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 October 12th:

Video by :

Pics By Nomi:
  12th oct Pics

Update by Mummu:

Today's character:
  • Mishty
  • Kripa
  • Prithvi
  • Anita
  • Manik
  • naina
One year later
We can see some beautiful snaps of dubai at the very begining of the episode with KYPH titile song's music. Kripa is getting late for their reharsals. she calls up prithvi and says that she will be a little late as she is busy with her shopping. Today is their engagement. Prithvi is worried about kripa's shopping.prithvi tells her to compelete her shopping within one hour. Manik comes and greets prithvi. he comes to see prithvi;s practice. he remembers those days when he came to take a case of angad and now he is envolving in a relationship with Anitah.prithvi says: we make some relationships, some relationship is made by time and some relationships are made in heaven.

Today we can see world's best chod. LOL.. yah anitah.. what else we could expect from her. she gives a look at a cloth and gets surprised after watching the price. she changes the price tag with another cheap cloth.when she goes to the counter to pay her bill that guy calls up the securiety. kripa is shown walking around. she comes and asks about what anitah. that guy tells that anitah changed the price tag. We have cameras in the whole mall and if u want to see u can check. However that guy gets impressed after seeing famous popstar kripa sharma but when he said about rockstar angad khanna.. kripa's face becomes sad.he asks for kripa's autograph but kripa tells that she left singing. Kripa wants a favor from that guy and tells her to leave anitah as she is her relative. Anitah kabhi nehii sudhregi. she starts giving explanation that these people want to spend some times with beautiful gals like her.. otherwise she didn do anything wrong.LOL..

Kripa comes a diamond jewellery shop. she takes a necklace which is made for dulhan. she wants to say something where mishty enters and says : im the bride. Meanwhile naina also enters and tells the salesman to show the most gorgeous and expensive jewellety for mishty becuase she is going to be the bahu of khanna house. she also tells that if mishty came in her family before then this would never happen with angad. kripa is insulted! kripa talks to herself that angad got what he deserved.

Kripa comes to prithvi. prithvi is surprised after seeing so many packets. he saiys : "all the gals r same"..manik is shown standing there. he asks about anitah. kripa tells about what anitah did in the mall.manik is shown mad when he hears about it ..upar wala na jane mujhe kiske saath jod diya.." LOL.. im a personal lawyer than a an offficial lawyer. i been taking her cases more than any other. LOL..he calls up anitah and leaves the place.

Now another interesting scene.. lol.. naina and anitah are shown coming down from somewhere. anitah says its too hot. she watches a camel and starts telling what camel does. they drink once in seven days and so on.. suddenly she falls down and camel uske upar susu kar deti hai. LOL.. she starts crying. she wants naina's help. naina tells her to get up by her ownself. she aslo tells her to take bath more than 7 times.

Addvertisement of koi ap sa..manik is shown sitting in a sofa where anitah enters. manik asks about the bad smell. anitah tells her what is he doin right now. manik replies he is wathing "KOI apsa" anitah gets happy.. she thinks manik is talking about her.then he tells about koi apsa's promo.  they think their relationship is also like koi apsa's story.manik keeps asking about bad smell.

kripa is shown sitting with her jewelleries.suddenly she hears the tune of KYPH's title song. A man is shown playing this tune. kripa asks him why is he playing this tune. ( zeb's sign).that guy replies that when he heard this tune he loved it thats why he is playing this it. Kripa is shown really unhappy. she wants to get out of her past but its always with her.

Mishty is shown walking where she gets to meet with kripa. kripa again asks her to forget all the happenings of past.cant they start a new relationship. Mishty says its not possible.mishty says: so many times has passed but im not passing days.. im cutting days.ek ek paal katna kitna mushkil hote hai na? i had a dream to become khanna parivar's bahu. U also have seen this dream. My dream is coming true.. but there a few people whose dreams never come true. I can not forget whatever happened. kripa says that she is aslo feeling sorry for everything. mishty says ur feeling sorry because u did not save angad. kripa thinks there is a difference between mishty and her. Dream has always choosen kripa and mishty always run after dream.kripa says confidently that whatever she has done is right. mishty replies : Josh ka katal ka ilzaam mein.. angad ko jail bhejkar? ( I think im falling for mishty).

