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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

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June 30th update

Wowsie ... Amit is not even in town and there are showing lots of him!! think they have shot day in and night to get the shows on air and to have some bulk episodes in hand !!!

Now for the update ...Sorry for this late update tho !!!

1. Misty and Naina are sitting together where mishty is in her own world. Naina wonders (pls keep wondering dear!!) whats mishty thinking and why shes upset. mishty is in two minds (darling why are you in a fix... )naina re assures her that angad is happy. They sees angad coming down the stairs looking his normal chirpy self (itni jaldi!!). happy converstion(so we are made to believe) follows between saas beta and  woh!9mishti woh hi to hai ..akhir mein kripa to patni hai!)

2. Finally we get to see aliah! She had gone to london with her mom. Neways both mom and daughter land in india and netra masi is her usual self - finding india hot etc. teddy has come to greet them (is he the 4 in one guy at the Khanna's !). Aliah gts irritated by her moms behaviour and proceeds to go ahead in her mobike. (they say they are back after 2 years ..so what 2 years have elapsed since angad met kripa, feel in  love and now broken up with her..inka romance kitna time chala hoga in balaji time...4 months- kypa started end march =2 years in balaji terminology!!)

3. Aliah enters the khanna mansion and greets her masi and cousin. she meets her sister and the same interaction follows with her sis that used to follow earlier ...making us and surprise surprise making her masi laugh too...angad is rather subdued , a fact noticed by Aliah while shes trying to talk to him.She asks Angad Questions but angad refuses to tell her anything. Brotherly Sister talk follows. (we get to know that aliah is some one who is very close to her brother) where aliah reminds him of the time when they were small and how the three of them - aliah, angad & mannan use to play with guns and cars, how angad would play the guitar  and hum while she used to listen. Angad tells her that he rembers everything. Aliah continues telling him that they have all grown up with together and she understands him without him having to say anything. She tells him that she knows there is something wrong and though he is trying to be happy outwardly, he is unhappy and sad inwardly. Angad tells her that he is upset with someone and that its ok. Aliah being the caring sister tells her brother that its not ok and she can go and break that girls face (thank god aliah is back...atleast she will make us laugh through our tears !!) Aliah talk about boxing her and giving her football kicks. angad is quite and its then aliah finally realises that angad doesnt want anything to happen to that mysterious girl (wah kya pyar hai...)angad says it doesnt make a difference t him as to what happens to that girl (really??). Aliah tries reasoning with angad telling him that hes being damn unfair to mishty Angad tells mishty thathes marrying mishty for his own happiness (then why are behaving like devdas 2 )
aliya is sad... and angad leaves.....

4. Prithvi doesnt want to go to mishtys wedding. damini tries to convince him but he is adamant on not going. like dadi he too doesnt want to go for his sisters sangeet as the very foundation of the marriage is wrong. Damini gets angry and tells him that on an important day like this he is only upsetting his sister. Prithvi tries to tell his mother but damini doesnt want to listen to anuthing as her daughters happiness is foremost to her (jab sachai pata chalega tab kya karogi)

5. Mishty and damini are proceeding for the sangeet when mishty asks damini if prithvi is coming or not. she gets upset on learning that he isnt. Prithvi calls from behind and goes off with his sister and mother saying he can go step by step with them (bhai ho to aisa, pati ho to aisa, boy friend ho to aisa, friend ho to aisa - god this guy is perfect!)

6. sangeet on in full swing. singing and dancing going on. everyone is singing in full tune..

Damini - raja ki ayegi barat ( sob sob sob..)

Mishti - mayeni mayeni muder par teri bol raha hai kaga (waahhhh)

Prithvi -phoolon so taron sa  (senti ho gayee hai mein is gane par.)

Dilip - gori gori baki chori (why is he so happy ...??? and he dances with naina .. finally he realises that he has a wife!)

anitah - humko aaj tak hai intezaar (kiska - paisa ka ya ladke ka??)

Angad - kya hua tera vada, woh kasam woh irada..bhoolega dil jis din tumhe, woh din zindagi ka akhiri din hoga !!!( i am in love with this song - used to sing it alot when i broke up with my boy friebds !!!(naina and others - pls get the hint!!Angad can not forget kripa). Angad is upset, cries - a fact noticed by Mishti.

7. Kripa calls prithvi asking him to get some stuff of hers from the outhouse. Prithvi tells her to come herself as he wont be able to go to the outhouse. Kripa reaches the outhouse and teddy meets her outside. he goes to get the keys. Angad looks outside and sees the outhouse door open. He wonders why and goes out only to see kripa there. You here he asks.?


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July 4th by Misty

aaj kyph dekhte hue mann main ek khayal aaya, ki agar aisa hi ho yeh serial , to phir mujhe pasand hai raat ko jag kar repeat dekhna ! wah wah wah wah....

the episode starts with angad asking kripa tum yahan kya kar rahee ho.kripa tells him that she has come to collect some stuff. Angad tells her pick it up and leave. kripa packs the stuff and leaves and angad tells her tat she can also use the money that wil be poured over mishti today at the sangeet. kripa says she doesnt need this money and is no beggar. angad says oh i forgot you dont need beeged money, you have other means to earn money. kripa screams back at him. angad holds her by the arm and says let me see what keemti stuff that you are carrying with you. kripa shows him the sindoor ki dabbi and says i am taking this sindoor..remember you used this to patao me. she throws the sindoor on his face. (i think angad was expecting some kind of reaction from her)As she is about to leave, angad catches hold of her and says if you think after what you did, i would let you leave then you are sadly mistaken...he takes her things and thros them, takes a lighter (sangeet ke din jeb mein lighter??? for a guy who doesnt seem to be smoking at all in the serial....) from his pocket and lights the stuff saying she has no right to live on these yaadein. Then he looks at the bed  and says, yahan par hi humne ek saath raat bitaya tha na, to phir main yeh yaadein bhi jala deta hoon. ...angad takes te beedsheet and puts it on the burning fire...and there is fire in the outouse (bas saath phere lene ki der thi...kripa you idiot , mauka accha tha - why didnt you take angad  by the hand and go around the fire seven times!!)

kripa is howling all the time saying tumne yeh kya kiya angad .. yeh meri mummy papa ki yaadein thi..angad says the only yaadein that are left are of his and to mitao that she will need to burn herself (itna hatred ...baap re!!!zaroor angad ka horrorscope leo hai serial mein !!) kripa leaves in tears.. and angad breaks down in tears sayin maine galat kaha tha kripa..tumhe bhulana ke ;liye mujhe lalna hoga. mujhe bhoolne ke liye tum to thoda ro lo gii par main tumhe kabhi nahin bhula payoonga..Aliyah sees this and is shocked and stunned.

kripa is howling and sees prithvi who asks her what happenned. kripa sobs and tells him that usne sab kuch jala diya...meri mamma pappa ki yaadein bhi , she looks at prithvi ( i thought she was going to hug him ) and goes away from there and prithvi screams .....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAA AAAAAAAAD DDDDDDDDDDD

at the outhouse, aliyah walks up to angad who doesnt want to talk to her. at the house, the sangeet is going, naachna and gaana et all...prihvi and dilip are dancing. angad is looking sad and lost. in what seems to be a friendly gesture, prithvi takes angad to dance(btw prithvi dances well ). while he is dancing, flashes of kripa crying crosses prithvis mind. he gets the music stopped. asks for chapagne. wants to raise a toast for his sister. so he calls his sister, pour champagne in two glasses, one he gives to mishti and the other he throws on angads face. everyone is shocked. Prithvi tells angad, how could you even think you would marry my sister. Mishti pulls prithvi and slaps him telling se wants nothing to do with him and doesnt want to see him ever now that es slapped angad. Damini comes too and is not very pleased. She scolds her son for his behaviour telling him to leave for causing disrespect to the family (pachtayenge yeh log!!). Prithvi leaves saying i am leaving never to return.

next day, is the weding day, mishti is crying and damini walks in. Mishti says she did a wrong thing by slapping her brother who only loved her. Damini wonders uske ghar ko kiski nazar lage hai (naina ki maam, if only you had eyes and not buttons !). she says that when mishti fathers left them, she thought things couldnt get worse. mishti apolgises anbd says she has full barosa in angad and doesnt want yo hurt him. there is no time waiting for bhai. we will go ahead with the wedding. she says kripa has brainwashed bhai so much that he can see nothing else.

at the khanna residence, netra is wondering where everyone has gone. teddy says angad has gone to pick his friend rajinder singh. netra is like oh raj , he has reached london and he never got in touch with us..teddy gives her wierd looks and then suddenly she asks for aliyah to which teddy says shes gone since morning.

