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Road To Redemption Epilouge 21/02/13 (Page 75)

B.S.I_Love_You IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Beautiful update...Clap .thanks for the PM...Smile

ISensedYou IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
loved it...kushi s really amazin...
awsum update
tanx 4 d pm...
do pm me further...
continue soon
loveandluck Senior Member

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
you are going to continue right? i hope so, because im addicted to this ff. i spent an entire day reading the entre thing and i absolutely love it. so emotional. im pretty sure i cried a few times, but it was worth it :D

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LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged

I did say this FF was going to be coming to an end soon. So this new chapter will have a leap of a year in it. Oh and transaltions are in blue and in brackets.

New Chapter:

Aryan's birthday had come and gone. He was now four years old. With a blink of an eye Khushi and Arnav had spent a year together in perfect harmony. Arnav at first was always scared that one day Khushi may realise that he was worthy of her and leave him. But Khushi had done no such thing. She had stayed completely loyal to him constantly reassuring him that she was here to stay.


Khushi hardly ever had to do anything for Aryan. Payal and Anjali were always there at his every beckoning. The little child had every one in RM wrapped around his little fingers and he knew it. Not only that but he too had been gifted with his father's temper so whenever he lost his temper he had a way of making that fact be known to everyone.


Aryan's party had gone on till late last night so everyone had been sleeping in including Aryan. All the hype over his birthday had exhausted him so today was one of those rare days where he had not woken up early in the morning and ran into Khushi and Arnav's room waking them from their slumber.

Despite having said that both Arnav and Khushi had woken up at noon. Arnav got out of bed as he had some important work to do so Khushi had been forced to get out of bed too. Having spent a year falling asleep in his arms and then waking up in his arms she did could not sleep in a bed without him anymore. She was too attuned with him now. She decided to stay in bed and a watch some television instead. She knew there was no point in going downstairs and making food as there was still plenty of food left over from the night before and no one was awake yet anyways.  Not only that but she knew that but she knew that World War Three would break out if she so much as dared step a foot in the kitchen. Khushi sat flicking from channel to channel trying to find something to watch. She felt so bored with nothing to watch.


She looked outside and saw that Arnav was typing away on his laptop whilst talking on the phone via his Bluetooth. Khushi suddenly got this sudden urge to hug him. Though just less than an hour ago he had been lying in bed with her she found that she was missing him. She got out of the bed and stumbled slightly with the extra weight she was carrying. She hobbled to the poolside and could hear Arnav speaking to Aman about some deal.  Arnav was so deep in conversation that he had not noticed her come outside. He was still listening to what Aman was saying and furiously typing away. Khushi went around to the back of the chair and put her hands around his neck. She then proceeded to rest her chin on his shoulder in a backwards hug. The minute Khushi did that Arnav stopped typing and placed his hands on top of Khushi. Though he continued to speak to Aman he tried to reciprocate the hug as much as possible. Every once in a while he had to let go off her to type something but the  second he was done he would replace his hands on top of hers once more. About ten minutes later the phone call was done. Arnav pulled his Bluetooth out of his ear and pushed away the laptop. He then grabbed Khushi's hands once more and tugged on them lightly so she fell forward straight into his lap. The little extra weight she had put on now was beginning to show on her face but she looked so cute with all that extra weight. She was a little bit heavier these days too but not so heavy that he could not make her sit on his lap. He remembered when she had first begun to pile on the pounds. She had been so worried that he would not love her anymore. He remembered how long it had taken him to explain to her that he would never stop loving her because of the way she looked. It had taken ages to explain to her that her putting on weight on in this way was a good thing and that he liked it on her. It made her look cute. He found it so funny how this girl who herself had a four year old could sometimes be so child like herself. But it was one of those things that he had learned to associate her with and love her for.

'Hi' he said to her as he placed a kiss on her forehead. 'Hi' she replied as she snuggled in closer to him. She stifled a little yawn.  He adjusted himself a little so that she had more to nestle into him. Arnav knew that she was probably still a bit tired from the lack of sleep last night. Every night she would struggle and toss and turn in bed before she felt comfortable enough to sleep. And the worst thing was that she would try and make as little movement as possible because she did not want to disturb him.

