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Road To Redemption Epilouge 21/02/13 (Page 37)

ananya123 Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Absolutely beautiful.. Can't wait to read more. please continue soon :)

zaniax IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 9:12pm | IP Logged sweet. i hope trust builds up in their relationship soon.
ananya123 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Beautiful. This is my favorite FF!

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anime_gal Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged
lvd de father-son rltn...!! say..itz nt crap..itz de tatto scene ..Wink...nd yea update sooon...

nd..yea last bt not de least...taaanq for de pm..
007jindal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 4:46am | IP Logged
awww fantastic
read whole in one go
loved to core
plzz add me in ur pm listt
arshisangel Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
bless u and thnk u for updating even when u had a exam...nywayz dis part was amazing...loved d silent interaction between arshi...thx for d pm and gud luck for ur exam :)

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nupsiii Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:59am | IP Logged
that was so beautifulllyy written..i love ur ff :) i almost cried... plz pm..
sorry couldnt comment or like from few days  cos i had xams..but i did go back and like all the posts..:))
plz pm me :)

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LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 9:13am | IP Logged

So it's beautiful day in London for a change. I have the windows open and the sun is seeping in. I have on old bollywood tunes and am ready to go. So here is Chapter 19 Tongue

This chapterdedicated to yashi_arnav for being one of the most sweetest people I know.Heart

So here is chapter 19:

The night went and the morning came. Khushi and Arnav woke up at exactly the same time. But neither said anything as they were both scared to mak the first move. Boldy Khushi decided to wake up without realizing that Arnav was pretending to sleep. She got up slowly and stared at his sleeping form. His hair was slightly disheveled from sleeping and some of it was covering his face. So, she very shyly put her hand forward and moved the hair away from his eyes. Her hand lingered on his face for a few seconds more.



She then remembered that he had gotten a tattoo with her name on it. She did not much about tattoo's as she had never herself gotten one. But from what she did know she knew that they hurt a lot. She slowly move her hand from his face and placedit on his heart and onto of the tattoo. She then leaned forward and kissed the spot on which the tattoo lied. Pata nahi kyun Arnavji. Jab hum aapki bahoo main hoti hain humhari dil ka dhard ek daam seh gayab ho jata hain. Said Khushi out aloud.



Arnav heard what Khushi had said and inside his heart was doing somersaults due to exstasy. Because she still loved him! Yes this morning she had woken up in his arms and she hadn't jumped out of them like she usually did. She had stayed in his arms. And now he knew why. Because she liked being in his arms. He did nothing just plastered a smile on his face as he heard Khushi slowly get out of bed and go into the bathroom. He got up with a smile on his face as a result of what he had just heard and quickly went to the other bedroom to have a quick shower.



He had been really quick as he had wanted to be back in the same room as Khushi before she got out of the shower. Luck was on his side because when he entered the room again Khushi had just come out of the bathroom. Arnav saw his suit hanging ready in the room just as he had instructed HP it should be.



Khushi stood near the bathroom door as Arnav took the suit and began to get dressed. She stood there amazed. This is a first se thought. He had always changed in the bathroom. Never in front of her. But as he took of his t-shirt and put on his shirt she saw the tattoo again. She walked closer to him and said timidly 'sunyeh'. Khushi was still quite aprehensive to talk to him. She had been feeling quite shy to go near him since the day she confessed to him indirectly that she was pretty much truly, madly and irrevocably in love with him. 'What'? asked Arnav in a gentle tone. 'Yeh kys hain?' she asked him and pointed to the tattoo. 'Kya' he smirked even though he knew exactly what she was talking about. 'yeh' she said again and pointed to the tattoo. 'Oh yeh' said Arnav and smiled at her. 'Yeh tumhara naam hain. Dekhayee nahi dera kya'? 'Humahin dekayee deraha hain lekin yeh apne kyun kiya?' asked Khushi. Arnav just looked into her eyes and let her continue. 'Humhari paroski dosti hain joh America sai ayatah aur oski paas be ek tattoo tah. or humhain yaad hain ki osnei kaha tah ki bahut dard hota hain jab aap yeh karti hain. Apni kyun kiya esah?' asked Khushi.



