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Never Gone Never Far #2, pt.15/pg120 30/11 (Page 81)

-ChanChan- Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Love this update!!!

The last scene was awesome!!!

Poor Aditya didn't want Anjali to go...awww!!

Can't wait for the next update!!!

Sorry for the late comment i was busy with exams

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Angel-Girl Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Superb Update
Loved every little thing ( :

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-zozo- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
LOVED the update!!!!!
and the husband and wife conversation the had at the end was so cute!!!!

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..Damsel.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
great update...I love Arnav's patience and the fact that he's trying...hopefully he will win his Khushi back soon 

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged

This one is for my Lyraa. . . Who practically bullied me to update this today!! LOL


I have always thought that the Payal in the show is a tad bit selfish (?). First of all, I wouldn't have kept silent about my little sister's suffering just to make sure that I could get married to some rich bas***d! Even if my family had convinced me to do it, the first thing I would do instead of getting laid, would be to reveal the truth of the one person who had dared to ruin my sister's life! (If I had kept him alive until then, that is!!)

And by keeping silent even after her marriage to Akash, she just proved that she is one helluva self-absorbed bitch or she's as dumb as Anjali, the doormat! Hence this selfish twist in her. (However, I couldn't help but add my own streak of protectiveness to her character initially!) She had been feeling guilty that she was enjoying her marital bliss when her sister had been taking all the crap from Arnav and had gone missing, all of a sudden. But now that Khushi's hale and healthy(?), she wants to get back to her normal life.

Part 12:

Aditya sat back, enjoying the tea, and watched Khushi silently. Anjali too, let him be, as she had understood it was Dr. Aditya she sat next to, at the moment, and became the active member of the conversation. Khushi didn't seem to know anything about her pregnancy, and her blank expression when Payal and herself had teased her about it, had confirmed her that. She looked at her brother, her eyes showing the surprise that he hadn't yet shared such a weighty matter with his wife, and he smiled and nodded, telling her that he would soon do it. Payal had understood it too, and didn't make any mentioning of it.

Khushi, who had been still under shock, seeing such huge changes in her husband, turned to look at Lavanya, who for the first time, had sat silently, and she also spotted her hastily removing her hand out of NK's when she saw Khushi looking at her.

'What the **' her mind almost screamed! Arnav covered his mouth with the back of his hand, as if he had heard her thought on seeing Lavanya and NK together. She scowled at him, though her mind was thinking as to how her perspective of life changed as soon as Arnav came back to her life. It was like she had gone blind, and deaf to the world, when she had left Arnav. As if life had turned into an insipid picture.

And now that he had come back, she could see all the things she had been missing out on. Her nebbish world seemed to have turned into a kaleidoscope, filled with multiple hues and a myriad of picturesque panorama. Arnav gave her a small smile, and left, as if he knew of what she was thinking about, but he wanted to leave her to her own thoughts.

Khushi sighed wearily, and bent her gaze to her hands. She felt like the same empty shell she had felt like, when he wasn't there with her. 'Does anybody get this crazy about a person?! No wonder Buaji used to call me Sankadevi! She called me that, without even knowing how crazy I could be!' Khushi was thinking, when she looked up and saw Arnav peeking at her from the kitchen, as if he simply could not stay without looking at her for long. She bent her head again, sighing as her mind consoled her, 'Well, look at that! He's as crazy about you, as you are about him!'

She answered a question asked by Payal, without paying much attention, and went a little more closer towards Payal, making room for one more person on the same couch. She ran her hand along the seat and looked up at Arnav once, before she turned her full concentration towards what Payal was saying.

Arnav couldn't believe his eyes. Had Khushi really asked him to sit next to her?! Had she accepted him so easily?! But then he hadn't actually expected even the slightest amount of grudge on her behalf. She possessed the purest soul that he would ever know about. But to make sure that she really wanted from him the same thing as he thought she wanted, he waited for a few more moments. She frowned while she looked at the empty seat next to her, and had just raised her eyes to look at him, when he was already midway to sit next to her. Sighing once, glad that he was right next to her, she concentrated on what her sister had been telling her from quite a while now.

Anjali turned to look at Aditya, to see if his observation was done. She noticed he was done with Khushi and she had his attention now. Undivided attention. She felt her skin get heated under his unwavering gaze. She chided herself to stop behaving like a virgin teenager, but felt a fresh bout of blush spread across her cheeks, when she found his attention was particularly being bestowed on her lips. Completely forgetting that they had audience of two more couples, who were equally drowned in the sensations that their better halves filled in them, and Payal, Aditya was about to run his thumb across the fullness of Anjali's lower lip, when his phone beeped to life. Anjali caught a glimpse of a certain "Anna" on the phone, and frowned, not really liking the Dr. Anna, who had treated Khushi, and seemed to have the hots for Aditya.

