  the way his life had turned out to be ... Both on the ground, in a way both are toys wound up by people for their pleasure, their own emotions unreadable to the people who supposedly care about them , not paid attention but their presence always bringing joy and a smile of pleasure ..

I keep coming back to you in my head, but you couldn't know that, and I have no carbons.  ~Adrienne Rich

Khushi disappears from Arnav's sight for whole of  2 days ...Arnav does not  hear her voice nor feel her presence anywhere...on the first day , he comforts himself saying that he  looks forward to the pleasure of his own company, the second day, even that comforter is not available as hunger pangs [of wanting to see her]  overpower the  controlled, Self contained Arnav Singh Raizada ...

If earlier we saw the need for acceptance, need for Love of Khushi, in the latter half we just got to see how the powerful Raizada who has everything at his finger tips  still feels himself  incomplete  without Khushi ...Khushi brought colors into his room, his life and he has  embraced it without much fuss.. the colors have so seeped in  they have become part of his own makeup and one which he misses terribly when Khushi withdraws ...

I really liked the use of FB,,,The first one hinting at the lack of sugar in his life lack of softer feelings, lack of finer emotions due to which he is shunned by all except for his immediate family,  Khushi  telling him that   the reason for all  shunning is his ego which is being burnt to ashes  and then  An Arnav devoid of his ego, bitterness  finally accepted by Khushi and Arnav finally letting go of his ego, his bitterness , letting in music, colors, joy Khushi into his life...

Ever absent, ever near;
Still I see thee, still I hear;
Yet I cannot reach thee, dear!
~Francis Kazinczy

Arnav opens his eyes to the tinkling of the wind chimes , His eyes instinctively flickering towards the bed , looking for signs of Khushi, when the bed looks not slept in, Arnav immediately turns and  glances  his sleepy eyes towards the pool.. his eyes searching for that long haired lass whose one glimpse sends his heart racing, disappointment awaits  him as  Khushi is resolute in her determination to give him what he wants ...

Here was a man who had emphatically stated to Khushi few months back that he  preferred the silence to any sound ..but look at the changes within him, changes to which he is oblivious about.. the sound of the wind chimes  does not irritate him, it serves to remind him about his girl  and he welcomes it, the  tinkling
of her bangles are not reduced to noise or a babel but is actually  the sweetest music that he longs to hear , Her voice that of sweetest nightingale, the murmur of ocean waves, a gentle breeze from the hills, the suffuses  him with pleasure, warmth and leaves him rejoicing  at being the blessed recipient of this boon ..Imagine the desolation when this  ecstasy is taken a mordant he just assures himself that this is just what he wanted , he simply  does not care for Khushi brand of happiness but second day  the shoe begins to pinch and he cannot ignore the gaping hole in his world, a hole which is assuming black hole proportions sucking away at his equanimity, his control, his aloofness ..His reserve , his detachment has been chipped away so much so that now he craves the noise, Khushi's incessant chatter , ..Without seeing, her, without hearing her, without feeling her ..Arnav  is a vacuum,  A vacumm from which he seeks escape and the key to the escape hatch resides with Khushi ..

Another moment  which I liked was when   a cosmetically and genetically redesigned   Hariprakash comes to the bedroom in the morning, He asks about the preference of Khushi Bhabhi, Arnav's Swift retort , Did I ask you ??.. he simply does not want anyone to know the effect she has on him, his monumental ego prevents it ...but come evening when his searching eyes has still not found that elusive deer , he  voluntary stops the harried Servant and asks the whereabouts of the girl who holds his heart to ransom...but none are able to help him and he goes on in his pursuit  of that mythical chimera when   he  is arrested by the sound of her voice which guides him on the right path .. A good hint for the future when Arnav has to climb down from his rigid stance, unbend   and open  his heart unconditionally  for only when he opens his heart , will he  hear the Music of love...HER Voice !!

What an Ironic fate have this duo been cursed with that their love can be exhibited only as hate !

 Shyam has come back and is consistent  to his true character.. so far we saw him haring up and down the rooms like a one time petty thief but now we finally saw the Shyam Manohar Jha , the meticulous Planner, the man who does not leave things to chance, covers every base , the strategist who knows the weak points of all his pawns ..who moves them with due care for his own diabolical means but convinces the pawns that he is doing it for his own good ...

