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SEPT 1st update by

Video links by - Nannu

Rapidshare Link:http://rapidshare.de/files/4611038/1stSep.wmv.html

Megaupload Link:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=01CBWTNE  


Kripa tells angad that what they shared was something so beautiful, that she can never forget it. but now shes already engaged to prithvi. and she cant break it, simply because the man was with her through her tough times, and she cant do this to him. she told angad that what she and prithvi shared was not
some "junoon." Angad asks her wat does she mean- does she mean that what kripa and angad shared was a mere, "junoon"?
she tells him no it was not, but now shes incapable of feeling nething nemore, and she stopped feeling any emotion the day their baby left her. she told him it was just not possible for her to love any one. and that he shouldnt expect this of her now. she said that their relationship had started when he was a big star and at the top, and that she does not wish their relationship to end when he is nowhere. she again wants to see him at the top.
Kripa leaves. As she leaves angad says to himself, yes i just wanted to do the show for u, so that i can know what is in your heart for me, but now nothing matters.

As kripa is leaving, angad catches up with her and tells er that he will drop her. Naina sees them and gets very irritated.

naina goes and tells dilip and karthic that she just saw angad but he was goin to drop kripa!...then dilip loses it."y are u so bothere abt her?????? cant u leave her alone? u lost ur son, but still u go on so..." naina tells him that kripa hi ne toh uski zindagi barbaad ki hai, but dilip yells at her so loudly that im sure she might have lost an eardrum..."stop cribbing abt kripa!"
karthic asks naina...what will u do now, she says just wait and watch. An evil smile from karthic.
naina goes and calls up damini. "i know u might feel bad, but being a good friend i feel that it is my duty to tell u that ur future daughter in law was just seen with angad. damini tells her that she will be the happiest person if the P-K engagement breaks, after all that kripa did with her kids. Naina just listens to her disbelievingly.
Prithvi sees angad drop kripa home, and sees the way angad cant take his eyes off her even as she walks towards the building. But when she comes up he doesn't say a word to her only: "did he say yes to do the show?" she says yes and just looks a tad guilty.

angad and kripa face to face again. angad tells her that no matter what he can never get her out of her system, even when he dies. both cant stop the tears from flowing. he tells her how much his heart hurts every time he thinks abt her, and he cant live without her. they are so close that they could almost kiss...............................
"CUT IT". yells the director. they were shooting( can anyone tell me for what?) they both break their stare away form each other with a lot of difficulty...the tears were real. Prithvi sees all this. then the song, "aankhon ki gusthakiyan" and kripa and angad again staring at each other and trying to peer into the others soul through their eyes....prithvi sees all this too.
finally the shoot ends. all of a sudden josh enters. he tells angad"wah angad wah, mujhe nahi pata tha tum aise kism ke insaan ho sakte ho. mere show churake yahan pe kripa ke saath dance kar rahe ho?" prithvi and kripa re stunned, they try to give him an explanation but he stops the saying "abh mujhe pata lag gaya tum log kaise ho." they all fall silent shocked. then josh bursts out laughing saying that he was kidding and this was a bet with his pal angad. then he says that vakai mein, "ANGAD-KRIPA KI JODI, JOSH-KRIPA KI JODI YA KISI BHI AUR JODI SE ZYAADA ACCHI HAI." this was THE line of todays episode. but kripa tells him that whatever she is marrying prithvi and she will stop working after marriage and walks off. prithvi walks off. angad walks off. josh follows angad. tells him are u mad? wat was she sayin? angad tells him she was right, what they had died with their kid. josh tells him he thinks he is making a mistake. angad tells him thats what u think. but josh tells him that i know it, but i hope that by the time u know it, it isnt too late...................

kripa tells prithvi kya hum jaldi shaadi nahi kar sakte?