Aditya received the call, and stood up, pulling a very surprised Anjali to her feet and guided her to the kitchen. He only half listened to what Anna had to say, as he thought of how insecure this Shyam person had made Anjali. He had caught hold of the frown that had made its place on Anjali's adorable face when she had seen that the person calling him on the phone was Anna. That is when he had decided to pull Anjali along himself and have her listen to the whole conversation. Maintaining thoroughgoing transparency would make him win her complete trust, and he did not mind it the least bit. He soon ended the call, and told Anjali, "I am required at the hospital. . . ."

Anjali's frown was still in place, as she nodded once, refusing to meet his eyes. Sighing once, he tipped her face up, by putting a finger under her chin, and pressed his lips to hers for a second before he pulled back. He had clearly given Anjali, the option of backing out, which she didn't even consider, as she kissed him with a zeal so vigorous, it made Aditya completely forget the sense of propriety and drown in the waves of desire she was managing to arouse in him with her kiss. And then she broke the kiss as impulsively as she had started it, making Aditya stare at her with glazed, probing eyes. "Go and come back soon. . . ." Anjali murmured, her forehead resting against his, as she smiled warmly.

"Dinner tonight??" He asked, catching his breath, and wondering how Anjali seemed to manage her calm after giving such a soul-shattering, mind-boggling kiss.

She nodded once before answering positively to his question, "Dinner tonight."

Aditya smiled and kissed her forehead before he left, with one last glance at her as he walked away.

Payal and Khushi had been inseparable for the whole day. Sitting and chatting, Khushi catching up about all the things she had missed while she was away, and Payal happily answering all her questions in a very animated fashion. Arnav sat next to Khushi, all the while watching her. Khushi had wished to see his patience finally wear out and him rolling his eyes in irritation, like he used to do. But she clearly had underestimated him, and he showed it in the way he sat silently, without complaining as she spoke about the most inane topics ever. Whether or not he was listening to any of their conversation, she didn't know. What she did know, though, was the fact that whilst he sat next to her for hours and followed her around like a lost puppy for the remaining part of the day, he had warmed her iced heart, managing to crack the thin layer of ice that she had built just for his sake.

When time came for Payal's departure, all of them went to see her off. NK was staying back too, and he had officially announced to all of them that he would be "courting" Lavanya, much to the embarrassment of a suddenly-too-shy-Lavanya, and the amusement of all the others. A very teary farewell was witnessed at the airport, between Khushi, Payal, and Anjali. And when Payal walked away and out of their vision, Arnav breathed a sigh of relief, earning a glare from the two most important women in his life. He grinned sheepishly at his sister, as she limped ahead, and tried to hold Khushi's hand as she moved too, earning a slap on the back of his hand.

Now, under normal circumstances, Arnav Singh Raizada would have backed Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada to the nearest wall, and have had his way with her. But this was Arnav Singh Raizada in love, that we talked about. In love and under redemption. In short, he could be called the epitome of patience. Not that patience came very easily to him. But he did believe in this.

If he needed anything, he should and would get it.
And the necessity in question was Khushi. That fact alone was enough to make people understand that his fight would be the strongest in order to keep her by his side.

Anjali was wondering whether and how she should disclose the fact that she would be going out with Aditya Kashyap that night, when she heard Khushi say, "Di. . . I have some work. All of you should go back." Khushi had looked at Anjali, Aditya, Lavanya, and NK while she had told them to leave. Since nothing was said by her regarding Arnav, it was assumed by all that he was to go with her. And their assumption had been right too.

She beckoned a taxi, once they exited the airport, and instructed the driver to take them to Hyde Park. They got down and strolled through the park, complete silence between them, their ears deaf to the mundane jabbering that was going on around them. Khushi had fought, however inadequately, when Arnav had moved to hold her hand in his, eventually giving in and relaxing and after a while, even craving more of that contact. She sat down on one of the benches. Arnav considered her for a while, his eyes looking for any signes of fatigue or distress on his wife's face. Finding none, he sat next to her, asking her whether she was tired.

Khushi's eyes snapped up to meet his, and he could see the guarded look that she was giving him, as she asked, "Kyon aaye hai aap, yahaan pe??" ("Why have you come here??")
Arnav sighed as he said, "Tumhara khayaal rakhne. . ." ("To take care of you. . .")

