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Never Gone Never Far #2, pt.15/pg120 30/11 (Page 52)

SmileyStar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 3:25am | IP Logged
Yayyy!! They finally met! I'm so happy ;) :D

Hahahaha! :D Arnav is feeling jealous of adi, huh? :D That idiot! ;)

AND I LOVE ADI!! :D :D thanks for da PM :)

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paircube Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
They meet, they meet, they meet.
Please don't make khushi loose her mind. That would be too tragic for arnav. And most importantly I am waiting for him to know that she is expecting.

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 1:09pm | IP Logged

This update is solely dedicated to Viji79 aka Uthra, who helped me a LOT with the scientific explanation and practically EVERYTHING related to Schizophrenia. Thanks, "Missy"!!

Part 10:

As Arnav heard his wife scream for help, it felt to him as if someone was slicing his heart. He saw her petite form tremble. As if she was scared. He remembered what Aditya had said about her unstable mind, and realized that he was the reason behind that. He wished he could die a thousand deaths instead of doing this to her. He felt himself being tugged out, and couldn't help but feel jealous as his wife found solace in another guy's arms, and he had paved way for this, all by himself!

After a while, Aditya came out of the room, after making sure that Khushi would rest. He looked exhausted, as he slipped into the couch. Arnav had been a statue, standing near the window, his back pressed against the pane, as he waited for Aditya to come out. And when the doctor did seem to come out, even he could make out the defeated expression his face carried. He was a silent spectator, as Aditya slumped onto the couch, pressing his palms to his eyes, and his sister held his arm, her lips pursed as she rubbed his arm comfortingly. Aditya leaned towards his sister, as if he was being attracted by her, and Arnav immediately understood what was happening here. He all but wanted to rip his Di's hands off the psychic's arm.

But then he looked at his sister. For the first time in so many years, she looked stronger. Not even had he seen this when Shyam had betrayed her. She seemed to be fully in control of the situation, as Aditya told her something, and she nodded, replying back with a calm countenance, making Aditya smile reassuringly at her. Arnav understood that his Di had finally, fully recovered from Shyam's blows of betrayal. Maybe the bruises were still there, but he could see that Aditya was easily capable of healing them, as he saw Anjali lean onto him a little and sigh. Arnav sighed too, happy that at least his sister had been blessed with love, and also felt relieved that there was no possibility of an "Aditya-Khushi" bonding.

His sigh seemed to have grabbed Aditya's attention, as he looked up and smiled at Arnav too, his smile expressing the pity he felt for Arnav. And when Arnav did not make any kind of a move, Aditya asked, "Don't you want to know what happened in there??" Arnav held his breath, as he came forward, and sat in front of his sister, and Aditya. Aditya was about to say something, when his phone beeped. He saw the display, and showed it to Anjali, his face almost fearful.

The screen said,

"Pregnancy reports - Positive!"

Anjali, on seeing that, smiled happily, and when she saw Aditya's tensed face, she smiled reassuringly, jerking her head towards Arnav, telling Aditya to talk to him. And as if on cue, Lavanya, NK, and Payal came in. When Payal started to move towards Khushi's room, Aditya made her to sit down, telling that Khushi was sleeping and he wanted her to be there too. Aditya sighed, as he started talking, "Payal!" Payal looked surprised when he started talking to her, and looked at him questioningly, as he continued, "Schizophrenia is genetic disorder, Payal. A major heartbreak can only trigger what was there already. I want to know if there were any of your family members suffered from it. Your parents? Grandparents? Anybody??"

"Khushi's mother did suffer from mental instability. I don't know if it was what you called it right now. . ." Payal said thoughtfully. Aditya frowned as he asked, "What do you mean Khushi's mother??"

Payal explained her and Khushi's actual relationship. Aditya shook his head disapprovingly, wondering how much of a blow the young, poor thing might have faced, as he said, "You say she was 8 when she lost her parents. . . ." Arnav remembered how she thought of the stars as her parents, and spoke to them. And when he said this out loud, Aditya was not at all surprised. "Oh God! This is so much more deeper than I thought. . . So she has been suffering this not just because she was heartbroken due to Arnav. . . ."

Now, Arnav did not know whether he was to feel relieved due to the fact of knowing that he was not the actual reason for her ailment, or feel even more terrible, that she had always been through so much. Payal was crying now, as she explained further, "Yes. She used to do it always. Not in front of me, because she thought that I may get offended if I found out that she was still missing her parents, even after my parents gave her so much love. And then she used to indulge on fairy tales, hoping and praying, that she would get her knight in shining armor soon. But then her marriage. . . ." Payal's voice broke, and Arnav stood silently with a dead expression on his face.

Anjali snorted at that statement of Payal, unable to stop herself from sounding a little defiant for her brother, as she icily said, "That all girls do, Payal. . . You cannot tell that all girls are Schizophrenic, just because we dream of being swept off our feet by a Mr. Perfect!!"

Aditya nodded in understanding, and went to Arnav, and put his hand on his shoulder. Squeezing him reassuringly, he said, "Arnav. . . You saw how Khushi is. She is too weak to fight for herself. You have to be strong and fight for both of you. Her disease is such that it cannot be cured fully. . ." There were many gasps from around the room, and Aditya continued, "It can only be managed. . . . ."

"How??" Arnav murmured, for the first time, fully looking into Aditya's eyes, not minding how helpless, and vulnerable he looked at the moment. How broken his whisper sounded to himself.

