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WRITER'S NOTE : After all the hoo-haa today of mistaken identities and Canines and stuff, I think I am ready to do a spicy, Chilly update today! I am writing this prior to the episode (its 7:50 Pm India time) I have no idea how good or bad or indifferent today's episode is going to be, but I am putting in my best! Hope you enjoy it!


PRITHVI IS THE FIRST TO CONFESS HIS LOVE TO KRIPA BUT, BUT, BUT…………KRIPA IS THE FIRST ONE TO SAY ''I LOVE YOU'' TO ANGAD! I was jumping all over the room and my aunty was wondering if all the years of burying my head in books has finally taken its toll on me!!!

And, and, and we were a witness to not one but two passionate hug's by Angad and Kripa, WOW….my eyes were out of my socket when I saw it! Angad had some rather emotional and deep expressions today and he acted his usual self – brilliant! Kripa looked extremely pretty today and her expression were so good, especially when she is getting decked up for the engagement ceremony and then when she imagines Angad instead of Prithvi as she goes to the hall. Prithvi looked very cute in the Sherwani and poor thing, felt so bad for him! I think all the characters acted brilliantly today, and it was a very emotional, touching and heart-breaking episode. My heart went out to Angad, Kripa and Prithvi! Its tough not to sympathize with any one of them!

ANGAD IN THE OUTHOUSE (or someplace else, couldn't guess!)

Angad is shown sitting alone in a house (wonder who's?) and is completely disturbed and emotionally shattered and is busy staring at the fire-place where a fire is raging (A fire-place in Mumbai?) Angad cannot get rid of Kripa's thoughts are remembers the rainy night when he had put lipstick on Kripa's forhead and his eyes well up with tears as he remembers Kripa telling him how important is sindoor for her and how much significance she attaches to it. Angad is not able to come to terms with his behaviour towards Kripa and gets very restless thinking about her. Just then he sees Kripa standing at the door-step (the curtains are flying and basically the symbolism was shown that the disturbance in the atmosphere outside and Angad's mental turmoil) Angad's face lights up as a smile comes through his tears and he utters ''Kripa, tum aagayi, mujhe yakin tha ki tum mere paas zaroor aaogi.'' (Awww, poor baby, how much he misses her!) As he goes near Kripa (who was looking ethereal, btw) and lifts his palm to touch her cheeks, Kripa vanishes and Angad realizes that he was hallucinating! Angad shrugs and the tears begin to flow openly as he realizes how badly he misses Kripa and how deeply he has fallen in love with her without even realizing it all the while.

THE KHANNA HOUSE (Kripa getting decked)

Meanwhile, Kripa is shown to get decked by her Mother in the Khanna House and she looks ravishing in a Orange, fish-cut lehenga and some really good jewellery (Kundan, I think….Naina must have lent it out to her, anything to get rid of Kripa, this woman, I tell you) and as Gayatri puts one piece of jewellery after another, her eyes well up with tears as she remembers Angad putting lipstick on her forehead and all that special moments she shared with him, good and bad and her throat chocks up as she just cannot forget Angad for the life for her!

THE OUTHOUSE (Angad realizing his love for Kripa and missing her badly)

Simultaneously, Angad is shown to get more and more restless and is now crying openly remembering Kripa. (Angad's expressions were a million dollars, he was just amazing in this scene and even though Kripa was not with him, you could feel their chemistry and you could actually feel their pain….man, it was really touching!) Kripa is meanwhile looking completely heart-broken (poor thing) and as Gayatri brings her downstairs, Prithvi gives her the most love-lorn expression (you do feel bad for this one at times, not his fault if he fell in love) and Kripa meanwhile has only Angad's thought in her mind and heart and as she looks at Prithvi, an endearing smile spreads over her face as she see's Angad's face instead of Prithvi and then her expression changes when she realizes its Prithvi! (Lovely acting by Kripa, her expressions were extremely good)

Angad meanwhile has poured himself a drink and as he looks into the fire raging in front of his eyes which are filled with tears of remorse and longing. The title song plays in the background with different lyrics which talks about Angad realizing what love means and what Kripa means to him. The tears just don't stop flowing from his eyes and he is extremely emotional and shattered.

KHANNA HOUSE (Engagement Ceremony going on)

As Kripa takes the ring in her hand and a happy beyond belief Prithvi stretches out his finger, Kripa's soul shivers as she remembers Angad putting lipstick on her forehead and she just cannot come to terms with her thoughts.

OUTHOUSE (Angad getting drunk and emotional)

Meanwhile Angad is getting really drunk and crying like a baby and as he  turns toward the door to see if Kripa has actually come back to him, his face lights up even as his tears do not stop flowing, Kripa is standing at the door-step, decked in her bridal couture, looking like an angel and her eyes are filled with tears too, but her face is bright and aglow with love. The title track starts playing (only the music) in a happy mode and as a stunned Angad keeps staring at Kripa standing there, we come to know that love is indeed in the air now! (It was such a romantic moment and so beautifully shot, flowing curtains, rain pouring outside, the fire raging inside – ooooh, amazing, just amazing!)


Kripa just keeps staring at Angad and she runs toward him and throws herself upon him as Angad instinctively takes her in his arms (and what arms man, those masculine, strong, loving arms, which woman won't melt in them…sigh!) and holds her by her slender waist (it was so romantic, the way he holds her waist, almost send shivers down my spine!) and the songs plays in the background where the female voice says ''Jo chu liya aaj tumnein, jee lenge hum phir who lamhe….'' Kripa and Angad are both crying and smiling at the same time and are in a tight hug as the barriers of hatred and misunderstanding melts in one instance and love spreads its glowing light in their lives! Amazingly passionate scene and the way Kripa's expression's change as Angad touches her body and soul, it was just too passionate and romantic! Angad's eyes have this fanatical madness for Kripa in them, and in love, they discover the meaning of each other's presence! The scene is cut-shot with Angad and Kripa not letting go of one another, Kripa's hands are on Angad's shoulder's and Angad is still holding Kripa's waist as they keep looking into each other's eyes, with a myriad of emotions, as if discovering and undiscovering each other in one instance!

