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May 11th update:

Originally posted by chillyflakes

Hey guys, I couldn't catch the entire episode yesterday and I am in no position to write an Update, but I just saw that no one has posted an update, hence I am doing a really, really quick and shoddy job of it! Please excuse me this time, will try and be more regular with this!

I missed the entire first scene, and begin watching only after the title song had appeared! So, any one of you Champs has to fill in this, I will copy that from your post and put it up in this Update (with due acknowledgement and all!)

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Kripa is shown rushing towards the elevator, as she is shown going for her recording with Angad. As she goes towards the elevator, shouting, ''Roko Roko'' the elevator door is closed, Kripa gets a ''Oh No'' look, but then suddenly a strong, masculine hand pushes open the door, and as a relieved Kripa goes inside, she is taken aback to see that its none other than Angad, who has this cutest, casual expression on his face. Kripa has a ''Tum'' look and turns away from him facing the door! Angad and Kripa are alone, while Angad is kind of humming a tune and has a naughty expression on his face, Kripa looks very uncomfortable. Then suddenly the power goes off and the elevator is plunged in darkness. Kripa is shown to be petrified and she immediately grabs Angad's arms, he in turn teases her that is she scared or what. Kripa gets a defensive look on her face and says that, why should she be scared and she is ok. Angad very mischievously tells her that why is she holding him, if she is not scared. Kripa is embarrassed and takes her hands off him, and then looks very anxious. Angad is definitely upto something and then starts talking to Kripa very causally and tells her that he had a friend who used to be very afraid of darkness and once he was going somewhere in an Elevator and the power went off, and that guy panicked so much, that he finally died. Kripa is shown to go really pale after hearing this and takes Angad's words seriously. Then suddenly Angad is shown to have palpitation and he takes off his jacket and starts acting really sick. Kripa is worried like hell for him and as Angad is shown to collapse on the floor of the elevator, Kripa sits besides him and breaks down crying trying to help Angad and calls for help. Kripa keeps telling Angad that she will not let anything happen to him, Angad is shown to get more and more unwell and then finally he is collapses. Kripa is shell-shocked and does not react for a moment, then she tries to rub Angad's heart and revive him, but he is shown to be dead as a wood. Kripa who has now started crying openly and keeps telling Angad that nothing can happen to him, as long as Kripa is there. Kripa then gets a determined look on her face and then she closes her tightly and goes near Angad. It seem as if she is going to kiss him on his lips (basically mouth to mouth resuscitation) and as she is almost near his lips, Angad opens his eyes and bursts out laughing like crazy. Kripa is stunned for a moment and then finally gets up furious with him, and tells him that he is a completely crazy person. Angad keeps laughing and telling her that he really got her this  time, Kripa who is both embarrassed and annoyed turns her face away from him, and says that he is a gone case and nothing can be done about him. And as she keeps muttering something in anger and irritation, she says that she would have died if something would have occurred to Angad. As the power comes back (Angad had done it actually, he tells that to Kripa, who gets all the more irritated) Kripa just tosses her head in frustration and walks out livid with apparent anger, while Angad is still in the elevator leaning against its wall, and a loving, affectionate smile spreads over his face! Basically Angad is shown to be glad about the fact that Kripa cares so much for him and in spite of her outwardly anger, it was her anxiety and distress for him that was so obvious!

Kripa and Angad are now shown to record for the song, ''Is pyar ko main kya naam doo?'' while giving funny side-way glances to each other. Kripa is shown to be actually amused over the whole elevator incident and is trying to hide her laughter while Angad is actually teasing her through his eyes, over the fact that Kripa took the whole thing so seriously and involuntarily showed her deep concern for him! As they finish recording, Mishti and Prithvi are shown to enter the recording room. Once the recording is finished, both Angad and Kripa go and meet the Bose siblings and have a general hi-hello thing going on and as usual Angad is really cold towards Prithvi! One of Angad's colleagues comes over and tells him that there is a new disc opening today, and Angad has been specially invited for it, Angad tries to avoid it by saying that he has something else planned, but the other guy tells him that he could get his co-singer along with him. Angad gives a sly, side-glance to Kripa who, although is busy in a conversation with Mishti and Prithvi, is keenly watching Angad, I thought she listened to what the guy tells Angad, about getting his co-star along.

In what I thought was a classic scene of love-play (and by that I mean playfulness in love and not the ''love play'' that some of u must be thinking off!) as Angad is about to turn towards Kripa and ask her out, Prithvi tells Kripa that there is a new Disc opening tonight, and would she like to accompany him. Kripa is not even looking at Prithvi, she keeps looking at Angad, whose face has gone really dour and upset, and with a mischievous smile on her face, she tells Prithvi, of course, why not! Oh Wow, Angad's face was just worth watching, in just that moment, he experiences a fierce possessiveness for Kripa and complete hatred for Prithvi! But Angad being the cool customer that he is, asks Mishti if she would like to accompany him tonight for the Party, Mishti is obviously elated but refuses by saying that she does not want to get the ''baddua'' of all the girls around, when they see her with him. Angad gives one look at Kripa, who is completely burning in jealousy now and probably is regretting saying yes to Prithvi, and tells Mishti that ''Agar aisi baat hai, toh Mein, Angad Khanna yeh dawa karta hoon, ki mein tumhara deewana hoon.'' Mishti is on the seventh heaven, while Prithvi is just plain irritated, while Kripa looks ready to kill Angad for this!

