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Crooner 39 : A boy named Arnav !!! (Page 6)

Moonlight1 Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:38am | IP Logged
Priya lovely crooner for a lovely episode.Wink
What a treat we got for the weekend sobti's double interviews.Wink LOL
 My rating for the epi is 5/5.  It was Barunishly cute episode.Embarrassed LOL

Shaymu thinking for the big game planning with a silly start. He is extremely clever and cunning. He knows what he is doing. He is the only person who knows all the members weakness and strengths. Surely he has a plan and that's why he is at work. Abhaas is  really a talented package. LOL
The 'dhaga in the wallet' drama sounded to me 'Who will tie a bell in the cat's neck'. LOL
Why i got this feeling that, Nani watched arnav-kushi fight convo outside, i don't know. But fingers crossed.

Loved you dad comments too. Embarrassed

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mid-night-sun IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 November 2011
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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged
its always a treat to read crooner
loved it
happy weekend 

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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 January 2012
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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Debu!! Seems like you had a gala time there at the stadium!!! Glad!! But we were missing you here..! And I log in to see that the crooner got posted last night itself!! Ouch But I am happy you saw the episode last night itself!!
What an episode na!! I cant seem to have enough of it!! I have been sighing nonstop!!
Love the crooner..! Especially the 3rd and 4th part of the Likes!!! Wow!! What contrasts and pictures to support!! And ahh.. the stars!! How do you remember it all!!
Now.. I absolutely love the Dad's moment!! LOL People all around us are making fun of our craziness I tell you!! Last night, I was so back in my dreamworld!! let me go on about it.. this is the only place where I do that..

The best part.. The return of the meaningful thinking aloud:

Arnav: "Khushi Shyam ke saath jane ke liye mana bhi toh kar sakti thi!".. Oh Arnav! You expected that? In your heart, you know she cannot be wrong, you trust her.. dont you? You know she is a girl of principles and she will keep her marriage vows..! Love you for that!

Khushi: "Di ke liye itna pyar aur hamare liye itni nafrat!" I cried a bucket at that!! Oh Khushi, you realized and deliberated that today? I have been lamenting and shedding tears over it for ages on your behalf!!

Shyamu: "*lets find out the key's abode*" ..Confused.. As dumb as ever! Always busy in useless planning.

And other impressions:

-Again thank god! they dint drag this medicine MU!! Well.. to be honest, I dint expect a clearing out as soon as that!! Embarrassed

-Arnav notices that Khushi suffered all the insults and the anger and yet did not say anything just to keep his di's promise! Keep thinking lover boy! We are all counting on you!!

-The roli dhaga: Much ado about nothing! Anji simply brushed away several pages from our forum debating on the expected MU!! Ouch Dancing

-I couldnt get or appreciate Shyamu's efforts!! It was just a drag or are the CVs bent on proving his retard state of mind! This guy is really low on IQ and ideas!

-Mami and Payal bitter saga is back! So much for 'Bahu' and the improvement!!

-Dear Khushi.. you say it best when you say nothing at all.. I thought I would always dedicate this line to Arnav but not anymore!! Well.. do maintain this my love!!

-Arnav scolding Aman.. Khushi Bhabhi yahan nahi hai!!! Shocked Oh wait!! This guy really has a big ego!! IS he having a problem with Khushi's popularity? Or plain jealous? Tch -tch! Poor boy! LOL

-"Yahan toh you made my life hell anyway!" Oh the hurt! Khushi's eyes just welled up with tears! Mine went all the way!! I had a soaking wet neckline!

-"Ab hum bhi inke saamne nahi aayenge".. And oh the anxiety! On not seeing, not finding Khushi anywhere.. The restlessness had me rubbing my hands too!
I couldnt smile at that! My heart ached somewhat! Cry

I have been waiting for such an episode for like ages.. another sigh!!
I rate the episode at 4.7 on 5 again!!

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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 January 2012
Posts: 3186

Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soni.b

hi priya!!!

late would be an understatement...was absolutely tied on friday as a result read the Crooner only after friday's epi!!! so just combining both the crooner comments!!!!

