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Road To Redemption Epilouge 21/02/13 (Page 4)

arhi__4ever Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
amazing update

Please continue soon...

AMAL722 Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Pls Cont. soon
sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
too good!!! please update soon
moon_mine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
bt it doesn't luk like u r from europe...ur dialogues were jst apt n perfect!!!
loved it...n pls do pm me nxt time u update!!!!!
LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Wow thank you to everyone for all the likes and comments it sure does motivate me to write moreSmile. This chapter is dedicated to padamjot whom was the first person to compliment my work and also to purplelove whom was the first person to inbox me and compliment my workHeart. I am very easily pleased and those small gestures touched meTongue. So a massive thank you to you two and also everyone else whom liked and comment on my work. HugSmile
Here goes part 2.
Both Arnav and Khushi could not sleep. They both layed in their respective places tossing and turning. Arnav could hear Khushi's whimpers as she made an attempt to cry silent tears. He could not take it anymore. The guilt that he felt was eating away at him. He had to try and put things right. So, he got up from his bed and made his way to the lounger where Khushi layed. 
He walked towards her face and got down of his knees in front of her.'Khushi tum teek ho?' asked Arnav with a concerned look on his face. Khushi who was oblivious to the fact that Arnav had been observing her for so long jumped out of the lounger and tried to discreetly wipe her tears asked him 'aap theek to hona? aap ko kuch chahiyeh kya?' 'Nahin main teek hoon. Tum roh rahi teeh'; He said it more like a statement then a question. 'Nahin hum theek hain aap sojayeh' said Khushi avoiding eye contact. 'Nahin tum theek nahi ho' Arnav said and at the same time started to move towards Khushi. Like a natursl instinct Khushi started to move back. She finally bumped into a wall and realized that she was trapped. Slowly she looked up and looked into his eyes. Khushi had avoided looking into Arnav's eye out of fear. Out of fear that she would see more hatred in his eyes and that was something that she could not take. She could not endure looking into the eyes of the man whom she loved most in the world look at her with hateful eyes. Because it just seemed to break her already broken heart that little bit more. But this time when Khushi looked into Arnav's eyes she saw something different she saw love? No she thought to herself. I will not let myself believe something stupid like that anymore. I can't let myself believe that anymore. I have already made that mistake once before.
Arnav said nothing and observed her. From the look in her eyes he could tell that she was having an inner battle against herself. He cursed himself for that. He knew that he himself was the sole reason why the girl standing before him had stopped believing in love and everything thst came with the it.
Khushi finally snapped out of her trance only to find that Arnav was still observing her. He lifted his hand and moved to wipe away her tears. He wiped one and another instantly fell. khushi moved to wipe her tears only for Arnav to stop her midway. He moved his lips forward and kissed the tear away. Khushi stood shell shocked by his show of affection. He kissed away another and another until her face was tear free. She looked around and then turned to look at him again 'Arnavji' she said cautiously with a confused look on her face 'yaha to koy bhi toh nahin hain toh aap yeh natak kyun karahain hai?'. Arnav felt a stab on the left side of his chest just where his heart was. He looked at the timid girl infront of him who literally must have used up all the courage she hd just to ask him that one question. He looked into her eyes and he saw the fear in them. He cursed himself for doing that to her. For turning her into this scared timid girl who'd literally lost the will to live. 'Khushi' Arnav began. 'Nahin Mr. Raizada iss baar hum bolenge aur aap soonhaingeh. Ab bus be kijeyeh ab hum se yeh nahin bardash hota . Aap hamare saat aisa kyun karahein hai. Humne aapka kya bighara ta jiski vajeh sei aap humhare saath aisa karahain hai?' Khushi said through tears. Arnav couldn't take her tears. His heart broke once more looking at her and seeing her pain visible in her tears. He couldn't take it anymore and so he did what he had wanted to since the night of Diwali. He moved himself closer and claimed her lips to his. At first Khushi was shocked but her emotions and her love for him got the better of her and she completely submitted herself to him both mentally and physically.
She let Arnav have total control over her. He moved his lips and kissed her all the way to her shoulder blade and back. Then he slowly moved her towards their bed where they showed their love for each other physically and became two halves of a whole. That night there where no more tears. They both slept in each others arms and had the best nights sleep they had had since their marriage.
