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What I LOVED: 6th April 2012 (Page 3)

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Shalini I was out the whole day being the holy weekend and all at church but the first thing I did was to look for your update...It has been a routine for me to read ur thoughts on the episode,how you perceive things...

Loved ur analysis as usual and completely agree that today's episode was just a trailer for the future episodes when Arnav finds the truth...

What the...Juliet Juliet where the hell art thou...NICE touch! This Chakkar matter compared to a earthquake was exactly the same thing I was wondering too,why make a big deal about Chakkar,after all every preggo girl will go thro that...anyways ...Arnav being the exception...

Happy Easter to you !!!!

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Great post!

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Originally posted by ShaliniDp

Arnav Singh Raizada

When misunderstanding stops being a problem, understanding starts being one. For Arnav, his understanding took up from where his misunderstanding left off. Boy, when the rains, it sure pours - or in Arnav's - hails!  This had me giggling.. right expression used for sure. Another day and we'd have seen hail falling, mist rising and Khushi in a white saree in his dreams. LOL

Whoever of the Fandom feels that things would get sorted out once the misunderstanding is cleared - here is a perfect example of how everything may not be exactly sorted out. The issue with Arnav Singh Raizada is that he feels he is always right, and NEVER wrong.

In fact, if Khushi and Arnav ever decide to part ways for good, it may be because of religious differences - Arnav thinks he's god and Khushi doesn't.

The real issue is not the misunderstanding, but the reason why misunderstanding occurred, and stayed, and was in fact, reinforced. Even when Arnav found the truth, it was partial truth. Arnav can never find out the whole truth from anyone except Khushi herself - truth from anywhere but Khushi would be partial truth.

If Payal or Shashi or Buaji were to tell Arnav the truth about Shyam, Arnav may still have a problem trusting Khushi, because his mistrust is regarding her feelings for Shyam. He's not interested in their side of the story, but in Khushi's side of the story, even though he'd never ask it himself. Disclosure of Shyam's identity did not make him trust Khushi; in fact, it reinforced his mistrust in her.

Arnav is concerned about her where her loyalties lie. He made it sound rather simple - So what if Di asked her, Khushi could have refused to go with Shyam. He seems to feel that the reason may be that Anjali asked them to go together, but they misused this opportunity to spend some time together, cheating Anjali and Arnav some more.

He's not interested in the situations regarding Khushi, but in Khushi herself. He is more concerned about where Khushi's heart lies - which he's certain is with Shyam.

Therefore, the situation can be anything and whoever may explain it away, if he feels that Khushi could have gotten out of it, but didn't because she loves Shyam, then truth is not healing him.

Unless, Khushi herself declares the truth herself that she has no feelings for Shyam, except a hatred and a dread that surpasses anything she's known before, Arnav might have a hard time fighting the images burning in his memory. Nothing will push him to the one truth that'd set him free, except that Khushi loves Arnav, and not Shyam.  I feel sorry for the poor sod at this time. He is in such a loop of MUs that he can't find his way out. That is what too much ego will do to you every time. Pride must be controlled with a dash of humility-something naniji and Anjali bitiya forgot to teach Arnav. bigda hua baccha hain ye! 

Truth Shall Out!

Truth is finding ways to you, Arnav.

Last evening, the MIL/DIL combo came and accepted that it was for them that Payal lost and Khushi refused award. Your opinion based on your perception fell flat.

This morning, again, your own Di became a reason of you finding out the truth. You found as much truth as Anjali could have told you.

Both times your immediate reaction was regret. Without delay, you looked for Khushi and even seeing her reminded you of how horrid you'd been to her, when she was only doing what your sister asked.

I do appreciate and applaud that following regret, you decided to make it up to her. Of course, the way you chose to do it, in your own beat-around-the-bush shamefaced manner, did nothing to get you the clean slate you were looking for. If anything, you actually managed to irk her further and yourself as well.

What did you think; she does not get what you're trying to say? The moment you announced the subject of your apology mail - 'So you went to get medicine for Di' - she knew there was an apology coming that looked less like an apology offered and more like a justification given. But you went a step ahead, your second statement made the proposed apology sound like a disguised accusation ' 'should've told me'.

