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FF: NEW! Part6 Updt-Melt My Heart to 14

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Hello all!
Be warned, it's probably the worst opener I've written till date. I expect for Part 2 to be better. For now I was setting the mood of the story. It'll all become relevant in the second part. This takes place the morning after Khushi and Arnav's argument over when he sees her with Shyam.
Please do give it the benefit of the doubt. I've not written in a while and I expect to get Part 2 posted tomorrow. It would be much appreciated if you could therefore encourage with likes and/or comments, criticism is also always welcome :)
Without further ado, I present :-

*** I'm so overwhelmed by the response, honestly I didn't even think I would be making a PM list but alas :) Here it is! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

PM List




Page 1: Part 1-Even The Good Can Be A Curse...[With English translation-Pg4]

Page 4: Part 2-Ready or Not...
Page 8: Part 3-Halo
Page 10: Part 4-Barbaad Kare, Alfaaz Mere...
Page 13: Part 5-Truth Hurts.
Page 14: Part 6 - Melt My Heart to Stone


Part 1
"Even The Good Can Be A Curse..."


Khushi folded her hands before the deity. Bowing down, a silent prayer emitted from her mouth as she slowly looked back up; now a smile adorned her lips as she looked into Anjali's face whom had approached her with the thaal upon conclusion of the aarti.  

Circling the flame with both her hands, she softly caressed her face at once relieved by the sensation that Devi Maiya's grace was always upon her. She had faith.

Anjali beamed, touched by the simplicity of the gesture as she cupped Khushi's cheek in the palm of her hand, lovingly petting her shoulder as she turned back round to face the mandir.

Anjali was such a kind woman, what had she done to deserve Shyam? If this was the way in which you were rewarded for your good deeds then life really wasn't fair. After all, what had Anjali got after attempting to live life by perfect example...a cheating husband?

Khushi scowled to herself. True, but regrettably he wasn't the only person who'd taken advantage of Anjali's innocence. Wasn't all her goodness, all the kindness, the reason why Khushi had kept the truth from Anjali? It had been so much easier to hide the truth and let her think that her husband was capable of fulfilling those promises of seven lives of togetherness, when in actual fact he hadn't even been able to fulfil it for one. The news would devastate her completely.

Of course, Khushi had considered telling Anjali herself, many times. She'd become convinced every single time Shyam had attempted to speak to her that it was the right thing to do. He was relentless and she was fast becoming impatient, the guilt overwhelmed her.  She'd found herself deliberating over the conversation in her mind, how to start and what to say...making her way towards her but as always she'd imagine Anjali's pained expression, halting her in her tracks. Just those wide, round, innocent eyes of hers, filled with tears and Khushi would become shaken from the vision immediately ridding herself of the idea altogether.

Khushi blinked out from her thoughts as she saw Anjali close her eyes, touching the thaal to her forhead as she mumbled something. Wonder what Di must be asking for, Khushi mused to herself.

She watched as Anjali promptly opened her eyes, smiling as she orbited the flame thrice with her fingers then gently placed her hand over her stomach.

Khushi smiled sanguinely...Anjali was also going to be a wonderful mother.

Anjali had to take care of herself, at her most vulnerable it was imperative only good things circulated around her, stress didn't even cover what would result if she was ever to know the truth...god forbid the catastrophy that could result regarding her unborn baby- No, it was a risk Khushi would never ever take. No harm could ever come to Anjali because of her. She wouldn't allow it.

That said, it wasn't as if her own marriage to Arnav had helped, rather it had acted as a catalyst since they all now resided in the same house and she was inevitably in Shyam's line of sight every single day. Arnav too was refusing to tell her the reason for his reckless act but with a six month time limit, the consequences of their facade seemed so much greater and yet she remained uninformed.

Seeing Anjali though gave Khushi a new ray of hope, a ray which pierced through the darkness and gloom of the many secrets she carried deep within her heart. She became determined to exercise some control over her life and actions. She wouldn't let her marriage affect Anjali negatively, especially if it could be avoided. She decided to go out of her way to help her sister-in-law.

Despite the naive cruelty of the situation and her initial disappointment, it had come to light only too soon that Anjali was in fact happy that Khushi had been married into the family. As far as Khushi was concerned, her respect for Anjali was forever increasing with each passing day, so much so that her intention to assist wasn't a pretence fuelled by guilt or obligation.  She genuinely cared for Anjali, calling her Di was so apt since she considered her an elder sibling alongside Payal Jiji; looking out for her came like a second nature.

Khushi walked over to Anjali as she bent down to place the thaal back in the mandir. Anjali turned to her, peering over her shoulder, "Khushi, Chote kahan hai?"

Khushi hadn't spoken to Arnav since their fight over her whereabouts the night before and hearing his name had immediately brought back the memory to her recollection, a pain surged from within.

On her face, Khushi feigned mild concern, "Pata nahi Di..." she scanned the room, "shayad office ke liye taiyaar ho rahe hain. Abhi aate honge..."

