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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 62)

natali1999 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2012 at 9:29am | IP Logged
This is for you
I made it see if u like it and can use it for ur banner

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natali1999 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2012 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
plz continue plz continue soon it's been three days

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sooryalekshmi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
when are you going to update?

i am waiting

please update soonSmile

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crazy_mishee Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:47am | IP Logged
loved da update...
loved the new entry...
hv been reading this part again n again
do continue soon n do pm me
thankx 4 da pm

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Sorry for the delay. I was busy, and didn't have time to sit and think of how to take the story ahead, since there are so many things happening now! so to make up for it, here's a long update!! Thank you so much for caring, and asking me why I wasn't updating.. that was very very sweet and it meant a lot to me that you guys like my FF!!! I promise I won't take this long to update again!!! 

Part 30: Love is in the air

"Bhai kitna khush lagraha hain na (Brother is looking so happy, right?)", Chameli asked Khushi. They were sitting at the mandir, making flower garlands. Chameli was watching Nani talk to Rahul. The conversation started when Nani and Anjali were discussing about buying toys for Anjali's baby. Then Rahul had walked in and joined the conversation, talking about his experiences with kids, since he was a pediatrician and he owned his own clinic. As Chameli and Khushi watched, Rahul was laughing, hearing about Nani's childhood pranks. She turned to Khushi, with tears in her eyes. "Ek saal se na woh hasta tha.. na rota tha.. bas aise hi subah ko hospital jaata tha.. aur shaamko wapas uske kamre main.. kisise baat tak nahi karta tha.. aura b dekho (For a year, he never laughed, never cried. He just used to go to the hospital in the morning and in the evening, he would go back to his room) ". Khushi hugged her. "Uss haadse ne hum sab ka zindagi badal di..(That incident changed our lives)" Khushi wiped Chameli's tears. "Haa, Chameli.. mujhe yaad hain.. bhai uss din bhi nahi roya tha.. jab hum kisiko khote hain.. us baat ko sweekar karne main waqt lagta hain.. aur phir tumne accha kiya bhai ko yaha laakar' naya maahol hain aur usse puraane baatein yaad bhi karne ka mauka hi nahi milta, yeh shaadi ke wajay se (Yes, Chameli, I remember. Brother hadn't cried that day either. When we lose someone, it takes us time to accept that. It was good of you to bring him here. It's a new environment and then because of the wedding, he doesn't have time to think about the past)". Chameli smiled and they looked at Rahul laughing. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Khushi squeezed Chameli's hand, smiled and they went back to making the garlands.

Anjali was watching Rahul as well. It had just been two days since he reached, and Rahul had already blended in perfectly. He was a true Lucknow-ite, according to Nani and anyone from Lucknow was family. He had put himself in charge of the wedding preparations, helping Anjali order and arrange the food, the decorations, and music band and even making lists of whom to invite. She blushed thinking about the dance practice. Madhubala had decided to teach them dance at separate times, so that all the dances would remain a surprise to everyone else. Khushi and Arnav would practice in their room, while Chameli and NK would practice in NK's room. Nani and Buaji had wanted to dance, but Madhubala didn't want to teach them, so Nani and Buaji had decided they would choreograph and dance on their own. Payal, Akash and Anjali were to perform together. From the moment they had started practicing, Madhubala didn't look happy. "Kuch kami hain.. pata nahi (Something is missing.. I don't know)". Anjali and Akash looked puzzled. Anjali walked to her, and asked, "Kya hua Madhubalaji (What's wrong, Madhubala)". Madhubala had shook her head and then looked up to watch Rahul walk into the room. "Haa.. (Yes)" her face had brightened up. "Aap, yahaan aayiye (You, please come here)". Rahul had looked confused, "Ji..main (Yes, me?)". Madhubala looked at Anjali and then at Rahul and said, "Haan.. ab theekh hain.. tum dono ek saat naachoge (Yes, it's right now.. you both should dance together)". Rahul and Anjali had looked at each other. Rahul looked uncomfortable and Anjali had blushed, but Madhubala insisted and Rahul had given in. She remembered getting a chill down her spine when Rahul had taken her hand. Anjali's heart beats had started racing when she looked into his eyes, those soft brown eyes that were filled with sadness. Her thoughts were interrupted by Rahul's voice."Anjaliji, yeh waala achcha rahega (Anjali, this one should be good)", he pointed at a picture of a crib in the brochure. Anjali was about to answer when she saw Arnav walk past.