THE KHANNA HOUSE (Prithvi tells Kripa that he loves her and always will as Kirpa denies any emotion other than respect for Prithvi)

The next scene shows the flashback of the engagement, where Kripa's hands shiver as she is about to put the ring in Prithvi's finger but she cannot hold back her tears anymore and looks away from Prithvi, uttering in a strangled voice  that she cannot go through with this and she cannot get engaged with him. Prithvi looks as if the Earth has just shattered and gobbled him up, he is shocked beyond belief at Kripa's direct refusal and the tears in her eyes. As an equally shocked Suryabhaan is about to ask Kripa for an explanation, Prithvi takes charge of the situation and tells everyone that he wants to have a word in private with Kripa (loved him for taking this stand, this is what Prithvi is all about!) Prithvi and Kripa are alone now, where Kripa is crying her heart out as Prithvi asks her what is wrong and why did she refuse so suddenly. An amazing scene follows between both of them where Kripa utters some rather touching and deep dialogues, I remember one which I am jotting down, she says that in every relationship, there should be equality. You need love for love and similarly respect for respect. You cannot replace respect with love. As a heart-broken Prithvi listens, Kripa says that she has tremendous respect for Prithvi but for the life of her she has never loved him and she cannot ever love him. Kripa says that if she goes ahead with this relationship, she would not only be falsifying herself but also insulting Prithvi's feelings, as she can never give love to Prithvi, because she doesn't feel that way for him and has never felt so. Prithvi is not crying but definitely has his heart-broken in a bad way, but in his own dignified manner tells Kripa that he knows that he loves her and will continue loving her and he respects her wishes and will adhere to them. As a helpless in love Kripa listens, Prithvi says that he will never love anyone else the way he has loved Kripa and he will live in the hope that someday Kripa might love him back too, but as he says, Kripa's expression tells a different story, that she cannot love anyone the way she has loved Angad! Prithvi tells her that he will handle the situation downstairs and that she should not worry unnecessarily. As they go downstairs, everyone is very tense, and then shocked as Prithvi announces that Kripa and he have decided that they are not going ahead with this engagement anymore and wish to remain friends. Even as Prithvi says this with all the courage and dignity he can muster, Mishti sees the pain in his eyes and cannot stop her tears from flowing (love her for loving her brother so much!) Suryabhaan comes to Prithvi, who has his head bowed down and is trying his level best not to show his pain or his tears (poor thing, he was so miserable, whom to support, I was feeling bad for all of them!) and tells him that it is their misfortune that they have lost a good son-in-law like him and Kripa has lost a good husband in the making. Prithvi looks up at Suryabhaan and tells him that no, it is his misfortune that he could not get Kripa's companionship in life and that any man who will get her love is going to be a lucky one indeed.

As an upset Gayatri prods Kripa for an explanation, Kripa is just not in her control and tells everyone present that she has to go somewhere right not. Gayatri is really angry and Suryabhaan is also shocked, as Kripa, is crying and tells everyone that she has to go somewhere and that no one should stop her today.

OUTHOUSE (Kripa confesses to Angad that she LOVES HIM!)

The next scene shows Kripa and Angad together in the room, and we realize that Kripa has just told him all that happened. Angad is both happy and crying and quite confused as he lets go of Kripa and asks her in a chocked voice why did she do this? Kripa is shattered as she listens to Angad and goes away from him and in a classy piece of acting by Kripa, tells Angad that he is asking her why she did not get engaged to Prithvi? Kripa asks Angad does he still not realize why was the reason that she left everyone behind, broke every barrier of society and decency and came to him? Angad is very confused and looks at Kripa for an answer. Kripa's tears are flowing openly as she confesses loud and clear that, the reason for my doing this was because, '' I LOVE YOU ANGAD''. Angad looks as if the earth and sky have come together for a tango and the Camera pans on Kripa's face which is tearful yet radiant and Angad looks as if he has been hit by a 10 ton rock on his head! (Men, I tell you, will never understand  things of heart!) Kripa then smiles through her tears as she repeats again that she loves Angad and Angad breaks into a jubilant smile as Kripa rushes to him again and both of them are wrapped in a tight embrace and cry and smile together!

CHILLY COMMENT'S (Aaj forum mein waise bhi bahut tadka tha, isliye aaj mera comment pheeka hi le lo, guys!)

What an episode, What an episode! Sometimes, one is left speechless, and today is one of those times, when I am so shaken up by viewing something on television, that I have no words to put across!

Angad, Kripa and Prithvi rocked the show today! It was impossible not to feel for any one of  them, all the three crackled and sizzled! But yes it was Angad and Kripa who just let ablaze the entire KYPH sets today! Nitica, your electro-sphere has gone for a sixer, we need something much more for these two. Aag laga di aaj to. My God, that scene where Angad holds Kripa by her waist was just too much! My adrak waali chaai fell on my new track-pants, I was so full of excitement! Angad and Kripa's chemistry was just incredible, outstanding, zealous and ardent. It was passion and innocence at its best. The way Angad looks at Kripa when she tells him that she loves him was…………guys, just understand what I am trying to convey, it cannot be put in mere words!

As far as the performance goes, Iqbal, Neha and Prithvi were at its zenith! Neha should have silenced all her critics today (including me) she looked beautiful and innocent and her acting was superb and flawless. I think the scene where she declares her love to Angad was so astounding and marvelous, she was completely mind-blowing and startling today!

What can I say about Iqbal, this guy is gonna go really far! The way his looks changes from one of pure evil, to one of a brat, to one of a little lost boy, to one of madly in love, to one confused about his feelings is just amazing. Where the hell was he all these years. Indian Television desperately needs talents like him to enlighten and entertain the audience! I think the best Angad scene was when he imagines Kirpa to have come back to him and then realizing that it was but a dream! You could actually feel the character's pain and longing!

Prithvi, Prithvi, Prithvi…..why did you love someone from who you will never receive love back! God, when Kripa tells him that she has never loved him and can never love him, the way his face falls, it was just heart-breaking. It was impossible not to feel sympathetic towards him. And the best part about Prithvi today was the dignity with which he handles the entire situation. I loved the part where he confesses to Kripa that he loves her and understands the fact that she doesn't but that won't stop him from loving her ever. That is true love, unselfish, unmotivated and undemanding! Amit was outstanding today and brought across Prithvi's innate decency and depth beautifully! More of this Amit and less of the puppy face's buddy!