Aliyah is with dadi and dadi has apparently told her everything. dadi is upset that angad is not willingly to listen to her. dadi says  angad ko jhoot ki aisee patti daal rahee hai ki angad kuch bhi aur sunne ke liye tayaar nahin. dadi says maine usse kitna samajhaya ki kripa aise nahin hai par woh angad jo meri har baat bina sawal kiye maan leta tha woh aaj kuch bhi nahin sunna chahta hai aur aisee galti karna jaa raha hai jisse woh baad mein bahut pachtayega!aliyah says thats what surprises me too.dadi says its a trap which kripa has fallen too. she tells aliyah about kripas pregnancy and the latter wonders there must be something that we can do and someone who can help us out. aliyah says main itni jaldi haar nahin maanne walee hoon.

Tom Preview: Angad going to take dadi ashirwad and dadi movng her feet back and refusing saying main tumhe ashirwad nahin de sakte kyunki main janti hoon jo tum karne jaa rahe ho woh galat hai. angad looking at kripa in between and smiling and kripa crying.

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July 5th by mumtahana

starts in the dinning room ..

naina:prithvi aisa kaise kar sakta hai? zarur kripane use bhadkaya hoga?
kal sangeet mein jo kuch bhi hua..uska zimedar sirf kripa hai.

dilip:just forgert about her now! just aj shaam ekbar shadi ho jaye..
ye chapter hamesha ke liya band ho jayegi.

naina: (looks at dilip)
ha.. aj pehli bar zindegi mein kuch sahi kaha hai..
anyways waqt bohat kam hai..angad ko airport se ane do..shadi ki tadyari
shuru karti hoon.

kartik: lo..aa gaye apka ladla beta!

angad:hi everyone! hello masi

masi: Hello!! akher mein mukhe dulhe ki darshan hohi gayi!

masi: kahan tha tu?

angad: masi woh airport..

masi: aree han ! tu to airport gaya tha na? woh apne dost ko receive karne?
kahan he woh tera dost rajendra sing?

rajendra comes (he looks like a cartoon)

raj: NO NO! no rajendra.. RAJ ..Raj from UK.hello everybody! hii
opss fir se bhul gaya! india mein to par chute hain.
pari paron aunty!

naina: jeete raho.

raj: mein ekdam sahi time pe ayi hun..lunch is served!

he starts eating without any hesitation!!

raj: isme se desh ki khushbu aati hai..

masi: angad.. r u sure ye rajendra singh hai?

angad: han masi ye R-A-J-E-N-D-R-A hi hai..

raj: rajendra nehi.. raj.. raj from UK.raj jaise shahrukh khan from

naina: chalo chalo beta! shaam hone mein zada time nehi hai.. tum tadyar
ho jao.ohh.. rajendra ka room please.

here comes a funny scene! rajendra ka saath ANITAH ka dhakka lag jata hai..

pehli nazar ka pehla pyaar - rajendra and anitah!

rajendra- pehli pehli bar baliye..dil gaya har baliye..rabba meinu pyaar
ho gaya!dil bekarar hoya gaya!

anitah: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO ARE U?

raj: ohhh! i am am am very sorry! really sorry.

anitah: angad ye...

angad: ohh ye raj.. and this is aaa

raj: simran?

anitah: simran? im not simran?

raj: oh anita.. anita..

anitah: its "ANITAH" darling.whatever..

angad:( looks at raj )chale?

anitah in her bed room where raj comes with flowers!

anitah: ye kaun aa gaya?
kaun hai?

(background music- oii raj from london)

anitah: tum phirse?

raj: please.. kya kar kya rahi ho?
anita .. anita .. im really very sorry..aj subah siriyo pad mein jan
bujhkar nehi takdaya tha!tumhe bura laga to im really very sorry!

anitah: anita nehii "ANITAH"

raj: yaaaaa anita.

anitah: "ANITAH"

raj: chotisi bat ko dil se nehi lagate..

anitah sneezes..

anitah: idiot..mujhe gulab ki phool se alergy hai..tum plz yahan se jao

raj: ok ..mein ja rahi hun.wapas laut ke ane ke liye..
agar gussa itni hasin hai to pyaar kaisa hoga?

anitah: jate ho yahan se ki nehi?

aliyah comes..and suddenly anitah throws the bouquet ...
aliyah.. bach gaye! lol! she saves herself!

anitah: im so sorry darling..

woh itna irritating hai.. mein kya karron?u know him? angad ka friend
raj from UK? ekdam cartoon ke tarah chipak jata hai.biluk mere piche
pad gaye hai.. jaise kripa angad ke piche pare the.
oh god! use kitni mushkil se angad ka picha chudaye hai na?
mein to soch rahi hun..ke iss raj ke bacche ko mein kripa ke pass bhej dun.
kitni mushkil ke meine use angad ke zindegi se nikal kar bahra feka hai
..raj use acchi khasi company dengi.. bohat akeli ho gayi hai na?

aliyah gets a shock!

aliyah: anitah?ek min ..kya kahan tumne?

anitah: meine? meine sirf yehi kahan ke raj aur kripa ke jodi kitni
acchi jamegi!

aliyah: usse pehle?

anitah: usse pehle.. raj or kirpa ki..

aliyah: uske baad?

anitah? uske bad what? uske bad mein kuch nehi kahan

aliyah: tumne kahan ke tumne angad ke zindegi se kripa ko kitne mushkil se
bahar nikala something like that?

anitah: aliyah..tumhare kaan baj rahe he sweety!

aliyah: tumne kahan.. meine sunah!

anitah: ab tum mujhe irritate mat karo..waise bhi o raj ke bacchene bohar
pareshan kiya hai.. mujhe tadyar hona hai.. bal banane hai.. dress change
karna hai.. bohat kuch karna hai..bye ok?

aliyah: mera andaza sahi nikla..kuch garbar hai?aur jo bhi huwa hai.
mujhe use thik karna hai.. mein angad aur kripa ke zindegi barbad hone
nehi dunggi.mujhe angad ko is shadi karnese rokna hoga!


masi: aliyah darling? see yah? mein kaisi lag rahi hun?dont i look nice?
waise mein bhi london se layi huiii.. thousand pounds ke dree pehenne
wali thi..phir mujhe laga..usme to mein khud hi dulhan lagunkii..

aliya: mom please abhi nehi.. mujhe kuch zaruri kam hai.

masi:its ok fine!

naina: aree aliyah beta.. ise jada zaldise teddy ko dedo aur use kaho..
gari mein rakhde ..

aliyah: nehi masi.. mujhe kuch zaruri kam hain.

naina: aliyah.. abhi isse jada zaruri kam koi nehi hai.. ye mishty
ka shagun hai.. isse teddy ke de do aur use kahon.. sambhal ke rakhen.

aliyah: damn it! angad mujhe tumhe batane ki chance mil jaye .. jo janke
tumhare zindegi badal jaye..aur tum galat faisla lene se bach jaoge!

naina comes to angad's room.

naina: beta? tum to tadyar ho?
bohat acche lag rage ho. aj sabb dekhte reh jayengge..
they start watching tv where some ppl r giving their comments on rock
star angad;s wedding..

suddenly they talk about kripa..angad's co-star!naina wants to turn off
the television but angad stops her.."kaisa yeh pyaar hai?

they go to kripa;s place where kripa becomes so suprised and she says
"sorry no comments..leave me alone" and shuts the door.

kartik comes..

kartik: agar ap sab log tadyar hai to chale?

suddenly aliyah comes: brother..........

naina:aliyah acha huwa tum aa gaye.. niche sab log intezar kar rahe hai..

angad,kartik and naina chale jate hai and aliyah talks to herself

aliyah: ab mein kya karoon? ye moka bhi gaya!

another funny/ wrose scene between raj and anitah.SURPRISE! harshini comes
and she is invited.how come she is invited?

anitah: hi harshoo tum aa gayi?

harshini: tumne bolaya..mein kaise nehi aati?

anitah: ayo mein tumhe ise milati hoon.. ye hai raj..angad ke friend hai..
abhi aayi hai UK se..

raj: hi harshini?

harshini: hi

anitah: mujhe lagta hai.. ap dono ki apas mein bohat jamegi..ap dono bat karo
mein jati hoon.. mujhe late ho raha hai..bye

aliyah start trying to talk to angad.. angad is sitting in a car..and
he thinks about the out house's mang scene and kripa's last slap.
finally aliyah gets a chance.she seats in the car!

