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Update for KYPH - 04 April 2005

by chillyflakes

Fantastic Episode……I really hope and pray to God, that may he give good sense to Ms. Kapoor and may she continue this serial as good as she has begin it! But first things first, the serial seems to be a total rip-off from the Aishwyarya Rai starrer Taal and with a good mix of ''Maine Pyaar Kiya'' thrown in! Well whatever, as long as the serial continues its basic story line, it should be fine!

The episode beings with Angad's introduction once again (they are really cashing on him!!!) and  the same introductory song follows where Angad dances (hey, I thought he danced very well indeed) and then he touches Kripa's hands!

The episode begins properly with the show getting over, and Angad exiting the stage. Then they show him in the green room looking at his (sexy) image in the mirror and uttering a tired sigh (the been there, done that routine) and he then splashes water over his face and changes. Kripa is jostled among the crowd and as she goes out of the auditorium (just loved the girls expression in this scene, she is so adorable!) still dreaming about Angad and flashes of him keep coming and then she remembers the way he had touched her hand. Kripa is completely mesmerized, and then she hears shouts from a group of girls (Ekta should seriously consider getting better extras, they were awful!) that Angad is coming. Angad is then shown to make an exit towards his swanky, red, racing Car, and looked very dashing in blue denims! All the girls rush towards and him and literally clamber all over him asking for his autograph. Kripa is just too awe-struck after seeing him, but then realizes her good luck and rushes towards him, but the rest of the crowd is just too much for the poor, frail girl to handle and she is only able to catch his glimpse! Angad is smiling and signing autographs and then as he struggles to go towards his Car, where one of his friends is waiting for him, he touches a girl on her cheeks and she is shown to almost faint out of sheer excitement (very funny scene, btw). As a disappointed Kripa looks on, Angad gets into his Car (in the Driver's seat) and tells his cool dude looking friend, ''Lets Party'' and they zoom off, leaving poor Kripa with a desolate expression on her pretty face. (Hey this girl, Kripa acted so well in this scene, her expressions were so good and you actually end up feeling so bad for her, when she misses Angad)

Kripa  then notices Dilip standing near his Car talking on his cell-phone, she cheer up considerably and goes to him. Dilip is not very pleased at seeing her, but makes a pretence of being happy and asks her what is doing here. Kripa then begins talking in a very animated manner how she ended up taking lift in a Tempo and that it was the first time she had ever taken a lift, but she did not want to miss the concert. Dilip is least interested in listening to her story and quickly pushes her in his Car and they both drive home. Kripa asks him about the others, Dilip brushes her off and asks her about Surya Bhaan, as Kripa is about to tell him, Dilip's cell phone rings and he becomes busy on the phone. As a disappointed and surprised Kripa looks on, Dilip is constantly on his phone and he completely ignores her presence. As the Car approaches the Khanna House, Kripa assumes that Dilip will invite her inside and introduce her to other family members, but Dilip just drops her outside the Outhouse and goes to his own house. Kripa is shattered and remembers her Father's warmth and her Mother's love and wonders what is wrong with Dilip Uncle.

The next scene shows Dilip walking into his bedroom thinking how is he going to disclose about Kripa to Naina, who is shown sitting in her bed and working in an engrossed manner on her laptop (Whoever this lady is, does a really fine job of acting, she looks and acts real snooty and fits the role of the elegant socialite so well) Dilip tells her that he wants to talk to her on something, but Naina's cell phone rings and she begins to talk to some business associate and completely ignores Dilip (so we see, that the real problem of the Khanna Family lies in the Cell Phones!), Dilip is very irritated and tells her that when will she take a break and listen to him. Naina gives a frosty look at Dilip and tells him that Naina Khanna never stops and that it is only because of her that they are able to manage this huge an empire and also manage a superstar like Angad's career. Dilip is exasperated with Naina and tells her that he doesn't care whether she stops or not, but Dilip Khanna does stop and he switches off his bedside lamp and goes off of sleep and as soon as an equally irritated Naina shuts her laptop, Dilip realizes that he has still not told her about Kripa and that he will have to do it first thing in the morning.

The next morning, Kripa goes inside the Khanna House and meets up with Teddy, who is very nervous on seeing her and tries to make her leave politely. Just then a lady's voice announces, ''Tejeshwar, mera Apple Juice kahan hai'', and the Camera focuses on an old lady dressed in track pants (she is the elegant TV and Film actress Maya Alagh, for reference, she used to come in the Zee Serial Kitty Party). Teddy is quite rattled at seeing her and mumbles something about getting the juice in a moment's notice. As the lady scolds him in a firm yet gentle manner about how she likes everything on time, she notices Kripa standing and asks her in a matronly manner whether she is one of Naina's socialite friend's daughter, or one of the Music School student or if she is one of Angad's friends, Kripa blushes very sweetly and gives her introduction. The lady is very pleased and asks her how come Surya's daughter is in Mumbai and that too alone, Kripa tells her that she wanted to learn music and has come to join the Music academy run by the Khanna family.

