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GoldenEyes Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
great update! it was worth waitingSmile
Loved how Arnav protected Khushi from media not showing her face

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
omg finally everything is cleared up...loved it...thnx 4da pm...

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masaf59 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
great part loved it thanks for the pm!

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jblueday Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Dancing relieved that the misunderstandings and pains are finally over, or is it not?Confused now arnav getting naughty with khushi showering her with all of his love will khushi be able to bear it?Wink
continue sooon...Big smile and thanks for the pm dearSmile

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UV_Arshi Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 8:49pm | IP Logged

Hey...nice update...loved all the display of affection, emotions and desires..khushi trusts him, believes him..thats great progress! Now we'll see the love blossoming,  blooming i guess...loving it! Thanks for the PM!

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emistry IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
finally!!! awesome awesome!!! Love their making up session!! 

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sheun Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged


"What eww?

Come here'''."


Another 15 minutes later, Arnav comes down, hand in hand with Khushi, pulls her close, one arm around the small of her back, Khushi comes down, flustered and red.

Trying to sooth her cloths down and pat the new wrinkles flat with on hand.


Arnav guides her to his room in the pent house.








The elevator comes:


"Oh ! its you. Was it you last night?"


Bell boy:

"Umm..sir, I am not sure what you are referring to, I was not on duty last night. Sorry."



"Hmm. No problem."


Khushi looks up at him with surprised eyes.

Arnav , nods his head and pulls her  a bit more close.

They come down from the elevator and heads towards his room.


"Last night, when you came to my room, it's the night before last night. When you came back with me from the observatory, I thought I was in daze.

(H a ha ha')I thought I am hallucinating, so I asked the elevator boy to see if you are real or not. He was taken aback, more than I was.

He said he did not see anyone."


Arnav smiles a bit more and proceeds towards his room.


"Arnav ji!

No, it wasn't me. It was my ghost.  (Ha ha') ' were dreaming.

What was she wearing? A white saree? The one you tore off?



Yes yes'laugh at my expense. Well, ok I tore off a saree. So what?

I will get you the exact same one. Ok?

And yes I need the address for your tailor, the one who made the pink blouse, or the blue one with the pink butterfly saree."


Khushi very surprised, looks at him in wonder,

"I can't believe you even remembered the color of my saree.

You are crazy, you know right? Why would you want his address?

He made a mess of my blouse. And I will need to alter it. Who makes such a big neckline?


Arnav smiles a wicked smile.

"Umm may be I liked what I saw, that's why I need his address, so he can ruin more of your blouses."


As the words came out, Arnav stiffens up in his track.  In his mind he swiftly thinks that he might have said a bit too much and given her the wrong impression.


At the words came out, Khushi stiffened up as well. She was turning pink, deep pink and then red.  She held her head down and started to admire the tiles under her feet.


Then looking away, giving full attention to her bare feet.



Arnav shoots a glance at her and says

"what?" you ok?

I did not mean to ''"



"Arnav ji! I do not have any shoes or sandals on.

Oh! I did not notice before'" she smiles and eases the situation.


"Oh My!

Terribly sorry. I lifted you up and didn't even notice. And you walked from the car to here barefooted?

Why did you not tell me or let me carry you?"


Khushi laughs out and jokes:

"I was so lost in you that I didn't notice."


Saying that:

She freezes at the new expression of her feeling being let loose without hesitation. She tries her best to escape the awkward feeling of confessing out in front of him: she thinks quickly and smiles:

" OK Arnav Ji!

I have no sandals.

Carry me. Now?"


Saying the words, she starts to hurry and walks pass the hallway.


With her stunned astonishment Arnav scoops her up in a second and starts to walk.

Khushi astounded with disbelief.



"Uffo! I was just joking, please put me down. I can easily walk.

They have two inch think silk carpeting here. Please. I was just joking."

Arnav walks with a tormenting Khushi blabbering over the fact of her being carried by him.


