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Road To Redemption Epilouge 21/02/13 (Page 26)

punjabi0926 Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
OMG...  I just kept reading, reading and reading...  I just read all your parts!  Loved It!!!   Can u please add me to your PM list.  Cant wait to read more chapters!

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LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
Okay I am in a good mood today cos I had no homework to do for the first time in like forever so it means I can aqueeze this update in Tongue. Oh an one more thing please add me as a Buddy if you guys want fast PM's as it makes life a lot easier but do note I do not accept Buddy requests unless I have seen a person like/comment and do comment and let me know if you want a PM as I only send them to people that request for them Tongue.
And here we go to Chapter 16.
The next morning Khushi woke up and she couldn't work out why she felt so peaceful. She couldn't work out why the gnawing pain in her heart seemed to have vanished. She could not understand why she was feeling so complete.
She gently opened her eyes and saw that the sun was gently rising. She felt something stir beneath her and she jumped out of her bed from the shock. But that shock wasn't the woest shock she ould. The bigger one came when she looked down and found that she had been asleep in Arnav's arms. She let out a scream from the shoc causing Arnav to become wide awake and sit up in the bed. 'Kya hua Khushi?' he asked groggily still half asleep. 'Aap yaha kya karaha hain? Yeh to aapka kara nahin hain' she said still shocked.
Arnav did not make an attempt to say anything he simply got out of the bed and walked towards her. Instinctively Khushi started to take a step back with ever step he took towards her. He could see the confusion in her eyes when at having woken up in his arms.
And now it's time he thought to himself. It's time to become ASR and become tactical. In the past transforming from Arnav to ASR was done only as a means to scare Khushi. But now, now the only reason he had to turn into ASR in front of Khushi was to become tactical and authoratative because Arnav knew that his ASR voice would be the only one that she would listen to.
Yes he was still the old ASR to the rest of the outside world but that outside world did not include Khushi. Khushi was not a part of his world, she ws much more than that. She was his life. He woul never become that ASR to her again. But right now he would have to become ASR to get his point across to her.
He looked and saw that Khushi was now backed against a wall and could not escape. Arnav took both his arms and pinned them on either side of her. 'Tumhara naam kya hain Khushi?' he asked with a playful smirk on his face. 'Kya? Aap humhain yeh kya pooch rehai hain? Aap humhara naam janti hain. Humhara naam Khushi hai' relplied Khushi exasperated. 'Tumhara pora naam kya hain' asked Arnav rephrasing the question for her. 'Humhari naam Khushi Kumari Gupta hain' she said. 'Acha toh phir tumhara beti ko ek different naam kyun hai? Ooska naam be Kumari Gupta kyun nahi hain?' asked a bemused Arnav. 'Voh kyunki...' Khushi stuttered 'Kyunki humhari naam be yeh hain' she finally said. 'Oh I see' said Arnav 'aur yeh saab tum kisi naam sei penti ho?' he asked pointing to her mangalsutra and her sindoor. 'Voh'... Khushi could not finish her sentence. Because she knew that if she told him that it was in his name then it would as if she was admitting her love for him unofficially, because what other idiot would wear those things in the name of a man whom did not even care about her let alone love her. 'Kisi ki naam sei be nahi' said Khushi. Yet even though she said that both Arnav and Khushi could hear the hesitation in that sentence. They both knew how much of a le that was. 'Okay then' said Arnav 'agar yeh saab kisi ki naam seh nahin hai to you woun't mind if it I erase this sindoor and remove the mangalsutra then will you?' asked Arnav as he moved his hand to wipe away the sindoor from Khushi maang.
And at that instance Khushi snappped. She reached for his hand and stopped him mid-way. And at the same time she got a flashback to the time he had forced her to marry him. She had a flashback to the time when they were at the temple and he practically forced the sindoor on to her maang and thrusted the mangalsutra around her kneck. Back then the mangulstra felt as it weighed a ton around her neck. But the more time she spent with Arnav, the more she fell in love with him. And the more she fell in love with him the more weightless the mangalsutra became until it became a part of her.