The Party scene was okey dokey, Kripa looked beautiful in a Black Indo-Western Outfit, while Misthi looked her usual attractive self in a short black dress, Prithvi looked all love-struck and dazed, while Angad was again, Greek God! As the four of them are standing with each other, Angad and Kripa are giving ''looks'' to one another, while the poor Bose siblings are completely unaware it! Angad asks Mishti for a drink and he and Prithvi go to fetch something for the ladies. Misthi takes advantage of the same and asks Kripa's views on the Prithvi, but Kripa misunderstands it and thinks that Mishti is asking her about Angad and gets extremely self-conscious and nervous. But once Mishti clears that it is Prithvi she was asking about, Kripa very casually tells her that yes she likes Prithvi. Some songs plays on (Arre re arre yeh kya hua from DTPH) and Mishti tells Angad that they have to dance on this, Angad who is in no mood to, joins Misthi anyway, while Kripa looks increasingly sad and forlorn. Puppy Prithvi asks her if she would like to join him, and then both the couples dance on the floor. Angad and Kripa just keep looking at each other all the while, and when Kripa is finally enjoying her dance, Angad looks ready to wrangle Prithvi's neck! Misthi then tells Angad that isn't it strange that two people who are so opposite to each other fall in love inspite of their differences, Angad is not really listening to Mishti, till she says, take the example of Prithvi and Kripa. Angad is immediately all ears, and asks her what exactly does she mean. Mishti very innocently tells Angad that Prithvi is deeply in love with Kripa (Angad's expression was amazing when Misthi says this, a mixture of regret and resentment and yes possessiveness) and  the best part is that now even Kripa has confirmed her love for Prithvi. Angad kind of stops dancing and has a stunned look on his face, as Mishti tells him all about the letter stuff.

The episode ends on Angad's livid and jealous face as he prepares to take Prithvi head on in today's episode! We can see some pretty violent stuff today on screen!!! No doubt about the fact who is going to win!

Chilly Takes

    Well firstly, I am really ashamed that I wrote such a terrible update, on top of that its incomplete. All I can say is that, I just couldn't help it! Will try and do a more regular and consistent job of this! Amazing episode in terms of performance. Angad's acting was so, so, so good! He is one person to look out for, completely natural performance. Everything about him, right from the way his eyes speak, to his body language, to his voice modulation to his dialogue delivery is just FLAWLESS. I simply can't pin-point one mistake in his performance, I personally find it excellent and just way too impressive. Kripa was very good in this episode, and she looked marvelous in the Disc Scene! Her hair was done up rather nicely and her make-up was very well-done! The expressions she had while Angad pretends to collapse were simply superb and the way she expresses her anger and concern over him was so sweet and touching! Prithvi is getting quite syrupy these days, and I feel pretty put-off by him! Mishti is as usual, damn good! The Elevator scene gotta be one of the finest yet again! It will be one of the more memorable scenes from KYPH because, one it was really good in terms of acting, both Angad and Kripa acted superbly, secondly, it was a very humorous as well as a very emotional scene and thirdly we got to know once again that Kripa is still very much in love with Angad and he realizes that fact, while himself falling in love with her! Also the way Kripa tries to get Angad jealous was also very cute, if any of you noticed that this was the first time that Kripa deliberately tried to make Angad jealous! Till now whatever she did was involuntary and not done with a purpose, but yesterday, I think it was Kripa's way to answer Angad's trick on her! And yes, it did backfire rather badly, when Angad asks Mishti out in such a romantic fashion! The Disc scene was again very good, Angad's expression on getting to hear that Kripa has acknowledged Prithvi's love, were just fantastic. The way he gets this mad streak in his eyes is just beyond explanation!
  • Angad and Kripa's chemistry was at its optimum level yesterday! They just got the house on fire, with their superb sense of timing and physical chemistry. Their proximity in the Elevator was done in a very nice way, and I especially liked the scene where Kripa closes her eyes and comes towards Angad for the Mouth-to-Mouth resuscitation and he opens his eyes just on time, only to prove yet again, that Angad is a truly fabulous human being, an inherently decent boy!


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May 12th update: Angad puts lipstick on Kripa's Maang

Originally posted by chillyflakes

{DEDICATION - This Update is especially for all my Pardesi Friends (as Kariya puts it)! Guys, I have just one thing to say, Distance only makes the Heart grow fonder!}



Mind-blowing episode……I was just so rattled after seeing it, that it took me some while to just calm down and then begin writing! Angad was like…..I don't know how to describe him, seriously, he was THAT GOOD! And his chemistry with Kripa was just va-va-vroom! Simply Superb! And yes, Angad did climb into Kripa's room, but not through a wall, rather a tree (how much more cuter can this chap get). Today was an episode of rather dramatic scenes and of a very important turning point in the lives of Angad and Kripa, with Angad acknowledging that he is indeed in love with Kripa, only he did not put in the exact words! And even though Angad was drunk, he was not out of his senses! Poor Kripa has been truly put in the cross roads of her life by Angad today. Next week is going to be really worth-watching! Here goes the episode, I don't think the update will even capture a fraction of the fabulous episode, but my work is to update, so I am doing whatever best I can!

THE DISC (Woh hain zara khafa khafa, ki nain yun milayi…..)

Angad and Mishti are dancing in one end while the other end is occupied by Kripa and Prithvi. But as usual Angad is busy looking at Kripa, while she does not even seem to be aware of Prithvi's existence and is busy craning her slim neck to catch a glimpse of Angad. Once Misthi has told Angad about Prithvi and Kripa's so-called budding romance, Misthi very playfully asks Angad what is his idea of a dream girl. Now the dancing has slowed down a bit and they are nearer to Kripa and Prithvi. While our resident puppy is giving his irritating love-struck look to Kripa, she meanwhile is doing her best to listen to Angad and Misthi's conversation. Angad smiles and describes his ideal girl by saying that she should be very beautiful, have innocent eyes, her laugher should be like a child's, she should be compassionate, kind and warm, she should be intelligent, sensitive and full of life. Her one smile should bring laughter in Angad's life, her one tear should break Angad's heart into pieces, that should be his ideal girl. When Angad is describing his girl, Kripa is listening intently and her face lights up with hope and anticipation and her eyes and ears are only for Angad. (Prithvi is such an idiot, can't he see that the girl is not even looking at him while dancing with him!!!) Mishti very coquettishly asks him has he found this girl or is he still looking for her. Angad gets a false thoughtful expression on his face, and then he gives one gentle, sideway glance to Kripa, who looks full of excitement and her eyes are lit up brightly, Angad then looks at Mishti and smiles warmly and tells her, ''Yes it is you.'' Kripa's face immediately falls and the light in her eyes fade away to sadness. Mishti is elated and tells him that he is lying once again, but her heart still wants to believe him. Angad breaks out laughing gaily and they enjoy their dance, but yet again, Angad and Kripa cannot help looking at one another all the time!

