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9 th nov

pix link by nomi :

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=126337&T PN=1

vdo link by nomi:

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=126453& ;TPN=1

nice update by living.doll ( mumtahana)

Today's characters:
  • Zaib
  • Mishty
  • Kripa
  • Naina
  • Kartik
  • Prithvi
Today I thought to apply something new.. so i took some important snaps while recording today's episode. I have attached some beautiful snaps hope u will like them while going through my update.Big smile

Mishty asks zaib about the place where they air. zaib brings mishty in a temple.zaib explains all the importance of that particular temple. he says its an unique temple. There is no murti in the temple as the builder thinks there is no "roop" of bhagwan.we can only feel God. People come here to tie some bells. people come here for "mannat". zaib gives a bell to mishty and tells her to wish something. Mishty also asks zaib to wish but zaib says he already have got what he wanted. he smiles and tells mishty to go ahead.

Mishty has almost taken the bell where naina calls up. Naina wants mishty to show up her as she wants mishty to decorate her own bed room in khanna mansion. Naina tells her to come as soon as possible becuase nothing can be designed without her.( i can see a little bit of my mom in law in naina).Zaib tells mishty to wish before she leaves. Mishty thinks some dreams can not be fulfilled.she advices zaib to stop dreaming and also tells him to come back in the reality  instead of dreaming.

Same old plane is landing on ekta's soap. I don understand why don balaji people go to airport and take new videos of aircraft landing or departing. Anyways.. kripa is back! she lands up and gets to see mishty and zaib hugging each other. Lol.
Yah.. mishty is shown leaving where zaib comes and takes her in hin arms. Kripa watches it when she is passing that temple in a car.Kripa is completely surprised after seeing this scene. U must watch her lovely face.

Mishty is shown expressing her opinions about choice infront of a designer. Naina leaves for some reasons where mishty keeps talking to the designer about her room.Meanwhile, kartik enters and mishty asks his help for choosing the color of their bedroom's color. she is confused about the color and wallpaper. Kartik tells her to use whatever she feels like as he is not going to stay for long. he will come to sleep at night and mishty has to stay maximum times. Kartik requests mishty to keep himself away from these stuffs as he has no interests in these.Kartik leaves but mishty takes it seriously. she feels very bad. She compares kartik and zaib. kartik never thinks about mishty likings/dislikings.on the other hand, Zaib always cares about her despite of knowing the fact that she will get married with kartik.zaib is always concerned about her. these thoughts bring tears in mishty's eyes.

Kripa enters in her bedroom where prithvi gets a shock after seeing her. Prithvi wanted to receive her but kripa didn inform him as she wanted to give him a surprise( wah.. kaisa ye pyaar hai). Pirhtvi thought kripa will take time to return but kripa says her dad is fine now so she comes back! As usual prithvi hugs her and the way he pampers.. uff.. lovely!

Kripa is shown sitting in a sofa where she is thinking about Z-M. She remembers those words where zaib tells her the technique of making mishty passionate towards him.Kripa couldn stop herself. she calls up zaib but zaib's cell is switched off. she leaves a voice mail.kripa will never allow zaib and mishty's relationship.she threats zaib by saying that she will never happen to repeat those same things with mishty. Kripa is shown really sad. she is shown standing all alone near a window. Sunddenly prithvi enters and wants to know her thoughts. Kripa avoids prithvi and leaves.

Our dashing hero calls up kripa but unfortunately prithvi receives that call. ( i love this man's attitude..ufffff). Zaib asks prithvi wheather kripa has any important work with or not. Prithiv couldn believe that kripa has called zaib.zaib tells prithvi about his voice mail.prithvi makes himself sure about kripa's calling.Prithvi says himself: kripa tumne zaib ko phone kyun kiya?

Kripa is shown entering in a room and finds prithvi upset.Prithvi asks kripa what is the most important aspect of making a relationship successful.I couldn hear what kripa said. I dunno wheather its my problem or balaji's editing problem.however, prithvi says that kripa is correct.Prithvi is still confused with zaib. he asks kripa about the feelings of kripa when she comes looks at zaib and she comes closer to him.do u think he is angad? prithvi wants to hear it from kripa's mouth. kripa lies once again. she doesn think zaib is angad as everyone is saying. she doesn know wheather zaib is angad or not.she can not say.Prithvi memorizes some beautiful scenes between kripa and angad and he hurts himself by remembering them.Making questions of any relationship is not wrong but when we make those questions it means we doubt our own relationship. we r married now so zaib's look doesn matter in our relationship.No one can change our relationship nor even angad's reentry.kripa is prithvi's wife. " log kehte hai..rishto ki buniyad bishwas pe tiki hoti hai..lekin mein kehti hoon.. bishwas tabhi rehta hai jab rishte majboot hota hai." kripa has given up herself completely to prithvi. ( hailaaaa.. whats going on..)

