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oct 26th

picture courtesy by nomi (thanx nadeemBig smile): http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=117716&K W=nomi&TPN=1

vdo link by nomiBig smile:
 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=117781&K W=nomi&TPN=1

update by living.doll (thanx mumuWink):

Today's characters:
  • Zaib
  • Mishty
  • Kripa
  • Kartik
  • Anitah

I enjoyed every bit of today's episode. It was another awesome episdoe!

"The heart of the jealous knows the best and most satisfying love, that of the other's bed, where the rival perfects the lover's imperfections."

 Mishty is shown sitting on her bed when the door bell rings. she opens the door and finds zaib's driver who comes to take her at zaib's place. Mishty tells her to leave as she is not going anywhere. Driver tells her that he will be waiting for her. Mishty closes the door. Again someone comes and knocks at her door. Without seeing anyone mishty shouts by saying " How dare u." It is kripa who comes to say something important. Kripa tells mishty to stay away from angad. Mishty says : angag se ya zaib se? Kripa tell both becuase it can be dangersome for her. Kripa does not want mishty to suffer from any heartache. Mishty says to kripa that she should not say it becuase kripa knows angad more than her. Thats why kripa is telling mishty to stay away from angad/zaib. she suffered a lot for him. Mishty is shown surprised becuase angad went to jail becuase of her and if angad is dead then it is also becuase of her. Kripa denies this fact. Angad went to jail becuase he was envolved in josh's murder case. Kripa thinks that zaib does not care about mishty. Mishty says that zaib is not after for kripa. he is not angad and if he was then mishty wouldn care! Mishty thought on that night she saw kripa's real emotions for the 1st time. she felt bad for kripa.After a while she realized that it was for a moment only. do chad ansoo bahaye.. uske baad baat khatam. Kripa changes the topic as she doesn come here for this issue. she comes here to remind mishty that she is engaged.However mishty also reminds her that kripa is also married. mishty observed kripa's eyes on the party. Mishty tells kripa to stop thinking about her instead of her own marriage. she also tells kripa to start prithvi and her  married-life, take kids and for the 1st time think about her husband. Mishty doesn wan kripa to think about her engagement as well as zaib. Kriap does not why the hell mishty is saying all these. she comes here as a friend. Mishty is scared of kripa;s friendship, If kripa can send her love in the jail then she can hang her friends as well. Mishty gets angry and tells kripa to stop worrying about her life, engagement. she should rather think about her own life.she also tells kripa to stay away from her. when kripa leaves mishty start thinking that kripa is right. she should not meet up zaib as she doesn know about zaib's intention. she wont meet him.

Mishty comes to kartik. Kartik is happy to see her as he was almost calling her. Kartik wants to leave dubai. Infact he wants to leave today. Mishty is shocked. she asks why? Kartik is feeling insecured. he takes angad's name.he wants to leave for angad.mishty says that angad is no more. kartik wants to clear it by going back to Mumbai. Angad always try to snatch those people whom kartik loves.Kartik does not want to argue anymore. Mishty wants to know the reson behind this behavior. Mishty does not want to go anywhere. Kartik is afraid. Angad wants to come back in mishty's life once again. This time kartik wont be able to toller this.kartik will kill angad if he dares to look at mishty.mishty warns kartik and says that she is not that type of gal who will be afraid of these threats.she has brain and she can think herself. she knows what she should do and wat she should not. Mishty told kartik on her ring ceremony that angad is her past and kartik is her present so he shouldn bother. If kartik wants to return then they will but it is not for any fear of someone.Suddenly mishty's cell rings.its none but our zaib. zaib tells on the cell that if mishty doesn come then he will come on her place. Now the choice is hers. Mishty hangs up by saying she will try.Kartik asks about the call. Mishty lies and says one of her friends invites her somewhere. this call was an invitation.kartik leaves. Mishty comes out and thinks that it would be really bad if zaib comes here. she must go and stop zaib.

anitah is shown waiting for someone on the lobby. mishty comes and greets her. Mishty wants to know for whom she is standing here as manik is out. Anitah says that manik wants to meet her up and sends a car too. Suddenly mishty looks a "gadha" standing there. Mishty is happy to know that anitah gets another transport.anitah should not say bye to this "good luck". Anitah tells her to stop and says that she is leaving by that white car. Mishty stops her and replies that this car is for her.anitah calls up security dunno why. LOL..

Kripa is shown walking around in the hotel where she gets a letter for mishty which is written by zaib. Its an invitation letter for mishty from zaib. Meanwhile kartik enters and asks what is she doing here. Kripa replies that she is looking for mishty. Kartik takes a newspaper. Kripa is shown leaving where kartik asks her is she in hurry or not. kartik is wondering if kripa has any appointment with someone or not. Kripa is shown completely tensed. she leaves where kartik gets that letter. Kripa again returns and finds kartik reading that letter. she is worried thinking about mishty. she wants to stop mishty.

