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Never Gone Never Far #2, pt.15/pg120 30/11 (Page 5)

meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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congrats harsh waiting for ur update eagerly

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devsum IF-Dazzler

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Congrats on new thread, just caught up on all chapters.

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yongshin Goldie

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Lyraa made me a banner!! It so goes with my FF!! Thank you, sweetheart! Big smile (Next update, as promised, will be dedicated to you!!Wink)

NOTE: The Arnav with Khushi is just her imagination. Those who were confused about the real Arnav being with her, they haven't met yet!!

Part 7:

Shantivan, New Delhi

"Pick up the phone, Chotey!! Aapki Khushi mil gayi hai, and you chose this moment to disappear from our side of the world!!" Anjali muttered, as she redialed her brother's number for the 18th time. There was a loud clambering noise behind her, and she whipped around in surprise to see NK stand with half a jalebi in his mouth, the other half in his hand, as he stood there, staring at Anjali in all the stupidity that he was.

"Khushiji???" He asked, his eyes still in a daze. Anjali looked at the most uncomplicated living thing in the world, standing in front of her as if he would burst into teras any moment soon. He had a childlike mind. And when he had known about Shyam's betrayal, he had felt so bad for Khushi and Anjali, that he had behaved as if Shyam had betrayed NK too! Such was the goodness of him.

Anjali nodded her head to let him know what he had heard was the truth. But she also told him not to tell this to anybody else. At least not yet. His eyes was filled with tears of joy, as he nodded and dashed upstairs, to his room. Anjali smiled as she shook her head at his retreating back.

Sheesh Mahal, Lucknow

Arnav woke up with bleary eyes. His head was pounding. Result of a sleepless night, and the haunting memories of his wife. He remembered the night when they had actually become a man, and wife.

The night they made love. *Read the OS that I had written in the past, OS: Wish it was enough*

The night she left him.

His phone buzzed again, and he sighed as he got up and reminded himself to live another day for other's sake. His family's sake. His voice came out groggily when he uttered a "Hello" into his phone. "Chotey? Aap ro rahe the kya??" Anjali's concerned voice questioned him, giving a minute amount of relief to his disturbed soul. "Nahi, Di. Main So raha tha. . ." Arnav answered, and was shoot with another question, "So rahe the?? Kahaan??!"

"Di, I'm in Sheesh Mahal." Arnav's voice went a little husky with the plethora of emotions he felt at that moment, and Anjali immediately understood her Chotey had been missing their mother. She had tried her level best to shower him with love since their mother's death. And she also knew that Arnav loved her for that. But she knew too, that no love could ever surpass a mother's love. She smiled sadly, as she told him to come home by the same night.

As Payal and NK was on her side now, she decided to take them both to London, NK could easily distract Arnav from everything. He just needed to open his mouth, and Arnav would be waiting to rip his throat off in anger. Anjali, till now, did not know what NK had done to irk Arnav like that. But she could use all the distraction now. Since the plan was "Arnav shouldn't know anything about Khushi being in London." She told Payal and NK to pack their stuff for a few days, and that they would be heading to London as soon as Arnav returned. Payal had already told Akash about Khushi, and he too rushed home to be with his family.

It was 9'o clock in the morning, and even if Chotey left after an hour, he would take six to seven hours to reach home. And with that calculation in her mind,  Anjali had booked four tickets to London for that night.

She called Lavanya to tell her that she would be leaving the same night, and held her breath, hoping against all hopes with the whole of her battered heart that things worked out. . . . . .

Aditya's apartment, West Hampstead, London

Aditya was going through a journal of psychiatry, his brows furrowed in utter concentration, when he heard Lavanya's phone vibrating on the table. She must have left it here!! he thought, mentally reprimanding his sister to be so irresponsible. "Anjali Di" The display of her phone flashed, and Aditya remembered her to be Arnav's sister. She might be calling to know about Khushi or anything about their plan.

"Hello???" He answered the phone doubtfully. There was a minute's silence, during which Aditya heard just the breathing from the other end, and noticed his breathing was in sync with it. "Lavanyaji??" A doubtful voice replied back. "Ji, main uska Bhai, Aditya bol raha hoon. . . Kahiye??" Aditya answered confidently. "Umm. . . Can I speak to Lavanyaji??" Anjali questioned again, and Aditya calmly answered, "She has left her phone at my apartment. And if this is regarding Khushi, you can tell me. I know."

He heard a sigh, on the line and more of the silence before she informed him that she would be landing in London early next morning. It was Aditya's turn now, to sigh, hoping that Khushi would be alright once she had Arnav back in her life. And coincidentally, they both had voiced their doubts together. "I hope everything will be alright. . . ." And Aditya smiled as he heard a light tinkling laughter on the line, and Anjali murmured, "See you tomorrow. . . . ."

"I'll be waiting. . . ." Aditya replied and ended the call, and sighed wistfully. He got up and started to get ready to go to Lavanya's apartment to return her phone, and tell her the news of the arrival of the Raizadas.

Shantivan, New Delhi

Anjali's smile died on her face as soon as she ended the call, and realized that this was the first decent conversation she had had with any male human being, other than her family, after she had been betrayed by her alleged husband. She had actually felt a little peaceful for a while, when compared to the past few days of tumult. She soon shook her head, sighing, as she brushed away any thoughts about herself, and her feelings.

It was now only about her Chotey.

About Khushi.

About Arnav and Khushi.