And now here he was trying to remove something that had become a part of her. Khushi knew that she could not let him take her mangalsutra away or remove her sindoor from her maang. She would die befoe she let anyone do that whilst her husband was still hail, hearty and alive. And so she let Arnav have it. 'Aap apni aap ko samajhe tei kya hain? Aap yeh kya karneiki koshish karehai hain. Apko pata hain ki sindoor ek shaadi shoda orot ki maang sei metani matlab kya hota hain? Aap such main jana chahtei hain ke yeh mangalsutra and sindoor hum kyun pehenti hain? Kyunki is mangalsutra aur sindoor main hum humari jahan dekti hain, humhari rab dekti hain, humhari har ek dua dekti hain, humhari lab dekti hain, humhari zubaan dekti hain humari raah, makaam
aur rehnumaa dekti hain. Yeh toh aapki liyeh sirf ek gehna han lekin humhari liyeh is main humara pyaar nazar ayeigah. Aap kiliyeh toh yeh to sirf ek zevar hain lekin iss ek lauti zevar main aur sindoor main mera pora jaha hain sumje aap Mr. Raizada. Me maar jawoongi lekin yeh sindoor ko humhari maang seh aur yeh mangalsutra humhari galehsi kabhi nahin nekalongi sumjhe aap?!' she practically shouted at him.
After she had finished her little monolouge she realizes that she had just admitted that she loved him. But Khushi was tired, she was tired of pretending to him that she did not love him. Right now she did not care if he found that she was irrevocably in love with him, because she was. And she had not made a mistake so why should she be punished like she had made a massive mistake and remove her sindoor and her mangalsutra? Her heart belong to Arnav and she also belonged only to him and so she had worn these items to remind theworld that though they may not be together pyshically, mentally her heart would be joint together with his always...
Arnav did nothing. Because he had gotten what he wanted. His answers. But now there was only one question that he wanted an answer to. He had to know the answer to that question. But first he removed his hand that was holding her captive and then pulled out his other hand from Khushi's grasp then he gently held Khushi wrists and pulled her in closer to him. He stood still and just stared at her tear stained face. If she was that possisive over just a chain and some vermillion he wondered how defensive she was over him. He did not even have to wonder that to a great extent as he already partially knew the answer to that.
Arnav had a flashback to the time when he had become ill and Khushi had stayed awake the whole night to keep an eye on him because she was that concerned, and now just a few seconds ago  she practically looked ready to kill him the minute he tried to remmove her sindoor.
How did I get so lucky Arnav wondered to himself? that I found a angel in disguise of a human being? How could I have been so stupid and not have realized that the first time I saw her when she fell into my arms at the fashion show in Lucknow?
But there was no time to answe that. He needed the answer to that one question of his that had been playing on his mind for the last three years. 
He looked back at Khushi's tear stained face and removed one of his hands from her wrist and place his finger underneath her chin and looked made her look straight at him. And when their eyes met he held her gaze and at the same time he asked her the question which had been haunting him for so long. 'Tum mujhe kyu itna pyaar  karti ho Khushi. Tum mujhe itna pyaar kaisi karti ho Khushi after everything that I did to you?'...
Arnav did nothing after that he just watched countless emotions run through his Khushi's face as he waited patiently for the answer to the question that had haunted him non stop for the last three years...
Hey so here was Chapter 16. I finished this chapter at 12am again so I am half asleep so that's why its such a crap chapter but please do like and comment still . Oh and before I forget thank you to everyone whom wished me luck with exams.Tongue

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PepsiGirl101 IF-Rockerz

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that was fantastic! i love how defensive she got! beautiful update it was truly brilliant!LOL
kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
wow just beautiful can a person love someone to that was just absolutly the moment i cant write a long comment because there is no words that can justifuy this chapter dear...u r an amazing writer...thnx 4da pm dear...

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purplelove Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Loved how the upset Khushi spoke from her heart. Know we all wait for her answer. Clap
-zozo- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
AWESOME update! cant wait for more!
princess84 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
awesome and good luck with ur exams sweety :)

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sooryalekshmi IF-Dazzler

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