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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 1:48am | IP Logged

khushi  walk in with heavy heart " i will ask him , now i will ask him for everything "she walk in room he was sitting she just kept things and asked him "can i go to washroom?"

Arnav:look at her 

Khushi: you said to ask you for everything

Arnav: look away

Khushi: bola na jao ka nahi

Arnav: go he just walk out to pool side 

Khushi just cried "why i love him so much ?even i try to hate him i cannot"she walk to washroom 

after a while she walk to poolside


Arnav: no

Khushi: look at him raised her shoulder and walk in she lay down and slept 

someone knocked at the door 

Arnav just look at the bed she was asleep he opened the door 

Payal: aap dono na dinner nahi kara ga?

Arnav: i am not hungry 

Payal: aur khushi

Arnav she is asleep 

Payal: without eating 


Payal: good night 

Early morning 

when he woke up she was still sleeping ,he freshen up and went for jogging. he came back after 30 mins she was in washroom he could hear the shower running .he sat on the recliner and started reading the paper ,its being 20 mins she didnot came out he look back at the door ."she is again teasing me, i will not react i will stay calm " he just again started reading the paper, he looked at the time it being 40 mins and she was still in .he just walk to the door "khushi will you sit in washroom the whole day" she didnot response ,he just got worried"wait you willnot reply me like this "he walk out and close the water supply ,he waited for 1 min that she will shout but when she didnt reply he just bang at the door "khushi if you will not reply me i am coming in i dont care  in want condition you are" he waited ,she didnot reply he just bang on the door few times  and it just opened. he  looked in the steamy wash room he could not see her he step in he felt he step on some thing he look down  she was lying on floor "shit "he sat and" Khushi" he knelt next to her placing her head in his la ,he look at her   just grab the towel and wrap her "khushi" ,pat her cheek she was all pale .he just picked her up and walk out made her rest on bed ."khushi open your eyes" he just pat her cheek hard she didnot move he look at her ,just grab clothes which came in his hand and made her wear as fast as he could, picked her up and ran down 

Anjali:what happen?

Arnav Di ask driver to take out car at once.

Shyam i can take you 

Arnav: look at him"fast she is "he just dont know how to react 

Shyam you come with me  he just ran out 

Anjali too ran behind them 

in car

Anjali" choteey how this happen"

Arnav sat with her at back" i came from jogging she was in shower, as she took so long i just break the door found her lying  on floor "he hold her hand on which he had step kissed her finger tips 

Anjali: choteey she will be fine 

Arnav ; just recollect last night he shouted at her " i dont want to see your face "he look at her she was wearing his shirt 

they reached hospital Arnav rush in with her "Dr please check my wife "

Dr ask him to make her rest on the stretcher "you stay here"he asked Arnav to stop 

Anajli :choteey she will be fine 

Arnav: look at her and Shyam

Dr came out after 20 mins 

Arnav what happen to her ?

DR she was fainted because she had not taken anything her sugar level was very low and

Arnav: and what?

DR: she had slip i guess

Arnav: yes 

Dr we are not sure but i guess she had damage her backbone ,it is not sure yet as she is still unconscious 

Arnav what do you mean by that ?

Dr: let her gain her conscious then we will check her properly ,but i have check her her feet has no sensation she is not responding to the touch 


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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 1:49am | IP Logged
part 2 

Dr : since how long she has not eaten any thing?

Payal: she had breakfast yesterday after that she had not eaten any thing

Arnav: look back at her

DR: she fainted because of that but i am sorry to say ,it has created more problem

Nurse : Dr come please , see her she is gaining her conscious back

Arnav walk with the Dr ,and the rest of the family  to followed them .he intentionally stand next to her feet and placed his hand on her feet

Khushi has open her eyes she was look at everyone she was searching for some one he noticed it

Payal and Anajli "khushi"Askah and Shyam was there too

Arnav read her eyes "tum thek ho "

Khushi look at him he was standing right in front of her "hum"

Arnav look at the DR as he was pressing her feet but she was not responding

DR: please let her rest dont crowd here

everyone left the room

Arnav and Dr was there with the nurse

Khushi: Arnav ji i am fine take me home she try to getup

Arnav: hold her shoulder and made her lay again

DR: you cannot go till your drip  finished

Khushi; look at her clothes she look at him ,he look away

DR: your name?


