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August 9th update thanks to Mumu and Elizabeth and video thanks to nannu


todays characters:

The killer! Lol
Naina aunty
kartik uncle.

Im really sorry to let u know guys that i have missed the 1st ten minutes of today's episode due to my weird connection! i have copied some of the bits of 1st ten minutes from Elizabeth's post! thanks a lot elizabeth for writting those! here it goes:

Pyaar ke liya char paal kam nehi the...

Warning: don't miss the first set of the show -- incredible eye-candy for all the poor starving souls on this IF! :-) KS' mom is EVIL mom! She is mean enough to pull at her daughter's concerns for her family to push for a marriage between GnarlyGnome and KS! EVIL mom! The other evil mom is also pushing at her children's buttons. AK has iron burnt into his heart, but poor Karthik (yes, people, he IS poor Karthik!) keeps getting hit again and again. Oh dear, why has this show suddenly taken a turn to emphasise mothers as evil? On to the show.

The first set is an extension of the conversation between Prithvi and KS' mom. While Prithvi recognises that KS is still far away from starting a rational new life, evil KS mom keeps persuading him that he must push his case to become Mr. KS. Poor Prithvi is so very unconvinced, but there must be a part of him that hopelessly wants to be with KS. For the first time in the show ever, I felt sad for Prithvi. His eyes show this helpless optimism that someone - anyone! - is pushing for him&KS. Evil KS mom tells him to talk to KS, and that she would prime KS to be ready to accept Prithvi. (Evil, evil, evil!)

At the window in her room, KS is staring out at a new moon shadowed by clouds in the sky. It casts a light on parts of her face, her eyes shining in the dark. At the window in his room, AK is staring out at the same moon. The camera flashes between the two quietly longing faces; the look on both faces are almost alike - it's as if neither knows the longing is there. They're both flashing back to the past of "AK&KS forever". AK probably feels the longing, KS probably understands the longing less centrally.. and the camera stays and stays on these two lovely faces and you want it to never go away.

kripa and gayatri's conversation

kripa asks Gayatri.. "mom cant we get back our past ?" gayatri replies--Past never comes back and it is better to continue our life instead of waiting for those days."purani batein bhulakar age barna hi saachayi hai."kripa doesnt get her mom.. she asks her again. gayatri tells her to forget everything and start a new life.A successful life is waiting for her.gayatri asks kripa that which is inadequated in her life.. she has a better carrier and a supportive friend like prithvi who loves her a lot.what is so frightening to go forward in her life?kripa says that its only gayatri's feeling.. may be she has everything but actually she has nothing.she doesn have self respect..neither love.gayatri says- nothing is finished kripa. u can get back everything as u have a friend like prithvi.kripa asks her mom " what do u want to say mom" u wan me to get married with him?mom u know so well that i have nothing to give prithvi. i can not love anyone else not even prithvi.i can not give him those loves which he deserves after marriage. gayatri says: what about prithvi's feelings? gayatri says that prithvi wants to get maaried. kripa is shown kinda disturbed after hearing it. kripa replies - i should get married with him just becasue he wants so? gayatri doesn give up ! she says : ok fine! ur papa and i want u to get married with him.. gayatri aslo says.. that the situation has changed now.. u become famous and everyone likes u.as everyone knows that kripa stays all alone with kripa, so if anyone takes this advantage then what will she do?how many people will face kripa? but kripa denies.. she says that gayatri knows that there is nothing wrong between them. Gayatri doesn wan to hear anything.she says that she and her papa believe her that prithvi and she are nothing but friends.. but what about the whole world.. they wont understand!

Now kripa seems really disturbed.. she says gayatri : "what do u wan actually?"after a lot of hard works..I achieved success and now u r telling me to get married with prithvi for those people? is marriage so important? gayatri says: i know u wont feel goof agter hearing this but u have to get married nd this is the truth!u can buy anything with ur wealth and money but can not buy ur prestige. this is what i feel. now u can do whatever u feel.. im ur mom and i always want u to be happy!now i will really miss my train. im waiting for u in the ground floor for u.. is it ok?

Naina and kartik

naina is soo disturbed as usual because of angd's behavior. as angad was laughing .. so naina tries to find out what is wrong with angad! lol!! kartik saya: mom.. im been trying to make u understand .. but ur not getting me..nothing can be done by angad now.. he has lost the case.naina rejects.. she says: he is not finished yet..she is still dreaming!!anagd can still get that place which has been taken by kripa.i wont leave her so easily..she is the reason behind everything.kartik replies..mom u know everything but u don wan to accept it.naina says.. yes u r right..ur giving me so many false hopes but ur doing nothing.. ur not even trying to save anagad's and our company. kartik says: mom im trying my level best!naiana says that she losing her patience and tells kartik to try harder. again she wants to do something with kripa.

kripa and prithvi's dreamz

kripa and prithvi remember some of their scenes..( don wanna talk about it)

who is at kripa's room?