"Chotte", she called out to Arnav. "Woh poolside waala lights tum theekh karoge? (Can you fix the lights by the poolside)" She smiled as she saw Khushi and Chameli walk up to them. "Hum Khushiji ko keh deta par Diwali pe who ulaj gayi thi (I would have asked Khushi, but she got herself entangled in them during Diwali)". Khushi made an annoyed face, "Nahi Di, main karloongi.. (No, Di, I will do it) " Arnav turned to Khushi, "Nahi.. tum kuch nahi karoge.. main handle kar loonga Di (No, you won't do anything. Di, I will handle it)". He started walking to the poolside. "Humse nahi hua toh aap kaise karenge (IF I couldn't do it, how can you?)". Khushi said, running behind him. Anjali shook her head, smiling, "Yeh dono hamesha jagadte rehte hain..(These two are always fighting)" Rahul laughed, "Aapka bhai toh heera hain.. jo Khushi ki nautangi ko bardaasht karte hain.. Khushi par dil ki bahut achchi hain.. sirf thoda pagal hein (Your brother is a diamond, because he bears Khushi's pranks. Khushi has a good heart, but she is just crazy)" Anjali laughed, "Khushiji bhi heera se kam nahi hain (Khushi is also nothing less than a diamond)". She explained to Rahul how difficult her brother had been before Khushi came into his life and how he had changed, saying this tears rolled down her cheek. Nani smiled and Rahul felt bad for making Anjali cry, so he asked, "Waise Anjaliji, aapka pati kahi dikha nahi.. woh kahi chala gaya hain kya (Btw Anjali, I haven't seen your husband. Has he gone somewhere?)". Chameli's face was filled with shock, she had never told Rahul about Shyam. She looked at Nani, whose face was filled with fear, and then at Anjali. Anjali calmly replied, "Hum ab saat nahi rehte..(We are not together anymore)" She looked at Rahul and smiled. Rahul's face was calm, but Anjali felt she saw some relief in his eyes for a moment. But then nothing. Did I imagine it, she thought.

At the poolside, Arnav was hanging the lights, with Khushi chatting continuously beside him. Arnav was acting as though he was ignoring her, but he couldn't help smiling hearing her banter. Khushi suddenly had a naughty smile on her face, Laad governor, you always think you are better than me. I will show you! She took the lights that were on the ground and slowly started throwing it on him. Arnav turned around angrily, trying to grab Khushi's hand, but she kept throwing strands of lights on Arnav. Finally Arnav caught her hand and pulled her towards him,  and said angrily, "Tumne yeh kya kar diya Khushi. Ab main ulaj gaya hoon..(Khushi what have you done? Now I'm entangled)" Khushi smiled and said, "Haa.. maine kaha tha.. ki yeh aap ke bas ki baat nahi hain..(Yes, I told you that you can't do this)" Arnav smiled and said, "Oh really' par tum kuch bhi kar sakte ho (But you can do anything)" She nodded confidently. "Toh ab kya karogi (What will you do now?)". He started putting the remaining strands of lights over her, so that now they both were tied up together in the lights. Khushi's breath had quickened, her heart was racing as her face was close to Arnav. She could feel his breath on her face, she tried to look away. "Chod do mujhe Arnavji (Free me, Arnav)", she struggled to free herself and Arnav smiled. 

