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KYPH updates: comments will be deleted (Page 42)

kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2006 at 10:14am | IP Logged
7th march

picture update by nomi:
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=224549&T PN=1

vdo update by nomi:
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=224594&T PN=1

written update by justchill:

Today Episode started with Angad and Kripa giving their interview, it was not a joined interview, and it was a solo interview given by them separately.

They show Kripa' s interview and Angad interview simultaneously.


Kripa and Angad share their happy news about their unborn baby, and they also share their importance of family in their life. They share almost the same information, until when the question of future plan is put in front of them, Angad informs interviewer


"he will be giving only solo performance here after", and where else Kripa inform her interviewer that "she only loves performing with Angad and will only perform with him".


When Kripa finishes her interview, Karthik meets Kripa and inquires about interview; Kripa asks Karthik "how was Angad 's Interview".


Karthik informs her "it was good except for the fact that Angad and Kripa' s interview contradicted each other Angad had said he will be solo performing and you have told you will be performing only with him", Kripa breaks down hearing this, she replies Karthik "she thought Angad did not mean it when he told her earlier", Karthik realizing the break in Kripa's voice questions her if "she is okay" and she informs him that "she is alright".


 Damini watching Angad's Interview on television gives a villainous smile and think to herself


"Angad Khanna you are very happy about your baby, little do you know this baby is not yours what will be you state when you come to know and I will make sure this will happen in front of everybody"


Dadi calls Angad, Angad exclaims " He knew Dadi will call and asks her id she saw the interview" and Dadi asks him" as to why he made such a announcement to do solo performance and Angad replies to her that its was a very professional decision.


Dadi also asked him " Why did he announce about the baby" to which angad replies " that he is happy about his baby and what wrong in sharing it " Dadi who has thoughts of Kripa saying the baby belongs to Prithvi, informs Angad that " its not good to share happy news, it brings Bad luck, " Angad consoles Dadi saying there is nothing like that and she is just too concern about her Great Grandchild.


Karthik and Naina are watching the interview, and Naina is happy that "Angad has finally realized, He is a Rock star, Dashing boy, playboy of every woman", and whines "Every since he got married he had been a lot domestic and not focusing on his carrier", Where else Karthik informs Naina that " he feels its not safe for angad to give such a statement, People like Jodi performance and he performing with Kripa is only advantageous for Angad" to which Naina replies " Angad is not finished he is will also do well", and states business strategies like if a " product is not being accepted well we should modify the product and introduce it and order Karthik to "just get the Documents prepared which  she told him to prepare".

Angad was sitting on his bed and Kripa comes there all worn out and tired  sits in front of Angad, Angad immediatetly moves forward and gives her a slight massage stoking her back and hair and asks her " if she is tired" and she nods and questions him with a week smile with tears clouded in her eyes "how come he knows", and he replied saying "he has read it and its due to her heals pregnant woman should not wear heals and she needs to take care of herself" and ask her "when is the doctors appointment" And she informs "its tommorow", and she also informs Angad that "she some recording work she will finish them and come back" to which Angad questions her saying "she just came and she needs to go again" to which Kripa replies "its improtant work and she assures Angad she will take care of herself she is just pregnant and not sick", Angad gives her a weak smile and  Angad again asks her "if she is sure the Doctors appointment is not today " to which Kripa assures him again.


Aliyah and Anita are having a conversation, Aliyah informs Anita that "she should go to the Doctor as she think its time for them to have a child, she tells Aliyah she feels so because Of Angad and Kripa they have forgotten all their difference, to which Aliyah exclaims she is so wrong, Angad and Kripa decided to go for it after clearing their difference and she feels Anita needs to give Manik (Maniac) and herself some more time.


It's a new day, Angad comes down in a dashing Red shirt, calling Kripa's name as he reads the paper calls for Kripa again and asks for Tea or coffee (not sure), Naina comes with the tray and informs him " that Kripa is gone for recording"


Angad becomes impatient and calls Kripa saying "we have to get to the doctor"; But Kripa is in the recording and does not pick the call. Naina watching her restless son asks "him not to worry as she might be in the recording," Kripa as soon as she comes out of the recording check her cells and calls Angad back. They decide to meet in the hospital and Angad leaves immediately with out even having the tea


The drivers are having a conversation as to the car cannot be serviced as the Dilip sir takes it, the Drivers inform the same to Angad and he tells him he got to go and so the Drivers take the car.


After reaching the hospital the driver asks Angad " there are some things of Dilip Sir and if Angad can take them  along with him so taht he can leave the car the for service", to which Angad agrees.


The driver packs the things from the dickey, Angad find a cloth with blood strains, when he was about to ask the Driver about it the watchman interrupts him saying "he is not suppose to park the vehicle here" and then driver hands over the bag dumping the cloth inside the bag to Angad and leaves.


Angad comes to Kripa and apologizes for being late and Kripa hesitates having a confused face, and informs Angad that there was a misunderstanding and the appointment was yesterday and apologizes to Angad, who was very angry as to "how careless she can be even after he asking her" and tells her "if she does know the meaning of sorry, sorry means not to repeat it again," They get another appointment and leaves from there.


Karthik is at the reception of their office asks the receptionist for some document he finds a letter posted to Dilip and has a private and confidential note on top of it, Dilip who comes there informs Karthik that "he needs to talk to him" and takes him away slipping the letter inside his Pocket.


