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Crooner 39 : A boy named Arnav !!! (Page 11)

soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sadie101

Originally posted by soni.b

hi priya!!!

late would be an understatement...was absolutely tied on friday as a result read the Crooner only after friday's epi!!! so just combining both the crooner comments!!!!

As usual fantastic Crooners!!! loved them both!!! loved the quotes!! brilliant take on the shyam-khushi-arnav scene vis-a-vis the terrace scene and also khushi-anjali-arnav relationship triangle!!!loved it!!!! loved ur take on both the epi!!! loved the pics!!!Clap

thursday we saw an intense and passionate arnav and khushi!!!Embarrassed

ok absolutely loved mannu ---haha i loved Mannu too on thursday (ummm friday not so much hehe)...and from now on its only mannu mami for me as my hubby declared he absolutely adores mannu mami!!! haha, ur hubby has good taste WinkLOL yes he saw the epi with me...and for a change was interested in it!!! honestly after arnav and khushi...mama-mami are the most happening couple...what chemistry!!!LOL loved mami's from khoon bhari taang to bahu...not bad!!!

the MU created by payal's non-performance and khushi's not accepting the award was sorted out...but didn't get the whole veena and bahu thing...veena didn't want anybody's help and yet after winning she goes and thanks the raizada family in front of all the people...what happened to her pride???...did her bahu convince her to do so or what???---yeh i was confused too Confused but then takes guts to admit something like that in public...but i liked it the fact the MU got cleared coz --- well at least the incident helped the family to see the two sisters' genuine nature!!!

shyam-khushi scene...i was fuming mad...and the thappad dialogue has been used earlier in some movie, don't remember the name...guess have said ealier but totally hate him when he manhandles her!!!! priya you have already explained this scene...but i think khushi needs to know the art of getting rid of creep without making a big tamasha...instead of thappad she shld have kicked him where it hurts the most LOLLOLLOL---oh that will be the day the forum will PARTY!!!!PartyDancing...that will definitely make think twice before touching her!!!! me too liked her dialogue..."woh mere pati hain."

 loved the confrontation scene...she is frustrated and wants to now the reason for their marriage and his behaviour towards her and he again gives her a hint...she has done something which has affected someone's life...will khushi persue it this time???..." hum kuch bolte bhi hain toh aapko samajh nahin aata." and of course " i can't let you go khushi." loved khushi telling him that he would never say what is in his heart as his ego stops him from doing so...she knows but she wants to hear it!!!! dialogues were great!!! loved them!!!

well he can't let her fall even if she asks for it...loved the scene!!! barun and sanaya were great!!! Thumbs Up

after an intense confrontation night before...the loving and caring brother makes a comeback...stopping his di from having papaya!!Big smile! loved khushi's observation of arnav!!!...thank god anji baby decided to tell her chotey abt the trip to chemist by khushi and shyam...that also because she insisted!!! yes priya...from trying to say sorry to now walking upto her as soon as he realises his mistake...its been quite a journey!!! ---oh yeah i was really wanted Khushi to look into his eyes and see the guilt...coz he is not gonna say it! "bohot bara ego hai!" ...loved the scene!

khushi giving silent treatment...i liked it!!!!Thumbs Up maybe this will help our boy arnav to think better...but he actually doesn't like her quiet!! absolutely loved ur bit on him missing her!!! he misses what is he going to do after 6 mths??? ---haila i am already preparing read my comment u will understand hehe...i like it when men cryWink i can't wait!!!

loved how u connected their moments under the stars with his standing under them and remembering her!!!Clap

yesterday was barun all the way!!!
btw i found shyam's scene stupid...all that mehnat to just see if the key is there!!!Confused iska kya hoga?? ---LOL kuch nahi...Shyam is just waiting to get some nice beating...latoon ke bhoot batoon se nahi mante!!!

loved the epi and oh btw loved the CK t-shirt!!!Big smile  

Dostana doubts abt ASR-Aman...ROFLROFL.

khushi addressed him as hari prakash...i think!!!LOL

oh priya ur dad is so cuteSmile...btw my dad would absolutely agree with urs on the shaving bit...even for him its not acceptable...and yes dada won!!Big smile

love the song!!! ----oh we all have been praising the song choice!!!
rating for past 2 epis...4.5 each!!

