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Khushi...Poignant Dignity!! (Page 17)

eveline IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by S.Stephy

Eveline, I seemed to have missed your post...

That scene between Arnav and Anjali that Khushi witnessed and that one dialogue that Khushi uttered has shown that Khushi too yearns for Arnav's love. Deep down, she too wanted her love being reciprocated.
she has more cause to yearn than most...havin lost her parents at an early age and the love she received from her current family..kind of conditional with her good checks...obedience..etc...

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SoShy Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eveline

Originally posted by SoShy

Originally posted by eveline

Originally posted by SoShy

Very well written. I felt for her today... many of us felt for her today..thankfully!!
Her silence is killing him, I so wish she'll continue this for while, Arnav needs to realise just how much he misses her and her craziness...
I just hope they dont go back to some comedy (not that I don't enjoy the comedy part..)
her silence...her quite obedience...her lack of all is registering and hopefully registers more in his heart and mind...he has to realize her true worth...and knowing Khushi...I am sure Monday she is up to her crazy antics..with her in this show...tears two days in a row..would be too much..LOL
I agree...
the show wouldn't be the same without Kushi and her craziness...
eveline IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 April 2009
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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anurao.66

Kushi has been getting a raw deal from everybody right from the beginning. She does not have love of her parents, the adopted ones are very selfish. Shyam and Arnav have taken her for a ride. I feel very bad for Kushi because she always things about the good of others and does not get a little bit of love shown to her from the person who matters.

Life is too short, Enjoy it to the fullest


Khushi wants someone who loves her for herself..for everything...may it be her crazynss..her OTT..the whole payal said once only a mad man like you can love you...ASR the sanes of all (thats what he claims)..fell for her...but now...waiting for the day when this lonely girl finally gets the love she deserves from this mad man...Smile

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eveline IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
@FairyLiquid...ur response made my efforts and thoughts worthwhile...thanks..Clapand sorry for the delay ...i was caught up in the weekend...right now sneaking and peeking...Wink
Digressing...but..a few years back there used to be singing shows on TV...wherein...inspite of females being really superior and talented...the good looking men or forget that just the males won...inspite of judges repeatedly requesting the viewers to be fair...a caustic but truthful judge bluntly said...women...please for once, vote for ur kind..(as most of us know the majority of these voters are females)..go figure...
Its not only in this show...its it what a very popular actor and very married ...father of two gets away with...and no decrease in his popularity...hey he is a man and an actor..what can u expect..(but he is hot..lets get that straight)...or tv actors...they can be anything in personal lives..(biggest cheats...moraless..dumpsters)..but if he is hot..he is still worshipped...and all of this forgiving and overlooking happens at the hands of the we are such a big hearted gender...aren't we??...i have wondered time and again..whats with there a dearth of good looking men...why are we so desperate...why so happy to overlook the basics of decency...?? Maybe like Khushi we are ever optimistic...or we always believe...he maybe a rake but true love will change him..ROFL??
Surprise...i could understand my grandmom keeping that gender biased attitude...but most of the girls in this forum are young...this generation...educated...plenty actually residing abroad...and still...LOL...our grandmas soch in packing nayi...
Time and again i have been shocked by the views expressed in this forum...whether it be about what a hottie can get awaay it...about khushi so called playing with men..about her dabba service and their views on dignity of labor...or how biased we all are when it comes to the leading man vs leading woman of the show...yes...the moment the redemption starts...arnav gets out of whatever meagre fire he has been under...and this forum will be having a Khushi Bashing Fest in full swing...hope to see u then on this side of the fence..desperately needed..Wink
And your imagination is superb...funny yet sarcastic..a mirror that reflects the bitter but hilarious true state of this forum..please do me a favor...turn ur response into a post...ur thoughts on this show sans khushi deserves a ton more readers than what u got here...please...Thanks...