Its mishty's birthday. Prithvi and kripa come to wish her.meanwhile mishty's cell rings.Prithvi thinks it must be kartik's call.however its not kartik..infact its our zaib.Mishty is shown hesitating to pick up the call infront of them. Prithvi understans her situation and leaves mishty alone.I love the way zaib wishes her by calling sweetheart.Mishty is shown blushing. Zaib asks wheather she has any plan today or not. mishty says she is free. zaib plans her to make busy where mishty shouts by taking his name and finds kripa infront of her.Kripa shows handset and tells about kartik's call.Mishty tells zaib to hold a min. kartik is going somewhere but he forgot his blue file at mishty's place.he tells mishty to check. suddenly kartik gets it in his place and tells mishty "BYE". (he didn even greet her).

mishty picks zaib once again. zaib wants to hang up as he thinks many people want to wish her.mishty says herself:"bohat sare log my foot." Kripa again gives her 100years old advice. she tells mishty that she will understand how much love kartik does if mishty  only gives attention towards kartik instead of others. Mishty will never feels it coz kartik doesn love her.if kartik loved me then he would never forget my birthday.enough is enough for mishty. she thinks she should stop continuing this relationship. she can not bear anymore.Kripa thinks these r happening for angad. she wants to do something.

Mishty calls up kartik.kartik tells her to come at dadi's place.Mishty doesn want to cheat anyone thats why she wants to take her  final decision.

Preview: Mishty and kartik r shown  in a party i guess. Kartik thinks he is the most lucky person in the world as he got mishty in his life.he thanks mishty for being in his life.kartik hugs mishty where zaib comes and gives a sarcastic smile towards mishty.

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10 th nov

vdo link by nomi ( thanxBig smile):
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=127228&T PN=1

pix link by nomi:

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=127151&T PN=1

update by
radz_2cool ( thanxBig smile)

Today's kyph update



Bathroom scene


I don't know when the episode begins with but I saw from whr Karthik says Mishti thnku and hugs her. Zaib then looks at Mishti and then he wishes Misthi in front of KArthik Happy Birthday. Karthik and zaib goes and Mishti is confused whom to choose- Karthik or Zaib. She then goes to the wash room(Obviously to wash her face. Lol)and sees Zaib. She tells a typical Ekta serial dialogue"Zaib koi aa jayega". Zaib closes the door and Mishti tells Zaib to go. Zaib says he will not go till he gives her the b'day gift. He tells her to close her eyes(so filmy) and then cums close to her(Zaib a big slap to u) and gives her a pendant. (reminds me of A-k pendent scene in Goa) and the song Dil keh raha hai from Kyonki cums. Kripa calls Mishti from outside and tells Zaib to hide behin the curtains and he hides.(Again so filmy)Kripa tells Mishti to cut the cake. While going Zaib  ne Mishti ko aankh maari(I wish he could do tht to me) Kripa while going outside sees zaib coming out of the wash room and feels sad.


Cake sharing party

Mishti and Kripa cum downs the stairs and Karthik asks her to cut the cake and also asks her who gave the pendant and Mishti seems to be confused.(She is always like that). Kripa says she gave her the locket. Mishti cuts the cake and give a piece to Kripa and Kripa in return gives her also. Mishti then gives Karthik and Zaib watches it.Karthik also gives the cake to Mishti( Thr was a party of cake sharing which I would luv to hv). Karthik then gifts the ring but while wearing Mishti says tht ring doesn't fit her and Nain cums and tells her that she wanted a long time to give this kangan but couldn't give but is giving her and Mishti wears the kangan. Zaib sees it with jealousy. Karthik then goes to Naina and says thanks and says that when Angad was alive Naina never gave luved him but when Angad was in jail he thought he would get the luv but he din't. Karthik said tht he felt sorry for Angad but luvs Naina Naina says that now he will get Angad's luv too because he is dead. Both hug each other.( Karthik and Naina have becum a positive characters so I don't mind joining their fan club if thr is any). Zaib sees it and feels emotional and Kripa cums and says that was he looking at his family. Zaib turns and says he points Mishti and says that yes with Mishti his family will be made.


Emotional scene of the day


Angad remembers what Naina said to Karthik and dadi cums and he starts crying and holds her hand and sits down and cries. Dadi says "Angad not to give stress to him" and Zaib says tht Naina sais Karthik that she will give Angad's luv tohim and stands up and says tht Naina have easily accepted the fact tht Angad is dead. He says that he hates Kripa because jabhi she looks at him shak ki nigahon mein dekhti hai . She just wants to know whether he is Angad or Zaib. Angad says tht "Kabhi mera mann kehta hai ki mein Kripa ko bold u mein Angad hoon"(So this proves Zebra is our pyara Angad)


Preview-Angad says that from that day he will never put glycerineie he will not cry)
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14th November

Video by Nomi/Fareed: 14th November Video

Pix: sorry i didnt find the link

Update by Nannu:

So Here are November 14th Highlights:

  •      Angad Cries in front of Dadi & Says her ,he feels like telling Kripa that he is Angad…
  •      Dadi asks Angad whether he cannot forget about the revenge…Angad Says he will not let the culprit go off just like that..
  •      He says Dadi that ,he will Never have tears in his eyes again..& leaves from there..
  •      Angad walks in the garden approaching to the party hall & kripa see's him through window…Kripa says herself that she can never be wrong about Zaib being Angad…
  •      She is pretty sad Standing by the window & thinking about Angad..Suddenly Our Prithvi Dude comes from behind & asks kripa if she's alrite??& Prithvi Hugs her…
  •      Angad see's them hugging & feels Sad & buzzes off…
  •      Anitha Talks about FOOD/DIET/CATERING to Mishty/Manik…(time pass) LOL
  •      Manik talks about Anitha to Karthik while cheering up Karthik…(time pass)   LOL
  •      Zaib says Anita & mishty "lets play Dumb sharads"..Kripa is there wid them when he suggests this idea….& Mishty Holds Zaibs hand & Leave from there in front of kripa…
  •      Zaib says everybody that he'll be in the Girls team & they start Playing…
  •      Anitha asks zaib & Kripa to come forward for the 1st round…Prithvi Gives a word to Kripa….Kripa & Zaib have a Eye to eye contact Scene…
  •      I Loved the whole Dumb sharad concept…Lovely…Zaib sings "Is pyar ko mai Kya naam Du?"…& Kripa remembers her old days which she spent wid Angad..
  •      Prithvi Looks at Her & gets Upset…

Karthik says thanks to prithvi for informing about Mishty's birthday…& Prithvi says he must thank Kripa,as she is the one who saved him from a big problem…Mishty over hears it & She gets shock….
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15th November

Video by Nomi/Fareed: 15th November Video

Pix by Nomi/Fareed: 15th November Pix

Update by buttercup:

Hey all Nannu is busy so butter is here with the update

Continues.. at antakshri - Kripa in tears Prithvi got uneasy seeing her having tears for zaib

Zaib at the garden, (sad version of kyph background male tune) thinking abt kripa and prithvi relations, having tears in his eyes recalling all kripa-prithvi scenes on his mind... on the other hand kripa prithvi in car going back after party.. (sad female version of track on her) Kripa having tears in her eyes thinking on mishty and zaib, she recalls al there scenes on her mind, she almost cried sitting in the car not letting prithvi knowing abt it.

Zaib sitting back in the rain, torturing him self by drinking n making himself feel uneasy . Shabbir comes and asks him to go in from the rain, zaib says am not going in, im celebrating here let me celebrate this.. ,zaib says to shabbir tht its worth seeing kripa face wen he sees me.. u shud see her face too... and this mishtii i dont think her engagement will survive the way she has her eyes on me. Shabbir tells to him, kartik is ur brother dont u think tht u shudnt do this.Zaib in anger starts telling him to him.. my brother !!! and Sending me to jail doesnt make any difference to him, i didnt even see a single tear in his eyes for me. No! not even once, i was sentenced for 14 yrs..u know how much tht is.. did they even try to see once whtr im dead or alive.. NO!.. so what kinda brother is he... No one thinks for me not dad nor mom nor kartik..no difference for them..and not even for kripa.. zaib cudnt control his emotions tears started coming from his eyes.. full of tears.. i luvd her so much but doesnt make any difference for her.. zaib says to shabir again lets do one thing.. u also drink a bit.. so tht we both can enjoy together.. shabir tells him: lets do one thing we will go inside first its raining here.. zaib says no we will wait here.. shabbir u r the only friend i have.. u did everything fr me.. u spoked to the jailer for me.. and seeing my behavior they made my punishment less... everyone ese think im dead only u know that am alive.. no difference to anyone else whtr im dead or alive they dont care for me ...and nowi dont care either..

Angad in Jail scenes showen - he is telling it to shabbir, i was waiting every minute in the jail tht someone wil come to see me but no one came to see me or see how i was doing in jail... and then during jail transfer my life just changed.. rishvath dheykar to them i escaped from there while they took us to the other jail in the van..and then everyone thout am dead.. but tht day angad died not me.. n zaib came alive.. it was angad who died tht nite.. thts y zaib is alive..frm tht day every bit im living to to change my identity, i had to do plastic surgery so tht my birth mark and tatoo cannot be seen i did so much to ge this new identity so tht zaib voice makes angad voice wash away from all over.. i killed anagd in every way possible.. but until today angad's heart hasnt changed.. wen i see kripa i get tht pain it starts growing more..shabbir and zaib shares hug with each other.

At Prithvi's place, Kartik says thanks to prithvi fr arranging the party.. i didnt even tremember her bday.. prithvi tells him tht he shud thank kripa for this and this is her idea.. she didnt want to let mishty feel sad n she wanted to make her feel tht u cares for her.. mishty hears wat they talkd and got pissed of..