Chameli was in the kitchen, when NK walked in. He walked up to her and said, "Chameliji..  dance practice ka waqt ho gaya hain.. aap aayiye please (Chameli, it's time for the dance practice.. shall we go?)". Chameli looked up and smiled, "Theekh hain Nanheji.. ab chale (Ok, NK, lets go)". He extended his hand and before she took it, he extended his other hand and brought forward a bouquet of red roses. She blushed as she looked at him and asked, "Yeh mere liye hain? (These are for me?)" He nodded and she blushed again, as she took it from him. "Aapko kaise pata tha ki mujhe gulaabe achche lagte hain (How did you know that I love roses?)". He replied, "Main sab jaanta hoon..(I know everything)" and he put his hand up to his head, but accidentally knocked over the box of flour that was in the cupboard above them. It fell in between them, covering Chameli and NK with flour. Chameli coughed and NK said quickly, "Oh sorry sorry.. aap gadha ho gaya (You have become a fool)". Chameli looked at him angrily, "Kya..(What?)" NK looked confused, and Chameli laughed, "gadha nahi Nanheji, gandha (Not fool, NK, dirty)". NK smiled and said, "Haa.. wahi wahi.. I'm sorry". Chameli brushed the flour off her sleeves and said, "Koi baat nahi Nanheji, hum nirtha abyaas shuru karte hain.. chaliye (It's ok, NK. Let's start the dance practice. Let's go)". They walked to NK's room, Chameli laughing and NK smiling, without realizing that they were holding hands.

Khushi and Arnav were still at the poolside, entangled in the lights, looking into each other's eyes. Khushi cried as the wire touched her skin on her back. Arnav's smile disappeared. "Ruko, main nikal deta hoon (Stop, I will remove it)". He removed that wire from her, slowly running his finger over her back. She shivered with pleasure and then looked into his eyes. Then her face became serious. "Theekh hain.. hum aapke madad karenge.. aur aap hamara madad karlejiye (Ok, I will help you and you help me)". He smiled naughtily. They removed the lights from the other's body, his fingers slowly touching every inch of her skin, making her shiver and her hands running over his muscular body, their hearts beating faster, as one. As he removed the last strand from around her neck, he couldn't control himself and he kissed her neck. She grabbed his arms and pulled him towards her and kissed his lips. She had missed him, missed waking up next to him. The way he kissed her, she knew he had missed her too. He looked around, as their faces separated then with his eyes, indicated the bed and she shook her head. "Nahi koi aajaayega.. ghar main itne saare log hain.. (No, someone might come.. there are so many people in the house now)" He looked disappointed, so she pulled him closer and kissed his forehead. "Kuch hi din ki toh baat hain.. aur hum phir se shaadi karenge.. aur phir suhaag raat bhi hogi (It's just a matter of days, then we will get married again and we will have our first night)" she winked at him. He remembered the night at the dhaaba, when he had carried her to the room and let her freeze outside and then he rememebered their suhaag raat when he had thrown her out of his room. His eyes teared up and he pulled her closer and hugged her tightly. No this time its going to be different, he thought. She will get the magical night she always wanted. 

Anjali and Rahul were still discussing about Anjali's baby. They hadn't even noticed that Nani and Chameli had left the room. Rahul explained that she had to take care of her health and especially her diet. She smiled and said, "Haan.. humari doctor ne ek list diya tha.. aur waise bhi yahaan sab humhara bahut khayal rakta hain..(Yes, my doctor had given me a list and then everyone at home takes good care of me)" Rahul shook his head and smiled, "Tum yeh hamesha kehti ho.. aur phir jaakar chupke se kuch aisa waisa khati ho.. tumhe kya laga ki mujhe pata nahi chalega.. main sab jaanta hoon, Maanvi (You always say that.. and then you secretly eat something or the other. What did you think, that I wont find out? I know everything, Maanvi)". Anjali looked at Rahul, confused. "Rahulji, mera naam Anjali hain (Rahul, my name is Anjali)". Rahul's face was filled with fear and shock, an expression Anjali couldn't understand. He turned away and got up slowly. "Main.. main.. main abhi aata hoon (I.. I will be right back)", he said quickly and walked away, leaving a confused Anjali. "Maanvi.. yeh Maanvi kaun hain (Maanvi, who is Maanvi?)"


A plea to silent readers : Like and/or comment if you liked the post, but if you don't like the post, please please feel free to criticize! It's kind of disappointing to see so many views and no feedback!

Part 31: Rahul's story (

Here's my new banner.. A big thanks and lots of love to natali1999 for her efforts!!! 


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harshnee Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Clapluved it. 
looking forward to the next update. 
loving anjali and rahul parts and also the cute arnav and khushi moments too. 
wat to find out who this maanvi is. 
continue soon 
thx a lot for the pm. 

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devsum IF-Dazzler

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great update. thanks for the pm

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wondeful update


thank you for the pm

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