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Update 30th November:

Pictures Link By Nomi/Fareed: 30th Nov Pics

Video Link Nomi/Fareed: 30th Nov Video

Update by living.doll:

Haila.. what an excellent episode.. i didn expect that slap from kripa lolz. anyways...

Today's characters:

  •      Zaib/angad
  •      Prithvi
  •      mishty
  •      kripa
  •      vikas

  •      Prithiv and zaib r shown on a stage.. ( I gues its a press conference). Prithvi announces that zaib will be performing in their company from now and to see zaib's dhamaka.. all have to wait one more week. Prithvi also announces this concert's in charge kripa bose his better half who will take care of addvertisements. Zaib gets a shock.. he is shown completely clueless. zaib and pritvi both look at behing where kripa takes a grand entry on the stage with full of winning attitude. some photographers are shown taking snaps of them. Kripa intentionally prepones the date of the concert as incharge. zaib gets another shock and refresh his memories by remembering his speech therapist's suggestion. zaib has to go abroad for his previous promise so kripa makes the concert on tomorrow. pritvhi and kripa both come to a corner. pritvhi wants to know the reason behind the schedule. kripa tells that from next week many young fans will have their exams and she doesn want to lose any young audience in this concert. krikpa tells prithvi to trust her. all the tickes r sold coz its zaib;s show. zaib suddenly enters where kripa asks wheather he has any problem with his preparation and all. zaib thinks he doesn have any single problem. he is ready. kripa and prithvi both greet to zaib.

zaib is shown busy with his cell phone. kripa wants to know wheather he is nervous or not. zaib repeats " nervous?" accroding to kripa zaib is going to be caught up pretty soon so he must be nervous. he can evade his name and identity but he can not hide his face and voice. kripa is shown teasing angad by calling her angad. she wonders angad wont be able to sing after today becuase if the truth comes then angad has to go back in jail where he wanted to push prithvi. kripa wishes zaib and leaves.

  •      Prithvi is busy talking over phone where mishty comes and tells him to start the show. Meanwhile the writer of times of India enters and greets mishty and prithvi. prithvi tells mishty to talk to zaib and takes an exclusive interview with vikas.vikas tells prithvi that he has something important to say. vikas is getting calls from everywhere he gets to know that this concert is a fraud. all the tickets were fake. Infact the agent is a fraud. there will be no audience on the concert. vikas tells prithvi to get ready for facing all the questions.vikas wants to know the name of the incharge where kripa is shown completely hopless. she is almost in tears. suddenly zaib enters with his music tak tak dha.. lol. prithvi asks kripa about everything where kripa doesn know anything about these. her agent confirms about tickets selling and also has shown all the receipts to her. vikas thinks all of those were fake too.

mishty claps and wants to know wheather kripa has any other plan to make zaib;s show flop. prithvi stops her by saying that its not kripa's fault. he thinks kartik is behind all these. he can not stand prithvi;s success. zaib thinks everything has gone and now he has to think about the future of the concert. prithvi thinks his company is finished. they have got such a bad publicity so no one will do any show with this company. zaib holds mishty and tells that he knows everyone is in a big trouble. he tells his idea. he wants to open all the ticket counters. prithvi thinks nothing will change by that. no one will trust them. however. zaib tells that people still trust him and he also believes his fand. they have 2 more hours and in 2 hourse thay can change the world. he tells to open all the counter. waise bhi.. everyone will come to see him.. will come to see ZAIB. they don bother to know the person whoz taking care of it.

  •      mishty thinks zaib is right ( is there anything which she thinks wrong about zaib?) lol. prithvi agrees and leaves. kripa is shown standing alone and cryiny. some crazy fans r shown buying tickets and suddenly .. its shown ." Houseful". A guy enters and tells that its a miracle in the musical industry. zaib thought that tickes have started selling but he is wrong.. infact all the tickes r sold, its housefull. mishty is flying high. she says proudly that people still love zaib. they come to see zaib.. they don bother about the bad management. prithvi again says thank to zaib. zaib tells that there is no need to thank him as they r from the same family.. he asks kripa.. "hai na kripa" lolzzz. zaib tells that he also has invested in this concert and he is getting double benefits. prithvi is happy that zaib doesn want to take any credit. mishty says everthing is fine now so lets get ready as thy have only 20 mins.

