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7th june update

Originally posted by mistyeyed_25

sabse pehle happy bday Ekta Kapoor....

happy bday to you happy bday to you..happy bday dear ekta happy bday to you...

About the Episode:

I love dadi...she reminds me of my own dadi and i think angads dadi will play a catlyst role in bringing angad and kripa!!Big smile

Update with comments

Angad says bye to kripa and leaves, harshini comes and says thank god tumne angad se kuch nahin kaha...harshini says the black mailer has called and wants money..the phone rings and its the blackmailer..he wants 25 lakhs and wants it in the next 24 hours (execution of financial scam ???).kripa puts the phone down and tellsharshini, since they cant ask angad she will talk to karthik...

comment - dost dost na raha ..!!!

next morning, angad goes to meet his dadi..and says hes hungry and wants cake..dadi says you are hungry or you want to talk? dadi says hmn so you want to talk - are you worried about the oune case but why are you worried your mother is there to take care of that (dadi tussi great ho) dadi says i kow since you were a child angad..whenever you wanted to talk to me you would come to meet on the bahana of eating cake and wouldnt talk until i didnt ask you questions....angad starts talking and says mukje koi pasand hai aur woh bhi mujhe pasand kartee hai aur jaanti ho dadi woh mujhe mere star status ke liye pasand nahin kartee..she likes me for whom am i...dadi says kaun ho woh..angad says kripa..dadi i love kripa alot and i dont want to lose her..i want to give her all the happiness in the world...i love her alot dadi .. i love her...angad says a lt of girls have come in my life but i havent felt this way fir any one..i dont know when this happenned or how it happenned bas it happenned!!dadi is smiling and says you know angad you have changed a lot .. mera yeh nanna sa angad is starry duniya mein kahin kho gaya tha...par mein jaanti thi ki ek pari aayegi aur usse utha kar le jayegi...aur woh pari kripa hogi main jaanti thi..kripa is a nice girl angad ..she willkeep you happy..angad hugs his dadi and dadi says you silly boy you have given me the biggest happiness in the world!!!

comment - teri jaise dadi kahan...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kripa calls up karthik and wants to meet him. he agrees and tells her to come to the recording studio...at the recording studio, kripa bumps into angad..angad is ofcourse very thrilled to meet her and wants to spend time with her...karthik sees angad and kripa together and tells angad to stop troubling kripa as kripa had some work with him.angad says bye and kripa goes to angads cabin telling him she wants 25 lakhs and says pyar nahin kiya to aisa kyun kiya ...(this girl confuses me!!) karthik gives her a cheque of 25 lakhs in her name....the entire thing is video recorded which anita sees in another room alomng with naina (i think its at home .. looks like their house) and tells naina kaisa laga aapko hamara plan masi..  naina says make sure its fool prrof till the end.karthik comes in (itni jaldi from the recording studio to home!!! peter usha hai kya ya phir michael schumacher ???) and tells his mom that its fool proof from the beginning to the end..naina thinks to herself at last mujhe aisa plan mil gaya jo kripa ko hamesha ke liye humse door karega!!

commment - Cant say three musquetters so wil say char chimpanzees jab mil jate hain to financial scam nazar aata hai.... !!!

kripa is walking out and the receptionist says that harshini called. kripa calls up harshini who says thatr the black mailer  wants to meet kripa alone ouside a jewllery showroom...kripa takes the address and says she willmeet the black mailer  after enchasing the money... (silly girlmeeting an anjaan aadmi woh bhi akleleConfused)

comment: - main disti ki farz nibhane chalee gayeee

Angad meets kripa and tells her he was waiting for her..takes her out , sees the address and says he will take her..takes her to the coffee shop instead.. asks kripa wats the matter, kripa says nothing...at the coffee shop, kripa is all fidegety (itna pareshan ek giddar jaise dost ke liye hai bhagwan...),angad notices and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and for that its important for trust and honesty to be prevalent in their relationship..he asks kripa if shes hiding anything..and she says no...he says i think you are hiding something i can see it in your eyes that something is troubling you.. kripa ignores the topic and is insisting on going somewhere where shes urgently required...angad tells her he wants to spend time with her and what better way than to have coffeee with eavch other..as it is we hardly get time to spend with each other....kripa is like oh where is the cofeee why hasnt it come....(sweetheart it aint koffee with karan !!)

