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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
u r a competition to urself…lovely story

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sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 1:28am | IP Logged
WOW...It was very nice...but I still love the confusion!! Thanks for the PM

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sheun Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:11am | IP Logged

A very alert and certain : Arnav and A very unconscious, waiting : Khushi wrapped together in each others arms since last night.




I have already lost you once, for some hours and only I know how it felt. How helpless I was.

The night of the accident as my blood was pouring on the floor, I felt like dying.

I let myself slowly pass away.

" Cause without you. There is no me."


Arnav was accepting the fact in his mind, while caressing the sleeping beauty in his arms. He was making himself believe and giving permission to accept it with full heart and soul.






10:30 AM


Location:   Khushi's  KING SIZED bed  BUT in Arnav's  possession



Arnav takes her face in his palm and comes a bit closer.

His inner being, find a meaning, a source of peace, an sanctuary of hopes.

His lifeless, rigid, fast paced life halts down, comes to a tranquil agreement with his spirit at the sight of this diva pours herself even more into him.

For the very first time in life, Arnav finds the will to let go. To let go of his emotions run wild.

He finds the will to live for someone else.

Finds the meaning of true KHUSHI.


He smiles at his possession of the treasure chest that is lying amidst his hold.

Each ridge, each pale surface, each tiny curve, all seems like a unique piece of art.

He touches her arch on the forehead, where the eye lashes meet, where the soft corners of the eyes meet the skin.

He memorizes each and every stroke, each and every way her body moves with her breathes.


He traces her lips very tenderly with his; he moves down her hairs from the face and tucks them at the side.

Slowly, very very slowly draws a finger from the hairline, on the forehead, sliding on the eyes, the tip of the nose and then on the lips.

He guides his touch from the lips on the chin and then follows it willingly on the neck.

The finger finds its way down her throat, over the neckline, upto the border where the pink silk marks its ownership .


Arnav halts.


Something very potent, something very restricted, teases his mind.

Pure, uncontaminated desire and the mix of regretful torment start to take centre stage.  His heart leaps up and permissions him to let go and linger around her neckline and find a way into her soul. But at the same time, his mind constricts him to proceed.

A confused and tormented ARNAV thinks for a few minutes and then rests his mind and lets his finger retrieve.

He lowers himself on her and takes her face in his palm. He lowers his head a bit more and traces her lips with his.

He whispers in his head, but somehow, for some unknown reason, the words come out as with a voice.










ARNAV JI?!!!!!!

Are you saying something?

Ummm''I am still sleepy.


Arnav shivers in his own essence. She is waking up and she almost heard what he said.


Khushi wakes up slowly and startled to see her man hovering over her face. She moves back a little to get a grip on the situation.


His hands are around her waist, another under her ear and left side of the face. Arnav himself, doesn't even realize that he was up the entire night, did not even move a muscle while appreciating his girl , sleeping in his arms.

He had her tucked on him, around him and into him.


Khushi suddenly becomes a bit alarmed and as soon as she understands her where about her face turns into a delicate shade of pink.

Arnav can literally see her skin transform and cherish his effect on her.



" Oh Sorry.

Arnav  JI!

Did I sleep on you?

Sorry. Sorry. I am so clumsy and I move so much during sleep. Uffo !!!"


She tries again to pull herself a bit further, at a conservative distance, still amongst his hold. But his grip restrains her.


She finds herself speechless for another few minutes. She tries to talk herself out of the panic mode that is over powering her brain and body. Her entire core shakes up at the thought of his intimacy and what could have happened if she doesn't let him go, or if he decides to get another fraction closer.

SHE babbles:



"Did you get any space?

The bed is huge, I guess five people can sleep  nicely.

Do you get these kinds of beds in India?

It's a nice one. Also the mattress is so , so soft. Like sleeping on cloud.


Oh! Yes yes I know. I slept on you. He he..almost on you.

Why did you not move your hand from under my head?


Oh! My hair is all messed up.

Umm..let me get up and brush my hair.

Also I did not clean my eyes; the mascara for last night might be smudged.


( Arnav's hold becomes more rigid. His heat burns thorugh her.)


( The thought of Arnav holding her all night, his staring glances at her face and beyond, his smell, intoxicating presence, his heart beat, every thing becomes a compelling spell. Khushi feels her body giving up and crushing against his, even her mind says not to. )



Umm..but last night did you sleep here with me?


I mean, I remember you coming to seat for a while. I tried to stay awake, but I guess I passed out as the sedatives were working. I took 2 pills last night. 

Did you touch my hair? I felt a nice pat on my head.


Were you saying something just right now ? I did not understand."


( At her last words, Arnav's senses finally starts to come into his mind. He lets his hold loose and moves away only a bit, so she can move. )


( A yawning Khushi gently opens her eyes fully to appreciate the bounty of handsomeness pressed against her body.

She smiles heavily.

Also frowns in her head, that how dumb could she be, to sleep like a dead human being, when this hot, hot, hot thing was lurking around'uffo!!! What a miss !!! WHAT THE !!! why am such a sleepy head?

Ufff!!!!!!!!! Was he like this the entire night? Did he sleep?

Did I babble in my sleep? Did I sleep awkwardly?...Khushi drifts into her thoughts)





"Umm..what's the time now?

Did I sleep the whole night or its morning?

Umm..could you sleep at all or not?"


(Khushi gently, very stealthily looks at his face.

How could I be so idiotic? To sleep?

Man! How can someone look so sexy, so seductive even when he just woke up?