zaib is shown busy with his clothes. In the meantime he gets a photo of kripa. he thinks people change in a very short time. he used to love kripa a lot.. today's kripa makes him cry and forces him to hate her more.. where kripa's memories used to think himself fresh.zaib remembers a sweet scene between him and kripa.
kripa is shown standing somwhere where angad comes and holds her. he comes very close to her and says..

zaib: ur looking pretty today.kripa: saach? kripa smiles and turns her face,
zaib: honestly .. ur looking lovely today.
kripa: from my babyhood. waise..Mr. Angad Khanna. yeh baat tumne aur kitne ladkiyon ko bataya?? ( and she runs off)
zaib: kripaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
kripa is shown coming down from stairs where zaib follows her. angad again wants to hug her but kripa runs off again.
finally zaib catches her up and starts taking snaps. kripa is quite bored with taking pictures. kripa is making weird faces where angad scolds her and tells to be normal. he calls her madhubala as well. when kripa is not listening to him.. he again goes to her and kisses her chick and continues with his photo session.
now there is lovey-dovey scene.. ( kripa and angad sitting in their stair and holding each others hand.)

angad: i love u kripa.
kripa: ur a lier.
angad: really kripa. i have taken all these snaps so that i can see them and can realize that i love someone truly and so does she. There were many gals in my life who used to love me but u r the 1st person whom I LOVE. meine bohat sade ladki ko chuya hai.. lekin aj tak kisine mujhe nehi chuwa. but.. u...
when u came in my life i have realized true love. u changed my life. i love u.
angad tells her that he will also gives all the copies to kripa. kripa denies to take those photos. " tumhe nehi chahiye matlab?angad is surprised. he repeats his question. kripa thinks she doesn need to take any photo to remember angad coz angad is already in her mind. she loves angad and no one can apart them. however, if angad tries to say anything like that again then kripa will kill him. angad tells.. kripa tumna.. hindi pictures kam dekh rahi hoo...kripa beats him and the end..

  •      zaib is mad and sad at the same tme. he told about their separation but kripa has done it. kripa said that no one can apart them but kripa left angad herself. he also remembers kripa's court-statement. zaib will destroy her as well as himself. he still loves her .. though he should hate her.kyun mein tumse pyaar karta hoon.

kripa enters from behind and tells that " tumhara waqt ho gaya hai angad." she means about the show. everyone is calling him at the backstage for the final reharsal and voice testing. lets go...
zaib thinks kripa doesn have "Tameez". she should have knocked the door before entering at anyone's room.zaib is not ready to accept that kripa has forgotten to knock the door. he wonders if kripa wants to see him with less clothes. sharma gayee?? kripa is shown leaving where zaib holds her hand tightly and pushes her toward him. kripa has shown zaib in more less clothes that this. our meeting was no that boring so that u can forget so easily.ohh.. u r really feeling shy.. waise.. there is no one else in this room without u n me.come on kripa.. how could u forget that.. we had such a good times anddddddddddddd kripa slaps angad. sniff sniff.Cry

Preview: zaib is shown in a chicken farm. Tongue
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December 1st:

Video Update by Rizwan/Nomi : 1st december Video

Picture Update by Rizwan/Nomi : 1st december Pictures

UPDATE BY "Living.DollTongue":

Today's kyph update

Now lets come to our update:
Today's characters:

    Zaib/angad Kripa Mishty Prithvi chaitannya Tasneem sheikh Prajakta shukre
  • and so on...

Opsss... another slap-slap scene at the begining.

today's episode starts at the same scene where kripa slapped angad.

