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KYPH updates: comments will be deleted

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KYPH Mar 28th update -- 1st episode
by samie

Kaise yeh pyaar hai has officially aired in the uk so here is wh@ just happened

the opening episode introduced us 2 a girl called Kripa who lives some where called Nandiall well she goes 2 a school where she is l8 as she usually starts the pratna n e ways when she does enter she starts 2 sing a song by angad the professor insults her n says th@ she should go 2 th back. when she goes home she talks 2 her mom bout wh@ happened n this is where we find out th@ her father is a professor who insulted her n he is not really mean n she also reveals her of wantin 2 go 2 mumbai where her parents friends run an academy well her mom disaproves of this bcoz the fear of her daughter bein parted from her so her bro comes up withe idea of her runnin away this is where there is a funny scene n e ways her mom comes in n reveals why if she went 2 mumbai who would take care of her n remember the small things she likes n dislikes n they make up n then the father n mother r talkin of somethin which i did not here

The next day Kripas mom tells her n her lil bro not 2 b l8 from school n her bro says th@ she wont as angad is on tv 2day kripa st@rts 2 argue with him n chases him where kripa goes 2 school n on the way meets ppl in her lil town she says hello 2 n then she enters school where her friends r talkin bout angad her best friend says there is only 1  person in this world made 2 daydream bout angad n th@ is KRIPA she chases her down the corridor n they bump in2 the principle who punishes them with detention n kripa is l8 4 angads performance so is disapointed until she gets home n her parents say we r recordin it n this is where we learn th@ her parents friends in mumbai r actually Angads parents n they r bein interviewed where the presenta asks who angads father is behind his Success he says his wife n Kripas dad feels sad as he is the 1 who sent them 2 mumbai with money then angads dad quickly mentions th@ there is also some1 else he has behind his success n th@ is his best friend prof sharma. n kripa n her bro look up happy. l8r kripa is in her room where she is holdin a pic of angad n sayin every nite she prays angad has everythin he wants n th@ she knows th@ 1 day they will surely meet n says th@ she is know certain th@ angad is like his parents(which we see them argue n sayin they just had 2 do n say th@ 4 the cameras etc) nice n has all good sanskar etc. n we then see flashes of angad the end. 

KYPH Mar 29 update -- Kripa's introduction
by sonynyu
The episode starts with Kripa and her friends on their way to school. At school, Professor Sharma and the other students are waiting for Kripa to start and lead the morning prayer. Kripa and her friends finally reach school and take part in the prayer. During it however, Kripa starts to dream about Angad- we see glimpses of his eyes, face, arms etc st@rtsTongue She starts to hum and sway to the KYPH title track. Professor Sharma catches and scolds her. He tells her to leave the room and Kripa does, crying.
At Kripa's house: Kripa complains about her Professor to her mother. She says that he only scolded her and not the other late students. Professor overhears Kripa and we learn that Prof Sharma is Kripa's father. He hugs his daughter and says he scolded her because he has high expectations for her. Kripa tells her parents that she wants to go to Mumbai to study sangeet. Her mother is dead against it and says she didn't perform well overall in her studies. Kripa is upset.
At night, Kripa's little brother teases her about going to Mumbai and Angad. A little later, her mother comes into her room to talk to her. Kripa tells her mother that she won't be alone in because Angad and his family reside in Mumbai (Angad's father and Kripa's father are good friends) Kripa's mom gets emotional and says that they don't know Kripa's likes and dislikes. Kripa still isn't convinced and wants to go to Mumbai.
The next morning, Kripa's mother tells her to come early. Kripa is already planning on coming home early to watch Angad's new song on tv. At school, her friends tease her about loving Angad. Kripa gets upset and starts to chase one of her friends. The two girls bump into the school principal who gives them detention. Because of the detention, Kripa reaches home late and misses Angad's song. But her father records the entire show for her so no problem. The next part of the show introduces the tv viewers to Angad's parents- Mr Khanna and Naina Khanna. They are shown to be the perfect husband-wife couple...Naina pretends to feed Khanna his favorite homemade food and Khanna thanks his wife for all his success. But then he remembers his best friend Sharma and thanks him as well for always being there for him. Sharma, Kripa and rest of the family is happy at the recognition.
At night, Kripa dreams about again Angad after seeing his family on tv. She stares and talks to his photo, telling herself that Angad is such a nice person with a sweet and loving family etc. On the other end, we see Angad's parents [Khannas] celebrate the success of their 'fake' interview on tv. Basically they pretended to be a happy family on tv to increase the music sales of Angad's new album. In reality, the Khannas are not a perfect family and do not really get along.
The episode ends with Kripa staring at the moon, seeing in it Angad's reflection. She says that one day they will meet and that day is not far away. Again, we see glimpses and flashes of Angad- his incredible eyes, tattoo etc. The episode ends.
Comments: Stop teasing us Ekta Angry We all want to see Angad's full-blown introduction so don't make us wait this long. Overall the episode was okay, nothing too special or extraordinary. Basically, it focused on Kripa's dream of becoming a singer and her infatuation with Angad. The look of the show is very real and simple, at least when looking at Kripa and her family. Kripa is simple-looking but pretty. Let's hope this show lives up to its expectations.