Kripa is then shown to feel very tired and she apparently tells Prithvi that she wants to get back home, our willing servant immediately obliges and takes her out. Angad who's full concentration is on them, gets a little curious and quite upset and decides that he has to follow them. As Mishti and Angad are about to leave the disc, some friends of Mishti drop by and insist on her staying back. Angad is more than happy and leaves alone.

ANGAD AND PRITHVI'S FISTCUFF OUTSIDE THE DISC (Hum bhi hai josh mein, baatein kar hosh mein, humsein yoon nazrein mila….)

Outside, Prithvi and Kripa walk towards his Car and as Kripa sits inside, Prithvi sees Angad coming towards him. Angad has the most hateful, vile and totally jealous expression on his face as he comes and comments rather spitefully that these small town girls are really adept at trapping rich boys for their own selfish reasons. Prithvi immediately reacts and tells him to mind his language and how dare he speak like this about Kripa. Angad seems to have been waiting for this, and like a small boy ready to fight with his friend over a game of cricket, he pounces on Prithvi and further instigates him by saying that why is he getting so agitated and what relation does he have with Kripa, is she more important to him than Misthi. Prithvi tells him to shut-up and mind his own business and tells him rather coldly that he does not have to explain his relation with Kripa to anyone, least of all to Angad and that he knows him since childhood and likes him as a human being, but that is where their relation ends and Angad should know his limits. Prithvi tells Angad that he knows what is so bothering Angad, the fact that he dislikes Kripa and cannot see her happy (Prithvi which universe are you in sweety!) Angad who has now completely lost sense and his control over temper tells Prithvi rather tauntingly that Kripa must be someone really special, for whom he is getting into a fight with his childhood friend. Prithvi just gets a '' You are a disgusting person, I am not going to waste my time and dignity on you'' and just walks away, when Angad (amazing expressions, superb body language) calls on Prithvi and in a very cheap and indicative manner tells him that, ''Go have fun''. The moment Angad says that, Prithvi just clutches his fist and rushes towards Angad is mad fury and holds his collar and asks him tersely, what the hell did he just say. Angad is now equally mad and looks back at Prithvi with an intense, powerful expression and says that if he gets hold of Prithvi's collar, Prithvi  won't see tomorrow's day (loved the way he said this line!) Prithvi is like oh yeah, come one then, both of them are now openly fighting and have their respective hands on one another's collars and are about to punch each other. Just then Kripa's voice comes from behind asking them what the hell are they doing. Angad and Prithvi both look at Kripa but do not let go of one another. Kripa is just too shocked and has no idea what occurred (As she was in the Car) and keeps prompting Angad to let go of Prithvi, Angad does not react in anyway but just gives one hateful glance at Prithvi and lets go of him. Angad then looks at Kripa and tells her very spitefully that why is she asking him to let go, why doesn't she tell her ''boyfriend'' to let go. Kripa looks really irritated and is about to say that Prithvi is not my boyfriend, but one look at Angad face, and anger creeps in her mind and she says, yes he is her boyfriend, what will he do about it. As a furious and mad with jealousy Angad looks on, Kripa who is equally disgusted  and upset to say anything, realizes that it could only be Angad who would be capable of starting a fight and gives a ''I have given up on you completely'' look at Angad and tells a rattled and disgusted Prithvi that they should just go. Kripa suddenly looks guilty that she had to call Prithvi her boyfriend but she is too upset to think of this and they just drive away.

Angad is now alone and has a myriad of expression on his face as he battles with his deepest emotions and his outwardly denial that he has fallen in love with Kripa. Angad  takes out a bottle of alcohol from his Car and gulps it down, while the title track of KYPH plays (someone please post the lyrics so that I can incorporate it in my Update!)

The next scene, which will go as a classic in the history of KYPH till date! I think this scene beat every thing before it! And it was a total Angad Khanna show all the way, though Kripa did not have one line in this, her expression were simply amazing!

DRUNKEN ANGAD CLIMBS A TREE TO GET INTO KRIPA'S ROOM AGT MIDNIGHT (Kehdo ke tum ho mere warna, jeena nahin mujhe hai marna)

As Kripa is shown to take off her earrings (she is back in the Outhouse), its raining outside, someone knocks on the door. Kripa who is visibly upset wonders aloud who could it be at this hour, as she opens the door, she is stunned beyond belief to see a sloshed and wet Angad standing outside with a deadly look in his eyes! (My god, he looks so damn sexy in this scene, it was just a treat for the eyes) Kripa is disgusted at seeing him and that too drunk, she asks him rather rudely what the hell is he doing at this hour, Angad has no expression on his face except a burning intensity in his eyes, as if he has decided to finish things once and forever today. Angad tells her in a dead pan voice that he wants to speak to her on something. Kripa loses her cool completely and tells him that she is not interested in talking to him on anything, definitely not when he is in such a state and tells him to just go away. As Kripa is about to slam the door on his face, Angad stops it powerfully and gives one intense look at Kripa and tells her that if she does not allow him to talk to her, he will keep waiting for her outside, the whole night in the rain. Kripa is like, ''are you crazy or what'' and tells him that it is his choice and he can wait whole night or even beyond, she couldn't care more. Kripa slams the door on Angad's face, while he goes outside the house and wanders like a mad-man in the lawns.