Mishti is there with a friend and sees the angad and kripa together , she excuses herself from the friend as she is walking out and goes towards agad and kripa, kripa leaves angad and mishti together while mishi asks angad what doyou want what should i order... angad is like nothing..kripa ne sara mood kharab kar diya...mishi says her mothers twin production house is hosting the premier for kya kool hai hum (couldnt ekta get some better way to publicise her brothers film..hit to ho gayee hai super hit karwana hai kya???) angad is like sure can i get kripa ..mishti s like sure nd angad thanks her saying bye... mishti is left thinking.jitna tumhe kripa ka itna khayalhai mujhe yakeen hai tumhe usse kayee zyada mera bhi utna hi khayal hoga ..

comment: pyar manga hai tumhi se, na inkaar karo

kripa goes to meet the black mailer but he doesnt turn up... she goes home, angad calls her up and tells her to come with him for the premier, she agrees.. harshini asks her if she met the black mailer but kripa says angad had taken her to have coffee and by the time she got there the black mailer  had gone away..harshini has a slip of the tongue and says ya i know and kripa is like how ..harshini says the black mailer  called telling her to come to the basement of prithvi theatre.. kripa says oh thats where i'm going with angad tonite...

comment: yeh nafrat aur dosti  fevicol jaisa hai....tootega nahin

angad and kripa reach the theatre and meet mishti , prithvi comes in and all four go in together..the show is going on , kripa is lost in thoughts..dialogues chal rahe screen pe and angad is looking at kripa and mariong his own dialogues, he puts his hand on kripa etc etc..kripa then says i have to go to the bathroom and leaves, she goes to the parking abd is waiting for the black mailer  when she sees someone tap her from behind...she gets scared and its prithvi.. prithvi says i was worried and searched for you all over ..kripa is scared and says i lost my clip so came looking for it..prithvi says you found it and kripa is ike no must have got lost on the way..they go back in..movie has finshed , angad and mishti are out waiting for kripa, kripa says she had lost her clip...angad and kripa go back home.. kripa says bye to angad and leaves.. she goes in and meets harshini who asks her if she met the blackmailer...kripa says no as she was about to and prithvi instead..kripa realises she doesnt have her bag with her and is shocked...Meanwghile angad halts his car and realises kripas purse is there in the car. he is shocked (25 lakhs in such a small bag ?????)

Comment:angad and Kripa - Love me tender

             Kripa and Harshini - yeh nafrat main nahin bhoolongee

tom preview: dadi talking to kripa and saying that tum dono ke jagde mein pyar chupa tha..tumhare gusse mein dard aur angad ke mein kashish..aur jab dard aur kashish milte hai to uska nateeza pyar hota hai....she further expolains to kripa that the foundation of any relationship is trust and when you hide a smll thing it may seem small at first, it becomes big later and is the cause of relationship breaking and dooriyan coming in....




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June 8th Update:


Originally posted by bips



Not much happened in terms of moving the story forward, but I still loved today's episode. And mainly because of iqbal…..way too good expressions and a better wardrobe.

 Dadi was cute as usual, kripa was crying and overacting as usual, angad was fabulous as usual, naina was all business like and very non-motherly as usual and dilip was there sitting as a show piece as usual….. so here is the update


Angad comes to return kripa's purse…..she gets all flustered and worried…..he starts joking around with her and she tries to snatch the purse, it falls down and all the money comes out (hello woman…don't you know that the zip is installed in the purse for a reason,  how about using it )

Angad asks her where did all the money came from…. She tells him its harshini's money ( she lies so fast, one would imagine she is a professional)…..and angad believes her ( oh common…be a little intelligent….harshini is also from the chota sheher nanital and from same middle class background….where would she get the money from ??? )

He kisses her on the forehead…ahhhhhhhhh…..(btw not once but twice….lucky girl, I tell you) asks her if she is ok and then leaves

Kripa get a call from the blackmailer, he tells her to come to some sunsan area right now and she agrees ( kripa kya apne aapko jhansi ki rani samajhti hai ?? in the middle of the night , I won't go out of my house without black-cat commandos, but this woman…..)

She gives him the money, takes the photos (btw doesn't bother to check them properly…..WHY…WHY is this woman so silly ) and comes back and guess who is sitting there ????????????   ANGAD ofcourse !!!