Much later that night, Arnav sat in the plush seat of a plane, which headed to London. The city which held his heart and life right now. He had planned to let Payal know about Khushi when he reached Shantivan. But to his astonishment, he had been practically shoved out of the house by his sister, Payal, and NK, almost immediately as he had come, and had been made to board this flight.

Had Di come to know about Khushi too. He couldn't help but give in to the sense of trepidation that kept gnawing his mind. He gazed out of the window, wondering whether he would be bestowed with a glimpse of her. Of course that meant his wounds and gashes, which seemed to have heeled on the surface would be slit open again. But he was willing to take that pain happily if he could just get a glimpse of her.

Would he capable of holding himself back if and when he saw her, he didn't know yet. He cursed himself for getting his hopes all high, regarding meeting her. This was just a "refreshing trip", as his Di had mentioned. But was it? A niggling voice sounded in the back of his mind, which he pushed away, as he felt his sister turning uncomfortably in her sleep, beside him. He pulled up the rug which she had covered herself with, and she snuggled more into it, sighing in her sleep. And Arnav stroked her forehead gently before he turned back to the window.

Khushi's Apartment, London

Lavanya was having a field day, as she prepared herself to accommodate the Raizadas. She had prepared her friend's apartment, which they had both bought together. And this apartment was just opposite the apartment, where Khushi was staying now. Of course, Lavanya and Aditya had not told this to Khushi, who was presently traipsing for some soothing music at the Havisham Dance Institute. And by the time Khushi came back, they were already in her apartment, using Lavanya's spare key, and Khushi entered her apartment to listen to the husky laughter of Lavanya, as she laughed in a carefree manner at some joke made by her brother.

Aditya raised his eyebrows, asking how Khushi was, and Khushi looked at the Arnav right next to him, and sighed wistfully. Aditya glanced at the empty spot which Khushi had turned to, and sent his prayers to God once more, hoping this would be sorted out soon.

They spent the evening, preparing Indian food, and Khushi had actually felt herself relax. But that may be due to the fact that Arnav smiling at her indulgently at her. And they soon ate too, and it was pretty late when Aditya and Lavanya left, and finally Khushi turned to face Arnav with a smile as she headed to the couch near the window. For reasons unfathomable, she could sleep a wink if she slept on the king size bed which was present in the bedroom, and this couch managed to give her just that. She smiled as she felt Arnav stroke her hair in soothing movements, and she slipped into a deep slumber.


The next morning, she woke up with a start and looked around her apartment. The sun was already up, and she noticed that she was thirsty, and sauntered to the kitchen, and drank a glass of water. She returned to the couch, and sat watching out of the window. She saw the numerous cars that passed through and her eyes rested on a man. His shoulders itself made a chill settle in her guts. She could make out who it was just by looking at the way those shoulders were set. As if he was warring against this world.

She paled, as her breathing turned shallower. "Arnav??!!" She mumbled, and looked around, and ran from room to room, yelling his name. And it finally dawned on her that Arnav wasn't there with her. She ran back to the window to see Arnav standing patiently to cross the street.

Was he leaving her? The panic was such that she forgot that this Arnav was just a figment of her imagination. Only thing which mattered to her was that Arnav was leaving! And she just couldn't let that happen. Her eyes teared up, as she started feeling pathetically empty. As if her life was being sucked out of her. Tears started flowing as she threw open the window, to call him back to her. But she doubted whether her voice would reach him amidst the blaring of horns. And the fact that her apartment was in the third floor didn't help much. She made up her mind, to get her Arnav back with her, and rushed out of her house, and stepped into the street, yelling his name. . . . . . . .


No precap, again!!! Bwahahahahahahaha Evil Smile
No time to laugh properly too!! Have to rush for a meeting!! Angry

Sorry for any typos or grammatical errors. . . . Embarrassed

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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My place

-- Edited --

Initially the way update went I thought this time I would escape the strangeness.. May be there was no Arnav and Kushi together anywhere at top.. 

It was just Anjali and Aditya and I was feeling elated to see their feelings for each other.. The way Aditya hoped things when Kushi sighed of seeing Arnav near him was very much good..

Oh My GodD'ohhere comes Arnav and Kushi and the same feeling back in me!(In my language, we used to say this like "Nalla thana poitu irunthathu")Big smileCry

The way she ran around house and the feeling she is gonna go away.. I hope the Arnav standing on streets is a real one and they are gonna meet this time for real!

Hope so! Fingers crossed.. And No precap! Broken HeartArghhh!! I'm bored of saying I hate you but still saying it  - "I.H.A.T.E.U" Heart

P.s: I loved the banner too! So well going with FF especially the first image.. Thanks Lyraa, it was amazing!

Edited by --Siva-- - 09 April 2012 at 4:25am

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Psychedelic Goldie

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Eeeps! Is that the real Arnav!? How evil of you to leave us hanging like this! Loved the update! Anjali and Aditya! and NK!!! <3

Cant wait for more! :)

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catalyst IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 4:27am | IP Logged

awesome...cant wait for the next update...

this arnav she saw outside was for real not juss a mere illusion of her

its getting interesting cant wait to read how to plan to unfold the rest of the story...loved it!:D

Edited by icegurl789 - 09 April 2012 at 4:47am

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appy_12 Goldie

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Whoa!! You can't leave us there!!! But that was nice. At least they're in the same place!

Harshuuu, update real soon, girl!

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