The next scene shows Dadi (that's what Kripa calls her) and Kripa brisk walking alongside the beach and both of them getting along very well (so we have two good guys backing Kripa, Teddy and Dadi!), Kripa is shown to get tired and Dadi prods to complete one more round. As they come home, Kripa asks Dadi how come she stays in a different house than the rest of the family, for which Dadi says that Kripa should not misunderstand this, Dadi loves her family very much but she values her freedom equally and likes to live life in her own manner and that is why she has chosen to stay in a house very near to the Khanna House. Dadi seems to have taken a great liking for Kripa and tells her that she should join her in the morning walks and she will see how much difference exercise will make to her. Dadi then asks Kripa whether she will be seeing her in the evening at the Party for which Kripa answers rather apologetically that Dilip Uncle has not yet invited her and that she does not want to gate crash there. Dadi smiles at her an tells her that she should do what she feels is right, if her heart says to attend the Party she should or else not.

The Party Scene – Kripa is inside her room and is trying to concentrate on some music notes that she seems to be learning but the music is blaring from the Khanna house and she is not able to concentrate. Kripa thinks to herself how loud the music is and wonders what sort of a party will be going inside the house and then thinks about Angad and whether she will be able to meet him today at least or not. Inside the Party, the silly floozie Anita is shown to make an entry and is wearing some funny looking red dress and all the guys give her that ''Oh wow'' type of a look and she is obviously enjoying all the attention. Angad's brother is sitting on a couch with a disgruntled expression on his face and is drinking away to glory! Meanwhile Kripa decides that if she cannot go inside the Party venue, she can at least look from outside (poor thing, she is so damn cute!) and goes near the windows and peaks inside, mainly looking for Angad. Dilip seems to look in her direction and gives her a smile and beckons her to come inside. Kripa is elated and goes inside and as she is about to go near Dilip, she notices that he had been calling someone else. Kripa is very saddened and quickly moves out of the house and goes back to her room, thinking that she will never be able to see or meet Angad this way and that this could have been the perfect moment to meet him. As she is about to enter the Outhouse, she hears the Gatekeeper shout to the driver to take out Angad Baba's Car, and that is coming down in 5 minutes. Kripa eyes just pop out of excitement and she thinks to herself that God couldn't have given her a better opportunity than this one to meet Angad one to one. As she sees Angad coming out of his house and going towards his Car (a very smart yellow coloured racing Car with Angad 1111 written on the license plate), she rushes toward the Car and then she stumbles on a huge potted plant and her slipper comes off. As Kripa looks at Angad sitting in his Car, she throws away her slippers and rushes bare feet after him (very touching scene) but he has already vroomed off, leaving a heart-broken Kripa looking wistfully at him!

Afterword – I really like Dadi very much, she is quite different from the stereo-typical Grand Dame they show on television plus the actress potraying the role is very good! Neha is simply adorable, she has such an aura of vulnerability and innocence about her, you feel so protective towards her! She really brings out the childishness and innocence of Kripa very well! Not much of Angad, I guess Ekta is trying to tantalize the viewers by just showing glimpses of him for some time and postponing Angad and Ekta's first meeting! But Angad did look quite suave in the Denims especially when he splashes water all over his face!

The Promo for tomorrow's episode shows Angad's brother discovering that Dilip has hidden Kripa in the Outhouse and that Naina does not know about it yet. Anita is making a dig at how these small town people are so fascinated by high class people like them! Looks interesting, not too sure if they will show Angad and Kripa meeting tomorrow also or not!

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Short Update 4/05/05

by swati08

ok, the episode begins with the party and angad arrving  outside his house.  angad's friend calls him and tells him to go and change in outhouse for the interview.  he arrives at the outhouse all drunk and sees kripa.  he comes really close to her and tells her to wash n iron his jacket.  he thinks kripa is a new maid.  something happens and suddenly all the media comes to outhouse.  they see angad and kripa together and thinks that kripa is angad's girlfriend.  they start asking him questions n finally angad's mom and dad arrives and handles the situation.  Angad's mom tells the media that kripa is angad's childhood friend and daughter of surya(don't know his name).  angad's parents have an argument and angad's brother comes up with a plan that only reason kripa came to mumbai was to join the academy n he won't let it happen.  so kripa have to go back to nainital.  there were some scenes really sad about angad's parents ignoring kripa.  they also introduced new characters.  i think it was angad's mom sister n her daughter. 

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KYPH Apr 5 update- Angad and Kripa meet