He is looking way too cool btw…has the whole intense lover thing going…… he asks her where was she and she starts accusing  him of spying on her and not trusting her ( you have the cutest boyfriend, why are u fighting without a reason ? )

He gets really emotional and says the sweetest dialogues…..how he loves and trusts her more than he trusts himself  and he is really hurt that she doesn't trust him (please try to remember all these tall words when u are throwing her out of the house….. but still the dialogues were very cute and and iqbal emoted brilliantly….. you just wanted to hug him )……..he leaves, she cries (what else is new ?)

So the lovers first official fight………gr8 chemistry

Both of them are feeling bad for what they said and what the other person said….. they are tossing and turning in their beds…..look at each other photos …….strolling the beach…..walking aimlessly……. It was very well shot…..it really touched your heart….. made you think they were an actual couple and you so wanted them to patch up and get back together

Anyways , angad in a fit of being devdas totally forgets about the court hearing, doesn't turn up and they loose the case….. naina is all witchy and her usual self….(this dilip guy must be the most underpaid actor in balaji…..why…..bec he has virtually no dialogues….so how can u get paid if u don't actually get to do anything ?)

Meanwhile, dadi comes to meet kripa….. she explains to kripa about the importance of honesty in a relationship….(waise mujhe lagta nahin ki use kuch samajh mein aaya hai )……but u have to admit this dadi is arguably the best and the most adorable dadi in the world….. u just want to give her a teddy bear hug as soon u see her

In the time being, our hero is taken on a guilt trip by his mother (the usual…how this will affect ur career, how will we repay misti etc etc)….our hero looks so lost and is feeling so bad, u just want to go and comfort him and tell him everything is going to be alright ( seems like all his attitude and arrogance is saved only for kripa darling)…….. and she tells him to pack immediately as they are leaving for goa for a show

They leave, kripa sees them go and wonders where is angad going without telling her and follows him to the airport in a richshaw……

At the airport, angad wonders where is kripa (this guy is too cute, I tell u ) and naina says she forgot to tell kripa abt goa……angad ko 440 watt ka jhatka lag jaata hai…but naina convinces him that they can do the show without her

Kripa reaches the airport but in true filmi style misses the hero and the flight

She returns home dejected and in tears (balaji has way too much extra glycerine) and guess who is waiting for her………………..


He has a teary look on his face (this guy can really act well ) and she is all tears…………they hug as if they are never going to see each other again (ahhhhhhhh…so romantic)



1.     iqbal is really awesome today…..plus maybe it's the character also that's so interesting….afterall who doesn't like a bad boy becoming good

2.     the way the scenes n dialogues were shot today….u really feel like blaming kripa for the future confusion…..where will u get such a gr8 boyfriend, who believes everything u say and blows up important court cases just bec he is missing you…. Pls find someone like this for me too

3.     kripa was alright today….it was pretty much angads show today….he had the best dialogues….plus she really needs to learn how to cry

4.     get the guy a nice wardrobe….he looks awesome in formals…..get him some nice shirts and t-shirts, throw away the vests/baniyans, burn the orange trousers…..pls get him some good clothes and let him keep the stubble…the chikna look doesn't suit him

5.     dadi is just awesome

hope u all liked it……it was my first attempt …..tell me how it was….all comments and suggestions are welcome

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update 9th by misty:

the episode starts with angad and kripa hugging each other ..kripa asks him why he didnt go and angad said coz he realized that jab tumhe meri zaroorat hoti hai tab mujhe tumhare paa hone chahiye aur jab mujhe tumhari tab tumhe (can he get cuter than this...) kripa says i know you will come to me coz i had your lucky bracelet ..angad says no one can separate us now ..we are together forever ...

 Naina is pacing up and down (good walking is good for her health !!) and wonders where angad had disappeared ..karthik but naturally tokripa .. but naina refuses to believe and says that no he semed guilty about not turning up for the court case...karthik says yeh kripa hi hai jo aapke lade bete ko apni choti si ungle se idhar se udhar daura rahee hai...i told you before that had we exposed kripa in the blackmailing case than kripa and angad would have been seprated by now...naina says no i told you thats my back up plan ..if alls goes well then kripa and angad would be seprated forever ....

