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Sep 27nd Update:

Video Links by Nomi: 
27th sep Video

Picx Update by Nomi: 
27th sep Pics

Update by Mistyeyed_25:

Angad is upset and bashes up josh in front of press. He threatens to kill him and tells him a variety of things including that his best friend josh ois not capable of his hatred. He slaps josh, the latter is shocked and upset.


Angads phones keeps ringing. Its josh calling and angad doesn't pick up his landline or his cell phone. Kripa enters wondering whats wrong. He tells angad to pick up his cell but angad tells her that it must be josh and he doent want to talk to him. Angad tells kripa that there were only two people who were important to him, one was josh and the other was kripa. He tells kripa , you don't know what it is like losing a best friend. He tells kripa that please don't ever leave me. Kripa gibves her usual pseudo dialogues like I love you angad and will never leave you etc etc etc. She manages to convince him to come for the party tonight.


Aliyah enters joshs place and tells him that she trusts him and believes in him. She tells him that they will clear angads misunderstanding at the party and she will get josh and angad to talk fce to face. Josh is thankful and wants to tell aliyah something. He says he will tell her after the party.

The party is on at full swing, anitaah enters talking to someone, turns out that anitah was just pretending to have a conversation with someone, angad plays a [ranks with kripa, where he holds her hand from behind and doesn't leave it when a guy extends a handshake.  Angad orders a ring to gift kripa.

Kripa gets to know that josh is outside. She comes out and tells josh not to meet angad. Josh tries asking her, what is wrong with both kripa and angad and that someone is trying to create misunderstandings between them. Kripa tells him the whole story and requests him to leave. Aliyah comes later and tells her that its important for them to meet angad once.Kripa tells them that where they were when angad had no one. At that time,m she supported and took care of angad on her own. Aliyah gets angry and tells kripa that she doesn't know the meaning of friendship. She says she hurted  prithvi because she didn't care and thankfully simone came into his life. Kripa raises her hand on aliyah but stops dead short and angad comes from behind abd says stop it!


Josh comes to meet angad and sees him asleep with simone on the bed.  He shakes his head and goes away from there.(in the slight second that they show it looks as if angad was asleep with kripa!) He goes out of the room and sees kripa coming up the stairs!


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Sep 28th Update:

Video Links by Nannu/Nomi:

Pics By Nomi:   28th sep Pics

Update By Mummu:

Today's characters:
  • angad
  • kripa
  • Josh
  • Aliyah
  • prithvi
  • dadi
  • simone
Heh!! Angry prithvi is the criminal. i hate ekta.. finally she made prithvi a criminal.Dead Cry
Kripa is shown almost ready to slap aliyah ( i don think she slapped). Angad enters and screams at kripa. he tells her to stop it.. He wants to know whats going on. kripa's problem is with josh! but aliyah didn do anything.he says that aliyah is his sister and he loves her a lot. kripa can not slap aliyah for anything related to prithvi.angad gets angry. kripa says "pehle josh.. ab aliyah.. u love all of them.. they r more important than me. i don stand anywhere in ur life.if kripa doesn stand anywhere in angad;s life than he wouldn fight with josh. kripa gets emotional becuase she thinks she is the problem creater between angad and josh.angad says he didn mean that.kripa leaves the place by saying: keh diya tumhe jo kehna tha?

Josh drops aliyah and apologizes to her. aliyah says to josh that its not his fault. aliyah is shown crying.aliyah says to stop thinking about all these and lets think about future.Josh says that kripa's words will help them to remove all the missunderstandings.

angad goes back to the disco floor. he seats and thinks about kripa. angad realizes that he shouldn have talked to kripa like this way.He asks drink from a waiter.BUT, simone gives a a medicine in angad's drink through a waiter. he dreams kripa and himself dancing alone on the disco floor with a romantic song " seenein mein dil.. dil mein dhadkan hai." ( Loved this scene)

Angad feels weak and he is shown totally drunk. ge does upstair and enters room number 120. suddenly a gal enters and starts scratching angad's head. Angad thinks its kripa. he was fully drunk so couldn recognize the gal at the begining. after a while that gal seats beside angad and tries to hold him in her arm. finally angad understands that the gal is not kripa infact its simone. simone comes more closer and tries to hug angad. ( do i need to explain this scene?) then simone hugs angad soo tightly but angad keeps telling "nehi simone", "nehi simone." both of them are shown .......