I loved the fact that Shyam is pouring out the water when  Nani is urging  Arnav  to take the thread ..Water by virtue of its scarcity is considered precious .. and is endowed with the property of negating all the ill wills.. A suggestion that the malicious intention of  Shyam will not coe to fruition ..I also liked  the use of fire , The fire from the lamp of  DM stopping Shyam, acting as the break , putting paid to his  evil designs ...

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Happy Easter Big smile

I'll make a small analysis today. It's a holiday here so don't have much time on hand. Loved today's episode, donno why, but something special it was. The "Silent Treatment" and "Ignoring someone" is the best way to break one. Yeah, an episode where the last part made my heart ache. Any person of any persona can handle anything but silence and ignore from the person whom you hold dear and near to your heart, NEVER. Today's episode reminded me of last week's episode when Arnav lost his voice and how Khushi despite being happy was kind of depressed. Yeah, like she missed his hurtful talks that day, he missed her jibber jabber today. Maami appropriately named them "Gutur Gutur Love Birds".  Indeed they are. Today's message was all about "Maan - Abhimaan".  

Let's come to the episode. If you watch the episode at first you may feel the story hasn't moved and it's just filler. No. It's not filler rather the story did move forward with the stage being set for Arnav and Khushi's brain to start the work that was pending since long. Right from the first scene it was perfect even with Maami-Payal scene. Yes, their bond has become stronger and she is happy to have a daughter-in-law who is golden at heart but still Maami being herself was really a fun to watch. How can the creative change her character??? When a person has not changed in the last 45 years (I guess that should be her age), how can anyone change now??? Her character was perfect in today's episode and she was plain sad for not winning. The reason was Payal's righteousness but that's how Maami is, sarcastic. I am glad that CVs didn't change her. This is the Maami I like and I need her English Vocab for future references.

Then cometh another character - Shyaam Manhar Jha. Finally I got my Villain and his character traits back.  Manipulative, Selfish to the core but portraying his caring side to the world, portraying to be the perfect partner for their "apple of their eyes" - Anjali, Treacherous, Opportunist, Focused. This is Shyaam Manohar Jha who CANNOT take money from ASR. That is completely against his mission. So, here comes his scheme. He manipulated Naani so that he can get a proof of where Arnav keeps his Key. Didn't he know earlier that Arnav keeps his key in the wallet when Payal interrupted his mission??? Anjali and HP caught him red handed??? I guess so.  Then why did the CVs forget that; Anyway, I liked that he purposely stumbled upon ASR and now, I think Anjali will provide the hint to Arnav that Shyaam was searching the file in his closet with the thread. I love this husband-wife duo. They are match made in heaven. Anjali will hand over the "Sacred Thread" to Shyaam in presence of Arnav or may be Khushi but I want both Arnav and Khushi as then they can connect the dots separately. Khushi will connect with the file that Arnav didn't wanna discuss in front of her with Mr. Roy and Arnav will connect with today's Wallet and thread scene. He'll realize it's all about the file and this will trigger Arnav that if Shyaam - Khushi is close then why Shyaam didn't ask Khushi for the file. She could have easily helped him, right??? There comes his first confusion about the "fishiness" in "Shyaam ' Khushi Business".

Now comes Khushi's turn in connecting the dots. She will start also, Just a trigger. If she finds out about Shyaam trespassing to their bedroom and to Arnav's closet, then she might connect it with Mr. Roy's documents which should lead her to Arnav's declining to talk to Mr. Roy in her presence. Now this should lead her to the conclusion that Arnav is suspicious of her being involved with Shyaam. Khushi being Khushi the moment she figures out Shyaam is the catalyst in this entire situation she will definitely demand answers from him; there comes another round of face-off between Shyaam and Khushi. 

Coming to Arnav-Khushi face off, well it will happen but how, can only say on Monday. For this to happen, the first scene today between Arnav and Anjali was very important. Well well, didn't I just tell you yesterday that Anjali will clear the air about why Khushi kept quiet in front of Arnav. Eventually, Arnav will also figure out that though Khushi could have easily disregarded her promise to Anjali of keeping quiet but she maintained her promise; she took the wrath of his anger yet, didn't open her mouth not for Anjali's sake but for his sake, for he will panic learning of Anjali's dizziness. Then his confusion will be clouding more about Khushi Kumari Gupta. This loop that I described yesterday will only close when Arnav will learn why Khushi didn't speak what her fiance did, that day by the pool to Arnav. He will realize that day, Khushi didn't disclose about Shyaam's truth because of "his sake".