kripa comes in and see mishty siting in the sofa.. mishty says to her, stop kripa.. is this true tht u n bhai arrange the lunch so tht u can show everyone how much kartik cares fr me n love me.. but the truth is tht he didnt even rememmber my bday.. and this wat ever ur plan is... wat du u want to prove..stop this.. this doesnt make any affect on me .. i know you do this..coz u want me to marry kartik as soon as possible though he luvs me or not so tht i wont have anything to do with zaib.. kripa tries to tell misty.. its nothing like tht..mishty tells her tht she isnt yet finished sayin wat she wanted to say.. kripa cudnt say wat she wanted to say.... mishtyy tells her u r betraying my bro.. if ur not intersted in zaib why u have problems me getting close to him... why u try to snatch him wen i like his company.. why u wanna take away al da happines from our lives...mishtyy leaves after saying tht

during nite... kripa and prithvi in bedroom, both of them sitting in the sofa..Prithvi says to kripa can i ask something?..n he asks do u love me? kripa turns towards him but didnt have anythign to say.. prithvi asks her du u know tht angad is no more alive?..she replies saying yes .. prithvi hugs her..kripa in tears... prithvi says to her i know tht u have acpeeted tht he is dead...but tht doesnt mean i get to go close to u.. i will get close to u only wen u want it to be tht way.. says good nite to her.. prithvi tells to her again i am very glad to see mishty happy.. i want her to get settled so tht all my responsibilities are done.. kripa says in her mind i also want it tht way..i know msihtii dont like me.. but she is ur sis so i will not let her marry zaib .. coz i know its angad n i dont wan him to do anything with misty tht he did to me..

(Zindagi mai koi aaye na rabba song comes for prithvi n kripa) ..kripa speaks from her mind angad ruined my life i hate him but stil he is in my mind always .. but i wont let him to do with someone else.. never..

next morning morning, telephon rings, maid at the house answers the call, its zaib asking for mishty.. mishty comes and answers.. he says hi mishty. he says hi..mishty asks kyun fone kya ?(zaibs voice was not on )mishty says yeah..for wat he said frm tht side..yes we r meetin in the nite fr sure.. il be ther fr sure.. Kripa hears it and says to her self , no misthy i will not let u do this..

Tmro Preview: Mishty and zaib, Mishty says i wanna have cofy lets go tu ur house..zaib asks in a strange way my house!!.. mishty says any prob?..zaib again asks r u sure?.. she replies am sure..

Next scene: Kripa says to prithvi i want to tell u something .. its abt Mishty..they r geting too close in there friendship i guess distance between them is goin away .. we shud get them married soon..

Next Scene: Naina, Damini, Prithvi seated, Kartik comes to bose mansion.. Prithvi says to kartik good that you cam here i wanted to tell you something that it is we were thinking shud get the marriage pre poned
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Update: 21st November:

Pictures Link By Nomi: 21st Nov Pics

Video Link Nomi/Nannu :November-21th-Video-Update-;)


Update by Mistyeyed_25:

Mind Blowing .. nopes....

Fantastatic... nahin

Fantabulous - nopes again


Is there a better word than above to describe the episode today...I Guess not!! for todays episide is going to go in to the record books as the best episode ever in the history of indian television.... It was breath taking to say the least, the eyes expression of the characters are worth a dekho and the direction, screenplay, the stunts, the stunts men, the techinician, the cameraman and the actors all need to be applauded!! I want an ENCORE!!

Damini  goes to meet mishty and  give her some red bangles where she finds her crying.Mishty tells her that she is compromising  by getting married to karthik and damini tells her about the meaning od relationships etc (compromise and damini didnt ask her about who the other guy in her life was and who she loves..never mind)

- See the scene for the mother daughter talk which has been beautifully shot and also for the yearnings of a bride who loves X but is getting married to Y

Kripa enters  and talks to naina.. She tells her that mishty will soon become the bahu of the Khanna family and her dreams will soon come true. Kripa goes on to tells naina that she knows that she is still being blamed for angads going to jail and tells her about angads one night stand. Of course kripa is not believed and is blamed again for ruining angads life .

- See the scene for the pain of a mother who has lost her son and of a jilted nd heartbroken lover

Angad goes to mishty's room and tells her about trust (coming from angad/zaib - well quite a surprise !) and a video recording is shown to mishty where she believes that this was all a set up ..

- See this scene for a guy who doesnt want to lose his love and is trying to prov his innocence

Kripa goes upstairs to get mishty in the hall...But she doesnt find her. Everyone is wondering where mishty is and get shocked seeing while mishty & Zaib comes downstairs holding each others hands. Mishty breaks  her engagement wid Karthik who but naturally gets wild and is about to go to zaib but is stopped by Karthik. 

Fight ensues betwen prithvi and zaib and prithvi marte jaata aur zaib pittejata hai (lagta hai prithvi apne saara frustration and anger zaib pe nikal dete hai aaj... wat a brilliant scene!)

- See this for the eye expression whixh said it all and ofcourse the fight. For once you will enjoy the fight.,... after kripa slapping everyone, prithvi is bashing angad/zaib.... it reminded me of the punch...aaaahhhhhhh

Kripa tries to stop prithvi but he continues hitting, dishum dishum dishum, face punch, stomach punch,dishum dishum dishum ....Angad stops Prithvi,by holding his hand and tells him that just because he is not saying anything to him doesnt mean he cant hit him back and the only reason he is not hitting him back is because hes mishtys brother..another punch about to go and mishty stops him... 