The next scene shows Angad looking at one of the Outhouse windows open (in the first floor) and he gets a strange, devilish expression and then one glance at a nearby tree. In what I thought was a really cute, humorous, intense, passionate and extremely romantic scene of KYPH, Angad very deftly climbs the tree and plonks himself into Kripa's room. Kripa is facing her back to the window and she immediately turns around as she listens to some sound, her face is horrified as she looks at Angad staring at her with those deadly eyes of his (his intentions looked very dishonorable to me, actually!) Kripa screams on him and asks him how dare he come into her room at this hour and that too in such a manner (oh come on Kripa, how much more romance do you want in your life, you lucky woman!) Angad gives her a cold look and tells her that he is not her bloody servant that he will keep waiting for her outside in the rain the whole night. He wanted to talk to her and he will do so, because he feels like it and it doesn't matter one bit whether Kripa likes it not, as long as he wants it. Kripa looks ready to murder him. Angad then asks Kripa what relation does she share with Prithvi and is he really her boyfriend. Kripa is completely pissed off now and tells him that one its none of his business and secondly if it makes Angad feel any worse, then yes Prithvi is her boyfriend.


Angad comes very close to Kripa, who now looks quite petrified and tells her  that he will tell Kripa what relation she shares with Prithvi. As a scared out of wits Kripa listens, Angad tells her that Prithvi means nothing to Kripa, he is not her boyfriend, he is a nobody in Kripa's life, she has no feelings for him, she has never loved him and she will never love him. Kripa is just too dazed to react, while Angad gets ice in his voice and tells her that he will do something which will establish Angad's ownership over Kripa and then Prithvi will not be able to do anything about it. Kripa is completely horrified now and somehow gathers courage and tells Angad that he just disgusts her completely with his behavior and he should just get out right now. Angad keeps staring at Kripa for sometime and then glances at the dressing table and to the shock and surprise of Kripa, walks towards it and picks up a lipstick and before Kripa can even react, he throws open the lid and puts it over Kripa's forehead. The scene was really well shot, with curtains flowing, and Kripa's hair blowing all over her face and she is frozen as Angad does that and the Camera pans on their individual faces! While Angad looks confident and  completely aware of what he has just done, Kripa is just immobile and only her eyes are filled with tears, which are not yet flowing out!

Angad then moves back and tells Kripa that he himself does not know why he did what he just did and all he knows is that he cannot to bear to look at Kripa and Prithvi together and that his heart burns with jealousy when he sees Kripa with Prithvi. Angad tells Kripa that he does not know the meaning of love and still does not believe in it, he also knows that Kirpa and his paths are never meant to meet, only to cross each other and that they are different from each other in every possible respects. But inspite of all this, he still feels that Kripa is his and noone else's and that is why to put his stamp of ownership on Kripa, he did this act. Angad  tells Kripa that he is aware of the fact that Kripa is looking for love in her life, in which he does not believe, she is looking for a person who will put sindoor in her forehead (that is marry her) but again he has only known to sign with lipsticks on girls backs (lol…he said that rather cutely) but still he put lipstick on Kripa's forehead, he knows that she hates him and probably even he hates her, but he is still attracted towards her by a strange unknown force and he is not able to stop this rush of feelings. Angad then says that by putting lipstick on Kripa's forehead he has come half-way to Kripa and brought her half-way to him, in the sense that since Kripa's believes that by putting sindoor on a girl's forehead, she is morally and mentally committed to the man for her whole life and since Angad has done that, even though he has done that with a lipstick, Kripa has now become his and only his and now no one can come between them. Kripa meanwhile is shown to just stand like a statue, dazed and unbelieving to all that occurred, Angad tells her finally before going (I think he took the stairs and not the tree this time round!) that he has no name for his feelings towards Kripa, but whatever it is, it is something he cannot help and that if Kripa does not feel anything towards Angad, she can remove the lipstick from her forehead, but it will still not take away from Angad what he has taken from Kripa by involuntarily binding her into a relationship with him.


Kripa is shown to be shocked out her wits and then as she finally regains her senses, she breaks down crying hopelessly as she remembers an incident when she was younger. Flashback shows a young pig-tailed Kripa along with her Mother in her room, where Gayatri is applying sindoor in her forehead and Kripa asks her why does she do it everyday. Gayatri replies that the first time, Kripa's father had put sindoor on Gayatri's forehead and made her his wife for their whole life and since that day she puts it because it is not only a symbol of their marriage but also of the commitment of love and protection that Kripa's father had made towards Gayatri and of her commitment & love towards Kripa's father. Kripa then says that she still cannot understand why is it so auspicious or important since it is only a colour. Gayatri is shown to get a little upset and tells Kripa that she should not say so, and that she will understand the meaning and significance of sindoor only when a guy puts it on her forehead and binds her into a lifetime of commitment and relations forever.

As Kripa realizes the significance of her Mother's words, she is all the more emotional and shattered and lifts her hands to remove it, but her hands fail and she breaks down completely, shattered and broken. Kripa is still crying like a child and goes into the washroom and puts on the shower and sits bellow it as she lets the water wash away the sindoor.


Arre baba, I am in no position to comment today. Itna great episode dekhne ke baad, mere muh mein toh zubaan hi nahin bachi! Angad was just amazing today! The way he goes livid with jealousy and the way he is shown to battle with his emotions are fantabulous! Every scene was Angad's scene today and he just ROCKED, RAGED AND REIGNED TODAY! But if I had to choose one of the best scenes by Angad, it would definitely be the one where he applies lipstick to Kripa's forehead and then gives the explanation! This scene could have easily been one of the cheesiest and stupid scenes of KYPH, but the performance by Angad and Kripa and the superb dialogues lifted it to some other level. Just amazing stuff!

Kripa was really good today, the last scene where she breaks down like a child brought out the essence of Kripa today! Angad's action was all the more heart-breaking because Kripa is so madly in love with him and attaches immense significance to relationship and emotions, and Angad has definitely tied her down emotionally and mentally today by acknowledging his love for her but at the same time denying that it is love! Men, I tell you!

Prithvi was good, I liked him in the scene where he catches hold of Angad's collar when he says that nasty stuff for Kripa! But Prithvi cannot hold a candle to Angad, as a character and as an actor, he just cannot help fading infront of our Blazing Sun called Angad Khanna!