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8th Sep pics -  http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=87044&KW =Nomey

Sept 8th Viedo link by Nomey- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=03PF6POR


2 parts -



update by  -

Zehrili saas


The episode begins with Damini giving a laddo( my favourite) to Kripa and Kripa started to cough  by eating the laddo. Damin began to sweat and every was shocked and Kripa's mom gives her water and then she tells maybe the sweet had stuck in her mouth. Damini wonders why din't anything happen to her. She began to sweat much more.( Kitna pasina nikalti hai) . Then Damini leaves. Mishti goes behind her. Damini is searching for the poison in the bed but she couln't find it and then Mishti comes there and has the poison bottle and say that whether she was searching for this. Mishti  asks her why did she do that. Damini says that Kripa has created misunderstandings between her children. Mishti comsoles ger and she ask her to promise she won't do that anytime. Damini agrees but she says that she will pray to God that Kripa gets away from their family.( From today we should call Damini Zehrili saas).


Kripa still loves Angad


Kripa's mom comes to KRipa  and askes her why is she looking so upset. Kripa says that she  is happy and will be happy 4ever. Then Gayatri says goodnight to her and goes. Gayatri then goes to her husband aka Kripa's dad. She tells that whether she did a mistake by telling Kripa to marry with Prithvi. Kripa's dad says to cool down and calm. Kripa is drinking water and then she sees a shadow of a person and she is surprised to see it is Angad. Angad says that he thought Kripa was happy with her marriage but he was wrong. He said Kripa that she loves him. Kripa says that she does not love him and says that she is someone's amanat. Angad says that how can she forget that he had put the sindoor on her forehead with his own hand. Kripa says that it was her past. Angad again then puts sindoor on her head. Kripa then touches her forehead and sees that it was her dream.( I wish it was true). Then it shows Angad having sindoor on his hand( How cum he had sindoor on his hand does he wear sindoor still wondering) and Kripa on her bed and the Kyph song goes on.



Photo ki jalan ki kahani


Angad was holding Kripa's photo and he was gazing.( I hoped that instead of gazing her photo he had gazed me) The photo flies away with the strong wind and goes to Josh and Angad goes down to take the photo. And then Josh says that he still loves Kripa and Angad says no he doesn't. Josh then says that if he doesn't  then the photo should be burned. Then Josh starts to burn the  photo. Angad runs to extuinguish the hoto with his own hand.( Oh bechare Angad ka haath jal gaya) . Angad then goes and Josh looks cute and says Damn.( Omg he looks so cute while saying this) . Kripa is shown to wearing the ornaments with the shaadi ka joda.( She was looking very pretty in that) . Angad goes near a tree and sees Kripa . Angad then hears the baraati ka sound and sees GAyatri doing the Aarti on PRithvi. Angad then goes to the hall and see Kripa again with the joda and she gives the varmala to Prithvi and PRithvi in turns gives the varmaala to Kripa. Angad just gazes at them and begins to cry.


Preview- Angad falls over that kidnapper who had tried to kidnap Kripa . He sees him and runs after him and they fight and by mistake the kidnapper shoots Angad( Omg I can't see ANgad shot)


Comments- Angad was brilliant. KRipa was pretty. No Prithvi today( Komi very sad). Mishti was good today. I luved the scene between Angad and Kipa. Josh was brilliant. Me waiting for Monday.

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Ratna there r pictures of yesterdays episode in the gallery(last page) .. watch those... nannu and nomi have done a wonderful work... those pictures tell story of last episode itself...although i m waiting for yesterdays update my self LOL
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Nehar Begum
Nehar Begum

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plz upload the video for the 13th sept plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Update for Sept 15th by radz_2cool.

Pics for today -


Watch online video & download


download link in 2 parts

http://rapidshare.de/files/5134135/15thsepKYPH_chunk_1.wmv.h tml

http://rapidshare.de/files/5135340/15thsepKYPH_chunk_2.wmv.h tml

megaupload link


(thx to nomey and queenkumar for the video  links)

Today's kyph update

Mango day days again

The episode begins with Angad saying Kripa not to worry. Josh looking cute says that they have to do something which will make Prithvi happy. Angad says that it is not tht easy. Josh says that they will throw a party and he will invite Prithvi in it.Then Josh goes to PRithvi and says tht if he doesn't cum to the party Angad and KRipa will be sad if he doesn't cum so he agrees to cum. ( Prithvi was looking very cute)

