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Road To Redemption Epilouge 21/02/13 (Page 46)

dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Both the parts were superb.
Khushi cannot believe that arnav has changed soo much. She wants to believe him and love him with all her heart but is afraid that if history were to repeat itself then she would not be able to survive.
Loved to see how both of them are trying to do samll things for each other.
Anjali and Aryan are overjoyed to see Arnav and khushi together
please continue soon

LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2012 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

So I wasn't going to update again until I got my six pages of comments. But I went to one of my close friends funerals. And so, I needed a way to vent and the only way to do that is via writing. So here is Chapter 22. I really wasn't in the happiest moods whilst writing this. So it may reflect in this chapter. So I warn you to read ahead at your own risk.


Chapter 22:


Khushi woke up to the feel of the blazing sunlight on her closed eyes. She opened her eyes in shock and realized where she was. She had let Arnav fall asleep in her lap. She cursed herself for being so weak. But when God and her heart had both agreed that he was the one for her. Then how could she fight with them both? Because they were both the strongest powers in her life. Against their will she could not do anything. And last night they had both agreed that Arnav was to fall asleep in her lap. Having said that she looked down at the figure that slept with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Clinging to her to try and get as close to her as possible so that there was not a single airspace between them.

His weight around her waist felt just right. Almost as if to say God had made his physique to accommodate her. So that he was perfect in her eyes. People always said that God created people in the image of himself. Khushi had always questioned that fact. She always wondered how that was possible. All her life she had searched for a person that proved the theory that God had made man in the image of himself. And in those years she found no such person. As she thought of this she looked down at the sleeping figure in her lap and began to stroke his hair. She continued to think that in all these years of her life she could not find any person in the world whom she believed was made in the image of God as they all seemed too ordinary, too normal, and too mundane. But then she met Arnav. At first she could not stand the sight of him. She hated him to the very core of her being. But gradually over time she realized that he was not normal, nor mundane nor ordinary. He was infact extraordinary. And around about that time she realized that he was the one that she had been searching for. The one in who she had been searching for her God in. And that was when she realized that the figure that slept clinging to her like a child to its mother was no less than God for her. And overtime that person whom she had hated with all she had was now the one that she loved with all she had and more. Gradually she began to worship the ground he walked on and made his happiness and well being the sole purpose and centre of her life.


She continued to look at Arnav who slept obliviously and continued to stroke his hair. She did not know how long she had been sitting there doing that. She had not wanted to stop because she felt this euphoric level of content whilst just sitting there looking at his face and stroking his hair. She did not know how to explain the feeling. It was almost like heaven. Being there with him close by was a feeling no less than heaven for Khushi.


Suddenly Khushi looked up at the clock and realized that she had been sitting there just looking at Arnav for a whole hour. Realizing how late she was going to be she pried Arnav's hands off her waist and rested his head on to a pillow. Then she rushed into the bathroom. Once she had gotten into the bathroom and had her shower and walked out of the shower did it hit her that in her haste she had not brought any clothes with her. She slapped her head and said hai DM as she always did when in the middle of a sticky situation.


And that was when she looked up at the door and found Arnav's outfit for the day hanging neatly on the door hook. Desperate times call for desperate measures she said to herself as she approached Arnav's suit. She gently pulled out his shirt and wrapped herself in it and then buttoned herself up. The shirt was just long enough to cover her up mid thigh. It was not her type of ideal attire but in this situation it would have to do. She slowly opened the door and pecked out. From the angle that she was looking from it seemed that Arnav was still in a deep slumber. So, she cautiously stepped out of the bathroom. But just as she came near the door about to make her escape she heard Arnav begin to awaken. In moments despair she ran to the curtain and hid behind it.


Arnav had just awoken. The first thing he had seen was in white run behind the curtain. But it was too fast and he felt still half asleep to be able to get a clear view of it. 'What the' he said out aloud as he got out of bed and made his way to the curtain. He pulled back the curtain to find Khushi standing there in nothing but his white shirt with her eyes closed in hope that he had not seen her. 'Khushi' he said in a somewhat amused voice with a lopsided grin on his face. As he said her name he watched as she slowly opened one eye and then the other. 'Voh?Voh aj humhain otneh main der hogaya tah aur jadbazi main hum bhool gayeh the ke humhari kapree yaha  nahin hain. Humhai maaf kardeejyeh. Hum apneh kamreh main jakar yeh aapko dookar vapas dedeingeh bus paach minute main' said Khushi. 'Khushi relax. Tumhain kahin janeh kee zaroorat nahin hain'. And with that he approached his wardrobe and took out a package that was nicely wrapped and handed it to her. Vaiseh Khushi yeh shirt mujheseh zyada tum par acha lagta hain. And as much as I love seeing you wear my clothes I do not think that it will be very appropriate for you to wear this downstairs in front of the rest of the family' said Arnav with a smirk on his face.