kripa was sleeping where a guy with mask comes at kripa's room. kripa star screaming "Kaun hai? kaun hai?kripa gets out to find out the guy!! she is shown walking in the garden where the killer comes to her and attacks her.. kripa shouts " Prrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiithhhhhhhhhhvvvvvvviiiiiiiiii"
that killer colls up a knife to cut kripa's neck!! muhahahhaahahah... kripa shouts again.. prrrrrrrriiiiiiittttthhhhhhhvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiii...
our action hero comes to save our sweetoo.. he tells the killer to leave kripa.prithvi runs after the killer where he fights with him and gets hurt on his forehead..bechara prithvi! but he could not catch him!

will u marry me kripa?

prithvi comes back to kirpa and asks her wheather she is ok or not?kripa gets mad at kripa.. he asks " what r u doing in the garden at this time?" kripa replies - i juz came to see...
prithvi: kya dekhne ayithi kripa kya?? ( keep ur voice down prithvi otherwise im gonna...) agar tumhe kuch ho jata to? mera kya hota?? kripa mein tumhe kuch hone nehi dungga.. kripa aisi laparwahi mat karna..prithvi tells that he wont allow to do anything wrong with kripa..and also tells her to be more responsible!i can not live without u kripa.. will u marry me?prithvi is shown telling - kripa.. I ... ( LOL)

kripa insults angad once again!

angad enters in the scene where prithvi asks angad.. what the hell is he doing here at this time. angad syas that he comes to give thanks! kripa doesn wan to hear anything.. she says there is nothing to say or hear between her and agad.. she tells angad to leave. angad says please! atleast accpet my "SORRY" kripa comes closer to angad and says: if u think that whatever i said in the court were to save u then u r wrong.." mien tumhe un gunah ho ki saza kyun dunggi.. jo tumne kiya hi nehi.tumhari khud ki kee hoye saza kafee hai".. i will recon each and every pain which u gave me.prithvi tells him to leave..becuase whatever he was supposed to hear is over. angad says sorry and leaves.

prithvi a confused guy!?!

kripa puts a bandaid in prithvi's forehead. she asks him wheather he was serious about marriage or not? prithvi says that he shouldn have said that.. he made a mistake.that was not a perfect time to propose. kripa can not go forward without settling everything and her destination is yet to be fullfilled.kripa says thanks to prithvi for getting her so correctly. she says there is no point to start a life without forgetting past! Now .. kripa wants to forget all the bitter experiences of her life which are related to angad.. prithvi assures kripa that he will be always with her because he also wants kripa to forget everything and start a beautiful life.kripa wants that but she is confused.. she doesn know wheather she can ever forget angad or not.

preview and naina's heart attack!

naina is scolding at anagd because he has sold his shares.angad has given the controll of his company to someone else by selling those shares! naina says that he had done a great mistake.angad claims that he has not sold his shares to any unknown person. naina wants to know that name of the company..angad says that he knows them so well.. and that is kripa's company!

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!0th Update by mistyeyed and video by Nannu

get your hankerchiefs out folks! you will need it in this episode.. it was a heart wrenching episode to say the least, very moving and your heart goes out for naina and familly...for all the wrong that they did, angad put it all right...he is a human or is he god! what is this guy angad made of??

Scene 1:

Prithvi getting all hyper and talking to a guy saying he wants the shares. naina worried and karthik enters saying they just need 11% of shares. naina wonders who this is new player in the market. Dilipenters saying pk enterprises. a share holder meeting is called. naina says she willnot let any company control them.

prithvi talking to the guy, the guy saying they just need11% of shares but no one in the market is willing to sell their shares. prithvi angry saying he wants those shares at any cost. josh overhears and tells angad(think he regrets almost immediately).Angad has this cute and knowing smile on his face and tells josh, i know who will sell the shares to them.

at the shareholding meeting, a lady comes and tells naina, she has spoken to all in the market and all shareholders have refused to sell except the last one in the list. naina sees the name and is shocked, dilip sees and is shocked.

karthik wonders whats wrong, the phones rings almost instantly and naina picks very hesitantly and can only say kya yeh nahin ho sakta.

at home, angad is cleaning the guitar when naina talks to him. he says he knows the company and it belongs to kripa. naina is shocked. she is walking down the stairs, angads words echoing in her mind. karthik comes and says buri khabar.naina says what cou;d be more worse than what angad has just told me. pk enterprises belongs to kripa.

karthik tells naina to open the letter, it is from bose enterprises and they have done a dava of 50 crores on khannas,

naina and dilip go and talk to damini who is helpless, says she cant do anything as its a loan fromprithvi part of the co given to them by him. mishty volunteers to talk to prithvi.prithvi tells her not to meddly in his affairs and to back off or else their relationship willsour again.

naina us crying and goes into a state of shock. she says yeh ghar mera hai. main iss nilam nahin kar saktee. flashbacks of the way she treated naina crosses her mind. nilami going on and kripa win by offering 50 crores. angad is happy. kripa returns the nilami papers on nainas face by throwing it on her saying, maine isse aapko bheek main deti hoon. so that you realise and know that every minute that you spend in that house is becauase of me. She goes to angad and says aaj mera vada pura hua. today i walk away never to look back again. She goes to prithvi and yes yes to his proposal. All are shell shocked!

om oreview - kripa telling prithvi that she will need time to accept coz those emotions were lost long time back..

god help me in updating tom..wi;ll not like typing those horrifying dialogues between kripa and prithvi...dadi where are you..wake up....your grand son needs you!! Aliyah and Josh get up , time to get into action guys....