Habibi.. habibi.. one of my most fav songs.a dancer is shown performing this song. prithvi and manik joins her.Naina announces anitah and manik's engagement. they r shown getting engaged.naina says about ring ceremony. Then she calls mishty who belongs to a very successful family.she is going to be the bride of khanna family pretty soon and her son's would be wife... aisa beta jo stage mein pohachtehi.. dhoom macha deta hai. (I really didn get this point.is kartik a superstar now? im lost) Kartik enters and gets engaged with mishty. Prithvi also announces a surprise. he says that kartik is not only his would be brother in law but he is his business partner as well. they r going to start a new event management company. their 1st show will be in  Dubai. he also introduces kripa as his life partner. he wants to keep his company's name kripa i guess.

Preview: angad comes and pulls out kripa's hair and gives her a tight slap. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ( no offence but i cant stand kripa anymore)

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  October 12th by Nikki:

Hi everyone

common smileBig smile

  • As u all know by now, the leap has finally arrived but not Zeb. He's gna come soon! Awright, the scene is in Dubai.
  • Prithvi is shown talking to Kripa on the cell in some place where his troupe is practicing for an upcoming show, and he''s going on about how much time she's taking to shop and blah blah..basically the usual crap that all husbands like to give their wives.
    (hey, did u know duffer Prithvi, shopping is good for health...yeah its good for health!Big smile..lolzz..ooh better get on with the update sorry guys just felt like horsing ard forgive me). Meanwhile Manick the manic comes along-- "hahahahahah Prithvi my buddy my buddyroo  where are the ladies??? haan yeh toh show ke rehersal chal rahen hain na yahan pe? but where are the ladies??"
  • The ladies of course are shopping for the pending engagements. And our beloved Anitaaaah is caught shoplifting. Kripa is the one who gets her out of the mess since the owner of the place recognises her as the rockstar she is. Hahaha, when Manick heres this he gets a fit. Kripa and Prithvi just laugh at them.
  • Kripa goes to a jewellery shop and there she bumps into Misty. Misty acts really cool towards her and then Naina comes in and tells Kripa that they can never forget what she did to Angad. He's still in jail cos of her...and now Misty is gna become Khanna bahu. Kripa leaves then.
  • Anitaah and Naina are out and Anitaah is cribbing about how hot it is in Dubai and how the camels there drink water only once a day. Btw there's a live camel in front of her and its on him that she's commenting. Bolte, bolte, she goes near it and trips over the rope around it. Then she falls under it, and the bloody camel pees on her. Hahahaha. Naina toh doesn't even help her get up. In fact, she tells her to take a bath properly before the engagement. lolzz.
  • Manick and Anitaah are in the hotel room, and Manick asks her why did she take a shower for the 7th time. lmao. Then the two of them watck Ekta's new flick, "Koi aapsa.." ka promos on TV, and promote the film. Maneck says yaar there's something smelling and Anitaah pulls a long face.
  • Kripa is getting ready for the engagement, when she hears the KYPH tune on a flute. Outside, a local is playin it. When she asks him why is he playin it...he says that he heard it somewhere and just picked it up cos he liked it so much. Kripa sighs and thinks to herself that her past will never let her go.
  • At the engagement, a bellydancer dazzles everyone with her sensuous moves. It is night time and the atmosphere has a certain spark to it, as the engagement is happening out in the open. Kripa again tries talking to Misty, but Misty rubs her off saying that they both always wanted to be part of the Khanna house, and in a way she is getting what she wants, but Kripas dreams have shattered. Kripa gets back at her by sayin that Misty is the one who always chases dreams while she is the one whom dreams chase. Then Naina announces the engagement and Anitah and Maneck dutifully go through the required ring ceremony. Then Naina introduces Misty, and she comes forward. And then we come to know that it is not Angad but Karthic she is gna get engaged to. Misty and Karthic too slip the rings onto each others fingers.
  • Prithvi comes forward then and announces an event management company he is jointly launching with Karthic- his brand new brother in law. And the name of the company is the same as the name of his beloved, beautiful wife Kripa. Kripa comes forward and embraces him with a smile while he gazes at her admiringly. And then he announces a new show he's gna be doing in Dubai, which will be the first contract of the 'Kripa' event managment co.

