Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

||TheV-DayPerformanceAnalysis-By Hiba-Revisited ||

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

Hella guys!!! 

Well, I saw how dead this forum was, so thought to create a stir by sharing the-


Analysis of Prem Heer V-Day Performance

Written by - Hiba.


Copyright - Hiba

 Note : I have NOT written any of this. This had been solely written by HIBA and she is the one who should get all the credit. 

I have not included the caps, as I am unable to upload them. So sorry. You all will have to imagine it. But I don't think it would be a problem. 


I was feeling a bit sad, so thought to read this and felt that I should share it with you all.

So, PHrool...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

And the Magic Continues……

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Hello my phorum phals!   How are you all doing? Well its been quite long time since I last made a topic heer so its definitely good to be back!! 

The performance was much much beyond what I had expected from the show… it had impressed me to no bounds when SBS had shown their rehearsals but the surprises that were in store for me in the name of Bin Tere shook me like anything.. I was actually rewinding the scenes to believe that they are actually doing all these steps.. but but.. like the show saved the best for the last.. I myself would start at the beginning and then move towards the part which had indeed been a very phroolworthy surprise element of that evening… the songs and theme that they were given was an excellent choice for Harshiti because for me they have been the masters of passion and angst in love and it couldn't have been any better… so here goes nothing ..

Red… the color of love and passion, anger and hurt, pain and angst misted the floor, the skies, speaking more then any words could of what had happened here… they spoke of love that had been estranged so painfully… the lovers torn apart by the fates of nature cruelly… mercilessly. Their hearts had bled but no mercy had been granted… they spoke of the pain that had enveloped them tearing the soul apart… Additi raised her head from the ground, her face contorted in pain, hurt and defeat as she looked on telling her tale of love, of pain, of separation her hand on her heart as she walked forward a lost glazed look in her eyes… and I was caught. She spun around and collapsed on the floor, her knees thudding painfully against the hard floor her hands held out in silent plea and I winced inwardly thinking how much that fall must have hurt her because she had not braced herself… the red mist lifted only to be replaced by the hues of yellow and orange showcasing the fire that still burnt in her wretched, broken heart despite the fact that her love had been taken away from her. It told me that the fire that had lit her heart, her very soul when her eyes had found his, would never die out… It would burn like her heart and her soul had been burning each day since the moment he had left. She was dragged away by fate that told her to forget him and let him go as he was not hers to claim but she broke apart pushing away at the barriers telling the world loud and clear that she was his to claim and he to her. it was for him she had been born and it was for him that she would die… there was no other way about it. 

I have always loved the way Additi has expressed pain through her eyes and expressions rather then words and even today this amazing girl portrayed her feelings so so beautifully that for one moment it felt like to me that she had been there… 

She went away and Harshad entered his eyes lit with the same fire that I had seen burning away fiercely in his love's eyes his face mirroring the pain and hurt I had seen earlier. Flames shot in the air and he sang his tale… his moves exceptionally fluid and smooth… I winced once again as his knees thudded against the ground, his eyes pained… here I will include that I found him extremely hot in his steps.. Especially the faraway capture of his hand in the air and the fire rising in the air.. made me wonder that is this the fire that leapt in his heart when he met her? 