Mishty tells prithvi that his first responsibility is his wife and he should take care of hers first. She says it alls kripas fault and zaib tells her that only kripa, zaib and mishty know what the truth is... Kripa says she doesnt know wat they are talking about, Prithvi gets mad and is shocked and leaves..Zaib & mishty hold hands & leave from there...Karthik is helpless...and no one os believing kripa as tears roll down her cheeks

- See the scene for a girl who was rying to help but the plan backfires and no one listren to it, see it for prithvis expression and see it for the other chracters who despite not having a word to say in the scene would tug your heart... See it for Prithvi who just rocked today...He was brilliant to say the least ..


Prithvi is worried about Mishty..he doesnt  find her. Kripa tells prithvi about her visiting zaibs residence and Prithvi gets mad at her.Kripa says she just went there to find out if zaib is Angad and she was worried about mishty. Prithvi tells her that she keeps thinking it is angad and nothing is proved. Kripa says him that he is forgeting that she is his wife and that she is the one who sent angad to jail for he killed josh She leaves from their, Prithvi feels guilty for doubting Kripa and wonders till when angad will continue to haunt him forever

Again brilliant acting by both prithvi and kripa judging by the preview...

I'm going back to drool and think about the episodes ... Absolute a Watch .. Miss it and repent it forever ...


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November 22nd:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi : November-22nd-Video-Update-:)

Picture Update by Nomi : 22nd Nov Pics & audio link

UPDATE BY "Nannu"Tongue:

Today's kyph update

Hi Guys....

Howa u all today???Mazaaa ma???Wink...God Bless u all...Embarrassed

Here is Update for 22nd November:

    Kripa is about to tell prithvi "Prithvi jab mai Zaib ke ghar gayi thi tab........" Prithvi turns around & yells at kripa by asking her "Tum Zaib ke Ghar gayi thi????".... Kripa tells him ,she went to zaibs residence just to find out if he is Angad..She also adds,She doesnt care if he is zaib or Angad..She says him that she just went to meet him becoz of Mishty....She gets upset & runs upstairs.... Prithvi feels guilty & calls out her name to stop her....But Kripa runs upstairs....Prithvi gets Upset & says to him self "ANGAD ANGAD ANGAD....Y is he in my life???Even after his death he is not leaving him alone.." Zaib is in front of fire,looking at it very keenly thinking about something...Mishty comes tohim & calls out his name...Zaibs tells himself in mind"Mishty ,yeh aag dekh rahi ho....am burning like that..Am sorry to use u...but i just madly wanna take badla wid the culprits...." Phone rings....Its Kripas call......Angad see's her name flashing on his mobile...He asks Mishty to excuse him as thereis less network inside &  says her that he will come backafter attending the call...He goes out side... He knew that kripa is out side....Kripa is trying for his number...Suddenly she turns & finds angad in front of her.... Kripa says him,"acha hua ki tumbahar aa gaye.....I wanted to talk tou face to face..."..Zaib asks her y she came here???Kripa says She knows that he is Angad.....Zaib says he is busy right now & mishty is waiting for him inside....He turns to leave, but kripa pests "TUM ANGAD HI HO....."...Angad turns to her....Kripa says him,"y dont u accept the trusth in front of me???Y dont u accept that ur Angad???"... Zaib says her LOUD"Haan mai ANGAD hu....."...Kripa is shocked....She has tears in her eyes....Angad looks at her her & only her.....He repeats it to her by saying,"Mai Angad hu....Tum kya karlongi????U'll tell it to everybody????Go...Go tell tell everyone....But...Who will believe u????..."... Kripa has tears in her eyes....She says  him,"Mujhey pehle shak tha ki tum Angad ho...But abhi mujhey yakeen ho gaya..."...She adds,"Kyuki itna ghatiya insaan sirf Angad hi ho sakta hai...."... Kripa tells him,"Tumharey muh sey ek baat I LOVE U sun ker may khush ho jaati thi.....Per Ab.....(tears in her eyes,rolls down her cheek...Cry)...Angad faces Kripa & asks her,"I LOVE U kebaad???"....He had only Love in his eyes at that moment when he asks her this....Kripa is shocked to hear that from him.... Angad continues.....Tumhe toh merikoi baat ka believe nahi kiya...he says---I said u somanytimes that am innocent...But u never trusted me....U only got insecure about everything..mujhey 14 years ki saza mili thi...14 years ka matlab jaanti ho????u thought i killed  josh..tumne mujhey woh doh(2) jurm(crime) ki saza di hai,jo maine ki hi nahi... Angad says Kripa,"mai jaanta hu ki aaj bhi tum mujhey bhula nahi paayi ho...Aaj bhi jab tum mujhey dekhti ho ,u feel the same...Aj bhi mai jab mishty ke kareeb jaata hu,u feel upset...Aaj bhi jab mai tumhe chuta hu(Kripa stops him).......Kripa asks him ,how could he think suchthings about her(in anger)...She reminds him that she is married to Prithvi.... Angad holds the mangalsutra & tells kripa,"mangalsutra dalne se kuch nahi hota hai.."...Kripa tries to take off the mangalsutra from Angads hand...Angad challenges kripa that he will Break off her DHONGI marriage wid in 1 month....Kripa has tears in her eyes & Angad leaves.... Angad & kripa both are sad....Kripa walking back to home on road & Angad sitting near the fire...Both of them remember all the mango days theyspent together....Both are sad.....ZINDAGI MAI KABHI KOI AAYEH NA RABBA song from MUSAFIR is played in the back ground....Lovely picturisation.... In the morning,Angad goes to mishty & tells her that he loves her ...But he says we are getting selfish...Mishty asks him to be open to her...Angad says that he wants toget married to her and get her home...buthe wants mishty's family to agree for the marriage...mishty says its impossible...but Angad says her not toworry & tells her to talk to her family...Mishty agree's & tells himthat she is very scrared...She hugs himAngry & angad asks her not to worry....(The place where they shooted this scene is KHANNA HOUSE....Check out the interiors carefully...LOL)...
  • Prithvi & Damini bose have a talk about Zaib & mishty....prithvi gets mad at mishty& zaib..He says Karthik is not only his bussiness partner,but also a good friend...Mishty enters home while Prithviis mad....