A fabulous and unforgettable episode, something which will be etched in our memories for a long, long, long time to come! Ekta has proved that however terrible a producer she might be and how-ever perverted her story-lines are, she is the master when it comes particular scenes and sequences!



DIALOUGE OF THE DAY : (Kripa to Prithvi) Koi bhi rishta ho prithvi, pyar ko sirf pyar ki zaroorat hoti hai!

CHILLY COMMENT OF THE DAY: Nitica, we need to see that the Outhouse is rebuilt, because it has burnt down to cinders by Angad and Kripa!





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UPDATE FOR 22ND MAY - Angad and Kripa enjoy a day out on the Beach!

Hello, I am back doing what I love doing the most – sigh about how incredibly sexy Angad is, and how unfortunately I cannot have him. Lol….jokes apart, here goes the episode update for today! Hey guys, I need someone to volunteer for tomorrow, am busy with an assignment! Anyone up????


ANGAD CLIMBS THE TREE AGAIN – TO MEET KRIPA! GOD IT WAS SO CUTE!  Reminded me of the scene from KKHH when SRK comes to meet Rani in her room! And Angad manages to impress the Sharma's too – smart boy, already patoing his future in-laws! Not only that, Angad also wipes Kripa's tears! Awwww, what a man! And he takes her to the secret getaway also! Angad and Kripa also share some awesome hugs and she climbs on his back. Gawd, it was such a cute episode! And Angad makes some real hard passes at Kripa (lucky dame as I say again and again!) Angad gives such hot looks at Kriap, phew….I thought I will just melt where I am. They have some coochie-cooing session in their Car which is unfortunately caught in a Mobile Phone Camera! And Naina aunty has seen both of them romancing. Naina tries to nail Angad, but our man refuses to listen to her and just gives her a big snub and tells her to buzz off from his personal life. Good going buddy! A lot happened today!!! Read on for the details!

BOSE MANSION. Tune dil mera toda, kahin ka na choda, sanam bewafa, oh sanam bewafa (Prithvi moping, Misthi supporting, Damini wondering)

Prithvi is sitting in his palatial mansion (Kripa, you fool its bigger than the Khanna House, see what you lost) The HDDCS song is playing in the background – Tadap, Tadap ki is dil se aah nikalti rahi, mujhko saza di pyar ki, aisa kya gunhah kiya, toh lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein. (Ok ,we know that Prithvi is the prototype for Ajay Devgun's character in the movie) Prithvi remembers Kripa refusing to get engaged and poor thing cries like mad. Mishti comes from behind, looks miserable at Prithvi's broken-hearted look and starts crying herself. She sits besides Prithvi and tells him that she hates Kripa for breaking her brother's heart and cannot bear to see him miserable and sad like this. Mishti tells him that he has loved Kripa so dearly and this is what she does to him. Prithvi wipes his tears and tells Mishti that he does not blame or hate Kripa at all and infact respects her decision and that he still thinks that Kripa is a wonderful person. Mishti is all the more emotional now and tells Prithvi that how could he say such a thing, after what Kripa has done to him, and that she hates Kripa for being so mean and selfish. Damini is overhearing the conversation, she comes and sits besides the siblings and tells Mishti that she agrees with what Prithvi is saying and that it is good they came to know about Kripa's feelings before the relationship could be formalized, else it would led to more heartbreak later. Mishti does not look convinced, while Prithvi is just very, very quiet and withdrawn. (Poor Baby, I will SMS my phone number to him!)

THE KHANNA HOUSE (Surya and Gayatri upset over the Khanna's behaviour)

Meanwhile Gayatri and Suryabhaan are talking about all that happened and are very upset and disturbed by the Khanna's behaviour, specially after Kripa breaks the engagement. Suryabhaan tells Gayatri that she was right and they should have spoken to Kripa before going ahead with such an important decision and tells her that they will leave for Nainital tomorrow morning along with Kripa. Just then Kripa comes (all flushed and shy, I think she had Angad must have had a smooching session in the Outhouse – Brats, I tell you) and is shocked to learn that her Parents are taking her back to Naintal, away from her newly formed boyfriend. Kripa tries to argue out of it, but Gayatri refuses to listen, but then Dadi come by (like this lady a lot) and convinces both Surya and Gayatri to let Kripa stay put to pursue her dreams (or pursue Angad?) Both of them agree very hesitatingly.

Meanwhile Naina, Dilip, Kartik and Anita are having a conversation wherein Naina is fuming over Kripa's behaviour  and tells the others present that how dare that girl insult Naina and over-rule her decision. Dilip is as usual disinterested and tells Naina that why is she so hell bent on getting Kripa and Prithvi married. Anita tells Naina that there must have been a huge reason for Kripa refusing to marry a guy like Prithvi (yeah, you Cat, I know you have your dirty claws on him!) and that Kripa has her eyes set on something much bigger, hence she let go of a guy like Prithvi. Naina thinks to herself that she realizes what Kripa is after and she has to do something about it asap!

The next scene shows Naina trying to convince Damini to go ahead with the engagement of Mishti and Angad. Damini doesn't look convinced or pleased at all with the decision and tells Naina that she doesn't want to go ahead with anything before Naina has a talk with Angad. Naina tells Damini that Angad will never refute her decision and that he will do whatever she tells him (oh yeah sure, lady climb down from this high horse of yours) Damini still looks upset and tells Naina that she does not want the Kripa – Prithvi episode repeated once again and until she is confident that both Angad and Mishti are happy with the relationship, she won't go ahead with anything. As Damini leaves, Naina is left thinking that she has to make Angad agree somehow to this relationship and the only way to get Kripa out of Angad' life is to formalize Angad and Mishti's relationship.

THE OUTHOUSE – Angad climbs the Tree once again to meet Kripa!

Kripa is then shown lying in her bed smiling to herself and thinking of Angad while our dude is lounging in his rocking chair and has a goofy grin (he is so cute) on his face and is thinking of Kripa! The next cut shows Kripa going to close her room window, when she sees Angad sitting on the Mango Tree Branch (Gawd, he is such an adorable monkey – reminded me of my past years!) Kripa is completely taken unawares and obviously elated, as she asks Angad what on earth is he doing here at this time and that too on a tree top! Angad gives her a cute smile and tells her that he is taking Computer lesson (Lol) Kripa is like, ok ok go before someone sees you here, Angad tells her that he wanted to meet her and hence he came, he doesn't care if anyone sees him with her. Kripa is both scared and pleased as Angad flirts with her, just then Gayatri calls out her name and Kripa's eyes widen with panic as she tries to shoo off Angad who gives her an adorable wink and jumps off the tree.