  • Angad disguts kripa. angad has proved that he is a yecchy man. kripa continued her relationship becuase she used to love him  a lot not baucse of a rockstar angad. Then she slapped angad twice. kripa didn forget anything. she loved angad so much. when a woman falls in love she gives her "tan man dhan".. moreover she also gives her soul to her love.Kripa says that it was a "pavitra thing she did" but for angad.. it was " gujra huwa waqt". I thought when i will remember that night.. i will have smile in ma face. it will bring happiness in ma heart. However, when i remember u.. i feel shame of myself.  kripa hates angad. she can not foget that once she carried angad's child in her body. she says thanks to angad  for bring tears in her eyes. Its better that she has lost her child otherwise he would have a mean father like angad.angad is ashamed of all these. he remembers all the sweet memories of him and kripa. Mango scene, sindoor scene, when kripa broke her engagement, kripa's birthday and yesterday's madhubana scene. angad is shown completely whitewashed. he says im sorry when mishty enters from the back and hears it. she wants to know the reason behind sorry. she also tells angad to get ready for the show. angad says.. i was telling sorry to u coz im not ready yet. mishty tells her to get ready as soon as possible becuase they don have enought time.

Kripa is shown crying in a corner. she is really upset. meanwhile prithvi enters and asks her about zaib wheather he has got ready or not. kripa tells that she has informed him.. and he is coming. prithvi touches kripa's face and wants to know what makes her crying. kripa moves her head and says she is not crying. Prithvi thought kripa is crying for mishty's missbehavior. Angad is shown looking at them. prithvi hugs kripa and says that mishty is young. she should not mind. prithvi tells kripa to smile.

  • stage is ready so as zaib. all the audiences r making sounds and they r damn excited. In the meantime zaib enters smiling.{Here i found a funny scene.} zaib enters and starts running fastly... suddenly he gets down and sits on the stage. Prithvi and kripa r shown watching him anxiously where mishty is shown standing with cute smile on her face. there is a background music "kaisa... kaisa..."

zaib touches so many hands and also picks some gals on the stage. he says " I love u all". he thanks to all his fans for trusting him. he shouts and starts coughing badly.. Mishty is shown completely shocked. zaib aplogises and says he will be right back. prithvi says " what the hell".. zaib comes in a corner where mishty follows him. mishty asks him if he is alright. mishty tells him to talk to her. Zaib is feeling pain in his throat. its itching there. he thinks he can not sing along.mishty is worried about the crowd. zaib can understand it but ne needs help for the starting. he wants to sing kripa intially with him. He looks at kripa and says " age to mein khud gayungga" LOL! they both r shown looking at each other.Guess what is happening with the audiences?? LOL..

  • Prithvi admits everything but he is concerned about zaib's singing level. zaib is a superstar.. who will sing with him right now? prithvi tells zaib to forget everything. he lost hope but zaib thinks someboday can! zaib heard that kripa sings really well. prithvi refuses zaib's proposal. kripa has left singing. mishty enters and says " WHY" why not? zaib is not asking kripa for him.. he is asking for all of us. pritvhi again repeats that kripa has left singing. mishty tells him about their losses.Prithvi doesn bother about their losses. he can overcome it. Suddenly a guy a enters and says that the total situation is out of control. if the show does not  continue then they will be ruined. he asks prithvi's help. kripa remembers zaib's challange where he told that kripa will sing with him.angad and kripa bothe r shown looking at each other and suddenly kripa says that she is ready to sing.

Here is mind blowing performance of kripa and zaib which is : dil hai ke manta nehi...

Dil hai ke manta nahin
Mushkil badi hai rasme mohabbat
Yeh jaanta hi nahin
Oh, dil hai ke manta nahin
Dil hai ke manta nahin
Yeh beqaraari kyoon ho rahi hai
Yeh jaanta hi nahin
Ho, dil hai ke manta nahin
Dil hai ke manta nahin
Dil to yeh chaahe har pal tumhe hum
Bas yunhi dekha kare
Marke bhi hum na tumse judaa ho
Aao kuch aisa kare
Mujh mein sama jaa, aa paas aa jaa
Hamdam mere hamnasheen
Dil hai ke manta nahin
Teri vafaaye, teri mohabbat
Sab kuch hai mere liye
Tune diya hai nazraana dil ko
Hum to hai tere liye
Yeh baat sach hai, sab jaante hai
Tumko bhi hai yeh yakeen
Dil hai ke manta nahin
Mushkil badi hai rasme mohabbat
Yeh jaanta hi nahin
Oh, dil hai ke manta nahin
Dil hai ke manta nahin

kripa is shown standing alone with her microphone and singing sadly.some dancers r shown too. angad is also enjoying but sad at a same time. At the end of the song angad and kripa bothe r shown crying. Next performance is Indian Idol 1 contestant Prajakta shukre. she sings the song " Addaa.. from garam masala." Chaitannya of Kahin to hoga and tasneem sheikh of Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bhahu thi have rocked the floor with the song.. " balle balle ji sonya di rang dekhlo...