Who lamhein who baatein koi na jaane

Now they show the party. Angad( looking dashing as usual) and KRipa( looking pretty in the black dress) . Josh's secretary says THAt Josh has gone somewhere and will be back tonite. Angad and Kripa see Prithvi drinking and Kripa says hi to him. Josh secretary takes Kripa somewhere. Prithvi says Angad to not to thank him for wht he did. Angad says that thanku is very small for wht he did. Prithvi says to Angad that in this janam Kripa is his but in next 7 janam Kripa will be his. ( Srk's dialogue in Kal ho na ho is copied by prithvi. Ekta a copy cat of KAran Johar). Angad smiles and then sees Kripa lonely in the party

Aashique banaya aapne

Angad catches Kripa's hand and then they turn around and Angad asks why did Kripa leave him in the party. Kripa said that she had to meet people in the party. Angad then holds Kripa's hips and that scene was looking so cute. Kripa said him to leave her as there were many people in the party. Angad then leaves Kripa and KRipa becomes sad looking cute and says chodh diya( I luved this scene) and then Angad runs behind her in the party and my fav song Aashique Banaya Aapne was played. The stylish woman came to the party with such big long earrings.( The earings was big as her head and there are so many tattoos in her body) . She hugs Angad from behind and every1 sees it including PRithvi and KRipa. Angad sees the woman and says Simon.Simon says that she luvs him and hugs him again.( Lucky Simon got to hug Angad 2 times)Kripa sees it and leaves the party and Prithvi runs behind her always. Prithvi says Kripa that let Angad give a explaination. Angad then brings Simon to the room where Kripa was thr and says to her that kripa is her present and he is going to marry her. Prithvi says that he will talk to Simon and Kripa says sorry to Angad for misunderstanding him and then she asks him wasn't he too rude to her. Angad says that he doesn't want any misunderstanding between them now. Then they hug again.( It was so cute).

Deedar de

Angad with Kripa says in the mike that they will get engaged soon. Angad says the person who made them together was Prithvi. Prithvi then cum near them and Angad says till Prithvi doesn't find a partner they will not marry.( Komi Aap kaha ho aapko prithvi ke paas jana chahiye).Kripa says that now Kripa's luv for Angad has becum more now( That is the dialogue KRipa says everytime) Then they dance on deedar de my another fav song, Prithvi then asks angad that from where did Simon came and Angad says that because of differences they broke up and he doesn't know how Simon came back. Then Prithvi is shown talking with Simon and Angad says to Kripa that Simon is not a bad ladki then KRipa says that if she is good she hopes the best for him. Angad then says in his mind that he still wants to know from where did Simon cum.

Preview- Angad and KRipa wearing jogging dress and they say aa gaya Prithvi and they show Mishti too with him. Kripa says Mishti to forget everything and she says that she is happy to find Mishti here.

Comments- Angad was brilliant as usual and so romantic today. Luved his performance, Kripa looking pretty today and very romantic. Their chemistry set the set the screen on fire. I din't like Simon very much. Prithvi was looking very cute. Josh as cute as always.

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Sep 19th Update:

Video Links by Nannu:
   sep-19 Video links

Pics By Nomi:  
19th sep Picx

Update By Nikki:


Josh is making plans for the pending trek in a big way. Making a million calls. He meets up with misty, and asks her to come along. Misty khaos bhav but ultimately she relents sayin, main aa rahin hoon josh. Josh is like thank god for that. (neways josh tries to hit on misty throughout the entire episode.)
Meanwhile, Kripa too is getting ready, her mum and dad both bustling about her, preparing her snacks, making her bag, etc. (cho chweeeet) Her mum reminds her to take the first aid kit, and kripa throws tantrums, "iski kya zaroorat hai," like a typical kiddo and her mom chides her sayin kripa this is important take it. Kripa collects everything, kisses her parents goodbye and leaves. Shes looking really cute and pretty in her tracks and spaghetti, with a hairband.
She meets up with Prithvi, and the two stand talking outside his car for a minute or two. (Nitu di, could this be the answer to ur question, about her still shackin it up with prithvi???) The two of them are discussing the trip, and then prithvi says, "oh btw, simone is coming as well, i kinda persuaded her to come along." (well, if u wana knw he had a highly suspicious expression on his face.) Kripas face lights up in a smile as he walks off to open the car door, and she thinks to herself, "this is too good, prithvi aur simone....heheh" (naughty kripa!...lolzz)