suddenly naina ..

naina: aree aliyah tum yahan kya kar rahi hoo? come sab dance kar rahi hai..
tum jake dance karo..

aliyah: masi mujhe thode der ke liye angad ke saath batein karne do plz.

naina: no.. nothing now!(she throws aliyah out and seats)

aliyah:ok masi! she talks to herself( sorry brother ..mujhe apse bat karna
bohat zaruri hai..ap nehi jante ap kya karne ja rahe hi..jo bhi ho..mujhe
apko is galti karne se rokna hoga.)nehi to mein apne apko kabhi maaf nehi
kar payunggi.

angad: driver dadi ke ghar chalo.

naina: angad hamhare paas time nehi hai.

angad: mein shadi se pehle dadi se ekbar milna chahti hun.

naina: sirf dadi se?

angad: driver chalo.

they come to dadi's place! where kripa was sitting alone.

kripa: ye shor achanak?

she gets to see angad through window.. and when angad looks at her..
kripa parde ko bandh kar deta hai.


angad comes at dadi's place

angad: dadi.. dadi?

dadi: angad?

angad: par chune jate hai.. dadi piche hat jati hai..

angad:he looks at kripa and says..kaisa lag rahi hun mein dadi? bilkul
waisa jaisa apne kahatha?

dadi:aur dadi ki yehi bat yaad rahi hai tumhe?

angad: dadi mein to sirf apka ashirwad lene ayatha..

dadi: aur mein tumhe ashirwad nehi de sakti..kyunki tum woh karne ja rahe ho..
jo meri nazron mein galat hai.
aur mein galat kam ke liye ashirwad kabhi nehi de sakti.

he looks at kripa ( kitna gussa karti ho angad?) angad leaves and kripa
shuts the door where naina comes..

naina: areeh! tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?shadi mein nehi ayoge kya?
hum sab tumhare besabrise intezaar kar rahi kripa!woh kya hai na.. aj
humne kuch gana bajane walon ko bolaya hai!itna bara rockstar ke shadi hai
gana bazana to hona chahiye!lekin dekho na..woh log ayehi nehi..iss liye
meine sochatha ke.tumhe bolaya jaye?tumne hamare emergency mein help kiya tha na?
tumhe yaad hoga ke tumhe angad ke saath perform karneki chance milatha?
im sure tum hum a nirash nehi karogi..

btw meine sunha ke tum pregnant ho? aur tum is baccheko janam dene wale ho?
kyun? kis liye? use koi accept nehi karega?meri ek baat khan khol kar sunlo..
prithvi ne.. zitni hamdardi tumhe dekhaya hai..woh tumse shadi kabhi nehi
karega..zis tara angad ne tumhe choda..us tara prithvi bhi tumhe chod kar
chala jayega!meri bat mano..is bacche ko paida hone se pehlehi..khatam
kar do!

kripa: (shouts) NAINA AUNTY..apko mere bare mein jo kehna hai kahiye..
lekin plz meri hone wali bacche ke bad duwa mat dije..

naina: meri kahne se kya hota hai? bacche ki bap to thukra diya..aisi
bacheke ki zindegi na hone ki barabar hai.


harshini and kripa-

kripa: harshini tum? mujhe bina milhe tum kahan ja rahi ho?

harshini: kripa please..mujhe bohat der ho rahi hai.barati ja rahe hai.

kripa: barat? tum jante ho na een logon ne mere saath kya kya kiya?
uske ke baad bhi?
harshini? tumhare chup hi keh rahi hai ke tum sab kuch janti ho?phirbhi
tum mere sath aisa karogi? tum mere sabse acche dost thena?tumne kahan tha na
har musibat mein hum ek dusre ke saath rahengge?to aj kya hu harshini?
mujhe akela kyun chor rahi ho?

harshini: kripa please.kisne kiske saath kya kiya hai yeh tum bhi janti ho aut mein
bhi.plz mein is bare mein kuch bat nehi karna chahti.

kripa: lekin meine kiya kya hai? meine tumhe kab akela choda hai?

harshini: ohh! ab tumhe ye bhi yaad nehi tumne meri saath kya kiya hai?
kitna dil dukhaya hain tumne mera?

kripa: meine? mera yakeen mano..mein a kabhi jan bujhke tumhe hurt nehi
kiya.plz harshini.. tum mujhko jan bujhkar hurt mat karo plz.humhare dostiko
is tarah mat chod ke jao.

(harshini talke to herself-- nehi kripa ..tumne meri saath jo kuch bhi kiya? lekin
mein tumhe is halat mein nehi dekh sakti)

kripa: harshini..pata nehi ye kya ho raha hai..koi mera yakeen nehi
kar raha hai.mujhe akela is tarah chor ke ja rahe ho? harshini rukh jao na

harshini: kripa plz.waise bhi bohat der ho gayi hai.. mujhe ab chalna chahiye..
and she leaves.

kripa: he bhagwan..ye sab kya ho raha hai mere saath? kyun meri apne hi..
mujhse door ja raha hai?
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july 6th by mumtanha

Shadika mandap

Angad and his family reache at damini;s house. Shadi ka mandap ready hai.damini bohat pyaar se angad ko receive karte hai. Jahan aliyah angad ko dhundta hai.

Aliyah: aree sunoh pata hai ke dulha kahan hai?

Unknown guy: madam who room mein dulha hai..

Aliyah: who wala room main? Ok thanks.

Bas yehi ek mouka hai angad se baat karne ka.i hope mein zada der nehi kar rahin hooon.


Angad and aliyah in a room

Aliyah: brother mujhe appse kuch baat karni hai.. and its really important.

Angad: rel;ax baba! Ab batao kya baat hai?

Aliyah: bhai..shayad ap nehi jante.. lekin kisine jan bujhkar apko kripa ke khelaf bharkaya hai.koi ye nehi chahta ke ap uske saath rahe.

Angad: ye tumhe kya ho gaya hai?

Aliyah: ye kisine soch samajhke plan banaya hai.koi apko kripa se door rakhna chahta hai.aur mein ye nehi janti ki who kaun hai aur who kaisa kyun kar rahi hai.lekin itna zarur janti hoon ke koi apko taqlif pouchane ki koshish kar raha hai.

Angad: aliyah mujhe ye sab baton mein koi interest nehi hai! FOR GOD SAKE! Aj meri shadi hai.

Aliyah: nehi bhai nehi.. ye sab jo ho raha hai.. who sab galat ho raha hai.ap apne saath saath mishty ke saath bhi zatti kar rahe hein.

Angad: aliyah mein kuch nehi sunnah chahti hun.. mujhe samajh mein nehi aa raha hai ke tumhe ye baat batayi kisne?

(Angad kuch sochta hai)

angad: tum dadi ke ghar gayi thi?

Aliyah: han..

Angad: us ladkine dadi ke saath saath tumhare bhi kan bhar diye..manna parega us ladki ko..usme kuch to aisa hai.. sabko convince kar leti hai..kabhi dadi ko..ab tumko..mein bhi uski baton mein aa gaya tha.

Aliyah: nehi angad..usne mujhe kuch nehi kahan.. usne mujhe kuch nehi bataya.. mein sirf ye janti hun ke who aj bhi tumhe bohat chahti hai.apko kisine bhadka raha hai.. why don u understand?

Angad: aliyah tumhare paas koi sabut hai kya? Tum bina waja kisike upar kaise ilzam laga sakti hon?

Naina comes….

Naina: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Niche gana bazana ho rahi hai.. jaldi jao nehi to hamari team har jayegi.

Aliyah: please masi mujhe………..

Naina: aliyah please.


Aliyah: ok masi.. ( bhai ap puri tarah se kisi jaal mein fas gaye hain,lekin koi na koi tarika to zarur hoga.. apko is jaal se bahar nikalneka?)

Angad and naina

Naina: angad beta tum jante ho? Is pal me mein duniyaki sabse kuchkismat wali maa hun.kyunki tum is rishtey to ha kehke meri barso purani sapno ko pura kiya hai. ( idiot lady)

Mein janti hon ki tum is rishty ke liye pehle khush nehi the.. lekin ab tumhe ye ehsas ho gaya hai ke..jo bhi hota hai.. acche ke liye hota hai.mishty aur tumhare shaddi meri ek bohat purana sapna hai angad jo tumne pura kiya hai.thank you.