Before I get into the details of "Maan - Abhimaan", I'll just talk about some points in my little chat to Star and 4 Lions:- 

1. Thanks to you 4 Lions and Star that you listened and stopped drying clothes by the pool. That was so not suitable to Raizada's status. 

2. Secondly, I liked your appeal to the viewers about watching Star Plus from 7-9 pm through Khushi's voiceover - "haftein mein paanch din aap humare saath rahenge sham 7-9 baje, thik hain". Good for the TVR and TRP but, don't forget to educate the viewers about TRP also, the viewers will learn definitely. Make it direct so they learn. 

3. Thirdly, internet does teach many things so does books otherwise various publications wouldn't have released ebooks for kindle and other gazettes. Big smile


"Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart."

Today's episode portrayed beautifully to one important aspect of love and that is "Chagrin" or "Abhimaan" in hindi. In the words of Mother Teresa - "See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls". Isn't it??? We really need silence to touch our souls. You know what I do when I am in the juncture of taking important decisions of my life??? I just take my car and drive away closer to the nature, where there is tranquility, where there is calmness, where there is peace and sit and think what has happened and why did it happen and why I let it happen in the first place. Then looking at the trees and stars and the vastness of the sky, I realize the answer this nature provides silently. Intellectuals said it appropriately that the answer is always in the question.We have to figure out the hint. Yes, Hint. 

Today when Khushi had eavesdropped Arnav and Anjali's conversation at the dining table her heart and soul were crying for the answer that she is unable to find; her heart was questioning why this person is so complicated to read. Yes, she is confused and why she will not be??? It was just yesterday when during the Heer-Ranjha act Arnav had almost poured out his heart and when she questioned him about that, she was blatantly refused. What can this girl do if she gets contradictory vibes from the only person who has won her heart??? Today she saw him caring for his sister but at the same time she also forgot that day when he cared for her too. Did she remember that??? NO. She will when she questions herself. That day also when she fainted and the entire family were with her but it was Arnav who was more worried, the same way he was today at the dining table. But yeah, how will she remember if just some hours back he thrashed her heart a-gain. That's why I said, she needs to question herself on why he is indifferent all of a sudden??? What happened in between before and after haldi ceremony that his attitude have taken a complete 360* turn??? Why this sudden volte-face in his emotions and attitude??? Of course she was hurt witnessing him loving and caring towards all of the family members, esp, his Di except her but she is not realizing that the people who are angry with you, they feel the right to do so. You have given him the "Authority" for your heart beats for him; for he is the one from where you need the most affection from.

The same way Arnav felt when Khushi denied answering his questions. Yes, when she left without answering Arnav said the first word - "So, what if Di ne kahan dawai lane ke liye, Khushi Shyaam ke saath jane ke liye maana bhi toh kar sakti thi". This was "Nothing" but purely "Abhimaan". Yes, it was. It was the "lover" in Arnav demanded and not the "brother". The brother in Arnav should have been happy that his wife had taken care of his sister but no, the moment Anjali confirmed Khushi went 'coz she requested, he bid adieu from there and went straight up to Khushi to apologize.

[I loved the small touch by the CVs where Naani came and asked Arnav whether he is searching someone. He said - No and then when HP came he asked about Khushi. I hope therez a continuation when Naani passes this view of her's that she found Arnav looking for someone and HP informs her that Arnav was looking for her. She will start thinking a bit and it's high time she acts towards it. I know she started today and after today's "Ignore" and "Silence" act, she will be able to connect the dots. ]