Josh wants rana to come here and confess everything .he wants meet angad. Aliyah tells josh that angad wont believe him without rana's statement. however josh wants to meet angad at any cost. Dadi gets a call from josh. Josh asks about angad but dadi tells him that angad hasnt got back from the party. josh hangs up the phone and asks aliyah about angad. Aliya tells to josh that a room is always booked for angad where the party held. Josh goes to meet angad.

Prithvi is surprised after hearing angad and kripa's last night fightings. he tells kripa that how could they fight for tiny miny silly things? kripa wants to say something..but prithvi tells her to go to angad and clear up all the missunderstanding. fightings before their marriage is not a good indication. U should go to dadi's place and clear up everything. kripa replies that she called up at dadi's place but anagd is not there. prithvi gets tensed. instead of cleaing everything she made some more problems. kripa says sorry to prithvi.prithvi asks about angad. kripa tell that he must be on that party place where a room is always booked for him. prithvi pushes kripa and tells her to go there.

Josh comes at the hotel and finds angad sleeping with a gal. he thinks it may be kripa. However, he is shown returning but meets with kripa. he is shown really surprised. kripa asks josh what the hell is he doing here.kripa angain shouts at josh. he is the friend who always wanted to bring kripa and angad together and now he is trying to apart them. kripa shouts and tell him to leave them alone.josh tell that he needs to meet with angad and it is really important. kripa tries to move forward but josh stops her indirectly. kripa asks josh why is he stopping her to meet with angad? josh says himself that if u go there everything will be finished between u.josh wants to meet angad 1st. kripa gets angry and wants to know the reason behind creating missunderstanding once again. Josh tries to stop her but kripa says if u try to come in our ways then i can creat my own way! juz get away.

kripa opens the door and finds simone sitting there. simone greets kripa. as there is no one so simone thinks she can relax here for a while. simone aks kripa wheather she minds or not. kripa asks about angad. simone looks at josh and says that anagd is not here.she doesn no anything. kripa leaves the place. josh goes to simone and tells that he knows angad is here. when he gets back in sense tell him that i came here.ok?

angad gets up. simone gives her water. angad is shown totally shocked. he wants to know what the hell simone is doing here. bedore simone speaks angad looks at his cloth and finds some signs of kisses. he asks simon what happened between them last night. simone says she has no answers for any question of angad. what do u mean by u don have any answer? what happened between us? simone says that they both were drunk. she is also tensed. angad becomes surprised. he can not do this thing with kripa. he keeps telling that. nehii kart sakta mein aisa kripa ke saath. i will let her know everything. if she wants to leave me the it would be fine but i can not hide this thing from her. simone requests angad to keep this thing secret. angad refuses and he says that kripa  loves him more than her life. he can not hide. he is going to tell her everything. simone tells him that he always thinks about himself. he never thinks about simone. simone got her love after a long time. he doesn want to lose him. she says that prithvi and she love each other. she also tells angad to forget everything, forget that weak moment., that is a past. Never try to remember it. if u say anything to kripa then both of our lives will be destroyed.

Previw: prithvi is shown kills josh.


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3rd Oct Links :
Toyday's 3rd october video by Nomi :
Megaupload Link:
Savefile link

Pictures of 3rd OCT By Nomi:

Update 3rd October  BY NIKKITongue


Angad and Kripa are dutifully playing 'Huggeria' patients. They remember all that happened between the two of them, the good moments, the bad. And are blissfully unaware of wats goin on elsewhere. Then Angad gets the dreaded call which btw Prithvi had made from Joshs phone in the previous episode.
'Yeh Josh mujhe kyun phone kar raha hai is waqt? I wonder what it is. Hey Kripa, i gotta go now. Main tumse baad main milta hoon."
He goes to the place, which btw is not his own house but a prearranged venue for the meeting that Josh wished to had with Angad to reveal the culprit to him. There after shouting out, "Josh," a coupla times, and standing in his Hanuman pose looking around, he stumbles upon the body. And he's shocked. He's SHOCKED. He cant believe it is Josh he is looking at, surely not? He bends down and touches Joshs face unbelievingly and repeats his name, and then touches teh knife. Then the police van arrives, and the lights blind him.