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March 30th Update: Kripa goes to Mumbai

by kali_c


The title song…hayeeeee…Angad is soooooooo hott! Big smileSo the episode starts w/ the recap…obivousli…lolz…okai so the little brother boy is praying in the mandir and Kripa is standing outside. He calls her in and says that it is her turn to say the dialogues and runs out to hide by the stairs. He signals that the mum is comin down and Kripa starts her little speech about how she wants to go to Mumbai and loves her mother blab la and knows that her mother will want to see her happy! The mum says you can and Kripa runs to hug her and tell her that she loves her…o she high fives the lil brother on the way too! Lolz Then daddy prof. comes in with jalebis…….yummmmm….hehe…anyways the mum takes the plate and starts eating. Kripa warns her about her diabetes but the mum is too happy to care.


At the Khanna residence, daddy Khanna is getting ready for his interview when one of the employees interrupts saying that there is a call…its daddy prof. saying that him and Kripa will be comin to Mumbai day after tomorrow. Due to the presence of the camera crew, daddy Khanna is compelled to sound happy and look delighted! At night Kripa and her friend are shown lying outside and looking at the stars. The friend talks about cutie Angad and Kripa gets all defensive and makes a little speech about how she is not going to Mumbai to get hottie's love…she respects him and his music and wants him to be happy…and somewhere ion the middle of all that is where her lover for our hunk lies! They then talk bout them becoming big stars and shining in the sky of the big city. Back to daddy Khanna, his shock bout the phone call has now turned into pure worry and he is thinking about how is going to make witchy mom understand. His employee assures him that she will see it as good publicity and not mind at all…pshhh…ye rite! U just know she's gonna be trouble!

Daddy prof looks at a picture of him with daddy Khanna and remembers when daddy Khanna was saying that he'll always remember what prof did for him blab la…we see them "younger" in a flashback doing their filmy dialogues! The next day, at the school the principal wishes the all students good luck and especially Kripa as she will be going away…we're gonna miss you etc etc…then he calls her on stage to sing in her "madhur awaaz"…any guesses to what she sings…ye pal yaad ayenge ye pal….u know Indian idol songs which is probably gonna be on all sony shows over the coming weeks! Hehe…during this song shes getting flashbacks of her life in Nainital…which funnily enough all happened to be from yesterday's episode. Anyways, her friends join her on stage to get in the crying mood and she says she will never forget this day! Back at home, the little brother, like ALL brothers has already moved into Kripa's room! She gets all angry and starts to have a girly fit…a cute scene late…something about her teddy bears being stuffed in the cupboards, she apologises and they have a nice happy moment. The friend interrupts and they start talking about adorable Angad…hayeeee….all of a sudden, the mum collapses in the living room. Daddy prof finds her and calls for the kids.