Anjali pouted to herself, "Yeh Chote bhi na, kum se kum pooja ke liye to subha jaldi ooth jaate-"

"Di!" Khushi screamed in alarm. Whilst talking, Anjali had been so distracted by Arnav's absence, failing to notice that the pallu of her sari had caught light, the fabric charred as the flame burnt incessantly, creeping up the folds of the sari, dangerously close to the skin on her back.

Khushi instinctively caught the material between her hands, beating away to stub out the fire, ignoring the prickling heat as she cried out to others to help. It all happened in slow motion as she perceived a bucket of water being thrown across her arms , immediately extinguishing whatever was left of the blaze.

She blinked as Anjali gaped at her in shock, her hands shaking as her fingers trailed over the remaining shreds of her sari. Disbelief clearly written over her face over what had just happened. At once she tenderly held Khushi's wrists, observing them she whispered "Khushi... aapke haath..."

" Nahi Di, aap to teek hai na? Aap ko kahin-?" she impatiently glanced over Anjali, only breathing a sigh of relief when she was certain the flames hadn't managed to make contact since the material had been pulled away early.

Khushi hissed to herself as she felt something graze her fingertips, suddenly realising it was Shyam who had taken a hold of her hand.

"Khushiji aap-" the concern on his face sickened her as she hastily snatched her hand from out of his grasp.  Her whole body shaking at his insolence, she lowered her eyes mortified. Anjaliji had been so close to being harmed...she was standing right there and all Shyam could do was-

Khushi had to excuse herself right away, "Di humein kuch nahi hua..". She could tell Anjali wasn't listening to a word she was saying. Renowned for being superstitious, God only knew what was going through her head right now. Khushi shrugged, maintaing eye contact the entire time "yeh to mamooli si chot hai, tandhe pani ke neeche rakhenge to teek hojayegi. Aap apne kapde badalijiye, tab taak hum aate hain-".

As she went to move, Anjali took a hold of her elbow, still shaken"Nahi Khushiji, aap dekhaiye humein. Hum-"

"Rani sahiba, Khushiji teek keh rahi hain. Agar inho ne dekha na hota to pata nahi kya ho sakta tha...lekin aisa kuch bhi nahi hua". He held her face in his hands, as she trembled, tears fell across her cheeks, "Aap pareshaan mat hoiye, aap ko apni sehaat ka bhi dhyaan rakhna hai na. Isiliye aap jaiye, kapde badal ke aiye. Hum hain na, hum inke zakhmon par marhaam lagadete hain"

Anjali stared at Shyam's face before glancing back over to Khushi.

"Di..Di kya hua?" They all spun round to the sound of Arnav's voice as he hurried over, his arms held Anjali as she stood motionless. "I heard a scream. Are you alright? Kya-" he noticed the remants of the sari as it dangled limply behind her shoulder, the puddle of water on the marble floor. "Yeh kya hua? What happened Di?" With no response he turned to the rest of the assembled family members, "Koi mujhe batayega?" he asked, panicked.

The adrenaline rush she'd experienced now a thing of the past, Khushi found herself side-tracked by the stinging of the rash slowly forming on her skin. Without any medication, it was bound to get worse. Besides, Arnav was here now, he'd ensure Anjali was okay...Khushi wasn't needed anymore, there were other people there to answer his she wanted to avoid Shyam at all costs. Seeing no better opportunity to make a quick escape, Khushi slipped away inconspicuously to the bedroom to tend to her wounds.

If you got this far..thanks for reading! Smile xo
                                    Coming up: Confrontation...But you expected that right??
Yes, I clarify, between Arnav and Khushi!

Watch this space for Part 2!
Let me know if you'd like to be added to a PM list.

Love xo

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nice update.

but it was written in hindi :(
btw plz plz add me to ur PM list nd PM me part 2Big smile

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Wow. Nice opening!

Hated how Khushi felt she was unwanted. Hopefully Anjali will tell Arnav that she is fine because Khushi saved her!

Update soon and do PM me. :)

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If you think this is crappy, I would live for you to go over my English papers :P

Loved it!

The part where Anjali and Khushi are praying-brilliant. I feel that even though Arnav and Khushi are both younger than Anjali, they treat her like she is their younger sister... The sequence of events was incredibly choreographed. The fact that they had just worshipped the flame, and the thoughts on Khushi's mind... This order led me to believe it had some significance... It was almost as if God had answered her prayers, through the fire. Saving Anjali is the reason they are married... Please please please allow this to be noticed by Arnav and let him see sense!

Aah! I'm so excited! Please continue soon, and thanks for the pm!

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please don't make it like the serial where he doesn't care for her wounds. make him take care of her

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Please add me and PM me!
Awesome job! Khushi is so nice. Arnav should understand and trust her, he doesn't understand her though! Sadly. Well hopin MU clear up soon.

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very interesting...i love the title of your ff...can't wait for the next part.

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Gd one :) sth like this has to happen! Pm me pla!

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