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KYPH updates: comments will be deleted (Page 21)

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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 11:13pm | IP Logged

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Posted: 23 December 2005 at 11:20pm | IP Logged

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queenkumar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2005 at 6:51pm | IP Logged

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December 27th:

Video Update by : VIDEO--27TH dec--WATCH ONLINE

Picture Update by  : 27th dec Episode-some Pics-

UPDATE BY "Geet/Buttercup/Namo"Tongue:

Today's kyph update

We had 3 wonderful updates and as all 3 have put in the hard work I think the best would have them all together so all three are equally appreciated.


geet wrote:

hey darlings!!!

well,aaj ki update i will be doing,hope i dont leave nething out.


the episode started with kripa waking up and looking around.she didnt quite recongnise everything and looked around her and then she noticed the clothes of the girl from last night and  flashes of last night went through her mind.

suddenly,there was a knock on the door and there stood kripa's mom asking her to come down for breakfast as its almost 10 and also bring angad,suddenly angad came out of the bathroom all dressed up in his leather jacket and asked kripa's mom to come inside and he was like "kripa,hato ,mom ko andar aane do"kripa said "nahi angad,mom ko der ho rahi hai,haina mom,hum bas abhi neeche aate hain" but finally angad won and made gayatri sit on a chair inside the room and then he said "mom,mujjhe aapko kuchh dikhana hai "and kripa ,thinking he meant the girl's clothes,said no but then angad showed gayatri a plate of cut fruits and said "mom,yeh kal raat ko kripa ne mere liye kaate the,maine toh bola ki rehne do lekin usne  kaha health ke liye achhe hai" and then gayatri said "arre waah kripa,tumne toh aate hi apni responsibilities sambhal li" ...then there was a fAmily breakfast kind of a scene when every1-except surya was there and there was  a kind hearted funny kind of(in ekta's humour style,of course) and then kripa came out of the kitchen with food and when angad said that he was leaving kripa said "arre aap naashta kiye bina nahi jaayenge,maine aapke liye garam garam pakode babaye hain"and anitaah wa slike "ohh,how sweet and romantic" and then angad said "kripa,tum bhi mere saath khao na"and kripa was like "aap kha lijye,main baad mein khaungi "but angad and every1 insisted so she ate it and started coughing and then had water.anitttah said "aare,angad toh yahan hai,phir kripa ko kaun yaad kar raha hai?"

and angad was looking really smug while kripa looked unhappy.

then they showed a prithvi scene where the doc said that he could be taken home and well inbetween when damini was giving her lecture,they showed clips of a woman who certainly resembled  simone,i think it is simone.

neways,then they showed  the khanna house where decorations were going on and manik and  shabbir had a chat abt the whole reopening of the case,(he was sounding really confident,i mean shabbir) and then angad ha d acall and then he cakme back and then went to call kriipa.he entered the room ,went reaaly close to kripa and  remarked "kya baat hai,aaj toh bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho,jaldi se neeche aa jao ok?"and then he went to stand byt the window and a figure came out with ehr face  covered in red chhunni.angad said "kripa,aaj tumhari mooh dikhai hai,is din pe dulha dulhan ko nahi dekhta,abshagun hota hai,lekin i think humare case mein agar main tumhe dekh loon toh achha hoga",he nveiled her and it was....the girl from last night,suddenly naina came and whisked  fake kripa way while angad kept on saying mom and then kripa emerged from th eroom wearing a beautiful sari .angad went rushing down but was stopped by  anittaah and until he reached,the girl's face was shown and every1 was shocked.achanak,they heard angad's laughter and angad said that ak had planned that they would do something which would surpirse the ppl and said he hoped no1 was feeling bad abt it and then he was sent to call kripa.he made up soem reasons and later whe nthey were alone ,gave the girl some money and asked her to leave forever

he went to their room and said "kripa,yeh sab kya tha?" and kripa wa slike "maine kya kiya?tumne jiske saath suhaag raat manai thi,uski hi toh muh dikhai hoti ha na?"and then angad said "mere gharwaale tumhara intezaar kar rahe hain,neechhe jao "and kripa said "main nahi jaaungi kyunki jis rishe ko main nahi maant us rishte ki jhooti rasme bhi main nahi nibhaungi" and angad had just started to say "oh yeah." when  surya came and asked if the ceremony was over and angad was liek "arre shuro hogi toh khatam hogi na!aapki beti sajne savarne mein itna time laga rahi hai,maine bola jisne dekh kar pasand karna tha usne toh kar liya toh phir itne make up ki kya zaroorat"a nd then surya said something abt responsibilities and then went .angad befor e leaving said "kripa,itne makeup ke saath apne face ko attractive banane ki koshish mat karo,kuchh farak nahi padega "and went and kripa was standing there sad and they ended it....