The song stopped and then I saw Additi descending the stairs, her steps slow and cautious at first but as she stepped on the floor, they became long and sure as if she was almost desperate to reach him, to touch him, to make sure that he was really there…Harshad saw her coming towards him and he walked forward, his steps filled with a sense of daze and slow caution that was that really her who was coming to him? They neared each other still trying to believe but then brushed it away thinking of the other as a figment of their imagination as reality crashed in that they would never be together… a voice crooned in the BG speaking the pain in their hearts how difficult it had been to live without one's soul… they walked away their heads hung in defeat and then turned wishing that the other would still be there and when their eyes met again they realized that it was real, that they were actually there. They ran back and Additi came up against his chest, what made me catch my breath was the way his eyes caressed her form, his hands moving down the length of her arms lighting little strokes of fire in their wake only to clasp her hands tightly in his and swing her towards him lifting her in his arms with perfect ease, his hand splaying over her stomach, her hand coming to rest over his hand while her other hand sank in his hair.. He put her down and she moved sideways and a naughty thought popped in my mind (I can be naughty here after writing such boring stuff no?  have u all dozed off to sleep yet? Wakey wakey ppl  ) and I thought where are Harshad's hands? Seriously, they were not on her waist and neither was he holding her hands.. and neither were they at his sides… more thinking led me to the SBS final rehearsals and I realized that he was tapping away merrily on her bare back  … what kinda step is that?  ahem okay well must be some step that Remo invented and Harshad was er happy to oblige paying with his fingers on her bare back  … don't believe me? See the SBS  .. He was moving his fingertips very gently and romantically on her back  she swirled forward, him following suit and the moment where I would say that I forgot how to breathe, and my poor Harshiti diseased heart suffered a heart attack was not the moment Harshad trialed his fingers oh so sensually up her arm, his fingers skimming up her bare skin their touch so seductive so loving and across her shoulder only to hold her neck with his fingers and move her backwards… no it was the soul that was sucked out of Additi's body as soon as his fingers trialed up her arm, the way her body squeezed in itself and leaned back into his fingers like body without soul loosing herself in those deep pools of black eyes offering everything she had to him, a sudden vulnerability on her face, her breathing deep and labored as he gazed back tilting his face ever so slightly as if to absorb every nuance of her face worshipping her their hot breaths mixing making the air crackle with electrifying chemistry, their lips mere centimeters apart.. as if craving to close that small distance…   

They parted again and Harshad pulled her hard into his arms once again as if not wanting to let her go at all and she crashed against his chest… was it me only or did u all too notice how her breathing got labored once again, each breath seeming too difficult to take in, her parted lips (goes in cardiac arrest.. AIR.. I need air!!) and Harshad catching his breath as she came up against him his hand grabbing hers tightly, his nose into her hair as if was absorbing her very essence, her very scent the lyrics favoring him in not syncing anything except for a long croon of tanha haiii? If there had been anymore lyrics would he have forgotten to mouth them since his nose was buried in her hair?  again dont believe me? Watch SBS *ebil muh*  

The step changed and Additi moved away only to be taken into his arms and lifted on his shoulder… he picked her up with such finesse yar I was literally in awe of this guy *DD*.. Harshaadd    
Another forgetting how to breath moment came when he put her down and trialed his fingers right from her right shoulder to the left, and then across the entire length of her arm, his palm framing her arm and then moving onto hold her hand in his *sigh HAandooh*  
Additi ran her hand down his face, her fingers touching his lips and he closed his eyes living in the dream but then she broke away…(her fingers grazed his lips  ) her hand left his and she ran away and he opened his eyes realizing that she had gone… I loved the way Harshad portrayed his anger.. he was literally shaking with the sheer force of it, his eyes alive with white hot anger and I loved the concept of the dark fate binding him in its web and not letting him go to her and how he finally broke away from the chains to go to her..
The tere bin performance was Harshad's story through and through and coming to Bin tere.. it involved more of Additi's love and the bond they shared… I loved the concept of shadow dance although I didn't like the technical fault in the lighting area because it made Additi's image look slightly bigger then Harshad's but I guess these small things can be brushed away because I have been told that the kind of performances other couple's gave.. Harshiti's performance was flawless… BUT but .. i loved the shadow Haaandooh they shared through that screen.. it was like as if she was HIS shadow  their hands were in such perfec sync.. looking beauiphul like they always did  

I adored the desperate run he made for her and the way she ran down the stairs and threw herself into his arms grasping his shoulders tightly, her face lighting up with such a sweet beautiful smile of sheer happiness *DD* (that was Additi's smile through n through btw coz I know the difference between her's and Heer's smiles lol) haven't been watching them for 2 years for nothing  watch away  and i dunno why but my heart went out to that girl when she further buried her head into his shoulder and hugged him even more tightly.. she looked so small and vulnerable to me in that one hug as if she was expressing how much she had missed doing that and like hiding herself in his embrace asking him to not to let go… I caught a glimpse of her face. it was very small.. There was this very small tender smile on her face as she tightening her hold and clutched on to his strong back (Harshad has a very sexy back btw I noticed in when he walked towards the screen ) here I would also like to discuss the cute phoreheadooh that was shown in the IF promo because I found it extremely adorable and romantic.. I L.O.V.E.D the way they pulled apart and joined their foreheads with Additi sinking her hand into his hair once again (I say this every time I know but why is it that whenever Additi has touched and clutched his hair it has been like as if only she has the right to it? I have noticed that there's always this claim in her touch whenever she had stroked the hair on his nape.. her caress has always been very very loving and sensitive.. I also noticed that Harshad took that phoreheadooh one step ahead and buried his nose along hers instead of simply joining it at the front  ahh why do they do such stuff to drive me crazy?   