"Hum humara khayaal khud rakh sakhte hai!" ("I can take care of myself!")

Arnav nodded in approval, though his mind screamed out a thousand reasons against her assertion. He had to be careful enough not to offend her in any way. So he uttered a neutral, "Just to be sure."

But Khushi wasn't to let go of this so easily. The reason she had pried him away from the ears of all their friends and family present with them was to know the truth. And know, she would.

"Kyon?" ("Why?") She probed further.

"Kyon, kya?" ("Why, what??")

"Kyon humaara khayaal rakhna chaahte hain aap??" ("Why do you want to take care of me?")

"Would you believe me if I told you that you are the one thing that matters to me the most, and I will keep you safe and sound, and next to me, no matter what?" Arnav asked.

And even though, Khushi's already frantic heart sore when she heard his reply, though she managed to keep a poker face, and shook her head in denial.

Arnav sighed in dejection, and muttered, "As expected." But there was a hint of a smile playing on his lips, which told Khushi that he knew she had lied when she refused him a moment ago.

"I have one more valid reason. Which you cannot and will not shrug off." He said, and closed in on her, almost pulling her on his lap. One arm around her shoulder, he placed his free hand on her belly as he whispered as he peered into her eyes, "We're about to be parents, Khushi!!"

Expecting another round of "I Love You"s, Khushi had stiffened her shoulders as much as possible. But this response pulled the ground from under her feet. Or rather, the seat off her behind. Her weak mind could not take the amounts of emotions that his words had let free in her. But she simply refused to give into her mind, as she looked down to where his hand lay on her stomach, her own hands automatically joining his. She let out the breath that she hadn't realized she had held. Blinking the moisture that threatened to fill her eyes, she looked up to his face, wanting to know whether he truly meant it.

He nodded happily, a bright smile adorning his ridiculously lovely face. Her smile came to a halt midway, as the more sensible part in her made her calm down and analyze the situation logically. She remembered they had made love some three weeks ago, the memories of which still brought about a blush on her cheeks. Her period. 'I am late!' "What's the date today??" Khushi quizzed, confusing Arnav like anything. He told her the date, and Khushi started counting, using her fingers. This and her monologue gave the answer to Arnav's confusion. He sat with a smile as his adorable wife sat next to him, nestled against him, and gave herself the proof that she was indeed a mother-to-be. And finally when she had gathered enough proof that she was actually pregnant, she looked up at him with those wide, doe-shaped eyes, confusion written in them.

Arnav had expected anything but confusion in the eyes of his wife. He knew she was very good with kids, and could only imagine the euphoric state that she should have been in. Didn't she want their child, then? Did she hate him so much that she did not want to bear his child?! The thought itself made Arnav wince as if he had been electrocuted. But he reminded himself that Khushi was all that mattered, and mumbled in a weak voice, his eyes downcast, "If you don't want to bear the child, I'm okay with it, Khushi. . ."

Khushi stopped breathing altogether when she heard him say this. She hadn't known how to handle Arnav, now that she knew she was mothering his child, and had looked up to meet his eyes with confusion written very clearly in her eyes. Arnav had gone still immediately, and after a while, she heard him say this, the pain of uttering those words, starkly showing his grief. Khushi bent to look into his eyes, which masked the despair for her sake after a slip of a second.

She smiled sadly, realizing how hurt he must have been, thinking that she didn't want to have his child.

A symbol of their love.

But he had been ready to give it up for her. She all but wanted to kiss him then and there, forgetting all sense of propriety. Reassure him that nothing else mattered. But all she could bring herself to do was to rise up and walk ahead, making Arnav follow her, still under an excruciating daze. . . . . . . .


Liked it, loved it, hated it??!!

Lemme know whatever it is!! Big smile

And HarshuSmiles is the account with which I send PMs to regular comment-ors only! So silent-readers, please excuse. . . . Embarrassed

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Posted: 07 June 2012 at 5:33am | IP Logged
<font size="2" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">


ohh that was amazing update harshu.
thanku so much for updaeting.
aww poor arnav felt sab for him.
both khushi and arnav need privacy, both can help out eachother to get out of miseriable situation.
thatx good anji adi and nk la relations are working up.
continue soon

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beautiful update harshi!!!!
arnav is so cute!!!! i know arnav is cute in all ur FF's!!! Wink

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Amazing update.. aww i hope khushi heels soon and arhi get together happily..  sorry for this is certainly very different from all the SS or FF i have read on arhi uptil now and indeed a heart touching one Smile.. commenting late.. 
PS: I am busy with exams so might get late with the comments but please dont remove me from ur buddy list! thx 

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