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Road To Redemption Epilouge 21/02/13 (Page 45)

aafan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Please post update. Excellent writing!

LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 7:09pm | IP Logged

Hello IFers Jenna is back with a bang!!! My exams are officially over! =]. So now to pick up where I left off without further ado I bring to you Chapter 20:



Khushi had freshened up and came downstairs. She was just in time as ten seconds later Aryan had come down to eat. Khushi went to the kitchen and got him food to eat. Yet Aryan was in a bit of a funny mood. He was not eating what Khushi was giving him.


Khushi went around the whole house trying to catch Aryan to feed him but it seemed like he would not consent. Arnav was coming down the stairs and looked on as Aryan chased his mother around. Aryan ran straight into Arnav and came to a halt. 'Kya hora ha hain yaha?' Arnav asked Aryan. 'Dekiyenah Papa Mamma mujhe healthy kana kilaneh ki kooshish karahai hain aur I hate healthy khana' complained Aryan. 'Aryan kya tumhain Papa ki ghar achee lagee?' asked Arnav to which Aryan nodded his head enthusiastically. 'Agar tum chaho toh tum voh ghari leh sakti ho. Lekin agar tumnei yeh healthy khana nahin kaya toh tum kabhi strong bankar voh ghar chala nahee saktee' said Arnav.


Khushi immediately understood what Arnav meant and took the plate of food and handed it to Arnav. After that she just stood there and watched from afar as Arnav sat there talking to Aryan and feeding him at the same time.


After he finished feeding Aryan he handed her back the plate and went to clean himself up. Aryan had gone upstairs to find his Badi Ma and play with her.


Khushi went into the kitchen and finished her work in there before heading up to her room. She walked to the sight of boxes everywhere. She had not bothered to unpack her things as Anjali had told her that they would be leaving for RM the next day as they had wanted to take Khushi home as soon as possible.


So today at school Khushi had handed in her resignation letter. She left her room and wondered through the hallway with the intention of finding Payal. As she walked down the hallway she walked past Arnav's room. The door was open and she could hear him in there. She was going to walk straight past but curiosity got the better of her. And so Khushi decided to take a little peek into the room. She saw Arnav working sitting in front of his laptop with files scattered around him. He had his mobile in one talking to someone and he had his other hand on his temples massaging them.


Khushi continued to look at him for a few minutes longer. And finally she realized that she could not do it anymore. She could not stand there and watch him in any sort of pain even if that be a small little headache. She went down to the kitchen and grabbed the things that she needed. She then placed them on a tray and made her way back to his room. She knocked gently and asked in a timidly if she could come in. Arnav was so engross in his conversatino that he did acknowledge that Khushi had been the one knocking outside his room.


She walked into his room as cautiously as possible. She was scared. Her heart was racing. Her brain was screaming that she was making a mistake by showing emotions so openly. Because in the end she would be the one with the broken heart all over again. But at this point Khushi did not care. She was tried, tried of the feeling constant ache which seemed had seeked permanent residence in her house. She just needed that to dissapear for a while.


Khushi knew that this may all be over again in the blink of an eye. Ao she wanted to make the most of the time that she had with Arnav. Because well, who knew if she would get that back again?


But she managed to do it. She managed to entire his room and hand him the cup of coffee that she had made him. Arnav's hand was shaking whilst he took the cup from pure and utter shock. He could not believe that she was openly doing something like this for him without hiding it like she had been doing the last few days. Could that mean that she finally trusts me thought Arnav in his head.    


He sat there drinking the coffee and contemplating the thought. He did not say anything to Khushi form fear that if he spoke he may say something wrong and she would dissappear.


Khushi looked around the room taking in the sight of it. She noticed how messy it was. A typical mans room she thought to herself.


Khushi had to see if Arnav actually meant it when he called her his wife infront of every member of the family. And so cautiously yet surely and slowly she proceeded to clean his room. She picked up clothes thrown across the floor and started putting them away in the cupboards. But at the same time every few miuntes Khushi would peak over in Arnav's direction to see if he made a rwaction. But everytime she looked over at him she saw him sitting there with his ASR face on typing away on his laptop, pausing every once in a while to take a sip out of the coffee she had made him.