Mishty reaches in zaib's boat. she couldn find zaib anywhere. she keeps calling zaib.Kripa also follows mishty. Kartik is also shown behind kripa. they both take boats and keep looking for zaib's boat. Mishty is shown walking around on the boat and looking for zaib. suddenly zaib  falls infront of her. mishty is scared. zaib is doing his excercises. they both come in a corner of the boat. mishty wants to know the reason behind calling her here. Mishty knows what does zaib want from her. mishty thinks zaib can not do this to her. zaib says that he can do as mishty happened to be angad's deewani. Mishty says that he should not meet her up again and she tries to leave where zaib holds her hand. Then zaib says if u really want to go.. then u may go... lol. Zaib says  they could share a drink together. Mishty again puts her engagement's issue. zaib stops her by saying... SHhhhhhhh. Mishty does not come here to say this.zaib says that he knows mishty is engaged as she said him before. zaibs asks her : kyun ayii hoo yahan."

Mishty: mein tumse...
Zaib: u have beautiful hair... now tell me what do u want to say.
Mishty: {out of control}. she keeps saying that.. mein tumse yeh kehne ayi thi ke..
Zaib: ur eyes r really beautiful... yah what r u saying?
Mishty: zaib mein.. im engaged.
zaib: beautiful fingers.beautiful ring.
Mishty: zaib.. i can not meet u.. umm.. ha.. kartik.
Zaib: long and beautiful life ya? He must be a lucky guy who will spend his whole life with u.

Finally kripa and kartik both reach at zaib's boat.pehle kripa then kartik. LOL

Mishty and zaib r shown in a romantic moment. Mishty wants to say something. zaib thinks it is not important to say anything right now.mishty leaves zaib and walks off. In the mean time kripa comes infront of zaib. kartik is also shown there.Kartik thinks that invitation note was not for mishty.. infact it was for kripa. He thinks kripa could not stop herself by seeing someone who looks like angad.Kartik leaves.

Zaib is not that much happy seeing kripa. "Woh tum yahan aa gayi?" Suddenly mishty enters and she is shocked seeing kripa there. she wants to know what does she want here. Kripa says that she comes here to help her as kartik got to know about this date. Mishty is in doubt. Kripa doesn want kartik to see mishty with zaib. Kripa thinks mishty should have thought about her family and fiance before coming here. Mishty says that kripa should not think about her izzat. Kripa wants to take prithvi's name when mishty stops her. Mishty doesn want prithvi in their conversation. Mishty knows what makes kripa come here.Kripa leaves.

Zaib thinks kripa likes her. Mishty says that kripa is her brother's wife. Zaib finds kripa a starnge wife as kripa was after him in the party. Zaib says that he only likes mishty and he feels bad for kripa.

Kripa and zaib on the land. Kripa charges angad. she wants to the reason behind coming in their lives for the 2nd time. Zaib is a little surprised by hearing the word twice.woh mein  tumhari zindegi mein pehle bhi tha? kripa thinks zaib is  too smart. she knows zaib is angad. For a while she thought she lost angad but now she knows this human being is angad. zaib's musics r proving that he is angad. those notes cannot be two different people's. Kripa is still burning in angad's love-fire. zaib says that kripa came to tell mishty that she should not meet up zaib as she is engaged but what about her now? she is married. Zaib tells her to go and worry about ur husband. Kripa is concerned about mishty becuase mishty is falling for the guy who looks like angad.Infact kripa is also used to love the same face. Zaib thinks that kripa is worried for mishty becuase she also loved the same person. Zaib shows his cell phone and tells that mishty is on line. zaib laughs and says that she drops mishty at her hotel and he calls her up for sayin thanks.zaib says that kripa comes in a correct time. zaib wants to call mishty later.

Mishty is shown frightened. she thought kripa forgot angad but she was wrong. kripa is also getting attracted by zaib and she does not know how to tell prithvi about it. she thinks they should return Mumbai.

Preview: mishty is shown talking to kartik about returning Mumbai. She thinks they should leave Dubai today.

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October 27th:

Video Update by Nomi : 27th October Video

Picture Update by Nomi : 27th October Pics

UPDATE BY buttercup:
Here's a quick/short update of tonight untill u guys get the full updated Smile