PS sorry...for the long post!!! ---oh don't be sorry...we all love long posts Big smile

Soni dii...sorry for late comment...
but loved reading ur comment!
@bold: totally agree with u
@red: my comments
hey sadie!!!
thanks!!!Big smile
why sorry yaar!!! i am one of the last people to comment on crooner almost everyday!!! and weekends are worse!!!LOL
loved what u wrote and the quotes!!! btw even i would love to see arnav cry for his love!!!
so true laton ke bhoot baaton se nahin mante!!! i guess the laat marne wali queue is quite long!!!LOL seriously found that scene STUPID!!!
sadie my dearest hubby actually lets me watch the epi peacefully if mannu mami is there otherwise every 2 mins i get a loud rabba ve near my ears!!!! bin mami ke mera kya hoga???LOL

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Nandalala



"It's the tragedy of loving, you can't love anything more than something you miss." 

~Jonathan Safran Foer,
 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

'The Tale of Pause 'n Affect'

Yet again, a perfect name for the Crooner, Priya!   First of all, love your dad!  How well does uncle understand you & the addiction that is this show!LOLA big hug to both of you from moi!Big smile What a cute quote to summarize the feelings of the boy!  He was in full display today! Day Dreaming I completely agree about not taking anything at face value...I have deliberately stayed away from spoilers and SBS/SBB reports over the last few days; I find it takes away from the episode.  Promos are different as they are more of a tagline for whats coming up...Today's episode was a refreshing surprise, which tied up some of the loose ends from the last few days!

The Caring One:  I absolutely adored the scene between the siblings!  The banning of the papaya per the preggo research done by the concerned bro...Well, Khushi better watch out when its her turn!  OMG, can we say daddy dearest in OCD mode!LOLLOL  Again, the triangle in described Khushi's pain and her realization beautifully!  She has seen the tender side to him before, but today, it hurts; hurts to the point where she cannot look at him without showing how painful it is!  Cut to Anjali telling him the aftermath with the meds...The doubt clears, if only for a moment...The Rabbe Ve...the sweetest of them all...the unsaid apology...but her pain takes over her...& the doubt comes back in!  Loved how you tied in all the prior attempts to apologize here...all in green, no less!  

The Guilty One:  What a great way to describe this scene...He wants to instigate her so that he gets a reaction...So that things are back to "his normal." When she doesn't comply, he doesn't stop...continues to berate, throwing the dabba business in her face, telling her he doesn't want her in his space!  Asks her to do something better with her life (wow, isn't it enough she's married to you, ASR? Thats the best she could do, right!Wink) What I loved here was the said vs. the unsaid!  Even when she's quiet, he cannot stop himself.  His guilt consumes him in every situation.  When the MU finally clears, he will have to let her speak, have to hear her out, without allowing it to be about him!

I thought the convo with Aman was hilarious!  Part of the inspiration for the title to my post!  Arnav has paused so many times in his calls with Aman that the dude now automatically knows when boss is distracted & the ONLY cause for the distraction! LOL And yes, thank God the Dostana rumors are now at rest!ROFL 

The Yearning One:  OMG, I got goosebumps reading the Kabhi Kabhi beautiful &  apt!  The missing & the wanting come full circle!  Somethings never change!  He goes about his business, checks up on di, does what is routine for him...yet...where is she!  I haven't seen her all day!  Looks for her before he goes to bed; she is the last person he thinks of before lying on his recliner...of holding her, wanting her...her smile, her laughter, her words...Her chimes wake him up!  Again, she is always around him, just as she was when silence took over that first night!  Yet, her bangles signaled the intimacy between them, though unacknowledged at that moment!   Priya, thank you so much for reminding us of the significance of those stars...I have always loved both the prior scenes with them & those celestial beings...but this one just was too special!  Especially when he reaches out & touches them!  Again, the intimacy of that scene did not go unnoticed...