by sonynyu

* Kripa and Angad meet
* Anita's 'cool' mother enters the show
* Naina finds out about Kripa
* The Khannas are rude to  Kripa
The episode starts back at the music album launch party. A surprised Anita says there is someone living in their house and yet they know nothing about. Angad's brother Karthik says the news is true and that Kripa from Naintal is living in the outhouse. Anita and her friend are both shocked at the news. Anita replies that its no surprise since people from small cities come to Mumbai to accomplish their dreams etc. The friend adds that Naina auntie doesn't like when uninvited guests make themselves at home in the Khanna hoursehold. Karthik adds that Dilip hasn't told Naina about Kripa yet and once she finds out it could spell trouble for everyone. Naina doesn't like to hear anything about Naintal.
All the guests ask Naina about Angad. She is forced to make up some excuses on his whereabouts. Finally, Angad's friend informs Naina that Angad has arrived. We see his car brake and stop in front of the Khanna villa. Naina tells Angad's friend to take him to the outhouse because his 'unstable' condition (he is drunk) and to make him change into something more appropriate ie. a suit.
Meanwhile,  an incredibly drunk Angad is outside the house, leaning on his car. His friend calls him up and advises him to go to the outhouse to change his clothes, as per Naina's order. Angad is like 'what the heck, yeah mom bhi nai,' but agrees. Well, we finally hear Angad's 'much-talked' about voice and it doesn't disappoint.
Meanwhile, Kripa is lying on her bed at the outhouse, disappointed because she wasn't able to meet Angad. She thinks about Angad's latest interview in which he talked about love, romance and relationships. In the interview, Angad says 'his love is someone who can bring light into his dark life, that once face that is noticeable among a hundred.' Kripa continues to pity herself on not meeting Angad, saying that despite living in one house, she is still unable to see or speak to him. Then the wind chimes ring, a theme plays in the background and Angad enters Kripa's room. Kripa cannot believe her eyes. The words from Angad's interviews are repeated: 'Love is that in which we see one face, hear one voice, love is everything, love is life.' He stares at her, she stares at him, their eyes remain frozen on each other. Angad walks closer to Kripa, she is immersed into his eyes and only a few inches separate the two. Then, Angad turns on the lights, hands Kripa his jacket, and says the jacket is dirty and that she should clean it. Angad asks her if she is the new maid. Kripa is confused with his behavior and realizes he is drunk.
Some reporters at the party are eager to take Angad's interview. Naina tells them to be patient and enjoy the party as Angad is in the outhouse and will be arriving at the party soon. The reporters decide to go to the outhouse to meet with Angad saab.  Back at Kripa's room, Angad asks her for his car keys. He turns around, bumps into Kripa and the two land fall onto the bed. They stare at each for some seconds and the KYPH theme plays in the background. But suddenly, the reporters barge into the room, taking pictures and saying 'what a scoop!'
Naina and Dilip sees the reporters rush out to the outhouse and wonder what is happening. They follow. Of course, Dilip is worried about Kripa being exposed to Naina. Naina enters the outhouse room and thinks Kripa is Angad's girlfriend. She is disgusted with his careless and lazy behavior and sends Angad out of the roon. Dilip tells Naina the truth about Kripa. Naina takes matters into her own hands and announces that Kripa is their family friend, daughter of Professor Sharma from Naintal. The reporters accept Naina's version of the story and request a family photo to which Naina agrees. I just hope the pictures of Angad and Kripa don't land up in a newspaper or tabloid. But knowing KYPH is a Balaji production, we shouldn't be shocked if that happens.
The next scene is back at the Khanna house, after the reporters and guests leave. Naina is furious with Dilip on hiding Kripa's presence in Mumbai and at their house. Dilip says it didn't have a chance to say no or else he would have. Naina wants to hear no excuses and tells Dilip that the girl must return back to Naintal. Karthik intervenes, saying that Naina acknowledged Kripa as their family member. If they ask Kripa to leave, she may something bad about the Khannas to the press, which could be bad publicity. Since Naina wants to avoid bad publicity at all costs, she agrees to keep Kripa at their house for the time being. Karthik adds that if Kripa doesn't get admission into the academy, she'll leave Mumbai on her own. Meanwhile, Kripa is sitting in her room with her teddy bear, wondering why Angad was so drunk. She makes up excuses for him, saying someone must have forced him to drink so much.
The next morning, Anita, Naina, Dilip and Karthik are having breakfast. Anita informs her Naina maasi that she has picked up her mother and sister from the airport. Naina asks where her sister is and Dilip pulls her leg, saying her lazy sister must still be in bed. Teddy takes tea up to Naina's sister and she is still sleeping. She finally wakes up and orders that Teddy bring her morning lassi instead of morning tea. Wonder what she meant by morning lassi! Naina's modern sister then comes downstairs, wearing Anita's tank top. Anita is furious- she can't believe her mother is wearing her favorite shirt. Well, another new character has entered but Anita's mother seems nice, a little unusual, but a positive character.
Kripa greets Naina, who is sitting at the breakfast table. As Kripa is ready to sit down, Naina asks her if she had her breakfast in the outhouse. Kripa says no. Naina then tells Teddy that Kripa is their guest and that breakfast, lunch and dinner should all be provided to her before them. Kripa seems a little uncomfortable with Naina's orders. Teddy, the cute butler, of course agrees to the order.
Kripa then meets Dilip and lets him know that she wants to join the music academy. Dilip makes up a lame excuse, saying he is busy. He asks Karthik to drop Kripa to the academy. At first Karthik says no, but then agrees, but in a very rude manner. Karthik seems like a very cold, rude character. Kripa is excited about joining the academy. She goes outside to meet Karthik, but sees him drive away without her. Kripa is upset and confused and the episode ends.
Tomorrow: Anita hands Kripa a 'mala' and tells her to put it around the first person she sees. Kripa looks confused.
Comments: Kripa and Angad finally meet! Yes! The scene was definitely intense and showcased the chemistry between the two characters. Kripa still has a lot of respect for Angad. But it seems like bumpy roads are ahead for Kripa, thanks to Naina, Karthik and maybe Dilip, although he seems like a somewhat positive character. Let's see what happens next- do leave comments! Smile
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KYPH - Update for 06 April 2005

by chillyflakes

Kripa is so cute, she makes me go so mushy…..where on earth did Ekta find her, she is such a darling! This girl is going to take away every possible television award this year! But girls bad news, no sign of Angad today…..except that we could see his pics, but not the guy in action…..Ekta is testing our patience!