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11 Aug Video by Nomi and update by mistyeyed.


My hands are trembling as i begin to write this! hated the entire episode except for the last 10 minutes...Do you guys want me to fume first or should i update..hmn lagta hai dono ek saath hi karti hoon.!!:)

the episode begins with kripa saying the dreaded and must not wanted yes to prithvi!

kripa - yaad yeh prithvi tumne mujhse ek sawal kiya tha

Prithvi - looking shocked

Kripa - to us swal ka jawab haan hai

prithvi further shocked and amazed (inner thoughts - whaoooo my luck seems to be improving..meri kripa meri aakhir main hone jaa rahee hai.)

kripa -turning to the crowd and a shell shocked khanna household - meri sagai mein zaroor aana..

(was i sleeping or did i actually see a stunned naina looking towards angad? )

Kripa and Prithvi walk away from there hand in hand (ugghhhh i hated that sight and felt like throwing a bottle of diet coke lying right next to me)

Prithvi and Kripa are in their house (ab to unka apna ghar hi kehna padega!) and Prithvi is asking kripa are you sure is this what you wanted (Kash yeh dream sequence hota tumhara prithvi darling par aphsos nahin hain) and kripa says i want to be a nice life partner but i will take time. I have come to this decision after careful thought (your mother brain washing you was more like what did it. ) Kripa says it will take time for her to love prithvi again as the feelings have got burried deep insde her (so why do they always crop up upon thinking of angad???). Neways prithvi being the sweetheart that is, says i will wait and if you still dont have those feelings then we shall be friends as always (yeah right!).

Kripa and prithvi hug (after seeing angad and kripa hug i have to see prithvi and kripa hug---noooooooooooooooooooooooooo) (Incidentally after seeing this scene, my mom remarks they both are very good actors! to which i replied wait till you see angad! Big smileSmile)

The doorbell rings and its dadi.Kripa is happy to see her but dadis reaction was indifferent. (I cant figure her reaction out!). dadi asks isf shes fine and kripa says she is fine and tells her everything. dadi says shes proud pf her and the fact that she has given the house back them shows shes a nice girl. Kripa says angad - ooops prithvi..(my fault folks its prithvi and not angad - kya karoon kripa ke naam ke saath automatically yeh unliyan angad type kar leti hain!) ..haan so kripa says prithvi and I are getting engaged. dadis face falls. Kripa says arent you happy. dadi replies no as long as you are happy. thats what counts. Dadi kisses her on her forehead and asks if she has spoken to her parents. kripa says no and dadi makes her speak.

Kripas mom is happy and kripa prentends et (idiot dont you know you cant fool your parents!) Kripas mom (jhow i hate her) gioves the phone to prithvi and surprise surprise kripa is actually happy to hear prithvis voice and says you are impossible prithvi. Prithvi gives the phone to kripas dad. father and daughter have an emotional conversation where he tells her he cant make it for the engagement because of the pending court case. Kripa is upset, wants to postpone the date but her dad tells her not to promising that he will make it for the wedding and sajaofy her etc etc

Prithvi goes home to tell his mom the good news, damini is happy and tells her son that she is proud of him and what he has done. she tells him she didt mind prithvi going and telling kripas parents first and she know that he is getting married to kripa(by the way its left to the audience to figure that one out - damini bose ka aakhir mein kaise pata chala - jadoo ki jari??????????????) damini bose tells her son, she will come, prithvi asks if mishty will come and mishty says yes. mishty tells her bros that she has nothing against kripa but she still feels that kripa is not the right girl for him and he desrves better (dont we all agree with her), prithvi gets angry but mishti tells him that he suported her during the angad thing so she will support him this time.

angad is walking on the rd,. flashes of the old A-K scenes going in his mind...his is silent and his expression and tears say it all. He is drunk and is walking as his memories go by...song plays in the back ground. kripa is in her room, thinking of the bad times with angad,m he telling her to back off, the disco scene . him throwing her out etc..tears fall and the songf ends....

Angad walks by and sees a beggar sleeping on the rd, takes off hs jacket(reminded me of what sujal used to do) and covers the beggar with it...Josh passes by sees his friend and silently takes his away from there....(very well done scene and my mom was speechless ....she had no reaction).

Dai and Kripa go shopping. Kripa sees bags and choses the most horrendous looking black purse. then she sees this kundan ka set, doesnt like the red saree, sees a feroza blue lehanga, goes tries it out. She is loking pretty and is smilling - a smile that fades from her face as she sees angad enter the door. Kripa excuses herself as Dadi goes to talk to Angad.

Dadi asks angad whathe is doing there and he has no right being there as kripa belongs to some one else. Angad says he knows that. He tells his dadi that look at me and dont you think that he really regrets now. Angad tells his dadi that he lost his love now and he is to be blamed for it. He understand and respects and values his love now and will do anything to keep her and make her happy. Dadu says she is upset as she always wanted kripa and angad to be together. Angad says i know and i am to be blamed for it. But now i am making amends and will ensure that she is happy.