The lift was like always amazing! It was smooth and beautifully done and I loveddd the cute smile on additi's face!! the steps after that were exceptional.. one after the other I was getting mini heart attacks simply by looking at the amount of touching they were doing *fans herself* palms rested against palms.. HAaandoohs over HAaandoohs *deep deep sigh* I have gone to pheaven and I think I am planning to stay here for quite a long long while… 
I found the move of Additi having her back to Harshad extremely seductive.. the way his hand was splayed over her stomach was so seductive  another lift and that again was done wonderfully and I'll admit here that umm him holding her thigh was very intimate *hides her red face* 

*thwacks herself on the head and jerks awake* yes so where were we? Intimacy? *fans herself* oh there's a lot more of that .. so so unfortunate for my poor lil heart.. *pats the howling thing sympathetically* what came next? Oh yes another lift in which he picked her from her waist and moved her sideways while she did that elegant thing with her hand.. Here I would share that when my friends and I saw that we were trying really hard to deduce that HOW exactly did Harshad pick her up with sooo much grace o.O and when nothing came to us as to how he did that Nandu said simply that he is Iron man and she is Feather girl and we all happily agreed coz that was the only thing that made sense( wel except for Bee who went Iron man my foot!!  )…. Feather girl and Iron man there's no reason except for this to know how the hell he lifted her like as if she weighted nothing while the back up guys who should be more skilled in such things dropped their partners awfully quickly while Iron man looked perfectly at home picking his feather girl up L: L: Nalayak bhondu's! *thwacks them hard on the head* them and their hot hot looks! Hmph.. no don't scan the post where I used to that term coz those searing the soul hot looks are still to come L: L: I demand some sort of reward for writing his down! Do u have any idea of many heartattacks I had to suffer from while writing this! L:  

The steps onwards were done excellently and flawlessly by these two.. the small waltz and the looping kind of step they did with Additi in front and Harshad at the back was SOO SMOOTH  .. I would take this opportunity to say that Harshad has improved TONS from what I saw of his last performance in teri ore and Prem ki naiyi! Gosh the guy is sooo soo fluid!!  His legs barely touched the ground in that looping step and for one moment I thought he's some ballet dancer! o.O he was FLAWLESS!  Hats off to Harshad for working so hard and bringing so much finesse into his dancing! I loved the smoothness with which Additi did that waltz step with only one foot on the ground with the other in the air… and I didn't notice it earlier but thanks to dear Nandu who snapped these caps for ne because I had been unable to do so I made another not so very nice discovery.. question is do their eyes ever leave each other's lips? 

Coming to the other biggest highlight of the evening.. the final lift .. sheesh did anyone count how many lifts did these two dhakkans did? L:  

I hated the smiles on their faces this time around! Yes I did! Why did they have to forget the lip syncing and grin like two lunatics at each other? Did any of notice the length of their grins?? Harshad was smiling so widely!! And Additi was no less! Gits! I hate them I really do! They shld have behaved normally and lip synced instead of looking at each other so lovingly as if only they existed and nothing else.. I also noticed the way (my eyes shld stop looking so much) Additi's smile lessen and her gaze falling to his lips ( her hand once again went into his hair)  and as if that wasn't enough I saw him put her down and Additi moving so dangerously close to him and touching his face and lips, her eyes sweeping down his face in one lazy caress.. why was it that her touch was so gentle like as if she was simply absorbing every little nuance of that handsome face tilting her head like a child and letting her fingers explore that chiseled jaw (turns red at her words.. well its not my fault that the stuff I write is what they're actually doing *angry muh* hmph!) and I saw *dunks her head into a bucket full of water* got the idea from triv's post of the Anda scene so thanks alot for the great hint because at this moment this was highly needed for my quickly vanishing sanity and phried brain.. It aint helping! Shoo Harshiti! Go! *dunks her head again* 