Khushi could not understand why he was not getting angry at her for touching his things. Maybe because he did mean what he said earlier said the voice in her head? Though that voice was clear she refused to acknowledge it because it would make her hope again and she could no longer do that anymore.


Hey so there was the next chapter. I know its short but I am really tired and I just finished my exams today. And to be honest I am suffering from a case of writers block from not updating for so long. But all the same do let me know what you think. But please be warned I was half asleep whilst writing this so this isnt one of my best pieces of writing.

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ananya123 Goldie

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Finally an update! Thank you so much! Loved it! :)

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Supraja.S Groupbie

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Read all the chapters in one go... It s very nice Clap
9staroneserials IF-Dazzler

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Hey...I lovd this FF...Wen r u updatign next...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Thanks for the updatesEmbarrassed

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LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 5:45pm | IP Logged

Okay so here is part 21:



Despite the fact that Khushi was shivering whilst cleaning his room from fear. She made an attempt to disguise it. She had just continued to clean Arnav's room. Waiting until Arnav lost his cool and finally told her to get out like he always had.


Arnav was shocked to see how Khushi had entered his room and not only that but she had also brought her in a coffee. Arnav had numerous question s to ask her having seen that sight in front of him. A sight which he had been waiting to see for the last three years. Her in there room like she belonged and serving him his coffee. Though others could bring him a coffee it did not taste the same as the one that Khushi made him. That was because a key ingredient would always be missing. L ove. That ingredient was love. No one could add that ingredient to his coffee. That was only something she could do.

His throat had been yearning with a deep quench for a coffee made by her for the last three years. And now that she was standing right in front of him with a coffee in hand he could not miss the chance. So when she handed the coffee to him he grabbed it from fear that she might take it away from him again. He took a sip from the coffee treasuring every last sip from fear that that maybe the last time that he gets to drink a coffee made by her.


He saw her turn once she had handed him the coffee. He thought that she would leave. But to Arnav's surprise Khushi had gone to the centre of the room and was looking around the room as if inspecting it. To his further surprise he saw Khushi bend down and pick up his strew clothes off the floor and start to place it back in his cupboard. At first he was confused and screwed up his eyes in scrutiny. But then once he saw her repeat the process numerous amounts of times he realized that she was tidying his room.  His heart jumped in ecstasy as he realized that Khushi was excersing her rights of being his wife openly.


She had gone about cleaning the room like it was her own. Rightly so as she should because because they were married they had equal rights over everthing their other half owned even bedrooms.  But what Arnav could not work out was why was Khushi shaking whilst she was tidying his clothes away. He pondered away with this thought and then he realized that she was doing  so out of fear. Because he remembered the last time back at RM when she had been cleaning his room and tidying his things away. He had approacjed her in the upmost rudest manner, snatched his clothes away from her and told her to never again commit the mistake of assuming that she has a right to touch his things. He had left her standing there after that without a care in the world that it had hurt her. Infact seeing tears in her eyes then had made him feel victorious, happy even. But now ever tear that came out of her eyes felt like a stab in the deepest corners of his heart.


He knew that she was scared that he would do the same thing to her again. So he did nothing. He sat there typing away on his laptop occasionally stopping to take a sip of coffee or to massage his oh so aching temples. He kept a poker face on the entire time. Because he wanted to show Khushi that this did not bother him. it did not bother him because it was a mundane situation to be in. Why should any man be bothered to have his wife in their bedroom with them tidy things away? he left her to it and continued to work.


Khushi on the other hand was quite shocked by the fact that Arnav was not bothered by her actions. He was sitting there doing his work as if her bbeing in his room was the most normal thing in the entire world. It was a comolete change from what had happened the last time that she had been cleaning his room at RM and she too had the exact same flashback. She once again looked back at Arnav discreetly and asked herself could this really be the same man? Treating her like he was a beast at one point and then treating her like he was her prince the next.