Anyway, the update goes like, Alia makes an entry in her Bike, looking good! She bumps into some guy, and gives a ''I don't care for you bugger'' look and asks him rudely, ''lagi toh nahin naa, ab hat jaao raaste se.'' As Alia takes off her helmet, the guy goes like, ''Oh its you, Alia the great, who else.'' Alia just gives an attitude loaded look to this chap and drives away. (I think she will be one cool character!) Kripa meanwhile, comes to the Academy in an auto, to the Soul Music Academy (what a cheesy name!) and wonders that if her dream will come true or not of becoming a singer. Kripa looks around (Dance classes and Music classes going on) and is quite fascinated by the building and the surroundings. She meandes her way through to Kartik's Office (he is like the CEO or something, whoever the guy is, he does a very good job!) and enters, as soon as she is about to take a seat, he snubs her and tells her that he is busy presently and that she  should wait for him outside. Kripa very innocently nods her head and waits outside, and keeps waiting for ages, till the peon comes and calls her inside. Kartik asks Kripa in a very patronizing way if she has seen around and she would have guessed by now what a prestigious academy Soul is and that before getting an admission here, she will have to give an audition with some Prof. Shivamani. In what I felt was an incredibly cute scene, Kripa immediately begins to gear up for singing, assuming that she has give an audition immediately, Kartik looks at her with ''What the hell'' and tells her that ''Yahan nahin, Prof. ke saamne. Kripa looks apprehensive but still confident and readily agrees to give the audition and goes for the same. Kartik smiles to himself and says that Prof. Shivamani is the toughest music teacher in the Academy and Kripa will have to very, very good to get through him.

Kripa is waiting in the Audition Hall when Anita and her group of bird-brain friends drop by and Anita gives a sly look at Kripa and then goes on to introducer her to her group (she calls her Kaya intentionally!) and asks her what is she planning to sing for Prof. Shivamani, Kripa very innocently says that she has been learning Classical Music for the past 8 years and that she will sing one of the Raagas for him. Anita immediately rolls her eyes and tells her that Prof. Shivamani just looks traditional but he loves these film item songs and that if she hopes to get an approval from him, she should sing a good filmy song. Kripa is at a loss and says that although she has heard a lot of these film songs, she has never attempted to sing one. Just then Prof. Shivamani (he is Anupam from Tumhari Disha) and Kartik come into the auditorium and Kartik introduces both of them. Kripa proceeds on the podium for the audition and looks confused, then remembers Anita's words, who is sitting with a catty expression on her face along with her friends and in an adorable scene, immediately belts out ''Kaanta Laga, Haye Laga.'' Gosh, it was such a sweet scene, and Kripa's character came out so well, her incorruptibility, her simplicity and her childishness! Kartik also lets out a small smile as the Prof. looks on wonderstruck and Anita has a smirk on her face. But she sings the song beautifully (I think it was Prajakta Shukre of Indian Idol who sang this for Kripa) infact, in a classical mode and as soon as she gets over with the song, Kripa is frightened looking at Prof. Shivamani's expression, as he looks at her sternly and gets up and then to everyone's utter amazement, he goes to her and blesses her. He says that in so many years of his experience as a Music Teacher, he has not seen such a great audition and that he is sure that Kripa will be the brightest star to shine in Soul Academy and a voice that will be remembered for ever. Kripa is thrilled to bits and her eyes well up, as Kartik and Anita look in disgust!!!

In the next scene, Anita and her friends are shown to be in a bad mood and are walking down the corridor, when they bump into Alia who taunts Anita why is she making such a rotten face for which Anita tells her that Kripa has got admission in the Academy. Alia is amused and tells her that when will she grow up and why does she continue to get jealous of people who are truly talented. Anita is bugged and tells Alia that she should not forget that she is her elder sister for which Alia very tartly replies that God should have blessed Anita with some brains also and then Alia would have treated her like her elder sister! Anita just huffs and walks off, while Alia looks on amused.

In the next scene, Kripa is shown to be in her room (she is still in the Outhouse) and is trying to fill up the Academy form and keeps talking to herself. She keeps remembering Prof. Shivamani's words that Kripa will be the brightest pupil ever to come out from the Academy (the first one being Angad!) and then she chides herself that she should not get into her day-dreaming mode again and that she will never be able to fill the form correctly. As she struggles with the form, there is a column in which the residence has to be filled up and Kripa wonders whether she should put her Nainital Address or the Khanna Residence in it and then she realizes that she has to get the guardian's signature on the form and decides to go to Dilip for the same.