Didn't I say that both are equals for both have said spiteful words to each other? Khushi  said  - "humhein aap ko kuch bhi batane ki koi zaroorat nehin hain" and Arnav said - "yahan toh you've made my life hell anyway". WOW.  I love these two. They are perfect for each other. It was hurtful, really really hurtful but the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada has no idea that what "IGNORE" is all about. He blurted this is hell and Khushi decided to show him what a hell actually looks like. I loved her attitude - "so you wanted this, well I'll serve you with a silver platter". There you go Arnav Singh Raizada, ENJOY. She started giving him the "Ignore" and "Silent" treatment; first day he didn't feel much of a difference because right now he is under the impression that she doesn't love him; but the second day when he came back from office he started experiencing the "VOID" that his heart was feeling; without that one voice, without that one look, without that one smile, without that one bickering, without that one warmth. His heart was empty, his room was empty, his entire world came to a standstill. I loved the "Last Rabba Ve" where Arnav went to freshen up and he turned back and started remembering the moments touching the stars, that was PERFECT RV till date, of all the Rabba Ves. That moment my heart really ached; I really felt as, if she comes right now in this room, he will run and hug her and exactly remember his Di's words and say - "kahan chali gayi thi tum ??? pata hain how worried I was??? Don't you dare do that to me again???"  Yes, he would have said for as Helen Rowland says ~ "A man is like a cat; chase him and he will run - sit still and ignore him and he'll come purring at your feet".  


Look at the below picture how he came purring at her feet :- 


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Sathya, Doodhs and all Redux Members - Hiii! Hug Happy Weekend!!! Smile

Sathya - U have not updated yet with the whole analysis - but you have had me in with the song! Can I say what excellent choce in music u have!? If Bairi Piya was awesome - Ae ajnaabi is FANTABULOUS!!! Clap Clap 


Did I love it!? Hell yeah! Was it worth the wait!? Yess!! Loved it Sathya! Absolutely loved it!! Clap Clap To be honest I did not see that much in the episode - because I was greedy for more - but your analysis made me understand why the episode was to be loved! Oh - and I really did not see from Khushi's pov and her pain and her need of being treated as equal and get that unconditional love - I did realize that she was hurt - but when I read your analysis - I feel for Khushi more now! The hurt she must have felt when Arnav spoke the harsh words - her world must have come crashing down once again! Ouch

Beautiful lines ClapClap

"I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out.And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart.And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you.But those words may forever stay in my heart-locked inside.Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know."

Loved the whole anaysis Sathya - and love the way you have written - but I guess by now you know it! Big smile

Coming to my analysis of today's episode ; Today's episode can and cannot be called a drag. If I have to see the continuity from yesterday's episode then it sure was a drag - because clearly Khushi is not gonna pick up any hints. I have quite much feeling that Khushi will somehow just stumble upon the truth and then will her brains pick up on every word Arnav said. Yesterday's episode - I felt was to give Khushi every clue to reach to an answer - but I do not see it happening any time soon and I do not know what the Creatives are playing at.

Coming to the equations and their analysis ;

Their equation is something that I really like to watch out and I wish more of this would be shown. The reason being - this is the main equation on the brink of which the whole track is running. It is the Arnav Anjali bond - the brother sister bond that gives this track the push and I want to see more of it - time and again.

Today it was adorable to see Arnav stop Anjali from eating Papaya - and Anjali asking him to relax and not fuss over. We were not shown the concern from Arnav's side for Anjali's pregnancy specifically after he and Khushi got married - and today we saw that. True -it was  for Arnav to know where Khushi had gone - but nevertheless it was cute. More such scenes should be shown in my view. Moreover Barun and Daljeet look so good as bro and sis.


I do not understand this equation at all. One day its Hot - the other day it is cold - small scene - Payal complementing Mami - and Mami retorting back - I could not see any significance in it and I do not know why it was even there.

Shyam has started making his move - and that is what has kept the story on a teeny weeny bit of progression today. He knows what he wants and that is the file. Now even I am getting desperate to know that what the hell is in that file!? He comes in and uses his charm on Nani - using her beliefs against Arnav. We all know that Shyam has always been treated like a son - a guide of the family - everyone listened to him before and everyone will till the truth comes out - and that is what will stand against Khushi in the beginning. It will be gradually that everyone in the family will move away from Shyam and towards Khushi.

Shyam made his move to find the key - played his game well - used Nani as a bait - who used her emotions and Anjali to get Arnav to do what she wanted to do I hence giving shyam that chance to know what he wanted to know. One thing I did not understand - why dint shyam just take the key when he picked the wallet up!? Arnav would not have checked it there and then right!? Now - one more move from Shyam that we can expect is to try steal the key and either get caught or be successful - and finally let us know what is the mystery behind that file!

