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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 57)

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Part 26 : Pre-engagement romance

Khushi was getting ready for her engagement. She smiled, remembering what had happened when she went shopping the previous evening. Anjali and Arnav had picked her up from Gupta house on their way. Anjali wanted to buy Khushi a lehenga that she could wear on the day of the engagement, even though Buaji and Amma tried their best to decline the offer. But Anjali had insisted, "Woh meri behen hain..(She is my sister)" she said, touching Khushi's cheeks with her hand. Buaji couldn't refuse.  Once they reached the store, Anjali had asked Arnav to try on some sherwanis, but he refused to, well rather, he was not listening to Anjali, he was busy watching what Khushi was picking out. Anjali had given up finally, understanding that Arnav wanted to pick out what Khushi wanted to wear. Khushi picked up a pink lehenga, and turned to Anjali and asked, "Di.. yeh kaisi hain.. (Di, how is this?)" Anjali turned and looked at her and said, "Very cute, Khushiji.. aap ko bahut suit karegi..(Very cute, Khushi. It will suit you)" But Khushi was not looking at her, she was looking over her shoulder at Arnav, who shook his head. Khushi turned to Anjali, "Nahi Di.. iski color achchi nahi hain.. kuch aur dekhti hoon..  (No, Di.. the color is not nice.. I will look at something else)" This happened two more times and finally Anjali sighed and looked at both of them; they were sitting on either side of her. Anjali became frustrated, but with a smile on her face, she said "Pata nahi main tum dono ke saat kyun aayi.. tum dono meri baat nahi sunti.. Chotte, tum Khushiji ke liye kuch pasand karo, aur Khushiji tum Chotte ke liye.. main abhi aati hoon (I don't know why I came with both of you. You dont listen to me. Chotte you pick out a dress for Khushi and Khushi, you choose something for Chotte. I will be right back)". Khushi blushed, as Anjali walked away. Arnav walked next to her and picked up a bright red lehenga from the pile and gave it to Khushi. "Yahi pehenlo..(Wear this)" Khushi looked at him, and asked, "Kyun..(Why?)" He looked at her confused, and then understood she was playing with him. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Kyunki mujhe pata hain ki tumhe yeh pasand hain..(Because I know you like this one)" Khushi smiled, and said, "Achcha.. aap meri pasand na pasand jaanta hain, toh aapke liye aap hi pasand karleejiye.. main yeh try karne jaa rahi hoon (Really? You know what all I like and dont like? Then why dont you choose something for yourself. I will go try this on)". She took the lehenga and walked to the trial room. She tried it on and yes, she looked beautiful! How did he know? she blushed. She walked out wearing the lehenga to show Arnav but he was nowhere to be seen. She was standing next to the men's trial room, looking for Arnav, when a hand pulled her into a stall. Arnav closed the door and locked it. The room was so small, there was hardly any space left for her to move. Khushi shocked, turned around to face Arnav. She couldn't help admire how breathtakingly handsome he looked in his black sherwani! (Ok, I'm just drooling here! Day Dreaming) She blushed and Arnav put his arms on either side of Khushi on the wall, so she was trapped and asked, "Pasand aaya? (Do you like it?)" She made a don't-care face, "Theek hain.. utna bura bhi nahi hain (It's ok.. not so bad)" He asked "Oh really" and brought his face close to hers. He had noticed that she was wearing the lehenga that he had picked out for her and he could not believe how ravishing she looked in it. He was trying hard to control his emotions, well aware that there were people around them outside the room. She started breathing heavily. He took her face in his hands and kissed her softly. She grabbed his arms for support. And of course, her phone rang. Their lips parted and she checked her phone. It was Anjali. "Khushiji, aap aur Chotte kahan hain..(Khushi, where are you and Chotte)" Khushi, wide-eyed, looked at Arnav and stammered. "Aayi Di..(Coming Di)" Arnav shook his head, but Khushi moved to the door, opened it, lifted her lehenga and ran out, ignoring the stares from the other men in the trial room.  Arnav smiled, checked himself in the mirror again, and followed her.

"Taiyyar hogayi titliya? (Are you ready, Khushi?)" Buaji's voice interrupted her thoughts. Buaji was amazed at how stunning Khushi looked. Her jewelry was simple, golden ruby studded jhumkas and necklace and a golden kundan tikka with red beads. She wore the bangles that Arnav had gifted her on the night of the havan before Payal's wedding. Khushi smiled, she knew she looked beautiful. She couldn't wait to see Arnav's reaction. She missed him, they hadn't seen each other all day. Amma and Babuji hugged her with tears in their eyes.

Anjali straightened the collar of Arnav's sherwani. He looked annoyed, and Anjali knew why. He hadn't met Khushi all day. Madhubalaji, the dance teacher, could not reach Shantivan early in the morning and so the dance class had gotten canceled. Khushi and Arnav had tried to meet each other outside their houses, but they couldn't leave the house because someone always had something for them to do, to help out with the engagement preparations. They tried to call each other, but kept missing the other's calls. Anjali put her hand on Arnav's jaw, "Chotte.. tum kitne handsome lag rahe ho! Kissi ka nazar na lage (Chotte, you are looking so handsome. I hope no one jinxes you!)" She tried to put a black tikka behind his ear and he dodged. "Di, kya kar rahe ho! (Di what are you doing) You know I don't like these things!" Anjali smiled and put her hands on his arms. "Khushiji abhi aati hi hogi..(Khushi will be coming soon)" Arnav pretended not to hear that and said, "Di mujhe kuch kaam hain (Di I have some work to do)" and he walked out to the poolside to sit on the recliner with his laptop. Anjali smiled and walked back to the living room. 