Angad – Kripa chemistry has got so volatile now that Nitica's electricity board is going to have a short-circuit as it just cannot take the load……these two are just bringing the house down with their amazing, superb and fantastic on-screen chemistry! Kudos to both Iqbal and Neha for the great job!

The story has definitely taken a turn today and now fireworks are going to explode next week!

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KYPH – Descriptive Update for 16 & 17th May, 2005 by sugar sweet

k…this is an attempt 2 give a more descriptive narration of the last 2 episodes as some of u hav been requesting in various threads…apologies 4 being a bit l8 2 respond but I had hoped that sum1-else wud do the honours …so sparing u all n I 4om the misery of my story-telling !…but more seriously, I've onli just managed 2 watch the 2 episodes properly (stupid revision is messing up the otherwise set routine of watching the episodes regularly @ 8pm – but thx god 4 the invention on video recorders!)

a pre-warning, tuesday's episode was definitely taanda ….n yesterday's was not any more 'garam' so 2 speak, althou we had 2 songs, a rpt of the l8est female (sad) version & a new male (sad/thoughtful) version …the lyrics I hav attempted @ capturing …but will chek once over l8er 2 make sure –as my hindi is not the best of languages!


-          16TH MAY EPISODE –

The Disc

The episode begins with Angad in the Disc once again, seated at the bar with more alcohol – when his conscious appears saying 'ek aur ho jaye?' poor Angad, who is clearly drunk takes a double take …but the conscious continues to talk, saying that 'tum jaante ho ke tumhari problem kya hai?' that you know that what you did with Kripa was wrong – despite how drunk our Angad is …he hasn't 4gotten his self-denial …even if it is b4 his own conscious! his conscious however continues that Kripa is the one who has made you realise your mistakes, and that is what you have not liked – deny it as much as you will but you can't deceive your own-self.  You've always got what you have wanted and today, for the first time, when that didn't happen, you knowingly hurt Kripa's self-respect and now your feeling bad about having done so.  Angad stubbornly insists he's not regretting anything but rather is feeling immune to any human feeling be it ghum, khushi or pash-tava – and as if on cue, Mishti places her hand on Angad's shoulder and his conscious disappears!  She tells him that she'd thought he had left early as he's needing to be in Ahmedabad tomorrow morning for the forthcoming album's promotion, Angad is clearly drunk and his reply that 'main kal ki fikhar mein aaj barbaad nahi karta' leaves Mishti confused, and so she asks whether he's feeling ok, and his response is he's tired and so should be leaving, but as he gets up to do so, he loses his balance (drunk to the point that he's now legless …oh deary me…disaster is sure to follow!)   

Angad's Bedroom

The next scene shows Mishti supporting Angad into his bedroom, whereby he just collapses on his bed face down (one would assume he's knocked out?! …I doubt very much …althou definitely had lost his senses Wink).  Mishti pulls the duvet cover over him and then moves to the other side to adjust him properly (more maternal instincts than love?!) neways, as she's to move away from him, Angad stops her by the arm and with half-opened eyes asks her to stay, she smiles in return, and although Angad's eyes now remain closed, she's shown to move towards him whilst turning off the bed-side table lamp (many of us debated on this point …which is y had to watch the scene once over to realize who was right …as to whether something happened between them or not! ….my opinion was confirmed by the next scene …..) 



Mishti comes down the stairs guiltily - her actions seem all the more suspicious as she appeared to be tip-toeing in aim of not disturbing the household?! (considering that Angad was drunk …how could they have not made a noise when they came in, esp as she was having to support him all the way up the stairs, and furthermore how did she know which room belonged to Angad? …one fast girl, is all I'll say!) newyas as she's doing this, Naina calls out for her, on which she sees Naina standing at the bottom step, and begins explaining that Angad hadn't been feeling too well for which reason she had to come and drop him off.  Nania is all the more happy on seeing Mishti at this late hour, that she dismissively tells her that she's welcome to come at any time, no needing any explanations.

Angad's Bedroom & Outside the Outhouse

Angad is shown fast asleep - dreaming of the scene where he put lipstick in Kripa's maang, and wakes up sweating! (bechaara …even after all that drink ….no relief of the misery!).  Angad then is shown banging on the Outhouse front-door, saying to Kripa that he needs to talk to her, to explain his actions and no more, he means not to harm her, that he can assure.  But the no-response 4om Kripa frustrates him and he furthers ke she's better to open the door, varna to get to her won't take him long, and she knows that very well! ...nothing comes of this threat thou, becos Naina appears, and asks him what he is doing out here, he just sulkily replies 'nothing, its personal' and leaves, leaving Naiana the more adamant to see Kripa married off to Prithvi asap!

Khanna's Dining Table

Naina tells Dilip that Kripa's parents are arriving today, and that they are needing to receive them.  Dilip appears confused, and asks y is she so obsessed with the idea of Kripa's marriage to Prithvi?  Naina replies that she's needing to keep Kripa away from Anagd, and this is the best way to do so, as the better choice for Angad is Mishti, both professionally and personally.  Dilip continues to argue that how is Kripa of any concern and eventuali leaves the table in despair.  Kartik also follows from his seat, saying that he too is heading for the office, when Anita asks for him to drop her off on his way too.  He agrees to wait for her outside, and as he heads off away from the table, he meets Angad.  Kartik questions him as to y he has not yet left for Ahmedabad, Angad replies that he didn't sleep very well last night and so slept in this morning, and asks of Kripa, on which Kartik replies that he thinks she has already left.  Anita and Kartik leave.  Naina asks Angad to have breakfast before he leaves, esp as she is needing to talk to him, but Angad refuses saying he has to go.   