Surya and Gayatri take leave, as Dilip and Naina are cold towards them and show no interest whatsoever. Dilip very matter of factly tells Teddy to get a Taxi for the Sharma to drop them to the Airport. Surya feels very hurt and insulted and replies back to Dilip that there is no need for it and that they will manage on their own. Kripa who is standing behind is tremendously hurt and her eyes well up with tears, as Surya and Gayatri pick up their luggage and start going outside. Just then Angad calls out their name and as Kripa looks towards the stairs, she watches Angad coming down and giving a dirty stare at both Dilip and Naina and then telling Surya very couteously that he will drop them to the airport. Naina is furious and tells Angad that he has a number of meetings lined up and he cannot go away like this, Angad just gives her a lay-off look and says that there is nothing so important that cannot be missed and he insists on dropping Surya and Gayatri to the Airport. Kripa smiles through her tears and gives an affectionate and loving look at Angad who looks back at Kripa and smiles and gives her a ''I am with you'' look!

ANGAD AND KRIPA SPEND THE DAY TOGETHER – The night will follow soon! (Jaane kyon lagta hai, meri tumhari pehle se pehchaan hai, tum maan itna jo de rahe ho, mujhpe yeh ehsaan hai)

The next scene shows Angad and Kripa alone in the Car, after they have dropped her parents and Angad notices that Kripa (looking very pretty) is very depressed and upset. Angad understands why she is upset and very sweetly puts his arms around her and cajoles her! Kripa is immediately cheered up (who wouldn't be sweety?) and Angad teases her and flirts with her and makes her laugh! As they drive back, Angad tells her that he knows a great place where they can enjoy their day and have fun (ya sure buddy, the same old routine!). Angad brings the Car infront of some resort and tells her that it is one of the best resorts in Mumbai and they can spend the day in the Hotel. Krips is a little taken aback and asks him quite uncertainly that why should they spend the day in the Hotel, rather they should go to the beach (clever girl, Angad you finally met your match buddy!) Angad is like, What? He looks a little perplexed and tells her that he has no problem going to a Beach but he would be mobbed immediately and if a Media guy sees them together, they will make it on the front page the next day! Kripa gives an impish smile and takes out a Cap and a pair of Sunglasses and gives it Agnad and tells him that if he wears them, no one will recognize him (What is that? A Magic cap and Magic Sunglasses which will make him invisible?) Angad dons them and looks super-cute, actually he looks like a College guy!

The next scene shows Angad and Kripa having the time of their life at the beach. It was a very well picturized scene, where the background music plays (Lyrics guys, someone please note them down!) and Angad and Kripa are shown loitering about in the sand, then enjoying a Gola, then playing in the sand, building castles and getting wet in the water. A very cute scene shows Angad placing Kripa on his feet and both of them walking, it was really sweet and romantic! As Angad and Kripa take a break from their fooling around, Angad takes off his glasses and some silly looking girls see him and come rushing towards him. Poor Angad grabs Kripa by one arm and they both run laughing! All in all, we get to see  that Angad and Kripa have an awesome time together, while poor Prithvi is wiping his tears alone!

It is late evening, and Angad and Kripa drive back home. Angad stops the Car quite away from the Outhouse, a surprised Kripa asks him why did he stop the Car so far away. Angad gets a brattish expression on his face and relaxes back on his seat and gives a seductive, side-way glance to Kripa and tells her that if he drops her to her room, it will be impossible for him to leave her (God……..if I were Kripa, I would have just held him by his collor and forced him to come inside the room…..to have Coffee, yaar!) Kripa is very embarrassed and feels extremely shy, as she understands what the prankster is trying to put across. Angad and Kripa then have a romantic staring session wherein they keep looking into each other's eyes and Angad gets this really passionate look in his eyes, whereas Kripa is just awfully coy and shy and cannot meet his eyes. Angad then takes the palm of his hand and puts it on Kripa's face and slips it behind her ears and draws her closer to him (Ohhhhh, my heartbeat had crossed 200 BPM at this moment) and as Kripa makes no pretension of not enjoying it, the scene becomes hazy and we see a someone' hand with a Mobile Phone recording the Video of their smooching session. I am presuming that they kissed, because the scene had turned hazy!

The next scene shows Kripa all red and shy, while Angad looks very pleased with himself (complete brat, I tell you!) and as Kripa gets out of the Car, Angad also gets out and stands at one end, while she stand at the other. Angad keeps staring at her and has a queer smile on his face while Kripa is blushing like anything and asks him playfully that why isn't he going inside. Angad tells her that first she should go and then he will go. Kripa cannot hide her happiness and gives one bright smile to Angad and runs into the Outhouse, all flushed with the color of first love and the first kiss!

NAINA – ANGAD CONFRONTATION (Maa ka jhatka, dheere se lage)

Naina has overseen this episode (thankfully not seen them kissing, incase they did kiss, which I am sure they did) and is furious with Angad. As he comes inside, a furious Naina tells Angad  that she wants to speak to him, he ignores her and tells her that he is very tired and wants to sleep. Before Naina can utter anything else, Angad climbs the stairs and goes inside his room. As Angad is about to change, Naina comes inside, fuming and tells a disinterested Angad that she wanted to speak to him but he just walked off without any explanation. Angad looks irritated and tells her that he told her he is tired and wants to doze off. Naina tells him that he is ignoring all his professional commitments and where was he the whole day. Angad's irritation is mounting and he tells her that he will handle whatever work is there tomorrow and that there is nothing which was so urgent. Naina is all the more upset and tells him that he has to leave for the Lucknow Tour in a week's time and then to Goa for the Concert. Angad turns to face Naina and tells her in an angry voice that why is she always talking about work, about business and about profit and gain. Angad says that he has a personal life and has every right to enjoy it. Naina tells him that she is his mother and she is only saying what she is saying for his own good and that he should stay away from ''that girl''. As soon as Naina says this, Angad's expression changes from that of indifference to one of anger and protectiveness  towards Kirpa and he tells her that what he does with anyone is his personal business and no one has the right to dictate terms to him, not even his Mother. And anyway, since when did Naina begin to have so much interest in what Angad does besides his professional work, Naina who is both shocked at Angad's attitude and rebellion tells him that till date no girl has ever affected Angad's professional life also, the way Kripa is. Naina walks out furiously, while Angad is just diffident and unbending!