Walking to the door, he drops her down slowly.


"Here you go. Walk baby, I would never let you go barefooted again. Alright?

My bad!!"


He swipes in the key and smiles.

"Ok, you go first, I will follow."


He takes her hand and very gently pushes her into the main living room of the pent house.




Khushi steps in.




What she sees makes her into a sculpted statue of a girl. She is astounded, ecstatic, elated.

She looks around and then some more. She looks back and forth between a smiling Arnav and the room upfront. Then she sighs.

From no where: A single drop glistens her eyes and then glistens her cheeks.

She steps in. mouth opened, eyes widen, heart leaping, her hands raise to her mouth on their own and she lets out a shriek cry of joy.

"aaa '..AAA !

                                            Aaa'.AAA!!!!!! "



The entire room is filled with a heavy, musky, floral aura. The air is heavy and intoxicatingly fragrant.

The room is a shade of deep pink, red, light red, blood red, magenta, crimson, ruby red, cherry red, maroon, dark maroon, fresh maroon, wine red and burgundy.

Each and every surface, each and every table, each and every plane level is filled with vases.

In them there are hundreds of roses stacked neatly into mesmerizing arrangements. .

Reds: Of every hue possible to be found in planet earth.

Big, round, rosy, tall, short, with leaves, with no leaves, buds, full bloom : every variety:


She steps into the midst of RED.


Arnav keeps his eyes on her, standing still at the doorway, letting her full access to enjoy : absorbing each of her delight, captivating each of her sighs, capturing each of her mesmerized glances.

Each of her movement transforms into a delight for him, an achievement!

He stays dazed at her beauty.



She steps and glides her hand on each and every vase. Small, big, bigger, flat, high, filled, watered. She sniffs and smells the roses. The glow from each flower adds a bit more to her smile. She starts to glow red amongst.

Another pearl drop rolls out.

She steps in the middle of the hallway, beside the hugest vase, having more than 500 pieces of the biggest roses ever. Smells the roses once more and then exhales heavily.


She looks at Arnav and presents him a smile that is worth each and every rose ever bloom.



He misses a heartbeat. His whole world finds s a new meaning.

He feels alive, animated and living.

He freezes on spot and nods to her with a smile.


Khushi sighs a deep breath and starts to walk towards him, slowly, gradually speeding her pace.

One step and the other followed.

Then: She starts to run.

She starts to run towards him.



Before Arnav could react or predict the future, Khushi flies into him and gives him a hug, she wraps herself around him, making him, hers.

Then after couple minutes, tip toeing herself, towards him, holding him in her arms, she tries to make him lower towards her.

Khushi speaks:


Come close nah!! "


She tucks her hands around him and pulls him lower in the next instant. And smacks a speedy kiss on his cheek.

Then she smiles.


Arnav again misses a beat. And gulps a big one.

He tilts.

Tries to balance himself coping up with the sudden show of emotions that were delicately locked and hidden all these days. He feels overwhelmed of her showing so much of warmth.

 He misses a step. He steps back on the wall behind and balances both, cuddled up in four .

She lets out a big laugh.



" What Mr Arnav Sing Raizada? Falling?

Balanced  by a silly girl?

Oh! What will the people say?" h a ha ha'.


Arnav smiles and says:

"People will say, Mr Arnav Sing Raizada, fell, fell into the depth of a non-ending well.

Deep deep down in the soul of a silly girl, who instead saved him from drowning, from throwing away the most precious matter, from making the biggest mistake of his silly, meaningless  life."


Khushi's smiles vanishes with the gravity of his voice.

She settles in his arms and looks at him with newly renewed attention.

Arnav smiles and takes her more closely in his arms. Puts a hand on her head and pat her down on his chest. Her face tucked into his chest, head resting on his shoulders, he places a soft kiss on her forehead and then closes his eyes into her hair.



"Khushi !

I ..I am so 'so '.I was so stupid.