Khushi finished her tidying at exactly the same time as Arnav finished his work. She walked to the door at the same time as Arnav walked to his closet. When he saw her place her  hand on the door knob he said to her 'kaha ja rahee ho?' 'voh…hum…' spluttered Khushi  'apko kuch chaheyeh?' she asked. 'Yeh mera saval ka javab nahin hain Khushi' he said as he moved closer to her.  'Par haan mujhe kuch chaheyes. Mera night clothes doh. Mujhe nahim pata keh tumneh meri kis cheese kaha rakah hain' said Arnav as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


Khushi approached his cupboard and took out the clothes. She handed them to him without a word. He took the clothes from her and said 'main fresh ho kar ara ha hoon. Jab main vapas ayea to I hope Khushi ki tum yah he ho. Voh kya hai nah tumhari guest room ki bed paar raat soneh main bahuht takleef hoti hain lekin tumhareh liye karna parta hain. Toh I hope ab tum yeh samajchooki ho keh tum jaha he jawongeh main tumhari paas he honga agar voh is kamreh main ho ya koyi aur kumra' and he finished at that and left to go to the bathroom with a smirk on his face.


Khushi had been stunned by what he had just said. What was wrong with her??? Why was she starting to let those barriers that she had built around herself with some much difficulty melt with each word he spoke??? Why could she no longer keep her emotions in check like she had been doing for the last three years? Maybe because you still pretty much love him with all you have and more despite everything that's happened said a voice from deep within her.


She knew that either way she would be sleeping in his arms tonight as he had made that very clear to her. However, she decided to stay in his room. However, it was not because she wanted to for herself. She was doing it for him, because he had said that the bed in the guest bedroom gave him trouble. And she had already cause him a lot of trouble by re-entering his life once more and uprooting int. And not only that she had also come back with their child. So for that she decided not to cause him anymore trouble and to stay in his room.


She hurried back into her room and changed into her night clothes and made her way back to his room.  Just as he came out of the bathroom Khushi re-entered the room. And for a second their eyes locked in on each other. Khushi could not miss the flash of happiness that shot across his eyes when he saw her standing near the door of his room in her night clothes.  


The shrilling ringtone from Arnav's phone broke the eye lock. Arnav went to his phone which layed on the coffee table and pressed answer. Khushi had left him to answer the phone and moved into the bathroom. She was about to leave the bathroom and go to get her toiletries. But on closer inspection she realized that her toiletries were already in the bathroom. That threw her off a bit and she could find no explanation whatsoever for that.


She finished in the bathroom and went back in the room to find that Arnav was standing by the French doors still on the phone. He was massaging his head with the other hand. And from that Khushi remembered that she had brought him a balm to apply on his head and massage his head for him to ease some of the pain. She looked around the room and she found that she had left the balm on the tray. She went to the tray and picked up the balm. Just at that point Arnav finished his call. 'Kiska phone tah?' said Khushi. After she said it she realized what she had said. Arnav turned to her with a look off shock in his eyes. 'Humhain maaf kardeejyeh humhain aapko yeh poochna nahin tah. Voh humhari moo she galtee she nikhal gaya' spluttered Khushi really fast.  


At first Arnav had been shocked to hear her ask him that question so normally. But then she spluttered on about how sorry she was for asking him that question. And they both knew why that was. Arnav and Khushi both remembered the time of their six months marriage when Khushi had asked him whom he was speaking to on the phone once very casually. But Arnav had not seen it like that. He had gone mad shouting and yelling at her and saying how she dare ask him that question as if she had a right to know what he did with his life. He had shouted and rebuked her a lot that day. He had also watched as fear and hurt flashed across her eyes as well as the tears. But back then he had not cared. But he did now. Now he had to let her know that she had every right to ask him things like that and know what he was doing. And this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. 'Khushi relax. Tum itni daar kyun rahee ho? Tumhara poora huk banta hai humhain yeh saab poochneh kah. Tum itni daar kyun rahe ho? Main Aman ki saath baat karaha tah ek nayee deal ki barim main' he said. Arnav did not miss the look of horror that flashed across her face as he told her what who he had been talking to and what about. But despite this he also saw the look of relief in her eyes.