  •      Mishtii goes to meet kartic, kartic ask her how was the party.. mishtii says it was ok.. she says o him tht u were right we shud leave to mumbai soon,, kartic says but you didnt want to go earlier but how come ur mind changed so easily.. mishtii says tht coz u wanted to go i changed my decision for you.. n didnt want to argue with you in the matter more.. mishtii says to her self i did this so tht u dont hate me but i how do i stop my past coming to present
  •      kripa and zaib still talking abt mishtii thing..zaib says to kripa tht now he knows y u r crazy after zaib.. its tht coz u luvd angad..kripa says in a loud voice tht i hate angad... also says to zaib tht u r angad coz its angad who only flirted n made fun with girls.. no one wud do so other than angad. Kripa says to zaib that i hate angad so u its better u also without giving more troubles, zaib says to Kripa wen ever i try to go u r stopping me
  •      kartic keeps on thinking abt kripa going to meet zaib
  •      prithvi comes in n kripa comes in too.. Prithvi asks kripa where was she all these time, kripa answers saying following mishtii, prithvi asks where n why.. she says mishtii was shopping and she had to follow her coz she didnt hear kripa calling so.. she was following her for long
  •      kartic says towards kripa.. yeah sometimes ppl get tired shoping but there are other things tht we get tired of thts like, sightseeing, beaches n boats..
    •      Mishtii goes to meet kartic, kartic ask her how was the party.. mishtii says it was ok.. she says o him tht u were right we shud leave to mumbai soon,, kartic says but you didnt want to go earlier but how come ur mind changed so easily.. mishtii says tht coz u wanted to go i changed my decision for you.. n didnt want to argue with you in the matter more.. mishtii says to her self i did this so tht u dont hate me but i how do i stop my past coming to present
    •      kripa and zaib still talking abt mishtii thing..zaib says to kripa tht now he knows y u r crazy after zaib.. its tht coz u luvd angad..kripa says in a loud voice tht i hate angad... also says to zaib tht u r angad coz its angad who only flirted n made fun with girls.. no one wud do so other than angad. Kripa says to zaib that i hate angad so u its better u also without giving more troubles, zaib says to Kripa wen ever i try to go u r stopping me
    •      kartic keeps on thinking abt kripa going to meet zaib
    •      prithvi comes in n kripa comes in too.. Prithvi asks kripa where was she all these time, kripa answers saying following mishtii, prithvi asks where n why.. she says mishtii was shopping and she had to follow her coz she didnt hear kripa calling so.. she was following her for long
    •      kartic says towards kripa.. yeah sometimes ppl get tired shoping but there are other things tht we get tired of thts like, sightseeing, beaches n boats..
    •      kartic says we shud leave dubai now, kripa says its yet early. mishii says what we came here for is done now so we shud leave. kartic says kripa doesnt want to go back may be. prithvi says we shud also go if they want to go n we shud meet the show organizers before leaving. prithvi says to manik tht ask anita to pack n be ready earlier this time.
    •      mishtii says to kripa tht i made ur plan failed getting closer to zaib coz now we are going to leave u cant get closer to him.. same thing kripa says to mishtii tht u r the one who wanted to go close to him. kripa again starts warning her but mishtii refuses to listen n says go n pack ur things well so tht u dont forget n keep anything here n u find a reasong to come back
    •      anita packs her stuff manik carries it, it was soo heavy he asks abt it.. meantime luggage fell from stairs he finds tht anita has packed hotels toiletries n keep on asking abt it.. meantime hotels boy come manik thout he saw it n says sorry.. tht guy says i have to say sorry for u.. tht u will have to be with her for lifetime we just met her for quite sometime only..manik says to him self main ek lawyer aur meri wife ek number ki chor LOL
    •      mishtii shopping.. a small boy comes with some bags n give it to her saying its for u.. she asks who gave ..same time zaib comes n says he sent those for her.. mishtii refuses to take.. bt he give those n go.. kripa was starring at both of them at the same time.
    •      angad goes to a shop n was smelling some perfume kripa comes n sees n says still wud u say u r not angad thts angad's fav perfume.. he sneezes the same time n says i ve got allergies n thts u.. i was buying this for my friend not fr me.. im not into these.. so kripa says now u will say tht i knew.. so ok i i pay the bill u take it coz its angads fav n u r him i gift it to you.. he refuses to take the gift, but says yes n said i shud give a return gift to u so u take it back..n he walks ahead. mishtii sees him giving the perfume to kripa she thinks tht he gifted it

    Next week preview: mishtii asks zaib abt him giving perfume to kripa. he says he didnt give it , kripa gave it to him.. n he tells the shop keeper to tell mishtii who paid for the perfume n he says tht the lady paid for it n mishtii gets the impression tht again kripa is after zaib n wanting to gift him Confused

    thats it! Smile
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    October 31st:

    Video Update by Nomi : 31st October Video

    Picture Update by Nomi : 31st October Pics

    UPDATE BY buttercup:

    continued: at airport to leave frm dubai to mumbai -

    Mishtii saw angad giving perfume over to kirpa at the airport, she thout tht he was gifting it to her.. zaib walk ahead mishtii call zaib in anger.. tells him why do you want to gift everyone do you have an interest in gifting people. zaib says its wiered to hear such a thing from you. zaib tells her tht kripa saw him gifting to mishti so she also wanted to gift me something.. also he tells mishtii that she is jealous of you and i think she likes me. soon angad sees the shop keeper over there cals him and ask him to tell mishtii who paid for the perfume he says tht it was madam who paid it. zaib tells mishtii tht he is waiting fr her to say sorry.

    mishtii sees kripa on the escalator she says to her tht u shud grow up now atleast.. kripa ask her whthr she said anything n she said y did u take the perfume for zaib,, if u had wanted it u shud have asked bhai for it. kripa says she was there prove something mishtii asks wat do you want to prove.. kripa says she wanted to prove thts its angad coz he was having angad's fav perfume.. mishtii shouts at kripa sayin for god sake angad is no more, he is dead.. naina heard the same and got an attack .. was kinda like faintish.. both kripa and mishtii helped her.. mishtii cald kartic for help he came too...