Lub u all,


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October 13th:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi : October-13th-Video-Update

Picture Update by Nomi :
13th Oct Pics


Today's kyph update



Dance dance let's do the dubai dance


The episode begins with both Kripa and Prithvi cut a cake and the pair Mishti and KArthink, Anitah and MAnik  and Kripa and Prithvi are dancing on sum song. Kripa while dancing hears Angad's song's tune and she remembers the times spent with Angad. She tends to go but Prithvi stops her. Mishti asks Naina why is the camel behind Anitah and Naina gives a smile and tells her the truth. Mishti then goes to her so called friend Anitah and says her that let the couples go on the camel riding and says that beware of the camel as she has heard many people fall from the camel on the way back. Anitah says her ghisa pita dialogue(whatever) . Naina then goes to KRipa and asks her about her new romance with Prithvi and she says she should have waited for  7 days atleast. Kripa says that Naina is giving her wrong ilzam as Angad gave her choka so she has no rights to to do that.


Yah satya nahi ho sakta:sob sob


Kripa is sitting lonely in a bench and Prithvi with his white suit cums to Kripa and asks her what  happened. Prithvi says that she is looking beautiful but something is missing and Prithvi then gives her the mangal-sutra to wear. ( Omg they are married). By mistake Prithvi drops the mangal sutra and goes somewhere as sum1 had called him. In the meanwhile sum1 picks the mangal sutra and takes it and Kripa searches for the mangal sutra. Then that person who picked it up gives hthe mangal sutra but they don't show the person's face. Kripa takes the mangal sutra and searches for the person who gave her but can't see the person as the person disappears like a bhoot.( Anything can happen in Ekta KApoor serial)


Very sad news for us :sob again


Kripa cums out from the bathroom and washes her hair with a towel. And Prithvi looks at Kripa with a evil smile. He goes to Kripa and then hugs her. Kripa closes her eyes and then prithvi talking sweetly to Kripa(Prithvi I hate u) and says to Kripa that he will wait for her forver and says '' Pyar dil se shuru hota hai aur dil pe khatam hota hai'' and tells that they needn't need a physical relationship and then kisses Kripa on her forehead.( Kripa how can u allow him) Prithvi then says Manik that he will never get his luv back in his whole life. Meanwhile, the champa chameli Kripa( I will call her champa chameli only) says to herself that the person who always luved luved her din't even look upon her as his wife. Kripa then promises to herself that she will enter into Prithvi's life and she will try her best to be her wife. ( I think now every1 hates Kripa)


Dubai beach( so wonderful)


Prithvi is running behind Kripa( He is a typical chipku and jodu ka ghulam) and Then Kripa splashes water on him. They play with water and then Prithvi takes Kripa on her lap.( This proves that Kripa's weight is very less) Mishti talks to Anitah and says that she is not a camel who eats so fast.( I luv Mishti and Anitah behas though I hate them both). Anitah is saying something is stinking then Naina says to Anitah that she should bring her perfumes atleast. Anitah asks( sorry actually commands) MAnik to go for a shopping with her.Prithvi looks for kripa and Kripa says to Prithvi that they should trave at the places of Dubai and Prithvi agrees to do so. They go to a shopping mall and then sit in a dining room and Prithvi takes Kripa's photo. Prithvi then gives Kripa icecream and it touches her nose and she remembers the mango days.( Even I remembered the mango days, who doesn't)


Guess who is here: It is our Zeb


Naina gives Mishti a gift and Mishti refuses to take it as it reminds Angad to her. Naina says she is a beautiful girl at heart. Prithvi and Kripa are having dinner and thensome1 announces that a die hard of KRipa Sharma has dedicated a song to Kripa. The song is from the film Koi Aap sa. By mistake Kripa drops the wine on prithvi and he goes to the wash room and Kripa asks the Dj who was the person and the Dj dedicates the song to Our very only Zeb. Kripa is shocked.( Zeb looks so cute. I luv him)


Preview-Kripa is saying to Prithvi that she wants to enter her life and she will try her best to be his wife. .


Comments- Now no comments from me till A-k reunites again but I wanna say Zeb is so soso cute. K-P chemistry sucks. I din't like it at all.