Khanna's House

Naina and Dilip are shown returning home with Kripa's parent's, Sharma talks of the past, on which Dilip responds saying that time is so scarce that one has no time to remember old times.  Kripa's parents then enquire about Kripa, to which Naina replies that she's in Ahmedabad for the promotion of her album, and is a factor which is making Prithvi and his mum the more keener on the match! (this woman I tell u!).  Naina then suggests that they should rest and their luggage is being sent to their room, on which Kripa's mum asks of which room belongs to Kripa ….Naina says that as they very well know, their daughter was adamant to be of no inconveniece to them, for which reason she is situated in their Outhouse.  Her parents argue that then they too shall stay there, so to be able to spend more time with their daughter.  However, as they are to leave for the Outhouse, Naina suggests to Kripa's mum that considering Prithvi belongs to such a rich family, it might be an idea for them to shop for some new clothes for Kripa's mum to wear (what a cheek! …this woman reali is obsessed with her so-called status! …surely itna garoor toh aacha nahi hai rite?!) – Kripa's mum stands her ground by refusing to do so and leaves (way to go ...like mother like daughter!).  

Store in Ahmedabad

The store Manager is appearing tensed at the fact that Angad's late arrival may cause unnecessary and uncontrollable crowds, Mannan however reassures him that Angad will be on time – on which Angad is shown approaching via the escalator.  Whilst he begins to sign autographs for fans, he discreetly (as the camera crew are also following him!) asks Mannan about Kripa's whereabouts.  Mananan's like wot?! Isn't she with you? This makes Angad all the more worried of her …where could she be?

Khanna's House

Naina, Dilip, Kartik, Anita (does this girl not ever spend time with her non-appearing mum/sister?!), Damini, Pithvi and Kripa's parents are all seated, with Damini and Kripa's mum exchanging niceties about the potential suitors (Kripa and Prithvi respectively) being ideal material.  Kripa's mum does however say that she is wanting to speak to Kripa first before proceeding with anything, Naina insists that there is no need esp as the two already like each other.  However Kripa's mum is not convinced even after Dilip's talk of how nowadays it is the children who decide and parents follow.

Angad's Hotel Room

Angad rings asking for Harshini, and is told by the receptionist(?) that she left for Nainital a week ago ….this leaves him wondering as to where else Kripa could have gone?  He then is shown reflecting on some past encounters, on which he is left wanting to find her so to talk to her.

Another Trio Scene!

Its late at night and Prithvi is standing near his window, when he hears Kripa from behind, asking him that why has he not told her clearly of his feelings for her?  And that now having the opportunity he should do so, after all kal ho na ho! ..Prithvi begins his attempt of 'Kripa I …Kripa I ..' on which her illusion disappears!

At the same time Angad is shown standing in front of a dressing-table adjusting his watch, when he sees Kripa's reflection in the mirror, on which he turns to face her.  She asks him that why is it that he is always thinking of her?  He denies this, on which she continues that rather than her, its her ehsaas that's always with him, for which reason he feels her presence even when she's not with him, he's about to shout back when her illusion disappears!

The background theme of Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai plays and then the scene freezes on Angad, Kripa and Prithvi's faces yet again!

OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2005 at 9:00am | IP Logged
short update 17th by dinky21
the serial begins with naina n evryone plannin prithvi n kripa engagement....naina is adamant on the engagement tomorrow itself....everyone agrees!!
this is a long scene bte karthik n naina..she explains how kripa has that 'kashis' that can change angad n she is scared bout that coz she has not managed makin angad that practical as she wanted...n she blames dadi for it!karthik explains that angad wudnt go for a middle class woman like kripa wen he has had prettier women in hislife n he wont ever get married to her....naina still insist that i can see angad bowin in front of kripa which he generally never does...
   angad leaves ahemdabad for mumbai to talk to kripa...he doesnt care bout his appointments and meetings...
   we finally see kripa who is hidin at dadis house....she has not told dadi nythin but is jus cryin (gawddd!!) n thinkin bout the sindoor scene....
   angad reaches mumbai n runs towards the outhouse...teddy meets him n informs him bout the engagement..he is shocked but more upset....
   dadi is givin krip a lecture that how she shud face the situational problem rahther than run from it...listenin to dadi she is walkin towards the outhouse...where angad holds her hand....it freeze....

NEXT EPISODE: angad confesses his love for kripa...
he says he doesnt know wat is love...bu ti have changed from the time u have entered my life (so typical!!!) n i miss u when u r not around...

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17TH MAY EPISODE by sugar sweet–

Khanna's House

The episode begins with the Khanna's house scene, where the engagement talks are still continuing.  Damini playful teases Prithvi, that she has to be the first to feed him mithai becos he's found such a sweet and lovely bahu for her.  Naina says that they should set a date, considering all parties are happy with the match (god this woman!….an outsider would surely confuse her as an overly keen mother of the bride-to-be, who just can't wait to see her settled!) Sharma questions as to whats the hurry?  Naina plays the question down, and Sharma turns to Prithvi, asking for his opinion on the matter – who as expected, agrees in reply with Shrama that Kripa needs to be consulted.  Naina intervenes (yet again !) asking Prithvi, that surely you know of Kripa's feelings, as he begins to respond with a yes but -  Naina stops him by saying that then its settled.    


Sharma is shown looking thoughtful on the bed, when Kripa's mum appears asking him of his thoughts, he replies by reflecting on how Kripa's insistence of coming to Mumbai has led her to a household as high as Damini's.  Kripa's mother however, voices her concern as to why the Khanna's are so concerned about their daughter's well-being, jab ke pehle kabi itna apna paan nahi dek-ai, Sharma, dismisses the concerns.    

Dadi's House

We finally see Kripa with Dadi (some of you had rightly guessed! – but she went to Dadi's at such a late hour?!) neways – Dadi is shown talking to Kripa, that although she is unaware of what has happened, every1 will come to know that she didn't go to Ahmedabad and that y is she continuing to not tell her anything.  Dadi then argues that she's to send Kripa dinner, which she must eat.