Later in the hospital, the mum wakes up and gets worried about Kripa missing her train for Mumbai! Kripa says she can't leave her mother in that state and the mum insists that she goes. After arguing a little, they decide that Kripa will catch her train, but alone!!! Alarm bells ringing in my head…what's gonna happen when she gets there and meets witchy mom?! They get to the station and do their crying goodbyes. When she runs to get the train a hand pops out to help her get on…total DDLJ style…aaahh….it turns out to be a dream…well not like any of us expected handsome Angad to really be there! Well she gets on and a while later she's in Mumbai…woohoo… as she's getting off, there was some dramatic Kkusum music in the background…kinda scared me for a bit! Lolz…but she gets off okai and then starts dancing around the station…felt like I was watching a musical! But again, it's a dream…sounds a bit like kareena kareena too, rite?! – all the daydreaming! Well then she talks to her self…I'm in Angad's city, I'm gonna meet him in a little while! I was thinking…forget you little girl…we're finally gonna meet him! I was getting all excited and jumping up and down on the sofa…BUT THEN…she froze and that Censored balaji thing came up! Angry Uffff…I was sooooo annoyed, another epi and no sweeto! In tomorrows preview she's at the khanna house gate…saying that she is daddy prof's daughter…I dunno why but that scene from taal came into my head…you know where ash is outside akshay's house! But o well…I didn't care much about it! I was still sulking over the fact that there was no Angad…but then God answered my prayers and as compensation…my fav commercial came straight after…any guesses?! Lolz…it was Ejoooooo dancing around to asli atta's gujju beats!!! Hayeeeee! Lolz. LOL

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KYPH Update 03/30/05

by Selina

The episode starts with Kripa's brother praying in the mandir, while Kripa is standing outside. He tells her to come in and start saying her dialogues, while he runs away and hides near the stairs. She sees her mother and starts saying her speech, she says that she wants to go to Mumbai, but she loves her mother, and if her mother disagrees, she won't go. Her mother says that she can go to Mumbai, and her and her father's train tickets are booked for tomorrow. She tells her to go pack. Her father brings some jalebis, and her mother grabs them and starts eating even though Kripa tells her not to as she has diabetes. She replies by saying, that since everyone got what they wanted, she should get what she wants too.

Meanwhile, Kripa's father calls Mr. Khanna while he is giving an interview, and tells him that Kripa is coming to Mumbai. He is forced to be happy as the camera crew is present.

At night, Kripa, and her friend are sitting near a lake and talking. She says that she respects Angad and wants him to be happy. And the friend says, that her dream is to be the biggest star.

In Mumbai, Mr. Khanna is talking to someone, and saying that he got a phone call in the morning, it was his old friend who is visiting him tomorrow, and he is really worried on how he will make his wife understand. His employee, tells him that this is a really good oppurtunity to gain publicity.

Kripa's father looks at an old picture, of him and Mr. Khanna, and remembers the time when Mr. Khanna was about to leave for Mumbai. He remembers Mr. Khanna telling him that he will call him to Mumbai as soon as possible.

The next day, at the school, the principal wishes all the kids good luck. He also announces that Kripa won't be with them anymore, she won't even be in Nainital, as she is leaving for Mumbai to fulfil her dreams of singing. Then, Kripa sings the songs hum rahein yah na rahein from the indian idol album. Her friends come up on stage and Kripa says that she will never forget this day, and then she says goodbye to all her friends.

Back at home, Kripa's brother has moved into her room. She gets angry at him saying that he has probably thrown out all her old stuff, her brother takes her to the cupboard and shows her that all her old things (teddy bears) are still in her room. She apologizes saying that he is very cute, when a friend of her's comes in asks if they were talking about Angad.

In the living room, Kripa's mom faints, and they take her to the hospital because she has a very high sugar level.

In the hospital: Kripa's mom wakes up and says that Kripa should go or she will miss her train. Kripa says that she can't leave her in this condition. Her mother forces her to go. Kripa agrees, but she says that she will go alone, as her father is taking care of her which is more important.

At the train station, Kripa's brother and her friend say goodbye to her. She is about to get on the train, when she imagines Angad grabbing her hand and pulling her up into the train.

At the train station in Mumbai: Kripa gets off the train and she is shown dancing around the station. She says to herself that she is finally in Angad's city and she will get to meet him very soon.

Tomorrow: She is shown by the gate of Mr. Khanna's house. The guard asks her who she is, and she says that she is Mr. Khanna's friend's daughter Kripa.