DR: Mrs Arnav

Khushi look at him

DR: can you feel ?he tap her toe

Khushi: hold his arm as she was scared  "no"

DR:look at Arnav "no need to worry "as he saw her face panic

Arnav: "you sleep for a while i am here" he caress her hairs

Khushi: was try to pull her feet move but there was no movement "hamara "

Arnav: khushi sleep hold her hand  tight in his 

dr had asked nurse to give her injection .

Khushi: i cannot move my legs

Arnav: it is because of shock you are just fine you just sleep for some time .

Dr walk out

Khushi:" you wanted me to be under your command , see now i will be" she try to step down but she was not able to"i will not be able to move a inch now without your order "

Arnav: "Khushi  i never said that or meant that"he wipe her tears she just push his hand away

Khushi:" now my strings are in your hand you can move me any way you want to ,right or left, you can dump me in some where so you dont have to see my face too as now i cannot come in front of you on my own "she said in weak voice and drowsy off .he just wipe her tears and his too

Arnav:" if you cannot come i will be in front of you as i have seen in your eyes you were searching for me"

As her drip finished they took her for x rays and ct-scan she was scared he just be next to her "dont worry i am hear "during CT scan he stand next to the glass wall

Dr:" i think she is in shock her scan is perfectly fine , can you recollected how she fall down in what posture as may be she bang with some thing "

Arnav: "i was so much in shock that i dont remember , i will try to recollect it"  he walked with Dr to his cabin

Dr: she just need few medicine and physiotherapy and no mental stress .

Arnav: hmmm

DR: she need a will power to be again on her feet again

Arnav: anything else

khushi was shifted to room Arnav said he is coming in 5 mins as Dr is calling him .she was all alone when Shyam came in

Shyam: khushi ji  get well soon he placed red rose on her bed side

Khushi in anger look at him " you cant leave me alone in this stage "she shouted

Shyam: khushi ji i prayed for you today ,i was shocked in morning when i saw you like that in Arnav's arm, he cannot take care of you i told him that i love you ,i will keep you happy but he married you in jealousy with in an hour .

Khushi: in shocked look at him

Shyam hold her hand

Khushi: just try to free her hand from his grip ,she press the bell

Arnav who was coming back to room look at the nurse running towards her room he to followed her

As he enter he bump with Shyam he just wipe his crocodile tears and and look at him

Khushi was screaming " i just love Arnav ,get lost from my life ,DI is better then me she can walk  i cannot even stand on my feet "she was in to tears

Nurse was not getting what was her problem

Arnav : just  push him aside ,step ahead and push him out of room

Shyam saala sb i brought your lunch she is just shouting.

Arnav walk to her and hug her tight "khushi i am here "

Khushi :throw this i hate red rose i hate

Arnav just asked nurse to please take the flowers out  she walk out " calm down i just talk to the Dr they said you dont have any problem all your reports are clear"

Khushi: look at him she was in his arms he was caressing her hairs and wiping her tears

Arnav: you will be fine and you will run before me to wash room and to the couch  do you get that ".cup her face in his hand

Khushi: haata aap bhi haata , aap ko tou hum se nafrat ha aap  hum ko ghar chorda please amma ka paas

Arnav:" you said pyar tou ankhee mein nazar aata ha iss ko bolna kia zaroorat nahi hoti ha can't you see in my eyes"

Khushi: "no" she closed her eyes as she dont want to see at him

Arnav: ok don't see ,have lunch ,as to fight with me you need energy right

Khushi: i want to go home

Arnav: i will ask Dr

Khushi not your home to my home , you can now make excuse easily that i cannot walk you dont want to live with me , you can not carry my burden any more "

Arnav: " you are my wife and i will take you our home "

Khushi: try to move but she could not move 

Arnav : turn her  

Khushi: you want to see all this now you must be pleased that i am in pain 

Arnav:just walk to washroom as he dont want to react in front of her .

Khushi helplessly look at the close door 

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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part 3 

 in evening he brought her back home ,he made her rest on bed and walk to  freshen up as since morning he was in his tracksuit  "i will not let you use wheel chair or crutches "he run his hand in his hair under shower "i was the cause of your this condition i will be the cause to make you walk" he just wipe his tears which was running with the flowing water.

Khushi was irritated as he was not letting any one touch her or come close to her he had locked door before going for shower "what does he think of himself "

Arnav walk out

Khushi: " i am sick that is why you are doing all this ?"

Arnav:what i did now ? he sat next  to her

Khushi: "why you are taking care of me?"