    Mishty says Prithvi,Damini & kripa that Zaib is not Angad....She says Zaib is a very nice guy... Kripa says them that Zaib is Angad....prithvi asks her to stop...He says mishty jo chahengi wohi honga.... He goes to meet angad & tells him he isok wid Mishty &zaibz relationship....He wants to fix the marriage date...
  • Angad says that he is a sweet brother ,but he doesnt want to get married....

Luv U all,



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Nannu IF-Rockerz

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November 23rd:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi : November-23th-Video-Update-;)

Picture Update by Nomi : 23rd Nov Pics

UPDATE BY "Living.doll"Tongue:

Today's kyph update

Today's characters:

    Zaib/angad Prithvi Damini Mishty
  • Kripa
  • Prithvi is shown very hot tempered while talking to his mother damini. he is very angry with mishty's activities.In the mean time mishty enters and refuses prithvi's statement. she thinks she does not do anything inaccurate.she asks prithvi about her mistakes. prithvi scolds her when she replies that she has not done anything wrong. Mishty and zaib commits to get spend their whole lives together. she loves zaib. Prithvi is almost ready beat her up but damini stops him. Damini tells mishty about zaib and their badnaami but mishty says damini about yday night where she spent a whole night with zaib and zaib did not even touch her. Mishty is ready to continue this relationship with zaib.Mishty also states that zaib wants to  settle down but not without mishty's family members permission. Prithvi is worried about kartik. he doesn know how to face kartik but he never thought about her sister's future with kartik as mishty does not  even love  kartik. That situation would be more worse than now.prithvi denies everything and tells that zaib is not a good guy for her. Mishty thinks prithvi is saying all these becuase zaib's face looks like angad.After angad's death mishty was alive but couldn lead her life properly. zaib helped her to overcome anagad-mania. If zaib's face looks like angad then it can not be his mistake. Prithvi mentions that everyone loves mishty and wants her best.however, they r scared about mishty's wrong decision. Mishty does not think that prithvi wants to see her sister happy and she leaves.
  • Bechara butter's kartik (LOL). he is shwon completely shattered. he is upset like anything. naina tries to manage him. she tells that what would happen if mishty betrayed him after their marriage? naina wanted to bring mishty herself in their family as a bride but naina was wrong. kartik wont be happy with mishty becuase mishty loves anyone else.naina tells him to control. kartik refuses to control himself. when he saw zaib for the 1st time he assumed that something will be worng and it happened. angad always took his loved ones and happiness, Angad is not alive but his face is taking everything from kartik.Kartik hates angad. LOL...
  • Mishty's happiness is prithvi'sblessedness. he can not see mishty crying. damini thinks prithvi is right.she shows a newspaper where something is wriiten about mishty and zaib. SUddenly kripa enters and wants to say something about mishty and zaib's relationship.. before she finishes.. mishty also enters and scolds her.
  • Kripa: but mamma.. mishty and zaib.. i mean... ( she couldn complete)Mishty: what do u mean? oh..u don want me to marry zaib coz his face looks like angad or u havnt forgot angad inspite of being my brother's wife? nor ur past.

Kripa: mishty u got me wrong.
Mishty: meeh?? i got u wrong?? zaib is not angad .. nor even close to him.. he is a nice guy.. mishty respects zaib and loves him.
kripa: but mishty..

  • Prithvi stops both of them by saying that he will talk to zaib before water goes under bridge. kripa is worried becuse she is helpless to make people understand that zaib is none but angad.no one believes her. lol
  • Prithvi comes to meet zaib at his place. zaib is shown preparing tea for prithvi. their conversation:

Prithvi: Look zaib.. if u and mishty love each other than i think u guys should get married.
zaib: sugar?
prithvi: what?
Zaiv: i said.. do u want sugar in ur tea?
prithvi: 2 spoons.
Prithvi: yah..i was talking about...
zaib: yes.. u were talking about someone's marriage.
Prithvi: yes..i don have any problem in u & mishty's marriage.
zaib: sweet.ur a very good brother.
prithvi: so what about ur marriage plan?
Zaib: kabhi nehi...
Prithvi: put the cup on a table and says "Matlab".. but a few minutes back u were talking about..
Zaib: U may  don have any problem with mishty and mine's marriage but i do.
prithvi: then why did u play with my sister? u know that her engagement was broken for u only?
zaib: as a brother of mishty.. i have given u all the respect .. now be a good guest and drink ur tea. U may go then. though there was no commitment between mishty and me regardin marriage.
Prithvi: what do u think about urself. at 1st u have played with my sister and now ur talking like this way? If i want i can kill u right now.
Zaib: prithvi u shouldn have behave like this while talking about sister's marriage. hai na?

