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Crazy44um Senior Member

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Absolutely amazing. 

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sheun Senior Member

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged









Arnav's lips trace hers. Innocent, gentle and caring.

He keeps a hold on her, keeping her steady, receiving her as his own.


Khushi's lips trace his. Sure, seductive and confident.

She keeps a hold on him, keeping him secure, claiming him as her own.


Half an hour pass by. Each holds the other with all they can.


An undefined, pure flow of emotion runs through both, something they cannot get a grip on, something they never felt, but something the always craved.

Arnav holds Khushi with his both arms, securing her, to never let go. He caresses her face, touches her hair, and pats her chin. He pulls her even close and look at those deep brown, beautiful eye and smile. It's a smile of assurance, peace and triumph.  

With the glow of his smile, she tears up a bit more. Pearl like pebbles run down as the butterfly kisses run over her cheeks.



"Arnav Ji! ! you are ok. Nah? I am ,'' I was so worried. I ..I never wanted to..I never wanted to say all that I did."

Khushi breaks into a rampage of tears, uttering the sentence. She sobs and sobs a bit more.


Arnav now bewildered and helpless, takes her up in his arms and holds her steady. He scoops her up and on his lap. Her feet is up and her whole body rests against his. Arnav, Seats gently on the bed and just without any words, holds her tucked into his heart for eternity.

Khushi sobs and sobs a bit more. Gradually the sobs get absorbed by the warmness of his breath, amongst the tenderness of his touch. The violent shivers, somber down into tiny cries. She settles.


She very slowly looks up at him and very, very slowly a small glow spreads on hers. She is in his arms, cuddled up, loved and cared. She is in his arms, of which she thought of, of whom she dreamt of, since the day she lay her eyes on him.

Khushi feels an unknown sense of relief and calmness.

Her sobs gentle down and she nods her head towards his. She feels his heart beating, raggedly, upbeat and unsteady. She presses her face in his chest.

Rests and feels his drumming beats. She slides her arms around his shoulder and secure her place a bit more.


Arnav places his left hand on her shoulder and slowly turns her towards him.

She is firmly placed on his lap. Her waist held by the right, face held by the left. He pulls her face towards him. And then places a very small kiss on her lips.




Khushi trembles in his hold. He can literally feel her pulses run wild within his hold. Her breathing halts for a fraction and then: resumes on their own. She shivers. She lets out a big gulp.

Seeing her react, Arnav lets out an involuntary smile. Teasing the situation and the absurdness, he opens his mouth once again:




Well here she goes again. Another miss of the heartbeat, another halt of her breathing, another shiver running down her spine and another episode of : goose bumps.


Arnav intentionally puts his hand on her small of the back and tugs her more towards him. Soft and pliable, she melts and frames herself in any order he moves her.

It's a perfect combination, a faultless paring.

He takes her left hand on his palm and looks at it. Even the tiniest glance, a single touch makes her quiver with attention.


He delicately notices each ridge, each fold, each tiny gap in the hand. The fingers, the separations, the softness, the pink tips,  each crease of her rosy palms. He pulls her hand a bit more and lowers his head. He gently kisses her palm once. She shivers and tries to pull back a little, in the next instant relaxing under him.



"You have beautiful hands, did I ever tell you?

Do you know how many times I have dreamt, fantasized of kissing them ? Holding it, just to feel the pulse running?

How many times I have kept myself steady when I touched your hand, from not quivering? How difficult it was to hold my emotions back?

Each time, you touched me, each time you held me up or around, I dominated my urge of tugging you in my arms and''.

( he halts with a soft nudge)


Khushi stunned, silenced, happy. A big big tear drop falls on his hand, then slides on hers.

She sniffs. And then becomes a bit stiff.

He pulls her hand a bit close again and lays a tender kiss on the palm, turns it over and kisses her fingers and another on the back fold.

He holds it up and brings the hand towards his face. Lays her palm flat on his cheeks and breaths in her perfume,  followed by another soft smile pouring from his within.




"Khushi !


'I never meant to'.


Arnav's eyes starts to fill.

The bold and beautiful eye starts to wet.

Khushi!...I ..never wanted to hurt'.."''''..



" Arnav Ji!"

Khushi turns abruptly towards him and smoothly shifts her weight from his lap towards his chest. She tucks her left arm under his shoulder and beneath his collar.

Puts her right hand on his hair and brushes his hair with the slightest touch. She pulls him close and rests her chin on his forehead.

She hugs him.

Anav is neatly clasped in her. His body caves in and he lets it all out. She holds him deep in her arms, in her chest and lets him feel every breathe, every move, every missed heart beat, they ignored for so far.

He takes it all in.  Arnav makes himself relaxed and steady in her hold and rests in her. He lets out a torn exhale and surrenders completely. No holding back, no screening, so pretences. He lets it all out.