CHILL KI CHAKLI (I thought why not treat you to something new other than my usual Tadka stuff!)

  • I hated to see Prithvi cry today, almost felt like killing Kripa for doing this to him. But then realized that what Prithvi is saying is correct, Kripa cannot help not loving him! Amit Tandon acted really well today. He was extremely convincing in the scene where he is alone and crying bitterly, and as soon as he hears Mishti's footsteps, he wipes his tears! Awesome scene! Mishti looked very pretty as usual and she can act really well in the emotional scenes! I love the way she supports her brother blindly and one could sympathize with her feelings also! Damini Rocks Big Time! An extremely positive and mature character, she enacts the role very well and looks extremely dignified and poised!
  • Angad climbing the tree once again and perched in the branch like a monkey to meet Kripa was just the best scene of this episode! I loved the way he tells Kripa that he is sitting there for Computer Classes. Lol…..he has a great timing of humor and his expressions are really funny and cute!
  • Angad and Kripa crackled in the Beach Scene! They actually looked like two young, first time lovers enjoying a day out! The scene was very asexual, it had a sweet, childish, innocent romanticism to it! Loved the scene where Angad carries Kripa on his feet!
  • The Car scene was awesome, Angad can give some really hot looks at times, no wonder Kripa melts so easily! I am not sure if they kissed in the Car, but the look Kripa had once she gets out of the Car told me that these two were upto something naughty! The way Angad slips his hand through Kripa's face was just spine-tingling!
  • Both Iqbal and Neha acted very fine today! Iqbal is a complete natural and excels in almost every scene! Neha seems to find her niche in scenes which are more light-hearted and romantic and hence she was superb today! The way her expression changes from one of grief and sadness to one of pride and love as she watches Angad standing up for her parents was awesome!
  • Angad and Kripa have an bang-on chemistry. After Pratham and Gauri of Kutumb, we have another pair who will ignite the screen with fire. Be it a confrontation scene, be it a passionate one, be it an emotional one, be it a comic one, be it a romantic one – these two share a great on-screen chemistry and it shows! Also the fact that they are so physically distinguished from one another adds to the charm! While Angad is physically imposing, Kripa is all fragile and babyish! They were just awesome in the beach and the Car scene!
  • Overall a very cute and entertaining episode, with lots of Angad and Kripa scenes! I liked the fact that Angad stand up against his Mother and tells her to buzz off!

Best scene of the episode – Angad and Kripa sharing a romantic moment in the Car.

Best moment of the episode – Angad climbing the Mango Tree to meet up with Kripa

             Best mystery of the episode – Who clicked Angad and Kripa's pic in the Car?




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Update for 24th May thanks to mistyeyed_25

Originally posted by mistyeyed_25

a very thanda episode if one expected lots of romance !but ya the suspense was broken where the mysterious stalker is concerned and the mysterious stalker is none other than.....................  read the end of the episode for it !!! ha ha !!! missed the beginning five again (Delhi traffic is getting worse by the day !!Cry)but from what i could gather is that naina went to meet kripa and must have had some nasty words to tell her. Damini and naina are talking where damini i guess tells naina that kripa , prithvi and angad have to go to lucknow for the promotional tour. naina is wanting to know why kripa as to go and damini wants to know why she doesnt want kripa to go. Says its absolutely imperative for kripa to ho as she is the lead.

saw it from this point onwards - naina goes to meet mishti and encourages mishti to go to lucknow. mishti is all smiles hearing angads name and the chance to accompany him!!!(naina aunty sure will leave no stone unturned to ensure her ladla beta stays away from a magnet knows as Kripa !!!! or is angad the magnet and kripa the magnetic pin!! Sorry dinky :) ) mishti calls up her mom and asks ma kya mein bhai ke saath jaa saktee hoon....(why are these brother and sister kabab mein hadi!!!)

At the airport, kripa meets mishti and mishti is very curt and cold to her. Tells kripa that that she didnt expect this fromher and can see anything but no her brothers tears. Mishti goes on ad says i was a fool that that i blindly saw through your faults. that i liked you despite you being from a small town but i forgot that our status and thinking was different and we were poles apart. what is wrong with my brother? he is good looking, loves you is caring and perfect. You knew that my brother loved you but still you hurt me. Kripa is crying and says that i never meant to hurt you or prithvi and both of you are very dear friends to me. if i said yes to prithvi for the engagement then this friendship would have got spilt and i didnt want that to happen 

prithvi comes and kripa gets all tensed. he smiles and behaves very normally, asks for angad and is told that he is coming shortly. mishti excuses erself and goes off towards the plane (she willnot miss an opp where she can leave prithvi and kripa alone ) ackward moment follows betweenkripa and pritvi and kripa apologises to him and tells him that he is indeed a true friend and a best one supporting and siding with her always. Prithvi says he will continue to be one...(the way prithvi was hiding his emotions under a smile said it all) they go and both bend down topick the bag, their fingers touch, kripa withdrwas and leaves, prithvi sad.

Blackmailer is talking to a man and says i will show this clip to naina khanna and do this work for you ..she will do anything so as to let her sons reputation go down the drain....

Plane lands in Lucnow, they show angad with the indian idol contestants outside the airport and in the cab...at the hotel, the butler seems more pleased to accompany them ...he asks for the room,mishti wants the room in the front and angad choses the room for kripa side wala (probably right next to his..) they agree to freshen up and go to their respectve rooms. Kripa is in the room ( i think it was the lobby not sure..)where angad comes looking like an excitng kid and goes towards kripa . Mishti comes in just then and angad is like mishti oh you was going to meet you only. and he flirts with mishti a bit but looking at kripa and kripa ofcourse is burning with envy and jealousy!(arent we all!!)Mishti asks if he is ready for the show and he says ya you go i just have to chang my shoes.misti turns tokripa and says you kripa ready. kripa is like ya you leave and i will be right with you...

angad goes to kripa and notices that kripa is upset. he asks her the matter  and she says nothing. she says your momcame to meet me yesterday. angad gets concerned and tells her he will talk to his mother. Kripa doesnt want him to do that. He says that he will tells his mother about them and she again says no there has bee so much of misunderatanding already....promise me you will not say anything and angad places his hand ontop of kripas. There in bbay the black mailer takes the clip to naina whose eyes became so wide on seeing the clip that it semed the eye balls would pop out of her eyes any minute...blackmailer asks for 1 crore and she thinks that with this clip in the media kripa will become a star  and famous (oh god which world is she living in..wont kripas reputation be tarnished) and angad what about him and his female fan following and what wpould misti and prithvi think of us. naina says that 1 crore is nothing infront of my son. she gives him the money (hello 1 crore ...does money grow on the trees of khannas residence .....) naina gives the money and takes the phone and sees the clip again..