Dadi gets a call from the police station telling her ki, "Angad jail main hai." "Kya???" is her reaction. Kripa is with her as well. "Kya???" is her reaction as well. They are told about Josh's murder, and they both are shocked. "Humen hamare Angad ko jail se nikaalne hi hoga" is the conclusion they arrive upon.
There, Anitaah, along with her cronies, is dancing away to madness at a 'club.' Then Misty comes and conveniently spills her drink on her precious dress. Then, "tum??" Misty asks of Anitaah. Anitaah is like, "eeeekkkk! hhmmmppphhhh!" Misty just grins back. (lol misty duffer!). Then the crazy banter between the two.....
Anitaah: "Woh ladka mujhe dekh raha hai. All of em boys wana dance with me, u know Misty."
Misty: "Oh really, Anitaaaaaaaaah?"
Anitaah: "Of course!"
Then the guy whos supposedly eyeing her, comes toward them but heads straight toward Misty to give her a squeeze and a hi. Misty, as expected, does not rely on courtesies, and rubs it in on Anitaahs expense. Then Anitaah gets a call and gets the news abt Angad being in Jail. Misty too cant believe what shes hearing.
Dadi and Kripa go to meet Angad in jail, and seeing him like that, both of them break. Kripa wows to get him out of there.


At Josh's cremation, Aaliya is almost hysterical. The newest scource of joy in her life has turned into the newest pain. Angad (still in handcuffs with cops surrounding him) lights his friend's pyre, and on his way out, puts a hand on Aaliya's head as a gesture of understanding.
At his own residence, Prithvi is telling Simone how he absolutely had to do away with Josh even though he was his good friend. Otherwise he would never be able to get Kripa. He tells her that if it wasnt for Josh, Kripa would be his property by now. Simone nods in an understanding way, but asks him what if he gets caught? He says no never, all the evidence points straight at only one man-- Angad. He tells her that he not worried about getting caught, he is only concerned about getting Kripa. (In short, he is an obssesed freak who needs to check in for rehab.)
Then all of a sudden, Kripa is standing at the door. For a minute it looks as though she has heard everything, and Prithvi and Simone both wait anxiously for her to say something. Then, as is her fav passtime, she goes and falls into Prithvi's arms. And she pours her heart out about Angad and his troubles, and her grief about Josh's death, while Simone goes out to get a glass of water for her. Prithvi tells her not to worry, he knows an awesome lawyer who will definitely pull Angad outa of the mess he's got himself into.


A tall, dark man with longish hair by a poolside. Takes off his gown and dives into the pool. Swims like a dolphin and gets out at the other side of the pool. (Phew, one swimming session na!!)
Meet Mr. Basin, the hotshot lawyer. At his office, tells his chelas, that he will not take up any case which belongs to people who are not well known, only those who have a name to flaunt. Mr. Prithvi Bose and Ms. Kripa Sharma come to meet him and clue him in about the case. He agrees to take it and Kripa feels as grateful towards Prithvi as she always does.


Kripa tells Prithvi and Mr. Basin how important this case is for her. Mr. Basin tells her not to worry, if Angad is not guilty, he will surely fight for him and win the case (yeah right.)

Well I daily collect these stuff from here to copy em in my group soo i,ll try to daily update this folder!! if um not allowed then tell me,..
Just Wanna Help!!
as its my daily routine

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4th October :

4th October video link (By Nomi) :

Pix Of 4th Oct by Nomi:

And Herez the Update By Nikki:

4th Oct.:. 

rithvi and Kripa are at Mr. Basins office where he has refused to take on Angad's case. Both, Prithvi and Kripa try their best to convince them but he refuses saying that if the case's hearing would be far off, he would probably take it, but since it was so near, just a day away, he cant take it on. When Prithvi reminds him that he is not to worry about money, Basin tells him that they can hire some other lawyer, and he himself will pay for their new lawyer, double the price they are offering him, simply because money is not the criteria for him. He gets up with an air of finalty from his desk, and tells them he won't take on the case cos he is a man of ethics (you lie through your teeth man!) But then Kripa herself tries her best to convince him, saying that Angad is absolutely innocent and that it should be his duty to try to free him. Finally, Basin relents and says, "Ok now that you have convinced me that he is honest, I will take on the case." (what a nice human being na? yawnn) Then Kripa thanks him and leaves the office, with Prithvi still hanging around. Then the two mwn slap each others back and laugh out loud and it becomes clear that the two are infact chaddi-buddies. Basin says that he would do the case anyway for Prithvi's sake and just imagine how famous he would become if he won the case for Angad..."You will be even more famous if u don't win the case," Prithvi enlightens him. When asked how Prithvi tells him taht if he backs off at the last moment saying that he does not wish to fight for a man who is a killer after all, then he will be even more well known for being a man of principles. Basin finally sees the light and agrees with him.