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KYPH Mar 30 update

by sonynyu
The episode starts with Kripa's younger brother peforming a pooja. Kripa watches him from far, keeping an eye out for her mother. They plan on convincing Gayatri to allow Kripa to attend Angad's academy in Mumbai. When Kripa sees her mother, she joins her brother in the prayer. At first, she doesn't know what to say, but then says she is thankful to have a caring and understanding mother etc. Kripa continues saying its not a big deal if she can't go to Mumbai. Gayatri's [Kripa's mother] smiles. After Kripa finishes her prayer, she sees her mother and pretends to be surprised. Gayatri gives Kripa the good news- she has decided to allow Kripa to join Angad's academy in Mumbai. Kripa as expected is elated at the news. Kripa's father brings jalebis to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Gayatri eats a jalebi despite having diabetes.
Meanwhile in Mumbai, Mr Khanna prepares for yet another interview and photo shoot. I wonder why his parents are hogging all the limelight- shouldn't Angad be the one giving interviews and photo shoots? Anyway, Sharma calls up Khanna and tells him the good news- Kripa is going to join his academy and Sharma will bring her to Mumbai the following day. Khanna pretends to be thrilled with the news, but in reality is not. After the phone call, Khanna discloses the news to his business partner or PR guy. The guy tells him that the news could help the Khanna's public image and hence boast the sales of Angad's music albums. Khanna is convinced but is worried about what his wife will think. PR guy tells him not to worry as Naina is ready to sacrifice anything for a good public image.
Kripa and her best friend (don't remember her name, sorry) are sitting outside, staring at the stars. Friend tells Kripa she is lucky to be going to Mumbai and meeting with her love, Angad. Kripa says she doesn't expect to win Angad's respect- she just respects Angad a lot and somewhere within that respect lies her love for him.
Kripa's father remembers the time when Khanna left for Mumbai. He remembers him saying that he won't change and will surely call his best friend to Mumbai one day.
At St Peters High School: Kripa and her classmates take part in a pre-graduation (I think) ceremony. The school principal announces that Kripa will not take part in the graduation because she will in Mumbai pursing her dream as a singer. He invites Kripa to come up on stage and sing a song. Kripa sings the Indian Idol theme song. After the song, Kripa's friends join her on stage and wish her the best of luck in Mumbai.
Later on, Kripa comes home from the ceremony. She finds her brother in her room, arranging his toys and stuff. Little brother says he has been waiting for this moment for a long time- to finally get his own room. Kripa gets upset at his being so happy about her leaving and wants to know where her stuff is. She finds it in the closet, all arranged nicely. She hugs her brother for saving her stuff and the two share a nice brother-sister moment.
Gayatri collapses on the sofa and Kripa's father calls out for her. They take her to the hospital, where thankfully Gayatri is okay. She asks Kripa why she is still in Naintal- she should be on the train to Mumbai. Gayatri scolds Sharma for worrying too much about her and tries to assure everyone that she'll be fine in a few days. But Kripa says she isn't leaving. Gayatri finally convinces her to go. But Sharma stays back to care for Gayatri.
Kripa's little brother and best friend drop her off at the train station. On the train ride to Mumbai, Kripa listens to Angad's songs, excited about embarking on a new journey. A thrilled Kripa finally reaches Mumbai. The episode ends with Kripa saying that she is finally in Angad's city of Mumbai and very soon will meet him.
Comments: Tonight's episode was nice and moved fast. There were also some sweet moments between Kripa and her parents. I think the actress that plays Gayatri is doing a fabulous job- she portrays the character very realistically. No Angad today again, boo-hoo ;) I hope he'll be introduced tomorrow or else we'll have to wait until next week. I also can't wait to see the scene when Kripa and Angad meet. It should be a great one. We all know Kripa idolizes Angad but what will happen when she finally meets and realizes the real Angad?  

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KYPH Mar 31 update: Angad makes his appearence 