I never meant to say those words.

Do those things'.I was about to lose you forever

I was about to lose the most precious thing , the most valuable person who ever mattered.

I was'.. ''" he stammers.



"Arnav JI !

Please, please.

Stop. NOW.

Or  I will start crying and then messing up the night. Please stop.

Not now.

I know there is a lot to say, lot to do, lot to clear.

I have many many things to tell you. And I know you do too.

But please, not now."


She pulls her close and hugs him again.

She pulls her chin up and smiles at him, winks and says:

"Please let me enjoy the moment. Live the night and just be with you.

I do not want to deal with any more 'I mean'.let's just put a stop to it and just forget it for tonight.

Ok?  Um'.

When did you plan all these?

You don't like roses, so why are there so many?

I wonder how many roses might be here? Love it'I am so , so happy. I cannot explain. Thank you Arnav ji!

Thank you.

This is just awesome !!! "


Khushi smiles and brings back Arnav to a lighter mood.

He smiles and says:

: "You like red roses, so I asked Mr Mehta to get some flowers.

I said red, but he gave me a number of fifteen varieties of colors. I wasn't sure which shade, so I ordered 1000 of each color.

Rest of the math you do.

I called the hotel up while coming to your motel. They had 2 hours to arrange everything, so I guess it's ok, for now.

Will get you more flowers soon.



" Oh Khushi!

Close your mouth, why do you seem so surprised?

This is nothing.

Uff! The rose bee will go inside and examine your teeth'lol' not be so surprised,


Wasn't it enough?

You don't like the colors?"


He touches her face and closes her mouth with his hand.


Without a warning or symptom the storm washes over Arnav once again.

Khushi jumps up and holds him down. Almost slams him on the back wall and She crushes herself once again on him and kisses him with all she have.

A big , big smooch on both cheeks, his forehead, eyes, and lastly a soft one on his lips.



A  almost jumping Khushi, then turns around and examines each flower, with great care.

A almost panting Arnav ,  then turns around and examines his heart stealthily , with great care.

: Just to believe that what's happening is for real and not one of his dreams.


After 20 minute of admiring, she finally steps in the room.




" Arnav Ji!

I will need a pair of sandal from my luggage. Also I am very hungry.

 Can we go to eat? I am dying out of hunger.

Only thing I had was last night's dosa. was good nah? Also I will need cloths. This one's ripped.

Can we go out for''.?"


Arnav puts a hand on her open mouth and stops her from speaking:


Please do not say Dosa!"

ha ha ha'.'



" H e he'I promise I will not say dosa again !

Anything will do.

Umm'you like Pizza ?

Ok pizza it is then.

And you are paying.

I have no cash on me." She winks .



"OK let me check,  in my wallet I have only 50 AUD. Sorry, no money for food. Every thing I had, I spend on the flowers.

What will we eat now?"


Khushi looks at him, almost in disbelief, but with a little bit of confusion.

Arnav smiles and pokes her cheeks.


Smiles a bit more and then takes his phone out.

And says:

" Khushi! Lets check, what's the status of your luggage. Then we can plan.

You want to go out or eat in?

I can arrange what ever you want.

Let me check"



" Hello ! Mr Mehta! Where are you? Ok. Thanks."


" Khushi !   They are on their way coming up .

You go ahead and get yourself settled. I will send your stuff in your room.



Khushi jolts up a bit, hearing about "YOUR room". She looks around and remembers that Arnav's pent house has two bedrooms.

Arnav examines her and clears the question, lurking in her face.


He takes her hand into his and says:


I want you to stay in the adjoining bedroom, I will make it anyway you want and tell the maids to decorate it as you like. You will be comfortable. Alright?  

Now you go and take a look for yourself. There is another arrangement of flowers of your choice."


Without giving her, much room to dwell on the factor of having two bedrooms and staying separately, he leads her to her own room.


