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Never Gone Never Far #2, pt.15/pg120 30/11 (Page 64)

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June 1st hayye that means including today 6 days more
But plzz update on 1st waiting here

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poor thing much loss in her life...hopefully arnav helps her thru it successfully...

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Just saw your new FF, so thought you must be back from vacation.. Yes, totally stalking your threads.. :D  Waiting, waiting, waiting (patiently) for an update.. :)

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I got out of shape (in writing) while I was on vacation. So I'm not really sure how this sounds to you. I hope you excuse your Harshu for this?? Embarrassed

Part 11:

Aditya, Anjali, Payal, Lavanya and NK drove out to have dinner. They had a silent dinner, discussing only about Arnav and Khushi, their love and how much they had suffered because of all the misunderstanding. Anjali had grown a little tense, owing to her guilt that she was somehow responsible for all this. After all, Shyam, her husband had been the root cause for this mess and she had blindly lsat back. Aditya silently held her hand under the table, letting her know his presense, somehow managing to erase Anjali's disgust that had taken over her, when she thought of her ex-husband. Anjali would be ever grateful to him for providing her the silent support, when she needed it the most.

As Payal saw Anjali and Aditya have a conversation just through their eyes, as if they had loved and understood each other forever, and NK and Lavanya look at each other and smile shyly, she remembered her husband. Missing him, she excused herself and called him up, explaining everything that had happened in London. And when she said she missed him, he replied, "Its impossible for me to come over, Payal. Waise, from where I see, Khushi can be healed only by bhai. Why don't you all return? And if Khushi isn't willing to return, bhai can always stay back in London."

"You're right... Let me ask Aditya. We'll return depending on what he says. Okay?" Payal replied, and chuckled when her husband started to complain that he missed his wife. She consoled him, with her never-ending patience, telling that she'd be there very soon.

Joining her companions, she asked Aditya whether she could leave London. Aditya was surprised at her question. "I thought you'd like to spend sometime with your sister." Aditya exclaimed, wondering if the protective elder sister that he had seen in Payal was a facade. Payal smiled as she replied with confidence, "And I will. Once my younger sister learns to cope with life, with the help of Jethji... Come to think of that, there's actually no need for Di and NK to stay back too. From where I stand there's nothing else we can do."

Aditya stopped his hand midway to his mouth, and turned to Anjali. Did Payal mean that Anjali should leave too?! Of course he could go with her. But Khushi? He didn't want to leave her alone. At least not yet. And judging Khushi's early reaction to Arnav, he was sure that Khushi wouldn't like to go back to India along with Arnav and family. Anjali saw the wistful look on Aditya's face and turned to Payal. "Payal. I don't think Khushi would want to come back with us. And we can't force her to do it. Obviously, chotey won't be leaving her side, and I can't leave chotey alone. I know you miss Akash. You may go as soon as possible." Anjali answered in a firm voice.

Payal smiled and understood that Anjali didn't have a mind to leave Aditya alone too, as she looked at his face gain a joyous grin. "Ji Di. . . Par usse pehle, hum Khushi se ek baar baat karna chahte hai. . . . . Without her fainting, that is!" Payal smiled affectionately, as she remembered her sister. Aditya got into business mode then. "Yes. We'll do it tomorrow." He said nodding at her.


Khushi woke up with a heavy, but warm feeling on her chest. She looked at a strong arm, wrapped possessively around her, and she knew that it could only be her husband's. A smile spread on her lips as she turned to look at him sleeping peacefully next to her. She brushed away the cowlick of his hair off his forehead.

But even as her smile had started, it came to an end. She found herself lifting his arm off herself, not so gently. Arnav, who had woke up when her small hand had ever so gently touched his forehead, now opened his eyes to stare at Khushi trying to shove him away.

"Where do you think you're going?" Arnav murmured with a calm so rarely found in him, it managed to take Khushi by surprise. "I. . . . Leave me. . . . ." Khushi muttered as she started to wriggle out expecting him to tighten his grip. But Khushi was in for another shock, when he removed his hand suddenly and considered her with the smallest of smile on his face.

Khushi stared at him uncertainly for a few seconds, her eyes darting between him and the door which provided a safe exit, away from him, which she eventually chose.