No matter how small your voice sounded when you said that - your manner definitely screamed that you were very sorry indeed - but Arnav, little annoying things like 'I'm sorry' often need to be said, not implied. This girl understood your apology when you first offered it to her. After hours of practice, you could not get around to saying that you were sorry, instead you had launched into the angry explanation of how if you knew the truth, you'd never have behaved like you did. She said it for you, in fact, before you could say it for yourself.

Twice now, you have discovered that Khushi was in fact innocent of the accusation you held against her.

Buddy, I do believe that you are allowed small miracles to enable your faith for a bigger one. I do hope you hang on to these enablers. I was on the lookout for something that would trigger your suspicions regarding your opinion. You've now had two triggers in two days.  This must be what his secretary would tell us - His brain was on holiday before and now is on a short Easter vacation at this time. I am hoping it will be back in the next week. Any messages? Tongue


Sneak Peak into Future

The regret you feel now at discovering small bits of truth is nothing compared to the torture you are preparing for yourself when the biggest truth of them all is out. Life is teaching you regret in small doses, it seems.

Agreed, you didn't know the truth, and probably you'll again launch into an explanation of how if you knew the truth, you'd never have done what you did.

Arnav, just because you didn't know the truth does not validate your actions as justified. The fact remains that you never tried to find the truth - just as the fact remains that she never told you the truth that you deserved and needed to know.

 Very apt Shalini. I shudder to think of the time when Arnav finally realizes his mistake, after he hears what he's been wishing to hear for long -- that Khushi loves him and none other..certainly not that creepy snake Shyam, he will be lost in a limbo literally! A man who is unable to communicate verbally about his feelings to the one and only woman he loves to death as his soul mate is naturally going to feel lost when she leaves him. 

Power Cut in Arnav's Life

Alrighty then! The power department decided on a bit of offloading. For the first day, his invertor worked, but by the second day, he was deeply exhausted and sapped.
What do you suppose will happen if you keep on indulging in unnecessary power surges?

Power Surge No. 1: On the stairs after the Fancy-dress competition
Power Surge No. 2: Trying to apologise ' badly
Power Surge No. 3: Good you are not talking - makes it easier to bear u. Send dabbas to work. I don't want you to come to office. I can't get u out of the room; here you've made my life hell.

And then the power cut began. Initially, it didn't seem like a lot. You were actually thankful for the peace you felt for the first time in many days. You could actually unwind, sit down to read a book till you're ready for having a good night.

And then, Khushi? She's not in the room, not outside. Oh well, she must be somewhere. Let me lay back on my recliner.
Expression: Aah! Good night sleep. No Khushi! Eh, Khushi?

Last thing before sleeping: her smile, her mischief, her antics: missing her tinkling laughter and merry voice?
Expression: yeah, Pagal, Cute! But good she isn't around. I'll sleep better.

Middle of the night: dancing with her: what was this all about? You are startled awake in the middle of your sleep and see she's not there. The only thing you remember is dancing with her? Did you want to dance the night away?
Expression: Oh! More than just 'cute'! Is she not here? Dekh ke hi kaam chala leta! Oh well, catch some sleep. Can't dance in any case!

First thing in the morning: her bells wanna see her: No, not sneezes or a sleepy Khushi talking to herself. Her tinkle bells on the door. Empty bed! Lonely Poolside.
Expression: Dang it! Got up late, missed catching her in the morning!

HP with tea: no matter. But he must ask if I need something for Khushi. Did I ask?
Expression: You had to remind me? I was trying to forget!

Get ready for work: Sallu's half-dressed poster - Oh! She likes him.
Expression: What nonsense! Half-dressed kalakaar!

Back from work: Hoping she opens the door, disappointed to see Hari Prakash instead.
Expression: HP, you again!

While coming inside: Steal sneaky looks around to see if you can spot her, without making it apparent. Nope, not here again. Stop. Where is she? Scan the room till HP wonders if the Maalik needs something.
Expression: 'My wife, you nitwit!'

Get back to room: Throw down the coat. Wash up. Throw down the towel. Check room. No sign of Khushi. Check poolside. No siree! It's been two days!
Expression: I'm worried. Let's pretend I'm not.