There is a private party going on at the Khanna Residence (In Ekta's world, no one works, people just party!) and Naina is in conversation with some lady and Dilip is with some guy. The man tells both Dilip and Naina that Christina Sommers (who is some leading pop singer in the US) and Angad should come together for a new album and that he would like to initiate that. Dilip is just about to open his mouth to say something, when Naina buts in and says that Angad is open to all deals but everything should be on his terms and conditions and that he is as big a superstar as Christina Sommers if not bigger. The lady present agrees with Naina and tells him that anyone would be willing to give his left arm to work with Angad, and Naina is very pleased with herself. Dilip asks Naina where Angad is, and she goes to Anita (who is flirting with a guy, who is probably the Guest's son and is trying to get a date for herself!) and tells him to get Angad downstairs immediately. Anita is not pleased, but Naina gives a stern look at her and Anita makes a funny face and goes to Angad's room, where that cool dude friend of his is sitting and reading some book. Angad's room was shown nicely today (wonder when Ekta plans to show Angad clearly???) and he had some rather cool posters, looking very rad in all of them. (I especially liked the one of his in a white T smiling sweetly!) Anita asks the friend where Angad is and that Naina and Dilip are waiting for him downstairs for which the friend says that he is waiting for Angad to come out of the bathroom and that they are planning to go partying. Anita makes a face and says that Naina Mausi will kill Angad, if he is again gayab tonight, the friend says that he will make sure Angad is down for a moment to say hello to the guests and then they will scoot off. Anita says that no one on Earth can have control over Angad and that he always does what he feels like. The friend (who seems to have a crush on Anita) begins to playfully flirt with her and she seems to be unaware of him and then she rushes off. (The friend had an awful English, btw)

In the next scene, Kripa comes inside and says ''Heloo Aunty'' and Naina is horrified, she goes to her and tells her that Kripa should understand that they too have a private life and that next time before coming to the residence, she should take permission on the Intercom. Dadi (looking so beautiful in a sky blue salwar kameez and a lovely pearl necklace) is disgusted with Naina's behavior and looks at Kripa with sympathy. As a stunned Kripa is leaving the room, she hears the guest asking Naina who the girl is, for which Naina replies, ''Oh Nothing'' and Kripa is shown to be completely shattered. As Kripa walks down to the Outhouse, she remembers her argument with Gayatri where she had insisted on going to Mumbai by saying that everyone in the Khanna House will be there to take good care of her and her eyes well up with emotion. Kripa goes to her room and looks at her Family Photograph and breaks down (Did a very good job of it) crying as she misses her family's love and warmth.

All in all, a fairly good, Kripa Centric Episode. Ekta's find is going to create a dhoom, this girl is not just a good looker, but a very competent actress, the scene in which she breaks down in her room was superb! Hated Naina though, she is so mean to poor Kripa! But Alia seems to be a great character and will probably support Kripa. So we have three people going for our gal till now! I think by not showing Angad so soon, they are just making the viewers more and more eager…..well, as long as the wait bears its fruits, I guess it shouldn't be a problem!

Judging by tomorrow's promos, I am not too sure if Angad will be shown tomorrow also, else he might make a last minute entry when Kripa has to garland and say ''I love you''…..keeping my fingers crossed!

Your comments on the Update would be so welcome!

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KYPH - Update for 07 April 2005

by chillyflakes

All in all, a bummer of an episode, Angad was not shown even once today, on top of that Kripa is in big trouble!

Some new characters have been introuduced, a girl called Mishti who is a student in the academy and Anita's ace rival, she has warmed up to Kripa in a big way! Kripa best buddy from Naintal, Harshini has also arrived Mumbai. Dadi's South-Indian Maid has also been introduced!

Khanna Residence (Naina's Room)

Basically the episode begins with Nethra and Naina getting a beauty treatment in their room and Anita generally bitching and gossiping around. Kartik comes by, and Anita teases him into getting a makeover done, Naina sarcastically passes a comment, that Kartik has no such need, because he is not a superstar. Kartik is miffed and walks out in a huff. Anita bitches to Naina about Kripa and says that there is one more person in the house who needs a desperate makeover, Naina is annoyed and tells Anita not to take her name, then asks about her whereabout, Anita gives out her silly putter and says that all of us behaved so badly with her, that by now she must have left for Nainital.

Harshini's House

In the next scene, Kripa is shown to meet up with Harshini who has come down from Naintal to join the Academy and she recounts the entire story till date. Harshini is disgusted but assures Kripa that she should not let hypocraites like the Khanna's down her morale like this and that Kripa had come to Mumbai to fulfill her ambition to become a singer and that she should go ahead with it and not bother about anyone. Kripa is not easily consoled and says that singing was never her ambition but a passion for her. She had come to Mumbai for learning Music and that she is very disappointed by the Khanna family and that she cannot learn anything in such an atmosphere. Harshini consoles her and tells her that now she is there in Mumbai and that they will both be there for each other and also have lots of fun. Kripa cheers up considerably.