For a few minutes they both just sat there in each other's embrace. Arnav sometimes found it hard to believe that she was back. Sometimes lying next to her in bed he would watch her as she slept. Sometimes he would have to pinch himself to remind him that this was real. She was really here in his arms once more. Those three years that they had spent apart from one another just seemed like a distant memory now. The one year they had spent married together creating new memories had left no space for those horrid memories anymore. Every day felt like a fairy tale for him. Even the most basic normally ordinary day felt like an extra ordinary day if it was spent with her.

Arnav had always laughed and scoffed at fairy tales. Happily ever afters' and Princess' were all part of peoples' imaginations. They were not real and nor did they exist. But that was before he had met the princess in his arms. Now if anything he probably believed in those fairy tales more than anyone else ever did.  But that was only because he had found his princess.


He looked down to see that Khushi had fallen asleep in his arms. How could it be that after everything that had happened she still found the highest level of solace in his arms? Everyone had kept saying that she was the lucky one. But to be honest it was him. He was the lucky one for having found such a beautiful rare flower that he got to call his own. He looked at this beautiful angel sleeping in his arms and decided that it was time to wake her up so that they could go to eat. 'Hey. Wake up sleeping beauty' said Arnav with a smile on his face shaking Khushi gently so that she would wake up. 'Hmm' said Khushi groggily before she woke up completely. 'Kya Arnavji. Hum itneh araam se so rahe the apne humhain jagaya kyun? (What Arnavji I was sleeping so comfortably. Why did you wake me up?) Said Khushi pouting. Arnav chuckled and very gently pressed a light kiss on her pouting lips. 'Sleeping beauty get ready hum bahar jarahe hain lunch keh  liyeh.(we are going out for lunch). Jab taak tum ready hote ho main jakar Aryan ko jagate hoon. (Whilst you get ready I will go and get Aryan and get him ready too). Now go' said Arnav as he carefully helped Khushi up on to her feet and gave her a slight push towards the bathroom.


Once he saw that she was safely in the bathroom Arnav went downstairs to inform his Di of the plan and then went to get Aryan ready. Forty-five minutes later they were all in Arnav's car on their way to Aryan's favourite restaurant. Every five minutes as Arnav drove he would look back into the review mirror and watch Khushi and Aryan smiling and it would make his heart glow with pride. They were both his. This was his own little perfect family and he loved it more than life.


They arrived at the restaurant and ate. Well more like he and Aryan watched Khushi as she goffled down the food as if she had not eaten for days. But given her current plight Arnav could not really say much to her. But it always did surprise him how a girl so tiny could eat so much. Where did she find room for so much food?

Once they were done Arnav took Khushi and Aryan out to the movies. All three of them sat watching the movie. Khushi sat in the middle of them both. Arnav was amazed at how protective Aryan was of Khushi just like himself. He was bewildered by how easily Aryan had clocked on that Khushi's condition now required for her to take extra care. And Arnav had been surprised at how quickly Aryan had gone from being a mischievous four year old to being a good little boy that helped his mum out at every chance he got. Khushi sat in between Arnav and Aryan as they watched the movie with both men in her life on either side of her protecting her.  Aryan watched the movie fascinated whilst Arnav held onto Khushi's arm tightly and stared at her beautiful face rather than the movie.


Once the movie ended they decided that they might as well had dinner outside too and then go home. By the time they got home it was around 8pm and Aryan was struggling to keep his eyes open. Arnav picked him up and carried him into the house followed closely by Khushi. Khushi was about to take Aryan to put him to bed when Payal came down and told her that she would do it and that Khushi should go and get some sleep after such a long day. Payal took Aryan from Arnav and took him over to Khushi who placed a kiss on his cheek before Payal took him upstairs to put him to bed.

Once that was done Arnav and Khushi made their way to their room. Khushi immediately went into the bathroom to freshen up. Arnav waited for her to finish and then he went to the bathroom. Khushi placed a movie into the dvd player and then got comfortable on her side of the bed. Arnav then came out of the bed and joined her on the bed. As soon as he did so she snuggled up to him so tightly that not even a sheet of paper would be able to fit through them.  They both began to watch a movie that obviously had Khushi's Salman Khan in it.