Decide to ignore and call someone instead: See her stars instead. She wanted to hang above bed.
Expression: Serious Rabba-very. Where is my star-gazer?

Pace around the room: throw the phone down on the bed.
Expression: I'm not worried. I don't need to see her. I'm not worried. I don't need to see her. What is this queasy feeling in my belly? Okay, dash it! I am worried. Where is she?

Back in the Living room: About to abandon all pretense and call when Nani interrupts. Kisse dhoondant hain aap?: Had to deep breathe before responding. No, not 'looking' for any one. I'm good.
Expression: What? Do I look that anxious? Wait, let me fix my features.

Ask HP: Have you see Khushi? No. of course you don't find her. I'll find her on my own.
Expression: Juliet, Juliet, where art thou!?
Correction: (In ASR's vocab): What the--! Juliet, Juliet, where the hell art thou!?

Hears her voice: ALL HANDS ON DECK! ALL ATTENTION! Catching signals VERY CLEARLY! Lights are coming ON!
Expression: Oh thank goodness, I hear her!

I though you said that having her around the room made your life hell. Now that she's out, seems like you cannot enjoy even your heaven without her!

Amazing thing though that this time, you did not wonder on the possibility of her being with Shyam. Hmm, have you learnt from the error you made or are you just being silly again!?

Though of course when you do see her, you are bound to make a stupid excuse for looking for her and hurt her again.

Oh and by the way, you may have seen her, but she still ain't talking to you Buddy and you've told her that you like it better when she is not talking. There's a snag, but I'm sure you can fix it.

Sneak Peak into Future

Arnav, according to your plan, the day 6 months are over and Khushi leaves your house; this is a small trailer of what life would look like. Small things would remind you of her. Not only her things, but simply not having her around would remind you of her. Besides, when she goes, she'll take away her flowery bed sheets, her colorful clothes, her sallu-bhai posters, her DM pictures, and her stars and lights. Your life and your room would be exactly as you like it - minimal, dull, and dreary. But by then, you might hate it to be so. If 2 days have left you feeling empty, a whole life without Khushi ... dear oh dear!


Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

Ah, my dear girl. He can be so caring and so careful and so loving. But none of those feelings are for you. How can he be so caring for his sister and so full of hatred for me?

This isn't jealousy; it's merely pain - and lots of it. Pain of constant rejection from the one you love. Khushi is tired of facing his anger and rejection every day in every way. When she sees this man shower his love and care on his sister, she wonders how can this be the same man who tortures her.

Dear Khushi, he has showered his care on you too. Remember, when you got entangled in lights? He freed you. Or when you got dust in your eyes, he blew it away. Or when you cut your hand? He followed you, though he was angry, just to bandage your finger. Or when he found you alone on stage? He forgot about winning the bet and stood by you. Or when he thought you were in an ambulance? He lost his mind and showed you how crazy he is for you. Or when the bangle hurt you? He stopped, scolded you, and pulled out the glass bit, bandaged your hand. He got you new bangles. Or when you passed out? He created more fuss over you than your family did. Or even recently, when you wouldn't stop sneezing? He gave up his bed for you.

He does care. But yes, he is being very hurtful towards you. Your aching heart seems to long for just one caring gesture from him. You may have won both families to your side and they all care for you. But this one man who would not care for you, hurts more than they all can heal. There was such a longing and such brokenness in the way looked at how gentle and loving he could be and why could you not be receiving this. How could such a loving man hate you so much!

Just for this Khushi, I hope that when the times are better and your lives are healed, he would not be able to stop telling you that he loves you, in every way he can.

So, he found out where you went, why you went, and why you kept quiet about it. And he's keen to make up. But ASR doesn't approach apology with a simple, 'I'm sorry!'

Notice what he says - 'You should have told me.' What he implies is that - 'Yes, I made a mistake, but if you had told me the truth, this never would have happened.'

So you decided not to talk to him anymore. However, you are listening. He grumbled about the clothes line. You silently took them off. He was about to yell that you need to look at him and not walk away when he talks. The next moment you answer him in a most unusual way - you comply with his grumbled demand and ask HP to put the clothes on the terrace.