Dadi's Home

Meanwhile Dadi is at her home and is thinking about Naina's ill-treatment towards Kripa and becomes very upset. Dadi's maid comes by and asks her why is she so pre-occupied, Dadi tells her that she is very upset over the fact that Naina and  the others are being so nasty to the poor kid and that Kripa is so young and alone in a city like Mumbai and instead of protecting her, they are making life miserable for her. The maid tells Dadi that Tejdhar (Teddy) was also telling her about Naina and Dilip's rude treatment towards Kripa and that the poor kid is having a hard time. Dadi teases the Maid with Tejdhar and asks her since when have both of them become friends (this was a rip-off from Hum Aapke Hain Koun!), the maid blushes and says that nothing like this is going between Teddy and her and that they just share stuff for professional reasons!!! Dadi then comments that if Kripa is strong enough and takes things in her stride and stands up for herself, then it will be good enough, else she will have to take stock of things to come, as she will not let injustice meted out to a girl like Kripa.

Soul Music Academy (Prof. Shivaman's Violin Class)

At the Acadmeny, its Kripa and Harshini's first day and  they join Prof. Shivaman's classes. Prof. Shivamani is very pleased seeing both of them and introduces them to the class by stating that both of them have learnt music for 8 years in Naintal and everyone had heard Kripa singing in the auditorium yesterday and know how talented she is, and that Harshini is equally talented and that he is sure they will both excel in the academy. Anita is quite jealous and tells the Prof. that they are too junior and how come they are being put in the same class as the rest of them. Prof. Shivamani snubs Anita and tells her that he has heard both Harshini and Kripa and he feels they are far more talented than most of the seniors present. Anita and her friends are completely put off.

Soul Music Academy (Common Room)

Kripa and Harshini enter the Common Room and are insulted by Anita and her gang who tells them to scoot off. Harshini puts up a good fight and Kripa too joins her, Anita passes a mean comment that they should probably leaee the Common Room for Kripa and Harshini as the room is meant for Commoners! Kripa just cannot understand Anita's behaviour and stops Harshini from arguing further. A glamarous looking girl makes an entry, fair, tall and very model type looks, her name is Mishti and Anita is quite put off looking at her. Mishti passes a comment at Anita telling her that there were too many good people in the US and hence she started missing Anita and decided to come back, but she sees that Anita is still up to her old tricks and bullies new comers and kids! Mishti and Anita have quite an argument, where Mishti makes fun of Anita by saying that is she still trying tto get dates from guys who used to run behind Mishti and Anita very snobbishly says that she doesn't have to run behind anyone, after all no one should forget that she is Angad's. Misthi retorts that its a pity that a guy like Angad has a sister like Anita for himLOL Anita decides that it would be wise to just keep quite and walks off with her floozies. Mishti introduces herself to Kripa and Harshini and tells them to come to her if they have any problem whatsoever in the future.

Khanna Residence (Anita's room)

Anita and her gang decide to get even with Kripa and Harshini and set them right. Anita suggest to the others that she will get Kripa and Harshini to come to the Discotheque with them and then they will have fun at their expense.


Dadi comes to meet Kripa at the Outhouse and tells her she had come to see if the delicate flower is still standing tall or has it started withering under the glare of the Sun. (Indicating to Kripa and the Khanna's) Just then Anita drops by and aplogizes to Kripa for her misbeaviour yesterday and offer her and Harshini to come to the Disco with her. Kripa is quite reluctant, but on Dadi's insistence, she agrees.


Kripa and Harshini go to the Disco, and Anita passes some sarcastic comment on Kripa's dress, but Kripa does not quite get it. Anita then offers them drinks and puts a sedative in them. But Mishti sees it and takes the drinks from them and warns Anita to mend her ways. Mishti gets two fresh glasses for Kripa and Harshini and tells Kripa that she should not trust people so blindly and not take everyone at face value. Anita then asks Kripa and Harshini to join them in the dancefloor, while Kripa refuses, Harshini goes ahead, a guy who was in Anita's gang kind of misbehaves with Harshini and tears her top. Mishti offers to help her out and takes her to her Car to change.

Another guy in Anita's gang goes and sits near Kripa and starts consuming Drugs, Kripa is not aware of the same. Just then the Police comes and announces that they have got a tip off that some youngsters are consuming drugs here, the guy sitting with Kripa has vanished by now, but the packet of drug is still lying on the table. Kripa is shocked and goes and stands near Anita who whispers to her that if the Police asks Anita something, Kripa should proxy for her. The Manager points to Anita first and tells the Inspector that she was the girl sitting with the guy consuming drugs, Kripa proxy's for Antia by saying that she was with her, the Manager then remembers and tells the Inspector that it was actually Kripa who was with the guy. As a stunned Kripa look on, the Inspector asks Anita who replies in the affirmative. The Inspector tells Kripa to come to the Police Station with her. Harshini and Misthti look at her helplessly.