Kripa and Angad come home and for Kripa waits there an interviewer, Angad gets angry and leaves the place informing Kripa "to keep going and not to take care of their child," Kripa who felt heart broken informs the Interviewer "that Angad is just joking and that she is not feeling well and if she can have the interview tomorrow". The interviewer accepts and leaves the place while leaving she bumps into the maniac.


   Manik meets the interviewer at the entrance and ask her "as to What happened" and he informs her that "he knows lots of things about Kripa and he can share it with her if she wanted too" to which interviewer agrees saying "I came for a personal interview its okay I am happy if I at least get something".(What a interviewer Angry only becos of there ppl rumors spread). And then maniac scares us all by giving weird expression and villainous smiles.Dead

Thats all Guys !

queenkumar IF-Stunnerz

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kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 March 2006 at 11:07am | IP Logged
9 th march

picture update by nomi

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=226458&T PN=1

vdo by nomi

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=226493&T PN=1

update by ghunoo


Angad is heartbroken at Kripa's deception

Dadi tells Angad that she told Kripa not to tell him

Manik is working with Damini to expose Kripa and her pregnancy


1. Angad is very sad and can't believe Kripa's deception. Dadi comes to take him inside the house but Angad says that he cannot understand what Kripa did. He could have accepted Kripa's child being Prithvi's but he cannot understand how she could break his trust. All he wanted was trust from his wife in exchange of love and he thinks that was his mistake

2. Dadi tells him that the reason that Kripa did not disclose this was because she herself, had stopped her because she thought that the truth would hurt Angad. Angad is stunned, he retorts back, that does it change anything, does it not hurt him now and he just walks away from dadi

3. Kripa is crying and Naina comes and tells Kripa not to worry. Naina tells her that Angad is like a baby (yeah, right), he gets angry quickly and calms down quickly as well. Naina says that everything will be allright and angad will get closer to her baby and then to her. Anitah hears and applauds her mother for supporting Kripa. Naina says that its all just a pretense, Kripa is a big star and she rules the music world and Naina wants Kripa to stay in the house and make her feel that somebody supports her, That's all (Naina, playing games during such trying times !!!)

4. Next scene, Manik is apologizing to Damini that he could not get Kripa's pregnancy news printed. Damini says, its fine because he got the message across to Angad and that matters the most.

5. Some press reporters gather to ask Maasi some questions about Kripa. Massi dear starts phekoing lines about her friendship with Kripa and how she is Kripa's dress designer. The press do not want to know about her but want to find about Kripa so they are not interested and walk away. Funny Maasi, trying to hog the limelight

6. Angad is furious, (IQ has borrowed Manik's fear factor t) and is angrily punching the punching bad. He is raging and looks almost diabolic. He remembers how he was so loving to Kripa and all the scenes flash back. Kripa comes to him with a pooja thali and asks Angad to take the prasad. She says that I know you are angry with me, but please don't take the anger out on the prasad. she offers the prasad to angad, but instead of taking the prasad in his mouth, he deliberately removes his gloves and then takes the prasad from kripa's hand and puts it in his mouth. Kripa is sad, she asks angad to hear her one time or atleast talk to her. Kripa feels the baby kicked her for the first time, she tells Angad, the baby kicked me. Angad does not respond, he says that Kripa's deception has left him so far way from his feeling of love. He has forgiven her all the time, but he can't forget this, he shouts at kripa, telling her that he cannot forgive this mistake and he will never forgive or forget. Kripa is sorrowful.

7. Yes, the alcohol dripped Angad is back and is sitting with Shabbir. He tells Shabbir that he wants to forget everything and but does not tell Shabbir what happened. Angad says that trust and love are all foolish words

8. Angad's dad comes looking for him and finds the bloody hankerchief in Angad's room and grabs it and is scared to find it. At the same time, Kripa walks in and uncle hides. Kripa keeps calling Angad but his phone is switched off.

9. Kripa gets very worried and asks everybody where Angad is. She is inconsolable and looks positively miserable. Naina says, not to worry, but Angad's dad says that we need to worry, because Angad has been so tense lately. Karthik tells Kripa that he has called up everywhere but no sign of Angad. Dad says that they should inform police. Naina shoots down the idea, Dad says that 'How can Naina be so careless' (LOL), Naina says that now is not the time to inform the police and they should wait.

10. Kripa calls up Shabbir. Shabbir says that he does not know where Angad is. Kripa says that she knows Shabbir knows where Angad is, and he should tell her. She is crying on the phone and Shabbir assures her that he does not know where Angad is, but he will let her know when he finds Angad or Angad contacts him. After putting the phone down, Shabbir says that he feels bad that he had to lie to Kripa but Angad had made him promise and he cannot break that promise.

That's it, the episode ends.

Fantastic acting by Neha and Iqbal Both. I confess that I wanted to see Attitude Angad back, but this time, its not fun !!

saniya_4friends Newbie

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Posted: 09 March 2006 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
can u plz send mi the vedio 9 of dec Cry
romica Groupbie

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
aaahhh....i am dyin for 10the march update...somebody plz help....!!!!
sweet_ak92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
wheres the march 10th update??????
sweet_ak92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
wheres the march 10th update??????
romica Groupbie

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Posted: 10 March 2006 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
somebody plz put up the mach 10th update!!! i am dyin to knw wats up wid Angad n Kripa!!

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