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Mohabbat Door Jaane Na Dey (Page 3)

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by UltimateBarun

Muaah Tanu,, for the beautiful analysis, loved your post as mucha sI loved today's show!!

You are right,, off late they did show a little care from Khuhsi's side, like in the green room, n when she thinks he burnt his hand etc,, I would love to see such scenes more, Also Arnav will love to see that! 

I just love this story n I am very happy today!

Zoha, aaj sach mein man khushi ho gaya! Khushi is maintaining her dignity, Arnav's love for her is overpowering every other negative emotion, and Barun looked like a million bucks in that green shirt..What more can I ask for?? Loved it all!Big smile

Thank you for the reply hun..Hug

Originally posted by polly2312

Great analysis!! Loved the epi!!!
Arrey oh CVs, kitne Prakash the??  ... ROFL

Thank you for the reply :)

Seriously, I am not liking how HariPrakash went ahead and got a plastic surgery done overnight..Lakshmi will not like this one bit..LOL

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geno0309 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:15am | IP Logged
TanupooHugbrilliantly written hun!! its like you are living their lives-Khushi and ASR's:) kudos to you doc!:)

-Yes I loved today's episode everything was in sync...ASR's concern for Jhalli, her finally revealing the truth(what was the bigg deal anyway...yes ASR would panic, but so what?...what's with Jhalli taking everyone for granted and ruling their lives?uff!!), ASR realizing his fault, feeling sorry and actually going up to KKG and apologizing, albeit in his own way:), KKG treating ASR the way he truly deserves, ASR missing and pining for her...everything was in sync-kudos to cvs!

-IMO all the above was coz cvs took a breath, retrospected and realised what was missing...they finally realised that if they want to stretch this MU..they need to do so keeping the leads' emotions in mind...and more importantly give the audience a glimpse into that I was able to sympathise with ASR truly(unlike  a phangurl:) coz cvs let me...they gave me a reason by exploring his head...adn yes like you said, they should do that with Khushi too...though I thought today they depicted her turmoil beautifully!
Yes when will she truly realize her love for him, is a different issue!today's am just happy that the cvs have taken a big step towards actually understanding and depicting the psyche of the leads:)

I hope they keep at it and deal with it this maturely!:)

Again great post and beautifully written hun:)

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Rabba-Ve-Delena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
The CVs are listening, it was similar to a checklist for me watching today's episode! I've been begging, begging. begging for reflective scenes of these two, with flashback so we can get insight into what is going on in the minds of the characters. Last weeks and weeks before made everything disjointed but I think the story is no longer derailed as long as they maintain what they showed today. So flashbacksThumbs Up - reflectionThumbs Up and Khushi's indifferenceThumbs UpThumbs Up -finally. I read today a quote which sums up Khushi's situation "- Sometimes a person's silence tells the most deafening story." - beautifully fitting is it not? I think you summed it up with perfection, her pain is in the fact that he can love and she's witnessed the unconditional and caring love he can bestow on another and even on her but instead she's suffering from his wrath, cutting words and his feigned disgust without understanding why... His last words directed towards her again conveyed I think something that his been slowly been building up since the Heer-Rajha confession, Khushi's frustration - Arnav muttering how he hates her presence and how it makes him suffer stroked the flames of her own fiery nature which doesn't want to suffer too.

As for Arnav - superficially first how hot can a man look. Brown is one of my favourite colours so seeing Sobti dressed top to bottom in brown.. dil be dhak dhaking a lot and also the green casual t-shirt to the white jumper and the navyDay DreamingHeart .. anyway the Rabba Ves' are being given their proper use again I hope, they were slowly diminishing their meaning with adding them here, there and everywhere - yesterday was my limit, the staircase scene could have been pretty spectacular had they not inserted the random Rabba Ve chords - but the painful one was absolutely fitting in tonight's epsisode, it mirrored the emptiness Arnav feels without her presence, how she has consumed every ounce of his bedroom and made a space for herself which he has come to miss and long. His reaction today makes me understand a little of his actions yesterday the scene where he watched Shaym and Khushi together but didn't react and understand looked down pain and rejection mixed with anger in his eyes - I think whether Arnav admits it or not, he has a real fear of letting Khushi go out of his sight. Every time he reiterates his hate for her presence is like his self-help method of him telling himself he doesn't like her around when in reality he craves her presence, right or wrong, love or pain.. Ladies and ladies I guessLOL .. I present you
PROMO 4 --  Nafrat paas aane na de, mohabbat door jaane na de. FINALLY! I hope they remain consistent for the trps and for longevity!

Sorry - until exams are over I refuse to write anything so you post has become my let out! But I truly loved this post Tanu! I miss your posts, hopefully when things are back on track it'll be like those two weeks of ArHi bliss, post after post of adoration!LOL

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laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by coldy07

 No, she wasn't jealous, she was just heartbroken to see what she was missing out on, her heart ached with the deepest sense of loss, for her hearts most potent desire, which was to be loved back by the man she perhaps loves the most in the world, would never come true..
The thought that she did something to cause him immense pain is still clawing at her, so if removing herself from his sight can give him some amount of comfort, then so be it..

Loved reading your analysis Clap
I just love the lines in bold. You have brought out her feelings soo well! Smile 
And yeah, I loved today's episode. See it didn't have any trip fall scene, But the I could emotionally connect with the characters. Loved this episode. Embarrassed

I somehow found it as a Heart V/S mind scenario today. 
I made a topic about it, so posting the same here. 