Khushi was stunned when Arnav had told her who he was talking to and what about . The last time she had done that he had gone berserk and shouted at her like there was no tomorrow. But today he had so easily opened up to her and told her. Though this would not be deemed such a big matter between every other regular couple it was for them bwcause of, well because of the fact that they were sure as hell not a regular cupole. But more than anything Khushi was getting scared now. Scared because she kept doing these small little things to make him crack and go back to being the guy he had always been to her. But it seemed that no matter how much she tried he would not. He would not treat like he had done in the past anymore. These little tests that she had put him through he was passing. And that was scaring Khushi. Scaring her because each time he passed a test she presented him with he also brought down a wall of defence she had formed around her heart. And that scared her, because it meant that it would expose her to hope and dream again. And Khushi just did not have the power to let either one of those come close to her anymore because she knew that they just left you with one thing when they left. Pain.


Having said that Arnav made his way to his side of the bed and rested his head on the head rest of the bed. Khushi taking this as her chance went and stood in front of him and started to apply the balm on his forehead. As soon as Arnav felt Khushi's hand on his forehead he opened his eyes. She tentatively removed her hands and waited patiently with her eyes closed for the yelling to begin. But ot her surprise she heard nothing. She slowly opened her eyes to find Arnav looking at her intently.  'Kya hua?' he said 'tum rok kyun gayee?' 'Voh apkieh saar mian dard tat oh humneh socha ke hum aapki saar main balm laga kar malish karhain' she stammered. 'Khushi maineh tumhain safayeh kab manga? Maineh to sirf kaha keh kya hua tum rook kyun gayee. Jo karnah hain karo. Itna daroo maat. Mian tumhain ka tori na jawoonga' he said and with that he smiled and closed his eyes again.


Khushi sat down on the bed she finished applying the balm on his head. As she was screwing the lid of the balm on and placing the balm on the bedside table Arnav took the chance to lift his head and place it on Khushi lap. Khushi at first was startled by this action. She could not understand why he was acting this way. But all she knew was that she loved the weight of his head on her lap. It was not too heavy or too light. It was snug. It was perfect. She first massaged his forehead for him and then started running her fingers through his hair. Something she had been longing to do for a very very very long time. She watched as Arnav's smile grew even wider when her hands went through his hair. She leaned back against the headboard of the bed with his head still in her lap. There she laid contently just happy to be with him. And there he laid happy and content from her touch. And before they knew it they had both fallen into a peaceful slumber content and secure in each other's hands.

Aryan looked at the clock and saw that it was 9'Oclock. Normally at this time his Mamma would come and get him to put him to bed. She was never late always promote on time. But today she was five minutes late. That's was very unlike her. Aryan was getting worried. So he asked his Badi Maa to accompany him to go and find his Mamma. They both went to Khushi's bedroom only to find it empty. Witnessing this they both got worried. But the Aryan suggested to his Badi Maa that they ask Papa where Mamma is as he would be bound to know. Anjali touched the door to knock on it and the door opened slightly as it had not been closed properly. Anjali peered in slowly and then completely opened the door and stepped inside closely followed by Aryan. What they both saw made their heart leap with happiness. They saw Arnav and Khushi both asleep. Arnav had fallen asleep on Khushi lap and Khushi was  asleep with her head resting on the headboard of the bed with her hands in Arnav's hair which she unconsciously was still stroking in her sleep. Anjali took a pillow and placed it behind Khushi head to make her more comfortable. She then took a step back and made her way back to where Aryan stood and both aunt and nephew stared at the most beautiful sight one could ever witness with happy tears glistening in their eyes. Anjali turned to Aryan and said 'Ajj Badi Maa apko solayegeh acha? Kyunki hum apki Mamma aur Papa ko disturb nahin karna chahteh. Theek hain Aryan?' asked Anjali to which Aryan smiled and nodded enthusiastically. And so both Aryan and Anjali crept out of the room with Anjali stopping to turn off the lights and close the door with a smile plastered on her face…


Hope you enjoyed. Do not forget to like and comment. I will be uploading only if I get six pages of comments or I think that is reasonable based on the number of PM's I am sending  so start commenting people =]

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Superb update thanks for the pm
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Welcome Back Nice Update. Hope Khushi Won't Leave Again.

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