  • Show is done. Mishty hugs zaib and prithvi shakes his hand with him. zaib thanks her and calls "sweetie" prithvi is very happy. he couldn believe that kripa didn sing for last 1 year. the show was a big hit. he is getting offer from different sponsers for their future projects. prithvi hugs kripa where mishty also hugs zaib. kripa thinks zaib might be happy with his winning this time but she will take this revenge very soon.

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Update for 5th December

Pictures by Nomi/Rizwan: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=144575

This is an update as said by Nannu on IM Wink

Todays episode is a very emotional one and between Angad and Kripa

Angad and Kripa hold a baby one after another and remember their lost baby..they look at each other and shed a few tears as well.... Cry

(BTW the child is one of Zaib/Kripa fans baby)

After this Zaib and Misty go sit in the car and this time Zaib forgets his bag in the green room, Misty goes to get it and in the mean time finds Kripas pictures there. She gets mad at Zaib.

Zaib says Kripa gave him the pics to look at those whenever he feels like... (LOL) and Madame Misty believes him and gets mad at Kripa Angry

Misty and Zaib reach home and Misty starts yelling at Kripa and the later says Zaib forced her to sing. Zaib denies saying he did not and again Misty yells at Kripa.  Kripa leaves from that place.

Angad meets Daadi and tells her nobody cares for him . Daadi tries to console him by telling "His mom loves him".

He complains that even Kripa did not trust him in his bad days and it was only Dadi who trusted him. (so sad Cry)

Angad announces in the press that Zaib and Kripa will do all the shows from now on and the press will print on papers and Kripa gets to know about this and is shocked. Tongue

Kripa shows this news to Prithvi and the later says he knows about it and will not force her to sing. Kripa is sad.Cry

Misty comes and tells Kripa to stay away from Zaib Confused

Prithvi asks Kripa to get ready for Maneks (LOL) birthday party, she refuses and Prithvi forces her. Kripa consoles herself by saying she is going to the party 'coz of Prithvi (LOL)

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December 6th:

Video Update by Rizwan/Nomi : 6th December Video Both Links

Picture Update by Rizwan/Nomi : 6th December Picture

UPDATE BY "ButtercupWink"Tongue:

Today's kyph update

Fireworks waiting in the end.. keep readingBig smileBig smileBig smile

  • Its Maneks Bday, Eeveryone is invited for the party, Kripa, Mishty and Prithvi enters the party. Anita and Manek (dressed in blue both loosasLOL) come and greet them, they wishes him and join the party
  • Prithvi sees Kartik at the party, his moods gets off, goes to Manek and says: I thout u invited us here to join with you, but i didnt know that Kartik will also be here. Manek says its just a party and everyone is my friends so should join with them. Prithvi says i tried to come to terms with him, but he didnt want to reunite again after that so i dont want to see him anymore.
  • Prithvi tells to Manek abt his and Kartik's talks earlier after the engagement was broke off, Prithvi went to Kartik to say sorry for what ever happend, but kartik didnt want to forgive him.. and says to him tht we cant have any relation between us except bussiness rivals and neither i want to have any other relation with you...
  • After hearing this Manek says but you both shud unite as its how it shud be, tells prithvi to come with him to go talk to kartik, they both go to Kartik , Manek says to Kartik: haath milalo and beome freinds again... Prithvi put his hand forward to make it in with him, Kartik says to Manek:I dont wanna create a scene here.. we can never come to an understanding again in life... I dont wanna hug him or even touch him......Prithvi feels bad to hear it from him and take his hand back, and felt upset too.
  • Naina is also in the party, looked dull and standing in a corner, Dilip comes and ask her, Why wht has hapend? Naina replies to him saying that she want go home.. not feeling well...Dilip says to her.. its ur bday.. stay happy and since we are here for the party we shud wait a bit more. Naina says to him .. since the day Angad left me ive not been happy, not with anything.. he is the one who wishes to me first on my bday. he used to off all the lights at home and come wish me from the back and give me surprise.Cry
  • Angad at the party al alone at a corner.. Dadi comes to him and says its ur mums bday too , will you not wish her? Angad says No. Dadi asks Why? isnt she ur mother? Angad says those days are gone now when i used to live for her but not now, not anymore.. am not angad am zaib.
  • Manek at the party has a big cake for Naina: Ladies and Gentlemen, today is double celebration until 12 it was my bday but after 12 its Naina auntys bday. Naina comes there. Kartik says to her mom its ur bday so there shud be a surprise, he says mom i love u loads. pls cut the cake. Naina replies saying i cant do this, Kartik says why mom, why cant u do this, its ur bday afterall, She says to kartik, thanks beta but the one who use to blow my candles is not here with me today so i cant do it. Dilip comes and says to her take care of ur self Naina. Manek says aunty cut the cake dont feel sad on this day.
  • Naina again says angad used to blow the candles for me every year but this time he is not here, but where ever he is i love him very much, wen a mother gives birth to her child she always wants the child to be in this world and will not want to go from here before mother and away frm mother. I saw him coming to this world and i also saw him going from this world. but i still feel he is somewhere around, he will come back, he will surely come back but i cant cut the cake without him. i love u my son, i love you angad.. naina cries , dadi feels her sadnness ( i think first time dadi also felt tht her tears are real )CryCryCry
  • Zaib goes near naina, blow the candles on her cake, everyone seems shocked to see him blowing the candles. Kartik gets angry and and was going to go to him to settle scrores.. for doing tht, but Manek stops him and says dont do tht kartik, for the party .
  • After that Angad says to Naina mother means mothers to everyone, and my face looks just like ur son so i thout...(stops there) and says Happy bday, naina says thanks beta. Angad says to her with tears.. today i have come to know how much a mother can love her son.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Later at the party, Angad alone by himself (somewhere in tht place near a window lol) says to him self, what kind of pain is this for me, cant say mom to her, cant hug her, have to talk as strangers, and most of all wen she needs me i cant even say that im her angad. Kripa comes from behind sees him in tears, she feel sympathy for him, tried to touch on his shoulder to support him, but then did not do so.. and walked to go from there, angad turned and hold her hand, kripa looks in shock to see him holding her hand, Kripa in tears angad looked weak.(sad version of title track comes), then angad leave her hand all of a sudden, she leaves frm there,Embarrassed
  • Dadi cals her. says to her: Angad cant see you in pain then what sort of misunderstanding are these? also says: Kripa pls give something to him, time will cover everything. Kripa says to dadi, there are some wounds for which there are no cure this is one of those and we both will have to suffer this forever.SmileSmileSmile
  • Prithvi enters rehearsal room where Angad and Kripa doing rehearsals. Come to them and says that i want this show to be the best of all there shouldnt be anything wrong in this.
  • Angad says: ofcoz my show.. ops i mean our show will rock. and then says: Prithvi, i think ur wife is not comfortable with me. Prithvi replies to him saying i dont think so , there will not be any such thing.
  • Kripa says, nahin kuch nahin, lets go with rehearsals, Prithvi leaves. Angad says to her lets go on with rehearsals. (they do dance rehearsals for sometime on KYPH title remix track)
  • In the end of there rehearsals, Angad says to her: so yoou think i felt weak to see tears in my eyes today? Kripa replies, nahin i didnt think so , coz angad can only feel weak and not you.. you are zaib. He replies yes am zaib, u killed angad and u r the one who made zaib come alive to this world, its me zaib who u hate so much.Embarrassed
  • Kripa says to him yes i hate u lot, every single share in me hates u, but then my heart, Prithvi enters the rehearsal room wen she said it upto there.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Angad sayst to prithvi she is not feeling easy to do rehearsals with me, prithvi says its nothing like tht its just tht she was away from these rehearsals and all for long time, it will be fine soon. Prithvi says to him you shud come for tonites dinner party (which dinner party .. mmm?)and he leavesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Kripa also walks to go wen prithvi left, Angad holds her and said: kripa, u were saying something.. complete it!! Kripa says leave me!!!.. he again says to her u were saying something abt what ur heart says...say it!! Kripa says to him pls dont give me troubles, let me goEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Angad again says to her what is tht ur heart says ?? tell it out. kya tha woh?? main tumse sunna chaahti hoon, just say it out!!!!
  • He kept on holding her tightly... (ummmmm) Kripa says to him... ki main aaj bi tumse bohot pyar karti hoon, i love u angad, i still love you and this is the reason why i ve not been able to consumate with prithvi.. kyunki i still love u ........ angad gets tears in his eyes and says i love you too kripa.. holds her face very sweetly and tightly... they both hugged .. and kept on saying i love youClap