(she kisses angad's forehead)

Kripa's Dream

Thanks god ye saach nehi tha.. mujhe to heart attack anewale the….

Where they showed .. angad and mishty;s marriage.. mala ..sindorr..mangal sutra.. and sat fere.. MY GOD!!

Suddenly kripa wakes up and shouts A-N-G-A-D

She stats remembering all the shits which angad did to her.. (FLASHBACK)

(just get out of my life.. her dad..PUBLIC PROPERTY..NAINA.. and so on)



aliyah,anitah and harshini's conversation .. and a surprise!

aliyah: anitah tum thik keh rahi the.. mein bohat khush hun.. mishty is the perfect gal for brother..hamare class ki bhi hai.. and brothe uske saath bohat khush rahega.Thank god uske dimag se uss alas kripa ka bhoot to nikla!kitna ajibsi ladki hai na who? Middle class type.

Anitah: aliyah? Tum kabse kripa ko janti ho?

Aliyah: aahh.. janti to nehi.. lekin just out of curcuriousity se mein uske ghar gayi thi.. omg! What attitude she has man!who hamari family ki bilkul layak nehi hai.. angad ke to zindegi barbad ho jati uske saath shadi karne se.

Anitah: aliyah.. tum kitni akalmandi ki bat karti ho..isi liye to meinse use angad ke picha chura diya.


Aliyah: us din bhi tum mujhe yehi baat bata rahi thi na? Lekin tumne mujhe sadi bat nehi batayi.. batao na.. aisa kya kiya tumne?


Anitah: nehi nehi.. aisa meine kuch nehi kiya!

Aliyah: oh come on anitah..mein janti hun..ke sab kuch tumne kiya..lekin kyun pata nehi meri man nehi man raha.tum itni smartly kuch kar sakti ho jisse pure family ko kripa se chutkara mil jaye?

Anitah: (idiot) darling.. tum to sare ke sare credit mujhe bekar mein de rahi ho..actually ye plan to ..kartik bhaia,naina masi aur mein hum 3 milke banaya.bad me mein kripa ke friend harshini ko bhi istemal kiya.

Aliyah: kripa ki friend harshini?

Anitah: is plan harshiniki eelava kamiyab hohi nehi sakta tha..


Harshini comes…


Harshini: lekin anitah..tumne is plan me mujhe shamil karke bilkul accha nehi kiya.

Anitah: ahh darling.. ab tum phirse rona dhona mat shuru karo.tum to kripa kp taqleef hi pouchana chahti thi..ab jo ho gaya uske liye parishani kyun?

Harshini: anitah mein kripa ko taqlif pouchana chahti thi..lekin meine to uski zindegi hi barbad kardi na?phirbhi anitah.tumhe kripa par blackmailing ka jhuta ilzam nehi lagana chahiyetha.


Anitah: dekho ab jo ho na tha o to ho gaya.. faltu ke baton ko yaad karneka koi faida nehi. ( dumboo anitah)

Dekho tum bhai ki shadiko enjoy karo! Pata nehi tumhe aisi grand shadi phir dekhne ko mile ya na mile.

Aliyah: ha..anitah is right. By the way ye blackmailing ka kya chakkar hai?

Anitah: mein batati hun.. actually kya huwa ke… ( anitah tells everything about the blackmailing)

Aliyah was too shocked!


Anitah: aur isi tarah kirpa and angad ko humne alag kar diya? Huuuuuuuu kaisa laga yeh plan?acha hai na?

Aliyah: bohat acchaa! Lekin koi hai jisse tumhara yeh plan sunkar bilkul accha nehi laga?

Anitah: kaun??


Anitah: angad tum? O meine kuch nehi kiya.. oh actually kya hua tha ke..

Harshini: angad.. umm.. im really very sorry angad! ( stupid gal)

Angad: shhhhhhh

Angad starts thinking about all the bad things which he did with kripa..how he insulted kripa again and again.he was almost crying.. he was shocked!

He comes down in the mandap.. waha ake aag mein apni pagri fek deta hai..

Everyone was looking at him..

Mishty dulhan ban ke bethi thi.. who bhi khare ho jati hai..

Angad: ye shadi nehi ho sakti.. (echo)


Mishty: ye sab tum kya keh rahe ho?

Angad: please mishty..is waqt koi sawal nehi puchna..mein janti hun tumhe bohat bura lag raha hoga!im sorry.shadi nehi ho sakti.

Mishty: lekin angad..

Angad: please mishty..is waqt mujhe jana hai.

Mishty: lekin is waqt tum mujhe chor ke mandap se nehi ja sakte..


Angad: mishty..mein tumhe har cheez ki xplanation dungga..lekin is waqt nehi.mujhe jana hai..try to understand.

Naina: angad ruko.. ye sab kya ho raha hai.

Wwwooohoooo go angad go… angad ka jo look tha naina ke upar who dekhne layak tha..


Angad:is waqt ap kuch mat bolna.. ek lavs bhi nehi.. ( echo) [ gussa karna to koi angad se sikhe]


And angad leaves.. he comes out where so many people and journalists were waiting for him.. sab log chilla rahe the –"mandal chod ke bahar aa gaya".. angad dour raha tha aur uske piche sare ke sare log dour raha tha.. sab use puch raha tha ke- "please ap hame bataye ke ap shadi ki mandap chor ke kyun ja rahe hai?"

Where is angad's car? Who dour kyun rahe the?

Aur kripa ko bhi usi raste se ana tha? Kripa us bhir mein chale aate hain and sabse takrate hai.. suddenly who bohat buri tarahse gir jate hai.




One nurse to another: Abhi abhi jo patient aya hai..uske saath ek purse mila hai.. ho sakta hai ke usme uski gharwale ki pata ho.. ya fer koi contact number ho?tum jaldi se inform karo.patient halat acchi nehi hai.. its an emergency!

angad comes to dadi's place..

angad: ( he shouts) DADI…KRIPA….. DA…. DADI…. KRIPA…..DADI….KRIPA.. kahan chale gaye sab log?

Nurse 1 : koi number mila kya?

Nurse 2: ha kisi deviyani khanna ka number mila hai.lekin koi phone nehi utha raha hai.

Nurse 2: please keep trying. Jisivi tarah se ho contact karo.patient ki halat bohat hi serious hai.. gharwalon jo jaldise inform karna chahiye.

Angad ghar ke bahar wait karta hai.

Phone rings….

Cring cring.. dadi receives.

Dadi: ji ha mein deviyani khanna bol rahi hon? Kya?? Ji mein abhi aati hun.my god!


Dadi bahar ho rahethe ke angad ke saath mulaqat hota hai.

Angad: dadi…?

Dadi: tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Angad: dadi mein…

Dadi: is waqt to mujhe tumhare shakal bhi nehi dekhna hai.meine kahan na chali jao yahan se?


Angad: please dadi ekbar mujhe kripa se..

Dadi: khabardar! Nam bhi mat lon uska.. dur raho usse aur uski zindegi se..barbad kar diya tumne usko.. uski khushiyan.. bishwas.. zindegi.. sab kuch tod diya..

Aj o tumhare wajahse.. sirf tumhare wajah se.. hospital mein hai.

Angad: hospital?

Dadi: khabardar angad..uske paas jane ki bhi kohshish mat karna..dur raho usse. Ek bat aur yaad rakhna angad..agar kripa ko kuch ho gaya na.. to mein tumhe kabhi maaf nehi karunggi..

(angad was crying)


kripa in the hospital where doctor comes

kripa ki sense wapas aati hai..


doctor: good evening! Accha huwa ke apka hosh a gaya.ab apko kaisa lag raha hai?

Kripa: meri tabiyad to thik hai..lekin mere wajahse..meri baccheko to kuch huwa nehi na?ap nehi jante doctor ye bacche meri liye kitne important hai.

Kahiye na doctor.. mera bacchato thik hai na? Thik hai na wooh?

Doctor: apko is waqt apki sehat ta chinta karna chahiye..

Kripa: meri sehat ka chodiye..lekin mera bacha thik hai na?

Doctor: im sorry..mein apki bacche ko bacha nehi saken….( echo)

Dadi hears everything.


Dadi: meine kahan na tum usse dur raho?

Angad: please dadi.

Dadi: kyun uske zindegise khel raho ho angad?tumne uska sab kuch chinliya..uska ghar,parivar,usse bhi kimti..uska baccha bhi chin liya.

Angad was too schoked!