He holds her hand and guides her into the bedroom.


Arnav leaves her hand and signs her to go in.

Khushi signs back: "Why?"

He squeezes her hand  abit more and then , open the door and leads her in.


Khushi :


"AAA'''''.aaa''love it.

Oh my god !!! Oh my God!!!

More roses?

Are you insane?"

How many did you buy?

The entire house is smelling like a garden."




Ok, I understand, that you like it, but where is my fee?


A bewildered Khushi stays dazed yet again.

Arnav slides in and says:

"Where is my fee? The thing you gave after seeing the first room?

MY kiss ?

You gave me seeing the first room, so it's a new room and a new flower arrangement, so where's is my payment?"


Khushi starts to become red again, slowly proceed towards Arnav and then closes her eyes.

He scoops her in and gently lets a small one on her lips.

They hold one another, until the bell rings and the luggage are brought up.



Mr Mehta:


"Oh hello! Mam ! nice to finally meet you.

How are you feeling?

Hope the reporters did not bother you too much."


Mr Mehta and Khushi is along in her room. The door is half closed, Arnav just stepped out to attend a phone call.


Mr Mehta peeks at Khushi and smiles. Then he peeks back at the half open door.

"Madam ! please do not be alarmed, but I needed to speak to you in private.

It's very urgent. And I beg you, do not tell Sir about it.

I need to'..."


Khushi almost gets taken aback, with the suddenness of the situation and what Mr Mehta was about to say. But looking at him and his surrendered face, she looks up and turns her head towards the door.

Arnav is looking at Mr Mehta. ( a bit of anger, confusion and dominance in  his eyes clearly visible)


Mr Mehta:

"Actually Madam! I wanted to tell you that, if you go downstairs, near the sea, please do keep an eye on the waves. The coastal area is very wellknown for shark attacks and jelly fish stings. And the waves can sweep in some jelly fishes. Its nothing alarming. Just wanted to mention.

Oh I am sorry, I really did not mean to scare you off or start in a wrong state."


He hurries and finishes his speech as soon as Arnav enters the room.


Mr Mehta:

Are you done?

Is everything here?

Tell Mrs Gomez to be on call entire night and day. If Miss Gupta needs something, she should be available here within 10 minutes.

Also tell her to get her some shoes or sandals."


ARnav turns to Khushi and smiles.

"Khushi! Dear. Mrs Gomez will be with you, all time. She will be staying outside. Just let her know if you need something. Anything. And now what outfits would you want? She will assist you to settle down."


"Also get ready soon, I am famished. Need to eat. Has been a long day."


Khushi is expressionless. She is a bit confused to see Arnav suddenly talk so much.



She is deeply disturbed at Arnav referring her as "Miss Gupta".


She drowns into deep thought. But looks at Mr Mehta and nods to say bye as he was about to leave. There was something he wanted to say, that was disrupted for Arnav.

Mr. Mehta: His eyes were trying to tell something. The whole story about shark and jelly fishes seemed made up. Khushi starts to think again, looking outside the window and into the ocean up fornt.


But her thoughts get messed up with the touch. Arnav breaths down her neck. Embraces her from behind and lay a soft kiss on her hair from the back. He slides his arms around her and cuddles her in him.


Khushi loose every last thread of the thought process and starts to float. Deep into his embrace.

He turns her around and slowly slides her forwards, on the glass window, overlooking the ocean.

Khushi almost glitters in the setting sunrays. Her hair catches the color of amber.

Her skin glows.

He cracks open the window a bit more and let the air in.

He pushes her a bit more towards the gap and balances her in between the glass and himself.

Arnav looks piercing into her eyes

AND  ...










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-chamkilli- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
yay first to comment 
amazing story i just read everything in one go all 25 chapters
wow,i loved each and every chapter beyond amazing
do continue and i am so glad the mu is cleared between them
and arnav will never change will he 24/7 naughty ha
do pm future updates loved it 

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