Everyone meets up at the venue, this hilly place with lovely greenery. They all are laughing and joking, Angad, kripa, simone, josh, prithvi and misty. Prithvi and Simone are walkin ahead of everyone and talking. She thanks him for inviting her and says it will be a good change and it will be fun. He smiles and nods. Misty is walkin, a lone figure behind them , and then angad, kripa and josh. Kripa jokes about prithvi and simone beng an item and they all chuckle, and then josh, in his trademark majnu style says, "kaash, mera bhi kuch hota is trek main......."
Angad and kripa are like, "Kya, kya josh..hahahah.." they slap him on the back as he laughs and runs off.


Josh comes up with this brainwave, "Guys, lets rock climb. It will be fun, woh pahadi dekh rahe ho...bas usi par chadna hai." Obviously the girls are not part of the plans (why why?) So the rock climbing gear comes out of the bags, and u can feel something macho going on majorly, its in the air...lolzz. Angad hands his gear to be checked by josh, then prithvi checks it. Then they attack the pahadi. Go, my studs.
But the inevitable occurs (sob.)
As the three guys are roughing it out, angad being the last one hangin on the rope, his screw comes off (dun get me wrong ppl, the screw of his gear comes off.) And then hes hanging for dear life. All of a sudden, the atmosphere which had been so full of laughter and frolic, turned into terror. The girls are frozen into shock, and Kripa yells, "Angadddddddd..................."
Angad is holdin onto tufts of grass and his legs are slipping. Then Prithvi comes down towards him, and gives him his hand. Angad misses a few times but manages to get his grip on prithvis hand eventually (phew) (guys, check this scene out for the rippling muscles on the 2 heroes' arms, yum, yum.) Both of them manage to arrive on safe ground without any real injury.


As expected, the blame games begin. Josh is examining angads gear, while misty is bandaging prithvis hand (hes got slight bruises.) Kripa comes out of angad's tent, and tells them that she thinks he's still in shock and they should leave him alone for some time. Then JOsh says, "kisine angad ko maarne ki koshish ki hai." Everyone is taken aback, and they look up at him. He says, "prithvi ne angad ka gear end main check kiya tha,......"
Prithvi tells him "hey what the hell are u tryna say..???"
Josh says im not sayin anything, this tampered with screw says it all........"
Prithvi tells him, "Wtf???? u think im.....lemme tell u, u too were the one to check it."
Kripa says "guys stop it, josh prithvi aisa nahi kar sakta kabhi." Josh feels insulted and says, "This is it!!!! Im leavin, Im angads best friend for crissake," thinkin that kripa is blaming him.
Kripa runs behind him and apologises sayin that he didnt allow her to complete what she was sayin, "ki Josh bhi aisa kabhi nahi kar sakta.."
Josh sighs and forgives her.


Round a fire in the night, the six of them are in a light mood. Prithvi is singing "Hum bewafa hargis na the..." and casting meaningful side glances at Kripa. Angad and Kripa are in their own world as expected. And then simone tells Angad to sing. When Kripa nods as well, then Angad sings a song about having got back love in his life again, just for Kripa.
After this, Misty and josh are talking by the river, and misty tells him that shes gotto go and sleep since shes tired. she smiles at him and goes. as shes walkin away, josh clutches his heart and starts gasping for air. Misty comes running towards him saying josh?? josh?? He tells her hes getting a heart attack. She panics. But then he tells her, 'iM GETTING ONE, cos finally ur talkin to me sweetly!!" Mistys face breaks into a smile, and slapping his back chides him, "Josh tum bhi na..."
Even as shes walkin off she turns ard and smiles at him.
Josh sighs and says, 'ab bas, main aur mari tanhaii.........."
Angad is with his head in Kripas lap, and both of them are talkin. He tell her "kitna mazaa aa raha hai, yahan par, its something so different." She says, "tum bas isilye aaye the yahan, mere liye nahi???" He nods, smiling and she starts hitting him (Mango days are bak!!!)