Angad goes from there and dadi is left looking at angad as is realizing that her darling grand son is not so bad as she thought him to be!

hmn so there may be light at the end of the tunnel..but i eish i could scream, rave and rant at kripa. Just wanting to see her reaction when she gets to kow the truth...btw where harshini in all this.poor soul must be kicking herself..after all it is because of her that prithvi and kripa are getting together again- Harshini you fool see what you did! khud to apne padon pe khulharee maree, now help me pack prithvi in a suitcase..In face you too get packed in that suitcase and i will takle both of you to prithvi land where you both can live happily ever after leaving angad and kripa to live in peace!

Somebody from bbay - help me pack these two in the suitcase!

Mon Preview: anitaah talking tosomeone and saying i came her to break the engagement but thats not going to happen as kripa hasnt reached and everyone is worried!anitah sees a pat on her houlder, turns around and sees mishty. anitah telling mishty shes talking to a friend and mishty saying my eyes will always search for you- i have told you that remember.

(i love the way mishti says daarling....h,n so mishti is not that bad as we had made her out to be ..but yeah for her or for prithvi to get negative, kripa and angad have to get together!)


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August 15tgh update by Elizabeth and video by nannu


KS gets kidnapped on Independance day!! Was this coordinated?? The plot thickens with the puzzles, leaving aside all the love and the heartbreak for a while. I've got a furrow in my brow because I'm not sure where I'm being led. But it wasn't KS-getting-with-GnarlyGnomePrithvi tonight, so let's party on, I say! On to the show:

First set starts with the engagement party. It's at Daadi's and is full swing. The Bose family walk in, looking regal and cool, and are greeted by Daadi. The atmosphere is relaxed -- they are all friends here. A chap comes to greet Gnarly Gnome Prithvi and teases him about the bridegroom getting to the venue before the bride. Daadi explains that KS is at the parlour and should be on her way. They mingle.

(BTW, since KS now owns the entire Khanna house complex, doesn't Daadi's house technically belong to her? So can't she get back to living in her house? Actually, I still haven't understood why she just doesn't get her own apartment. 50 crores can get you plenty of pretty apartments in Bombay, I'd think.) Cut to:

A shot of pretty KS riding back in a car... Cut to:

Prithvi and Mishti walk down the stairs and who should they spot but Airhead Anitah walking brazenly, with flounces and smiles, into the party! They are thunder-struck: Mishty's alarm bells are instantly ringing, while Prithvi can only exclaim "This girl's crazy!". Truly, I always thought that one would have to either have a really thick skin or be seriously motivated, to do what Airhead is doing.

Mishty stops Anitah in her tracks even before she reaches the middle of the dance floor, and asks her what the hell she is doing there! Anitah is good at brazening things out: she has received an invitation. Mishty does this weird pointing two-fingers at her own eyes and switching then to Anitah's eyes, going: "I have my eyes on you". Even the Airhead is suitably perturbed.. Cut to:

KS, who was dreaming in the backseat, suddenly notices that all is not right; that it is not the path to Daadi's; that the road is getting darker and danker and drearier. She asks the driver what's going on; there's no reaction. Her voice getting louder and shriller, she starts demanding answers but there is nothing from the driver except for an evil smirk that is spreading over his face. The doors are auto-locked and despite her struggles, nothing is moving. At the most dreary point, the car stops and as the driver steps out, our familiar dark, leather-jacket clad figure comes running from the side. He yanks KS out of the car, she tries to put up a brave struggle, but she is MUCH smaller... In the struggle, unnoticed, her bag falls to the ground, her cellphone drops out. But nothing matters except that she is dragged away, into the depths of a horrific looking, wasted warehouse.

(The atmosphere of the warehouse was excellent. But I must warn you they did go overboard with the rats gnawing at cables! :-) )

The second set starts with Prithvi looking uncomfortable and hot in his outfit, because he is beginning to sweat that KS hasn't arrived. He keeps looking at the door, but no small figure emerges. The chap who'd teased him about being the early bridegroom drags him to the dance floor before he can start making calls. He is dancing with the chap, but looks completely out of it.

In another part of the house, Mother Bose and Daadi are walking around smiling graciously at guests. Mother Bose is amazed: so many people. But she is waiting for KS to appear, and make her son happy for the rest of his life. Daadi assures her that she will come and all will be well. Mother Bose is rambling with joy, there _is_ another person who she is anxiously waiting for, a person who helped KS so very much, without whom KS&Gnarly couldn't have done what they did, and probably couldn't have come together. Daadi's getting increasingly puzzled during this spiel - who is this? And Mother Bose says "Josh". At which point, if Daadi had been a less superlative actor, her jaw would've dropped. It's OBVIOUS that she knows Josh and that Josh is AK's best friend. Mother Bose goes on and on deliriously. Daadi is trying to hide her amazement and agitation.

(OH THANK YOU KYPH writers!!! Finally, someone in AK's life who knows that Josh is his best friend. Oh Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for delivering me from strange realities where parents, brothers, promoters all forget who your best friend was!! Err, since you are being so good, can we also deliver us from KS&Gnarly evil?? No? Okay, I'll stop now.)