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December 7th:

Video Update by Fareed/Nomi : 7th december Video Both Links

Picture Update by Fareed/Nomi : 7th december Pictures

UPDATE BY "Mummu"Tongue:

Today's kyph update

Today's characters:

    Prithvi Kripa Zaib/Angad Mishty Manek Anitah Damini
  • Dadi

Today's episode starts at the same place where angad and kripa were shown yday.kripa is shown holding angad's t-shirt.Angad thinks its a strange matter he found that he still loves kripa. when a person loves someone he can identify his love among laks/crores people. he can feel the heart beats of that person among a lot of people. Love always make people strong but kripa's love made angad so weak that he lost himself. his love is more than his malevolence.That angad who used to love kripa a lot  is still in his body... that angad who was sent to jail by kripa.Angad hates kripa but he can not forget her. However, he wont allow it happen anymore. he is not here to get kripa back in his life once again. Infact he comes here to take his revenge. I had not got anything in return when i used to love u. U have settled down. None can come between my hate and u. do u get it? NO ONE!! Suddenly kripa leaves angad and tells sarcastically that his hate and love's drama is finished. she thorws angad's hands away and removes her tears.Angad is shown totally hopeless and surprised at the same time. Hehheheh.. kripa brings a yo yo.. funky music player and takes out a cassate. he says that she has recored all the words of her and angad.angad is totally surprised. he wants to know wheather kripa was acting or not? kripa says, yes Mr. Zaib. Now kripa will play this cassatte infront of everyone to let them know about angad's confession. angad says : BUT kripa? kripa refreshes angad's memory. once kripa told angad that she wont allow him to wipe out  his family. kripa says best of luck to angad and she is looking forward to him at their evening's party. Kripa leaves but angad is still confused as if he couldn understand anything. Dadi has heard everything!!

kripa gets back home and she is shown talking to herself.kripa thinks angad does not love her. He juz wants to ruin her and her family. she will play this cassatte infront of misty and prithvi to let them know that angad is not their bosom buddy. Infact he is their enemy.

at the evening:
kripa and prithvi r shown getting down. kripa wants to know the reason behind this party. Prithvi is happy as his wife has started singing again. Thats why he has thrown this party. Though, kripa says that she is not singing for her own interests. Infacr she is singing for her husband prithvi. Prithvi says : Okay fine.. this party is for myself. Meanwhile mishty is also shown getting down and she is happy coz zaib has reached at their place. Prithvi also follows her but kripa doesn move. mishty and prithvi both greet zaib. prithvi asks zaib about the decoration. zaib thinks its good. prithvi and mishty tell him to come in where zaib looks at kripa. They both look at each other for a while.

Kripa is walking and looking for someone. suddenly angad enters and asks her wheather she is looking for him or not. he also asks if she is jelous to see him and misty together. kripa tells her to stop being oversmart to hide his tension. angad wants to know the reason of his  tension. kripa tells him once again that she has the record of  angad's confession where he told himself that he is angad. kripa thinks this "shuvkam" should be done tonight... what say angad? dadi is watching and hearing them.

angad says that u wont do anything like that kripa.
kripa: ohh ya?? why? juz bcoz u were my....... ( eheheehhe) or.. u would be my brother-in-law?
angad: trust me kripa.. ur not going to like it.
kripa: trust me angad.. im gonna love it and she leaves.

dadi comes to talk to kripa. she wants to know whats going on? kripa says that she wants to prove that angad is angad. dadi thinks kripa wont get anything after doing it. dadi knew it before and also knows that angad loves kripa like anything. kripa doesn believe that angad loves her. angad wants to take revenge only. dadi thinks kripa is also taking revenge by whatever she is going to do now. dadi also tells her to think twice before doing it. kripa is shown walking with the tape.