Angad and kripa come to goa on an airindia flight (lagta hai baki domestic airplanes mein tickets nahin mile the ...btw does goa have an international airport ??? i dont think so and if goa does not have an international airport then how come air india is flying there ?????) , they reach a hotel and kripa wonders where they are..angad says this is a place where we will together forever (Janam janam ka saath hai nibhane do !!) kripa says are you ready for such a commitment. angad nods his head, kisses kripa on the forhead , hugs her and they leave arm in arm....

They go to a tatoo wala where both  put a totatop in the form of the ring ..the hold hands and proceed to the hotel room...

Damini is at the longe area which is overlooking the coffee shop and naina comes to her saying they should announce mishri and angads engagement tomorrow..damini says tumne tomeri muh ki baat cheen li..naina calls up angad in his room to talk tohim but angad says we will talktomorrow. Damni and mishti are talking where the mother is getting all senti about the daughter going away...prithvi comes and asks mishti tum kush ho na..mishti says yes and borther and sister hug each other ...while talks are on bout the engagement preparation...

Kripa and ngad are talking where kripa tells kripa that hope naina aunty will not mind that we have come without asking any one (of course she will mind !!! you idiot !!) he saus that she forget to call you and hugs her..then he says we can do the show...kripa is then talking about how thry get married and she will become his wife..and angad says after marriage you willnot work in any shows coz he will have tolook after the house  (why ????????????????which generation are you living in angad darling )  Kripa is like no so angad says ok i will stay at home and you do the shows .. he ishugging her from behind (and btw the tatooted rings are not there any more on their fingers !!!!!!) and then he says we will look after the kid and kids .. kripa is like no i only want one child..angad is like ok one kid after that we will have kidsssss.... (cute romance ..dilpigal gaya!) , angad is pissing (think he is Wink) while kripa has her back towards him and after that he runs towards her and lifts her with one arm...

At the pres conference thry are asked about the new album and why thry are launching it in goa..angad says coz goa is a beautiful place and what better place than goa ..the reporters then ask how come they are promoting a new talent ...naina says that they always promote new talent and thry should...5 crores fine is asked about, mishti comes in and naina says no comments...

Naina introduces mishty saying she is the promoter of the album..she introduces mishty and covers kripa angad very sweetly takes kripa sideways so that ppl can her too...

Angad is asked to sing and angad says ya kripa and i both will sing for you..they sing to haan judai se darta hai dil...mshti, naina, karthik are not toopleased for obvious reasons...tring tring the cell phone rings and a guy asks for kripa.. kripa takes the phone and is shocked ...tells angad she has to rush off to nina as her dad is in nainital..angad says he will go but naina says hes needed at the post conference party...angad drops kripa to the airport after taking permission from his mom (ab kyun????)

at the hotel, karthik is thrilled that their plan has worked ..and naina says even if kripa was there i would have still had the engagement..now kripa and angad will be seprated forever and when kripa returns she willthat her angad is a totally different angad ... just like the pehle wala angad after the engagement , usse angad ki parchayee bhi naseen nahin hogi...

at the airport, kripa and angad are hugging each other and kripa is like i feel tis is the last time we are seeing each other ... angad is like me too but when you return we will be together forever as we will meet when with our parents ..kripa walks on looks back, doesnt see him starts crying, looks ahead and sees angad..she says i forgot to say bye to you ...he tells her i dont want to say bye to you as i wont be able tolet you go..angad says i dont know why i'mfeeling that this is the last time we are meeting like this and this judai is forever ..will you be able to walk alone .. kripa says this seprataion is only momentory (fool that he is ..) but we will meet again (hopefully tumhare muh mein ghee shakar ..) only to be together forever LOL

Angad asks kripa if she will be able to walk alone and kripa says i coz i'll always have you by my side ...they hug again and she walks on with angad looking towards her ...

No Preview for monday .. may be balaji tlefilms didnt want us to have a sleepless weekend ...