After having a quick wash, she turned on the radio, her best friend these days, turning up the volume so that she didn't have to listen to Arnav when he spoke, and started pulling stuff out for breakfast.

He had followed her out of the room, and his eyes followed each of her movement. She was singing along, completely ignoring him, and at one point he couldn't take this any longer and turned the radio off.

Turning to the radio when it suddenly stopped, she saw Arnav fold his arms after turning off the radio. She was about to protest, and a little too violently, when Arnav closed the distance between them with two long strides and stood directly in front of her. Removing a speck of flour off Khushi's cheek, he said "I'm here, Khushi. Talk to me."

"Umm. . . I shall stop being subtle and break the fact down to you. I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU. Leave me alone." Khushi said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Arnav smiled as if she had proclaimed her undying love for him and replied, "Highly unlikely to happen, Khushi. You'd ALWAYS find ME with you." He stressed on the "me" part, willing her to understand and accept the fact that he would never be leaving her side. At least not anymore. Khushi gave out a derisive snort, and questioned, "Listen to yourself!! Do you even REALIZE how FAKE you're sounding right now?!"

Arnav had just opened his mouth to explain that it was all in the past, when Khushi held her stomach, going pale all of a sudden. Not giving a chance to Arnav, to even ask her what was wrong, she ran to the kitchen sink, and retched.

Arnav had immediately understood what was happening. He was going to be a father, after all! And his pregnant wife was suffering a bout of morning sickness! He got into business mode, gathering Khushi's hair in one of his hands, while he used his other hand to touch her sweaty forehead. She tried to push him away with her one hand, as the other gripped the sink counter in a vice grip. But as expected by her, it didn't had any effect on him and his concern for her.

After rinsing her mouth, Khushi leaned on Arnav, too weak to even think and stop herself from touching him in anyway. But now that she was picked up into the safety of his arms, her hand rested on the strong column of his neck, as the other went around his shoulder. She laid her head on his chest and listened to his frantic heartbeat for a while, before she pulled back and looked at his face which managed to show nothing on it. She inquired if he was alright. In return to that question, Arnav looked at her drily, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Really -- Khushi? YOU are asking ME, that?!" he questioned back as he gently laid her down on the bed, where they had slept the previous night. Khushi considered him with weary eyes, noticing how much he was talking today. Maybe not too much, but it was too much for him! Commenting, "You're talking too much today.", she kept her gaze on him, waiting for an explanation.
Arnav stopped amidst spreading the duvet on Khushi, his eyes gaining a distant look. "This was how I used to talk. I had just stopped it in between. And you got me back to normal." Arnav explained, shrugging, as he tucked her in. It was clear from his actions that come what may, he wouldn't be leaving her side. And if she had any doubts in this regard, they were cleared when he laid himself down beside her, a hand on her belly.

Khushi really wanted to push his hand away. But she felt this warm feeling spread all over her. The return of Arnav into her life had made her immediately forget the past and hold onto him greedily. But she still wasn't ready to show him how much of a necessity he was for her.

To live.

To survive.

So she looked up at the ceiling with cold eyes, which Arnav completely missed, as he skimmed his nose across the alabaster skin on her cheek, murmuring how much he loved and missed her. Khushi's eyes welled up and she accused him of lying so blatantly, with a choked voice.

"Khushi! I love you more than my life, love. You may not believe me now, and I am to blame myself for that. But. . . ." Arnav, for the first time, was opening up to his wife, when he was stopped by a knock at he door. He frowned and sighed in irritation, before pressing his lips to her cheek, making her lean towards his lips, and muttered, "We shall talk. Later."

Arnav opened the door, to be greeted by a huge smile from Payal. He gave a perfunctory nod, feeling weighed down by Khushi's reaction to him. Such a reaction from her brother-in-law, who had strived so hard to make their relationship at least civil, if not cordial, brought down Payal's smile by a notch. Feeling concerned, she questioned him with her eyes, as to what worried him. He simply spared a glance in Khushi's direction, and Payal nodded in understanding. Khushi, got up to see who was at the door.