He continues to search...Bumps into Nani...True to himself, doesn't let on what is bothering him...Instead, questions the help...Then he hears her voice, and it calls to him!

What I loved about today was that despite Khushi's silence and his harsh words to her, there was a sense of normalcy to their relationship...Yeah, they were upset for different reasons, but it was very much spouses at odds.  Her leaving, giving the clothes to the servant, not picking up the phone, all of it was very believable!  His longing, missing her, wanting to see her was also typical of any husband!  The CVs did a brilliant job showcasing this!  

I am also appreciating Nani's 'silent observer' role...Since last week, her part has taken on a new is indeed interesting to see where the CVs go with her!  

I agree with you on the dislikes...I had said Anjali might find the dhagaa in one my earlier posts.  But I am confused at what was shown today.Confused  The Shyam scene also seemed so out of place...The key in the wallet made no sense.  Shouldn't a tycoon have a safe with a combination code?  If he does have a key, wouldn't it be safer in a drawer somewhere?  Seriously, a wallet?  Again, the dhagaa, wallet, key all of it was very contrived!  Shoddy screenplay there!  Honestly the contents of that file should be on a disk or better yet, a USB stick!  The CVs sometimes live in the 19th century!  The Payal-Mami scene also seemed out of place!  

And yes, ASR/Arnav/Barun, please shave!  That aside, Sobti, you ROCK and so does your wardrobe!  

Rating: 4.7/5...A pt to Sobti alone!  And the deductions are for what didn't work...otherwise a solid end to the week!

P.S.  Enjoyed the interview!  What a gem he is!  Poetry, screenplay analysis, adventure, was ALL GOOD!  

P.P.S. Sad my team lost...Disapprove

Thanks for all your STELLAR CROONERS this week, hun--hats off as usual!Clap Have a masti-filled weekend with your dear ones!  Will try to catch up with you & our buddies soon (I won't be able to comment until late Saturday or Sunday IST.)SmileHug

loved your Tales of Pause 'n Affect'!!! absolutely beautiful!!! loved your take on Arnav in different roles!!!Smile so with you on this!!!

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...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

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what the 
i got this crooner today n that too at night at 2 o clock
ab will edit tomorrow
sorry priya


woot woot friday's episode i was totally drooling on arnav n singing bin tere from IHLS 
aww that CK shirt was like dream come true on him...Day Dreaming...he looked smoking hot
but a CK shirt for a jog as u said bade log badi baatein 
if he travels in helicopter for short distances so what is only a CK shirt for a jog...ROFLROFLROFL

after the fight session we got i thought the CVs are back to comedy again as they always do and seeing the SBB segment i was so sure but this silent treatment i loved to the core
the impatience of arnav to see khushi and missing everything abt her
the stars n all...aww...Day Dreaming.
and did you see the way he was sleeping on the recliner...he sleeps like a baby...cho chweet...Embarrassed
he looked adorable on waking first thing first her windchime and then start looking for her
the salmaan poster everything reminding arnav of khushi
i absolutely adored it
and after the episode we got interviews of him and the day became more great and after that i got ur crooner...PartyDancing
BS just rocks!!!
and i will 5/5 for the whole because it was all arnav and then him missing khushi so much

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garlic IF-Dazzler

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lovely cooner...I couldn't find it yesterday...thanxSmile

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SS83 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Loved it! Clap

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by amisuv

Priya, thanks fr ur late night surprise Big smile Luv the title...Arnav my boy Hug 