He is home


With each passing second Arnav lets out a small shiver, a small moan. His eyes are filled, hidden away in his heart. He feels complete, peace and serene.


He holds her strong, a hand on her back, another over her. A deep embrace, a loving stroke , a perfect  grip. Her heart becomes damp.

She lets him settle down, she lets him drown his anger, frustration,, longing in her. Khushi keeps on patting his hair, loving every strand, leaving her mark on every surface.




"Arnav Ji!" Please. Please do not be sad.

I know. 'I know what you want to say' do not need to explain me now. Please'"


(Another 15 minutes passes)

Arnav settle down and the moans pass. He lets out a deep sigh and leisurely brings his head up from her chest.

He slides his hand from the small of her back and brings it on her shoulder, to her hair. Gently tucks her hair and grabs a lock. He pulls her face towards him and leaves a soft touch of his lips on hers.


AND This time Khushi smiles.

The bells start to ring, the lights become bright, and the air misty and fragrant.

The cloud passes away.

Both smile at each other and speaks a thousand words, without saying a single word.




Knock ! knock !!!

Go in, go in!!

Try to get a good shot!

Is she there?

Is she with him?

Is your flash ready? Get a good shit as soon as they open the door.

I hope she is with him and we can get a good angle of them both.

(Five reporters and three cameras mans cramp up in front of Khushi's door. Each trying to overpower another for a better shot, a better picture of the couple. )


Ring ! ring !

Ring ! ring !


Khushi is brought back to reality. She turns her head around and looks at his waist. His phone seems to vibrate in his pockets.

" ARnav ji! It's your phone, do you want to pick up?"

Arnavs till tranced,still hold still into her embrace, tucked into her chest. Do not move a muscle.


Ring ! ring !

"Arnav ji! Your phone."


Arnav peeks a small glance and makes his hold more strong, crushing her almost into his embrace. Khushi lets out a small laugh.

"ARnav ji! Please, seems like a lot is going on out there. My entire room is filled with police lights and people are shouting outside. Can you please bring your head out from me and look around?"

She laughs a bit more.

A very unwilling Arnav now heads up.

'Uff Khushi ! why do you talk so much? Cant you see I am busy?" he tugs his head in her again.


Ring ! ring !

Ring ! ring !



"Uff ! I am going to kill the person on the other side, I swear," he brings his head up and brings the phone ot of his pocket.


"Hello!  WHO?"

 A brief pause

"Oh! Ok. Hmm..What? here? Outside, already?"


I am coming down with her, in 5 minutes. Keep the car upfront with the chauffer. No I don't want to drive. I have my hands full.




"Khushi! We have to leave, NOW !.

Listen to me very carefully. And please do not get alarmed.

I will take you down with me, in my car. Your stuff will be packed and sent to my hotel in an hour, I have my staff with me. Mrs Gomez will do it personally. So do not worry.

There are many, many people outside, mainly reporters and Tv crews. They will try to shout, call your name and try to take a picture with all they can. Just hold on steady ok. No looking, no peeking. Just be with me, heads down .

Any questions?"


Khushi is perplexed, her mouth is open and she is speechless. Only one word she utters:




Without warning, Arnav stands up, Khushi almost hits the ground from his lap. But in an instant she is hauled into his arms.

Seeing her dazed and shocked eyes, Arnav smiles mockingly:


"did you really think, I was going to let you fall?"

"never, never Jaan!"


Oh! There she goes again. Missing a beat, breathing halted, nerves jammed.

Arnav lets out a crooked smile and pulls her bit more close to his chest. He draws her shawl on her face and hides it away.


"Khushi! Hold me tightly, DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT under any circumstances brings your face out of the shawl or try to listen to what you will hear.

They will shout, call or make many excuses, just stay within me. OK?

Just let me carry you down into my car and after I say open, then only open your eyes.

Am I clear?"


Arnav heads out, without any more waiting.

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awesome part...

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sayli_sarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
It was sooo awsome!
I loved it!
It was superb!
I m sooo waiting for the next part!
The media thing is going to be great!
Plz. Plz plz update soon!
And thanx 4 the PM!

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Stapleton IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
really amazing...
i luved it...

thanks 4 d pm

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ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
it was so passionate 
Loved it plz continue waiting 4 nxt part and THanks 4 da PM

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deviarshi Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 11:17am | IP Logged
I m glad that they r 2gether & hope Arnav & Khushi will get rid of all this stuff & get a peaceful time 2 clear all their MU 

Mondays r nice bcoz we start 2 get ur update. 10Q 4 the PM

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sammymas Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged

Was eagerly waiting for ur update. Thanks for bringing them together, the part was awesome.

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