And here comes my favorite part - The Arnav Khushi equation! :)) Starting with is Barun looked gorgeous in green and Khushi in purple! Now coming to their equation :

Khushi sees Arnav taking care of Anjali and she is surprised to see the duality in his character. She cannot understand how one man can care for his di so much and hate and hurt her so badly - tears in her eyes are a reflection of what she feels and how much she is hurt of his cold - hearted behavior towards her. I personally would have expected the hints to come in play here and she could have linked two and two - but no! Nothing like this happened and she just leaves - what was the point of Arnav saying and blurting out so many things yesterday then!?

Next Arnav comes to know that Khushi and Shyam had gone to get medicine for Anjali and it was she who had sent them together. Does he feel guilty!? Yes he does - he realizes he was wrong and he had misunderstood her. He sees her walk up the stairs and wants to apologize. He calls her out and speaks to her softly - telling her that all she had to do was let him know where she was - and he would have been okay - and that was his way of saying sorry. Khushi retorts back with I do not need to tell you something - and that is where Arnav disappears and ASR comes back. He remembers the interaction of Khushi and Shyam back stage and on the terrace and rightly thinks - ' she could have refused to go out with Shyam - but she did not' - something that even I had thought.  What was beautiful in the scene was the trust he has started building up on her. When initially Anjali tells him about the reason - not once - did he think about what he saw backstage and on the terrace - all he felt was relief! I said it in my analysis yesterday that it was endearing to watch Arnav question Khushi on where she was - not once - but more than 4-5 times because in his heart he had hoped that he had seen wrong and there was a justification to it - and today when he got that answer - he was just relieved! He was glad! What he thought later was only because of the retort he got back from Khushi and nothing else.
Next comes the silent treatment! Am I in a favor of it - hell yeah! I have always said - if Khushi wants to get her answers from Arnav she needs to get it out in a mature way. Her OTT drama did not get her anywhere and neither did I expect it to. What gets Arnav Singh Raizada ticking is - her silence - her withdrawl from him. She may not realize it - but that is the best way to break him, however much he may say he likes it the other way.

Everything was perfectly done - Arnav getting irritated by Khushi's dupattas and asking her to not put them there and what does she do while he keeps up at his angry outbursts as he feels she is not looking and answering him - she does what he wants without answering him. That is how she hurts Arnav - by not saying anything. Same thing was shown in the file thing - he commented on her messy attitude of keeping things here and there - in hope of getting a reaction - but again no answer - and he got even more frustrated that even in that silence - khushi helped him.

What does the great Arnav Singh Raizada do then!? He claims to be happy that she is silent and that he is glad that now it would not be so difficult to stay with her for 6 months - that he wished he could not see her face also - but he cannot throw her out before the time is up - bringing tears into her eyes. What I felt from this scene - was that instead of telling all of this to Khushi - he was trying to somehow get Khushi to talk and to convince himself that it was all happening for the good. He was hurt by her silence and he did not want to be - hence even though he spoke  harsh words to her - it was more of him convincing himself that all is well if this is how she wants to be.
Khushi on the other hand - very hurt with his words - decides that if he does not want to see her ever - she will grant him that wish and never come in front of him. And this is where I would like to tell a certain Angry man - think before you speak and wish. ;)
The whole of the next part of the episode was dedicated to Arnav and his love for Khushi. Here is a man - who claims to hate her to an extent of proclaiming that he does not want to see her face - and the one moment he is alone - all he does is thinks about her. He can deny - he can hide - he can run away from all of it - but he cannot ignore the fact that she has become the most important part of his life. When she is not there physically - she is all he thinks about - she haunts his brains - she brings a smile on his face - she is the one who he lives for. He may not have gone and explicitly looked out for her - yet not having seen her one day - and all he could do was think about her and her alone. No cloud of misunderstanding - just both of them and nothing else.
Next day again when he does not see her again - he is restless and he goes to find and look for her. And is he happy when he hears her voice!? He is! Is it not what he wanted - to see her and hear her voice again!? He may scream - shout and do anything but he cannot hide the fact that no matter what he cannot do without her.
All I can say is - if in hatred the man cannot stay without her for 2 days - what will happen to him when she may leave him and go away and he will seek repentance! All I can say is that day -Arnav Singh Raizada will  create History in love! ;))
Small and light - hearted episode! Not much to analyze but still have tried to touch on few points!Smile
Love :)
@Doodhs : 
Could not reply to your analysis yesterday - since I was busy at work - but it was as usual FAB! Star But I will restrict myself to today's analysis and it was MINDBLOWING!! Clap Clap - I do not think I have ever said it - but I love the quotes that you give in your analysis - and then the explanation behind it. That is what makes your analysis beautiful to me (and mostly turns out to be the status messages of my FB wall TongueLOL)
Coming to your analysis - The way you have explained Khushi's confusion and why at this moment she cannot understand the duality in Arnav's character is very well explained. I agree - she needs that trigger to start connecting the dots soon - to question herself and realize that he is not that bad person - he has taken care of her and her family and there is something that is bothering him very much - to despise her and hurt her at the moment
I love how you said - "both are equals since both have said spiteful words to each other" and this is where I say that this is the reason why both need to repent and realize their mistake. Both are at fault and both need to correct. Both are just seeing the present - and not what had happened in the past - and the day they do it - they will realize the blunders that they have done.
I love the end line " A man is like a cat - chase him and he willl run- sit still and ignore him and he will come purring at your feet! " ClapClap