And ek baat bata, tujhe mere Fav songs kaise pata chal jaate hain...U hv included 2 of them- Tu Jaane na & Amitabh's nazam from Kabhie Kabhie Big smile
Luved ur Dad moments- Way to go Uncle Clap Aur haan repeat dekhe bina tujhe neend thodi aani thi Wink 
Today's episode...Yeh dooriyan, fana ho sabhi dooriyan...
I just LUVED today's episode...Barun all the way Big smile a variety of emotions on display- care for his sis, respect fr Naani, contempt for Shyam, the rest for Khushi- frustration, anger, disappointment, anticipation, the lost look ...Barun Clap Clap U continue to amaze us every single day.
He realises that he was harsh to her yesterday, tries to be polite. But gets a royal snub from Khushi. And there ASR makes a comeback, with throwing away the bottle in frustration.
Priya liked ur analysis here, him having learnt to say Sorry.How wonderfully u hv written abt her absence, his uneasiness at not finding her anywhere...The stars angle...Gr8 Priya Thumbs Up 
I liked the scene where he takes out a book to read, all the while waiting that soon Khushi will be back in the room & then he can sleep peacefully. Nice direction here.
Yes, u r right abt the Shyam track. Weird hai Confused And all our theories abt the thread, who will find it...Dekho kya hua...CVs ne humari bolti hi band kardi Angry 
Aur yeh HP kahan chala gaya?? Nahiii, I miss him already Cry this new chap, kaisa weird sa, thakka hua hai, didnt like him one bit.
Priya, u were asking for pink, we got green instead...But hey who is complaining Wink Thnks BS fr using ur personal wardrobe Big smile And the sexy Blue shirt made a comeback...Remember the bandagement scene Day Dreaming 
My rating: 5/5 Big smile 
Barun's interview is amazing. he says I really don't know why you guys love me... BS, this sentence says it all !!!!!! And thats why we love u more & more with each pasing day Blushing 
Buddies, plz comment on his interview & lets make him No.1 in IF...
Priya, frankly I didnt like the spoiler. I mean ASR as Majnu, c'mon CVs Angry The repentance is necessary but not at the cost of ruining his character. But at the same time there has to be some regret on Khushi's part as well bcoz she also hid the truth.
Note to CVs: Some action to be taken against Shyam by Khushi. It really looks very weird that she has every solution to counter ASR's allegations but a dead end when it comes to Shyam.
And why didnt anybody notice that Khushi didnt sleep in the bedroom ?? Waise toh Naani aur Anji ki nazar sab jagah hoti hai Confused
Happy Weekend Big smile ...Buddies lets continue the discussions thru out the weekend (whenever time permits)
Priya, kal gift de hi aate hain Wink Bas bahut hua. Uncle ki reasoning bilkul sahi hai Thumbs Up 
Suvi went to his place...almost bought the shaving kit LOLLOLLOL
I'm too tired to comment in details on the epi now...loving all the discussions and comments u guys having here...
On my mind in weekends its only BS...ASR is on weekdays Wink
Btw had gone to CK to pick up smthng.,...and dont need to tell wat came to my mind suddenly...Suvi yeh banda brands ko bhi naho chodega LOL
Hws ur weekend gng ??? I am gng for Housefull 2 tomorrow wid family to Oberoi over...certain sm1 cums thr to watch movies Wink
btw biwi went to Essel world today !!!
PS I dont think they will make ASR go as Majnu...Suvi, remember our discussion - there is a lot of difference in the lead of tht show and ASR...also one vry imp thing,even if they try the track here it will be different...and the person who delivered the spoilor is a devoted fan of tht lets wait nd watch rather than jumping to conclusions !!!
PPS did u c BS mentioning giving input to the scene-script...luvd hearing doubt we get our share of drooling improvisations - asking HP for coffee, bending and picking up coat, Hmm and Hi,...and not to forget the killer smirks !!!