Meanwhile, cut to: our honey, not-so-happy Josh with his best friend in a really ghastly looking joint (seriously, can we get better places for our hero-buddies to hang out?), arguing his heart out. He is seriously upset that AK can _actually_ be asking him to go and hang out at KS' engagement party! Seriously! AK starts saying that "after all that you did for her, she will expect ..." when Josh explodes: he did it all because _AK_ told him to, he helped her out only for _AK's_ satisfaction, he'll be damned if now that she is on the top of the heap, he'll dump his friend and go spend time at _her_ engagement party! AK knows he cannot persuade him, but he is not happy about the lack of his powers to do so. Josh gets up to refill his drink and -- significantly -- his phone's left on the sofa.

(Josh is a Honey. Seriously. :-) BTW, the writer's could've spared us that heavy-hint shot of Josh' phone left on the sofa...)

Cut to: KS is still getting yanked through the dank and up a rickety flight of stairs. She is dumped into a chair, hands tied behind her back, screaming all the while. The kidnapper is doing unpleasant heavy-breathing (he gave me the creeps) and asking her to shut up. Finally, he tapes her up and leaves.

(There are some nice shots of KS' wide eyes taking everything in; the camera action was kinda effective here. You are probably used to TV-serial kidnappings and the way they are shot and the way the actors portray fear: it was new to me, and it was convincing, quite.)

Cut to: the party at Daadi's, where Prithvi is now looking thoroughly miserable. He picks up his phone and finally uses it. Lying forlornly on the road to the dank, damp place, KS' phone rings without reception. Prithvi's face grows more and more miserable. Why is KS not taking her calls?

Onto the third set, where we get back to little KS in her dark place. She is a gutsy little thing, who is fighting and fighting to get free. Below her, the thug is on the phone: he's got the money, so he'll make sure the work is done. There is no way that KS is going to be able to leave this place without his assent. KS hears all this in breathless, panicky fear, working at her ties all the time. She manages to get her tied hands above the back of the chair -- damned difficult, BTW! This is something one can try at home! -- and creeps away. She walks down the stairs, looking to the left and to the right. In one corner, are torn and rusted sheets of metal. She uses these to cut through the ropes (very dangerous - do not try this at home!) and frees her mouth. She creeps around quietly, terrified that the kidnapper will chance back.

She finds a phone! Guess what?? It's working!! (In a dank, dark, unused warehouse, covered with cobwebs and old wire. Nice going, KYPH writer guys!) Prithvi's cellphone is busy -- her fiance to be is busy trying to get through to her; no-one at Daadi's house can hear the phone ring to pick it up; she is getting desperate. Then it strikes her to call Josh. Which cuts us back to:

AK, grumping because he's without a drink, without Josh, and sitting next to a ringing cellphone. He's increasingly getting irritated at Josh: why the hell doesn't he take his phone with him?? He yanks it off the sofa and takes the call. But before he can speak a word, he hears the breathy voice of his beloved! She has been kidnapped, she has escaped, she doesn't know where the HELL she is, all she knows is that there was a cigarette factory on the way to the old unused warehouse, please come and get her, please come and rescue her. AK's on high alert; there's no sentimentality, no nonsense about him just now. Truly, he's an action hero as Josh said!

Just then, we cut to: the thug! He yanks the phone off KS and starts shaking her. She sobs aloud, in pain. AK's heart is in his mouth -- all the while, that mouth has not uttered a sound. He leaps off the chair, and we cut to:

The warehouse where little KS is struggling for all that she is worth and doing a good job with it. As when Prithvi managed to get the better of this thug, so does little gutsy KS. She escapes not once, but twice. However, she has a lousy choice of hiding places, and the thug gets a firm grip on her. But not before she rips his mask off! Bad move, little KS; she has now seen his squat, glowering, thug-face. She flees as lightly as a butterfly. But as always picks the wrong place to hide. This time, it's in a little room with a door that has a latch and a lock for the thug to shut her in with. He fiddles with some evil thug buttons on the side of the door, sets it to "12" and says "Ha, KS, with 12 minutes, you are history!"

She is inside, flitting from one pipe to the next, and there is some smoky thug gas that is filling up the chamber. Our butterfly beats her wings against the walls, against the doors, but this time she is truly captured. This is now the time for ...

Cut to, the street outside the warehouse where a car is drawing near.

End of show!

Preview for next week: Gnarly Gnome is acting the Fierce Fiance and swearing that the thug will be hunted down and made to suffer for ever setting his evil sights on KS. Daadi is wondering who the hell can want to hurt sweet KS. Fierce Fiance lowers his brows even more (I'd thought it was not possible, but then what do I know...!) and says (like he knows who it is actually) that whoever he may be, he's going to rue the day he thought he could touch a hair on KS' head. (Once again, this is just the gist of it.)

In a continuation of the preview, our action hero is sitting at the police inspector's desk -- yes, the same one who'd come to arrest him! -- and asking why the hell it's taking so long to apprehend the thug. The inspector is assuring him that they will get him RSN, when Fierce Fiance comes to the door. The inspector welcomes him in, and you should see the way that AK's face changes when he realises it's GG-FF-Prithvi! He doesn't look up as Prithvi comes in. Prithvi looks in a friendly manner at the person sitting at the inspector's desk and then his face freezes in a most unfriendly manner as he recognises AK!

(Oh, I'm having a rockin' time, people. No further developments on KS-Prithvi; AK and Josh have a moment; KS does a good job of being a woman out to get her freedom on 15 August; AND DAADI KNOWS THAT JOSH IS AK's BEST FRIEND! Sorry, had to get that out

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August 16th...