Looking at Khushi's frantic face Arnav realised that Khushi was angry at him for getting the tattoo. She was concerened that the tattoo had hurt him. Arnav just looked at Khushi and love for her overwhelmedhs heart. How could it be that even after all that had happened she was so concerened with his well being. He just looked at her in pure adoration. But he knew that he wasn't going to lie to her. He was going to tell her the truth from now on. And he would start this by telling her the real reason behind the tattoo as if it was not obvious enough already.

'Pata hain Khushi jab tum meri zindagi seh chaligayeh ti toh humhari kano main sirf ek awaaz tah ur voh ta tumhari ronki awaaz. Jab main raat ko apni ankhein baan karti ti to hamesha tumhari mayoos chehra meri ankhon ki samni hoti ti. Aur osska guilt mujhe soni nahin deti. Dil main ek dard sa ta joh kabhi hata nahi teh. Bahut koshish ki, ki tumhain main bool jaoo lekin dil neh bolnei nahi diya. Lekin tumhari jani keh baad mujhe pata chala ki meri dil sirf tumhari hain. Isileyeh ekdin maineh fesla kiya tah ki jo naam meri dil ki andar hain voh naam main apni dil bahar likhoongah takipoori duniya jan sakti hain ki meri dil main sirf aur sirf tum ho. Toh maini ja kar yeh tattoo banayee. Pata nahin lekin kyun jaab voh tattoo banarahee teeh to jo dard hora ha ta voh dard acha laga tah kyunki ek paal kiley laga ki jo dard tumhain maisoos hota oon cheh mehni main voh dard meri paas agaya tah' said Arnav.



Khushi had just stood their with tears in her eyes listening to him. And the thing that scared her the most was that whilst he was telling her all this, he had been looking her right in the eyes. And what she saw in his eyes was that he was speaking the truth. And that scared her to the very core because it was making her fall in love with him all over again just like she had before when her jiji was getting married. She loved him more than she loved her life, but she was not in love with him. To love someone and be in love with someone were to completely different things. To be in love with someone was more scary as it meant that they had power over you, they had power to hurt you. Khushi had already had her heart broken so many times that she di not think that she had the strength to give him that power again. She kept saying this to herself even though deep down she knew that she had given him that power ages ago long before she had married him.



She was just about to open her mouth to say something when she heard a knock on the door and Anjali entered. 'Chote, Khushiji aap dono tayar hogayeh. Neecheh ajayeh ab breakfast ki liyeh Aryan kabhiseh aap donoki raha dek raha hain' said Anjali and took Khushi's hand leading her downstairs with Arnav following her.



When they got downstairs Aryan ran to his dad and gave him a big hug. Papa, Chachi nai kaha hain ki aaj aap humhain school lekeh jayengeh aap ki ghari main. Kya yeh sach hain Papa?' asked Aryan with big questioning eyes. 'Haan agar tum chaho toh ofcourse' said Arnav and smiled at Aryan. Aryan then went to Khushi who was standing next to Arnav watching the encounter between father and son. 'Mama sona Papa aaj humhain school lejayengeh' said Aryan glowing from happiness. 'Ha bacha hum nei sona aab ap jaldi akar kalejeh varna aap late hojayengeh' said Khushi as she led her son to the table. She was about to make Aryan sit next to her when Aryan ran to go and sit next to Anjali. 'Chachi' he said and kissed her on the cheek. 'Main aap keh paas agaya' and with that he hugged her and sat in her lap. 'Kya aap humahin kilayengeh?' he asked 'Haan kyun nahi?' smiled Anjali and began to feed Aryan happily.

Khushi watched Anjali as she fed Aryan. She couldn't help the stab of guilt that she felt whilst she watched them together. Because to some extent she felt as if it was her fault that Anjali's happily married life had been ruined. She still held her self accountable for Anjali's miscarriage. She was happy that to some extent that in a way Anjali had got a child to now focus her attention. Khushi had no problem sharing her little boy with Anjali. Because it somehow managed to reduce the guilt that she held inside her.



Khushi looked at the aunt and nephew duo and smiled. Arnav had been observing her as she had been looking at his sister and son interacting. From the look in her eyey he knew that she felt guilty about what had happened to his sister. He could not help but feel guilty about her guilt becasue he knew that it was his fault she felt guilty. After all he had spent most of their marriage making her feel like a homewrecker.