Angad is in his cell, pacing the length of it. Then Kripa arrives, and he proceeds to rush towards the bars and gaze into her eyes in spite of the hindrance. She smiles at him encouragingly and introduces him to his new lawyer. The greetings are exchanged and A-K are back at holding hands through the bars and looking into the other's eyes, even as Prithvi looks on jealously.Outside, Kripa bids Angad a tearful goodbye, while he is in handcuffs and surrounded by cops. (wonder what he was doing outside, maybe he came out to say bye to them or maybe he wanted a bigger cell with ac? dunno).Then Basin tells Kripa not to worry, he will definitely win the case for Angad if he innocent.

In the courtroom, Josh's lawyer gets Aaliya as the witness. He makes her admit that Angad had threatened Josh and told him that he will never forgive him. Angad protests that he and Josh had resolved their differences and wre friends again, but is told not to speak without first being spoken to by the judge. On being asked if she knew that Angad and Josh had forgiven and forgotten and were back to being friends, Aaliya refuses. She cries and pleads forgiveness from Angad for this. Everyone is shocked, Karthic, Dilip, Misty, Kripa....all those present there. When Basin gets up to cross question Aaliya, Angad asks him not to. Basin sits down after he tries to convince Angad but fails and tells Kripa that he cant do anything, since Angad wishes to give up on the most important witness.

Outside, Basin tells Kripa-- thankyouverymuch but Im not interested in doin this case since he is indeed a murderer and it goes against my ethics. In spite of all of Kripas efforts to convince him, he refuses and leaves. Kripa as usual bursts out crying and falls into Prithvis arms.

At home, she wonders what to do-- she has to do something. Then she saw a Yellow Pages book on the table and then on her PC, does a search for 'India's best lawyer' on a site called Koogle (lolzzz). There she comes across a certain name and decides to approach him.This 'Mr. India's best lawyer' is in a club drinking away to glory and surrounded by pachass girls who are busr giving him kisses and all kinds of other jobs. Then Kripa goes up to him, intros herself, and asks him to take on the case. He refuses and tells her to go. She still persists, then he tells at her-- "I said no!!!! Get Lost!!!!!!" Poor Kripa is embarrased as hell, and just squirms in discomfort.

Prithvi tells Simone that there is only one night left for him to worry about not getting Kripa. Come tommorow morning, and Kripa will be his.

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October 5th:

Video by Nomi:
5th october Video

Pics By Nomi:
5th october Pictures

Update by Newkidontheblok(Shivangee):

Episode started with kripa waiting for shabbir outside his house she sees his car she gets up and moves towards him he was totally drunk when he sees her he gets mad at her...he asks kripa why is she wasting her time and asks her to move away saying that he will not take up his case..kripa asks him to hear her for last time he gives her 5 sec...kripa tells him that his fiance is innocent and he is the only person who can help them..she pleads a lot nd then shabbir says that he has stopped going to court and now he doesnt take any case and no one can force him also...he came with the gal so the gal called him and he says to the gal that he is coming he moves from there and goes inside his house..kripa sits in front of his doorsteps and and sleeps there whole night....next day when she wakes up she sees shabbir walking out of his house she again goes to him but by the time she could call him he left in his car...kripa follows him in her car....shabbir was shown at graveyard he takes a wreath and puts it on his beloved grave then he cries saying dats its been years since she left him..kripa comes there and listens all that nd she says that it seems you lost someone spcl and he sees her and says you here again and she says that you can understand my feelings very well as you have lost someone spcl in your life and i dont wanna loose the person i love most...shabbir keeps on saing no but later on he agrees on seeing love in her eyes for his fiance juzz like he loved anna...then she says that she thought that he will listen to her but no she was wrong  and shabbir asks her to leave and she says that she thought he will understand her but no nd she calls him a stone a leaves from there

Next they showed kripa crying wid her head on dadi's lap and dadi consoles her saying that like she passed all the hurdels in her life she will pass this one too and prithvi was shown raising a toast with simone and says that tommorow was the day wen kripa was about to get married to angad but the day will never come as he has changed everything simone asks him how is he so sure about it and he says that angad can not b saved as he will b first accused of josh's murder and secondly he will have kripa back with him and simone says if dis doesnt happen to which he says that no lawyer will take kripa's case so he will win anyhow then they show kripa dreaming that angad has been sentenced to death nd she wakes up screaming angad she is swaeting a lot and then she says to herself that she will do anythingto save him..

