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-Iruni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
please dont keep the apart ... beautifully written ..
loved it :D :D 
keep updating 

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Cinderella100 Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 1:27am | IP Logged
wow that was great

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sheun Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged





"Arnav Sir!


Mr Raizada!

Are you listening?

Sir, please take a seat.

Sir, please."


Mr. Mehta and the manager of the restaurant are standing beside Arnav.

Arnav is standing in the drive way.

The cab just left the drive way.


Mr Mehta puts a hand on his shoulder and shakes him up a bit.

Arnav: devastated and broken.

He gently turns around and gets inside the restaurant.

He takes a seat and slumps down on a chair.

He sips a glass of water and looks out from the window.

Looks at his wrist watch and then at the bandage where his cut was from the accident.

There is a box in Mr Mehta's hand.

He takes the box from him and gently with very delicate care, opens the outer wrapping.

The folds the wrapping paper neatly and keep it on the table.

He opens the lid and what he sees inside, shatters his already fractured soul into another piece.

It's the bangles that he bought for her, during the wedding time of Akash.

Also there is 300 rupees in crisp notes.

He was about to close the lid, when a small white note catches his eyes. Its tucked in the back, within the fold of the lid.

The name written: KHUSHI

Arnav picks it up. It's the same tag that he wrote himself.

She kept it exactly as it was given to him. Even she cared to keep the name tag intact.

He brushes his finger on the piece of paper and then once on the bangles.



He suddenly seats straight and draws his eyes up and looks at Mr Mehta:








For the first time in 11 years of working for Arnav, this is the time, Mr Mehta truly feels proud. He smiles genuinely and says:


!!! SIR   ………………………….GO


GET   HER  !!!




Arnav turns around and does what he never does.

He jolts up and grabs Mr Mehta,

Mr Mehta is shuddered; he backs up two steps and tried to gain his balance.

Arnav draws forward two steps and gives him a HUG !!!

Mr Mehta, the store manager and the waiters hovering over, all taken aback, stunned and mystified.





Without finishing his sentence, he starts running.

Running and darting out of the restaurant.

His hair in the wind, his heart racing, his pupils dilating

His mouth open and in the corner: a smile trying to leap out.


Mr Mehta shouts from the back,

"Sir !

Look at the left of the parking, take your car, you will reach sooner.

The key is inside the dash board."


Arnav halts within a fraction of a second and spins around.

He shouts looking at him and then starts his run with a heightened spirit.

"Mr Mehta! What will I do without you?'

"Thanks again."


Arnav jumps in and revs the engine.

The neon blue beast comes to life, at the stroke of her forceful master.

She roars up and starts the hunt.

The chase begins.



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sheun Senior Member

Joined: 18 March 2012
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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 7:49am | IP Logged


Sydney Suburbs

Parking lot: opposite to :  A five story run down motel





It has been 3 hours, 15 minutes, 45 second since Khushi left Arnav


Why the hell will she stay in this shit?

Wasn't my room enough for her?

Idiot , fool, stupid girl.

When will she come to her senses?

Next time I see her, will slap the "stupid" out of her.

Umm'no 'no slapping.

But will definitely shake it out of her.

Dumb, arrogant, girl.

Self righteous woman !



You are a total nut case.


Why do I love this nut job?

Why in the whole earth did I end up with a lunatic like this?

What does she think she is?



Khushi Kumari Gupta Sing Raizada !

Just wait and see.

I am giving you time to cool.  

So you can think easy.

As soon as it's a bit light outside and I can see the first ray of sunshine.

I am going to break that shitty gate, then ram the shitty door, chase you down, hold your wrists, slam you on me and smack a kiss on your lips so hard, that you will forget uttering you own name, let alone breathe to play with me.

Then I will take you in my arms, lock you in my grasp, and carry you down.

No actually I am going to drag you down , hold your tiny waist and lift you on my shoulder 'and ''and '


I think her lunacy and idiocy is contagious.


Why cant I think straight without thinking of her, her '.


Who told her to wear that pink saree and show off her stuff?

Idiot girl.


I cant think straight without her vision of the low neck blouse and skin drifting my thoughts apart.

She does has some deadly curves. No wonder why all guys drool at her sight.

She is lethal and toxic.

Umm, but She does look good in pink.


I will have to talk to Manish , to design some attires for her in pink and red. Ummm may be some whites too.

May be one of those hand painted sarees with the string things type blouse.

That a single string will keep stuff in place and I can rip it off with a go when I want to'.lol'

And definitely some off shoulder gowns from Vera Wang.