Khushi was shocked to see that he had not yelled at her not just for touching his clothes but using them too. And not only that he had actually said that she looked good in his clothes. Coming out of her intial shock she remembered that Arnav had handed her a package. 'Ismain kya hain?' asked Khushi. 'Yeh main tumhain oosdin dena chahtee teeh jis din humhari cheh mehneh ki shaadhi katam huwa tah. Lekin tumneh kabhi moka nahin diya tah. Lekin jab main kahi be jata tah yeh apni saat lekar jata ta kyunki janta tah k eek na ek din tumhain zaroor phir paonga' said Arnav. 'Tum yaha par change karlo main bahar wait kartee hoon' said Arnav chivalrously. 'iskee koyi zaroorat nahin hain. Aap yahee rook sakti hain' said Khushi, the words slipping out of her mouth before she had a chance to attempt to stop them.  Arnav's eyes nearly popped out of their socket when he heard her say that. But he was happy that she had let him stay in the room whilst she changed not so that he could just admire her body. But also, so that he could see the expression on her face when she opened up the package that he had been treasuring for her for the last three years.


He watched intently as she opened up the package cautiously and peep inside it. He watched as her expression change from anticipation to shock and finally happiness. He saw the smile that flashed across her face as she pulled out the red and gold churidar out of the packet and admire it. He continued to watch with a smile on his face as she stepped in front of the long mirror in front of his wardrobe and hold the churidar up against herself to see what it would look like. As he continued to watch her he realised that it dod not take a lot to make his Khushi khushi. She was content with the simplest of things like a simple churidar or a handful of bangles. Things like money, wealth, fame and status never mattered to her as he had once believed.  He watched her smile and his heart swelled up with the acknowledgment that he was responsible for her smile.


Khushi with the smile still intact herself began to unbutton the shirt and slipped out of it. She then slipped on the churidar. Arnav could not believe how beautiful she looked in the churidar that he had himself designed especially for her. He realized that Khushi was having difficulty with the doori. He took this as his cue and walked up to her. Khushi suddenly acknowledged his reflection standing next to her in the mirror and turned around to see him staring at her. She had forgotten that he was in the room as she had been so engrossed in the churidar. She cursed herself as she realized that he must seen the reaction to what he brought her and still believe that she was happiest with materialistic objects as she was a goldigger.


However she went into a state of shock as Arnav approached her slowly and walked behind her. She closed her eyes in fear of what he may do next. But to her surprise he moved closer to her and then put her hair to one side. He then brought both string of her doori in each of his hands and proceeded to tie the doori together. He then bent down and placed a light kiss on her neck. 'Wait there' he said and left her standing there reeling from what had just happened. He then went into his draw and brought out a little box. From it he pulled out a small yet elegant necklace that he was he had purchased for Khushi three years ago. He had wanted to adorn her neck with that necklace on the day she left him. Rather than throw it away he held on to it along with the earrings and bangles he had brought her, with a deep faith within him that she would come back to him one day. And he would get an opportunity to do so.


He then approached her with the little box in one hand and the necklace in another. He then placed the little necklace around her neck and closed the clasp behind her neck. He then bent down to kiss her neck. But this time he placed a kiss on every bear part of her back he could find. Covering her in little kisses. Khushi throughout the whole encounter had bunched her hands and grabbed fistfuls of her dress in her hands as she always did when she was nervous and close her eyes due to the dhak dhak that was wreaking havoc within her.  Arnav then found her ear and placed the earring into place and then nibbled gently on her earlobe and bite it gently. He followed suite with the other ear.  He then brought out the bangles from the box along with his mothers bangles. He adorned her wrists with the bangles he had brought her and then added his mother's bangles to the pair. 'Theen saal pehle tum neh yeh mujhe dekar gayee thee ek kaath ke saath yeh keh kar keh yeh tumhara hak nahee thee. Aur theen saal tak main inheh samalkar raka tah is dinkeliyeh. Takee main tumhain yeh vapas de sako aur yeh kaho keh in paar sirf aur dirf tumhari huk hain'. Arnav then pulled out a tub of sindoor from the box and took a pinch of it in his hand and adorn Khushi's maang with it. Whilst doing so he did not miss the way Khushi closed her eyes when his hand went up to her maang as if she was treasuring the moment. Treasuring because she thinks she will not get another moment like this again said a voice in his head. For that reason Arnav's heart felt a stab of pain. He was adamant to make Khushi that she would not just have one moment like this but several.