    they reach bombay.. naina wanted to go to visit jail to know abt angad first.. kartic tries to convince her tht they shudnt go rite now..prithvi comes n tells kartic that we shud let her do wat she wants rite now. naina ask the inspector at jail abt angad.. he said tht everything happend al of a sudden but they tried caling his family.. but no answer from house number. he tells naina that they were trying to shift angad from one jail to another.. the van had an accident everyone was dead with lot of injuries they cudnt even identify the bodies. they had to the antim sanskaar of all dead bodies as none of the faimliy members were available. naina, prithvi kartic leaves from jail. one havaldaar comes there and tells to inspector why he had to lie sayin tht everyone was found dead while we still have not found one body. inspector says that sometime we had to do it like tht to save our jobs.

    naina at home tells to kartic how cud he not tell such an important thing to naina, said tht kartic was much more concerned abt the show and his profit instead of telling me about my sons death.. kartic tries to make her understand why he did so but naina wasnt in a situation to understand anything. he tells to kartic that today he has lost both his sons.. kartic had tears in his eyes says that not only today u lost ur son kartic but the day angad was born i had lost all relations. he still tries to convince her but she seems not be understaing anything. Dilip was in scene today... hehehe. having recalled memories of angad.. the day he was sentenced all memories regained on his mind.. naina comes to him and say tht this is our punishment tht we never went to see him in the jail nd we never looked at him how he was doing in jail. she was saying to him that earlier we were in this hope that angad will come back to us within 3 years but now he will never return to us. they both share there pain very emotionaly.. kartic has the same thing on mind which naina said to him that kartic is no more alive for him. he cals up mishtii and says tht he wanted to meet her.. mistii asks him whthr everything was okay.. he says just want to meet you rite now am coming to pick you there.. mishtii gets ready and comes down she sees car infront of her house..she gets into the car but it wasnt kartic.. zaib was in it.. it was his car (lolz.. mishtii cudnt identify kartics car) zaib drive the car ahead mishtii says to him tht she thout its kartic.. n zaib says he think tht wat a beautiful coincidence is this. mishtii asks him to stop the car as she had to meet kartic. kartic cals on her cell at the same time says tht he is waiting infront of her place for her.. mishtii gets panic and says tht she thout tht he had asked to meet at the club so she on her way to the club. once she hangs the cal zaib says in a very naughty way tht now u have started lying also.. hahha... so mishtii asks him to take her to the club. they go in to the club wen mishtii was abt to get off from the car zaib holds her hand.. got really very close to him n says he want to kiss her.. mishtii says pls dont do this to me.. zaib n mishtii were really very close not even a bit between both of there faces n there lips were just one inch away from each other... (lolz.. i took the measurement) and then zaib says he wud kiss her only wen she wants it and he will not force her for any such thing. she started blushing and get out of the car... mishti walks towards the entrance.. zaib also gets out and stay just next to his car looking fr mishtii.. mishtii says to her self tht she will not look back anyway.. but atlast she look behind sees zaib starring at her.. he sends her a flying kiss to her mishtii blushes again and walk aaway...

    kripa at home.. someone at her door step.. she sees zaibs hands first on the door and sees a boquet of red roses.. zaib moved in with those.. she sees her shockingly.. zaib smiles at her in a naughty way with the roses...

    thts it..enjoy!!

    tmro preview: kripa hears kartic and prithvi disussing abt zaib tht they shud sign him for another show since its been great hit for them.. kripa didnt seem happy with it though
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    November 1st update by : mistyeyed_25


    Video link by - Nomi.

    Nov 1st pics - http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=121300&K W=Nomi

    Zaib entrs with roses and kripa is shocked to see him...Zai says the roses are not for her but fotr someone else. kripa reads the obituary and Zaib blames her for sending angad to jail. He tells her that he has come to invite everyone for his music launch. he tells her he is not after mishty but will make mishty run after him. Kripa gives it back to him saying he will not let that happen... (remix instrumental version of kyph in background)

    prithvi - our cool dude is saying that zaib is indeed very lucky foir them. Karthik suggests they should sign him on. kripa is upset and says she wont let it happen. kripa sees mishty getting ready and thinks that she has to do something to protect mishty.

    Zaib sings pal (Indian idol promotion???? and i think it was abhijeet sawnants voice - i dont know or was it apna amit .. not sure ... ), Prithvi keeps giving these stares and glares, Dadi has come with kripa and Kripa is just too mesmerised seeing angad. Prithvi has this lovey dovey expression of his and tells his darling wife that she is looking beautiful and whats dadi doing there. kripa says she called her yesterday and she wanted to see zai. Prithvi says its ok.