Khushi was hurt, by his actions, at his contrasting nature, and she decided to do what he wanted. Ignore him.  I loved the first scene, where Khushi sees a caring Arnav, wishing deep down, that some day some day he would love her like this, and wondering if he ever would! Her mind saying NO he never will. 

She accepted by her mind, that she was only going to be hated by him, no point expecting anything. 

But her heart longed to be loved by him. His words, I don't even want to see your face, hit her very badly! Cry But I support Khushi in giving him such treatment! Thumbs Up Be brave girl! Smile


Then we saw Arnav coming to know that Khushi and Shyam had gone to buy medicines.

His instant reaction..By the heart! Damn I simply scolded her yesterday'She had gone to buy medicines. Loved Barun's expressions here. The remorse, the awkwardness well portrayed. And no he didn't apologise to Khushi. Said simply, why didn't you tell me last night. You could have. Well this man will NEVER express.

On getting a stern reply, his mind was back to thinking!

Yes so what ? She could have ignored Shyam. But she didn't . She is still behind that creep.


In the room, I loved Khushi's attitude. Doing stuff without making a fuss. Yes she was listening to him, but in her own way!.


I must say' Nahin Khushi Bhabhi yahaan nahin hain, just cracked me up " Love Aman!LOL

Then his mind was thinking and trying to be glad, yes Khushi isn't here. That's great. No more of her blabbering and non sense. But as he lied down all he could think was of Khushi, their dance, her sweet and innocent talk.  I love how Khushi has left a mark in his room. Everywhere he sees Khushi. He slept in Khushi's thoughts and was woken up only by the wind chimes put by Khushi! Heart

Finally the next night, he did go out and was literally searching for her. Imagine when Khushi actually leaves his life, how empty will it be! And I loved how they portrayed the whole thing. It did feel all lonely there. RM also felt lonely! Cry

This was the conflict of between his heart and mind! Heart longing for her, mind refusing to accept  he longed for her! 

True as per the tagline of the serial, Nafrat Paas Aane Na De, Mohabbat Door Jaane Na de. Heart

PS: How was Khushi teaching in the night? Found it a bit strange! It was night only, isn't it, when Arnav was searching for her??



Beautifully put hun :) Yes, Khushi has accepted the fact that he will never love her back, but her heart still yearns for that love, for that acceptance..Her forlorn look said it all when she saw AnJhali and Arnav together..She longed to be loved in the same way, she longed for him to fuss over her, to dote on her too..I felt like giving her the tightest hug then..She is still so young, and dealing with things that are way too complex, way too twisted, for someone of her age..

Arnav, the man is so complex! Loved how he immediately regretted his nasty behaviour the moment he realized she had gone to buy meds for his sister.. His innocent query "Why couldn't you just tell me the truth?" showed us a glimpse of the future, perhaps this is the very question he will ask her again when he realizes she had been innocent all along and that she had hid the tales of Shyam's atrocities from him..I don't know whether or not it was his mind that kicked into action when he thought about why Khushi agreed to go with Shyam..IMO, it was still his heart, or rather the jealousy his heart conjured up, which snarled at the thought of Khushi spending time with Shyam..

Khushi's attitude today, the fact that she removed the clothes from the poolside, she gave him his file, all pointed to the fact that she was not giving him the silent treatment to drive him up the wall, to annoy him further..She really has given up, and like he asked her to, she is simply following his commands blindly..

Oh well, they can try all they want, but their love will always bring them right back to each other..

Once again, thanks for the lovely reply :)

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MadzHhh Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Lovely lovely post!!
Today was a great episode and you summed it up perfectley!!

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Chicane Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
absolutely loved the epi today!!!!
even i would like to see khushi miss him... it would be nice if she also starts warming up...

lovely post Thumbs Up

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Thanks for the post Big smile
Overall this episode was IPKKND ...
For him she has grown on him whether he likes it or not admits it or not...she wormed her way into his heart...his battle is more with himself than her but  she suffers because of it... he will unwittingly take a step forward towards her because he cant help himself...but he forces himself to remember what he thinks happened to pull himself back...till he wins the war ...he will loose the battles...
And today khushi finally did what she  was supposed to have  maintained that stoic silence so he can hear her  loudly and clearly... because its painful to see the man   she is married to capable of so much love for his sister is unable to give her anything but hatred..
This is IPKKND...the turmoil they both are in ... they cant go forward  but they cant go back. ...Love the title Big smile
P.S: Is it only me who thinks individually the episodes have been original and pretty good...but collectively there is no coherence...I feel as confused as khushi and Arnav Ermm.

Edited by mysterieux - 06 April 2012 at 11:41am

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Lovely post Tanu ClapClap ... I loved your analysis of Arnav & Khushi' feelings today  ... You described the scenes beautifully Thumbs Up ...

Big hug for the super decoding Tanu Hug

Thank you ever so much for inserting Khushi's flaskbacks when Arnav's eyes fall on the Salman Khan poster..I would have never lived down the horror of the great ASR staring at Sallu Baba's poster with Rabba Vey in the BG!LOL
 --- This comment of yours had me ROFL ROFL

New Prakash brother on prowl -- HP seems to be on a well deserved break Tongue ... BTW did u notice this new guy seemed to be stalking ASR & kept asking him"kuch chahiye" LOLLOL

Shyamu --- has serious guts man Shocked ... bumping into ASR Shocked ...for a second there I thought Arnav was gonna punch him LOLLOL

I agree with you Tanu -- a lot of times Arnav's feelings are shown on a more intense level than Khushi's ... I would like to see the same from Khushi's POV too though I doubt it will be shown just yet.

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