by sonynyu
The episode starts with Kripa waiting at the train station for the Khannas. She waits for some time but they never arrive. Kripa then remembers that she has the Khanna's home address. She arranges for a taxi.
Before Kripa's arrival, Angad's mother mouths out some orders to one of her assistants about making sure Angad gets the maximum publicity, gives her details about arranging a photo shoot with Indian Idol superstar Abhijeet Sawant. Naina than asks where Anita is- Anita is her niece. About two minutes are wasted on Anita's introduction- she takes her time time getting out of bed, getting ready, applying makeup. Basically another version of Kareena's Poo character in K3G. Anita talks to herself in the mirror, saying no one has the 'perfect combination of both complexion and figure except her'. Naina meanwhile tells Angad's brother they have to go to a lunch, but he doesn't want to. I guess he isn't happy about all the attention his superstar brother gets. Next they all leave for the lunch to help publicize Angad and his music.
Kripa finally arrives at the Khanna mansion. The security guard stops her, telling her she can't go in without an appointment (Just like in the movie Taal) The Butler sees Kripa and remembers Dilip Khanna telling him about Kripa's arrival in Mumbai. He lets the guard know that she is the guest and takes Kripa inside the house. Kripa is in awe by the huge and beautiful house. She asks the butler if she can see Angad's bedroom. The butler says no, as saab doesn't let anyone in his room. Kripa doesn't listen and behind his back goes into Angad's room. She touches his guitar, his shirt and is in complete awe and amazement to be in her idol's room. She hears the butler call out for her and hurries out of the trouble to avoid any trouble. The butler is shown on the phone with Dilip- he orders him to put Kripa in the guest house so Naina won't see her. Butler agrees and takes Kripa to the guest house.
Kripa is happy to be in her new house and room and looks forward to meeting Angad. Later on, she tries to call back home, but alas, she has no luck. She falls asleep and tries to call later on and luckily hears the voice of her family. Kripa talks to her father, brother and mother. Gayatri tells Kripa to take care of herself and an emotional, teary-eyed Kripa says the same to her.
Next scene is in the Khanna house: Kripa tries to look for the family, but the butler tells her they have all left for Angad's concert. Kripa's eyes light up at the sound of Angad's name. The butler starts to feel sorry for Kripa since Dilip and Naina have neglected her despite her being their guest. He also realizes that she is a big fan of Angad. He hands Kripa his concert pass and tells her to go. Kripa sees the name 'Teddy' on the pass. The butler makes up an excuse and says he lost her pass so she can have his. Kripa is thrilled and leaves. She manages to arrange a ride with a tempo and arrives at the front gate on the concert hall. Angad's crazy fans are shown cheering his name fanatically, trying to sneak past the guards into the concert. Kripa realizes she left her concert pass in the tempo, but thanks to the crazy fans, she manages to get into the concert. The gate opens, and they all go running, screaming 'Angad'!
Inside the hall, the fans continue to scream, the adrenaline level increases...Angad, Angad, Angad! And finally, after two long days, Angad's character is finally introduced. With much fanfare and hype, Angad puts on his Harley Davidson jacket, chunky necklace and rings. Flashes of his face, eyes, arms are shown in between shots of the fans cheering, holding up their fan posters plastered with Angad's name. Angad then walks down the stage and starts to dance to the tune from Kaho Naa Pyar Hai- ' Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukara' All the fans including Kripa continue to go wild. Kripa is all smiles to see her superstar idol on stage. Back on stage, Angad continues to imitate Hrithik Roshan, but comes nowhere close to Hrithik's dancing ability. He tries his best but isn't a very good dancer. He continues to charm by taking off his leather jacket, flexes his well-toned muscles on stage, and plays the guitar. At the end of the performance, he runs to the front of the stage, slapping the hands of all the spectators, including Kripa. She can't believe Angad touched her hand and the slow 'Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai' tune plays in the background and the show ends on Kripa's happy face.
Next week: Angad drives back home after the concert. Kripa is shown waiting for him
Comments: Yes, Angad has finally been introduced. Overall, Iqbal is an average dancer and looker. I think Angad's charm lies in his complex character. Right now, we just saw him dancing. Hopefully next week his character will be fully introduced. I definitely look forward to seeing the scenes btw Kripa and Angad. Right now, Kripa worships Angad. I wonder what his reaction will when he meets her?  What will he think of Kripa and her infatuation for him? Also, a lot of new characters were introduced today. Angad's Pooish cousin Anita, who looks like yet another negative character- Angad's brother who seems jealous of his fame and fortune. I don't know, but the show already has so many negative characters and predictable ones too like Naina, Anita, Dilip.