    Song over and Zaib says the next song is for a lady whos his inspiration and responsible for him being there and for being what he is and that he is fortunate that she is present here. He calls her on stage - the lady in white.

    kripa comes forward and so does mishty, prithvi looks on in anger and mishty glares at kripa... then dadi comes forward and is happy to see zaib. Zaib sees her, smiles, he walks forward and he sees someone come in front. he takes her forward and its his aunty. he dedicates the next song toi her and says he is what he is because of her. he sings mann ke lagan (the singers voice didnt suit his voice!).

    Song over and kripa walks up to aunty, aunty says she is rita aunty and knows zaib since childhood, he has grown infront of her eyes and is almost like her own son. kripa is not too happy with the answer. There zaib is flirting with other girl and kripa asks dadi if it is angad. Dadi says when she first saw him it was, now she doesnt think it is. her angad didnt behave like this.

    a guy come up to him and say that the album he was supposed to sing for them he already sung at dubai. Zaib sd he had no option but not to worry as the pwners of kripa music had requested him to sing and he had to sing a song. couldnt let them down. he kinda puts prithvi and gang down. Prithvi is upset, Karthik overhears and says that party is over lets go. prithvi agrees...

    mishty is at the bar and sees zaib, pretends to ignore her, zaib ignores her too. kripa sees this and goes to zainb and tells her she knows his intention and why he is behaving like this and wont let it happen. she turns to go and Zaib tells her that your zip of your dress is open. kripa says angad. Zaib says the name is zaib sweretheart, He goes closer and from behind says shall i close it for you. then as if to mock her says the zip was npt open in the first place. he goes from there and kripa thinks of the time at the shop, when zaib had closed her dress ka zip. she thinks to herself, whatever happens, i know you are angad!

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    November 2nd update by mistyeyed_25

    November 2nd pics - http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=121976&K W=Nomi

    November 2nd video by Nomi http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0WY1Y1DD and/or watch online -http://www.zippyvideos.com/6818914302045906/2ndnovkyphz/*nha bib

    karthik and prithvi want to go back home when mishty comes in and says itni jaldi!prithvi is kind of shocked and mishty says i am here with friends nd have just stsarted enjoying, i will go back later. prithvi is pacified and karthik leaves his car for her. Prithvi asks Kripa if she coming, she tells him to go and she will just join him.

    mishty goes to make her way towards Zaib, Zaib is with some girls and excuses himself and goes away. mishty cant take it and is following him allover. Few girls are talking on how they would loved to be kissed by him - one girl says on the hand, the other girl says on the cheek and the third says on the lips.. then they laugh and say how will these dreams come true but thery are just fans...

    Zaib comes and says galat dreams do come true. mishty is burning with jealousy as zaib comes to one girl and says you wanted to be kissed on your hands right - he goes and kisses her on the hand, then he goes to another girl and says you too wanted to be kissed too and he goes close it her, she moves sideways, Zaib is going real close towards her when mishty comes and tells zaib that she needs to talk to him.

    mishty tells zaib that she knows that zaib is tying to get her jealous par uspe iska koi assar nahin hoga. Zaib is like really, then why are you. She said she has come with friends and is enjoying alot of them. Zaib says he doent think so as Mishty would be friends and not him. Zaib tells her that he knows why she is here and that is because jo baat adhooree rah gayee thi usse poora karne. Then he tells Mishty that he cant kiss her in public. he tells her that he doesnt treat her as a fan and she means something more to him, shes special to him.

    kripa sees Zaib and tells him to stop it. Zaib tells her that its mishty whos after him and not him. he tana moaroes her saying that he too knows that she likes him. Kripa tellds him to stay away friom mishty and warns him against eeing mishty. mishty overhears the conversation and zaib asks her what her sister in law is doing here , hadnt she gone off with her husband and why did she come back. (jab kripa prithvi ke saath gayee hi nahin thi to woh wapas kaisee aa gayee .... )

    mishty says she doesnt know. aib offers to drop her home but midhty says now that my sister in law is here, i guess i will have to go with her! (errr didnt karthik leave the car behind for her). kripa and mishty have a fite where kripa tells mishty that she cares for her and she shouldnt be doing all this and that se kripa is her bhabhi after all. mishty says oh stop it and stomps off from there!

    At home mishty is day dreaming about zaib when prithvi comes in and says i thought kripa was with you , didnt you bth come back together (ok i am very confused - one moment they say that kripa went with prithvi and went back anbd the next moment prithvi sayus kripa was with you - how did prithvi know and presume that kripa was with mishty if she did stay back or go back!)

    mishty says sorry bhai woh kripa ke dad my suryabhan ki tabeeyat achanak kharab ho gayee to usse nainital jaana pada (so they finally realise that kripa does have a family!) prithvi gets worried and says ahe didnt call me. midshty says we tried but couldnt get through to you. Prithvi sees his phone its on silent mode....he becomes very apologetic (mood swings huh - one minute all hyper, the next minute all calm and apologetic)he wants to call up mishty says she must be in the plane so phone must be switched off (plane huh - balaji space shuttle!!Big smileLOL, i want to go which plane goes to naintal, next time i go to nainital, i will not drive down, i will save time and take this plane called balaji space shuttle...btw how did kripa get money to buy a ticket at the airport ? ahh she must be carrying her credit cards with her or did mishty pay for it???)