May be a pastel pink and of course the signature grey.

Is Vera here in Sydney? Will ask Lavanya to book an appointment.

And of course a trip to VS.



( after another 25 minutes of playing with Khushis' attire plans and day dreaming about her looks, his need and fantasies,

Arnav comes back to reality)


Khushi, just wait and see baby.

You like to play right?

I will play with you. Don't worry, love.

I will play dirty.


Never in my life had I wanted to lose control.

I am the best in the business and I run things my way.

People listen when speak,

People obey when I order

And people fear when I command.

There is no one who can disregard me.

If I cant buy it with power, I buy it with money

But this is the only place, where I had no clue how to win the game.


And here I am sitting in this part of Sydney in this car as a show off .

Any time , there can be a bullet flying in and idiot goons trying to commit  " grand theft auto." On me.

Why khushi? Couldn't you take 10 lacs and live in a decent place?




A beautiful, devil in disguise !

Baby, you are the only living soul who has this much control on me.

I love di, nani, akash and others. But you are "you".

God has made you for me and made you come across my path for  a reason.

I might show that I do not care of believe.

But I do Jaan, I do believe.

You are my world !

Only if you knew !

Only if I could open my mouth and CLEAR out the truth !


During dinner, I should have told you about Lavanya and Mark. You would have understood. I could have drove you to Mark's and showed that they are together and the whole media thing was a sham:    its mark and Lavnaya that's getting married.


Khushi ! My love, only if I could show you my soul, how it reacted hearing of you signing the papers

How my entire existence came to a sudden halt, when you left.

I couldn't rationalize.

That night, when I saw my wrist cut by the glass and blood oozing out, I could have called for help.

But I lay back in silence,

Cause you came

I saw you in my hallucination.

It was the most beautiful feeling.

At least in my dream,

In my fantasy, you were with me.



You need to know

What Is real.

What is fake

And what I feel



Why did I not say anything.



JEALOUSY took over me.

Sorry baby, I can't help it when you talk or even look at someone like that.

If I could, then I would made you a paradise and keep you all to myself.

I wish I could hide you from the whole world and just keep you to my self

Love you and take care of you.


Khushi, darling, just give me one single chance.

I will show you how I feel

I will show you what love many ways I can love you.


You will never believe how happy, how elated, how ecstatic I was!

Even after all I did you came back?

All the way here in Sydney?

You made such a big planning and took so much effort only for me?


I was surprised, confused, but I was happy.

I was over whelmed that you were really happy to see me.

I will always be in debt to you

No matter what happen, whether you accept me back or not,

You forgive me or not

I will always be yours



I will follow you everywhere

I hunt you down from the depth of the world,

From the centre of the universe

I will make you MINE, forever.











Heaven knows how many times I have fantasized how your lips will be on me

How you will react when I pull you close in your arms.

when I hold you, when I caress you

when I make you mine

when I lay my hands on you and love you


How many times I have held myself back

How many nights I have pretended to be sleeping

Just to hear you breathe

Just to hear you moan in your sleep

Just to hear your sweet rustling

How many times I have tormented myself,

Halted myself from pulling you in my arms and fill you up with a thousand kisses and millions of hugs




Darling, my sweet, sweet little angel, Are you ok?

I saw you shivering and sobbing away in pain  Baby, are you ok?


I never wanted this day to come; I never wanted to hurt you.

You are my whole world.

I love you with all I have



I would have stayed back, forget every thing

I would have wiped out every heart break I have caused you

Only if I could asked you to stay : once.

But I couldn't.



As the days started to come to the end,

As the countdown was nearing to completion of 6 months,I could feel and be sure that you would leave me and never forgive .

Seeing your genuine behaviors towards me and Di and your anger at that swine, I was sure something was not right.

But I couldn't pin it down.

I thought you would say something

You would try to clear out the confusion

 Why couldn't you read my mind?  Realize my pain?

I used to open my eyes each morning, hoping to see a single ray of acceptance from you.

I longed for the minute you will speak up.


You did not a say word. You left.

You let me leave.




Khushi! I was wrong.

I was wrong in doubting you

I was wrong in doubting you even for a single second

And I take the full blame



I have loved you.

since the day I have seen you in the ramp in Lukhnow.

I never felt such a pull for a woman before, the way I feel for you.

I hated seeing you to be damn out spoken and so steady.

But at the same time, I used to feel an intolerable, unexplainable attraction towards you

Every nice, tender, loving act that you performed with me the more I used to get drawn to you.

Every time you made me angry, you ignored my words, my craziness, my love, my insanity multiplied exponentially




Why wasn't my LOVE enough for you?