Update by - mumtahana

Video by - Nomey


today's characters:

Angad ( The hero)
Police officer

Thanks there was no naina or kartik in today's episode. finally our action hero angad saves kripa's life.How?? yah.. that is what im writting in today's update..LOL!

Der na ho jaye kahin der na ho jaye..( LOL)

angad comes at the spot where kripa is locked..with his car to find out her. bechara angad.. he is shown climbing so many big big containers! he shouts several times by taking his lady love's name. he shouts more than 2 times..K-R-I-P-A.......( listen to it guys)
kripa? badmash kidnapper locked her in a gas chamber and put a timer.times r running out and angad couldn find kripa !!
Prithvi is shown worried/nervous/tensed all in one.he could not understand what is happening and where the hell is kripa.damini comes to prithvi and hugs him. misshty and dadi are shown looking at the door.finally angad gets kripa's cell phone. he finds 5 missed call from prithvi. prithvi is shown dialing again. angad picks up his call and tells her that kirpa is kidnapped and all. prithvi is shown standing at the center of his engagement's stage and suddenly shouts "W-H-A-T.

Kripa and prithvi's engagement(congratulations to both of u :)

finally angad finds out kripa. i don know who tells him that kripa is in the gas chamber. angad tries to break the door.when he could not break the door he takes an iron stick and breaks down the lock. he comes in the gas chamber where kripa's is shown senseless.angad takes her in his arm and comes out of the room.he put kripa on the floor and throws water on to her face. i don know where does angad find out the bottle of water.suddenly kripa gets her sense back.angad is shown scared while remembering those bitter words " agli baar agar mein mar bhi jayun na to bhi don touch me".kripa slowly gets up and shown very happy.she is shown coming towards angad with a smily face.. but actually she was looking at prithvi who was standing behind angad...prithvi was standing with police officers.he hugs kripa infront of angad.then the police officer tells prithvi to leave the spot. kripa is shown ready to leave ..where prithvi tells her they don need to leave. prithvi will never allow kirpa to leave his life.kripa says sorry but before she completes her speech..prithvi stops her.then prithvi tells her that .. they don need any party for their engagement.Then prithvi gets engaged to kripa by putting the ring in kripas finger in front of Angad....Angad Looks at them wid tears in his eyes....he is very sad...and kripa hugs prithvi and is happy wid him...

dadi,prithvi and kripa

dadi is shown taking care of kripa.where prithvi enters.dadi looks at prithvi.prithvi tells that he has to do something.prithvi will give punish whoever tries to hurt kripa..dadi is shown confused..who can hurt " pyaari si bacchi kripa".prithvi doesn care who is he.. he juz wan to punish the kidnappers.

angad and josh

angad and josh are shown talking to each other.angad wants to punish the kidnapper.josh says " woh jo koi bhi hai.. very bad man"

get the hell away from kripa ( prithvi)

angad comes to know about the whole caseat the police station.he asks the police officer about the progress.police officer assures angad that he will find out the kidnapper as soon as possible.suddenly prithvi enters.police officer welcomes prithvi where prithvi gets disturbed after seeing angad. angad leaves the chair and gets down.prithvi tells the police officer that he is coming withing a minute.he follows angad stops him.he tells angad that he will do everything for this case.prithvi asks him where the hell was he when kripa needed her most? prithvi warns angad to stay away from kripa.

saans and honewali bahoon

kripa is shown preparing tea for damini.damini tells her that whenever kripa and prithvi come closer they face problems.though damini tells her to not to upset for anything.kripa tells that they will do a show.that will be a biggest show of their company.after that damini will throw a post engagement party.damini wants mishty and prithvi to help her for this show.kripa is shown worried for the problems which may come in her and prithvi's way.


angad makes a scetch of the kidnapper. he wants josh to help him.josh assures angad that he will help him. angad says thanks to josh for doing everything ...hehehehehehehehe.... prithvi hears everything.so.. prithvi is the 1st person who gets to know that angad helps kripa to become successful.

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August 17th update by Mumtahanna and video by Nannu


    * angad
    * Kripa
    * prithvi
    * mishty
    * Manav from C.I.D
    * Police officer
    * Josh

Today's episode was one of the best episodes.I really liked today's episode.Finally angad got to know who is behind the kidnapping.Thanks manav for ur special appearence. do u want to know how angad finds out the information?

Hum tum.. Tum hum..
Kripa and josh are practicings some steps.Josh is shown drinking water ( as usual). he seats beside aliyah and asks her wheather she forgot or not? aliya gives her a chocolate's packet. ( ewwww... this is guy is really hungry). josh asks aliya " by the way where is angad?" aliya tells him that angad is coming.josh says: kripa is here and he is still on the way? i have a plan. aliyah doesnt get josh.kripa is shown busy with her cell phone.suddenly angad enters. josh and kripa again start practicing. josh says that it is not working. the man who is helping them to make the steps says that it is ok.though josh says : kuch jam nehi raha hai yaar.josh calls angad. he asks angad to show him a little step. angad tells him to keep trying. josh tells him what if he shows a step?kripa asks angad "do u have any problem doing a little step with me?(wah! wah! kripa.. thats the spirit.) angad gives his hand. kripa gives her hand too.Man! both of them are shown looking at each other.im really missing those mango days.they do the steps of the titcle trac.josh gets excited. he shouts saying " R-O-C-K-I-N-G."