Hotel Room in Ahmedabad

Angad is shown packing his belongings, whilst debating where Kripa could be.  Mannan appears, asking Angad where he's planning to go out for the evening, Angad replies he's actually returning to Mumbai, and whilst Mannan tries to reason with him about his schedule he replies he's not bothered about the arranged appointments and meetings, and leaves for Mumbai ….we then see Angad in his car traveling, with the following KYPH (new male version) song playing in the background, whilst he himself has flashbacks of times with Kripa ….

Humne na maana magar ab yeh lagta hai ….   

Humne na maana magar ab yeh lagta hai,

Is pyaar mein dil alag sa dharakta hai,

Hul chal jo ab ho rahi hai,

Pehle kabi nah hui thi,

Ab mere khawaon mein, voh thi hare ek raat,

Tumse mulaqaat hai (?)

Kaisa yeh pyaar hai (x4)  


Kartik & Naina

This was an extremely long scene between Naina and Kartik, in which Naina tries to explain to Kartik her reason for being so bothered about Kripa.  She describes Kripa as having a 'kashish' which no other girl that has been in contact with Angad has had, and she fears that that is what is going to be Angad's downfall – esp as she has been unsuccessful in making him as fully practical as she is herself, and the only one to blame for this is Dadi!  Kartik dismisses Dadi's influence and says that Angad merely respects her and no more, and as for Kripa she's not at all Angad's type/standard and more so, as he has had much prettier women than her in his life previously but of no lasting effect, so surely Kripa can be of no great threat nor relevance.  Naina continues to insist that she is convinced that Kripa is the one who is capable of making Angad bow before her, and that she cannot let happen!.  

Harshini in Naintal

We also saw a brief re-appearance of Harshini, whereby she'd been debating with herself that there has to have been a mistake somewhere, Kripa couldn't do this to her, esp as it was her who had been helping her in getting Prithvi and so she decides to ring and speak to Kripa about it all – however, her hopes are short-lived as Kripa's mum answers the phone asking about Harishni's whereabouts and why is that she's in Naintal when she should be here in Mumbai considering that Kripa and Prithvi may be getting engaged very soon …Harishni drops the phone in shock, leaving Kripa's mum to assume that the line got disconnected!

Khanna's House

Dilip, Sharma and Naina are seated, when Kripa's mum enters, Naian fumes at the sight of her sari (which to her is hideous …but in many respects was no worse than what Daminin walked in wearing!) – she's just convincing her to go upstairs and change into the sari Naina has bought for her to wear on such an occasion when Damini and Prithvi appear.  (Kartik and Anita are also shown seated at the other side).  Naina asks Teddy to serve, whilst Damini asks for Kripa's whereabouts, Naina tells her that she is on her way – Damini then turns towards Prithvi, and playfully tells him to get Mishti, they'll talk about her later! (ooopppsss ….trouble is surely brewing!)

Kripa at Dadi's House

Kripa seems to be lost in her thoughts with the KYPH (recent sad version playing in the background) when Angad appears before her, and the two continue to stare at each other ….until he disappears and she realizes she was staring at an illusion! …the lyrics are:


Bechain hai dil kyon, kaise yeh uljhan hai …

Gham aur khusion ka kaisa yeh bandan hai

Peeche gaya choote koi,

Aage naya moor koi

Sapne dekhata hai

Mujh-ko bhulata hai…

Bahaoon ka voh haar hai


Angad reaches Mumbai

Angad is shown running towards the house, when Teddy stops him, to whom he asks of Kripa's whereabouts.  Teddy is like, but we had all been expecting her to return with you. Angad asks why have they been all waiting for her?  Teddy explains that its Prithvi's and Kripa's engagement …at which Angad shouts a 'What?!' in disbelief, at which Teddy excuses himself and leaves

Kripa at Dadi's House

Kripa is shown scribbling something on paper and then in frustration ripping the page out of the notebook and throwing it on the floor amongst the many already lying there.  Dadi tells her off, and she apologies to Dadi, on which Dadi remarks that its not her she needs to apologies but rather her own-self – Dadi continues by saying that she understands that Kripa has been hurt by someone really bad and as a result she's trying to hide her hurt but in doing so, she's making the pain worse and more deepening, which is why she needs to return home and face her problems.  Kripa agrees but reveals that she fears that her strength will break.  Dadi instructs that she needs to return and do as her mind tells her.

Kripa Returns

Kripa is shown to be walking towards the Outhouse when she is grabbed by the arm by ….Angad, who clearly looks hurt and remorseful but Kripa's expressions change to hurt, with tears swelling up in her eyes, as she looks at his grip ….he's holding her so tightly that the poor girl is wincing!


Next Episode Preview

Angad argues that Kripa has to listen to him, in which he confesses his love for her by saying that until he had met her love for him was a commodity and useless feeling, but now when she's not around he surely misses her! (awwww ….a tru romantic under the whole macho attitude!)

OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

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17th update from sonynyu
I missed the first few minutes, but rakshal asked to elaborate on the episode and I'll try my best Smile Pls forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors. THANKS !

Naina tells Kripa's parents that Kripa and Prithvi know each other very well, hinting that Kripa will surely say yes to the proposal. After all, marrying into a family like the Bose's is a dream come true for her. Professor Sharma (Kripa's dad) asks Prithvi on what he thinks of the situation. Prithvi supports Prof Sharma and advises that they should all wait for Kripa's return before making such an important decision. Naina declares that the engagement will be held tomorrow regardless. Naina aunty is eager to send Kripa out of Angad's life for good.

Kripa's parents are in the outhouse. Prof Sharma is happy for Kripa and is ever greatful to the Khannas for taking care of Kripa and getting her such a wonderful rishta. Kripa's mother is more cautious and suspects the Khannas since they have changed so quickly (they never cared for the Sharmas in the past)  Prof says they know what Kripa wants and moreover, Prithvi is a good match for Kripa. Mother agrees.

Kripa is hiding at Dadi's house. Dadi is worried about Kripa, since she left home w/o telling anyone. Dadi tries to ask kripa the truth about why she left, but Kripa says nothing. She's not hungry or anything.

