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Brief Update : 6th April 2012 (Page 6)

OmnipotenceZaxo IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:22pm | IP Logged

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MissMona Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the brief update. Wonderful job Clap.

Wow..what a dance by Purvi. Superb. LOL

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soapwatcher1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Loved Arjun today, what a sweetie, loved the way he looked at Purvi while she kept yapping after the photo, the way he fussed over her when she found the food too spicy, when he protectively stood over her, and the stern half smile he gave her when she looked at him in askance.  Purvi's questioning look turning to that of comprehension when she sees the drunks in the background was superb! 
Not sure why Purvi denied that Arjun was in love with her to the people at the next table and why Arjun nodded his head albeit half-heartedly as his look at her later clearly showed.  Is this girl falling for him or not?  Or is she saying that 'cos she is embarrassed or doesn't want Arjun to know she is falling for him?  I would think if she had feelings for him, she would be confused (much as he was) and remain mum, instead of sounding so sure.  That he has fallen for her hook, line and sinker is a certainty. He has also matured, when that guy was bothering Ovi, Arjun was rash and admitted to being Ovi's boyfriend, this time when the drunks were ogling Purvi, Arjun came across as mature and determined to protect her at all costs.  He could have taken all of them single-handedly but no rashness instead he quickly took her away from the scene.  Clap

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naava IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MissMona

Thanks for the brief update. Wonderful job Clap.

Wow..what a dance by Purvi. Superb. LOL

I thought Purvi was so lovely in that dance...her dress was beautiful and she was so graceful and charming.  Arjun was lost. LOL  When she went to change back into her "office" clothes, i thought he looked so perturbed and "what is happening to me and now what do i do?"  LOL

Anyway, Purvi today was just beautiful and radiant.  

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:36am | IP Logged
that was a lovely dance .I loved all the actions ..They were so soft and like really traditional sort of actions ..I am going to watch it again ..

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bee5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
This is going to be a long post, so, brace yourself guys. Big smile

Originally posted by Tanyaz

I am so glad that you are openly writing your opinion .Please do so ...let me say what I have to say but you say whatever  you want and what you believe in ...
Say , if I don't like Manav these days then so what ...I am sure there are others who find more plus points in him than anyone else ...and if they believe in this character then they should say so Jai does and I love this about him ...He stands up for this character and has faith in him ...
  Thank you.
  As for me, I don't think there is only plus-points about either Manav or Archana and neither do they have all of minus-points. They have their fair shares of mistakes, so if I have to stand-up, I would for both. Haan, if there is a positive guy, until now, it has to be DK. (I pray CVs don't start chopping him off next).
  And thanks for setting things straight for me about Jai Embarrassed, Sorry, Jai, I just assumed everyone out here are the ladies LOL. Had my doubts but didn't know how to ask.Big smile

  I don't get hassled by differing view points. Anyway, more the people form teams, gang up against each other about Archana, Manav, the more good it is for the show. LOL That means the story is being talked-out, discussed, and kept in circulation. What more can the show makers ask for... LOL

Originally posted by Tanyaz

The rishta between Manav and Purvi is so beautiful ...there are no lies there ..Just see them from the begining , they have trusted each other and liked each other from the first time they met ...They have just got on , right from the word go ...and the feelings are so genuine from both sides ...
Actually I will have to give some credit here to Archana ...she was the link between these two , there is no blood connection ..but all that love that she put in Purvi's heart for Manav from the time when Purvi was a child has now blossomed like  a big beautiful tree full of fragrant flowers ..
It reminds  me of a song of my fav movie Amar Prem ..
This woman had a strong relationship with a child and she gave him a lot of love when he had no one ..When he grew up , he came back for her and the little plant he had planted as a child had blossomed into a beautiful tree full of flowers ...
Have a look at this video and it will remind you of Manav and Purvi ...
Archana kept giving this little plant lots of love and made the bond between Manav and Purvi stronger and stronger with love
The credit of this lovely relationship between Manav and Purvi also goes to Archana ...
It should have been Sachin and Archana  here but unfortunately , sachin 'e heart was fed  with hate over the years and not with love like Purvi's ...