As usual fantastic Crooners!!! loved them both!!! loved the quotes!! brilliant take on the shyam-khushi-arnav scene vis-a-vis the terrace scene and also khushi-anjali-arnav relationship triangle!!!loved it!!!! loved ur take on both the epi!!! loved the pics!!!Clap

thursday we saw an intense and passionate arnav and khushi!!!Embarrassed

ok absolutely loved mannu...and from now on its only mannu mami for me as my hubby declared he absolutely adores mannu mami!!! yes he saw the epi with me...and for a change was interested in it!!! honestly after arnav and khushi...mama-mami are the most happening couple...what chemistry!!!LOL loved mami's from khoon bhari taang to bahu...not bad!!!

the MU created by payal's non-performance and khushi's not accepting the award was sorted out...but didn't get the whole veena and bahu thing...veena didn't want anybody's help and yet after winning she goes and thanks the raizada family in front of all the people...what happened to her pride???...did her bahu convince her to do so or what??? well at least the incident helped the family to see the two sisters' genuine nature!!!

shyam-khushi scene...i was fuming mad...and the thappad dialogue has been used earlier in some movie, don't remember the name...guess have said ealier but totally hate him when he manhandles her!!!! priya you have already explained this scene...but i think khushi needs to know the art of getting rid of creep without making a big tamasha...instead of thappad she shld have kicked him where it hurts the most...that will definitely make think twice before touching her!!!! me too liked her dialogue..."woh mere pati hain."

 loved the confrontation scene...she is frustrated and wants to now the reason for their marriage and his behaviour towards her and he again gives her a hint...she has done something which has affected someone's life...will khushi persue it this time???..." hum kuch bolte bhi hain toh aapko samajh nahin aata." and of course " i can't let you go khushi." loved khushi telling him that he would never say what is in his heart as his ego stops him from doing so...she knows but she wants to hear it!!!! dialogues were great!!! loved them!!!

well he can't let her fall even if she asks for it...loved the scene!!! barun and sanaya were great!!!

after an intense confrontation night before...the loving and caring brother makes a comeback...stopping his di from having papaya!!Big smile! loved khushi's observation of arnav!!!...thank god anji baby decided to tell her chotey abt the trip to chemist by khushi and shyam...that also because she insisted!!! yes priya...from trying to say sorry to now walking upto her as soon as he realises his mistake...its been quite a journey!!!

khushi giving silent treatment...i liked it!!!!Thumbs Up maybe this will help our boy arnav to think better...but he actually doesn't like her quiet!! absolutely loved ur bit on him missing her!!! he misses what is he going to do after 6 mths???

loved how u connected their moments under the stars with his standing under them and remembering her!!!Clap

yesterday was barun all the way!!!
btw i found shyam's scene stupid...all that mehnat to just see if the key is there!!!Confused iska kya hoga??

loved the epi and oh btw loved the CK t-shirt!!!Big smile  

Dostana doubts abt ASR-Aman...ROFLROFL.

khushi addressed him as hari prakash...i think!!!LOL

oh priya ur dad is so cuteSmile...btw my dad would absolutely agree with urs on the shaving bit...even for him its not acceptable...and yes dada won!!Big smile

love the song!!!
rating for past 2 epis...4.5 each!!

PS sorry...for the long post!!!

Hey Soni.. Missed you yesterday..! Love this super summary!!

@bold green: My thoughts exactly!! Even I dint get that!! If she had thanked them in private.. fine!! But this was a public declaration!! Confused

@bold blue: Dont rack your brains hun..! Its the most oft repeated dialogue by every creep in the world!! You dont seem to have come across many!! LOL

@bold grey: she should have beaten him black and blue and made a scene out of it, screamed at the top of her voice!! Think twice?? she should not have left him in a state to be euipped enough to think at all, leave alone twice!! Would have saved my Arnav some pain too! Embarrassed

@bold purple: who wants to go to jail?? LOL What if she broke her neck!! Ouch

@bold red: thats my favorite part from Debu's post!!
@bold pink: I noticed that too!! LOL
@bold brown in the end: you are embarrassing me now!! Ouch LOL

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Sadie101 Senior Member

Joined: 11 September 2007
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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Finally updated my comment...several tries and i mean several tries later...gosh whats up now is so different from the first few...hope its not too lame!!
Oh hiii crooner is the weekend coming along...
hopefully will be commenting to the comments made...lets get this discussion going...