Aditya started pacing to and fro, as he explained, "Though we can assume that she has been suffering from Schizophrenia from a long time ago, her hallucination is just about you, Arnav. . . This shows the fact that she cannot just do without you. And you probably might be knowing her more than me. So even if she imagined an Arnav, it would have more of her characteristics. So you'll have to be more like her imaginary Arnav, so that she does not miss her imaginary friend. You need to reassure her through every, single, step of her life, that you'll be there for her. Don't step out of her vision. Never make her feel scared, or isolated, or unloved, and we might have a Khushi, who is much more nearer to normalcy."

He turned to look at an Arnav, whose eyes shone with determination, and so much devotion, "And after all this, there's one more important thing. She's pregnant, man. You're going to be a father. Congratulations!" Aditya said, as he patted Arnav's shoulder, and saw a glimmer of smile shine in Arnav's eyes. Payal, NK, and Lavanya looked at each other, grinning with excitement. Whereas Arnav  turned to Aditya, as he said in a shaky, yet determined voice, "Thank you. . . For everything! I. . . She is my life, and I'll do everything within and beyond my power to get her well soon. You held onto her, and took care of her, when she needed support. You too, Lavanya. . . Thank you. . . ."

Lavanya smiled, and looked at NK, who was staring at her appreciatively. Aditya just smiled and went back to where Anjali was sitting. Arnav watched Aditya put his arm around Anjali's shoulder, and Anjali in turn, blush and lean onto him a little, passing a nervous glance in Arnav's direction. Arnav smiled, and looked at Aditya, and looked at pointedly at his sister. Aditya nodded, and grinned back, and just like that, a truce between the two of them had happened.

"You need to be extra careful, bro. Due it her pregnancy, her state will be still more frail. And though she loves you and all, she'll fight! You know she's one hell of a fighter. You'll have to goad her to let her take care of you!" Aditya said, but he had this amused smile on his face, which tamped down the seriousness of the issue in hands. Arnav took in a deep breath, and left it out in a gust, as he thought with an ironic laugh, 'If she is stubborn, Arnav Singh Raizada is known for his stubborn nature too! At least she knows it best!'

He left the jubilant others to themselves, as he went into Khushi's room, to find her almost asleep. She squirmed a little as the door opened, and looked at him with bleary eyes, and Arnav went to her tentatively, and laid down beside her, his arm going around her, as he pulled her to himself. Arnav didn't know whether she was too exhausted to fight him off, or whether she did not want to fight him off, or whether she still didn't know if he was the real Arnav. But she relaxed a little after few seconds, and snuggled into his warmth, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Khushi had lain there, wondering what she should do with the Arnav that had materialized at her doorstep, and had almost slept off on those thoughts, when she saw him entering the room. He walked to her slowly, as if he was afraid that she might blast off any moment now. She felt him lie down next to her, and pull her close to his solid, warm form. Oh, how much she had missed his warmth! She immediately pushed away all the other thoughts, and decided to sleep peacefully, making the most of him when he was available. For who knew what else he could accuse her of, and push her away again.

Arnav kissed her forehead, before he too fell asleep, looking at her face, each of them having a small smile on their lips. And that is exactly how Aditya and Anjali found them after a few minutes, sleeping as if there was no care in the world. As Anjali sniffed, trying to hold back her tears, Aditya held her close, and kissed the top of her head, smiling when her arms went around his waist in response. . . . .


Note:(I forgot to include these in my previous updateEmbarrassed)
1. As you noticed, this update had the cause, and the probable remedy for Khushi's sickness. I hope this is realistic enough. Because I really didn't want to use the excuse of "Fiction" to make miracles happen!! LOL
2. Yes. Anjali has lost her baby.

P.S: Read and review people. . . Embarrassed

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Heart Harshi! Me! Me! My place!

-- Edited --

First sissy! Thanks for updating it in the middle of night. I know how u love your sleep actually! U sacrificed it for me!WinkHug

Now the story is getting to its very originality. I really loved the facts how you put in to make her disorder actually existed from beginning but showed due to Arnav! That was a clever move!Clap

Ha ha! When Arnav though "No Aditya - kushi" on seeing Adtya and Anjali.. I was thinking poor guy.. He is not getting angry cos Aditya is moving close with his Di on the very first day instead feeling relieved for Kushi! Possessive Arnav is always delightful view!

Ending - Perfect and lovely! Arnav and Kushi, Aditya and Anjali.. All having a small smile on their lips.. Obviously put a wide smile on my face!Tongue

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curledup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
well hello!
appy_12 Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
res! :D

Oh Harshu!! So she's suffering that much?? I mean, she has been through a lot, nai?? Poor girl rey! And then, Arnav had to be a jerk! Jerk!!

It's really nice to see Aditya-Anjali finding comfort and solace in one another.. They're fast, ain't they?? And Lavanya and NK?? Man, you are planning to give this one a masth happy ending kada?? 

Nice nice!! 

Loved how they slept off holding each other.. 

In all, it was really sweet! But no precap?? So will you update soon??

Please update soon..! :) Loved it! :D

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Glimmer Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Superb update !!!!!!! Loved it !!!!!
The way you have written it and explained Khushi's illness and teh cure for it is simply awesome !!!!!!
And loved that Anjali and Aditya are together and she is happy !!
Loved Arnav's line when he said that if khushi was stubborn then he was also stubborn !!!!!
Loved the last three paragraphs !!!!!
Hope she gets better soon !!! Btw does she know that she is pregnant ??
Can't wait to read more !! Update soon !!!

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piya_raizada Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
awesome update! loved it!

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