Couldn't you see in my eyes and understand my feeling for you?


If it wasn't for Di and for the baby, I would have never done something as heinous as the things I did with you.  I married you out of frustration, out of betrayal, out of hatred toward you and that sorry excuse of a man.  I wanted to protect Di, but at the same time:











I couldn't bear you seeing in his arms.

My jealousy and possessiveness is much more potent than my love for you

A single glimpse of threat of sharing you, makes me go wild.

My inner demon lashes out. I just couldn't bear you in his arms.

You were standing still, without any movement,  I thought you were accepting his arms.

You received his feeling

And when you talked about leaving : Di, of breaking her marriage with that man, the way you did, it ripped me apart.


I was dead from that same single moment.

I was dead inside

I was left as a lifeless corpse

I was leading my life, living with you, hating you, torturing you, ruining you, hurting you for mistakes you haven't done.

I was killing myself step by step, while I was hurting you inch by inch



Why did you leave me before completion of the six months? not say a word when I showed you the documents ?

Why did you not rip the damn divorce papers and rip the check off?



Why could you not claim what's truly yours?

Why did you not CLAIM MYSELF FROM ME?

You knew nah?

That I am egoistic maniac, I am a fool and I am arrogant?

You knew nah?






And come down.

Please look at me and come down.

I know you are at the back of the drape.

I can see your shadow in the opposite mirror window of the building.

I can't see you sob and weep like this.

Please baby, do not torture yourself for the mistakes I made.





Don't stay away'

Please LOVE !

Don't stay away.



No matter how much I want, I can never have you.

If you do not accept me.

If you do not forgive me.




Please Jaan!

Give me a single chance to explain myself.

Please stay with me!


I made the biggest, single most deadly mistake of my life, of leaving you alone in my house for the last 10 days.

I will never forgive myself for that.

How could I leave you with him, being the house?

How could I be so, so damn stupid?


Baby, I could not bear to see you go away. So I ran away.  I ran away like a coward

Yes Khushi!   Like a coward !

I couldn't bear the pain of seeing you leave me.



I know I left you alone and vulnerable in my house

Near that devil !

OH God ! Please, please let me know that she was fine.

Nothing happened!

I will never forgive myself or accept any harm, due to my negligence and cowardliness.



I am so gonna rip his heart out

I am gonno stamp his head

Pin him down under my car

Burn his sorry A** alive

And run him over with a bull dozer

How does he dare to touch you?

I will rip your hand off !

How does he dare to engage you, even knowing you are mine?

How does he dare to offer hand in marriage, while being married to Di?

That  A**W**** ruined my sister's life, played with her love, her life and body.

Took advantage of my sister's messed up wedding and married her by chance.

He took full advantage of her and my money, our love and kindness, her short comings.

That Dog!

That low life thud!

You will pay JIJAJI !

You will pay for what you did to Di !

You will regret for what you did to Khushi!



You messed up the two most important people in my life

You have messed with ARNAV SING RAIZADA !!!


This is the last thing I will do, before I die.





( After  another 45 minutes in his car )


Damn these tears!

Why do I get teary eyes at thought of losing her?

Why can't I just make her mine, without her accepting me?



ARNAV jolts up, seeing the sleek shadow move very slowly out of his sight

From behind the drapes.


Is she ok?

Is she fainting?

Umm''What is she up to?

Where is she going?









( PLEASE mark this index page as watched topics, for going to my posts easily.

 I will update this every time I do a new post)

ALSO, please do not forget to leave your comments. Love to read them.

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sweetygirl28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
OMG that was very long! arnav and khushi are two complicated people. when i read khushi's agony i felt sorry for her and thought she was right.. now after reading arnav's part i am feeling sorry for him and thinking he wasnt wrong either.
who is right .. who is wrong? both are right and both are wrong.. argh!!!
all through the update i was thinking if only she comes down once and listens to him.. everything will get sorted.. hope she doesnt leave him and go he ll become insane..
loved it!

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Downhill IF-Addictz

Joined: 29 June 2010
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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 8:42am | IP Logged
ohh so we got a glimpse of arnav's POV and glad too see that he loves her so much, but i just hope he is able to stop her before its too late...

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Arshi143 Senior Member

Joined: 02 March 2012
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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged
been lookin at ur index on n off for an update, thks :) i knew it will be  a cliff hanger :S oh well hav to wiat for the next update!

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ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Wowww it wozz awesome 
Loved Arnav and waiting 4 da nxt prt 
Thanks for the pm

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