    They are really showing off prithvi's body these days (today he was in sleevless) and i really wonder why Wink Big smileWinkWink

    two seconds later its morning and prithvi is all ready wearing a printed blue shirt .. (personally i found it horrendous but he carried it off well!)karthik and Prithvi talk where prithvi asks karthik if thy spoke to zaib and karthi says not after what he spoke about them at the party. Prithvi pacifies him and karthik says that just like they need zaib, zaib too needs them. Prithvi agrees to meet zaib. he is going off when Kripa asks Prithvi if he can drop her on the way. prithvi agrees saying first on the eway he has to stop at the recording studio to meet zaib. Mishty says thats fine. She then smiles in anticipation of meeting zaib.

    tom preview - karthik getting all hyper coz  Mishty coming late, mishty tells him she got late as prithvi had to off somewhere and she held up , karthik continues saying with zaib/.. fight ensues between them and karthik acting possessive about mishty . he tells mishty that in dubaiu too he had told her that he wont like it if zaib goes close towards her nd she goes towards him and that he wont leave either of them. he further tells her that he is not prithvi who can see his love go away to someone else. mishty tells him to stop it and not say anything against her brother. a voice says from behind stop it you two.


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    DecentGurl Senior Member

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    Posted: 06 November 2005 at 5:47am | IP Logged
    November 3rd:

    Video Update by Nomi :3rd November Video:

    Picture Update by Nomi :3rd November Pics:

    UPDATE BY nikkii99:

    Well guys,
    today's episode was FULL of Z-M flirt scenes....i mean it was only Z-M flirt scenes...and im not exaggerating

    •      Zaib is practicing for the show....the girl who's supposed to play the lead opposite him is not getting it right...so he calls on Misty to help him demonstrate to the girl how it's supposed to be done...Misty is watching the rehearsal along with Prithvi. And of course Zaib got my TV screen melting (not that i minded one bit ) with his hot, hot dialogues and his hot, hot..um... u know...himself ya and his declaration of his love for Misty in front of her brother and later Karthic. Karthic who makes a late entry and then gets to see the action is a bit taken aback at first but then when Prithvi tells him they're rehearsing he looks relieved. (lol get another fiancee Karthic...she's a goner now.) Prithvi makes a deal with Zaib for a long-term contract to do all his shows with them. Zaib says it's a done deal and they shake hands.
    •      Later, Zaib again gets hold of Misty and tells her that he has declared his love for her in fromt of everyone.. Karthic, her brother....in fact Prithvi was clapping for him... and now she had better watch out...cos Prithvi himself will get her to him...and of course Zaib said all this with his face just inches away from hers.....
    •      Zaib tells Prithvi that he's giving a party to celebrate their long term collaboration...and he's inviting Misty, him and Kripa as there is no one he knows in Bombay. Prithvi agrees.
    •      At the venue, faced with a certain problem ( im sorry guys din catch that it was something miniscule) Prithvi is forced to leave but not before telling Zaib not to worry and that Misty will stay with him for the evening.
    •      Zaib tells Misty.."Saw that???" yep...that was my plan girl, and what's yours...... He takes her to a secluded place with flying curtains and french windows and there he he whispers sweet nothings in her ears till she literally melts into his arms......."I love u Misty.....I love the way u lie that u dun love me.... I love the way u say that u dun belong to me but to someone else....I love the way u.........." and so on and so forth..... It's one scorching scene this... Zaib makes it look so real..

    Tommorow's: Karthic tells Misty that he's not gna stand and watch while she goes for a midnight cruise with Zaib and he's not gna allow anyone to snatch her from him, when Prithvi comes in and shouts at him.."Karthic!!!!"

    lub ju all

    kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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    Posted: 07 November 2005 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
    7th nov

    vdo link by nomi :

    http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=124927&K W=nomi&TPN=1

    pix link by nomi:

    http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=124862& ;KW=nomi&TPN=1

    update by buttercup:

    Continues: Where mishtii giving company to zaib when prithvi cudnt come the other nite....

    Raja ko rani song comes in back ground...Zaib holding mishtii looking into her eyes... Zaib says to mishtii that he knows she luvs him and he says to her and i also love you..
    Zaib sings "tune mujhe pehechana nehy" (song by shaan, doesnt even suit a bit) mishtii's shot shows.. n zaib playing the guitar and singing shown.... After the evening together they both leave the place.. both of them comming down the stairs.. Kartic sees them... mishtii nd zaib giggles wile comming there .. kartic hears mishtii saysing "zaib you are too funny" .... kartic gets really upset to it.... says to him self why does this happen to me... i wont let anything happen like tht.. either it is zaib or anyone i wont let him do that.....

