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KYPH updates: comments will be deleted (Page 27)

angelsgurl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2006 at 7:46am | IP Logged
yo 28th waz a saturday and KYPH cumon on mon-fri :P

kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2006 at 9:58am | IP Logged
30 th jan

vdo by nomi :
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=191499&T PN=1

picture by nomi :
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=191441&K W=nomi&TPN=1

update by geet:

hey guys!!!

here is today's update:

angad is sleeping ulta when naina comes,wakes him up and gives him lemon water.then she bagins without preamble saying whatever happened yday shouldnt have hapenned ,she said that she has called a press conference to tell every1 that angad wasnt feeling well,she leaves angad who is still very sad.
in th epressconference,naina answers the questions saying angad couldnt perform cuz his bp was very low,the police comes and arrests him,he goes to jail!!!
kripa visits him and tells him she could face angad killing prithvi and says whatever he said he did it....then she went,looking very smug.
then dadi visits him and says she believes him and they hug.
prithvi has started showing signs of madness,he is decorating his room according to kripa's choices.

kripa is talking to a lawer abt evidences to prove angad is wrong and the lawer tells her to stay in khanna house to collect more proofs.she is still thinking abt it.

shabbir goes and asks angad why he is doing this,they wont get a better chance to win the case,they cant just sit like this.angad says that he cant do nething,kripa doesnt believe him,shabbir says that prithvi si doing all this ,doesnt he want to avenge for josh's death.angad has THE look in his eye,u kno the gleam he has...and says that prithvi will have to pay for for he did...!!!

guys,mere preboards marks mil gayee!!!i got gud marks,above 80%!!!yipeee!!!!

neways,i want some advice,tell me if u want the updates more detailed,ok???plzz ,plzzz!!!!

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uzi_sh Newbie

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Posted: 30 January 2006 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
thnx for the updates
queenkumar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 January 2006 at 8:46am | IP Logged

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kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 January 2006 at 10:16am | IP Logged
31 st jan video by nomi

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=192558&T PN=1
queenkumar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 February 2006 at 8:37am | IP Logged

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JinK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2006 at 8:40am | IP Logged
DO NOT POST COMMENTS HERE. It is a last warning.

2nd February pics by Nomi: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=194678

2nd February Update by Geet


kripa is packing.aaliyah comes and asks if she is going somewhere.she asks kripa why she confessed,and answers that its bcoz he loves kripa so much.
aaliyah talks abt an mms which prooves that angad wasnt there,and kripa says that even tho he was not there at the time he is involved.aaliyah says how can kripa disrespect his luv,kripa says that for that respect,kripa married prithvi,but angad couldnt see her happiness,aaliyah leaves..imaginary kripa comes and asks real kripa that is she really happy with angad in jail,and wants to return to prithvi?kripa yells,she doesnt luv angad,but is crying ,repeating it again and again.


prithvi asks kripa why she is upset,kripa says thats why she is scared.he says that she shouldnt worry abt angad nemore.simone calls and says that angad dint kill prithvi,some1 else did and kripa agrees to meet her.
she tells prithvi what simone told her,wothout telling the adress.kripa asks to go alone,she declines prithvi's offer.prithvi thinks and sees the trace of the address and goes there.shabbir and simone r standing confident.kripa goes and finds a house burnt to ashes kripa thinks that simone maybe dead.prithvi is there wearing a mask,he has burnt the house.
he goes to his own house and hides the black mask,sees kripa and asks her,why he went.she asks how he got to kno and he tells her she saw it on tv,and then he goes and makes her coffee,leaving kripa in thought.


shabbir is angry.he syas the only way to convince kripa is simone.aaliyah and shabbir say that if they get simone and prithvi infront of each other.prithvi is booking a table for mr and mrs prithvi bose.shabbir and aaliyah break a glass vase,pritvi geos and they try to escape,guess what??the door is locked,but they manage to escape att he last moment,prithvi is abt to go inside,,shabbir manages to find the fuse,and prithvi goes back,kripa is shouting,kripa goes to the cupboard to find hte torch ,and finds the mask.the light comes back on and kripa hides the mask.kripa is veryyy shocked.kripa comes outside,enters the car and prithvi goes back to get the wallet,prithvi goes to the cupboard,finds the mask,ooo he burns it.(the psycotic look in his eye)kripa watches THE whole thing...

the end!!!