Once the movie was over it was about 10.30pm. Arnav turned off the television and they both just laid there in comfortable silence. 'Arnavji, aap khush toh hain nah?' (Aranvji you are happy aren't you?) asked a timid Khushi. What kind of a question was that?! Of course he was. 'Haan main khush hoon Khushi. (Yes I am very happy Khushi). Main bahut khush ho. (I am very happy). Aur cheh maheneh ageh jab tumneh mujhe voh khush kabri soonaya tah oss din tak main toh asman paar oraha hoon. (And the because of the news you gave me six months ago I feel as if I am on the seventh heaven). Esa lagta hain keh mainek khawbon ki duniya main jee rahee ho Khushi (I feel like I am living in a dream word Khushi). Aur yeh sirf tumhari vajeh seh hain. (And this all because of you). Thank you Khushi. Thank you so much'. Khushi had tears in her eyes when he said that. 'Arnavji hum…' (Arnavji I…) she was just about to finish her sentence when she stopped abruptly and her eyes  went wide. 'Kya hua Khushi?'  (What happened Khushi) asked Arnav with a worried expression on his face. 'Arnavji apka haath dejyeh humhain'( Arnavji give me your hand) said Khushi. 'What?' asked Arnav confused'. 'Arnavji ab zyada saval maat poocheyeh apka haath humhain deejyeh' (Arnavji don't ask some many questions now just give me your hand) she said. Startled and confused he gave her his hand. He watched silently as she took his big rough hand in her own small petite one. He observed silently as with the other hand she removed the blanket around them and then began to remove her kurta so that her big swollen stomach was on show. She then took his hand and placed it a top of her stomach. 'What Khushi?' he asked again. 'Kya hua? (what happened?) Is the baby okay?' 'Rookiyeh Arnavji' (Wait Arnavji) said Khushi with a smile. 'Ek minute rookiyeh' (just wait a minute) he waited for a second and then he felt it. He felt a light movement in her stomach. The baby was moving. He looked up at Khushi to see a big fat smile on her face. 'Mehsoos kiya apne Arnavji? (Did you feel that Arnavji?) Pehli baar humhare bache neh kick kiya. (Our baby kicked for the first time). Humneh kabhi bhe apni sapne main nahe sochata keh yeh paal hum apki saath kabhi je payengeh (never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to live this moment with you). Lekin ab yaha apki saath yeh paal je raha hoon. (Yet here I am right now sharing this moment with you). 'Humhara hain yeh Arnavji. (This moment is ours Arnavji). Humhari bacha hain kya ap mehsoos kar rahehain?'(That's our baby. Can you feel it?) she said as she placed her small hand on top of his on her belly.


Arnav just stared at her with tear stained eyes. Leaving one hand on top of his with her other hand she wiped away the tears from his eyes. Arnav did not say anything he just pulled them into a sleeping position not once removing his hand from her stomach. Once they were all cosy in bed her turn to her and said. 'Thank you Khushi for giving me one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you' he said once more as he placed a kissed on her forehead. Life does not get any better than this he thought as he cuddled with her and moved his hand up and down her visible stomach rubbing it in soothing manners to help her fall asleep. Life's just perfect like this he thought to himself as he closed his eyes with a smile on his face falling into a deep happy slumber.   

So here it was =]. Let me know your thoughts on it.


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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 7:12am | IP Logged
AWWW, Perfect Update <3 Very Sweet :) Can't Wait For The Baby To Arrive . Day Dreaming Pleashhh Update The Last FF Too ; P Embarrassed

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B.S.I_Love_You IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
awww...perfect ...!!!!!!!!!! ClapClap
loved it... thanks 4 thr pm...

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dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Update was too good
Arnav and khushi have come a long way in their relationship. They have finally got the love that they deserve. Aryan will always be special to everyone in the family. but for this little guy his mom will be the most important person. He may be as angry as his father but he is very mature and protective when it comes to his mother and other family members.
khushi and arnav are going to be parents again and this time they can share all the small wonders of parenthood which they had missed with aryan.
please continue soon...

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
awesome loved it so cute baby no 2 and this time he is there for everything loved how they have come so far from where they where loved how aryan so cute a miniature asr loved the update awesome so cute thanks for the pm and the translation

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