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July 7th update by mumtahana

In the Hospital


Kripa: kahiye na doctor..mera baccha to thik hai na? Thik hai na wohh..


Doctor: im sorry lekin mein apki baccheko bacha nehi sake.

( dadi got to know it. She became too upset and came to kripa. Kripa was speechless.could not believe her own ears.)


dadi: kripa? Kirpa???


Kripa:dadi and she started crying like anything..

(angad was watching them through window)


kripa: dadi mera baccha (crying)


dadi: im so sorry beta.


Kripa: dadi mujhe mera baccha lado..mujhe mera baccha chahiye (crying)

(and she fainted or ..)


angad tried to talke to kripa


dadi: mein a kahana angad? Chali jao yahan se.


angad: lekin dadi..


dadi: meine kahan na?tum usse dur raho.


Angad: dadi mein….


Dadi: kyun uske zindegi se khel rahe ho angad?jab use tumhare sabse jada zarurat thi tab tum kahan the? Tumne to mujhpar bhi bishwas nehi kiya?tum to use pyaar karte the na? Phir ye gussa,nafrat kahan se aye?tumne uska sab kuch chin liya.uska ghar,parivar,uski khushi,aur usse bhi zada uska BACCHA.


Angad: dadi aap ye kya kah rahi hai?


Dadi: tumne use itna zalil kiya ke usne kudrat ki sabse kimti aur khubsoorat cheez sambhal nehi saki.ab us bechari ke paas khone ke liye kuch nehi bacha.


Angad: dadi please mein use..ek bar milna chahti hun.


Dadi: tumne sirf ukse bache kohi nehi mara balke uske zasbaat ka gala bhi khod diya.ab uske dil mein tumhare liye nafrat ka yalava aur kuch nehi hai. Wooh bhul gayi hai ke tum wohi angad ho jisse o kabhi pyaar kiya tha.use sirf ye yaad hai ke tum wooh angad ho jisne use pyaar mein dhoka diya tha.tum sirf uske bache ki bap hi nehi ho balke.. uski bache ke KATIL bhi ho.

(angad kano pe hat rakhti hai)


angad: Bas! Dadi…..


dadi: kyun angad? Sacchai bardash nehi hoti?ye to us din yaad rakhna tha jis din tumne use apni zindegi se nikal ke fekh diya tha.wooh to usi din mar gayi hoti..lekin use pata chala ke uske pet mein tumhara baccha hai.use dobara zinda rehne ki himmat mil gayi thi..wajah mil gayi thi.lekin aj to tumne wooh wajah bhi chinli.


Angad: dadi mein kripa se sirf ekbar milna chahta hun..sirf ekbar.


Dadi: kuch nehi ho sakta angad.ab use kisipar bhi bharosa nehi.na koi zasba rahe na koi ummeed.ab us ke liye kuch karna chahti ho to bas..usse dur raho. JUST STAY AWAY FROM HER.

(dadi kripa ke pass chale jate hai. Angad attemps to come in then again he hears the words saying by dadi –USSE DUR RAHO.JUST STAY AWAY FROM HER then he leaves)


dadi takes kripa back in her house. Where dadi looks at angad's guiter.then she remembers some words – "dadi meri zindegi mein sirf dohi cheez hai..ek hai music aur ek ap" ..she takes it down and throws it out.

Kripa was looking at dadi surprisingly. Then kripa lays down in her bed and starts crying and remembers some bitter memories.


Suddenly she comes down where dadi throws the guiter. She takes the guiter and starts playing it.dadi gets to see her with guiter.(she was surprised)


Kripa: dadi pata hai? Humara rishtey ki shuruwat sangeet se hota hai.aj ye dhun bajake hamare beech sare rishta khatam kar diya.har rishta.

(dadi was still surprised)







Kripa was looking around where angad came from outside and he was so happy after seeing kripa.he tried to give her a hug BUT kripa stopped him.


Angad: kripa……..


Kripa: mein yahan sirf tumse thanks kahne ayi hun.kyunki tumhare wajahse bar bar mein marte marte jee uthi.uske bad dekho na? Mein apna baccha kho diya.pata hai angad.. jabbhi koi insane apna zindegi ka sab kuch kho deta hai….uski zindegi mein aur kuch nehi bachta hai..wooh dhire dhire kamzorr hone lagta hai.aur isi tarah who atmahatta ki kareeb pouch jata hai.pehlehi tum mujhe barbad kar chuke the..aur phir tumne mera bacheko bhi mujhse chin liya.tumne mujhe thukra diya..mujhpar shakh kiya..phirbhi mein chup rahi na?tumne hamari bache ko apnanese inkar kiya.jab mujhe tumhare sabse jada zarurat thi..tumhare ma ne meri bache ko gali di..uski wazood ko gali di.. phirbhi mein chup rahi.


Angad: lekin kripa… ( he tries to say something)


Kripa: lekin..mein dukhi nehi hoon.kyunki mera bacha wooh pyaar hi nehi pata..jiska wooh haqdar tha…wooh ma bap dono ka pyaar kabhi nehi pata.dekho na kitna samajhdar baccha tha.jo tumhare diyi huyi zindegi thukra kar chala gaya.wooh jeet gaya angad.mera baccha tumse jeet gaya.aur ab mein bhi tumse jeetunggi.aj se meri zindegi ka sirf ekhi maksad hoga- "TUMHARA BARBADI,TUMHE TADAPTA HUWA DEKHNA MERI ZINDEGI KA EKHI MAKSAD HOGA"

I know…mein khush nehi hoon. Meri ankho mein ansoo hai.lekin yehi tumhare mom chahti thi na ke mein dukhi rahun.aj akhri bar mein unki khawaish puri kar rahin hun angad.kyunki ajke bad….ajke bad meri ankhose kabhi ansoo nehi bahengge.meri ankho ke ansoo tumhare ankho se bahenge.mein kabhi nehi royunggi angad..kabhi nehi.

(and she leaves)


angad: meinbhi yehi chahti hun kripa ke tumhara har dard..har ansoo mujhe mil jaye.mein tumhe bohat taqleef dee hai kripa.aur mein wooh har taqleef sehna chahti hun.mein tumse sirf khush dekhna chahti hun kripa.aur agar tumhe lagta hai ki…mere barbad honese tum khush reh sakogi to mein har pal barbad hone ki liye taryar hun.har paal…har paal


here comes a song-


"kya khel kismat ne mere sang khela hai..

ulfat ke rahon mein ye dil akela hai..

jisse ye kehbhi na paye..

aur ho gaye hum padaye..

lekin khushi teri manzoor hai mujhko..

ye ashk bekar hai…

kaisa yeh pyaar hai.. kaisa yeh pyaar hai..






Khanna house - naina, dilip and angad.


Naina: kahan reh gaye ye (angad) samajh mein nehi aa raha hai mujhe?

Angad comes……


Naina: tumhe kya ho gaya hai angad? Tum kal raat se kahan the?

( if im not mistaken then angad and kripa met at khanna house then how come naina was asking this question? Ekta – what is wrong with u?)


tumhara kuch pata nehi? Aur tum aise soche samjhe mandap se uthkar aa gaye?tumhe hamare izzat ke bare mein bhi sochna chahiye tha? ANGAD IM TALKING TO U.


angad: Mom please mujhe akela chod dee jey.


Naina:whats this angad? Tum aisa kaise keh sakti ho?


Angad:apne aisa kyun kiya mom?


Naina: tum kya keh rahe ho?


Angad: ap bilkul ache tarah se jante hai mein kya keh rahi hoon.apne aisa kyun kiya mom ( he was crying)


angad: kripa aur mishty ke zindegi apne barbad kar diya mom.


Naina: mujhe kuch samajh mein nehi aaa raha hai ke tum kya keh rahi ho?mujhe iske bare mein kuch pata nehi.


Angad: ap jante huye bhi anjaan ban rahi hai.kyun?mein kabhi soch bhi nehi sakti mom ke app meri zindegi ke saath khelenggi.lekin ap ki iss zindegi ki khel mein apka beta sab kuch har gaya.


Naina: nehi beta.. abhibhi kuch khatam nehi huwa hai.


Angad: sab kuch khatam ho gaye mom.meine aj apna baccha kho diya.


Dilip: beta tum ye kya keh rahe ho?


Angad: bilkul sahi sun rahe hai ap dad.mera baccha mar gaya…

Mere aur kripa ke pyaar ki nishani..sab kuch khatam ho gaya mom and cried like anything.


Naina tries to come closer..