By Buttercup

Hii....alll.. here comes todays's update... Enjoy!!Embarrassed

  • Kripa packs her stuff to leave from Khanna's(but she didnt leave okayyyLOL)...Aaliya comes in her room and aks whthr she is going to leave them... and asks her whtr she knows why bro confessed..?.Cry Kripa says yeah he confessed coz he your bro is a criminal.. Aaliya says no,.. but he loved you.. he really loves you... Cry...Kripa says thats not why he confessed... Angry...Aaliya tells to her then why did bro's sentenced period was reduced for 3 yrs from 14 yrs if he was the criminal..Cry
  • Aaliya tells her that bro is not responsible for anything and that the MMS shows everything that bro was not even on the spot wen the murder happened and that he is not even responsible for the whole thing.. Kripa says to her yea Angad arrived there after only the murder has happend.Cry.. I know that.. but Angad is involved in this.. and he is the one who had done this.. he is the one behind everything...AngryAngryAngry Aaliya tells her that bro wud have not done any such thing... Kripa says he did it and its that he cannot see anyone happy...Angry
  • She tells  to Aaliya that she married to Prithvi for Angad's family.. and while she was happy with Prithvi.. Angad wanted to ruin her life coz he cudnt see her living happily...Ouch
  • Aaliya leaves.. and Kripa's bhoot come out...LOL....and says to her you made Aaliya understand but how can you make your self understand... Kripa says that she is very happy and wants to go to Prithvi.. Bhoot says that she still luvs Angad..LOLLOLLOL.... and there is no need to hide it.. Kripa says that she doesnt love him.. she cries saying it out that she doesnt love him...Ouch
  • Kripa and Prithvi out in the garden.. he asks her why she is so worried.. and tht everything is normal now..and she shud relax now.. AngryAngry...Kripa says that everything seems so fine thats why she cant stay without worrying...thinking that wht mite happen tmro..Angry
  • Kripa cell rings.. Simone calls her ... Simone tells her that Angad is not the person who did the murder...Ouch.. Kripa says that she knows why Simone is trying to save Angad and she knows very well what relation she shares with Angad..Angry.. Simone again tells her the same tht Angad is not involved in any of these Ouch..Simone says before its too late you shud beleve me.. she gives her address.. and says tht she is coming over there..OuchOuch
  • Prithvi asks who called.. AngryAngry...Kripa tells that its Simone.. she had called and said that she got evidence which shows that Angad is innocent..and she have to go meet her.. Ouch
  • Kripa says to him that she needs to go to that addres... Prithvi says to her that he also wanna go with her as its not safe for her to go alone..AngryAngry...Kripa says its her issue and she wanna solve it on her own.. Kripa leaves the address on the table by mistake..and leaves..Confused
  • Prithvi check the address and leaves to go there..Angry...
  • Aaliya and Shabbir over there hiding and says that there plan will be succesful this time and Kripa will surely go there... this is there plaaaaaaaan.. may be Aaliya spoke as SimoneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Kripa arrives at the place and sees that the whole place have had a fire blast..Ouch
  • She asks ppl over there how has it happend and whtr anyone had been injured.. they tell they are also not aware of wat exactly happend.. bt it seems its done intentionally and the person who did this was trying to escape and he was covering his face with a black maskOuch.. SpidermaaaaaaaaaanLOL
  • Prithvi drives from there after firing the whole place..... covered his face like spiderman...Angry
  • Kripa comes home..while she entered the room she sees that Prithvi was putting something in the cupboard.. she didnt give much attention she goes and sit on the bed... ConfusedConfusedConfused... Prithvi tells her that why she did go there while it was not even required.. and that a fire has happend over there... AngryAngry... Kripa asks him how come he knew that a fired has placed over there..Angry
  • He says that he have seen it over news.. Kripa asks him why he didnt call her if so.. he gives a good excuse saying that her network wasnt reachable..AngryAngryAngry.
  • Shabbir says to Aaliya that he escaped this time also.. but we lost it this time.. Aaliya says there shud be more other ways to prove this.. Shabbir says that only way to prove it to Kripa is to bring Simone and allow Prithvi and Simone to meet ... and thats the only way we can make her beleve.. and he says that he cant let Angad loose this time..OuchOuchOuch
  • Prithvi books table for dinner.. Kripa comes to him and he tellst oher tht they are going out for dinner after a long time.. and to get ready.. Kripa looked like a bit disturbed..ConfusedConfusedConfused
  • Shabir and Aaliya was at there place.. listening to there crap.....LOLLOLLOL...they both hit a vase near there room.. Prithvi hears it and says to Kripa that he will go and check whoz there.. Aaliya and Shabbir runs from there.. to escape.. again Aaliya hits another vase over there.. and she stays scared.. assuming that Prithvi mite come.. before Prithvi arrived Shabbir grabs her into a room over there..LOLLOL
  • Prithvi feels that some ppl are over there and he walks ahead to the room to check whoz there..Shabbir sees the electric fuse and removes it before he entered.. so that he wont be able to see them..Big smileBig smile
  • Kripa shouts calling Prithvi saying that electricity has been lost and she goes open the cupboard looking for a torch.. while searching for the torch she sees the black face mask over there..LOL... and she recalls of the fire incident and what ppl said over there..saying that when it happend some one who had covered face with black mask escaped in a hurry..Angry
  • Again she recalls that when she came back home from Simone's place... Prithvi was near the cupboard putting something inside the cupboard... Ouch.... so she had a feeling that something is going wrong.Ouch
  • Prithvi waits for her in outside..She comes to go for dinner.. Prithvi says he needs to pick his wallet from inside.. goes inside.. pick the mask and burn it over... Kripa stays behing him seeing the whole thing.. with a huge question mark over her face.....Ouch

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kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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