Next, he complains about your stuff lying around. He can't find a file. Again you get up and walk away and he feels compelled to send another firing one after you. Before he can, you bring him the file. Again, he is stumped.

Then, comes his response to your no-talk policy - 'Good you are not talking - makes it easier to bear u. Send dabbas to work. I don't want you to come to office. I can't get u out of the room; here you've made my life hell.'

Yes, it was very hurtful words. Your heart broke once more hearing that he liked it when you would not talk to him. The one person you love claims that you've made his life hell. And yes, you did the right thing in doing what you did. LOVED it and PROUD of you. Fandom stands with you.

However, he only did it because he HATES it that you're ignoring him. He HATES it that you're not looking at him. He HATES it when you do not talk to him. He cannot stand it when you pay no heed. He doesn't care if someone else doesn't talk to him. He doesn't talk much to other people in any case. But you! He CAN'T STAND your silence.

He doesn't even stop to see your reaction. Normally after provoking you, he stands by to see you go off like a rocket and return his favor. But today, he's doing what you did. He said what he had to and turned away - just like you've been turning away.

And now that you've decided to make yourself scarce, watch him suffer. He cannot handle your absence either from his room, or from his life. The more he is without you, the more he feels your need. The less he cares for anything else and knows that he cannot keep ignoring your absence or your silence.

Sneak Peak into Future

Girl, you are going to hear something to the tune of this statement - 'You should've told me' - when the truth comes out. Of course your answer that you gave today, may still sound sufficient then - 'I don't have to tell you anything.' - which of course implies that if you have already decided who I am, what I do and why I do it, then I have no need of justifying or explaining myself to you.'

But the fact remains that he needed to know the truth about his sister's husband.


Arnav & Khushi

1. Arnav, this time she did not accept your apology and you again perceived a rejection for yourself, which by the way, she did not even intend to send your way. After you denied acceptance of your feelings, Khushi has been denying hers. You perceive this denial as a rejection ' right from the time when she refused the prize, she refused to answer you regarding the prize, she refused to answer you regarding where she went, she held you in place with your own rules, she denied acceptance of your explanation regarding the medicine incident. Each time you felt that she is doing this because it is you ' in effect, she is not denying the prize or the answer, she is rejecting you. Therefore, you either name it love for Shyam or plain stupidity.

Khushi has always perceived Arnav's denial of his own feelings as a rejection for herself. She has felt always that he denies his feelings and does not state them because it is her - in effect, he is not denying that he has feelings, but he is rejecting her. Therefore, she names it ego and pride.

2. LOVED Arnav's growing uneasiness at Khushi's absence; till the time he observes that he hasn't seen her, heard her, or grabbed her by the shoulders for two whole days.

3. LOVED that when Arnav was at the door on the second day and the new Prakash brother opened the door, Arnav looked SO downcast, for a couple of seconds he didn't even enter.

His expression seemed to say 'Who are you? Who told you that you could open the door for me? Don't I have a wife to do this kind of stuff? Disgusting!'

4. And when the new Prakash asked him if he wanted something, Arnav sure looked like - 'Just gimme a little Khushi!'

5. LOVED that Khushi did not respond but accepted what he said ' irking him even more.

6. LOVED how Khushi decided that she'd do what he wanted. Go out of sight.
But dear girl, in your case, Arnav cannot have out of sight, out of mind. In fact, it is quite the opposite. When he got home the second day, he was expecting to see you at the door. He was apparently getting that 'missed something' feeling all day. By the time he got home, he wanted you to open the door, or atleast be around when he was home.



1. The travelling Raksha dhaga landed up in HP's hands to Anjali's hands. HP missed Arnav or else one more MU was waiting to happen.

2. As if one Raksha Dhaga was not enough - there is another and this time given by Shyam to ARNAV!
yeh bhi na!

3. Shyam has the audacity to counsel Arnav about Raksha Dhagas. Arnav, notice, Shyam is using family members to manipulate you - Nani and Anjali.

4. LOVED Arnav's expressions when Nani tried to convince him
I am my reason for success. You and your emotional dramas!
5. So Shyam found the key's location - now what? Cheepstake pushed Arnav!