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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 12:01pm | IP Logged


Lol I was at loss for words over your comment about my usage of words like your mum LOL

Yes their relationship is exactly that emotionally incestuous and to a certain extent I can sympathize with Shyam wanting to seek fresher pastures. It can be scary for either partner of the siblings to get caught up in between them. PTSD I do understand Family emotional blackmail yes but then I guess their dysfunctional dependence on each other after the trauma they jointly underwent has led to this sort of unhealthy closeness, That trauma better be worth justifying their dysfunctional dependence as and when and if the CV's ever decide to go on that track


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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
@Green Arrow and
@ Ashu
Thank youSmile
Yes so trueSmile

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FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

Evie Happy EasterSmile and don't worry we all have our commitments and I do hope you had a lovely weekend! Please call me Swathi!

I love that line of yours our grandmas soch in packing nayi!ROFL


So true and thank you so much for your lovely affirming words. I always do look forward to your posts every night but sometimes owing to work/ family issues many a time I have not been able to post a comment and I was really happy that for this post I had the time and opportunity thanks to the Easter Weekend.

I will definitely take up your suggestion and convert it into a post this coming week and thanks for giving me that confidence. And yes I really want to be here when that redemption bit starts and all the howling starts off.LOL


I still am not able to understand this hero worship and hysteria over hot looks that is going on here and elsewhere. Yes the guy is hot so what? It does not mean spending every living moment updating his ratings/ going after any one who dares to write something seen remotely as opposing him in other sites ( there is something called freedom of expression people and from the looks of it some of you have way too much time on your hands if that is all your day is filled with doing-trolling)/going after posts that dare to question his actions/ attack his co actor-character/ writing reams and reams of dedications to the most silliest of his actions and doings  and so on. He is not their actual boyfriend husband fiance partner toy boy personal property so am at a loss over this kolaveri of theirs.Confused I don't see any monetary/ academic/spiritual/ life enhancing benefit in this mass hysteria – Arnav the character to a certain extent I can understand but BS not really (Both are synonymous here) and while there is nothing wrong with him- he is a beautiful male specimen  but with one major drawback- legally he is another woman's man so that thought should serve as a brake for the single young ones in the form. It does for me at least. I would rather expend my energy on some one single and real and in my orbit but then I find this whole celebrity worship concept totally alien to me so I guess I cannot really say much  except for myself. (And to all you Trolls out there this is just my POV and not to be twisted as something akin to bashing)


My own life experiences have helped shape my own thinking and the essence of spirituality and all that it holds is very much a part of my life so for me personally looks are not on top of my list but more on what kind of man is he inside- how is he with children animals senior citizens people from a different economic and work strata etc. People forget that time is a vicious enemy and today's sexy derriere is tomorrows sagging butt, today's luscious silky head of hair is tomorrows bald spot and today's wash board abs are tomorrows paunch so yes for me at least it is more essential to want  a person having redeeming qualities as a human being that will make living in harmony heavenly than anything else. But then again my/our sort of thinking is in the minority Sigh!


Have a great weekend and catch you during the week



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SanzBarbie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

What an absolutely soul searching and heart wrenching post I had lump when I read what you wrote. ClapClapI have been sort of feeling lackadaisical over the serial over the last couple of weeks and watch what I want while fast forwarding what I don't want to see. I did not do that yesterdaySmile

For all her bravado histrionics and putting on a happy face, that mask slipped yesterday and the real KKG yearning and desiring to be wanted by some one especially him came out. Everyone is engrossed about feeling sorry for Arnav and his past that they forget she too has an equally tragic past all the more so being terribly young and a girl to boot so you can imagine the kind of taunts and abuse she must have endured growing up as an unwanted baggage The only saving grace being that an step uncle and step daughter became as good as her real father and real sister. I have loved the way that bond was portrayed and maintained till date anyway not to digress from the subject but many posts were all about his pain and how wonderful it was that she was not there. I can bet my last rupee when the whole redemption bit starts there will be an official period of deep 24/7mourning in the forum and she will be on the receiving end of all their frustrations and anger. Already some posts have come up dreading that day and it made me wonder how blind some people are for as long as the guy is absurdly hot then everything is kosher. They want her to seek his forgiveness but he should not lose his arrogance by forgiving Go figure! Makes me wonder what serious issues they must be evading in life

There were some catty comments yesterday about how they wish they would only show ASR in all upcoming episodes and nothing more so I had an epiphany- a fantastic new idea to increase ratings change TRPS and bring out a whole new concept in entertainment and change IPKKND forever