Angad in Mumbai: Angad tells Mannam he's leaving for Mumbai immediately. Angad thinks to himself 'Wherever she (Kripa) is, I have to find her.' Mannam is surprised at Angad's sudden decision, esp since they have some functions to attend. Angad says, 'I don't care' (WOW!) Angad drives back to Mumbai and a male version of the title song plays in the background (really nice!)

Karthik and Naina have a discussion after the Boses and Sharmas leave. Karthik cannot understand why Naina is given so much importance to a ordinary girl like Kripa. Naina says 'Karthik, pls be practical' Karthik refuses to understand how Angad could be interested in a middle class girl like Kripa when he can have any girl he wants. Naina says there is something about Kripa that can change Angad and his ideals. ('Us ladki mein ek ajeeb kashish hai) She doesn't want Angad to 'bow down' to Kripa. Naina puts all the blame of Angad's impractical personality on Dadiji and her morals. Karthik assures Naina that Angad will surely take her advice on a important and crucial decision. A cool, calm and assured Karthik says, 'Mom, relax'.

Harshini suspects that Anita might have some hand in distancing Kripa and Harshini. She calls Kripa's number (the outhouse one) and Kripa's mother picks up. She tells Harshini to come to Mumbai for Kripa and Prithvi's saagi since her best buddy needs her in Mumbai for such an auspicious occasion. Harshini is shocked and drops the phone at hearing the news. She starts to break down (cries)

Prithvi and his family come back to Khannas for the engagement. Nothing much here.

Angad back in Mumbai. Teddy tells him that Kripa and Prithvi are getting engaged. Angad is shocked. Through the window, he sees the celebrations going to inside between Kripa and Prithvi's family (meethi eating)

At Dadi's house: Kripa is sitting in her room, thinking about Angad and all the recent happenings. She starts seeing Angad but he vanishes. Dadi advises Kripa to face her problems, instead of running away from them. Good advice Dadiji Smile 

Kripa is outside the house when someone takes her arm, with much force and strength. Kripa slowly turns around and we see Angad's face. He has a soft and sincere look to his face and looks OMG so hot, cute, handsome! Kripa and Angad both have tears in their eyes. Kripa looks at Angad's hand around her arm. Angad continues to hold on to her tightly yet his facial expressions are soft. Set against a moonlight, midnight blue backdrop, they both look deep into each other's eyes and the episode ends. WOW................Just loved this scene.

Tomorrow's special extended preview:

Angad: I want to talk to you.

Kripa: I don't want to talk to you.

Angad: But I want to talk to you! (screaming)

Kripa: (yelling) WHY????

Angad: (yelling) I don't know why I want to talk to you. I don't know what love is. I don't know if my confession is love or something else. But I know one thing, when I met you, love to me was nothing but a commodity,  a waste. But ever since you entered my life, I have changed Kripa. I am confused in my own ideals. I don't why I think this. But I know one thing, I miss you when you're not near me (OMGGGGG)

End of the preview. Can't wait for tomorrow
Chandini Senior Member

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Hi! Cant believe this things goes at the same rate all over the world i thgt it would be a couple of episodes ahead in india and pakistan but anyways

So... it shows angad and kripa talking and he is like " when your not around I miss you" "I feel your presence all the time - and it drives me crazy - you mean a lot to me Kripa - do u understand what  I am saying ? Then he is begging her to say something - whilts tears stream down his face - and then nena aunti sees kripa and says - come in beta she doesnt see angad - then kripa looks at angad goes and sees everyone - hears the stuff about everything and dadi turns up gives nena into trouble for makin such a big decesion - then prithvi says " i love to kripya whilst explaining why things are moving so fast - kripa breaks down and is like what do u want from me - i dont want this - I wrote the letters but they werent from me - i think there has bewn a misunderstanding - then nenna auntie takes kripa upstairs - and says so wat if you didnt no u no now - he loves you and will help u with ur career etc plus everyone approves etc then her mum comes and says we like him he loves you and ur happiness is key - at first kripa is thinking bout angad but then remembers all her time s with prithvi - Kripa goes down and says she is "raazi for engagement - but prithvi says - no i no your not and i want you to be happy - but she is like no believe me i am - next episiode shows her gettting dressed up and the ring ceremony - I realllllllllllly want Angad and Kripa to fall in love now - this is dragging tooo lonnnngggg!! What does anyone think will happen next? This forum is really cool - im so glad i have found ppl that like this show as much as i do! :D ok i gtg now coz its like 3 am here and i got exams! (",)

Bye! Chandini (",)

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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May 18th : Angad expresses his feelings, but Kripa is getting engaged

Originally posted by nitica_82

Angad turns kripa around and tears well up in their eyes. Angad is part-emotional and part-frustrated.

Angad tells Kripa ataht he has no idea about love ...all he knows that Kripa is important to him....he cannot live without her presence...he cannot bear her separation and distance...he cannot see anyone else with her.Kripa is struck by Angad's words but doesn't say anything. He shakes her by shoulders and says that damn it! say something but she stands tearful and zapped.

Naina sees Kripa at the bridhge from awindow but Angad is not visible. she calls Kripa inside.Kripa turns to look at Angad for once and then walks inside.

Kripa is shocked to see engagement arrangements and Prithvi all dressed up.Dadi scolds Naina in private for trying to design Kripa's life. Damini Bose notices Kripa's shock and discomfiture.

Kripa is more shocked than happy to see her parents and tells Prithvi taht someone else loves him and not her.Prithvi is shattered.Mishti also gets upset but Kripa sticks to her stand.

Naina talks to Kripa in private and emotionally manipulates her into asying yes to Prithivi and Kripa's mom also wants her to asy yes to a"good guy" like Prithvi.Kripa has Angad and his filling of her maang in her mind but she gives in.

She tells Prithvi that she'll get engaged to him but Prithvi can clearly see her crestfallen face..yet she insists that she is happy.

Tomorrow: Kripa is all set to get engaged to Prithvi,loooking really pretty in an orange n gold dress but her face looks haunted by Angad's love and memories!


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