AAAHHH'his eyes, his smile, his lips'umm'.lips. will he try to kiss me now? GOD !!! please please, let him kiss me. Please'please..please'I would die if he walks away without a touch of those'umm'.ufff  I am dead'and gone to heaven!!!


Please please, Arnav my love, do kiss me and make my misery go away!!!


Or will I try to kiss him. no I think it will be too much. Already I have slept like a lunatic, while he was holding me, and now if I try he will really think I am a lost cause


Uff!!! Arnav , my LOVE, please do press your heavenly hands on me, directly and sweep me off my body..h e he ..he'.

I need to distract him, he will know looking at me, what's going in my head.. he heh'..he')


Khushi giggles openly at her own mischievous . but the next moment tries to fake it )




" Umm..Arnav ji!

Did you leave me at night and then come back now?


And do you have work today? When will you go?

I have to get ready.

Hmm..I also have to call..umm' N'..umm.. oops!! '..never mind..nah nothing.


So what is your plans?

Did Mrs Gomez come? Where is she?

I will need to get a sandal. Mine is broken. And also last night coke fell on the other one. So I am not sure it is dry now ..

Umm''' can you give me 20 Australian dollar? Do you think that will be enough to buy a sandal?

I will pay you soon. He he he'nah I am serious.

Oh don't smile; I paid you the 300 rupees did I not? H e he'.


Umm'..Arnav ji!

Also I am hungry.

Arnav ji! What are you plans? Please tell."



(Damn it, why I am talking non sense, he doesn't seem to care of what I am saying. What is he thinking? Why is he so quite?

There is something in his head and in his eyes, I have never seen before. Well I have seen something similar during jiji's wedding night, before all heal went loose.

Oh god!!! Please, make him say something, or kill me'oh ! am going to die if he turns around and just leaves hearing my talks

Or he can shout any time, call my name or  OH!!!!

Why is he so sexy? So tempting,


I feel like jumping on him and shredding that stupid shirt from that '..uff!!!   )





" Hmm I wonder they will have blue or pink in sandals? Last night the girl was wearing a very nice shocking pink two tone sandal. I should have asked her, where she bought it for. She was also very pretty, don't you think? Did you notice her?

The kids were cute too.if I did not pin my saree, they would have taken it off. How happy the girls were pulling on it. I love babies.


Arnav Ji!

You should have let me bring the left over pizzas back with me. So I could take a bite now.

Why will the taste change is I reheat? Hmm'what a waste. there were 3 pieces remaining.

Hmm blue or pink? Or maybe a black.

Nah not black.

Maybe green '.do you think green sandals are nice?

Why are you not speaking?"


( Khuhshi feels his hands move another inch away from her.

So he feels a bit relaxed that he is being gradual about moving, but at the same time missing his radiating heat slip pass by her.

Seeing a very unknown smile lurking around Arnav's mouth, Khushi starts again )



"Uffo Arnav ji! What is the time now?

I am really hungry''..

Umm..sandals'food'so much work to do.

I also need to talk to you'.about something very important.


Arnav ji!

Hmm..I slept well last night.

Saw so many dream..uff'.cannot remember most'.


But where were you?

Oh god!

Am I talking too much?

Trust me, jiji always tell me I talk too much. Do you think so?

After a good night's sleep, I really feel good.


This is a beautiful room.

Can I please go down and see the ocean?

I never seen such beautiful crystal blue water.


Also can I please talk to Mr Mehta?

I think he will know where we can get puuri bhaji? Don't you think?

Umm'puuri bhaji..

Do you think I can cook here?

I can make some in an hour or in less time.

But where will I get flour?


( still he remains numb and silent. Only his eyes speaking a tone of their own and his touch lingering on her body )



" Arnav ji!

Why are you looking at me like that?

No, I am not crazy.

Ha ha ha'.

You seem to be very amused.



( Arnav shifts his weight from left to right and moves his hand from under her head. But he keeps his body gluded to hers.

After orserving her face, he looks at her eyes )



" Umm'.

Did you do anything last night?

Uffo'now you are looking weirdly.

Nah..i just meant, did you get space? He he'.he'

Please . Don't look like that.

I feel very'..umm'nothing."


Khushi turns into another deeper shade of pink and utters:


" How is your hand?

You need to get checked by the doctor.



" Arnav ji!

Why are you smiling?

Am I talking too much?

Oops sorry. So as I was saying that '''''..'"



Arnav laughs and looks her directly in the eyes. He seems calm and definite.

He lets out a small smirk : suddenly shakes up, moves on top of her and holds her down on the bed:



And he says:



























( PLEASE mark this index page as watched topics, for going to my posts easily.

 I will update this every time I do a new post)

ALSO, please do not forget to leave your comments. Love to read them.

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crazy_mishee Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG...this is so beautiful n brilliant...

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nareshSV IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged the update...

"His inner being, find a meaning, a source of peace, an sanctuary of hopes.

For the very first time in life, Arnav finds the will to let go. To let go of his emotions run wild.

He finds the will to live for someone else."
These lines were enough to understand the strength of ARNAV's LOVE now...
AND whats that chatter of khushi its like an express going on and on...OH GOD how did you manage to write that chatter...ClapClapClap
LOVED khushi for this reason...and ARNAV he simply listening to all those nonsense and finally he said those three magical words...Tongue
Cheeerrrzzz...for ur work...

Edited by nareshSV - 30 April 2012 at 7:44am

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sochanatha Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
yeppi...very happy for this update...
how do u write so well??? n ur description, narration of their feelings to each other is just perfect...
loved ur work n hats off...
thanks for the pm...:)

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-Raichu- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged
so cute !!!!

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bluetaj Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
what a moment...that was amazing..ur writing. loved it.

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