Next court scene was shown judge asks to begin with the case prosecution lawyer says that defence lawyer is not there and judge asks angad as to where his lawyer is nd angad doesnt utter nything and judge says that he will have to give the verdict now judge was about to give the verdict wen shabbir comes and says that he is the d lawyer of angad khanna he shows his paper and asks the judge that he wants to question the inspeactor who arrested angad ...he shows him the forensic report and throws pen towards angad nd anagd catches it with his right hand and shabbir says that how can a right handie person kill  thru his left hand nd he says to judge that this means that angad is innocent...prithvi nd simone are shown and prithvi says that juzz at the end dun noe from where this lawyer came and he turned the whole case in favor of angad and he says that he still has one more card in his hand and he will use it now..episode ends there.


Angad thanking shabbir and shabbir says that its juzz coz of kripa he took the case..he saw too much love in her eyes dats the main reason he took the case nd he leaves from there angad and kripa are staring each other.Smile


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October 6th:

Video Update by Nomi: 6th october Video

Picture Update by Nomi: 6th october Pictures

Update by Nikki:

Hi everyone
hope u all doin absolutely good
Smile!!Big smile

Well, ive called  update a khatta meetha one because though it was heartbreaking towards the end, there were some awesome scenes that show Kripa praying and wishing for her future with Angad which were truly meetha.


  • In court, Aaliya is giving her gavahi to Shabbir, and Shabbir asks her that just because Angad was angry with Josh does it mean he killed him? Aaliya is tongue-tied and the oppostion camp lawyer objects, the judge sustaining the objection. But Shabbir repeats the same point again and the other lawyer again objects. Shabbir acts as though he is really bugged with this and tells him, "Im not repeating the same point dammit!" and throws a file at him. The other lawyer loses it, comes and catches hold of his collar and says, "Main tumhen....." Shabbir says, "Kya? Mujhe jaan se maroge kya?" This way he poves his point that even if Angad said such things to Josh he obviously didn't mean them.
  • Kripa tells Angad of his new lawyer outside the court and Angad thanks him for taking the case. But Shabbir tells him to thank Kripa instead, without whom, he wouldnt take it up.
  • Dadi tells Kripa that it is her belief in her love and God that everything is going fine now, and Kripa just smiles happily.
  • Later, in her room at night while sleeping, Kripa smiles to herself in happiness since things are looking up, and sits up in bed. She sees a shooting star (tutta sitara) and makes a wish......this is what her wish looks like...Angad is sitting on the comp...she comes from behind, covers his eyes, and teases him. He catches hold of her and they both laugh. Angad and she are playing with some kids, and they both are grinning from ear to ear. Angad is making one of their babies drink milk from a bottle. Kripa is trying to make one of the babies sleep, and Angad comes and tries to help her, while she is looking tired wearing specs....all these scenes showing them as a happy family..just check it out..its really cute.
  • Basically She dreams getting married wid angad & having small small cuteeeeeeeeeeee se kiddoes...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Awww....She dreams that Angad & herself r taking care of their kids..i loved those kids..OMG...three three kid...Embarrassed...& one is in her stomach...& Angad gets her milk & feeds her while she is wearing  Specks..Awww she looks cute in those specks...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed& she carries 2 kids in hand on bed & Angad touches her stomach...EmbarrassedAwwwww...This was all wat she was dreaming while praying god after seeing tuthta hua taara....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Today i will give away the Award to Kripa for her brilliant acting......

    OMG this gal is a superstar...Tooooo good acting...Am amazed too see her reaction while Simmone tells her the "Angad & I,We have Slept together".....