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Dose Groupbie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Love ur choice of song for yesterdays episode! Waiting for ur full take on the episode!!

@Tanthya & Doodleberry
Great analysis!
Tanthya, I just loved how you described Arnav missing Khushi! Quite liked it that Khushi adopted such behaviour but I felt sad  seeing how lonely Arnav actually was. He was a loner maybe by choice before, but now these few days with Khushi have changed him . Barun acted really well there!

Edited by Dose - 08 April 2012 at 8:59am

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pixiegirl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:32pm | IP Logged

@ Sathya & Doods, awesome analyses yet again. You guys are the masters at this. Here's my two cents for what it's worth...

Yesterday's episode was the watershed moment in the lives of Arnav & Khushi IMO. A hurt & tormented Khushi comes downstairs in the morning only to witness a loving brother - sister moment the same man who had hurled spiteful words at her just the night before, showering infinite love & care on his beloved sister. She is heartbroken to see them not because she is jealous but because she yearns for that same care & affection from the same man herself. 

Doods, you're absolutely right, If only, she would pause for a moment and reflect that not too long ago, this very man had indeed taken such loving care of her too, she would start thinking about why did he suddenly change overnight? Why from practically confessing his love for her, did he go to hating her with a vengeance?? Sigh! If only Khushi's mind would take her that long back... 

Right now she is forgotten those beautiful moments due to fresh wounds inflicted upon her already dejected heart by this man she loves, those loving memories of her have been blocked temporarily, wishing that soon she will be reminded of those loving caring moments as well.

All said & done, it was heartbreaking to see Khushi look on sadly & forlornly at the brother-sister duo and long for that kind of care too. 

Doods thanks again for predicting this small MU will be cleared soon, and bang on it was. Loved to see Arnav immediately think about apologizing to Khushi for his words the night before. The man has certainly come a long way from not being able to apologize at all to immediately thinking about it & doing it too. 

Doods you're right again, his half apology to Khushi felt like, he has this unique right to be angry with her over anything, let alone when she isn't answering his questions. LOL This is a right only a mate can have over the other. It's the right that Khushi herself has given to him, so he was just exercising that right, and by not exactly vocalizing "a sorry" but conveying to her it was all her fault and not his, he was basically saying Khushi you're mine, I don't need to say sorry to a part of me and I have every right to know what's going on in your life. Khushi if she was in a better frame of mind would have picked up the right signal, but feeling very low at that moment did not pick the cues, that Arnav was sending her loud & clear. 

So when Khushi says she has no reason to tell him anything, the lover Arnav is hurt & mad again. Did he not just tell her, that he has this right to know everything about her?? So why is Khushi being so stubborn again?? He his hurt and blames her for not refusing to go with Shyam. He does not for a moment think that she would have wanted to go with Shyam since she was having an affair with him. See his immediate reaction to Khushi's retort was what his subconscious mind has been telling him all along that Khushi loves him and not Shyam. But Arnav's conscious mind is reminding him of the terrace scene and the scene at the community hall. Both of which he saw, but did not comprehend correctly, since he had only recd. half the information.