Angad: please.. mere pas mat ayiye please.mein kuch aisa nehi karna chahta jisse apki beyazzadi ho.


Naina: lekin beta???

Angad: please Mom….just leave me alone.For God sake.


Dilip: naina chalo upar chalo.leave him alone.


And they went.




NAINA: usne meri saath bat kaise kee? Pehle to kabhi himmat nehi huyi mujhse aise bat karne ki?sab kripa ki wajahse huwa hai.kripa nehi hi angad ko bharkaya hai.


Dilip: Oohhh! Come on naina.akher kab tak??? Kab tak tum apni kiye ka saza dusro pe thok te rahogi?


Naina: tumbhi? Ab tumbhi mujhse is tarah bat karoge?har kamome tumbhi mere saath shamil the.is liye aj tak jo bhi huwa hai uske zimedar tumbhi ho..


Dilip: nehi..mujhe bilkul pata nehi tha tum kya karne ja rahi ho.. aur agar mujhe pata  bhi hota to phirbhi mein tumhe nehi rokta..kyunki mujhe aisa lagta ke tum jo kuch bhi kar rahi ho hamari family ke liye accha hi kar rahe ho.LEKIN TUMPE ISS TARA BHADOSA KARNA MERI ZINDEGI KI SABSE BADI BHUL THI.mujhe tumhe rokna chahiye tha.lekin mujhe kya pata tha ke tum jo kuch bhi kar rahi ho usske wajahse hamare family ko itne bari taqleef se guzarna parega.


Naina: accha? Ab tumhe hosh aya hai apni family ke baro mein? Itne salon ke baad?angad ka career meine akele handle kiya hai.. aj tak koi galti huyi hai?


Dilip: wohii to! Wohii to sabse badi problem hai naina.tumne sirf angad ka career handle kiya aur tum ye bhul gayi ke iske yalava bhi angad ke zindegi mein bohat kuch hai jo uske liye important hai.tumhe sirf angad ke career aur apne business ke padi hai.. angad ke zindegi ka nehi.


Naina: tum ye bhul rahi ho.. agar mein angad ke career nehi sambhalti to hum aj kabhibhi uis moukam pe pouch nehi sakte..


Dilip: ha bilkul! Aj hamare pass nam hai.. doulat hai..lekin ye sab cheese hasil karne ke daw mein hum apne bache ko piche chod gaye.aj wooh jistarah se mujhse baat kar raha tha..use dekhkar aisa laga jaise hum apne walad ko kho gaye..


Naina: nehi….ye kabhi nehi hoga..mein aisa kabhi nehi hone dunggi.


Dilip: ab tum kuch nehi kar sakti ho naina.tum ek saath tin logon ki zindegiyan barbad kar di.angad,kripa and mishty..in bachhe jis taqleef se guzar raha hai..iske zimedar sirf tum ho..sirt tum.tumne apne faide ke liya angad ke zindegi daw pe laga diya.angad tumhe kabhi maf nehi karega kabhi nehi.

Naina was scared!







MISHTY: lekin mamma..mein usse pyaar karti hun..


Damini: lekin beta angad ko tumhari and tumhari pyaar ki koi parwa nehi hai.agar parwa hote to tumhe akele shadi ke mandap me chod ke nehi jata wooh.


Mishty: jahan tak mere pyaar ka sawal hai..mein itni jaldi har manne wali nehi..ek na ekdin wooh mujhe wapas mil hi jayegi.
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July 11 by mistyeyed.

I'm missing Prithvi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angad is in shock and is in tears when aliyah comes in and tells her brother that she cant see him like this. Aliyah tells Angad that he must go and talk it out to Kripa and Dadi and tell them that someone just tried to brainwas him. Angad says i loved them and cared for them. so i believed them but galti meri maine unpar vishvas kiya, apne pyar par nahin!aliyah tells him to cool it but angad just wants to be left alone. Understanding her brothers pain, aliyah leaves from there. (beaituful scene, the essence and closeness in a brother - sister relationship was bought out well!)

tum jo nahin paas playing in the background and they show angad drinking and lighting a cigaratte (i thought there was a ban on not showing smoking on screen!!).Angad is grieving silently and kripa is in tears thinking about angad!

Damini and mishy are talking where mishty is going through denialphase and cant believe it that all this is actually hapenning to her. she thinks that Something may have come up or that they must be some misunderatanding. Damini is upset and tries to explain reason to her daughter(a daughter whom he thinks has gone mad). Damini is upset and says prithvi was right all along and they should have listened to him. She has lost on a son too becaus of angad. mishty says bhai has not gone any where (hellp wasnt se the one who didnt want to wait for her brother and carry on with the wedding???) and then mishty says chacha chachi ke ghar gaya hoga (More characters?????) (no you dumbo, he has gone to America togive his character the much needed break!!!!!!!).Mishty wants to talk things out with Angad so she leaves.

Dilip comes into angads room and tells his spn sorry for what all as happenned till now. Dilip tells him that he had no idea what naina was upto and somewhere down the line he feels responsible for all that has happenned. Naina overhears the convrsation and is not toopleased. dilip assures his son that he as a father is with him now. Angad wants tpo be left alone and not talk about it so dilip leaves.

Mishty comes in wanting an explanation and angad tells her that i cant give you any explanation right now. He tells her that he is sorry for all that has happenned till now. Mishty says that means you still care for me and i am still willing to forget everything. lets start our lives afresh. come lets run away and lets get married !. Angad has this have you gone bonkers and crazy kind of look on his face. He shakes his head and tells mishty that i dont love you. i cant love you as i love kripa.

Mishty is like asgan kripa. Angad tells her that he himself didnt realise it but it was kripa all along that he loved. He cant love any one else again. He tells her that he has only now realized the value and importance of kripa in his life. Mishty is furioous and says how can you do this time. why dd you agree to get engaged to me and how come you reached the mandap(stupid he reached the mandap only to tell you that he cant marry you...sindoor laga to kripa ke maang par, locket laga to kripa ke gale par, engagement hue to kripa ke saath bhi , suhag raat hue to kripa ,e saath, sapne tute to kripa ke!mishty you should be thankful....aliyah prevented you from being mrs angad khanna 2). angad tells her that when she knew that he loved kripa why did she agree to get engaged to him (i'm confused/ so angad knew that mishty knew that he loved kripa?0mishty says but the choice was yours., i didnt force it upon you (you wanted it right..you were the one who wasnt willing to give up!and wanted to fight for your love so bhukto now).she tells sape kyun dikhaye jab todna hi tha

song i dedicate for the four kyph stars ...

dil mera churaya kyun

jab yeh diltodna hi tha

hum se dil laga kyun

hum se muh morna hi tha... dil mera churaya kyun......

Misty goes away fromthere telling angad he will repent and never be happy. After she leaves angad says ab main tumhe yeh kaise batyaoon mishty ki maiissi pain aur rejection se guzar raha hoon. mera pyar aure mera baccha dono mujhse door ho gaye hain.

Kripa and dadi are talking whee kripa is crying ad dadi is telling her how long will she cry over angad and its time tomove on. Kripa says she is crying over her lost baby and she doesnt want toforget angad as she wants to learn something fro that mistake and never repeat that mistake again.

Kripa os playing the piano (coldnt they shw it more realistically in terms of the notes being played and the sound coming out..) and having flashbacks of the good times spent with angad. Naina comes in telling her that manna padega tum ko kripa..accha plan banaya ta.pehle tum ghar main guss ayee aur angad ka pasaya. phur tumne apne hone wa;a baccha ka ilzaam angad par dala. aur jab usse bhi baat nahin bani to phir tumne apne bache ka marne ka ilzam angad par dala. Why are you after the happiness pf my house. Kripa cant take it anymore and stands i front of naina (way to go girl). She tells naina to shut up hearing whixh naina tells her to sut up....Naina accuaes her of aborting the child etc. Dadi comes from behind and tells naina tokeepquite/. then naina tells kripa that the house where shes staying is hers and that won unke tukdo pe pal rahee ho. this angers dadi and she tells naina that yeh mera ghar hai. yaha pe koikisi ke tukde par nahin palta hai. npw get out and aglee baar aayogee to phone karke aana. Kripa is taken back seeing dadi stand up for her. After naina leaves, kripa goes away crying ...

tompreview - a guy coming to angad saying are you sure you want to do tis- realeasing the album. naina tellng angad who could have done this and angad giving this reelly naughty smile of his....

my comments - not an explosive episode but worth a dekho...i hope the gates of shahdra are open coz mishty is already singing that tune, naina willfollow sut lo shahdra ke pagal khana .. main ayeeeeee!Angads silnce says it all...the guy knows how to act and how to grief in silence!kripa is getting better...ase looks the best without make up..by the way on thursday whwn she screams angad upon waing up from her dream - thats her real voice!!

to sum up the equation is

angad + Kripa = (alliyah to the power infinity + dadi to the power infiity )whole square+prithvi to the power 99999999999999999999999+dilip-naina+anitah+karthik+ha rshita/ naina+anitah+karthik+harshitah*raj*dadi*prithvi*ali yah+damin i




OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 13 July 2005 at 9:05am | IP Logged
July 12 by mumtanhana

Starts at Dadi's place!