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June 13 update
Originally posted by loonytunes

damini comes up to the deck and announces to everyone that she has a very special annoucenment to make. seh then invites naina to come beside her and naina very happily announces that angad khanna and mishti bose are going to be life partners. angad is extremely schocked. naina is all happy and smiling when angad walks up to her and naina takes him away to another part of the cruise where angad tell naina that he loves kripa (TOO LATE BUDDY!) naina asks him why he didnt tell her that before (BECAUSE YOU DIDNT LET HIM) and she tries to convince him that his love is jsut an attraction because kripa ignored him unlike other girls and that he doesnt really love him. angad refuses to accept that and tells naina that he really does love kripa (GO ANGAD!) naina then pretends to be sorry. she says that she'll support them. and angad believes her. he wants to go tell everyone that this engagement is not going to happen but naina stops him saying that it would be really embarassing for mishti and her family. angad looks confused and naina goes further to say that they should not do this to mishti after all shes done for them (45 crores fine etc) and hwo without her help angad's father would be in jail or dead. angad, being the nice guy he is, agrees to get angaged to mishti hopign that his mom will break the engagement later.(yea rite...)

angad is in a sherwani (looking excellent) and mishti is not looking too shabby herself. both exchange rings. angad is extremely sad but mishti is very happy. she puts the ring right on top of the "K" tatto on angad's finger.(she ignores that on purpose i think) then a couple of performances take place and even angad sings a song in sadness.

kripa is in a taxi goign back to nainital. that's when she realizes that she has lost angad's good luck charm (now we know why all the bad things are happening..ekta and her logic) she searches a lot for it but cant find it. she hopes that angad is alrite adn gets back in the tai to go to her house. when she gets there, everyone is really happy to see her (including her brother who we hae not seen for ages). she finds out that her father is perfectly alrite( no duh!) and her father assumes that it was a prank call. then, her parents ask her about the party on the cruise (aka the engagement) and kripa is confused. they show her the tv where angad is exchanging rings with mishti. she is shocked and tries to call angad but apparently her call is not connecting. then the phone rings and it is none other than her dear angad. angad tries to explain to kripa that he is in a  fix and that he had no choice. kripa is a little wary of him and she acts like she doesnt believe him. angad is very hurt and her to trust him. she says she trusts him more than herself but she doesnt trust her fate. angad askes her to trust him and says that after that, she will trust her fate. kripa asks angad to come back soon.

there was a performance by amit sareen and some other girl on the song :dhadak dhadak: from bunty and babli. there was also a performance by pallavi something from kehta hai dil on "dil ko hazar bar roka" from murder. during this song, mishti hugs angad and angad looks as if he would be in any other place rather than here. even angad sings "o saathiya" from an old moive.

note: the engagement scene and the nainital scene were interwined together.

 today's episode belonged to angad. his expressions were amazing. it was as if he was really feeling the pangs of separation. kripa was alirte, her crying expressions look really weird and i say this being a kripa fan.she needs to work on those expressions. mishti didnt have any dialogues so all she had to do was stare at angad and look pretty which she did a good job at. prithvi was nowhere to be seen. naina and damini were good with their acting.

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Originally posted by radz_2cool

June 14th Kyph update



                       Both A- K cried atleast 1 litre of tears


The episode begins with Kripa crying and remembering all the yaddein and the time she spent with Angad. ( I must say she has all taaza yaddein not like me bhulakar). Kripa's mom comes and asks her why is she crying. She tells nothing and her mom tells her that she is lying and when she wants to tell her she can say anytime.(She is good mom. Btw tell me who is more better mom Damini or Kripa's mom) Kripa is walking in tha jhadiyon.( From the jhadiyon word I remembered on sentence. Hope u don't mind. Don't do yaha do waha jhadiyon ke peeche)  and Angad is walking in the beach and the song Lambi judaai.( I had heard this song from Aditi Paul in ii, can anybody tell me who sang it was it Aditi Paul. She was supposed to sing one song) and they both are crying. Their tears must be almost 1 litre. Kripa is telling I love u Angad in her mind. Mishti comes to Angad and tells him to go, but Angad does not wants to come and she forces him.( First we thought Angad was strong but Mishti is also a another shaktiman sorry Shakti woman) . When they were going Naina asks them where were they going.( First mind your personal business). Damini tells that they should not disturb them.  


                  Aabra ka daabra gili gili choo


Mishti takes Angad to the fortune teller. The fortune teller was wearing a dark lipsick and was looking like a joodwa behan of Naina. Prithvi comes there.( Mishti did not call him). Mishti tells him to join and he agrees. The fortune teller tells Angad to pick a card and he picks and tells them that they will be together forever. He goes from there and Prithvi picks a card and tells that whom he loves will be hims forever. ( I was wanting to kill that fortune teller so let us go tonight and go and kill her so that she can't make Angad and kripa separate) He was happy and even Mishti too had a evil smile.