After he completed what he had wanted to he let go of Khushi's hands and walked towards the bathroom leaving behind a stunned Khushi wondering what had just happened.  Khushi did not know how to react so she did what she did best. She ran. She ran out of the room and headed straight for the kitchen to prepare a large batch of jalebi's. Soon all the Raizada's had come downstairs and sat at the breakfast table including Arnav. Khushi made her way out of the kitchen carrying the food out with her. She placed the food on the table and sat down next to Arnav. Anjali suddenly said 'Areh vah Khushiji aaj toh aap kuch zyada he sundar lagrahee hain'. 'Nahin? voh hum?' began Khushi and looked over to Arnav who had a playful smile on his face. All the Raizada's followed Khushi's gaze and realised that there must be a private joke between the couple. So Nani decided to tease them further and said 'Haa Khushi bitiya yeh kameez toh humnei apko prhle kabhi pehenteh huwe nahi dekha'. 'Voh kya hain na Nani? Yeh voh? Yeh darasal inhoneh humhain diya hain' stumbled Khushi. The Raizada's could not help but laugh at Khushi naivet and innocence. She was taken off the spot when Aryan came running down the stairs with Payal. After Aryan came down all the attention shifted to him for which Khushi was greatfull.


After breakfast Anjali announced that the Raizada women would be going to the mandir. She also asked if Khushi wanted to join them. Khushi was about to reply when she saw her Jiji bend down and seek Akaash's blessings before he left for work. Khushi had asked Anjali what that was for and Anjali explained that today was a special day where women went to the temple to pray for their husbands. They also seeked their husband's blessings on that day as your husband is meant to be God to you. (There actually is not a festival of this kind I just made it up for this FF because it is a vital part of the story so just pretend that such a festival exists). Just as Anjali was explaining to Khushi why a woman seeks her husbands blessing and the symbolize of the fact that they do it because for a woman her husband is a form of God Arnav walked down and heard the last part of the conversation.


Anjali then asked Khushi if she would like to come along for the puja. At that point Khushi and Arnav had a flashback to the time where a similar ritual was taking place which required Khushi to take Arnav  blessings. At that point Khushi had said to him 'Hum apni saar to kya apni akhein be apki leyeh iss janam main kabhi be nahin jookawongee. Ashirvad pati seh tab lejata hain jab aap apni paati ko bagvah samajateh hain. Aur bagvan toh kya hum apko shaitan beh nahin samajteh kyunki apkee samne toh shaitan ko be bagvan lagteh hain' and with that Khushi had made an excuse infront of the family of fainting just as she was about to take Arnavs blessings so that she did not have to.


They both came out of their trance as Anjali asked Khushi once again if she would like to accompany them. Arnav did not wait for her answer. He could clearly remember what she had said the last time when such a question had arose. He understood why she had said that and respected her decision. And so he walked off towards the door. Just as his foot was about to step outside the house he heard Khushi say 'sooniyeh' he turned around to find Khushi approaching him and at the same time covering her head with her dupatta. She approached him so that they were both now level .Arnav could not work out why Khushi had covered her head. But what she did next shook his insides but in a good way. She bent down and took his blessings. He was not excepting her to do that at all but he realised what she was doing and  placed his hand firmly over her head as if to say that he will always have his hand over hers firmly always and forever in life regardless of circumstances.


He knew that a woman only did this when she saw God in her husband. He remembered Khushi earlier words (from the flashback) and her actions which occurred just five seconds ago. Could this mean that her opinion of him had changed? The crazy girl now thought of him as her God? Why? He thought to himself. He was nothing special. Just a normal human being. But he must be anything and everything but that to her considering her actions. Khushi then stood back up so that she was level with Arnav. She was expecting Arnav to start shouting at her saying what rubbish or something along those lines. So she was surprised when Arnav tanked her into a hug almost as if he was in despair. And then he let go and kissed her on her forehead. He then looked her right in the eyes and said 'I love you'  and turned around walking out the door leaving an open mouthed Khushi behind whom; just stared at his retreating figure to shocked to move after what had just happened and what she had just heard.

I actually poured my heart and soul out into writing this chapter so please do like and comment. Thanks.

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amazin part..beautifully written
yeeyy me first

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palak32 IF-Dazzler

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g8. . .loved itHug. . .thanks for the PM. . .sorry for not commenting much. . .just been busy studying. . .have so many chapters to catch up on. . .ur story is the only one i  follow

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ananya123 Goldie

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Thank you for the PM.

Absolutely loved the part when he gives her the gift!

Wonderful update. Continue soon.
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Beautifully Written =) Awww, He Bought Gifts For Her <3 Day Dreaming That's SO Sweet . She Touched His Feet ?! I Just Knew It . Khushi Becomes Happy In Small Things & She Has Always Thought Arnav As Her God Even She Did Not Admit Embarrassed
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awww so cute loved the arhi moments...continue soon
zohakhan7 IF-Stunnerz

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it was such an amazing part
luved it
continue soon Embarrassed

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