aisa galti dobara maat karna.
BUT.. josh does a mistake. he slaps our sweet kripa's bumb.Kripa slaps josh instantly.Josh is shown completely hopeless and angad is totally surprised (hahahaha i think angad was remembering that he also got a slap from kripa for the same reason.)Bechara josh.. he couldn even imagine that kripa might slap him.Suddenly kripa starts laughing. kripa starts saying that " do u know why did i slap u josh? because u have crossed ur limit and im sure u will never do this again.And u know what josh? i have seen so many things in this profession and i also changed a lot of things...but people should not cross their bounds while behaving with me. i know so well how to remind people who forget to behave well with me.

mein teri khun pee jayunggi.
Prithvi comes in the reharsal with the inspector.he tells kripa that inspector wants to talk to her.kripa says that she told to the ispector everything which she can remember. inspector shows kripa some sketches of the kidnapper and fortunately the 1st sketch is the kidnappers face.( hahahahah) kripa screams and says that this is the person who kidnapped her. prithvi tells the inspector to find out this man.However, the inspector says that it is not that much easy to find out this kidnapper because he not a normal kidnapper infact is a very well knows criminal.prithvi does not care anything. he wants the kidnapper as soon as possible.

yeh dosti hum nehi todengge..
Jay Pandey- this is the kidnapper who touched.angad wants to call him.josh says angad to relax because police investigation is going on..angad says that he can not wait for the police investigation.angad says to josh that they are very good friends from a long periods and josh has done so many things for him.. he juz wan to thank josh. josh replies that if angad starts telling what he did for angad then he might become mad.

tum kyun nehi samajhti kripa
WOOHHoooo .. prithvi hears everything. he tells it kripa where kripa does not ready to beieve it.prithvi tries his level best to make her beleive that josh and angad are really good and old friends.kripa gets nervous and says : OMG! angad was behind of everything? kripa does not understand why josh has helped them? prithvi is shown confused too.prithvi tells her a bad plan of angad and josh. i think prithvi needs his brain back.LOL. prithvi tells kripa that josh is trying to make us popular and successful. he will try to make ur career down when we will be relaxed after our succss. it wont be possible for us to toller.kripa says "NO". josh can not do such a bad thing like this.prithvi asks her : could u ever imagine that angad will do this?people arent always what they seem.
Manav in KYPH
angad and josh are shown sitting in the car.angad is worried. he wants to reach the kidnapper. josh is relaxed because police investigation is not yet over.angad wants someone to help him.Finally he calls manav ( from C.I.D). Manav is shown really happy after getting his call. he also wants to know some details of this case.manav assures angad that he will find out the kidnapper as soon as possible.Manav calls up a meeting with his investigation team.

Mishty? nahhhhh she is bitter.
Manav completes his investigation and sends them to the spot where kriap was kidnapped.manav tells them to find out the car. manav's team finds a tea stall near some factories. they ask the tea staller wheather he had seen any car on 15th? the tea staller told them that he saw a car runnig so fastly.finally manav's team gets the car. they infrom it manav.manav tells them to write down the number of the car.Manav gets to know that the that
was bose enterprise's car.

chitthi ayi hai ayi hai chitthi ayi hai..
prithvi tells kripa that naina khanna is behind the kidnapping.kripa is again not ready to accept it. prithvi tells her that naina is the only person who always wants to destroy kripa and kripa's career.manav goes to bose enterprise. he wants the driver's detail information but the driver is on leave.manav wants to see the leave letter or something. he gets see a signature which was signed by none other than mishty.manav calls up angad and tells him that he gets a letter and finds out mishty's signature. angad is shown shocked after hearing this name. he could not believe it.he rushes to mishty's house. mishty opens the door and gives him a warm welcome.she asks angad wheather he wants to drink water or not. angad says no.mishty says she needs to take water. mishty leaves the living room. angad is shown walking in the living room suddenly he saw an envelop.he opens the envelop and finds out jay pandey's letter.he reads out the letter.

angad sends a text to kripa. he writes that he gets to know some information regarding this kidnapping.prithvi reads out the whole text and tells kripa that he will go with her.kripa says: no problem.kripa and prithvi go to angad and ask angad what does he know about this incident.prithvi as usual starts yelling at angad as if kripa is her personal property.angad finally says that it wont be good to listen to the name of the person who is behind this plan. Then he tells that mishty is behind the whole kidnapping.
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Today's kyph update by me

The episode starts with P rithvi sad( Me sure Komi was sad too). Kripa goes to Prithvi and says that Angad lost everything including everything because of her. She says that now she doesn't hate Angad now but she can never forget the person who helped when she needed support. She says that she will marry him( Kripa how can u) . Then Kripa wears the ring which Prithvi had taken out.( Aarghh Kripa) .Kripa then asks Prithvi for a favour that she wants to meet Angad for the last time( I thought by seeing him maybe Kripa will forget Prithvi and will marry Angad but it din't happen) and then prithvi says that he understands . Kripa says PRithvi that Josh is not allowing her to go to Angad's house so prithvi says maybe Dadi will help them. ( I really liked Prithvi in this scene) . Prithvi says kripa wants to meet Angad and dadi then admires him. She says why is he doing so much for Kripa and he says because he loves her.( Angad and Prithvi are doing so much for Kripa but Kripa din't give big sacrifices as they gave for her) Then Dadi says she will take Kripa to Josh's house.