    Mishtii reaches home..Kartic waiting for her at her place..asks where she came from.. mishti says she went for dinner...kartic asks with whom.. mishtii says she went with prithvi but he had some other work..when she said it upto tht..kartics shouts at her sayin so thts y you went with zaib........

    kartic says to her have you forgotten that u r engaged to me.. He says that i  told this in dubai also that either him looking to u or u looking to him i cant tolerate.... says im not prithvi to stay quite....mishtii yells at him saying how dare u talk to me... kartic says yes can talk like this to you...and i wont let it happen zaib or angad cant come n take away my loved ones from me.......he says i dont know wat made him so speacial..tht u had to go out to meet him so late in the nite...

    Prithvi comes n says to kartic that he cant shout at his sis like this... kartic says to prithvi did u know wat she had done..
    prithvi replies.. yes i know she went to an official meeting with zaib representing our company on as i told her to... kartic says....im sorry mishtii.. please forgive me.. mishtii says its ok...prithvi says mishtii mite forigive u ..but i will not forgive u tht easily.. ul be punished for wat u did.. kartic thinked a wile.. n prithvi says with a laugh... ul have to take mishtii fr shopping.. n mishtii u do shopping so much tmor.. so tht he knows suspecting for you has to pay lots..Mishtii n kartic sjhopping in... kartic comes with a dress.. asks msihtii if it was nice.. mishtii says no n says pls gv me a break in a cute way...again he brings a kuruta ..asks hows this.. still not nice.. so u dont like my taste.. ?? mishtii says ur taste is uselss in a joking way...kartic takes out some western outfits.. atleast this is nice na..u dont even like any of my choices today,, mishtii says okay.. i will try those.. let me come ..

    mishtii in fitting room.. lolz zaib comes after her nd in the trial room too .. mishtii asks why u r here.. he replies to meet u... i came to give something.. mishtii says pls go...kartic is here.. he says pls wear this i want to c wat u look into this..mishtii says u r crazy zaib.. he says yes am mad abt u.. kartic comes n knock the door... says hurry up ..i want to go feeling hungry.. mishtii again says zaib pls go..n says to kartic tht she is coming with a min ..zaib laughs very cutely in a teasing way...mishtii comes out.. kartic comes to her n asks where r ur cloths.. mishtii says may b in trial room.. il bring it.. kartic says no i will brign.. mishtii didnt want to let him go coz zaib was there.. but still he goes.....mishtii get very nervous..shop man comes with a bag n says ur dres.. he says someone already paid for it.. kartic comes with the cloths..n says since u took my taste of cloths il pay for these.. mishtii seems verry worried...

    Kartic mishtii reaches home.. after shopping.. in the car.. mishtii says thank u n good nite... kartic..says u r very beautiful can i ask for something... mishtyy asks wat is it... this meeting will be memorable if it happens.. he asks to kiss her....mishty didnt say anythign fr a wile... he saysi was just asking fr a kiss after all we are engaged.. mishty saysi know we r engaged but thing r not upto tht we shud get so close.. im not comfortable.. i cant do wat im not comfortable with.. he replies of coz u take ur time.. i can wait fr u..still u having doubt abt our relation but im very clear with this . i love u.. mishtii says good nite n leave...

    Prithvi lying on the pool table at home .. lolz...phone rings...kripa cals..prithvi says...how r u.. hows dad...i wish i was there..but u know ther r so much work here.. tell me if anything goes wrong.. il come there running..i love u.. kripa... take care..bye..after the cal he says to him self... kripa u dont know how much i lve u n miss.. come soon...

    Mishtii comes.. what r u thinking bro.. prithvi replies.. mishtii u here.. mishtii asks what were u thinking.. he saysi  was thinking of u.. she says what bro.. he says.. im ur bro but a friend too so thinking abt ur new life u gonna start...u gonna marry soon.. with new relations.. so u shud think of the importance of relations .. i know its easy to say.. but security in a relation is very important . u have everything in relaton if you are secure.. he also says who knows this btter than me.. n says to mishty i know u r smart.. u know relations.. so remember my word... always support ur hubby...u r not alone either if u r married also .. wen ever u need me il b there fir u..she says thank bhai..

    she waks frm there.. saying to her self... bro was rite.. honesty is wat is most important in a relation..wat is this am i doing after my engagement.. why am getting atracted to zaib.. i cant cheat kartic.. i dont want but still he is comin to my life..zaib pls leave me.. go away frm my life.. n my memories
    kaash IF-Sizzlerz

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    8 th nov

    vdo link by nomi:

    http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=125675&T PN=1

    pics link by nomi :

    http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=125576&T PN=1

    update by  buttercup :

    ontinues: mishtii leaves after talking to prithvi

    kartic comes to see prithvi....says i have some good news tht it is the press release has been very successfull...we r geting lot of support and zaib also
    also giving an interview today..prithvi gives some file to kartic which is to be given to zaib..kartic says yes sure as me n mishtii going out now we can drop on our way... mishti comes down from stairs...kartic asks her arent u still ready... mishtii asks why n kartic says did u forget wat i told u last nite.. we have to attend fr the jewellery shop opening...mishtii says il just b ready within 2 mins n come.. prithvi tells kartic tht her 2 mins mite take 2 hrs also.. both of them laughin abt it...