i hope it wasnt so bad.



buttercup wrote:

                      At Khanna House:

                      Naina says to gaytri that finally they are together and am very happy to see them happy... Naina says to Gayatri that she is even very happy to to see them together .... Gayatri says to her after so much tension also atlast they are back together this is something such nice .. Naina says to her that she is very proud to have Kripa as her daughter in law.. Naina says to her Kripa must be very lucky to get such a loving husband and such caring mother in law like you... Naina says to her that Kripa will stay here as my daughter and not as my Daughter in law..

                      Kripa awakes and look for Angad in the room, then sees his cloths lyin on the bed, take the cloths on to her hands and remember what happend last nite... and gets angry adn throw them away... meantime Gaytri comes and knock on her door.. Kripa goes and open the door ... they both wish each other good mroning and Gayatri asks her to come down for breakfast with Angad soon.. she says tht they will get ready and come soon... Angad comes to her saying Mummy Ji and tries to get in the room to trouble Kripa since Minnie is the bathroom... Kripa tries to her send her off.. but Angad somehow makes her come and make her seated... Angad then says to her that he got something to show her and Kripa feels uneasy thinking that he wanted to bring Minnie there and she again tries to her send her out.. Angad goes and come with a plate of fruits... and tells to her that Kripa had cut this for me and she wants me to eat this... Gayatri says that she is very happy to see that Kripa is taking her responsibilities to the best.. Angad lets the fruits slip on Gayatri's lap and then she says she have to go and wash it... Angad asks her to go the bathroom and Kripa tries to stop her goin there since minnie is in the bathroom... Kripa sends her out saying she wants to get ready soon..

                      When she left Angad tells Kripa that mama shud have gone to the bathroom so tht she cud have met minnie...Kripa shows and angry face to him and says she wants to use the batheroom...and leaves..

                      At the breakfast table Dilip asks where is kripa.. Naina says that she is preparing the breakfast for everyone...

                      Angad says he have to leave and Kripa says she did pakolhe specially for him and he shud take it.. Angad says if so then we shud eat it in the same plate if u had done it so lovingly.. Kripa says that he can eat it now and she will take them later.. Naina and Gayatri insits both of them to take it on the same plate so Kripa agrees...

                      Angad says to kripa to eat it from his plate...and force her to eat it and kripa get coughing, Anita says due to ger coughing if Angad is here so who must be remembering her...

                      At the Hospital

                      Dr. tells to Damini that prithvi is absolutely fine now and she can take him back home.... Dr. leaves and Damini says to to Prithvi that she is very happy tht they can go home now and he is well , Prithvi says kaise ghar.. jahaa kripa nahin hai...  Damini says u shudnt feel weakk and life must go on though she is not here anymore... and tells to him that after ur dad left us i also thout i will not be able to live anymore..but see today am living my life my normally bcoz i saw u both infront of me and i felt tht there are some one who needs me.. and felt like living.. ur happines, and everything matters to me.. thts y i lived...and will u not live for me and mishty?.... Prithvi looks at her and says to him self that ...How do i tell u mom tht im not like u ... my only reason for living is Kripa... and no one else..... outside the room another doctor (new entry - teesha from kyunki)kept on hearing everything and leaves once they were done with there talks...