He saw Khushi had one hand placed on her lap under the table. He polaced his hand over her's on her lap gently and then squeezed it lightly in a supportive manner. She looked up at him and saw that he had been looking at her quite intently. He leaned foward and in her ears whispered 'Khushi tum theek ho?' Khushi was quite surprised that he knew that she was upset. Because that was a question that he asked her when something was up. 'Jee' she said. Even though she had said that Arnav knew that she was not okay. So he kept hold of her hand as a way to let her know that he was there for her.



Then Khushi looked up to see that Anjali was had given Aryan jelebi's to eat. And that was when Khushi jumped up and went to Aryan. 'Aryan aap ko pata hain keh aapko meetakaneh sei mana hain to aap Chachi ko yeh batatyeh kyun nahee?' said Khushi. 'Sorry Mama ' said Aryan sheepishly 'voh humhain sirf tori kana tah please Mama?' pleaded Aryan. 'Nahin' said Khushi sternly. 'Areh Khushiji agar Aryan itneh kehraha hain toh tora kaneh dejyehnah' said Anjali. 'Nahin Di eseh diabetes hain. Esileyeh yeh meeta nahin ka sakta' said Khushi.

The rest of the family had just bursted out laughing at how alike Arnav and Aryan were literally! They even had the same illnesses! And on that note, Anjali bent down and leveled with Aryan. 'Acha toh aap apni chachi ko oloo banrahain teh hain nah?' said Anjali smiling. 'Sorry chachi' said Aryan holding his ears as a means to apologize.



'Chachi. Kya main aap sei kuch pooch sakti hoon?' said Aryan. 'Haa kyun nahin?' smiled Anjali. 'Kya hum aapko Badi Maa bol sakteh hain?' said Aryan. 'Anjali said nothing at first because sh had tears in her eyes, she then pulled Aryan into a hug and said 'haan aap humhain Badi maa bola saktei hain'. Khushi watched with tears in her eyes. Tears of happiness at the fact that her Di had in some way been given back the child that she had so tragically lost.

'Acha ab aap tayar ho jayeh varna aap school kileyeh late ho jayengeh' said Anjali smiling. Payal took Aryan to get ready whilst Khushi stayed back to talk to Anjali. Unbeknowns to them Arnav was standing in the hallway and could hear everything that they were talking about. 'Anjali Di aap humhain please maaf keejyeh. Humhari vajesai apki khushal zindagi tootgaya' said Khushi. 'Yeh aap kya kehrahi hain Khushiji. Voh saab aap ki galati nahin thee voh sab toh humhari kismat main tah' said Anjali. 'Di aab toh apko Aryan milgayah hain nah? Voh gitna mera beta hain ootna aapki he hain samjhe aap?' said Khushi. 'Ek aur baat Di aap peri sei shaadhi kyun nahin kardeti?' asked Khushi. 'Naniji ne  humhain kaha keh aapkiley bahut rishteh ayeh teh lekin aapneh saar ko na kiya. Kyun Di?' asked Khushi. 'Kyunki Khushiji hum main voh takat nahin hain phir sei apni dil ko kissi ki paas dekar phir oss tootneh deh' said Anjali. 'Di, aap ki voh shaadi ek asal shaadhi nahin teeh, oosmain sirf ek tarfa pyaar tah. Aur oostar ki shaadhi main kitna dhard hota hain yeh mujhse behtar is duniya main or koy nahin janta. Lekin aap main aur hum main ek fark hain. Humhari zindagi main jo insaan tah onhei hum bool nahi saktteh kyunki humhari paas onki parchayi Aryan tah. Lekin aap ki paas voh nahin hain. Kyunki DM chahteti teh keh aap apni zindagi phir seh jeyeh. Toh app please meri baat ki bari ek baar sochiyeh please' said Khushi. 'Kis miti seh bani ho tum Khushi tumhari satt itna saab kuch hua phir bi tum dosro ki liye itna saab kuch kartai hoon' said a astounded Anjali. 'Aap ko gher nahin hain Di app humhari Didi hain, aur hum apni Didi ko eseh nahin deek sakteh to please Di' asked Khushi. 'Acha hum sooch tehain Khushihi' said Anjali and gave her a hug.