Arnav: "i always take care of you ,this is nothing new"placed cushion behind her back

Khushi:look at him he was pressing his forehead

Arnav: " hate the hospital smell ,it gave me head ache" he just gently touch her hand where they had pierce the needle

Khushi:look away

Arnav "you want to change ?"he don't look at her  just walk to her bedside sat near her legs place her feet in his lap and massage "Dr said to do hourly it will circulate blood "

Khushi: "please stop it ",she try to pull away her leg and she did succeed a bit

Arnav: look at her ,she didnot noticed it he walk to her and cup her face "i cannot see you like this do you understand "just placed his head in her lap and cried "i never meant what i said last night ? i was angry on you as i saw you with Shyam ,but when i asked you , you lie to always think i am the most evil person ,i am not i am madly in  in love with you ,but when i saw you that day with shyam i just felt i lost someone very close to my heart my most precious thing ,i didnot get what to do i married you to keep you at least with me , tell me what a person do when he saw his love going away from him ,he will react so did i ,i  just bound you in contract marriage for 6 months do you thing i will leave you after that time period i will not leave you i will some how bound you again for 6 month and this way our life will pass,you dont trust me right "he just walk to the closet and open the locker taken out the file which Mr roy had send "read this i have made you my next of kin, do you know what that mean ? when i die my each and every thing will be yours " he just fall down in her lap again

Khushi:" i dont want any thing" she just look at him

Arnav:try to move

Khushi "will you help me to walk ?"she hold his arm

Arnav: sure

Khushi: just wipe his tears "when you love me why you never said ? i thought you hate me"

Arnav: i was a puppet and Shaym was holding my thread he has just pumping me against you

Khushi: give me your strings in my hand now smiled

Arnav hold her hand and made her stand next to him she just placed her hand on his shoulder "you know why i am not letting any one in as i dont want my love to be embarrassed"placed his hand on her waist she try to take step she could not "its ok " just made her sit "you will be fine"kissed her forehead 

Khushi: look at him he just sat again massaging her feet "please dont do it "

Arnav" shut up" taken out her payals from his pocket and placed it on her each feet.

some one knock at the door he just walk to open,Anjali and Payal enter he just walk to the pool side

Anjali:chotee tang tou nahi kar raha

Khushi: nahi

Payal:do you want to change ?

Anjali: poke her "she has a husband who just dont want anyone to come near her,he want to take all the pleasure of helping his wife  "

Payal and Anjali started laughing

Khushi:felt embarrassed look out he was talking on cell .they just left them

at night

Arnav was just sitting on lawn chair she was watching movie  he look at her , a naughty smiled appeared on his lips "you made me talk by scaring me with knife "he just drop the glass intentionally so she look at him

Khushi Arnav ji

Arnav just didnot reply

Khushi: just step down pull her legs down and placed it on the floor " i think his sugar level has decreased ,he was having headache too" she just stand ,he was looking at her, she could not see him as it was dark out  ."Arnav " she called but he didnot move she just try to take step, she reached recliner and hold it for support "suna "

Arnav was looking at her she was standing and walking , she took 2 big step and walk out he was sitting on the chair with his eyes closed, she sat on the table and pat his face "utha na" he didnot move "sugar, medicine " she just stand like before quickly and almost ran in to find his medicine she was hunting the drawer when she felt a hand warp around her waist "i am fine "

Khushi : just stand straight and turn around. "why you did that?"with tears in her eyes

Arnav: to make you stand next to me, wipe her tears "you were in shock since morning so i just gave you another to take you out "

Khushi: aap push him away

Arnav: dr said your will power will make you walk as you are perfectly fine ,i know your weakest point so i use it

Khushi: jab sab janta ha tou itna din khud bhi tarpa aur hum ko bhi 

Arnav:pull her close to him" i dont want to waste time more i want to give my strings in your hands to make me dance on your tune ".peck her lips but how it make passionate they both dont know

sorry i twisted the story as it has a sad end everyone wanted a happy end so i made it happy i dont know you guys will liked it or

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I can't wait to read the rest!! 
Awesome naddiya! 

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keerthureva Senior Member

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Nice os.Why did u name it katputhli?

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by keerthureva

Nice os.Why did u name it katputhli?
wait for the next part 

why name is not nice ?

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ChitraF IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb!  waiting for next parts..

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mirka88 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by naddiya26

Originally posted by keerthureva

Nice os.Why did u name it katputhli?
wait for the next part 

why name is not nice ?

I think the name is perfect..but I think people will connect it to Drashti Dhami's new show. LOL
please update..dying to read the rest! Smile

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