*Prithvi is Back*


Kripa was packing her clothes.. she did not want to stay at dadi's place anymore after getting so many bad words from NAINA AUNTY.


Dadi: kripa? Kya kar rahi ho? Kahan ja rahi ho?


Kripa: mein yeh ghar chod ke ja rahi hun dadi.


Dadi: kahan jaogi?


Kripa:dadi..kahin na kahin to aisi jaga hogi jise mein apna keh sakon?


Dadi: mein janti hun tum aisa kyun kah rahi ho?But this is not the right time. Jalbazi mein kiye huye faisle..hamesha galat hota hai.


Kripa: mera faisla sahi hai dadi.mein khud apni pairon par khari hona chahti hun.apni wajood ko mazbut karna chahti hun ke koi use badal na sake.mein thik kar rahin hun na dadi?


** dadi smiles at her. Kripa was leaving and when he opened the door..she was Prithvi standing there! Kripa was so happy after seeing him…**


Prithvi: kaisi ho kripa?


Kripa: prithvi tum?


Prithvi: kaya bat hai kripa? Whats wrong?ye tum bag leke kahan ja rahi ho? Dadi akjher bat kya hai? Kuch bata kyun nehi rahi ho? What is wrong? Dadi ap please mujhe bataye..




** dadi told him everything. How did kripa lose her child.. and all. After hearing all these stories.. prithvi became so upset.. he was almost crying.he was feeling sorry for kripa.**


prithvi: im sorry kripa ( he was crying) im really sorry. Mujhe tumhare saath hona chahiyetha.itna sab hone ke bad tum bilkul akeli ho.. mujhse bohat badi galti ho gayi.


Kripa: please prithvi tum sorry mat kahon.tum khudko zimedar kyun thehratein ho? Aree tum to akele the jo hamesha mere saath the.tum aur dadi hi to ho jo hamesha mujhe jine kya hosla diya hai.


Prithvi: lekin kripa.. tum batao..tumne age ka kya socha hai? Kahan jaogi tumi?


Kripa: kahin bhi…


Prithvi: kahin bhi? Iska kya matlab hai?kripa hum logon ki rehte huye tum kahin jane ki zarurat nehi hai.tum mere saath rahogi.


Kripa: nehi prithvi.damini aunty and mishty mujhe pasand nehi karte hai.tum mere wajahse aur pareshani mat lo.


Prithvi: kripa tum nehi janti.mein mom ke ghar jane ki bat nehi kar rahin hun.mein apne ghar ki bat kar rahin hun.mein ab mom ke saath nehi rehtihun.mein alagsi ghar le liya hai. Aur tum mere saath woohi rahogi.


Kripa: nehi prithvi..mein tumhare saath nehi reh sakti.


Prithvi: lekin kyun kripa? Kyun tum mere saath nehi rah sakti? Sirf is liye ke log kya kahengge?itna negative mat socho.


Dadi: kripa? Prithvi thik kahta hai.tum jo kam karne ja rahi ho.. wooh tum akele nehi kar paoge.tumhe zarurat paregi aisi dost ki jo tumhe sahara de sake.lekin mein kabhi nehi chahti ke tum mere gharse jao.lekin mein itna bhi janti hun ke itna sabkuch hone ki bad tum yahan nehi rahogi.isliye tumhara prithvi ke saath jana thik rahega.aur kuch nehi.. lekin mera man ki to shanty lage rahegi.aur pher fikar kyun karti ho? Mein heeru ko bhi tumhare saath bhej rahin hun na?


Kripa: lekin dadi…………


Dadi: lekin ..wokin kuch nehi.. tum dono ki dhayan rakhne ke liye bhi to koi hona chahiye na?


Prithvi: chalo?


Kripa: dadi..thanks a lot.


Dadi: bas bas.. ab itni badi badi batein mat karo.ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna .yeh ghar aur iski darwaje.. hamesha tumhare liye khuli rahengge.



**Kripa and prithvi entered at their new home.**


prithvi: yeh raha.. tumhara naya ghar!


Kripa: prithvi… samajh mein nehi aa raha hai tumse kya kahun? Tumne mere liye itna kuch kiya hai..aur mere paas? Mere paas tumhe dene ke liye kuch bhi nehi hai.


Prithvi: tum galat soch rahi ho kripa.jo tum mujhe de rahi ho.. wooh tum mehsoos nehi kar pa rahi ho.lekin mein use mehsoos kar sakta hun.jabbhi mein tumhare liye kuch bhi karta hun?aur usse tum khush hoti ho to tumhe khush dekh kar mujhe bhi bohat khushi hota hai.tumhe khush dekh kar mein bohat sada khushi pa leta hun.so naturally isme faida mera hi hai.tum jake fresh ho jao.ab please don be jelous.

 Mein khane ki arrangement karta hun.


It's the to take a break and have a kit kat.



Kripa and her mom's conversation


Kripa called her mom …phone is ringing.. cring cring…


Kripa's mom: hello? (Pause) hello??


Kripa: she was crying.. and suddenly made a sound..


Kripa's mom: kripa?


Kripa: mom?


Kripa's mom: kripa..mera baccha! ( she was crying too) kahan tum beta? Kaisi ho tum?


Kripa: mein thik hun mamma.ap kaisi ho?


Kripa's mom: mein.. mein thik hun beta ( she couldn even talk to her properly for her tears)


Kripa:Kya hua mamma? Ap kuch bol nehi rahi? Kuch boliya na mamma kya hua?


Kripa's mom: beta tum kahan ho? Tum yahan nehi ho.. kuch bhi thik nehi hai.


Kripa:kya hua mamma?kuch kahiye na please?


Kripa's mom: beta tumhare papa pe koi galat ilzam lagaya hai.


Kripa: ilzam? Kaisa ilzam?mamma bataye na kaisa ilzam?


Kripa's mom: beta tumhare papa ko..padso pata nehi kisine paiso ki hera pheri kar diye..aur ilzam tumhare papa pe aagye beta.


Kripa: mamma? Papa kaise hai? Wooh to thik hai na?


Kripa's mom: bete tumhare papa?unki halat ……..


**suddenly kripa's dad entered and took the phone from gayatri.**


kripa's dad: ghar ke mamle suljhane ke liya hame bahar walon ki parwa karne ki koi zarurat nehi hai.khabardar usne tumse batein ki to…… and he went away.


**kripa was so scared and she dropped the receiver.she remembered some words which were told by our dearest  naina aunty --- kripa mein tumhe aur tumhare parivar ko barbad kar dunggi"**


Naina aunty and kripa's hot conversation—(go kripa go!)


Naina: kripa?kaisi ho? Meine sunah tumne angad ki dadi ke ghar chor diye ho aur kisi aur ke tukre par palne ke liye chal gayi ho..mujhe tumse puri hamdardi hai.. lekin koi kya kar sakta hai?btw nainital mein sab kaisi hai? Phone kar ke puch lo sab thik thik to hai? Kahin koi garbar to nehi hui?


Kripa: naina aunty.. apko mere family ke beech ki matter mein bolne ki koi zarurat nehi.. mein khud apni problem solve kar sakti hun.aur han? Apne kya kahan tha? Ap mujhe barbad kar denggi…meri har cheez tabah kar denggi?lekin ek baat ap kan khol kar sun lije?mein apki banayi hui har chotisi choti cheez ko tabah kar dunggi.sab kuch..


Naina: wooooooh? Ab tumhe bolna bhi atta hai?dekhte hai..tum kuch bolti ho ya pher karke dekhate ho?


**kripa talked to herself—dekhayunggi aunty..zarur dekhayungii.. mein apne mehnat se wooh karunggi jo apne kabhi socha bhi nehi hoga.**


then kripa called up many musical companies but all of them refused her to give a chance.one person was asking about her professional experience.. But she did not want to tell angad's name.bechari kripa!!