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UPDATE 3/31/05

by indian_spice

Kripa reaches Bombay and is thrilled to meet Angad

*The evil mom and Dad are going to some party for Angads promotion

*Kripa reaches Angads house and there she meets this wierd housekeeper named Teddy. He knows that she was suppose to come so he takes her inside and tells her to sit down and wait and Kripa asks him if Angads room is upstairs and he answers yes and tells her no one is allowed theere because Angad does not like others in his room

*Teddy goes away and Kripa decides to snoop around the place and goes to Angads room and hugs his sweater and finishes a part of his unfinished poem. Teddy calls the security to find Kripa

*Kripa decides to leave and then as she is going down the stairs, Teddy gets a call from Angads Dad telling Teddy to let Kripa in in the outhouse

*Kripa is happy and teddy drops her there

*Kripa is waiting to call her family. She finally calls and talks to them (nothing interesting here).

*She decides to go in the house in search for Angad. Teddy catches her and tells her that the family has gone out to one of Angads concerts. Kripa gets excited. Teddy feels bad about Kripa being Angads #1 fan and the Dad being to mean to her. So he gives her his pass to the concert. And tells Kripa that he lost hers so she can take his.

*She gets really happy. He tells her that he would love to help her cept there are no more cars left for her.

* She decides to catch a taxi but ends up going there in a tempo. She reaches the concert and realizes that she lost the pass. There is a huge crowd outside the gates of the concert waiting to go in.

*Just then the crowd pushes the security guards aside and go in, Kripa goes in w. them

*they show Angad dancing and everyone is screaming. He starts high 5ing his fans and touches Kripas hand


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KYPH - Episode Update for 31st March!

by chillyflakes

Fantastic episode, we finally get to see Angad…..and boy what an entry he made, this has got to be one of the best entries any Lead Character has made!

The episode begins with Kripa (looking so cute and innocent) smiling brightly and coming out of Mumbai Central Railway Station, looking for someone from the Khanna House to receive her. Kripa sees a Car coming by and she is very elated thinking that probably Dilip Uncle and Naina Aunty have come to receive her, but is slightly disappointed when she sees someone else coming out of it. Kripa then cheers up thinking that probably her Father had given the wrong Train information to the Khanna's and that is why noone is there to receive her. Since she has their address, she hires a Cab and leaves for the Khanna House.

On the other hand, Snooty Naina is ordering everyone in the house to get up and moving as Angad's concert is going to take place in the evening and she wants nothing going wrong for that. Dilip is trying to knot his tie, but he is not able to do so and he mutters something in exasperation. Naina makes a sarcastic dig at him and says that he doesn't have to bother with the tie, as nothing will make a difference to his personality. Dilip is majorly irritated but decides to ignore her. Naina then asks Teddy (the cute Butler!) where Anita is, and the scene shifts to someone's bedroom, where a girl is sprawled all over the bed, she gets up in a very sexy manner (I found it a blatant copy of Kareena Kapoor's Poo Act from Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham) and then they show her taking a bath and then putting on make-up and stuff. The background music keeps saying ''Anita…..Anita'' and then this girl, clad in a skimpy outfit putter down and the Camera focuses on her face. (Some new find, very ordinary looking, btw!) Naina is pleased to see her and then asks for Angad's elder brother (could not get his name) who comes by sulking. Naina is very annoyed at him and tells him why is he dressed up in such a shabby way, but its too late for making changes and she wants everyone to reach the Auditorium on time. Naina then orders everyone that she does not want a single thing going wrong for Angad's show and she wants each and every family member to attend it, at this Angad's elder brother scowls and makes a bad face.