Harishini and Mishti are pretty cool! Though I mistook Mishti to be a teacher at the Academy rather than a student! She is very glamarous looking, and comes in a lot of ads, don't know are name though! I really hope Dadi takes Kripa into her home, that way Angad and Kripa can share some great, romantic moments thereWink

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

Promo for next week shows Kripa telling Harshini and Mishti that Anita ditched her, while a furious looking Naina is standing near them. Harshini points at Naina and Kripa is petrified looking at her!

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short update for Apr.11

by nitica_82

Until Chilly does it with style, bear with this.

Kripa is about to be taken to the police station n is blasted by the Khanna family when Meshti comes n aves her by showing police the recording of that druggie with  Anita. Naina does a whole drama of apologising to Kripa n blasting Anita. Later, she tells Anita to be careful the next time she plans such a trap for Kripa.

Kripa is shattered at the turn of eents n a call from her mom makes her decide to leave for Nainital. But Harshini reminds her of her dreams n love for Angad n Kripa decides to stay back. She gathers guts n tells Antia that she won't put up with her wicked antics anymore. iT'S WAR.

Angad is woken harshly by his mom to get reday for recordings n rehearsels.Angad is frustrated with this life n is becoming an addict to tranquilizers. When his friend tries explaining things to him, Angad just spats out that he is working 24x7 , what else do they want?

Preparations r in full swing for Angad-Anu Malik concert. Kripa n Harshini get the passes from Angad's grannie n the car as well. Kripa sees Angad n is about to go to him, when he starts his car back to reach the studio......

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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KYPH Apr 12 update- Angad is here! 

by sonynyu

Another entertaining episode!
At the disco:
The episode starts with Naina scolding Kripa for getting involved with the drug dealer guy. Dilip tries to talk to the police, probably trying to tell them that Kripa is innocent. But Karthik, being the cold-hearted person he is, advises both Dilip and Naina to let Kripa settle the matter herself. Dilip agrees with Karthik and asks Naina to leave with him. Naina refuses, saying she wants to share a few more 'words' with Kripa. Naina stays back and warns Kripa that the Khanna family name should not get tainted because of the drug bust/scandal. Kripa looks dejected and hopeless. She can't even manage to fight for herself because Naina never gives her a chance to! Luckily, Mithsi arrives back at the disco with the guy. He tries to lie, saying that he and Kripa have known each other for a long time. But Harshini says that Kripa and her have only been in Mumbai for two weeks. The police arrest the guy after clearing up the matter.
Naina apologizes to Kripa for misunderstanding her. She only takes this action to protect her public image. Mithsi then exposes Anita by playing a recording on her cellphone that shows both Anita and the guy dancing together. Anita tries to muster up some excuse but Mithsi doesn't give her a chance. She threatens to show the pictures of Anita and the guy together from last year's annual day function. Naina calmly says there is no need for that and assures Mithsi that she will take care of Anita.
At the Khanna house:
Naina blasts Anita for her wrongdoings in front of the whole family. Everyone from Karthik to Dilip apologize to Kripa for misunderstanding her and rightly so! Being a sweet girl, Kripa tells them there is no need for that. Everyone eventually leaves the room except Anita and Naina. Naina then shows her true colors and advises Anita to make her next plan against Kripa 'fool-proof' Anita understands her maasi's advises and gives a sly smile. God knows what her next plan will be!
At the outhouse:
Kripa is holding her teddy bear and crying. The phone rings and its her family, back in Naintal. Kripa lies to her mother and says she is doing fine. Her father asks about the academy. Kripa gives the good news about gaining admission to the prestigious school. You can make out from her voice that she isn't as excited as she was before, due to the recent happenings. Kripa's mother gets back on the phone and suspects that something is wrong. Kripa continues to lie and says its nothing. She hangs up the phone. Kripa's mother calls again and tells her to come back home tomorrow. Kripa thinks it over and reluctantly agrees.
The next morning, Harshini finds Kripa packing her bags. Kripa gives her the news: she is coming back to Naintal. Harshini, being the best friend, tries to stop Kripa, saying its not worth leaving because of 'that' Anita. Kripa refuses to listen. A dejected Harshini says that if Kripa leaves, she will have to leave as well, and then what will happen to their dreams of becoming big singers? Harshini begs her to stay back for Angad's sake. However, Kripa still refuses to change her decision. Harshini then hands Kripa their scrapbook, full of Angad's pictures and their dreams! Kripa looks it over and finally changes her mind. Harshini is thrilled and the two get ready for classes at the Academy.
Khanna household:
Naina goes up to Angad's room to wake him up. Angad is sleeping on his stomach, totally out of it. Must have been all that late-night partying and drinking! Well, he's wearing a cream beige shirt and matching pants. Angad finally musters up the energy to sit up and he looks so innocent, hardly like the bad boy in the title song. Naina tells him she has a big day planned for him and orders him to get ready. Poor Angad says he is tired and has a headache. Awww! But Naina refuses to sympathize with him and says sarcastically, 'Of course you're tried, after all you're the one who works so hard.' Angad doesn't reply back and Naina leaves his room. Naina walks down the stairs and meets up with Angad's friend, Mannan. She asks him to make sure Angad gets ready. The friend timidly responds that he will.
Angad is still sitting on his bed when Mannan enters his room. A tried and totally out of it Angad asks Mannan to hand him the some pills. Mannan is shocked that Angad is taking the pills so early in the morning, but still hands them over. Mannan then advises Angad to listen to Naina and put an end to the late night-partying and drinking. Angad has a 'give me a break look' and replies that he works hard for 24 hours and needs some time to just relax and chill.
At the academy:
Kripa-Harshini and Anita come face to face. Anita with a snobbish looks tells the two that they tried to get her in trouble but it won't work in the future. Harshini stands up to Anita and says that it was her who tried to get Kripa in trouble. Kripa then walks up to Anita and with confidence and poise says that she stayed quiet last night for the sake of Angad's family, but in the future she won't and she'll be keeping an eye out for Anita's plans. Anita gives a silly laugh, and warns Kripa that she'll make sure she leaves the Khanna house and Mumbai. Kripa says if she leaves Mumbai it won't be because of Anita and walks away from there. Go Kripa! Clap
Afterwords, some excited students are shown talking about Angad's concert. Kripa and Harshi overhear their conversation. Both girls are excited about his concert and Harshi wishes her desire to attend the concert.
At the Khanna house:
Naina is on the phone with the concert organizers, going over the details on Angad's concert. She gets another call from the one and only Anu Malik. The two talk and Naina says the concert will be huge. Hope it is and also hope that Kripa and Angad finally meet! Smile
At night, Kripa and Harshi are sitting outside chatting about Angad's concert. Harshini is worried because she wants to attend the concert but doesn't know how they will get tickets. Kripa teases Harshini, saying she doesn't know if she'll go since she already attended Angad's last concert and saw him up close and all! Before Harshini can say anything, Angad's luxury red car pulls up right in front of their eyes! Kripa is thrilled and also relieved because she can finally talk to Angad. However, Angad gets a call on his cell and must report back to the studio for some urgent work. His car pulls away and Kripa and Harshini are left disappointed. Harshini again voices her desire to attend the concert. Then we see someone hand over two concert tickets and backstage passes in front of Kripa and Harshi and its none other than Dadiji. She tells them to get ready tomorrow to attend Angad's concert. Harshini calls Dadiji their 'fairy godmother'. The episode ends on Kripa's dreamy face.
Tomorrow: The avenue is Angad's concert. Anu Malik hosts the show and introduces on stage the heartthrob of millions: Angad!
Comments: A great episode once again! We got to see the boyish, innocent side of Angad's character. I can defintely understand how Kripa fell for Angad's romantic side. He looked really romantic all sleepy and tired in today's episode. Glad to see Kripa standing up for herself in front of Anita. Go Kripa!