    OMG...Good acting....Especially when she goes to meet angad in the prison to ask him about the truth....& Her reaction when Angad puts his head down,which shows  agree's to her...
  • Later, as she is making her way to the court, outside it, she overhears Prithvi and Simone arguing. He tells her that he doesn't want anything to do with her, because she didn't think about him when she did what she did. He says all this and walks off, while Simone is crying. Kripa goes and asks her what happened. She doesn't tell her. Then she goes and asks Prithvi but even he doesn't tell her, saying that he doesn't wish to hurt her. Then she goes back to Simone and forces her to tell her, and she does. Then Kripa is shocked beyond words and just slaps her. (Damn good, ha!)
  • Kripa goes and asks Angad for the truth, he says that he can never lie to her. Then she asks him about his night with Simone, and he doesn't say anything. Then it dawns on her that it is the truth after all, and she breaks. All the images of herself and Angad together shatter one by one in front of her eyes. Through the bars she catches hold of Angad's collar and when he attempts to toch her, she tells him never to touch her. She tells him that she still doesn't believe it, and crying, leaves.
  • In the courtroom, Kripa is Shabbirs main witness and the court is waiting for her. At last she comes, and when Shabbir asks her that being Angad's fiancee, does she feel that Angad can kill anyone, she is again dragged to all the images that haunt her, of Angad and Simone together, of Josh trying to stop her from going into the hotel room, of Simone telling her the truth........ and she just breaks down.

Comming Up NEXT:

Kripa says Shabbir to drop the case....Shabbir asks her y is she doing all this after getting close to victory...Kripa almost cries...That ********(sorry Komi) prithvi says Plz shabbir & stops him tyo ask kripa about the reasonAngryAngryAngry

Love u all,
Nannu and Nikki.
(Nans di and me have done this update together!)

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October 10th:

Video by Nannu/Nomi:

Pics By Nomi:
10th oct Pics & Ekta's on Popkorn video

Update by Nikki:

Hi everyone
hope u all are doin great
Smile!!!Big smile

  • Kripa, standing in the witness stand breaks down. As she slids further and further down in the box, Angad just looks at her disbelievingly. Then he makes to come towards her in a gesture of worry and anxiety for her, but the guards stop him. Instead, Prithvi comes to pick her up. Shabbir begs the judge for a day's postponement, since his witness is not in a steady state of mind right now. The judge allows him this.
  • Later Kripa tells Shabbir to leave the case. On being asked to give a reason she gives none and just weeps.
  • Shabbir goes to meet Angad in his cell. There, Shabbir tells him that Kripa is very upset, but still he himself will keep defending Angad, since he feels that Angad is telling the truth and seems genuine. Angad tells him that Simone herself told him not to tell anyone about their one night stand. Then who told Kripa about it? He tells Shabbir that he just absolutely has to speak to Simone, and Shabbir has to get her for him anyhow. Shabbir agrees to help him.
  • He finds Simone in a club, who tries to escape without being noticed, from the club, but fails at her attempt. On being asked what is she doing here, she says, "Bas, kuch doston ke saath apna gham bhulane aayi thi." Shabbir tells her Angad wishes to talk with her, so she better come along.
  • In his cell, Angad asks her why did she tell Kripa? She apologises, but then she says, "Main sorry kis baat ka bol rahi hoon, when i dont even feel it?" Angad looks up at her sharply, in disbelief and she goes on to tell him how shes paying him back for the ways in which he 'cheated' her and left her in the lurch. And then she drops the bombshell-- "Us raat, hamare beech kuch hua hi nahi tha....." Angad is left screaming and shouting behind her, as she walks off smugly.
  • Angad tells Shabbir how he just has to tell Kripa that he had been framed and nothing actually happened between him and Simone. Then she would believe him and all the misunderstandings would clear.
  • He is allowed to make a call to Kripa, who is sleeping while Prithvi is stroking her hair, thinking to himself, "Kripa main tumhen aise dukhi nahi dekh sakta....." Then the phone rings and Prithvi picks up since Kripa is sleeping. He tells Angad that he cant speak to Kripa now, since she is extremely harrowed and is resting. Angad tells him- ok, the you please pass on the message to her. And he gives the message containing his innocence in it. And he finishes by actually thanking Prithvi. Prithvi, after he hangs up, gives one of his newly acquired evil grins and says to himself, "Sorry Angad, main tumhara message deke Kripa ko nahi khona chahta, isliye main message nahi doonga."
  • There, Karthic lands to meet Angad and somehow manages to get him to sign some papers saying that Angad will withdraw his name from the Khanna property, stakes etc. At first Angad refuses, but then when Karthic tells him that Naina too wants him to sign the papers, then Angad signs them.
  • In the courtroom, Kripa gives her gavahi. Outside, Angad had told her that after knowing the truth, he knows that she will do what is best for them. But in the courtroom she says, "Mr. Angad Khanna ek jhute, dhokebaaz hain, aur kisika bhi khoon kar sakte hain." The oppostion lawyer pounces at the opportunity that has presented itself, but Shabbir says that though the case has got into a delicate stage, there is still hope as they cant nail anyone on one person's evidence. Then he asks the judge to again give him a day's time and the judge agrees. Angad is thinking, "You were my only hope Kripa, i wonder why you did this.................. I would have been free today, didn't you want that?" Kripa is thinking, "Even I wanted this day badly Angad, but after what you did, I couldn't help it."
  • Outside, as Angad is led away, he stares at Kripa disbelievingly, but she turns away. Then Naina pounces on her, blaming her for bringing doom on Angad's head, and saying that she doesn't understand why she did this after all that Angad did for her...left his family, lost his career, and the list goes on. Finally Naina is led away by Dileep n Dadi's request.
An A-K confrontation in the jail. Kripa tells him that he didn't think of opening his mouth when she had been asking for an explanation......
Angad tells her that nothing had happened between him and Simone............