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October 17th:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi : oct-17th-Video Update

Picture Update by Nomi :
17th oct Pics


Today's kyph update



  • Kripa asks the waiter who was the one who dedicated the song to her, the waiter points at Zeb. She looks at him and freaks. She stumbles all ova the place as she is tryin to get the hell out of there. But the when she turns ard he is not there anymore. She then asks the waiter in which room is Zeb stayin and the waiter tells her. She goes up and checks but the place looks empty. She senses a door being shut behind her (there is infact someone there) and she goes to check the room but then that too is empty.
  • Prithvi tells her he was worried and finding her everywhere like crazy (lol u are a crazy prithvi, sowwie amit lovasBig smile) when she comes down to the restaurant again. Then she tells him that she wants to start a new chapter with him and he smiles and kisses her on the forehead.
  • Maneck gets Anitaah a Camel jacket but the poor girl does not want to wear it for obvious reasons.
  • In their hotel room, Prithvi has got the bed decorated and the entire room is strewn with flowers. As they sit on the bed and just as they are getting cozy, the electricity goes. Prithvi goes to check and someone lights a light right beside Kripa's face. It is none other than Zeb. She looks on at him, scared as hell, and he glares straight back at her. Beads of sweat break out on Kripa's pretty forehead. Just then the lights come back, and whadayaknow? Zeb's done his famous dissappearing act again! Prithvi tries to calm her saying that it cannot possibly be Angad since he's sitting in jail miles away. Then he makes to leave the room, and though Kripa begs him not to leave sayin she's feelin scared, he does sayin that no, i need to be alone (how mean!)
  • Outside, he cries for his love, his heartbreak and with the song 'tadap-tadap' in the background, we are shown some of his moments with Kripa, even as he is nursing his broken heart. The Kripa comes out and tells him that she really wants to start a new chapter with him, and she is really sorry for what just happened. Then, when she hugs him, she sees Zeb again half grinning, half glaring at her.
  • At a waterpark the next day, while the others are having fun, and Anitaah's dozing, Misty draws a moustache and beard on her face. everyone has their fair share of laughs at poor Anitaah's expense and finally it is Manek who tells her about it and then she just throw a fit.
  • As Kripa and Prithvi are going to slide down a water slide, Kripa tells him that she is scared. He tells her not to worry and makes her sit on the slide. She closes her eyes, and someone holds her from the waist from behind. Not even just hold, but grips her from behind. She thinks it is Prithvi and then she is pushed down the slide. When she comes down, she sees that Prithvi is standing opposite her! She asks him if he was there on the slide with her and he says no, she did it on herself and congratulates her. Then she sees Zeb again behind Prithvi and he's staring at her.
TOMMOROW'S EPISODE: At the waterpark, Prithvi again tries to, 'put some sense into Kripa's head' that it cannot be Angad.

Lub ju all,

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October 18th:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi : October-18th-Video Update