I saw… *since water doesn't help she switches on the AC at full blast and stands in front of it cooling her heated face down*

Really. breathe
Leme just say this quickly.. I saw Harshad *bonks(cant help bonking him)* shudder *bonks even harder* and look down at her with so much desire and want! I mean look at his face.. why WHY is he looking at her like that? Why did his smile disappear the moment she closed the distance between them and touched his face and his breathing got labored and he actually shuddered *ignoring her scarlet face shoots him finally and drops them both in the grave dug by bee upon finding no answers* there all done! Now I can rest in peace.

And NO not even the bootiphul smiles on their faces are going to melt me.. uh-huh.. NO way.. *turns her back on Harshiti and refuses to look back*

Sanity come back *stomps her feet as it happily breezes by her* come back this instant *growls at the giggling dhakkans* I am warning you *glares as they laugh at her and skip away even further* sanity come back pleaseee *wails and runs after it* 

Sheesh I just went through the whole post and these two nalayaks reduced me to a blabbering idiot at the end! I was so so SANE when I started and now L: L: izzat ki dhajiya udha di L: oh I hate them! I seriously do! *takes a deep breath and continues*

I think this is enough insanity to last me for a lifetime. I am not writing analysis again *firm nod* hope u all liked it .. and I hope it didn't sound too mad.. it did sound a lot loony to me L: anyway I hope u all liked it. The credit for the awesome caps goes to Nandu.. she uploaded them for me so quickly.. thanks a lot hun! What would I do without u? acha no need to glare at me mehak and atop. I love u both too.. and I love u too Bee for giving me your awesome feedback  *group hug*  

Much love
P.S: and admin ppl.. COMMENT! and i wanted to add something here.. you may find some moments that were not shown in the final performance.. well i have described it all from what i had seen in the SBS interviews... so dont be confused that this didnt happen..


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The End

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

P.S : I will compile and edit it later on……was just too desperate to share it that forgot to edit it and will add the pics later. Embarrassed


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Here are the vids from Day 1. So, if you are still alive and your heart hasn't suffered any damage then do click on them and enjoy –

1.    Prem and Heer come together again.

Link :


2.       Prem and Heer engrossed in V-Day practice.

Link :


3.       Prem Heer Sizzling Performance

Link :


4.    The Epic Tale of Love, Pain, Passion & Anger

Link :

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Thanks Heer.Maan for posting this analysis and thanks hina for writing this analysis. 
i agree with each and every words..Bin tere from harshiti is  the best performance i ever seen on television.such a perfect dance by a perfect the each and every movement in the song..Honestly i never expected such a wonderful performance by them..i adored harshiti in all spa and other stage performances, bt bin tere was entirely different from all those ones..
for me it is the most perfect dance performance of Harshiti and also harshad and additi individually..

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i'm speechless...Day Dreaming have no words to say.. beautiful write up hiba..Clap
i don't know what happend to me after reading this..i'm smiling and dreaming ..Day Dreaming Blushingremembering all these golden moments of our life..Day Dreamingwhich still give me strength to fight for Harshiti...HeartDay Dreamingand the same time i feel like crying and shouting...why god?why you give us such a mind blowing jodi to stole our heart and soul ?? and then suddenly take them away from us breaking our heart in to thousand pieces????Broken Heart Broken HeartBroken Hearti seriously need an answer..missing harshiti very badly...CryBroken Heart

Edited by priyahmt - 07 April 2012 at 9:15pm

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I a...I am...umm, speechless. Speechless like S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S...will comment when I get sane again and regain conciousness. 

Till then...*reserved*

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Thank you guys for the comments...yeah, I agree. Miss them both a lot...together...Prem Heer.
Hmm, missing them...hump.
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Don't have words to describe how much beautifully u have written about the dance... as everyone said... i m speechless..

Yes it is one of the best performance of Harshiti and the Best V-Day gift to all the Harshiti Fan...hope to see some such performance by them at present as well...

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