  Rote rote haste haste kaante har din


Prithvi phones Kripa and hears Kripa crying.( Kaan bohat tez hain Prithvi ke). He asks her but she does not tell anybody.( Kripa apna dimag lagao, u said everything with Harshini but not your mom and Prithvi) She keeps the phonbe by giving a excuse. Mishti goes to meet Angad in the beach and again forces him to come to walk. They walk side by side and they want to tell their man ki bat but they do not tell. ( U should see this part and wonderful dialogue) Angad ask her did she tell anything.( Again the same ghisa pita dialogue) She says no and then he tells he has to go.  


                              Naina looking like a chimpanzee, Hitler, kabootar and a buddhi




Angad comes to Naina's room and tells her that he is going to Nainital because Kripa wants him. She tells that he can go when he goes to Mumbai. He tells ok. Karthik comes and Angad goes.( Every time this happens) Naina tells to KArthik that they have to use the back up plan in Mumbai because Angad wants to go in Mumbai. He tells not to worry and he has done everything.


                   Kya yehi pyar hain


Kripa's mom comes and tells somebody has come to meet her. Kripa thinks that it is Angad and she is happy and she goes and sees prithvi. ( prithvi was looking cute) and Kripa's dad tells her to show prithvi's room.( Btw kripa's house is beautiful and they tell this is a garib khana, from which angle it is like that) She shows his room. Prithvi sees her tears and asks her what happened and Kripa cries and Prithvi see the A mark and he remembers when they were getting engaged and the K mark sign on Angad's fingers and then he turns back. Kripa tells mein sach keh rahi hoon. Kripa tells him everything . Prithvi was looking so cute and he tells '' Mujhe tum par pura wishwaas hain'' and he tells that he will sort out everything when he goes to Mumbai. Kripa is happy by that and hugs him. Prithvi tells her not to worry.



        Kaisa yeh tsunami hain


Angad tells his mom that he is going to Nainital. Naina tells Angad that first he should phone them. Angad phones them.( Btw how did he know the phone no) and Kripa's mom had picked it and Angad asks whether Kripa is there and  she tells that she is out with Prithvi and Angad was shocked. Naina tells that she wants to talk and she tells bhaisaab kaise hain.( Kuch to riaza karo, u look very buddhi, who to aapke bete lagte hain aur Angad aapka par pota) and she tells strange that Dilip bhaisab( again bhaisab) ko kuch nahi hua hain and Angad listens and he is shocked too



  Mere mentally retarted comment with a terrorist's daughter's comment



It was a coca cola episode. Whenever I get to write a update there r no romantic scenes. That is unfair. Today Kripa and Angad were brilliant. Prithvi was looking very very cute. Today the kabootar,dragon ,bhootni,buddhi,Hitler Naina was lookinh awful.  Thank god two vampires not there. Anitah and Harshini but Nitoo di is missing them. I am sure Dinky di is happy to see Kripa cry. I don't want to see yesterday's episode. I know it will be horrible for sure. This much for today.

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HI guys!

OK so todays episode is when Angad is trying to go to Nainital and he is about to leave and sees his mum crying - and asks wats the matter - karthik come sout and is like mum let me tell him he will find out sooner or later......

Back in nainatal prithvi and kripa are hanging out - he is like questioning why fate makes us all end up loving the one we cant have or be with - he also promises kripa he will take her to her angad and everything will be ok - she hugs him and is filmed by a friend of harshinis who sends it to her and anitah.