Picture Update by Nomi : 
18th Oct Pics


Today's kyph update


  • Kripa and Amit are strolling in the waterpark discussing Anitaah. Kripa says she does such funny things. To which Prithvi replies that yeah she does but it's definitely fun with her around, it can never get dull. Just then he sees an ice-cream parlour and tells Kripa, "Kripa tum yahan ruko, main tumhare liye ice-cream lata hoon." Kripa says ok and waits there for him. Someone's hand holding an ice-cream cone comes towards her (yeh, of course its Zeb yaar!) and she gets delighted when she sees the cone and recognises the flavour. She simles brightly and says, "Yeh toh mera favourite flavour hai!Tongue" But then when she looks up no one is there. She turns her head around frantically to look for the person whom she has a fairly good idea about who it could be, but he is nowhere. Then she see's Zeb waving at her with an ice-cream cone from afar. She lets out a gasp and runs towards him, but he's too quick for her. When she reaches the spot he's not there. Again she sees him walking a certain distance from her, and again she runs behind him but he's not there. Then she finally spots a person wearing the same clothes as Zeb, and she approaches him from behind a bit hesitently and when she turns him ard it is not Zeb. She breathes out in relief, and tells the guy sorry . Just then Prithvi comes and tells her that he had been looking all over for her, where was she?? he tells him that she saw Angad again!
  • When Kripa tells Prithvi that she saw Angad again, Prithvi gets highly irritated and shouts, "But it can't be Angad-- he's in jail miles and miles away!" But Kripa cries and tells him that it had to be Angad-- she saw him with her own eyes. Then Prithvi says, "Lagta hai tumhen doctor ki zaroorat hai, Kripa." She says,  "what?" He says, "Haan Kripa, tum pareshan mat ho, main tumhen ek acche psychatrist ke paas le jaoonga aur woh tumhen bilkul theek kardega." And saying this he hugs her.
  • At the psychatrist's The doctor tells her that there is something that is bothering her and that she needs to get it out of her head and learn to relax above all else. He tells her that Dubai is such a beautiful place and that she should enjoy it and forget the rest. He futher adds that he will give her an album to hear by the rockstar Zeb, and she will like it a lot and be able to relax after listening to it. (hahahah gimme a break, this happens only in K-serials!) And then P-K leave.
  • Outside, in the evening time, as Kripa puts the cd in the diskman, she hears Angad's urf Zeb's voice booming for her. This tale about love and pain is just for you, Kripa. He says something to this effect to her on the cd. Kripa freaks and screams, "NOOOO"  and flings the cd as far as possible. Prithvi comes and asks her what is wrong and she tells him. Again he looks exasperated as hell, and hears the cd himself, even as the others join them with worried expressions and Maneck asks him whats the matter. But as expected there is something else on the cd when Prithvi hears this.
  • Prithvi is sitting in their room, completely dejected, when Kripa comes and apologises. She tells him how she's 100% sure that Angad is in Dubai. Prithvi tries to control his anger at first but then the dam bursts. "Arre tum paagal ho gayi ho kya? Angad yahan se bahut door jail main baitha hai. Agar tumhen yakeen na ho toh tum khud usse jail main baat karo!" Sayin this he makes the call to the jail in India. But there the jailer tells him that Mr. Angad Khanna had fallen ill and had to be shifted to the hospital 3 days back. His family too was tries to be contacted but it was not possible as they were unrecahable. And now Angad is dead. "What???????" screams Prithvi, "he is dead?????" Kripa hears this and looks up sharply. She loses all control and asks Prithvi to give her the phone. She then herself confirms it with the Jailer that Angad is dead, and the jailer told her that they themselves had to perform his last rites as there was no one else to do it. Kripa hangs up and remembers all her precious moments with Angad from the first day she met him till the last. Then she faints.
  • Karthic comes to their room and sees that Kripa is lying on the bed looking ill. He asks Prithvi what the matter is and Prithvi tells him to come out. There he tells him. Karthic looks that he can't believe it and it is the worst shock of his life. He looks like he is sad and asks Prithvi if he is sure. Then he tells Prithvi not to tell anyone cos if Naina hears this then she will fall very ill, and anyway the sow is coming up.
  • At the beach the next day, Kripa is sitting all by herself and thinking about Angad when Prithvi comes and sits down beside her. She tells him that shes feeling as empty as how much she hated Angad and she's feeling all alone in the world now. Prithvi tries to comfort her by saying that this is because she had truly loved him at some point in time. Anitaah goes to buy sunblock as she wants to sunbathe and she refuses the offer of a game of volleyball by Karthic and Misty saying that it is too childish. But instead of sunblock, she ends up buying suntan lotion, and as expected Misty is fully aware of this but does not tell Anitaah. After many hours, all of them surround Anitaah, who is luxuriously spread out on the sand and has got the tan of the century. They all laugh and finally someone shows her the mirror. She shrieks in horror. lmao.
  • Prithvi is trying to console Kripa and tells her that Naina shud not hear anything as she will completely break. Naina does not hearanything but Misty does. She demands an explanation and Prithvi regretfully tells her. Misty is shaken beyond words.
TOMMOROW'S PREVIEW: Maneck gets a tentative view of his fiance's lovely tan!

Lub ju all

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October 20th:

Video Update by Nomi : 20th October Video

Picture Update by Nomi : 
20th October Pics

UPDATE BY RadzTongue:

Today's kyph update


The lipstick scene


The episode begins with Prithvi searching for something in the cupboard. HE searches Zeb's bag and sees Zeb's passport. Zeb cums thr and Prithvi says to Zeb that he is Angad only and he can't run away from the jail like this. Zeb says Prithvi if he misbehaves with him he can also put PRithvi to jail. Prithvi then goes out. In the morning Zeb is shown doing exercise in a park. Many fan of his cum to take his autograph. One fan cums and tells him to sign her back with  the lipstick. Angad throws the lipstick and says that  lipstick is for beautiful lips and he will give something better. He then kisses the girl on her back. Kripa sees this happen and goes away.