                      At Khanna House

                      Shabbir comes to see Angad for moo dhikaa rasam (not sure whts its cald), Angad says to him that you havent been here to see me since my marriage.. Shabir tells him that he has been busy with Angad's work only... Angad gets a phone call and he leaves from there... Lawyer Malik also comes to the ceremony and sees Shabbir and tells to him he had heard tht they are reopening the case Shabbir says to him so what? And he says to shabbir so it wud be a lot of fun and interesting again... Shabir says this time it wil not be a fun thing for u.. lets just see... Malik says to him time will tell us ... lets wait...Angad comes and says whts going on... and they says they were talking abt work only.. he says lets go get a drink.. and leaves.. They walk ahead and Gayatri calls to Angad and tells him to go and get Kripa down early for the ceremony...

                      Angad goes and Kripa standing infron of the mirro getting ready... He goes and hold her tightly ... Kripa gets annoyed and tries to move him away from her... Angad leaves her and says come down fast.. everyone is waiting for you...

                      Minnie covered ger face meets Angad near his room and Angad says if i see ur face before the ceremony its bad luck so i want to do it now....   if bad luck happenes with u il be really happy...he removes the cloth from her face and sees its minnie and asks her wht is she doing here... Naina comes and says hurry up and takes minie assuming kripa with her.... Angad tries to stop her but they leave... Kripa peeps from behind .. Angad turns and sees her starring at him in a teasing way...

                      Angad goes after Naina to stop her.. and Anita stops him and says why r u going... and y u in a hurry to see her while u have whole life to see her.... Kripa again peeps from behind and keep on smiling at him in a teasing way... Angad goes down in a hurry...

                      Those at the ceremony asks Naina to show her face as they have been waiting for long... when they removed the cloth they saw it was minnie and everyoe keeps on asking who she is in a shocking way... Angad comes and says Isnt it funny.!! Naina asks him why he is laughin and what funny... Angad tells to them Kripa said na tht she wud do something tht everyone wud get shoekced.. this is kripa's friend and kripa wanted to make u all shock.. wit this.. this is our plan on this day so tht everyone remembers this day... Invitees says good joke.. and Gayatri asks where is kripa..

                      Inviteees asks her Where she was at the wedding and they didnt see her anywhere...  .. She says that she came only after the wedding.. they says how come u were not at the wedding if you are such a good friend of hers. Angad says she was busy at office..she then says to them she cudnt get time coz work was uncertain...Angad says works at a night shift call centre..

                      Angad says to Minnie later How dare u ? She says that Im not interested to waste time here.. You only gave me money to come into your room last nite which i did ... and today mroning kripa gave me double money to come there infront of everyony.. Angad says so you want money right? here is money take this and you shudnt be ever seen near this house also...

                      Angad comes to the room and says to Kripa why had she done that... and she says wht had she done.? and says your parents shud see the person whom u had ur suhaagraat with.. so thats fine na.. she is the one you slept and she shud be there in the ceremony as well... Angad says to her to go down and tht everyone is waiting for her.. Kripa says she will not go.. he then yells at her...saying go down.. she again says she wil not go down and says she is afraid of him for shouting and laughs at him...

                      Kripa's dad come and says to go down everyone is waiting for her...Angad says she takes too much time to get ready... Bcoz of Kripa's dad she agrees to go down..


Originally posted by namo


hey gyz today also u ve to bear me!LOL

k so todays epi was 7 on 10 acc to me..........iqbal & neha as usual were luking gud specially neha bamb in a saree she luked really pretty but oue angad in a waiter dress( black suit withwhite shirt & black trousers) buss bow ki kami thiLOLLOL

lets start:

kripa's mom & angad's mom were shown toking to each other naina says she's vry happy dat finally itni mushkilon ke baad angad aur kripa ki shaadi ho gayi.........luk who's tokingLOL naina aunty aap hi un mushkilon ki jadh theeLOLi dunno suddenly in dono mom's mein itna pyar kahan se utpan ho gayaLOL

den kripa is shown waking up frm her bed & c all dose clothes which were thrown on her she rembers last nite.......& sudenly her mom knocks d door .....kripa opens d door & her mom say its already 10 plz jaldi tayar hoke angad ke sath neeche aajao...........& angad start his drama & asks kripas mom to sit & he pretends as if he's gonna show dose clothes of his & dat girl to gayatri bechari kripa she got scared & tried her level bst to make her mom go out of room...............wat stupidity angad & kripa r married now for god sake leave dem alone yeh sab apne apne ghar kyun nahin jaate evryone including anitah r living in dier house dats so wierdAngry 

k prithvi is shown in d hospital he's now well & can go hom........her mother says dat chalo beta ghar chalein but prithvi says kripa ke bina kaunsa gharEmbarrassedden his mom says..........bla bla.....beta tum mere aur mishty ke liye jiyo but prithvi talks to himself & says mom main bahut selfish hoon main sirf kripa ke liye jeeya karta tha ...........aur sirf usi ke liye jiyunga...sumyhin