After that Khushi walked away and Arnav stood and heard his sister say. 'Kitni ajeeb baat hain nah Khushiji aap khood pyaar main ab nahin vishwas karti lekin apni aspaas ki logo ko pyaar main si vishwaas nahin otnei deti' said Anjali as she made her way upstairs.




Arnav just stood there glued to the spot. Khushi still loved his family like his own. How could he have accused this girl of trying to ruin his sister's life when she was the one who was trying to bring colours back into his sister's colourless life. But one thing that she had said hurt him. She had said that she knew better that anyone in the world what it felt like to be married to a person that did not love you back. In that case he knew that he had to show her otherwise. He would have to show her that she was not married to a person who did not love her back. She was in fact married to a person whom would happily lay down his life for her happiness.



Just at that point Arnav saw Khushi and Payal walk down with Aryan. Payal said bye to them both and went to the kitchen. Khushi and Aryan made their way to Arnav and they all set off for Aryan's school.



Once they got to the school all the students and parents stared in awe as Arnav's white SUV pulled up into the school's car park. Everyone stared nosely wondering who would be coming out of such a luxurious car. To say that they were shocked when Khushi and Aryan emerged from the car would be an understatement. Everyone was astounded. But what shocked them even more was when they saw Arnav emerge from the car as well. And when Aryan ran up to Arnav calling him Papa and giving him a hug before running into the school practically made all the nosey 'aunties' mouths drop to the floor.




An old 'aunty' approached and asked her whom Arnav was staring Arnav up and down. 'Voh' said Khushi. 'Main ooska pati hoon' said Arnav. 'Kyun aap ko koyi problem hain kya?' 'Nahin beta . voh'' stammered the aunty from being put on the spot 'hum toh bus poochrahain the kyunki Khushi ki pati ko humnai itni dino sai nahin dekha na isiliyeh' said the Aunty. 'Aab to apni dekhliya toh ab theek hain kya' said Arnav in his ASR voice. 'haan haan beta' said the old aunty quickly and walking off.




'Main tumhain lineh awoonga school katam jaab hota hain. Isiee jageh peh meri intsazar karnaAryan ke saath samje?' said Arnav. 'Jee' she said. She was just about to walk off when she felt Arnav pull her back. He then came forward and in front of the crowd that had formed around them kissed her on her forehead and then left.




Khushi could hear the whispers that were going around about her. But she ignored it like she had for the last three years and went into the school.



Just as he had promised Arnav was waiting for Khushi at the same spot that he had dropped them off. Aryan as soon as he saw Arnav left Khushi's hand and ran to Arnav and gave him a hug. Arnav  gave him a hug and helped him into the car and then he went opened the door for Khushi and she stepped into the car and took a seat.



As they set off Arnav asked Aryan how his day at school was. Aryan very excitedly told Arnav about how jealous all his friends had that his dad had an even better car than all their dads. Arnav was happy to hear this and he was even more happy when he discreetly looked at Khushi through the review mirror to see that she was smiling listening to Aryan go on and on about how his Dad was the best. But what they did not know that whilst Aryan and Khushi had been at school and Arnav had gone to the Shimla office the rest of the family had made a decision about their futures.



When they entered the house Khushi could sense something was up just by the atmosphere in the room. Then her fear was confirmed when she saw everyone sitting around the living room. Nani called them all and beckoned for them to join them in the living room. Mami came up to Aryan and took him upstairs to help him freshen up before he came down to eat.



Khushi and Arnav entered the living room. Just at that point Arnav got a phone call and could not get any reception in his phone. So he went and stood by the living room entrance which was on the opposite side to where everyone was sitting. After he finished with the phone call he decided to stand there and listen to what was going on.