Aakhir who is Zeb? Is he Angad

Zeb is eating his breakfast and walking. KRipa cums to his house . She says ''Angad''and Zeb says he is not Angad. Kripa says she knows he is Angad only. ZEb says her stop saying that otherwise he will call the security. HE calls the security and tell them to take Kripa out. Kripa while going says Angad again.Angad(sorry Zeb) smiles and says Maria and the girl hugs him. Kripa sees this happen and goes out.When she walks out she sees PRithvi, KArthik and the police. Prithvi  says Kripa that he is investigating so Kripa need not interfere in this matter. They go to Zeb's house. Zeb shows his passport and all the proofs which shows that he is not Angad. Naina and Anitah are in a same room watching news channel. They show Zeb's performance, and Anitah says NAina that he looks likes Angad. NAina says that she is sure that this is Angad only.


A good news ( naina gets a heart attack)


The police says that by the proofs he is Zeb, Prithvi says that the proofs maybe wrong. Police asks Kripa what does she think about it. Kripa remembering the yaadein spent with Angad and says that he is not Angad and he can't be Angad at all. Naina cums at that moment and hugs Zeb and says beta ( Aa gayi nachchadi bandariya) and KArthik convinces her that he is not Angad and takes her outside. Naina has an heart attack( good nnewwz for us) and she faints( buddhi ho gayi hai). Zeb says Kripa thanku.Kripa says that she doesn't believe that he is Zeb> She said a lie because being in jail is a very small infront of what he did. She goes away.


Hospital ki kahaani

Prithvi and MAnik are in the hospital. Manik says to Prithvi that theyu can prove that whether it is Zeb or Angad if he cums to know that Naina got a heart attack. PRithvi finds the idea interesting.( Dumbo ise to kuch bhi nahii aata, Komi don't be angry at me) . Angad gets a call and says ''hospital''. He goes to the hospital and keeps walking. Meanwhile Mishti, Kripa and Prithvi are seeing him walk. Angad(Zaib)goes to Naina's ward and PRithvi and Kripa sees him.


Preview-Manik( he became a scholar now for me) says to Prithvi that if they could find out ZEb's blood group and if it matches with Naina then that means he is Angad.

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October 24th:

Video Update by Nomi : 24th October Video

Picture Update by Nomi : 24th October Pics

UPDATE BY mistyeyed_25:

Hello darlings,
pretty excited about Amit Tandons interview huh? koi koi.. for all Amit and Prithvi fans, keep a tab on those dil ki dhadkan and hey zyada uchla koodna mat, kahin blood pressure na rise ho jaye.. waise bhi India main aaj kal bahut garmi hai
Hmn now for the update, well main kya boloon... i'll update with the comments and leave the rest for you all to decide so here i go:
1. We are robbed of the first 10 minutes as they show a last 10 minutes of thursday episode. Police comes, Zeb shows passport, Priyhvi says It coiuld be nakli, police think ya..so police ask kripa bose you are the person you interacted the most with angad as a singer, you tell us is this angad.
Blooper No 1 - If that is the case then how come angad is not as famous if not more than kripa in dubai. AAkhir pehle uperstar to ngad bana tha!
Kripa says this is not angad, she says thinking of the god times she spent witrh him (i'm sure she yearns for those times spent with angad! he he he)..prithvi and everyone are shoked etc etc etc..naina comes, has a heartattack and is taken to hospital, zeb thanks kripa and kripa says she lied and she believes that zeb is indeed angad, he deserved a bigger crime and punishment than jail (now shhe can go back to detesting angad , probably thayt is why...) Prithvi keeps giving those killer looks (alarm ki ghanti baj rahee hogi....aakhir kripa itne paas ho kar bhi kitne door hai! )   . At the hospital, manek comes up with this wonder idea....he has these light bulbs you see....
blooper no 2: police ask kripa bose to identify if zaib is angad. then he dismisses the entire thing saying since everyone is at a consensus ..and blah blah blah....since when does one person views consists of everyone?????
zaib gets to know that naina is in hospital and goes to meet her. everyone is shocked to see him. Zaib goes away and prithvi asks a ward boy what is that guy doing here. Ward boys he has come to meet a friend who is admitted here. and Prithvi doesnt acknlowledge anything
Blooper no 3: so why didnt he go and find out who the friend was. I think they want to stress too much strength on their brains rather than apply them
Zaib is still in hospital, and a prithvi comes nearby zaib asking a guy can you give us blood, can you give us blood. Zaib is looking on, not saying anything. Doctor comes in the room and says when did i ask for blood? Manek takes the doctor away and Prithvi and Karthik shake hands and smile !! haila!!!
Doctor comes out and Zaib asks very concerned you needed blood and doctor says yes, Mrs Naina khanna (did i hear it write or was i sleepy i think the doctor sd naina bose...) needs blood, zaib runs after the doctor...(your heart goes to zaib in this scene.. a cute lil child who is wanting to save his mom but yet cant come out in the open) , Manek, Karthik and Prithvi come out with Kripa, and Mishti. Manek says if zaibs blood group matches nana auntys then zaib is angad. Doctor comes and says blood group has matched and then in a split second says zaib is universal donor and he is o Positive... everyone is crestfallen
Blooper No 4: pehle doctor kehta hai ki blood group match ho gaya, phir kehta hai ki zaib is a universal donor.... why such contrasting statement ya phir naina ka blood group bhi o positive hai.. highly unlikly judging by the crestfallen faces!!!anyways hellooooooo
kripa is giving these killer looks to zaib in the hospital. Organiser of the show comes and gives bouqet to naina who is much better...there is a party on and he invites everyone. Some nakras follow where they say they cant come but naina is insistant that they go..
Blooper No 5: Abhi to yeh angad hai krh rahee thi and now it is you go to the party? Didnt she want to know ewho the guy was jiske ghar pe woh aa pahunchee... which brings me to blooper no 6: how did they specially naina get to know where Zaib was staying? Have they started a jassoos company too??
kripa wonders why they agreed to go specially when she cant stand the sights of the guy.. ( ehhh excuse me then why is she following the guy all over the place) prithvi tells her not to worry as per his plan zaib will have to admit that he is indeed angad.
at the party, a guy comes from behind abd taps mishti from behind. she turns back startled and is a trifle disaapointed that it is karthik. When she says she got scared, karthik wonders if it was angad whom she was expecting..Zaib very cutely comes from no where and says excuse talking about me and mishti had this expression that the ground could open and she could get into..karthik gives these wierd get lost expression to zaib..zaib says sorry, i thought you were talking about me....then he comes back and tells mishti by the way you are looking gorgeous tonite.. mishti is all blushing !!! karthik could almost kill him (target no 1)
kripa is telling prithvi why are they still here and prithvi says as per his plan, he will ridicule that guy today so much that he will have no face to show in the world and woh kabhi kisi ke saath baymaani nahin karega!!! Zain overhears and smiles to himself. He walks up to Prithvi and Kripa and tells them to enjoy the party. prithvi can almost kill him
the oirganiser call prithvi and zaib to the stage and request zaib to sing a song. After alot of request, zaib sings woh lamhe woh baatein remix version and decicates this song to someone wh is close to his heart. mishti and Kripa both look up with yearnings in their eyes.... (think zaib intrigues mishti.) midway to the song, zaib walks up to kripa with a rose and trhen goes and gives it to mishti much to karthiks chargin.. episode ends with kripas and mishtis face.... beauuuuutttttiiiiful picturisation.. .. me falling in love with zaib......
Tom Preview: at the Pool side, Zaib flirting with Mishti and mishti telling him smething about engagement, zaib not listening and hugging her and karthik comes and sees it!! ha ha ha ha
thought to wonder on:
if kripa didnt want to go to the party, why did she go and once she was there, couldnt she leave on her own...and then if she hates zainb so much..why did she stay on....

DecentGurl Senior Member

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October 25th:

Video Update by Nomi : 25th October Video

Picture Update by Nomi : 25th October Pics

UPDATE BY living.doll:

Today's characters:

  •      Zaib
  •      Mishty
  •      Kripa
  •      Prithvi
  •      Kartik
  •      Anitah
  •      Manik

  •      Todays episode was awesome with fantastic preview. I loved the way zaib was taunting kripa. Big smile

At the beging anitah is shown drinking and driking.. She asks another type of wine which should have sweet and bitter both flavors. Manik enters and tries to stop her but anitah is out of control. Infact she also offers anitah to join her! Manik tells her to join them in the dance floor with some people but she refuses and tells that she is busy. LOL

Lets enjoy!!!!!!!

Prithvi, manik and kartik tried their level best to rock the dance floor.. i was wondering.. who was aamir .. who was saif? and who was akshay khanna? the funnies part is: anitah comes in the dance floor and start dancing with some arabian men. hahahahaah.. they are shown throwing some money on her.. hahaahahaha.. manik's face is something to see.Finally manik takes her away from those arabian people.