Angad and kripa get out of the car, fans surround angad and one of the girls gives hima lipstick and shows him her back(i cant believe ekta actually made some girls do that)..he sees the lipstick and kripa has turned her face away. angad says aaj kal maine lipstick se sign karna band kar dya hai..kripa is all smiles

the blackmailer takes the money and tells a man whose face is not shown to us that naina said that one crore is nothing infront of her son and his reputation and she readily gave the money.man beckons the other guy to leave. and he turns his face away and we see the stalker - our very own Karthik Khanna (see so now in a serial full of vamps we finally have a villian!!!woh serial hi kya jisme jaddo aur nasha na...woh serialhi kya jisme angad ka ehsaas aur kripa ka innocence na ho..woh serial hi kya jisme prithvi jaise dost na ho..aur woh serial hi kya jisme vamp to ho lekin villian na ho wah wah wah - oh my god i  should become a shayari... great idea back up proffession !!) 

Tom Preview - Karthik telling anitha that he has had enough of being the dutiful son and that pripority was always given to angad who didnt care a damn for values and morals. he says that of the two angad was given the preference to become a star but not any more- now he will see how angad will become a star....anita put her hand on karthik and gives a very devilish smile ...(she should become the role model for onida tv i tell you !!!)








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May 25th Update/Synopsis

Originally posted by mistyeyed_25

Not sure if chilly will update today or not but heres a brief synosis of what happenned 

Karthi tells anitah that she no longers wants to be blacksheep of the family and now will fight for his own rights. anitah says like naina masi says vaar karo to aisa jaisee samne wale ko uski baharak na lage !!!Angad and Kripa perform at lucknow, angad dances to the title track of kyph, rahul vaidya sings , press conference takes place which is attended by kripa, angad and the indian idols. kripa and angad perform to duet of kyph.

mishti and prithvi greet angad and kripa and tell them what a rocking perf it was. They are told to go as its destnation goa the next day. Mishti is walking on the beach and talking to her mom, tells her mom that she will talk to angad and see how he feels! Prithvi gets to know that mishtis engagement is being planned with anga. he doesnt like the idea but tells his mom he will talkto angad and mishti both.

Angad has to change for the video shoot and cant decide what to wear. Mishti choses a banyan and says he will look good in that. angad disagrees. Kripa comes after nishti leaves and choses the same banyan! angad too agrees this time !!(pehla nasha after all!:) Angad comes out wearing the same banyan, both mishti and kripa are happy seeing angad. Mishti is thrilled to bits and tells kripa how happy she is when angad was at first not wanting to wear it but decides later on. kripa smiles .angad hugs mishti saying its all a matter of your good choice but playfully tugs kripas nose.

shoot on and kripa and angad dance to rabba rabba ....the doctor annouces over and angad and kripa continue to look into each others eyes!! mishti has turned her face and she is talking on the phone as soon as she turns her face back , angad and kripa free themselves fromthe embrace. mishti doesnt see them in a embrace :) 

harshini goes to the outhouse. there she meets anitaah who tells her that though engagement has broken, kripa still doesnt want to let go  of prithvi. anitaaah tells harshini that kripa has found a biggers fish by the name of angad!harshini decides that she has to tell prithvi everything. she decides to go to goa.

In goa she sees prithvi and kripa talking. prithvi gives kripa a ganesh pendant and kripa says she cant take it but prithvi insists that she keeos it. harshini sees this from a distance and is not toopleased.

mishti comes and asks prithvi, kripa and angad if they want a game of volleyball. prithvi says no and gives dirty looks to prithvi. they decide on a game of volleyball and mishti tells kripa she can be in her team as there is no competition between the two!!!they agree and head back to the resort. On the way to the resort, harshini meets prithvi and tells him her real feelings. prithvi rejects her very politely saying he still loves kripa and can not get her out of his mind.

at the resort, mishti gives kripa a change of clothes to wear at the beach and leaves to meet her brother. angad comes from behind (do they have a dividing door between the rooms) and gives her a locket.

mishti and prithvi are talking and prithvi says he will talkto angad as he wants to be absolutely sure.mishti realises that she has left her bag in kripas room and goes to get it.

kripa refuses to take the locket from angad saying that its too expensive and she cant take it.angad tells that that it is deniately not more expensive than his heart. he puts o the locket (mangalsutra???) hugs kripa and their forhead meet and they both are lost in each others eyes. Mishti opens the door and is shocked to see angad and kripa in a loving embrace!!



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Update for 26th  May
Originally posted by 2sweet4sweets


 Mishti sees Angad and Kripa in the room and is of course shocked. She just leaves the room(without disturbing them) and walks out. Then she remembers all those sweet moments she spend with Angad and the times when angad childishly flirted with her. She walks on the beach thinking about why she is getting so angry. She never felt about Angad in that way then why is she feeling so sad seeing them together. Then she thinks that it is not entirely Kripa's mistake then why is she getting so nagry at Kripa. And at that moment Kripa comes there and asks mishti what is she doing alone and they were supposed to play volleyball right. Mishti agrees and they go for the game.



They start the game and kripa asks Mishti that they are going to be on the same team. But this time mishti answers back really coldly and says that no they are not going to be on the same team. As Kripa enquires why, Mishti just says that there is one member less in the opponent team. Kripa agrees ang goes to the opposite team. They start and Kripa plays a shot in which Mishti falls on the ground. Kripa's teammates cheer kripa. Now Mishti really comes into that "JOSH"  and plays a spectacular shot which almost goes and hits Kripa on the face. Kripa complements Mishti on the shot. Mishti says"haan ab to hum competition main hain na" Kripa is kinda taken aback. But Mishti just changes the topic and abruptly leaves the game.