Aliyah and dadi's conversation


Aliyah: dadi aphi bataye.. isme brother ka kya dosh hai? Usko fasayaga hai?


Dadi: dekho aliyah..meine kahan na? Mujhe angad ke bare mein aur kuch nehi sunnah hai.pher tum kyun bolti ja rahi ho..


Aliyah: nehi dadi..ap..


Dadi: beta? Tum mujhse milne aye ho mein bohat khush hun.. ab please bar bar angad ke barein mein bat mat karon.


Aliyah: ok dadi.. lekin mein bas itna chahti hun ke wooh dono fires ek ho jaye.


Dadi: dekho beta.. uske liye ab bohat der ho chuki hai. Kripa to ab yahan se chali bhi gayi hai.wooh ek nayi zindegi shuru karna chahti hai.. apne music par concentrate karna chahti hai.wooh angad aur angad se judi har yaad se dur rehna chahti hai.


Finally Humari angad --Angad and Aliyah's conversation


Aliyah: brother meine dadi ko samjhane ki bohat kohshish ki..lekin uno ne kahan…kripa apni sade purane baten bhul kar naye tarah se apni zindegi shuru karna chahti hai.ke mein angad se kahun usse dur rahe…use pani career mein concentrate karne de…


Angad: chalo usi bahanse usme kam karne ki chahat to jagi..aur mujhe pura yakeen hai ke..wooh sangeet ke sahare..kamyabi zarur payegi..


Aliyah: lekin brother ap jante hai.. is industry mein kamyabi pana itna ahsan nehi hai.har cheez ki kimat hoti hai yahan. The competetion is really tough.


Angad: mein janta hun aliyah..mein sab kuch janta hun..lekin kripa sirf ek talented ladki hi nehi hai.. balke bohat hi ziddi ladki hai.jo kabhi har nehi manegi.amd I can tell u.. she will be in the top ones.for sure!





Angad released the album in the market!


**prithvi and kripa were going somewhere.they didn meintion anything though.suddenly prithvi got to see kripa and angad's picture! He bought a copy and showed it to kripa.**

kripa: kya hua?


Prithvi: dekho tum..


Kripa: yeh sab kya hai prithvi?meri aur angad ki itni purani album ab kyun release ho rahi hai?


Naina aunty's office


**Naina was shouting at her personal assistant?**


naina: kya hai yeh? Jab mein nehi chahti thi ke cassatte market pe nehi aye to ye sab kaise hua?


PA: mam mujhe to kudh hi samajh mein nehi aa rahe hai ke ye sab kaise hua?


Naina: SHITT! Mein nehi chahti thi ki angad and kripa ki association ke bare mein logon ko pata na chale.pata karo ye kiski harqat hai?


PS: yes mam!


**Angad entered**


naina: angad tumhe pata hai? Tumhare aur kripa ki so album humne record ki thi.. kisine use jan bujh ke release kiya hai.samajh mein nehi aa raha hai ye kaun kar sakta hai aur kyun?tumhare paas koi information hai is baren mein?


Angad talked to himself--- jo information mere paas hai mom uske baren mein ap soch bhi nehi sakti.


Angad: mom…..its ok relax! Wooh album meine release karwaye.


Naina was shocked!


Kripa got an offer ( may be prithvi convinced her to do it)



Mr. Desai: hello mam! Mein MR. Desai bol rahin hu.. International event management company se..kya mein kripa se bat kar sakta hun?


Kripa: han mein kripa bol rahin hun?


Mr. Desai: mam hum Mumbai mein ek bohat bara musical concert karne ja rahen hai.. aur hum chahte hai ke ap usme perform kare.dekhiye mam agar ap humara office aa sakte hai to.. we can talk in detail?


Kripa: ji mein pohach jayunggi.. lekin concert kab hai?


Mr. Desai: dekhiye jaise hi Mr. Angad apna date final kar dengge I will let u know.


Kripa: ANGAD?


Mr. Desai: ji ha mam! Apka performance to unhi ka sat hai.aur is concert se ap aur angad ki album ko kafi publicity milegi.


Kripa: sorry Mr. Desai lekin mein angad ka saath nehi gana chahti.


Mr. Desai: par unke bina apka concert dekhengga kaun? Aur hame market bhi dekhna parta hai.


Kripa: sorry Mr. Desai.. lekin mein nehi ga payunggi.. sorry bye.


Prithvi mujhe nam kamana hai.. is industry mein mujhe jaga banana hai..lekin ye sab mein angad ke bal par nehi karna chahti.. mein khudki pechan banana chahti hun.khud kuch karna chahti hun.


Angad and aliyah


**Angad Got a call on his cell phone.**


Angad: hello?


Mr. Desai:angad mein desai bol rahin hun.. jaise apne kahan tha.. humne kripa ko contact kiya.. lekin woooh…………… ( he told angad everything)


Angad: its ok! Thanks bye.


Aliyah: kya huya? Kripa gayegi na?


*Angad said no*


aliyah: to ab kya hoga brother?


Angad: aliyah mein janta tha ki kripa mana karegi!lekin mein yebhi janta hun ke wooh zarur gayegi.


Aliyah: lekin?

Angad: meine bola na wooh gayegi? Iska matlab wooh gayegi..


The end



Prithvi and kripa in a makeup room


Prithvi:just go for it.aisa to nehi hai ke tum pehli bar perform karne wali ho?

Apne ap par to bharosa karon?


Mr. Desai : suddenly entered.. prithvi sir.. bohat gar bar hoo gayi hai.


Prithvi: kya hua?


Mr. Desai: sir show shuru hone wala aur angad abhi tak nehi aya?


Prithvi: WHAT????? Ab kya hoga? Show kaise shuru ho ga?


Mr. Desai: show shuru na kiya to?


Kripa: dekhiye mam!! Bas ap jaldise taryar ho jayiye
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july 13 kyph update by radz_2cool



The most exciting news-Kripa and Angad singing together


Kripa is asking Prithvi that how did Angad's and her album release so soon. Prithvi looking cute while eating noodles tells her to ignore him. Angad comes with a girl and smiles seeing Kripa. HE goes to the table and then goes to Kripa and tells'' Tumhe himmat nahi hai tum mere saath gao''. He goes and then Kripa ko gussa aata hain ( Angad ki tarah) and tells Prithvi she will sing with him. In the morning Naina and Nishti( both looking very horrible, pata nahi breakfast khaaya that ki nahi) read the newspaper where it was written '' Angad going to sing with Kripa''. Naina throws the paper and Angad reads it with a sarcastic smile.

People want Angad and not KRipa


There was a crowd of people who wanted Angad. Everybody was cheering for him. The host says that for some reason Angad  could not come and then the cheers went down. The manager tells Kripa to sing now cause Angad did not come and KRipa then finalises that she will sing on the stage alone( Btw they Angad and Kripa did not practice so how where they going to sing)NAina tries to call Angad but could not. She sees KRipa going and looking pretty with a white dress( Karthik was there too). Kripa then goes to the stage and she sings '' Zindagi mein koi aaye na rabba'' and every1 starts to go and then she sings again and then people then come back ( Btw there were no difference between the first line and the song for me)  The song suited Kripa perfectly and the song was '' Zindagi mein koi aaye na rabba''. Her singing was looking fake. After the song everyone claps for her.

3 cheers for Angad Hip hip hurray


Prithvi and the manager thanks her. Prithvi asks the manager if she could sing alone now and the manager said no because she was new to the industry and tells that they can try. Angad tells Aaliyah that Kripa was sucessfula t last. '' Meri mehnat kaam layi'' and Aaliyah tell that KRipa would have got more publicity if she had sung with him. Angad tells that the credit would have been for Angad and not Kripa( Angad u r a total sweety). Naina tells Angad to see the newspaper where it was written Angad did not some for concert. Angad then turns the page. NAina sees it and tells KRip' ke bare mein kuch nahi likha hain.( Aap apne bet eke man ki baat itni achi tarah padhti hain). HE goes and NAina asks her secretary what can they do and she tells that they can organize another concert. Naina tells herself '' Kripa ab Angad jitega''( or something like that sort)


My comments

Angad was mind blowing. Kripa nd Prithvi were excellent. Aaliyah was good. It was a nice episode. They showed KArhik too. In the last scene it was looking as if NAina's voice was dubbed.


*** Preview- Mishti with NAina and tells she will organize the show. NAina tells her that she still loves Angad that is y she is organizing.****

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