Angad is reading the papers and not believeing any of it - then he sees anitah and harshini and harshini is like yeh she only wanted you for your money then thought u were gona lose it all and so now is with prithvi again - shows him the recording of her hugging him angad is in disbelief and calls kripa who is like im coming back and he is like are u alone and she is like about to say no but prithvi says dont say im here - anitah says see she is lying to you - he is there and calls back pretending to be calling from his house and asks for prithvi - and he ofcourse comes to the fone -

Angad is shown 2moro crying drinking in the rain and shouting at an imaginary kripa i think

This better not be the reason they split up - toooo easy - one convo can clear things up = also - i bet it happens that angad and mishti get married and kripa and prithvi get married and then eventually kripa and angad end up to gether - or perhaps it will be another kusum where the main couple are apart for so long that they might as well not be together anyway! I really hope dadi steps and gets them together - then the show focuses on hardships after marriage - but as long the main couple is together - if angad and kripa marry other ppl - that would b a bbbbaaaaaaad way to go for the show! ok sorry its not anywhere near detailed enough compared to other folk but i gtg!

byeeee! (",) Chandini

OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 16 June 2005 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

Brief June 15 update by nitica
Angad tells his mom that Kripa hasn't lied about her dad n there must be some problem...he prepares to go for Nainital...as he is about to leave...Karthik says he wants to show him something..... he shows him the video-tape of money transcation...bank statements n the A-K clip which karthik had taken during beach days n says that Kripa got it clicked n took 25 lacs from him.....Angad doesn't believe a thing n gets the tape technically verified n is shocked that it ain't fake.....meanwhile, in Nainital Prithvi promises Kripa that nobody can separate Angad and her...KRIPA HUGS HIM OUT OF EMOTION...A FRIEND OF Harshoo takes it in mobole camera and sends it to Harshoo.

Angad is further confused by Harshoo who tells him that Kripa is a gold-digger and has gone back to Prithvi taking those 25 lacs...she shows him the MMS....Angad is struggling with his faith but stands by Kripa....he starts to leave for Nainital...but calls Kripa before that who lies to him about Prithvi not being there....but Aniitah calls back and proves that Prithvi is with Kripa. Angad is shocked n shattered.

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June 16 update
Originally posted by mistyeyed_25

again i missed first 10 minutes-thanks to stupid traffic jam..tell you this traffic is worse than mumbai!!neways i guess the fires scene and kripa and prithvis car breaking down happ in the first 10 minuts - radz sweety..plz bata do na pehle 10 minute mei kya hua!!!

alrities so angad is the next devdas of television or so says a friend....he is having a wine glass in his hand and drinking away to glory... looked more like lemon squash soda to me than white wine which was supposedly what angad was drinking...karthik is happy to see agad in the state he is and naina for once realised she had a dracula son named karthik..I say she realized because she is happy with karthik...karthik is thrilled today as tells anita this is just the beginning ..ab se angad ke bure din shuru and i'm happy to see angad like the way he is..totally lost and worn out....

at the airport, the flt to mumbai is delayed due to bad weather ..its raining in mumbai and lighting has struck...kripa is upset and scared mujhe lag raha hai kuch bura hone wala hai...pehle gari ka kharab hona air ab flight ka delayed hona.prithvi tells her to relax as its oly her vahem.he tells her that badi kushiyan pane ke liye yeh choti choti mushilon ka samna to karna h i padega...kripa nods while prithvi goes to find out about the flight....

at the khannas in mumbai, angad is locked up in a room. naina comes and tells him if he wants to go to kripa he can but angad reuses. naina says to erself sorry beta par apni is halat ke zimmedar tum khud hi ho aur tumhe isse apme aap hi nikalana hoga. mishi calls up saying her friends are calling them out, naina tells her angad is heartbroken and needs someone its better she comes there..mishti agrees. naina after outting the phone down says to hersekf angad you need sahaa and the sooner mishti gives you that sahara and you accept it the better it is and he sooner you will forget that you ever had feelings for kripa!

in nainital, its time for the flight to board but prithvi assures her everything will be alrite. back in mumbai mishti has come to meet angad but angad is locked up and is next to a window in his room. he doesnt want to meet anyone and tells his mom he wants to be left alone.... there from the window he sees kripa and prithvi coming out of the taxi and the possessive and jealous lover that he is cant take it....he sees prithvi and sees him patting his fingers on her cheek..he cant take it and seething with rage he breaks the glass in his hand....with all the blood coming out....(and not an iota of pain evident in his pace ... is he a man of steel or what???)

the end...

tom preview: anngad and mishti running towards the car and driving off somewhere , kripa sees and follow them!!!

my comments:

everyone looked dead tired in their scenes !!!! laghta hai goa se aane ke bad they have been shooting non stop :) and my new title of this soap from now on is : kaisa yeh silsila hai..galatfamille ka!!!!


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