Tanyaz, you are so right about the special relationship in 'Amar Prem'. I have watched 'Amar Prem' long time back when I was young, must have watched till Sharmila's character doting on  the neighbor's child  and dozed off there after. Next day morning my mom told me the rest of the story and I remember having tears in my eyes knowing how the boy grows up (Vinod Mehra) and comes back to take care of the stranger who had showered him with all the motherly love she had. Very very beautiful relationship. 

This also reminds me of a real-story that they showed on Crime-Patrol a few months back about how an unmarried Hindu guy who makes his living selling tea in small town in UP decides to take care of a 3 yr old Muslim boy he once finds in a park barely in a survival state. The guy with his meager earnings took care of his medical expenses and later took care of all his needs, gave all his love, educated him both from regular school and from a maulvi so that the kids religious faith is intact, even decided against his own marriage. When the boy was 12, a journalist visiting his tea stall comes to know of this unusual relationship, was so impressed that she ran a story on National TV. That is when the real parents came out claiming the child causing heart-breaks to the child, to the man and the real-parents ecstatic about finally finding their long lost child. DNA test proved the fact that they were in fact the real parents. To win the case, they even slapped a kid-napping case against the man and brought in the religious angle, but the best thing was the court's ruling due to the real-parent's background and the good upbringing the man gave the child. Court refused to displace the child from his foster father. The real parents lost the case even in high court and now they have appealed with the Supreme Court. Yes, it is a devastating fact for the real-parents, the boy and the man, but I was happy with the outcome. I cried loads watching that story. Smile

Originally posted by Tanyaz


The credit of this lovely relationship between Manav and Purvi also goes to Archana ...

Okay, I wouldn't give all the credit of that to Archana alone, the same way a parent alone cannot be blamed if a child does something untoward or the parent can't claim all as their credit when the child is successful. The effort has to be from both sides. The giver has to give and the receiver has to receive, only then it would survive. What Purvi is today is equally because of the good foundation she was given and also her own effort to stay in that path. 

Archana did a great job raising Purvi. She did instill good things about everyone and everything while her real daughter's innocent minds were being poisoned by their grand-mother. I wouldn't blame Manav either for this because, he might have been hardly there for them and he himself believed the lies his mother told, so there was no chance he could tell anything good about his wife to his children. That is understandable for me, the same way it is understandable for me when she thinks she can sacrifice Manav for Sachin, because I do not see selfish-ness in this act of hers. 

Originally posted by Tanyaz

Ankita for me , can give any bollywood heroine a tough cmpetition  also she is so graceful and dignified as Archana ...She is a mix of Rekha and Madhuri Dixit ...Asha is also pretty ..

Ankita is a good actor, but she is even better dancer, much , much better.
In the recent past, I liked the scenes where Archana wanted to so badly meet Manav after 18 yrs. She brought out the desperation, the eagerness, the internally teenager-ish giddy-in-love with the husband even after 18 yrs, all coming out, that restlessness, happiness, joy knowing no-bounds was so so good. She simply stole the show in those episodes. All that finally ending when she burns those old memories captured in the pictures. I could feel her pain. It was devastating for me as a viewer.

Now, you see, I can stand-up for both Manav and Archana and also for Hiten and Ankita LOL I definitely commend Hiten for taking up the role of Manav which was taken to the heights of popularity by a different actor. Doing that is not easy, more over most of the time Manav is barking at Archana for his own mistake of believing his mother. At the same time I commend Ankita for carrying on as Archana. There are actors who exited out if they have to play mothers of grown-up children. So, her younger look is something I can overlook in the bargain.