6. LOVED Anjali-Arnav convo over the breakfast table.

7. LOVED how Nani handled Arnav. But dear me, how she is manipulated by Shyam.

8. Payal and Mami Jaan back to square one? Next time Payal, think twice before launching into portraying Sasuma in a good light.


On the Lighter Side

1. Mami Jaan: Gets out tumko karna hai

2. Hari Prakash new look! Had plastic surgery

3. Arnav: (Rarely makes an entry in this segment): I don't want to see another Papaya in this house.

4. Arnav: 'Chakkar?' That sounded more like 'Earthquake?'

5. Arnav: What medicine is this? Let me call the doctor! OHMIGOSH, Arnav, give it a REST!!


Ran away with Pariyon ki Kahani ki kitaab. What the hell's going on?

New Tagline

Will Khushi be able to convince Arnav about why she went with Shyam?

Dear Tagline, I though Anjali had solved your problem, but it seems the matter hasn't died completely. Arnav still thinks Khushi could've refused to go with Shyam. So, is Khushi getting a chance to clarify this to him? Will she even bother explaining? Bigger question: if he asks why she went with him, then does she suspect Arnav's opinions about Shyam and herself?

What can I say!? fantastic post Shalini. ClapClapClap I've written my views in Black. 

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Lovely post Shalini!

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hi shalini. u r fab as always. I normally read ur post to refresh my mind and find some positivity which is very rare in the forum off late. but after yesterdays epi, the positivity is back in the forum. still I cant help sneak into ur post. it has become my day routine, I guess.
u r an amazing writer/ analyser. keepmit up buddy.

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Originally posted by ssnair

Superb Shalini... Clap
Loved it Smile
really nice episode and 101% perfect analysis as usual Big smile
Happy Weekend Party
nd oh ofcourse Happy Easter! Smile
Thank you!
Happy Easter Big smile
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In fact, if Khushi and Arnav ever decide to part ways for good, it may be because of religious differences - Arnav thinks he's god and Khushi doesn't.

OMASR (Borrowing from Sudha/Loopy's amazing interpretation), that was bang on... Clap
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Originally posted by Cheta

this is good analysis..every scene is explained loved the future bit. I still think shyaam will tell khushi why Arnav married her. This will break her heart, now she thinks Arnav might consider loving her sometime in future when she might have the correct aukat. However, once she knows the reason she is going to go silent and act normal. Till 6 months or before this MU will continue and kinda prove in small ways to Arnav that she might not have cheated. But i think he will find out something which shyaam might have setup and will throw her out of the house and from his life in anger. As you can see she has already accepted i will do what ever you tell me to do. No one in house will question him because they might be in shock with the revelation, not full details only partial. Then, khushi might leave the house like always when Arnav throws her out. 
This is what that creep shyaam wanted and he will be very happy about all that has happened and him winning by breaking Arnav and Khushi's fake marriage. When Arnav confronts Shyaam about Anjali and baby then Shyaam will tell him about how he tricked him during Payush marriage and later. He will tell that Khushi cannot come back to him after what he has done to her. Offcourse Arnav will believe him.  This might be when Anjali listens to Shyaam and gets to know true color of her husband.
There might be a scenario when Anjali for sake of others just be acting like there is nothing wrong with shyaam and herself. At the same time she would see her chotte is all sad and in mess. She will go convince Khushi to comeback to RM. I am thinking she will do what Arnav did i.e. blackmail her payal's marriage and bring her back. you know she has already did similar blackmail of 1Lakh with Khushi some time back for her chotte.
Khushi coming back to RM might be good thing, again nothing would be better between Arnav and Khushi, both will be believing that the other person does not love him/her and do not express their feelings to each other. During this Khushi might hurt Arnav not knowingly but unknowingly because she does not know that he regrets doing what he has done.
This story will go till the point when Khushi herself will go and tell Arnav that she loves him and has loved him from the start. This might not cheer him because he will know what he did for her was all wrong and she still loves him. Then ASR will break and become Arnav and be on the road for love. He will believe there is someone watching over everyone's destiny.

hope it is not much...just thought this might be one of the future storyline.
Thank you!!
Well, i'm not too much into predicting.. though yeah Shyam might tell Khushi why Arnav married LOL though anything he does mostly backfires..
Let's see how the CVs carry it forward..

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