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Sadie101


First of all...I ADORED the crooner (wanted to use another word to express how much i love ur crooners...coz love is over-rated Wink) You had me from the title...and then MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG was a treat...complete my great Friday! OH and cherry on top was Zoha DI posting her VM on the same song but with Arhi *faint* (Thanks Zoha di! Hug)
I could go on and on abt this song and its lyrics...and this song fits Arnav sooo suited him when he found out that Khushi got engaged and it still suites him! [yes i like depressing song...they have soo much depth to them! oh n if u r interested (or not...i am still gonna tell uWink) another fav. song of mine is tujhe bhula diya!! Ranbir crying was i can't wait to see Arnav crying for his love! have to admit i enjoy watching men cry LOL]
Now that it is established i am crazy...lets look at the crooner from the top shall we...
Have i mentioned before how i love the quotes and lyrics u post!!
Like i said in the thursday's crooner...i was expecting comedy (its coming on Monday) but i was not expecting this!!! And i loved the episode from beginning to end!! (skipping Snake n Mami parts)
I liked the episode on so many different levels...7th april for me marks the day i lost a loved friday's episode really got to me! For Arnav it was the love of his life...for me it was a family member. But it's the same feeling...when u walk in to their room, hoping to find them, to get a glimpse of them once more...only to be told the won't be coming back Cry (well in my case...i hope that never happens in Arhi's life!) and then everything in that room reminds u of them...u touch everything they had touched... (oh the way Arnav touched those stars Cry!!! BS you rock! and u ask us why we love you????!!!!!)
OK lets lighten up the mood a bit!
Ur Dad moments were just ROFLROFL loved it! let them have fun...atleast u get to be reason for their smiles and laughter Smile enjoy it!!!
haha the New Prakash brother LOL...i think Khushi called him HP...i was like Shocked lol we were complaining about the same extras...but here they have changed HP!!! no way laxmi will be really sad! LOL
For me the episode was a solid 5/5 plus the crooner reinforced my rating!!!
PS Finally learned how to post pics...all thanks to Sanju! thanks hun! Hug
Arhi's love story:
All images from google images!
Sadie I love over-rated love...and coming frm friends i love it more Wink
firstly,congrats on learning to post the pics...and secondly a BIG THANKSSS for ur lovely comments...have not been able to reply properly...and u guys rockinnn the discussion...did u c the comment i left for u on thursday ?
Friday maami was back in character LOL
thnxxx for loving the song selections and Zoha is a sweetheart...she always has the best gifts in store for us Smile
I dont like men i am a sucker of BS and SRK crying LOL coz these both have made crying even seem so beautiful and poetic !!!
I know no words can lessen the pain of missing someone near and dear...but maybe a jaddo ki jhappi will make u feel better whenver u feel low Hug 

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by smashitupsobti

Stern Smile sorry I'm so so late to the Crooner !!! ... Please don't give me the cold shoulder Wacko it's been a bit crazy !!!

You say it's all in my head
And the things I think just don't make sense
So where you been then? Don't go all coy
Don't turn it round on me like it's my fault
See I can see that look in your eyes
The one that shoots me each and every time
You grace me with your cold shoulder
Whenever you look at me I wish I was her
You shower me with words made of knives
Whenever you look at me I wish I was her
These days when I see you
You make it look like I'm see-through
Do tell me why you waste our time
When your heart ain't in it, and you're not satisfied
You know I know just how you feel
I'm starting to find myself feeling that way too
Adele's Cold Shoulder seemed appropriate for what was going on Embarrassed so I borrowed from her today ...
I'm not sure how I feel about Arnav staring at Salman Day Dreaming ... abs envy ?  he did look pretty dreamy !!! BS that is ... LOL x
You have given me one of the best gifts of my life...I cn never ever give u the cold shoulder WinkWink
sorry couldnt rep ur mail earlier...even I had  jam packed day...i smtimes feel few of us close crooner buddies here be on some group chat...smthng like whats app or will be so easier to catch up wid everyone SmileSmile 
I love Adele most of the times...and i loved hw u connected the pics to the lyrics...Kalps, he was extremely hot nd sexy in that blue shirt ystrday while wearing the of his best shots for the week...give me one single in that pls,once u free...told u i cn b vry demanding frnd WinkWink
hahha...u wont believe my mind was racing 100 thoughts in that minute - trying to process ASR's mind when he sees Salman's poster - wat he must be thinking apart from the FB of Khushi and finally I found wat he thougght -
"Dude, even i have those abs - so u can be her Hero at the movies but I am her Hero in real life..."
And yesterday's epi reminded me of a childish VM i had made long back just on stills of ASR...that was my first try at a VM...but yetserday was a montage of ASR's expressions so thats why thought of the VM...i am sure u hv not seen it...dont laugh thought...i'll make one on this song again one day...this is the only song that defines sexiness for favourite !!!

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