  • Prithvi controls himself and again seats with zaib.prithvi thought mishty has broken her engagement becuse they were planning for their marriage. Zaib admits that they were planning to get married but he doesn want now.prithvi wants to know the reason.zaib loves mishty and wants to marry her but there is a problem. prithvi asks his problem.zaib says that the problem is pritvhi. how could prithvi thinks about their marriage when zaib was beaten up by him infron of many people.zaib shows his band aid by pulling his band. this will be removed by time but the pain which prithvi gave him in his heart will never remove. Zaib would forgive him but a few minutes back pritvhi overreacted..so..zaib has some important work so he leaves.
  • prithvi doesn know what to do. he has tried his level best but zaib didn accept his proposal. he tells kripa that he was insulted and helpless.prithvi wont allow him to destroy mishty's life.kripa decides to beg infront of zaib.
  • Kripa reaches at zaib's place but she doesn get in. she is shown standing beside a car. angad greets her and wants to know her reason behind coming.kripa aplogises and tells him to get married.

kripa: please angad.. get married.
Angad: im ready.. but u have to divorce prithvi.
Kripa: im talking about ur and mishty's marriage.
Angad:oh.. im sorry.. i though.. u.. btw.. when did u strat thinking about others?good habit.
Kripa: why r u doing this to me..

  • angad holds kripa's hand soo tightly.

Angad: why did u spoil my life? what did i do to u.?
Angad: do u know kripa " humein zindegi mein sabse dukh woh dete hai jisse hum sabse pyaar karte hai.."
Angad: im doing all these with mishty becuase.. {zaib goes infront of a door.}
kripa: angad..
Angad: what do u think about mishty? isnt she pretty?

  • suddenly kripa looks at angad's arm where she gets to see  some scratches over there.

Angad: yday night.. a junglee billi .. attacked me.
kripa: angad i come here to say u sorry. would u please marry her?
Angad: i would accept ur proposal but u hurt me a lot.
kripa: angad please, u and mishty have gone far..
Angad: ohh really.. u and me also have gone far..but what happened?
Angad: i have learnt all these from u.. how easy to break a relation..
kripa: u have to marry mishty..otherwise..
Angad: at 1st decide urself wheather u come to apologise or giving threats?
kripa: cries and begs angad to marry mishty.
Angad:he is shown also unhappy. he turns his face..
kripa: please..
Angad: Look at ur fortune.. today u have to come at my place and requesting me to marry mishyty..
Angad: i know ur feeling really bad..ur tears can not be fake as ur court's statement..
kripa is shown leaving.. suddenly angad calls her.
Angad: kripa.. i will marry mishty.
kripa is shown more unhappy than before.
Angad: why?? now what makes u cry? i have agreed to marry.. ya pher mere han ne tumhe.. na se zada taqleed dee hai?


Prithvi says kripa he got a call from zaib & he is ready to get married..Zaib says to dadi that  he is gonna take revenge at any cost..Kripa is behind them listening  to all this...Angad calls Kripa & tells her that her planned is failed & He got engaged to Mishty before he left the engagement hall...

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Nannu IF-Rockerz

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November 24th:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi : November-24th-Video-Update-:)

Picture Update by Nomi : 24th Nov Pics

UPDATE BY "Buttercup"Wink:

Today's kyph update

Hey alll.... Tongue

  • Zaib tells Kripa tht he will marry mishtyy continues
  • Kripa leaves from Zaib's place. go to the beach area and stays at the sea side thinking for a while. Angad-Kripa sweet memories recalling and revenge memories tooo (sad version of title track on ) she says to her self.. everyone will come to know soon or later that he is angad but then what do i do...what wil hapen to msishty then... but wat wen mishty is not happy tmro with him? i know he is doing to take revenge from me .. wat shud i do ?.. shud i allow this to happen or not... wat shud i do
  • Zaib rings prithvi and tells him tht he is ready to marry mishty.. prithvi says thank you and hung the call.
  • kripa seems to be leaning on the wall at her place with tears while prithvi comes to her and asks where she was..and tells her tht zaib cald and he has agreed for marriage .. mishty is so happy i cant even tell you... he says to kripa to go and help mom she is busy with shaadi stuff as tmro 6 is the engagement ..says bye to her and he leaves
  • At mishty's place engagement on... mishty dressed very beutiful for engagement... memories of misty get her memories with zaib on her mind (pehela nasha song on wid memories) ...  mishty blushing thinking of the cozy memories with him.
  • Zaib drives to mishty's place for engagement.. gets a cal from dadi, she says she is not well.. so he drives towards her place
  • Kripa at dadi's place..dadi lying on the bed acting to be ill... she takes juice for dadi, dadi says to her u know tht am acting here so then y juice.. kripa tells to her acting shud be in a real way though... but u shud have juice, its time for u to have it.. she tells to dadi tht u r the only person who understands me.. no one else beleve me.. dadi asks her to come and sit beside her.
  • Zaib enters to dadi's asks her what hapend dadi?.. Kripa replies to him saying just now dadi felt felt better.. dadi is very upset with you he says to zaib.. also says tht dadi is not happy wit this game u r playing with everyone
  • zaib says to kripa, tht i shud have known u wud be here for sure.. dadi tells him police wud have taken u to jail if they know u r angad by now and am not supporting you to ruin others life.. but to prove ur inoccence so tht u dont have to go to jail.. zaib tells to dadi tht he has to to go mishty waiting for me.. dadi says to him why r u playin with mishty.. what did they do to you? zaib replies to dadi saying tht they all played with me.. now i have only one aim in life tht is to take revenge from al those who ruined my life..im not gonna leave them.. Apki pyari kripa is the one who sent me me to jail.. why do you praise her so much still ?? zaib tells to dadi.. dadi tells him angad try to understand.. zaib stop her there and says i understood very welll.. and he leaves
  • when he leaves dadi says to kripa; am sorry kripa.. angad wil not listen to anyone now.. she replies saying its ok dadi .. thanks dadi what i wanted i got, i wanted to stop him from attending the engagement and thts done.. now angad wil not be able to make it on time.. n for them to get engage have to wait for long so by tht tme may be i can help mishty.. dadi says to kripa i dont know whthr we are right or wrong.... but since you are doing al this i believe it will be right.. kripa says to dadi tht she shud leave... wen she left dadi says to her self; these two luv each other so much.. but pretend not.. bless them..
  • zaib ouside dadi's place sees tht his car tyre is punched... meantime kripa is in her car outside she sees him and say to him :tyre puncher ho gayee"? and she left. Zaib knew she had done al those
  • Kripa at home.. says to her self "thank god engagement didnt hapen".. prithvi comes and asks her. where were you whole day nd u knew its mishty engagement today..so how cud u do this.., zaib had to go with an emergency so we had to rush evrything and finish the ceremony in a hurry... kripa gets a shock to know tht engagement hapend. prithvi says to her everyone was asking abt you afterall .. you are  bose family's daughter in law..  she asks him engagemennt hapend?. he replies yeah it was to hapen so it happend.. but tmro dont disapear form party...
  • Angad calls kripa and says where were u.. not in engagement.. we enjoyed.. but wud have been fun if you were also there . you know what kripa you think you are very smart but u really is dumb..wen dadi rang me i came to know something is wrong.. coz i spoke to dadi only in the morning and she was well and fine.. you made me fool in love..but you will not be able to fool me with hatred .so before going to dadi's place we exchanged the rings and i went there so your plan is failed..
  • Prithvi on call with party organizers.. kripa comes n ask him whthr she can be of any help..he says to her what ever u wanted u did..she asks him wat did i do.. he tells her u forgot to attend ur sister in law's engagement and he leaves after saying tht in anger..wen he leaves kripa says to her self..how do i tell you prithvi tht you are so in tension with the party work but how do i tell you tht the biggest tension is coming this way
  • Prithvi fells asleep and wake in a sudden thinking tht he has to arrange for party.. so he comes ou of room in a hurry come out and sees tht the whole place is decorated, he knew kripa did al those.. so goes to her and tells kripa did u do al these by ur self? ...she replies is everythng fine? he says its beautiful. (he he hey la la la laaaaa tune coming fr both of them)but the person who did al these things need to have a smile on her face he tells kripa... she smiles.. he tells her to go get ready..
  • later Mishty comes to prithvi.. he tells her tht u look beautiful.. she says tht she wanted to say something.. she says: im sorry bhai.. i said so much to u.. he says mishty and tries to stop her.. sje says pls dont stop me i want to say.. i did hurt u so many times without knowing.. i fought with u everytme . n ur sis never thout of u at any point.. but u always have been thinking  for me..pls let me say it today.. thank u for all those wonderful moments,  happines tht i got frm u.. i love u so much... thank u fr being the most wonderful bro.. and im the luckiest girl in this world. u r my best frend too..i knew a bro will never to go to zaib asking to marry me but u did it for me as a friend .. fr my happiens.. mishty prithvi hugs.. he asks her r u happy? she says yes and  thank u bro
  • At wedding Kripa coming down from the stairs with others (those girls  who come for shaadi's i dont know what is cald for those.. lolz)
  • Zaib comes in to there place ready for the wedding.. Damini and kripa come along with others to greet him .damini tells to her tilak karo zaib ki.. she replies mummyji main?.. damini says yeah.. daughter in law is the one puts thilak ... its shagun do tht...zaib gives a naughty smile to her..she puts thilak on his forhead... and zaib gives teasing smile..
    Preview Next week:
  • Zaib saying to kripa " you gave me so much of pain..u are the person who did hurt me most ... i had to go to jail only bcoz of you.... you are not the kripa tht i loved... you are not the person i luvd.. he keeps holding her tightly.. they knew someone was there.. both of them looks behind ( so now guess who saw them.. lolz)

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