    Both kartic and mishtii go and get seated in the car..kartic says we r goin to zaib plc first.. mishty asks why... he replies saying tht hv to give some docs.. any prob with you...mishtii says its ok..

    they reach Zaibs plc.. kartic ask her to come with him inside..she says tht she will stay in the car ... kartic goes in.. zaib comes n get into the car wen kartic left.. mishtii asks why u r here.. he replies coz u r here.. she again says pls go kartic mite come.. zaib says let him come.. do you think am afraid of him .. she says i dont know that but i dont want any scene to be created here ... zaib starts talking saying to her...do you know that my interview will be coming today..she says yeah..zaib says so you know everything abt me but still pretending tht u dont look over me...ok anways i wanted to tell u that.. in my todays interview i will be saying how much i love u..she says to him u wil not do tht..he replies but il say tht.. coz i luv u..and get out of the car.. mishtii gets nervous..

    zaib meets kartic near his plc.. kartic tells to him i was at ur plc u were not there so i handed it to ur accountant..zaib says yea i saw mishtii in the car so started talking to her thts y got late.. sorry.. kartic didnt feel comfort hearing it....says to him yeah she she is waiting fr me..so i shud leave..wen kartic walks away zaib gives him gives a revenge look

    interview begins.. the host says.. welcome to kuch gupshup kuch masti.. we have the international rock star zaib with us...this is his first exclusive live interview.. here we start...

    Q: hello zaib.. welcome to the show..
    Z: thank u
    Q: how did u become so popular at so young age n lot of ppl loving u?
    Z: its tht they like my work.. so they like me..
    Q: wen everyone hears ur songs.. they get reminded of a great singer who is no more in this world Mr. Angad..  u know thu n anagd are just look the same?
    Z: yes i have heard abt him n listened to his songs since i came to india... he was superb in his singing.. i just want to reach everyones hearts like anagd with my singing..

    Q: there are so many ppl who r dying fr u so tell us zaib kispe marthey hai..?
    Z: hai ek ladki.. sweetsi..pyarasi..ladki
    Q: Tel us her name?
    Z: wat shud i say..she has the sweetness.. her name has lot of sweetness too..
    Q: so tell us now wats her name
    Z: her name is....

    Mishtii recals him sayin to her tht he will tel her name.. so she change the channel.. prithvi says y uchanged.. tune it to tht soon.. so she turns again

    Z: i dont wanna say it to the world n make her sweetness go a bit
    Q: if u dont want dont tell  then its ok but we will get to know it soon
    Z: smiles
    Q: tel us abt ur projects here?
    Z: i have signed with the bigges event company..have lots coming

    thank u zaib.. wish u well fr futre

    zaib calls mishtii..  asks hows my interview.. mishtii says wat this all? wat du u want to prove.. he says tht i wanna prove to others tht i love u.. she says dont u know tht am geting married soon.. he says no difference fr me . i know u  r engaged.. but i also know tht u luv me n i do the same.. she replies i dont want to listen..zaib says.. only difference between both of us are tht i say it openly how much i love u n dont say it though u luv me also...he says to her.. anyways il see you at the cofy shop tmro.. she refuses.. zaib says u have so much time in life.. cant u give me a lil bit of it.. just meet meet me tmro il prove tht u love me..n i know tht u will surely come

    (naina got a scene atlast)naina having angad pic.. with tears.. dilip comes n sit next to her.. says to her how long u gonna be crying with those memories.. just go ahead with life.. we cant live with memories.. u shud atleast think tht others who luvs u get hurt seeing u like this... naina says.. he was my son.. i cant forget.. dilip replies i also lost my son.. but i ve learnt to go ahead.. trust me.. it gives me lot of pain.. but remembering it i get a smile on my face thinking tht those were the most beautiful days in our life

    mishtii waiting fr angad at cofy shop, zaib arrives (tee repeated)mishtii says to him no need to get happy seeing me here.. i came today coz i wanted to end everything here today itself .. zaib says first i wanna thank u tht u came.. to meet me..

    zaib sees prithvi in the cofy shop.. zaib grab mishtii hugs her tightly (yuk)to hide her frm prithvi.. after a while mishtii shouts at him how dare u touch me.. infront of so many ppl.. i just came to meet me.. i didn tknow u r like.. how dare u .. u r going this further i never thout tht abt u.. i feel ashame today on u .

    zaib tells her look there.. n shows prithvi to her .. mishtii gets shocked to c him over there.. zaib says  he is ur bro.. he wud have seen u thts y i did tht... mishtii says omg prithvi... zaib says to her u dont wanna see wat u see.. u see only wat u think.. look mishtii i just came here to say tht after 10 yrs wen we look behind we shudnt have any regrets.. u shudnt think tht u married someone who u didnt love.. by listening to samaaj..n not our hearts... mishtii gets impresed.. lolz.. (always impressed) jaadoo hai nashaa song comes in background...lolz...zaib smiles so cute.. all flirting memories recals.. starring at each other too much.. eyes to eyes... ..thts it

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