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Update April 14

by *~puja~*

Mine may not be as good as chilliyflakes, but there wasn't one up so i gave it a try... enjoy!!!

opening scene starts with anitas mom watching kusum on tv and then alia comes in complianing about how she wants to watch the football match, she doesn't get her way so she leaves and then anitas mom watches the news and sees that the anchor is talking about angad and how his childhood friend kripa sherma is going to sing with him on his upcoming album. Anitas mom is surprised so she calls naina who is sitting in her office working.

Naina turns on the television and see that the news reporter is talking about how angad is going to have kripa sing on his next album. Naina is shocked. Then they have an interview with angads dadi, dadi says that kripas dad had done so much for the family just when they were starting out and so it is now their turn to help and that would be by having kripa sing on angads next album. Naina is shocked and furious.

Kripa is still upset about angads behavior from the night before and has made the decision to go back home, she is packing her clothes. In the main house naina and dilip are discussing how could his mother have done such a thing, then dadi shows up. She reminds dilip that he is where he is because kripas dad had sold his farm and his wife's jewelry so that he could fulfil his dream, and then she tells naina that she has changed from what she was before, and that all the money has changed her and made her into someone bad. Dadi then leaves.

Naina gets really furious about it all and says to dilip that kripa has to leave now because she can't sing with angad, then kartik comes in saying that kripa can't leave, he turns on the television which shows that people like how kripa is going to sing with angad on the next album, it shows some humanity in them, and that it makes them the bigger than everyone else. the news reporter also says that his album sells for his recent cd have grown. Naina realizes that kripa has to stay, because she will help his image. Teddy then comes in saying that kripa is leaving for her home.
Naina and dilip try to stop kripa from leaving but she doesn't listen to them and leave in the taxi for the airport.

Naina, dilip, kartik are sitting in the living room disscussing how they will bring kripa back and if she doesn't come back then what will they say to the media about her not being there. All of a sudden kripa shows up and everyone is surprised, then dadi shows up saying that she brought her back. Dadi had told kripa that the only reason she is leaving is becuase her expectations weren't being met and that now there is no reason to stay, but kripa still has her dreams of being a singer so she should fulfiil them, so kripa comes back. Everyone is glad she is back and ask her stay in the main house but she prefers to stay in out house, so she leaves and then anita and naina are talking. Naina doesn't like her being here but if she can help angad then its good she stayed.

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