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Sep 22nd Update:

Video Links by Nobi/Nomi: 
22nd sep KYPH video

Picx Update by Nomi: 
22nd sep Pics

Update by Mummu:

Today's characters:
  • Angad
  • Kripa
  • Simone
  • Prithvi
  • Police officer
  • Operator
  • long-Mustache-guy.
  • and so on...
Radz_2cool ( soumya ) is busy with her personal work so im writting today's episode. i have missed a lot of things because i could not record it.whatever i have written is directly from my memory.Hence, please forgive me.

Graphic desinger's mastii

Aree wahh... whoz this guy behind the musk? im really curious to know about this creative guy! who takes angad and kripa's picture through cell phone. transferred in him laptop and then apply graphics design in their picture by making it closer/vulgar.LOL!! angad, kripa, prithvi and simone are shown ready to move somewhere for the reharsals. prithvi makes sure wheather angad is OK for this show or not? angad gets a text from josh and he and mishty has arrived mumbai.( where was mishty? have we seen her yesterday?)Meanwhile, hotel representative comes and tells them that they can not leave. eveyone is shown shocked and surprised. Angad wants to know the reason when a young guy with long Mustache comes and starts behaving weird. ( check his make up) angad wants to know whats happening. he throws a newspaper and says "dekhlen". angad is shown really mad.kripa takes the newspaper and gets shock after seein her own vulgar picture with angad.she could not even believe it. that guys asks : how dare u do this sorta nasty thing in our small town. "besarmi ki bhi hadh hai.. tum logon ki liye sanskar naam ki bhi koi cheez hai ya nehi"

mujhse pangga mat lena!!

he also says a lot of bad words about angad and kripa's love-life-relationship . Bif cities can toller angad and kripa's living-together-relationship with physical relationship but small cities wont allow it. angad is almost ready to give a spank when prithvi tells him to control himself. prithvi also tells the hotel-representative to call up polices but thay stupid guy doesn care. as if he bough all the polices. No police can help because they r more poweful than police.LOL.. kirpa leaves the place. they say "aj sheher band."

angad gets VIP treatment Wink
kripa feels ashamed of herself. Angad tells him to not be . she did not anything wrong.angad convinces her by saying that these r all graphic designs.she should forget everything and concentrate on her musics and performances.kripa does not want perform becuase everyone will look at them with a lot questions.anagd tells him about graphic designs so confidently. angad again tells kripa to concentrate on her performances and keep similing. we have the responsibility to make our fans happy.

kripa gives a chain to angad! lucky charm? i hope angad wont lose it
Polices r shown there for their safety. one of the police officer tells them that they can not move anywhere. angad gets down and tells the police officer that he has to go becuase his fans r waiting for him at the venue. but police officer is more concerned about kripa. angad takes the decision that he will keep kripa at the hotel with simone and he will do the show.kripa also wants to go with angad.Prithvi interfers. he tells kripa to stay with simone; he will go with angad as the time is going out. people r waiting for them. ( how come the city is band and people rwaiting for their show?) angad gets police support. kripa puts a chain in angad's neck. angad tells kripa to chill as he gets police support.kripa makes her face sad and nagad tells her to smile. angad leaves the place and kripa gets back to hotel with simone. she asks the room card from the operator where operator gives an envolop of josh's bill. simone takes it and both of they return at their room.

Whos the culprit?Angry
kripa is still shown tensed as she sends angad all alone. simone assures her that everything would be fine. angad is there with police protection so nothing wrong can happen.kripa calls up angad but angad's battery is down.angad gives another number so that she can keep calling him. kripa takes the paper of josh's bill and writes that number. later on kripa opens that page where she gets the bill of graphic designers address i guess.( it was basically from a cyber cafe).kripa gets down immediately and asks the operator about the cyber cafe. that lady refuses her to send kripa at this moment.kripa ignores and gets out from the hotel where she meets with that long-Mustache-guy.