About Arjun-Purvi Scenes from friday's episode:
The hand that lingers a little while more after he puts the coat on her was good.
His lovey-looks to Purvi as always - good.
I have noticed and think that Rithvik is very particular about neatness. In the holi episode when they come to freshen-up to Purvi's house, the way he is finicky about where to keep his jacket later lays it neatly on the arm of the chair. In the episode after the engagement fiasco and his dowry offer to Vinay, at home he is worried sick about Purvi, again his suit is neatly folded and placed on the bed :-)
The reason I mention the coat is because I knew Purvi is going to go for dancing, so i was sitting there wondering what would happen to the coat? Is she going to hand over the coat to him before she goes or what and i was pleasantly surprised to see how the coat was directed to fly off and land in his arms before the girls pull Purvi for the dancing. Good! It came out looking very natural.
Purvi's dance moves - soft and graceful. Especially the point where she walks within the dance steps looking at Arjun. Very graceful.
Wonder what he is going to do with the pictures he took. I want these (pics) to land in DK's hands ASAP :-)

Okay, which dumb girl in the real world doesn't understand that a guy is having some feelings for her from the way Arjun looks at Purvi? Okay, okay, Purvi, I understand you are a belongs-to-the-middle-class-and-does-not-look-for-a-guy-herself kinda girl. I wonder if there are anymore such girls left in Mumbai these days LOL

While at it, let me get off 1 more thing from my chest - i would like to give a big shout-out to Meghana Amal, the creative-head of PR.The way you and your team have been developing Arjun-Purvi's story is very good. These days when heroines jump and prop themselves in hero's arms, the subtle love-story developed for Arjun-Purvi keeping them within their limits is commendable. Yes, as a viewer there are things like wanting Arjun to come clean about Ovi etc, but I understand it is required for the story telling. There are times where I have left the show getting bored, but when there is substance in the script (R.M Joshi), the screenplay that is developed is very good and worth mentioning is the Direction. I especially like the camera angles they get for the scenes (I have mentioned this a long time back too). The innovative camera angles that are there is this show are exceptional compared to other shows I have seen. I am not a film-making student and my profession is far far away from any creative field, but I think for a film-making student the direction that is in PR is resource-ful. One can learn a lot from it. Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow content-wise, but appreciation for the team was long overdue from me. Not easy to keep the story going for 3 long years and yes, there would be lot of pressure of being the top show for a channel, so take a pat, Great job all of guys and good luck. Ekta should definitely be proud of the team she has. 

p.s: If someone reading this is associated with PR, please pass the message on.

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bee5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Loved Arjun today, what a sweetie, loved the way he looked at Purvi while she kept yapping after the photo, the way he fussed over her when she found the food too spicy, when he protectively stood over her, and the stern half smile he gave her when she looked at him in askance.  Purvi's questioning look turning to that of comprehension when she sees the drunks in the background was superb! 

askance - Yes, that was one of the best scenes of the episode for me. So simply done.
A while back she is in such high spirits, dancing, beaming with joy, going bonkers over getting a photo clicked, outrightly rejecting there could be anything between an employee and her boss to the (Parsi?) couple in the next table and yet, there she was so subtly trying to know why her boss is standing like that and then understanding the reason for it by the slightest tilt to her head and then even understanding what that could mean about her boss (a protective and a dependable person)! There were no questions asked, no explainations given, no OTT drama,  yet, the scene conveyed the entire incident to Purvi and to the viewers. Simply superb! Clap That scene itself was so small, if one blinked, they would miss it. 

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Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
hahahaha Bee you thought I was a lady even though my name is suggested "Jaishankar"...ROFL ROFLROFL,,,Geek,,,There are few guys in the forum like me who watch PR...(well we are those kinds who like to watch n enjoy simple realistic love story, well once upon a time it was simple realistic of course...ROFLConfused...)
I just PM'ed you a reply back to it...LOL
Credit to the entire PR cast for making audience watch them every day...Sushita dominated with their outstanding chemistry but were well supported by all the other cast who did a wonderful job...Post leap new actors are doing a great job and Hiten, Ankita are outstanding wit their performances again...Entire PR cast including from lignt boy to director to actors deserve credit for running daily soap for 3 years..Its a commendable effort indeed...
Wonderful analysis there Bee...That was a very positive and nice post...A post coming up from a fan who sees things unbiased and wants more positivity in the show..
We all have been criticizing the CV's/Ekta for the pathetic storylines but you analyzied the other part of it and gave them due credit needed...Nice post BeeThumbs Up...

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