The Arnav show and its plot lines-

There will be plenty of emotionally incestuous moments between Anjali and him every single day- Shyam has become completely emasculated seeing he is a third wheel and that has taken care of any threat to Anjali from any other woman- remember there is no Khushi here

There will be Maami and Mama moments only -No khushi so ergo no Payal

Lots of Bromance between Arnav and Akaash ( No payal)

Highlight of each and every episode (as there is no Khushi to spoil the party) -Everyday routine of ASR ' arise exercise eat work at office/ work at home sleep  then arise' a virtual groundhog track the only difference the day and date does change

We will all be privy to designer casual wear worn by ASR as he gets up every day one for each day of the week- sponsors will make a beeline

While wearing the latest in jogging suits he will give health bytes on how to maintain a sound mind and body all the while running so another highlight will be the sweat dripping and making many swoon in ecstasy.

We will get to know the latest in IT technology since he loves his blue tooth and cell phone- so every time there is a launch of a new product we get to see him use it as an endorsement

He loves using his laptop so every time a new I pad is launched or a new tablet we see him using it as he busily works by the pool side by his bed side on the coffee table ' the myriad working angles of ASR ready for upload

Others will chat around the dining table while he will sport a perpetual hound dog look- except when his Di talks. His impatient rolling of the eyes and arch of the eyebrows will make many squirm with delight

There will be a book segment every couple of nights with him doing a soliloquy on what he had read and understood and then a shot of him retiring to bed. Everyone can buy the book online at the SP site

There will be Lavanya but only when convenient and never in his life constantly - No Khushi ergo no compulsion to prove a point and she will be brought out whenever there is a party or he has the need but again no one will mind here since he is not at all into her in any way so no bickering no snickering and no jealousy

See what a difference this show will make and how much peace will reign in the forum!Smile

 As for Khushi I see her in a new show managing her fathers sweetshop while doling out sweet advise to one and all and constantly being surrounded by people who really like being near her because of her inner spark and yes she will attract the attention of men not because she is beautiful or easy on the eyes but because of her warm nature. Her show will deal with a middle class girl's angst and will show how even if life gives you lemons how to make lemon jalebi sandesh and jamun ' a great show for one and all. Thankfully the forum will be different and again peace will reignSmile

I am not particularly a fan of just one character but watch for both but hell sometimes the bias makes me also go lopsided out of sheer cussednessWink You made a very powerful comment ' even the viewers seemed to have abandoned her and I really am one hundred percent behind you on that. Eveline I have always felt that SI has always been shortchanged in her portrayal of Khushi and as a result ended up being on the receiving end of many silly ASRoholics rants. Many don't get it that the reason why ASR shines so much is she allows him to retain the dignity of that role by taking on the less than stellar dialogues and farcical multidimensional parts to keep the serial going through the days weeks and months. What a waste of a powerhouse of a talent and an infinitely superior actor.

 Thank you for this very poignant post

Take a Bow for this ever sensible and superb post which was such a delight to read on Clap Clap...
second u with every highlighted point...
I request ur gracious presence and valuable words to those obnoxious posts which will be made when ASR's so callded redemption will start made by the droolers and teeny-boopers who claim to UNDERSTAND (!) his character a lot and justifies every inhumane acts of him which are not redeemable in my point of view...

As for Arnav-Anjali mollycodlling, unhealthy, clingy of a tract, yeah for a peace of my mind while roaming in the forum only for reading brilliant FFs and OS and for my diversion from this show in daily life that will be a great idea coz I simply watch this show for Khushi's never-ending spirit and positiveness and her equation with Arnav not ASR, and I simply abhor incestuous relationshipLOL then I can easily switch to Khushi's sweet sweet-shop show which will bring my peace of mind too coz I am sick of seeing badly hurt Khushi everyday by ASR's abuse and tauntsSmile

And Last but not the least I simply ADORE SaNaYa IrAnI and I totally agree with ur last point..
she is much more talented than to portray Khushi in this serialClap

And FairyLiquidSoap I love u for making the post...Smile

And I love u Eveline for making this topic, writing it so poignantly I had a lump choked in my throat getting emotional while reading itSmile

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