Edited by Sadie101 - 07 April 2012 at 3:44am

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mahamluvsbs IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 April 2009
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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:46am | IP Logged
lovely post priya

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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 January 2012
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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amisuv

Priya, thanks fr ur late night surprise Big smile Luv the title...Arnav my boy Hug 

And ek baat bata, tujhe mere Fav songs kaise pata chal jaate hain...U hv included 2 of them- Tu Jaane na & Amitabh's nazam from Kabhie Kabhie Big smile
Luved ur Dad moments- Way to go Uncle Clap Aur haan repeat dekhe bina tujhe neend thodi aani thi Wink 
Today's episode...Yeh dooriyan, fana ho sabhi dooriyan...
I just LUVED today's episode...Barun all the way Big smile a variety of emotions on display- care for his sis, respect fr Naani, contempt for Shyam, the rest for Khushi- frustration, anger, disappointment, anticipation, the lost look ...Barun Clap Clap U continue to amaze us every single day.
He realises that he was harsh to her yesterday, tries to be polite. But gets a royal snub from Khushi. And there ASR makes a comeback, with throwing away the bottle in frustration.
Priya liked ur analysis here, him having learnt to say Sorry.How wonderfully u hv written abt her absence, his uneasiness at not finding her anywhere...The stars angle...Gr8 Priya Thumbs Up 
I liked the scene where he takes out a book to read, all the while waiting that soon Khushi will be back in the room & then he can sleep peacefully. Nice direction here.
Yes, u r right abt the Shyam track. Weird hai Confused And all our theories abt the thread, who will find it...Dekho kya hua...CVs ne humari bolti hi band kardi Angry 
Aur yeh HP kahan chala gaya?? Nahiii, I miss him already Cry this new chap, kaisa weird sa, thakka hua hai, didnt like him one bit.
Priya, u were asking for pink, we got green instead...But hey who is complaining Wink Thnks BS fr using ur personal wardrobe Big smile And the sexy Blue shirt made a comeback...Remember the bandagement scene Day Dreaming 
My rating: 5/5 Big smile 
Barun's interview is amazing. he says I really don't know why you guys love me... BS, this sentence says it all !!!!!! And thats why we love u more & more with each pasing day Blushing 
Buddies, plz comment on his interview & lets make him No.1 in IF...
Priya, frankly I didnt like the spoiler. I mean ASR as Majnu, c'mon CVs Angry The repentance is necessary but not at the cost of ruining his character. But at the same time there has to be some regret on Khushi's part as well bcoz she also hid the truth.
Note to CVs: Some action to be taken against Shyam by Khushi. It really looks very weird that she has every solution to counter ASR's allegations but a dead end when it comes to Shyam.
And why didnt anybody notice that Khushi didnt sleep in the bedroom ?? Waise toh Naani aur Anji ki nazar sab jagah hoti hai Confused
Happy Weekend Big smile ...Buddies lets continue the discussions thru out the weekend (whenever time permits)
Priya, kal gift de hi aate hain Wink Bas bahut hua. Uncle ki reasoning bilkul sahi hai Thumbs Up 

Hey Suvi..! Great post!
@bold blue: We all share the same love for music it seems.. Embarrassed Those are my favorites too!! Forgot to say that in my post!! The verses from Amitabh Bachchan have always been my favorite ones!! This one is just awesome..
ye ranjo gham ki syahi jo dil pe chhayi hai.. tere nazar ke shuaon mein kho bhi sakti thi..
Magar ye ho na saka.. aur ab ye aalam hai ki tu nahi, tera gham, teri justjoo bhi nahi..
Oh WOW!! I can go on!!

@bold green: Oh I dint think like that.. WOW! he was waiting for her to return.. just whiling away the time.. awww.!

@bold pink: You liked it like that?? I did too!! Embarrassed Oh why was I so stingy in rating then!! Okhay! Am saving it for the confession day!! LOL

@bold grey: Tell me about it!!! How can these two miss out on such a thing, given their reputation!! One the eternal interrupter, and the other, the keen observer!!

And I am with you about this Shyamu solution!! Please CVs.. you cant let Khushi ignore such perverted advances just like that!! She is always busy teaching Arnav a lesson, okhay maybe out of love and its her right! kind of feeling, but Shyamu is asking for some serious handling!! Give Khushi another diary!!! Like NOW!!!

@bold purple: I am already at it!! Thumbs Up LOL
Happy weekend to you too..!

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mini16 Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
i love ur posts...

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