In the next scene, Kripa is shown arriving at the Khanna House and is standing outside mesmerized at the thought of meeting and living with Angad, just then the Security guy comes and asks her whom does she want to meet, Kripa tells him that Dilip Uncle was expecting her and that since he did not come to the Railway Station, she took a taxi and came home herself. The Security Guard tells her if she has an appointment with Mr. Khanna, for which Kripa says that she  doesn't but the family is expecting her. The Security Guard refuses to let her in and Kripa is very petrified and confused, when Teddy sees her from the Terrace and thinks to herself that this must be the girl that Mr. Khanna had briefed him about. Teddy goes to the Main Gate and tells the Guard to let her in, Kripa is highly relieved and smiles cheerfully at Teddy. As they go inside, Kripa is shown to be fascinated by the interiors of the house, and keeps thinking that she still cannot believe that she is in Angad's house. Kripa asks Teddy in a shy voice if Angad's room is upstairs, Teddy is kind of amused, but replies in his same, emotionless voice that yes it is upstairs but noone is allowed to go their, and that Angad Baba will be furious if he gets to know someone went to his room. As Teddy leaves her to arrange accommodation for her, Kripa keeps looking upstairs and then in an impulse thinks that it won't harm anyone if she takes a sneak peek at Angad's room from outside and that she won't go inside his room. This scene was simply brilliant, Kripa goes upstairs and stands outside Angad's room and is just awestruck. Her eyes fall on Angad's poster (Iqbal looking absoulutely smashing in a huge blow-up where the focus in only on his eyes and the whole pic is in a blue shade), Kripa is not able to resist the temptation and thinks that she can go inside his room for just a few minutes, and goes inside. The room is full of Musical Instruments, his Keyboard, his Guitar, his Drums, Kripa is totally mesmerized and goes and sits on his Work Table. Her eyes fall on Angad's Music book, and she reads it, where he has apparently written two lines (can't recollect the poetry, but it was a lovely two-liner on meeting the girl of his dreams) but the stanza in incomplete, Kripa reads it and immediately completes the line. Kripa then gets up and notices a sweatshirt of Angad lying on his bed, she picks it up and kisses it, just then she hears Teddy's voice booming from downstairs asking where the girl is. Kripa is suddenly awaken to her senses and rushes out, but realizes that she is still carrying Angad's shirt, she immediately goes inside and puts it back on his bed. Teddy notices that Kripa had gone upstairs but does not react, he tells her that he has arranged a room in the Outhouse as instructed by Mr. Khanna and that she can live there. Teddy seems to feel a little bad for Kripa, as he takes her to the Outhouse, Kripa immediately takes a liking for her room and is very happy and tells Teddy that she has not seen such a beautiful room ever. Teddy smiles to himself and feels pity for the girl thinking that she has come as a guest and Mr. Khanna has put her in the Outhouse and she is not even aware of the snub.

In the next scene, Kripa is shown to fall asleep and when she gets up, she realizes that it is late in the evening already. She calls up Nainital and speaks to her Father and Mother and all of them get very emotional. Kripa tells them that she has been given a lovely room, but unfortunately she has not been able to meet anyone in the family, as she had overslept. After her conversation, Kripa changes into a fresh set of clothes and rushes to the Khanna House assuming that everyone must be waiting for her, she goes to find an empty house, except for Teddy, who tells her that everyone had left for Angad Baba's concert. Kripa is very upset at learning that it is Angad's concert and she will not be able to see it, Teddy feels very sympathetic for Kripa and thinks to himself that she seems to be a huge fan of Angad. Teddy lies to her that everyone was waiting for her to wake up, but finally decided that since Kripa must be tired from the journey, they all left for the concert but left a pass for her. Kripa is overjoyed when Teddy hands over his Pass (so sweet of him) to her and when she asks him why is Teddy written in her Pass, he fumbles and cooks up some story of misplacing her pass and that is why he is giving her his pass and he anyway has a lot of work to do. Kripa leaves for the Concert, she is unable to find any transport and finally takes a lift from some Cargo Truck and reaches the Venue.

The next scene shows the Concert Venue overflowing with Angad's fans and in the ongoing melee, Kripa loses her Pass and is denied entry. Kripa cannot believe her bad luck, but just then, the Crowd goes bersek and they break open the gates and in the ensuing chaos, Kripa is pushed into the Concert Hall.

Angad's Entry!

This scene shows Angad's entry (On Kaho Na Pyaar Hai's song, Sitaron Ki Mehfil Mein Gunjega Tarana) and he was looking like a Greek God, dressed in some Silver and Black Dress. He dances fabulously to the song, and the fans are going crazy over him. He then takes off his jacket and the music track changes. When his performance gets over, Angad waves to all his fans and his hands touches some of his fan's hands, and one of them is Kripa, this scene was so romantic, with Kripa looking at her hand and the title track playing (Kaisa ye pyaar hai) in a soft, mellow tone!

The episode ends on Kripa's love stuck face! The promo of the next episode shows Angad sitting in his swanky Car and drinking away with a hateful, disgruntled expression on his face.

Kripa looked awesome with her lovely Salwar Kameez and you immediately connect to her innocence! She seems to fit the role of Kripa to the T! Angad looked smashing in the scene, will be able to post more comments only after seeing his acting skills. But he does dance very well!

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