Aditya, standing behind Payal now, greeted Arnav loudly, making Khushi run out and greet both Payal and Aditya so heartily that it made Arnav envious. He knew that the derisive treatment that he was being subjected to, by Khushi, was undubitably earned by him. But he was, after all, a human. Greed and want came without a glitch. Aditya pulled Khushi and sat her down on the couch, seating himself next to her, and waited for the emotional exchange between the sisters, leading to a lot many tears being shed by each, to ebb.

As they finally cleared their throats, Payal hugged her sister and whispered in her ear, "Promise me two things, Khushi. . . ."

"Anything, Jiji"

"One. Let him help you. He loves you too much for his own good. Accept his love. Will you?"

"I'll try my level best, Jiji"

"Two. Come home soon, Khushi. You have no idea how much we all missed you. . . Especially him! Its a surprise that he didn't turn into a deranged lunatic!"

"You mean he didn't turn into me??"

"Khushi! There's nothing wrong with you! Had I been in your place I'd probably not have lived this long. But PLEASE, PLEASE don't cut him out."

Khushi pulled back and lowered her gaze to their intertwined fingers. A sad smile spread on her face as she replied, "Cutting him out is something which isn't under my control Jiji. . . I just wish I could do it, though. . . . Would have saved me lots of trouble!"

Payal felt lot better when she saw that Khushi wasn't in denial, trying to foolishly decline the love she had for Arnav. Things would get better. Definitely!

"I have to leave today, Khushi. Ab jaldi ghar aajao. Aur waise bhi, aisi situation pe, hum bhi tumhaara khayaal rakhna chahte hai!" Payal said, giving her a knowing grin, which went completely lost on Khushi, who wondered what that was all about.

"Bilkul!!" Anjali's voice was heard, as she entered the living room, a tray laden with tea cups for all of them in her hands. Aditya immediately got to her, and the couple shared a loving smile, which Khushi didn't miss for once. Her eyes went wide in surprise, and immediately sought Arnav's to confirm her doubts.

'Is this really happening??'

Arnav nodded once, minutely, having a silent conversation with his wife amidst all the others gathered there. Khushi seemed even more surprised with it.

'And you're okay with it?!!!'

The reply for this, from her dear husband, was a devil-may-care shrug.

Khushi's expression, now changed into a very earnest searching.

'Who are you? And what have you done to my husband?!'

Arnav grinned widely at her, knocking the daylights off her with it, and managing to steal her breath away. Yet again. . . . . . .


Liked it, loved it, hated it??!!

Lemme know whatever it is!! Big smile

And HarshuSmiles is the account with which I send PMs to regular comment-ors only! So silent-readers, please excuse. . . . Embarrassed

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res :D


Finally, I'm editing it! Sorry sisy! Was extremely hanging with work :(

Aditya and Anjali's chapter is moving on! Everyone else is noting that except themselves..

I love Arnav.. Extremely patient.. Sudden development in him? Cos of his love??

I loved Payal.. She misses her husband.. I love that she had an importance here!

Ah.. The last lines were classic! I loved reading!

Good job dear!

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I like it. Arnav's acceptance of the fact that he deserves what he's getting and Khushi's acknowledgement that she is in love with him. Ah.. the shrug in the end is what I like the most. For right now he needs to take care of Khushi not his di. I am now waiting for Khushi's reaction when she comes to know that she's pregnant.

Wonderful writing, Harshu! 

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Nice, really nice.. Arnav has to work, nai? To get back her trust, her love, her. Hmm.. I think that'll be fun to read! :)

And loved their silent conversation in the end. Yea, well.. Who can resist that smile/grin/smirk.. Oh hell, who can resist him?? Even though we're like, totally mad at him! :P

Great comeback, Harshu! :D

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u din tell me that u r updating...
i mean u did tell me days ago but that was 2 days ago.. and you know i have a faulty memory
anyway i found it... so harshu back wiv a bang... 

and again managed to make the Arnav a character i always fall in love with... 

I dunno if it was deliberate but u just showed Payals selfishness as in the show.. man how i hate that lady... I wud take manorama on Payal any day...

 Arnav's emotions are beautifully described..
 Anjali and Aditya's love and NK and La.. u have closed all the loose ends...
 so u know this is my kind of the story...

n if u remember this is the place wer u had stopped so i have no idea what happens next...
Now u knw the first question i ask after the major discussion of the epi...

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