& a new girl in a doctors attire is shown listening dier conversation she's d girl who played tisha's charachter in KSBKBTEmbarrassed- NEW ENTRY

nxt scene kripa  prepares d food 4 evry1......& serves to dem on dining table..........luk who's bak......angad's dad who didn't attend his son's marriage but ready to eat food prepared by his bahu(kripa)LOL.........angad is abt to get up but kripa says" aap kahan ja rahein hai maine aapke liye garam garam pakore banaye hain kha ke jayiye........as v all noe our angad is smarter den kripa he zabardasti make kripa eat dose pakoras which were full of mirch ufffffffhuuuuuuuuuuu mirch lag gayi bechari ko aur mujhe bhiLOL......

angad,shabbir& manik were shown together toking & suddenly angads cell rings & HE LEAVES MEANWHILE MANIK TALKS TO SHABBIR ABT REOPEN OF D CASE.......

kripas mom ask angad to bring kripa down for moo(face) dikhayiLOLhe goes in d room whr kripa was getting ready he holds her frm bak in his arms wowwwwwww she was luking vry simple but vry elegantSmileshe tries to get rid of frm his arms .......(main hti to kabhi nahin chahti aisaLOL) he says kripa relax m ur husbandLOL

den she goes towards d bathroom patanahin bathroom gayi thi ya woh darvaza kisi aur room mein khulta hai ......u noe bhoot banglaLOL .......angad is waiting 4 her to cum out........ den a girl cums frm dat side ...angad thinks he's kripa & says dat kehtein hain ki moo dikhayi mein agar dulhan ka chehra dulha pehle dekhle tp apshagun hota hai to yeh apshagun to main karke rahunga.........as soon as he opens d ghoonghut it was d same girl who came in dier room last nite angad was shocked & meanwhile naina cums & take her away thinking dat he's kripa cz she was in ghoonghut.........& den kripa cums in a beautiful saree luking gorgeous as usualBig smile& giving a teasing smile to angad...........

phir kya tha angad bhaisahab ki to siti biti gulLOLLOLhe ran down whr dis moodikhayi was going on......one aunty opend d ghonghut & evry1 was shocked.........den angad used his brains & said she's kripas friend & dey r playing games .........bla bla.......

den angad goes bak to kripa whr she was putting her make up & asks her to go down in anger but she says she wont cz woh un rasmon ko nahin nibhan chahti jise woh manti hi nahin haiEmbarrassed........angad says u tumne kya kiya she said jis ladki ke saath tumne suhag raat banayi moo dikhayi bhi to usi ki honi chahiyeLOL.......gud one kripaLOL..........but kripa ke dad ne entry mari aur kah ki moo dikhayi ho gayi beta angad says kahan dad kripa ko apne make up se phursat mile tab na..........naughty naughty angadLOL........kripas dad say dat kripa beta ab tum badi ho gayi ho apne zimedariyon ko samjhoLOLlolzzzzzzzz ask him kya kripa abhi tak choti thi ek bar pehle bhi uski shaadi ho chuki hai agar aapko yad ho toLOL......uske baad kripa ke paas kuch kehne ko nahin tha........as soon as her dad leaves angad says to kripa apne is chehre pe make up karna band kardo kyunki isse attractive banane ke liye tumhe sadiyan lag jayengiAngryAngryAngry

the endCry

Ouch lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz angad ke bache ishi chehre se tumne pyar kiya tha aur aaj bhi karte ho samjhe ya sankraman studios aake samjhaoonAngryLOLLOL

so gyz dis is d update 4 today thanx 4 bearing it!

lub u all namoBig smile

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December 27 ---- picture update ( full episode) by meEmbarrassed

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=162244&P N=1&TPN=1
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