Lub u all,

Nannu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2005 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
October 11th:

Video Update by Nannu/Nomi:

Picture Update by Nomi:
11th oct Pics

Update by Nannu:

  • Kripa is looking at angads pictures wid tears in her eyes…She remembers all the sweet moments she spends wid him…Suddenly all the moments angad spent wid simmone flashes in front of her eyes…She burns his snaps & throws them away..
  • Prithvi enters the room & finds Kripa near the burning pictures…He gets scared & moves her from the fire…Kripa is very sad & she says she is betrayed again..She says Prithvi that she wants to meet angad once & ask him y he did so wid her…Prithvi takes advantage & hugs Kripa…
  • Kripa goes to meet angad in jail…Angad asks Kripa y did she come to meet him…He says afsooss  Kripa u did not trust me….Angad says he did not do anything wid simmone that night & simmone is framing him…Kripa asks for sabot…Angad says to believe him…Kripa says he is lying to her..She removes sindoor ki dibbi & Throws the sindoor on his face…She says—Ab tum ye apna tofa samjho ya Thappad…
  • Shabbir meets Kripa & Prithvi..He asks her y is she doing all this wid Angad..Shabbir says Kripa that he will not leave the Case..He says he will fight for angad…He tries to tell her the truth but she leaves…Prithvi is still there..He says shabbir that kripa is angry at this moment....He says Shabbir to meet him in a restaurant as they can talk in peace..
  • Shabbir & Prithvi r in a restaurant…Shabbir says Prithvi about simmone..& Prithvi acts as if he is sooo innocent…Shabbir is having drinks while talking to Prithvi…Suddenly he has a pain in his head & he falls down on table…Simmone enters moving her arms on Prithvis chest..Shabbir has a glance on Simmone standing beside Prithvi…
  • Next day in the court,everybody is waiting for shabbir…Judge apna faisla sunata hai…angad is jailed for 14 years…
  • While police takes angad  Angad to the jail,Shabbir enters in his car..He stops angad..But he is very angry & says shabbir that he is jailed for 14 years…Shabbir gets upset & thinks about last night…..He remembers Simmone wid Prithvi….
  • Shabbir goes to simmones home & says her that he knows that she was wid Prithvi last night & simmone gets shocked…She doesn't agree to shabbir…Shabbir says her that Angad & Kripa r already separated now…He says her not to spoil angads life..he says 14 years is too long for an innocent person..Simmone realizes wat she had doen..Shabbir asks her to give proof that Angad is not the killer…She gets her cell phone & shows the video clip where some one murders Josh but the face is not seen..& Then Angad enters and tries to remove the knife…Judge declares that Angad is innocent..But he also says that he was wid the murderer & says may be usne murderer ka saath diya…There fore he is Jailed for 3 years…
  • Kripa goes to meet Angad in jail…Angad is lying down on the floor..He looks at her but ignores…Kripa says she is very happy to see angad in pain..She hurts Angad…Angad suddenly shouts "STOP IT"…he says he is in jail just becoz he loved her….He gets mad at her…
  • Kripa leaves the jail & a voice from back says that "yeh kahani ki Shuruwaat hai???Madhyap hai???Ya Anth hai????....Lets wait and watch…



Kripa is shopping in Dubai…She is selecting a Necklace & the shop keeper says this will perfectly match the Dulhan…a voice from back says I AM THE DULHAN…..& Kripa turns back….


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