Within a sec.. she gives the tape to a DJ and moves forward. suddenly she hears her own voice where she said : I love u angad.I still love u. Oh my God!! she turns back so quickly with a scary face. Anitah.. mishty.. prithvi all of them also get bombshell. The tape is still running.." i always loved angad and  i will  love him.. i love u angad. damini is jarring. kripa is alomost in tears where angad gives a beautiful smile. smile of a winner. LOL.. zaib moves around and looks at kripa.. in the mean time mishty comes and holds zaib. she wants to hit kripa i guess where zaib stops her. zaib tells her to manage prithvi. prithvi is out of the world. everyone is shown leaving the party. kripa wants to say something to zaib but zaib moves forward. kripa is standing all alone!

prithvi is shown standing  alone at a corner. kripa enters and tells her to listen to her for once. kripa also tells him to say something.
prithvi: why kripa?? akher mere pyaar mein kya kami thi? thats why u couldn forget angad. I know kripa.. u used to love angad a lot but still today??
kripa: nothing is like that.. trust me nothing ( she is crying like anything)
prithvi: and u were saying to zaib?
Kripa: No prithvi..ek baar bat sunlo please?
Meanwhile damini enters. kripa says damini to tell prithvi.. damini shows her black eye. prithvi leaves so as damini. Kripa is still crying.

Zaib is shown talking over cell and telling someone to meet him tomorrow. suddenly kripa enters and hold his jacket and calls him cheat, lier.. she knows that zaib has changed the cassatte. what else she could expect from him. Mishty lands up and takes kripa away from zaib quickly. she scolds her and tells her that this is zaib not angad. Mishty is shouting and telling that  zaib might change the tape but can not change kripa's voice and the fact that kripa still loves angad not her husband. she knows kripa went to meet zaib to tell him all these crap. she warns kripa to stay away from zaib otherwise she will kill her. Mishty takes zaib away.. zaib is shown smiling while leaving kripa. hahahahahahahah....

damini wants to know the reason behind all these. what is prithvi's fault. kripa tells damini to believe her. damini never trusts kripa. she is quite for her son only. prithvi is a blind lover but she is not . she can see and observe everything. she begs kripa to stop playing game with his son. she can not toler prithvi;s pain. if anyone loves kripa madly that it doesn mean  she has to play with his feelings. damini tell her to look at prithvi;s situation. damini warns her that she will never leave kripa  if anything happens to prithvi. kripa is completely broken.

zaib and mishty r shown getting down.( at 1st it was k-p now z-m). LOL!
zaib thinks he is responsible for all these. he is feeling bad for prithvi. Mishty has gone mad. It proves her love for prithvi..she keeps telling that kripa has ruined his brother's life. she will kill kripa.

prithvi is shown standing somewehre in a dark. mishty comes and tells her to relax at his room. zaib thinks he can not do it in his room tonight. he invites prithvi at his place.as he knows that prithvi wants to stay all alone but kripa wont allow him so he is calling his driver. No one will disturb him there. pritvhi will feel better. prithvi is shocked/speechless/heart broken. suddenly kripa enters but prithvi turns back and leaves.


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December 9th:

Video Update by Fareed/Nomi : 9th december Video

Picture Update by Fareed/Nomi : 9th december pics Complete

UPDATE BY "Buttercup"Tongue:

Today's kyph update

Heyya All... Tongue

Great Episode... ClapCry

but very emotional, my heart cried for Angad a lot today CryCryCry

Kripa had hurt Angad a lot today.. he is all broken to piecesCry

  • Angad at his place lost in happy and sad memories of kripa (sad version of title track) looks helpless.Cry
  • Kripa and Prithvi in Angad's room, Angad's phone rings, shocked to see kripa calling him... he answers saying hello... wen he answered Kripa kept the phone somewhere in there room so tht Angad hears what ever talks Kripa and Prithvi have between them.Angry
  • Kripa says to Prithvi, its true tht i loved angad a lot, but this is also the truth tht u r the person whom i love today.. yes he came to my life lekin sirf dard ban kar ... but u were the only person who loved me without any expecatation, nd u have won me today for all those things and being there for me always. you are the only person who have any right on me now, after marriage also i cudnt be urs, but today i want to complete my relation with u.. main se hum banna chaahti hoon... I want to be urs forever.. only urs...ur love ur support has won me over my weakness... we have won today.. angad will never come in between us from today...CryAngry
  • Prithvi says: Kripa i dont want u to do anything which  u r heart doesnt allow to do , i know u dnt love me.. Kripa stops him there..and says im ready today.. if i wasnt sure i wdunt be in shaadi ki jodi, i wudnt have wored mangal sutra and sindoor.. i want to be urs all.. im ready to become urs.
  • Angad feels extremely hurt hearing all those things.Cry
  • Prithvi smiles to Kripa and kiss her forehead (still forhead lol )...Kripa looks to him in tears.ConfusedConfusedConfused
  • Prithvi removes her jewelleries... they both shown on bed.. kripa covered with white bed cover prithvi with her on the bed (showing all his tatoosLOLLOLLOL) ... thts it they consummate there marriage ...  Prithvi kissing her neck, face and all over.. Kripa seems not happy.... Hmmm... shown where he breaks kripa's bangles.. Kripa gets tears in her eyes...ConfusedConfusedConfused
  • Angad cudnt take it all... he starts playing his drums in anger and in pain (drums back on the showLOLLOL )..play them really hard for sometime and then within his pain he break those his drum sets...throw them all over and shouts " KRIPA" ... he starts drinking, to torture him self.. pouring alcohol over his face too.... (tadap tadap comes from background) breaks all the alcohol bottles , throw them away... memories recaling where he puts sindoor with lipstick to hurt her and where he puts sindoor on her forehead during there ding dong scene .. take his cell phone on hand and get upset on it also coz he heard everything over the phone and throw it away.CryCryCry
  • Angad shown in tears at his home... Cry Prithvi comes nd says: Hi zaib, Zaib thank you.. coz u had to be out all all nite and i was in ur bed room.. u were out all night.. zaib stays there just in tears. Prithvi's phone rings.. and tells him I have to leave to office.. Kripa is still here.. she will take some more time to get ready... Angad says its ok.. Prithvi says: Zaib, now everything has cleared between us... Angad says thts good news.. there shudnt be any misunderstanding between wife and husband... angad cries in his heart saying that.. Prithvi leaves...
  • Angad staying outside the room, Kripa comes from behind tries to act smiling to him says thanks angad.. sometimes we think we are very far away from the other person though we are close., I thout I lost Prithvi forever coz u of,  but from the misunderstandings u created it made us together and more closer... Me and Prithvi has been trying this for several months to give our marriage the right name but we were unable to do so . but only bcoz of u our relation has changed into something which will never break from here.CryCryCry
  • Kripa says to him: Do u remember that u put lipstick on my forhead and says we are married... prithvi also did it the same thing but we were not able to get into it in fully.. putting sindoor is not what makes us tied in a relation.Angry
  • She says to him: Angad will u not treat me?? today im fully married.. just bcoz of u and from ur house aaj main ja rahee hoon puri dulhan bankar...AngryCry
  • Kripa turns to go and cries without letting him know... angad looks at her in tears.. kripa walks slowly to leave from there .. while walking she looks behind in tears at him and cries to see him in pain... and she leaves, angad has tears in his eyes... cries and close his eyes..
  • When she leaves Angad peeps in to the room and see her bangles broken lying on the bed... imagining kripa on the bed with prithvi... he cudnt bear those..throws away the bed covers and her bangles on the bed ... he cudnt control him self in his pain.. Kripa-Prithvi conusmating scene coming to his mind.. (sad versions title track) recalls Angad-kripa memory... he lets all his tears come out.. he cries his heart out...
  • Angad's pain turns out to anger sits infron of a candle lit, again he imagines Prithvi-Kripa on bed...put his hand on the candle to hurt him self.. gets tears in his and close his eyes take a breath and then open again with tears...Cry


PS:- Do not post comments here PleaseEmbarrassed

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