'Titaliyah humneh kuch socha hain. Kal hum saab ghar vapas jara ha hain. Hum chahtei hain ki tum aur Aryan humhari saath Laxmi Nagar challo' said Buaji. 'Yeh aap kya kehra hei hain' said Khushi shocked. 'Hum aap ki saath nahi jayengeh Buaji. Humhari ghar to humhari sasural hain nah? Yeh seek humhain aapni he diya ta toh aab aap yeh kaisi keh sakti hain?' said Khushi getting worked up. 'Sanka Devi is ghar ki tumhari saath bahut bora hua hain hum nahin chahti keh tum aur Aryan yaha aur rahain isiliyeh tum ghar chalrahee ho samje' said Buaji in a stern voice.  'Nahin Buaji' Khushi said with tears streaming down her face. 'Ek baar hum hamari zindagi se jhooda hogayeh phir si agar aap humhain humhari zindagi sei jada kiya to hum maar jayengeh Buaji' said Khushi looking frantically around for Arnav. And as soon as she found him standing in the opposite side of the room she ran, she ran as fast as she could towards the man whom had slowly, stealthy yet holistically became her life. She ran for dear life and threw herself in his arms with tears still streaming down her face. 'Hum hain nahin jana hain Buaji. Hum hain humhari zindagi ko chorkar nahin jana' said Khushi tightening her grip on Arnav even more in the fear that they would yank her life away from her. As soon as Khushi's grip on Arnav tightened he realized that the 'life' she kept mentioning was him. She was telling her family not to take her away from because she would die if they did. His heart did a somersault when he realized that. He wrapped his hand around Khushi's waist with one hand and with the other he lifted her face up, looked her in the eyes and said 'tumhain kya chaheeyeh Khushi?' Khushi did not have to say anything the way she simply clutched onto Arnav even harder and rested her head on his chest gave him the answer to his question without any words.



He the minute that her head hit his chest that she had made her decision. He looked up at everyone who were staring intently at the couple in front of them. Arnav went into ASR and said 'Yeh Arnav Singh Raizada ki patni hai aur yeh oski pesla kar chooki hain. Ab kya kissi ki himat hain  Arnav Singh Raizada ki patni ko challenge karni ki?' asked Arnav in his ASR.



Everyone by now had tears in their eyes. Because their plan had worked. They knew that, that only way to make Khushi admit that she wanted to go back to Shantivan. 'Areh Titilya' said Buaji approaching Khushi who was still held in an iron embrace by Arnav. 'Yahin toh hum chatei thei ki tum aapni kood ki moo she bolo ki tum Shantivan vapas jana chahtei theh. Tum hain kya kagta hain ke hum nahin janti the ki yehi tumhari fesla hoga?. Areh Titilya tumhari ankhe main tumhari dil dekta hain. Aur tumhari ankhon main sirf Arnav Babua ki chehra hain. Jaw vapas Shantivan main kaal. Apni ghaar main' said Buaji with happy tears in her eyes.



And with that all the members of the family left the living room one by one leaving Arnav and Khushi in their embrace. Arnav could not believe that Khushi had voluntarily chosen to go home with him. And what's more was that Khushi had referred to his home as her home. Even after all she had to witness in that house she still considered it to be her home.  He let his grip on Khushi loosen. 'Daro mat Khushi main hoon na. Tumhari marzi ki kilaf koyi kuch nahin kar sakta. After all tum Arnav Singh Raizada ki patni jo tehri' he said. 'Abb tum fresh ho kar ajawo. Aryan kabhi bhi aaskta hain oska kani kiliyeh' and with that Arnav left to go and freshen up.


In the span of a few minutes Arnav had referred to Khushi as his wife more times than one. Khuhsi had a flashback to the day of their wedding. The day on which he told her that they were only going to be a happily married for the outside world. If that was the case then how comes a few minutes when he had referred to her as his wife did she feel like he actually meant it when he called that? Why was it that when she ran to him the minute he wrapped his arms around her did she feel so safe and secure. And how was he able to understand what she wanted by one little action she made, without the help of words? She had no answer to any of those questions. All that she knew was that the minute Buaji had told her that it she had to go home with them she felt as if a piece of her had been ripped away at the thought of being separated from him again'.



She did not know anything at that moment all that she could think of was that the man whom for most of their marriage made it obviously clear that she meant nothing to him had just a few minutes ago fought for her infront of their whole family. And not only that he had referred to her as his patni and given her the right that she had deserved from the day that he had forcefully married her. And right now that was all she needed. That again showed her that he had really changed as in the past he would have never stuck up for her like that. And right now that was enough for her she thought. And so she went upstairs with a smile on her face as she went to freshen up before Aryan came down.  



It took me four and a half hours to do this so please do like and comment. And as this is a long update there maybe no update next week. My updates will be less frequent as my A-levels officially start from the 31st of this months. So most of my time will be pent revising. But please do like and comment. And the longer the comment the better TongueTongueTongue



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