Dadi calls prithvi that Kripa din't come now to her till now but Prithvi says that Kripa has already gone out. Prithvi tries to call Kripa but nobody answered the phone. Dadi was going out when she sees Kripa and says where was she and she said her car got punctured so she had to take the auto.( Y did Ekta mai wasted her 5 mins to do this scene) . Kripa's mobile was in silent mode( If it was in silent mode it has to be in vibrating mode too then why din't she get the vibrations). They then go to Josh's house and Josh says he is ill and Kripa can not meet him. Kripa then says that she doesn't wants Angad to know that she came to know the truth and says both to keep quiet. Josh says he can not keep quiet ( Today we came to know that Josh ke pet mein koi baat hazam nahi hoti hain) then kripa unko force karti hain and they both say they will try

Mishti then goes to Prithvi's house and says that she wants to talk to him. She says that she is worried about Angad and Prithvi says that he is in Josh's house now and Kripa has gone to meet him. Mishti was shocked for sure and says that how can he allow Kripa to go to Angad and Kripa . Prithvi says Mishti to not to create misunderstanding between him and kripa . Mishti says that noiw she is talking to Kripa's mangetar and not her brother. ( Mishti wears this same dress everytime) and she goes. Naina is crying.( it was looking like crocodiles tears) and Dilip comes there and asks what happened and she says that Angad had left the house because of Kripa. Dilip says Angad has left because of her and not Kripa .( yeah go Dilip uncle) Naina says that she shouln't get such a big problem for her mistake and then she says that we have to call Angad bac. Anitah overhears it.( Chipkali Anitah) . She goes to Karthik and and he was watching the Cid bureau add and Anitah says that Karthik plans are flop and says that her mashi and masha are bringing Angad back and Kripa might go to Angad back.( Wait let me clear a doubt how did Anitah come to know tht Kripa knows everything). Karthik says that there is 1 person who can help who doesn't want Kripa and Angd together.( I thought Mishti first but it was Prithvi).

Preview for next week- Prithvi says that he will not stop kripa to meet Angad and says that he will not be a part of the disgusting plan

My bephalthu comments- No Angad today( so sad) . Now my liking towards Prithvi has come back. He is out purana Prithvi and now today he was a true gentleman. Now me started to hate Kripa . Anitah, Naina and Misht the two atibadsoorati were there. Josh looking stupid but cute and dadi was too good. Nitoo di and Nannu a request- Plzzzzzzzzz don't stop watching kyph and plzzzzzzzz for my sake sake wait for another week.

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brief update!!
*kidnapper is just about to attack kripa (incidently no-one has their eyes open Question) and angad saves kripa -but no-one witnesses this.kidnapper runs away from puja
*angad runs after kidnapper out onto streets and gives him a couple of slaps
*kidnapper reveals that a "madam", who is also present in the kali maa puja, is the one who has hired him-when angad asks the madam's name,someones' car lights blind angad and he accidently lets the kidnapper go
*kidnapper runs away and drops his cell phone
*angad gets the phone and searches thru the recent dialled numbers-he finds a number for that "madam"
*our clever little angad goes bak to the puja and rings the madam's number but he can't hear it ringing anywhere
*angad goes into another room and rings the madam again-he hears the phone ringing and tests the number many times to ensure that is the madam's cell phone
*when he's sure that the cell phone on the table in that room belongs to the madam-he rings it agian and waits for someone to pick the cell up.
*angad hears footsteps towards that room-he hides behind a curtain and sees a girl picking up the cell-you only see her back
*angad cuts the call and rings again to make sure that girl picks up the cell-she does....
*it is revealed that the girl is MISHTY----or is it????
*actually just as angad is about to question mishty, her mum, mrs damini bose cums.
*mishty says that 'mum ur phone has been ringing for ages but no-one speaks when i pick it up'
*MRS BOSE rings the kidnapper and tells him not to call her like that again and ensure that the job on kripa is done.
*angad catches her red handed- he shouts at her-she cries and says don't tell anyone as prithvi and mishty will hate her and also she tried to get kripa killed coz kripa split her kids up and hurt prithvi's feelings.
*angad agrees and says he won't say anything but he threatens her that if she does anything like that again he won't let it go easily
*prithvi hears this last threat part and asks angad wots going on?
*angad and mrs bose say it was a misunderstanding-its sorted now
*kripa cums-both kripa and prithvi tell angad to go away-he goes away
*some other unimportant stuff happens
---kripa and prithvi get an office for themselves and prithvi gives k the main seat-damini bose cums and is angry inside that prithvi gives k soo much importance
-----kripa is set about to make angad big star again (god bless her!) and says dont help me prithvi to make angad a star but he says he wants to help so they can both forget about angad after getting him settled and get married happily. k + p are happy and hug.
*josh is reminded by an associate that angad has flopped big time.

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