Kripa is shown talking to herself. she knows this is angad and she will make sure of it within tonight. Angad can not save him this time. Suddenly our dashing hero enters and offers her to dance with him. ahhh.. what an attitude.Kripa greets her and says she will definitely dance but not with him and she walks off.

A beautiful background music is playing .. zaib is moving back slowly.. and turns.he says hello to kripa. Kripa asks him what is he doing here. zaib replies in a sarcastic way that people come to dance on the dance floor and im dancing too. he says: don worry .. im not dancing with u kripa. Kripa again talks to herself that angad thinks he is soo smart but she will reveal angad's face infront of the world.Zaib asks kripa what if she shares this dance floor with him? Kripa agrees to dance with him.. they start dancing with song "do dil mil rahe hai". Mishty is a little disturbed about zaib's intention. she wants to know what is zaib up to. Another fantastic scene of zaib with mishty and kripa. he is dancing with kripa but giving bed-room eyes on mishty.. ahhh... (my dil went ummmmmmmmm). Mishty is concerned but she thinks she shouldn as this guy is not angad. zaib gives her a flying kiss while dancing with kripa. Kripa's face is something worth to see.

Suddenly lights has gone! Mishty screams and runs towards prithvi. " kisine meri saath battamizi karne ke kohshish ki".. yes she meant zaib. Prithvi becomes mad! he keeps asking who did it. Mishty says that there must be a scratch of my nails in his arm. Prithvi tells to check every people's arms. They keep doing it and zaib denies to show his arm. Prithvi tells that he wont allow him to go without showing his arms. Zaib our stubborn darling doesn want to show his arms. The person who throws this party tells prithvi that a person like zaib can not do such a rubbish thing like this. Prithvi says if he didn do anything like this then why doesn he show his arms? Now .. we get the kahani of prithvi-kartik-manik gang! they juz wanted to show the tattoo of angad. This whole drama was preplanned. Prithvi says that zaib must be frightened becuase he might have the same tattoo which angad used to have in his arm.zaib says that he doesn have any tattoo in his arm except a "zakham ka nishan". Kartik also forces him to show his arm. Zaib says that im not angad. Prithvi keeps misbehaving with zaib and wants to see zaib's arms. Slowly angad pulls out his jacket and shows his arm which is covered with band aid. Kartik tells him to remove this band aid as well. Zaid does it with full anger.heheheheh... there is nothing except that zakham.

After seeing zaib's arm pritvhi thinks that this guy can not be angad.Kripa is not ready to accept that zaib is not angad. she doesn know how did angad change himself.Mishty comes to zaib and says sorry. zaib says that he knows mishty does not creat unnecessary drama . Then what makes her do that? Is that for her brother? mishty keeps herself quite and zaib gets his answer. Zaib offers to have a lunch party. mishty says that she is enaged. zaib says : ohh really! im married! lol..Mishty says that she is really engaged. Zaid tells her to stop perturbing,. Zaib gives mishty a piece of paper with an address and invites her for lunch.Mishty wants to refuse where she couldn find zaib infron of her...Kripa is shown following them very carefully.. lol...

My.. my.. my.. this person has already taken my breath away..Yes.. im talking about zaib.. what a scene between mishty and zaib.U must watch it. Mishty finds her and tells that she is not coming. Zaib wants to know the reason...

ziab: r u scared mishty? u think u might fall for me? its ok mishty.. im inviting for lunch only.Its juz food, wine and meeh. I don like to hear "NO." Don be afraid!!

Bechari mishty... runs off! she is gone i tell u..

now our queen kripa enters and wants to know what the hell zaib wanted to do? she tells zaib to leave them alone.zaib thinks kripa is jelous. hahaahahahah.. zaib tells her that there is nothing to worry becuase mishty and he will have their lunch only! if kripa wants... she can join them.

Kripa is shown unhappy where kartik enters. kartik must be thinking about zaib....LOL..
Kripa says herlself that she hates angad.kya meri ansoo meri yaadein ban kar beh rahi hai??

kripa is shown telling angad that she is feeling sorry for mishty who is falling for the guy who looks like angad.. noh.. who is angad.Kripa can understand mishty's feelings becuase mishty loved the same face which she used to . Zaib replies: woh .. tum is liye pareshan ho kyunki tum bhi angad se pyaar karte the?? u know.. mishty is on the phone.. then we can see our angry jelous mishty's face.. hahaahahahahahaha...

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