Long-mustache-guy's jalwa..
That guy is shown talking someone. he tells that everything is fine here and he fixes  time bomb  according to their plan at angad's stage. when angad will start performing that bomb will blast and his dushman will be khatam. fortunately kripa hears it.when kripa tries to leave her leg hits with a pot of flowers.it breaks and long-Mustache-guy gets to see her. kirpa runs off to save herself where long-Mustache-guy tells his gang to follow her. kripa run.. run.. and runs.. that stupid people keep following her. kripa gets a auto rickshaw. she gets herself in it and tried to go to auditorium. i don know people.. wheather im right or wrong? but i saw the same roads again n again. LOL. kripa calls that number and a guy picks the phone. That guy tells kripa that he wont stop angad's show infact it would be really nice to see kripa in tensed for angad. he refuses to save angad and also mentions that if she wants to save angad then she is most welcome.

thanks god it was not raining otherwise kripa might need Nirma washing powder
suddenly kripa's rickshaw hits a big stone and she falls off from the rickshaw with her broken cell phone. Finally she convinces a lady who is shown driving her own car. she asks lift from her. that lady is shown hesistating to take kripa because she that gal whose pictures r published in today's newspaper. kripa keeps crying and thinks about angad. angad is shown in the green room preparing himself for the show. angad comes in a utility where he prays for kripa infront of "ganpatiji's murti"

Preview: car's tyre is shown punctured!

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Sep 26th Update:

Video Links by Ritu29:
   26TH sep VIDEOS (Rapidshare....)

Pics By Rosemehek:  
sept 26 Pics

Update By Mistyeyed_25:

angad gets on the stage to start singing..charo taraf sab bol rahe hotein hai angad angad angad ..(nothing new ..hum sab bolte hain angad angad!!!we wantmore of angad right!). Kripa is in the audience(why is she is not singing and why is she not backstage - i dont kow wish i could have asked ekta when i was in mumbai??)..anyways kripa shouts angad ..bomb (if she was in the audience then how did she know there was a bomb on the stage?)..kripa runs and saves angad! (was ..is she superheroine!)Prithvi had a shocked like reaction on his face and shouts Kripa! (so did he know about it...pata nahin!)

There is a bomb blast and kripa doesnt have a scratch on his face (trust ekta to show that) but there is death toll among the audience (how????) Kripa and angad hug each other.

In angads room at the hotel, everyone is shell shocked and prithvi is like chalo simran, chale simran...too much simran simran..oofff..josh is no where to be found!best friend ki performance - pata nahin josh kahan hai! after everyone leaves, angad asks kripa hy she saved his life and she says because she didnt want tolose him again. kripa blames josh for the bomb blast. angad gets angry hearing this and they have a fight. kripa goes out inspite of the rampage, sees the danga, gets scared, but still goes out to find the proof about graphic design! Angad goes to kripa's room to say sorry, doesnt find her ,. gets worried. He meets up with Prithvi who tells him not to go out but angad being angad still goes out!

receptionist tells angad not to go out with their being a curfew.she requests him to take the police which is outside( trust our policemen to be shown as callous!). ofcourse, graphic design is locked - its late at night after all (people at graphic designs are not fools like me to work till late at night!) and there is a curfew! kripa breaks the lock, goes inside and finds the floppy and josh's water bottle!

kripa runs away from there while the gundas are following her. Riots are going on fullfledged...In the meanwhile, angad lands up at the policestation!.Angad looks back and sees kripa. Angad tells kripa - Pls dont ever do thi again.I was very scared of you!Kripa tells angad about the proofs that she has and angad has a shocked reaction on his face!!(what an idiot! now he will believe his love and not his friend! silly guy is making the same mistake again!)


Police man telling angad and kripa not to leave the place as the riots are dangerous!angad further tells kripa that he will face all problems before her!


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