Khushi woke up the next morning feeling warm and fuzzy inside. She felt really comfortable so comfortable that she did just wanted to lay there forever. She felt something stir underneath her causing her to jerk into an upright position. Khushi suddenly realized that she was in Arnav's bed and had spent the night sleeping in his arms. Flashbacks came to her of the night before and how she'd allowed herself to get close to him. 'Yeh tunei kya kiya Khushi' she said out aloud to herself. 'Tunei aap nei aap ko inkee kareb kaiseh janeh diya jab tui ache tarhasei jantee hai kai tui iss ghar main sirf aur sirf cheh meyneh ke liyeh hain? Hum bee is duniya kee sab se bareh baiwakoof hain. Lekin pata nahin kyun kaal raat humain aisa laga kai humnei oonki ankhon main nafrat ki bajeh pyaar dekha. Nahin nahin Khushi tunhe kaisi sooch liya kee yeh tujseh pyaar karti hain. Yaad nahin hain oonhoneh kya kaha ta yain tumseh nafrat karte hain sirf aur sirf nafrat' she said to herself and began to cry out aloud. 'Yeh oonke liye sirf ek galati hain aur humhare liye humare zindagi saabsi haseen pal. Leekin is baat par hum oonseh kuch nahin kahaingeh kyunki voh toh sab kuch bhoole hee gaye hongi. Humain to sirf voh nafrat kartain hain sirf nafrat' Khushi said again and held her hands upto her face and cried. After a while she composed herelf, released herself from his grip and made her way to the bathroom to get ready. But unbeknowns to her, Arnav had woken up ages ago and had heard the conversation that she had had with herself out aloud and it made her tears well up. He got up and out of the bed. All that kept going around in his head was the fact that khushi thought that he hated her and regretted last night. But then again he could not actually blame her. As since the beginning of their marriage he had spent every second of every single day making it clear to her how much he detested her. He ran his hands through his hair from regret. In frustartion he grabbed the glass that was on his side table and held on to it so tight that it snapped in his hands. Some shards managed to get stuck into his hand and make him bleed. Instead of yelping in pain he felt as if the pain was giving him some degree of comfort. Arnav's way of punishing himself of what he put Khushi through was by hurting himself physically. He stood there and let himself bleed.
Just at that very moment Khushi came out of the bathroom and her eyes straight away saw his hand which had blood oozing out of it. She ran straight towards him and screamed frantically 'Aap ki haath ko yeh kta huwa. Zyada dard to nahin ho raha hai nah. Dekyenah kitni khoon behraha hain. Aap please bed per betiyeh hum abhi first aid box leh atei hai'. She ran around the room looking for the first aid box and found it in Arnav's wardrobe. She ran back to him and set down the first aid box. First she took out the tweezers and removed every single piece of glass that had gotten stuck in his hand. Then she appiled an ointment over the cuts and bandaged his hand up. 'Yeh kya kiya aapneh? Aapko pata hai keh aap ko diabetes hain isliyeh agar aap ki shareel seh zyada khoon nikhal tah hain to yeh aap kilyeh bahut katarnak hosakta hain. Agar apko kuch chahiyeh tah to aap humhain kyun nahin bola sakteh?! Agar apko kuch hojata to hum kya karteh?!' Arnav could not get a word in edge ways but one thing he knew for sure was that his wife loved him more than she loved her life and that little outburst that he had witnessed a few seconds back bore witness to that fact. 'Khushi relax' he said. 'Kuch nahin howa hai baas glass tootgaya tah aur kooch nahin. Ab chalo nashta ja kar karlo main offie jara ha hoon'. 'Kya aap breakfast nahin karengeh?' 'No I'll have something at the office aap ek bahut important meeting hain' and with that Arnav left to go to work.
On his way out to work Arnav realized that Khushi never spoke to him even when spoken to. She only spoke up when he did something that harmed himself like the rain last night and the glass incident this morning. Arnav the nremembered that Khushi had not broken her fast last night and he had no way of knowing whether or not she had breakfast this morning so he decided to call up hr favourite jelebi store and ordered a months worth of jelebis for her and asked for them to be delievered to his house.
This was a start Arnav thought. He knew that simply telling her he loved her would not be enough because he had spent so long pretending to hate her and he had been so good at pretending that she actually believed he hated her. He knew that he would have to do a lot more and getting her her favourite jelabis was the starting act to his road of redemption that he would go through in order to get her to believe him.
Hey so here it is the next chapter I hope you guys enjoy it. I was gonna make it longer but then I thought no I shall leave it at that and update the next chapter tomorrow. Please buddy me for updates as it makes it easier to PM people.
 And meera30 how could I be upset my a suggestion made by you? Smile Thank you all your support honeyHeart
Hope you enjoy guys and do vote and comment

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Awesome do continue
PM me when u update next

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Hey! M frm europe (UK) aswell. Amazing... U said its ur first time but to me it was lyk u been writing for ages. Honestly it was really continue soon and do pm me :) x

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Hey that was really gud, both chapters. u r the first OS i have ever read
n i really enjoyed it. cant wait for the next chapter
plz do PM me too thanks

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