Angad rings up kripa on the cell and asks her as how was her day without him.She teasingly says it was pretty good. Infact  she did'nt even realize thet he was'nt there. She and Mishti had lots of fun playing volleyball. Then he suddenly coughs on the phone, Kripa is worried and asks what's up with him. He says it's nothing….just a slight fever. She tells him to take his medicines on time. Then he very flirtishly tells her that if she would come and see him then he would automatically be alright.

In the mean time Mishti is talking to somebody on the phone regarding some problem about the ticket confirmation.



All four of them reach the airport. Then Mishti tells them that there is a problem and only three of them can travel in this flight. Angad gets kinda tensed and asks whose ticket is not confirmed. Mishti replies it's Kripa's. An awkward kind of silence follows and then Angad tells Prithvi and Mishti to carry on and he and Kripa will take the next flight. But kripa insists him to leave as he is not felling very well. Angad is still adamant but Prithvi puts an end to this by saying that Angad shud carry on and he will wait with Kripa. Angad finally agrees. He goes behind Mishti and then they both (Angad and Kripa) give those lovelorn looks to each other.



Prithvi and Kripa spend some time in the coffee shop till the next flight arrived. He calls for the waiter but as he was gonna order something the waiter goes on to the next table. Kripa starts giggling(that was a cute scene). Then they have coffee and spent some really good time together….laughing and chatting.



 Mishti and Angad reach the Khanna house. Angad looks really depressed. And as he is not feeling well he leaves to his room. Now naina and Mishti are the only ppl in the room. Mishti confronts Naina s to why Naina told lies to mishti that Angad liked her when she already knew that Angad and Kripa loved each other. She would never forgive Naina for this and she would however "haasil" her pyar. She would not let the same thing happen to her as what happened to her bhai. And then Mishti leaves very angrily. Naina tells herself that it is good atleast mishti did'nt give up so easily.

As mishti is going outside Anitah sees her and asks misht why she looks so lost. Misht looks at anitah in that annoyed way and tells her that she wsa thinking about her future life of becoming Mrs. Angad Khanna very soon. And then Mishti walks away. Anitah is totally pissed off.. She prefers Angad Kripa rather than angad Mishti.



Karthik tells anitah that it will be very good if Angad gets married to Mishti. Anitah is shocked. Karthik further tells her that Angad snatched his parents love from him and he will snatch Kripa's love form Angad. He will snatch from Angad wha he loves the most and lives for ie. Krpa. This will shatter Angad and then he will come to know how it is to be left out and deserted from the ppl whom u love the most. Anitah does'nt look very convinced.


ANGAD AND KRIPA(Another cute phone scene)

Angad is talking to Kripa on the phone and tells her that he is really missing her that is why he is coming to the outhouse to meet her. She refuses and tells him to rest coz he is not feeling well and take his medicines on time. He again flirts with her asying that if he cannot come then she shud atleast come, and seeing her face would make him fit and fine. She tells him to shutup(playfully). They share a good laugh and a few romantic lines. When the convo is over. Angad turns back only to see his devilish mother staring at him


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Originally posted by galsn3105

Highlights of May 30th
basically, after naina listen to their conversation she tells angad to get some rest as they hav a promotion campaign the next day and keeps emphasising how impt it is for his career. he is upset because he is sick and no one cares abt that.

the next day, karthik, anitha, naina leave and kripa goes to see angad and sees that he is having high fever. she tells him not to go for the sake of their love but he says he has to leave and leaves.

i think he goes to goa but m not too sure! aniway there, he is supposed to do a add for some fitness company but refuses saying he is sick. he drives back to mumbai and lands up at the outhouse. he faints there!

kripa calls teddy and tells him and he informs the doctor and dadi who tells teddy not to let anyone disturb angad. so when karthik calls home, teddy lies saying angad never came back. aniway, there the manager of the fitness company says that his boses want to sue angad but naina is there to make sure nothing like that happens so as not to sabotage angad's career.

meanwhile, kripa nurses angad back to health staying up with him all night and they share some romantic moments - [sorry guys no mood to describe the romantic moments]

anyway, later kripa's mother calls to wish kripa happy birthday and kripa says that she completely forgot abt it. angad overhears it and wants to buy time so that he can do something for kripa. he tells kripa that he is hungry and tells her to cook for him. he decorates the place and then surprises kripa. he puts on a lucky bracelet that dadi gave him onto her wrist and kises it. he says that he has no need for it as he has her and that it doesn't make a difference who wears it - he or she!

Promo  4 tmr: the lipstik and sindoor scene

to tired to write more... sorry if it is not that good.
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Originally posted by mistyeyed_25

Last 5 minutes of May 30th episode

Angad goes to meet kripa in the outhouse and thanks her for taking care of him without sleeping or eating etc etc....angad goes to collect his jacket which he has left behind in the cupboard (i think he climbed the tree again!!) Kripa gets a call from her father and says thank you papa ..main to bhool hi gayee thi ki aaj mera bday hai..angad stops short and is curious. kripa realises that angad is around, tells her father that she is busy and hangs up the phone.

Angad suddenly feels all hugry and wants a three course meal which kripa readily agrees to prepare. She goes to the main house (outhouse main shayad kitchen nahin hai) while angad has a very mischevious look on his face. Teddy offers to help kripa but kripa refuses. Phone rings and Teddy lies to Karthik that angad hasnt reached home nor is there any news fromhim. After he puts thephone down , kripa asks him why he lied . Teddy replies coz angad is alone with you in the outhouse and log hazar batein kar sakte hain. Kripa leaves and as soon as she enters the outhouse, she is dumbstuck!!!  ( and i was left with my mouth open!!!)

The room is lit with all candles, fireplace is burning and it is all decorated. Angad is sitting on the sofa with a smile on his face. He has a cake in front of him. Kripa thanks him but angad says this is nothing compared to what she did for him....

Tom snippet - Kripa has tears in her eyes as angad says apna naam mee upar  is lipstick se likh lo taki mein hamesha ke liye tumhara ho jayoon...He holds her hands as kripa is written right across his chest.....

then he takes the sidoor and fills it in kripa's maang!!! and ifcourse both have tears in their eyes.



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Update May 30th!!!