Of course, when one is hurt as Arnav is at the moment, he goes on a bickering spree at Khushi, chiding her for drying her clothes by the pool (Btw, like you Doods, I was so glad to see him object to that, I said, finally, sense prevails on these ppl, who had turned the poolside into a dhobhighat, thank heavens for small mercies), messing up his room with her things, all at the same time getting mighty pissed that she was giving him the silent treatment while complying with all his wishes. 

When his constant bickering failed to get a raise from Khushi, he blurts out that he is happy she isn't talking and that she has anyways turned his life to hell inside his room. Now that to any normal person would have said, he means the exact opposite, but to a already heartbroken & dejected Khushi was like spreading salt over a raw wound. She takes to heart all his words very seriously. She proceeded to quietly remove herself from his sight immediately. 

Little did Arnav know the extent of hurt his harsh vitriolic words had caused to Khushi. He was just lashing out because he himself was hurt for her refusal to talk to him. These two are so alike, two sides of the same coin, if only, someone would shake them and make them see sense!! Sigh!

Whether he knew or not, Arnav found out pretty soon what life would be without his cheerful companion by his side. The first day, her absence is felt but does not bother him much, but by the second day, Arnav starts to realize just how lonely his life has become, and not peaceful as he initially thought. He is now desperate to hear that cheerful lively voice, see that smiling face whom he "claimed" he hates so much. LOL I loved to see his face become sad the second day when the door is opened by HP. He paused at the door as if he was waiting to be greeted by his beautiful wife, but instead seeing HP he immediately became sad. Arrey Arnav bitwa, why so sad didn't you get what you wanted, life sans Khushi?!?!? So Arnav bitwa please be careful next time what you wish for, you might just get it too!! Wink

P.S. Gotta say, I loved to hear Arnav bark on the phone to Aman, "Nahi Khushi bhabhi yahaan nahi hai." ROFL Khushi wasn't talking to HIM, what was Aman thinking, was he going to let Khushi talk to Aman when he was being denied that pleasure?!?!? Angry Oh how I love ASR, he is such a cutie. Embarrassed

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:34pm | IP Logged

Hi was just yesterday you said Anjali will clarify Arnav's doubt and it came true do you know them so well?? Hats off to you once again.

Had you not mentioned it, I would never ever thought the 7-9 plea was for us to watch SP. The forum and me too getting worried thinking Khushi's OTT might come back with the's a relief...Thank you , thank you thank you so much for taking the effort.

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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
its 1 of my fav song love its lyrics. U chosen apt song 4 arnav.
Sathya here a song its a song that i always sang when i was working or cooking. N today its describing Khushi's pov.

Humain kho kr buhat pachhtao ge
   jab hum nahi honge
Bhari duniya ko veera'n pao ge
   jab hum nahi honge
Buhat assa'n nahi rah-e-wafa ki manzelain laikin
Akeley tum kahan tak jao ge
   jab hum nahi honge
Humain apna nahi jan-e-tamnna gham tumhara hy
K tum kis pr sitam farmao ge
   jab hum nahi honge
hi sathya,
how i tell u its really 1 of da best epi of ipkknd. Yeah i agreed with u its all about sanaya n barun acting. Its injustice if i nt appreciate both of them but really sanaya's made me eyes tearsful in two scenes its her heartbroken or complex (ehsas e kamtari) that she said that . N when arnav hurtful words us k dil pr knives chala rhy thay. Yeah MU ll soon clear both at nw same gesture when arnav saw that painful scene in friday epi they both positioning when kkg upstairs n arnav down stairs . Ah how much my wish of silent treatment atleast they fulfill . " Aik chup so ko marti hy" . Arnav missing khushi hw lovely na.

shayam n his evil plans.
Hi doods,
really excellent analysis. N nice quotations u n sathya put.
In simple really " TANTDOODASTIC" work.
Hi pam n anna
nice analysis .
Lucky ur whole poem is awsome.

Edited by Supna9 - 09 April 2012 at 10:23am

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anurao.66 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
The choice of song is fantastic. It was a great song and a very good movie. I am waiting to read all your analysis.

Life is too short, Enjoy it to the fullest


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