What happens is angad turns around and sees naina after naina listen
to their conversation she tells angad to get some rest and did he
take his medicine and then naina says to angad that they have a
promotion campaign the next day that's why he has to go to shimla
and keeps emphasising how importantt it is for his career and about
his profeesional life. angad says "but mum do i have to go tommorow
can't you see i am not feeling well" his mum naina says "i know beta
but thats why i am here to see you if you are feeling well or not
and also this campaign is very important if you don't go everything
is going to go wrong and what we all planned will be a total failure
and that could create a big problem in your next tour" and then his
mum says go to sleep we are going to go in first thing in the
morning and then you come later after having a complete rest? angad
looks so tired and he is upset because he is sick and no one cares
abt that.

the next day in the morning, karthik, anitha, naina are going inside
the car about to leave and kripa looks outside the windows and says
to herself everybody is going know is the great time to see and meet
angad and also see how he is feeling? kripa goes to see angad and
she says to angad how are you feeling and she first touches his hand
then his neck then his head and says that you have a high fever and
she sees angad clothes on the bed and says what is all this and then
angad says kripa there is a very important thing that i have to go
to shimla and kripa says "what"? and then she says  "angad sit down
and listen to me" and then kripa says angad how can you go like this
your not feeling well you got a very high tempreture and got a very
bad fever your not feeling well please don't go. she tells him not
to go for the sake of their love and to forget about going because
is he important or his carerer but he says he has to leave because
it is really important and then he kisses kripa on the forehead and
says don't worry i'll be fine and then he leaves. and then he goes
inside his car and then on the side mirror of the car he sees kripa
running and caling him then kripa comes and she says "ok angad bye
take care"?
and then he leaves.

then angad gets there and kartik says no comments and then takes him
and says why are you late then angad says didn't mum tell you that i
wasn't feeling well and then kartik says all of us was witing for
you then the manager's assistance comes and says to angad that he is
supposed to do a add for some fitness company and he has to run on
this running machine and the assistance says that hundred thousandth
people are waiting to see him run on that machine? angad remebers
flashback and remebers that what kripa said to him and he refuses
saying that he is not feeling well he is sick and cannot run and
then the managers assistance says that nothing is impossible for you
mr angad and then says come on you can do it. then angad gets so
angry and says listen i am sick and i cannot do this and it is upto
me or notif i want to do it or not then asks for his name and says
listen mr whatever your name is i am not intrested on your bose
machine and i am not dioing all this and says many more things and
goes and kartik is just giving a grin and the assistance manager
says that he will sue them and take then to court and kartik is just
listening to what he is saying and just standing there?

angad drives back to mumbai and a sad song comes up and he is
thinking of kripa and kripa is thinking of him and the sad song goes
like this:

after that it shows kripa upset and cries and then a knock comes on
the door and kripa ran becasue she knew it was angad and she opens
the door and see's angad and she says angad what happened to you and
then he faints there!

kripa calls teddy and tells him and he informs the doctor and dadi
who tells teddy not to let anyone disturb angad. so when karthik
calls home, teddy lies saying angad never came back. anyway, there
the manager of the fitness company says that his boses want to sue
angad but naina is there to make sure nothing like that happens so
as not to sabotage angad's career.

meanwhile, kripa nurses angad and taking good care of him and then
she feels tired and sleeps the whole night on angads chest and then
it shows a nice slow motion song where it shows the next day kripa
is checking angads temperature and it was 8.95t and then she smiles
and then it shows angad outside with a guiture and a slow motion
song comes up and it shows angad playing his guitare and he is
wearing a no sleeve vest and a very nice sweet three quater lenght
tracksuit and then it shows kripa coming with milk and this thing
you add in milk and she holds the glass and tells angad to drink the
milk and angad smeels it and he makes this face like as if it smells
and it is disgusting and after that kripa makes him drink this milk
angad holds his nose and gulps the milk and the next scene was angad
and kripa are outside and angad is lying down and kripa is just
sitting down and kripa was going to say something and she turns back
and sees angad sleeping and after that she picks up a grass and put
it inside angads ears and it makes angad tickles and he suddenly
wakes up and then they laugh and smile and then the song stops?
after that angad and kripa back to the outhouse and angad is alright
and he is fine his fever is gone and after that angads says opk
thanks i should go now it is night and quite late i just get my
jacket and then he goes to get his jacket?

anyway, later kripa's mother calls to wish kripa happy birthday and
kripa says that she completely forgot that it is her birthday and
angad overhears it and wants to buy her something and do something
special on her first ever birthday with him and spend more time with
her so that he can do something for kripa and then kripa is still
talking no the phone with her dad and says that she has to go she'll
talk to him later and she hangs the phone and turns back and gets up
and goes toward angad and says didn't he find the jacket yet then
she says wait a minute let me see i think i would find it and then
angad tells kripa that it ain't that the thing is that he is hungry
and tells her to cook something special for him and she says ok what
do you want me to get you soap then he says naah i am alright know i
don't need to eat soap something special like first class meat with
roti and noodles and then she says ok let me go and cook and get it
for you? then she goes to naina's house and she goes in the kitchen
and makes food for angad and teddy says maam tell me i'll do it if i
knew that i wouldn't of send a miad and then she says it is alright
she can cook? and after that the phone rings and teddy picks it up
it is kartik and kartik say's that he wants to talk to angad and
teddy says that angad did not come yet and after that kripa says
teddy why did you lie and said that angad is not here yet and teddy
says because if i say that he is with you then people would think
something wrong about use to? and after that kripa takes the food
and goes to the outhose and sees that angad decorates the place and
then surprises kripa. and kripa is suprised and says to angad that
why did he do all that for he is not feeling well and he done all
that and then he says that kripa if you done so much for me then why
can't i celebrate your birthday and then angad says i did not know
that you care about me so much i mean by you stayed and take cared
of me three whole days and night and you didn't even move for a
minute and also you didn't change for a day and then he says atleast
i can do that for you and then kripa says but angad you don't feel
so well and you done allt his just for me and they have a long eye
to eye converstion and then she goes and hugs him after thatangad
says kripa i got a very special gift for you and she says what and
he puts on a lucky bracelet that dadi gave him onto her wrist and
kises it. he says that he has no need for it as he has her that is
his lucky charm know and that it doesn't make a difference who wears
it - he or she and then they hug and stear at eachother?
the end..

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