Khushi and her family were greeted at the door by Nani, Anjali, Mami, Mamaji, Akash and Payal. The women hugged Khushi and Khushi touched Nani and Mamaji's feet. Khushi looked around, searching for Arnav. Anjali and Nani noticed this and exchanged smiles. As they walked in, Khushi admired the decorations. Nani commented, "Sab Anjali betiya ne kiya hain (Anjali did everything!)". Khushi started to argue and Anjali said, "Haan haan.. Khushiji maine sirf doosro se kaam karwaya.. maine kuch bhi kaam nahi kiya (Yes.. yes, Khushi.. I just made others do the work I didnt do anything)" Khushi smiled. As the others walked ahead, Anjali pulled Khushi back and said, "Chotte upar kamre main hain.. thoda gusse main hain.. aapko poora din dekha nahi hain na..(Chotte is upstairs. He is a bit angry. He hasnt seen you all day right?)" Khushi blushed. "Jaayiye.. main yahan sabko sambhal loongi.. aur jab samay aayega.. main aap ko bhulaoongi.. theekh hain? (Go, I will cover for you here.. when its time, I will come and call you, ok?)" Khushi hugged Anjali and kissed her on the cheek and ran to Arnav's room.

As Khushi opened the door, the windchimes made a noise. Arnav heard it and there was pain on his face. He missed his wife! Khushi quietly closed the door and tiptoed to the poolside. She saw him sitting outside, his back to her. She remembered when she last saw him, quietly tiptoeing across the living room of the Gupta house early that morning. He had come the previous night to her room, through the window, just liked he promised. Buaji had heard some noise, but Khushi had convinced her there was no one else in the room. Thankfully, Buaji didn't ask too many questions. He had to leave very early, before the others woke up. As she closed the door, he had hugged her and planted a kiss on her cheek. She touched her cheek, smiled and walked toward him. She put her hands around his neck, pulled his face back and kissed his forehead. He smiled and got up to hug her, saying, "Do you have any idea how I missed you". She took his face in her hands and kissed his lips. He took her hands in his and put it on his chest and they looked at each other, not blinking... they both looked stunning.. they didn't have to say anything. .their eyes spoke.. They also knew how much the other had missed them. then Anjali called out, "Chotte.. Khushiji.. neeche aayiye.. sagaai ka waqt hogayi hain (Chotte, Khushi, please come down.. its time for the engagement)"

Khushi turned to Arnav, "Arnavji, yeh sagai ki koi zaroorat nahi hain' Aapko pata hain Buaji ne kaha tha ki jis ungli main aap mujhe ring pehnaayenge uska naz seede dil tak jaata hain.. au raise karne se main aapka ho jaayoongi.. par Arnavji, main toh aap hi ki ho chuki hoon.. meri dil meri jaan.. sab kuch.. (Arnav, there is no need for this engagement. Do you know Buaji told me that the nerve on the finger on which you will put the ring goes straight to my heart. So when you place the ring on my finger, I become yours! But Arnav, I am already yours.. my heart, my soul.. everything) " He ran his hands through her hair and said, "Khushi.. tumhe pata hain ki yeh sab cheeze mere liye koi mayine nahi rakte.. tum meri ho.. aur humne shaadi bhi karli.. ab sab log jaante hain ki tum sirf meri ho.. par main ab yeh sab karna chahta hoon.. tumhare liye.. main tumhari khushi ke liye kuch bhi karne ko taiyyar hoon..  jab maine tumse zabardasti shaadi kit hi.. toh maine tumhara shaadi ka sapna thoda tha.. par abhi main yeh chahta hoon ki tumhara shaadi ka sapna bhi poora ho..(Khushi, you know that I don't care about any of these things.. you are mine.. when we got married, everyone came to know that you are mine. But now I want to do all of this, for you. I will do anything to make you happy. When I forced you to get married to me, I shattered your dream of the perfect marriage. But now I want that dream of yours to come true too)"  She looked at him with tears in her eyes. She was so lucky, he genuinely wanted her to be happy.. and he was willing to go against his beliefs just to make her happy! She had a naughty smile on her face. "Achcha.. toh meri ek aur khwahish bhi hain.. poora karoge? (Really, I have another wish.. will you fulfil that too?)" He raised his eyebrows, "of course.. batao (tell me)". She folded her arms and said, "Meri yeh khwahish thi ki ek din meri rajkumar mujhe apne baahon main udhakar mandap le jaayenge (My wish was that my prince charming would carry me in his arms down the aisle) ". Arnav smiled and lifted her in his arms. "Ab chale? (Shall we go?)" She put her arms around his neck as he carried her down to the living room.

Part 27 : Arnav and Khushi's sagai (


Again I hope this is not getting too boring.. I have already written the engagement sequence.. but this post became too long, so I thought I will post it separately! I will update soon! Please like and leave your comments! Thanks!

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loved it 

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great update! i enjoyed reading it Big smile

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thats lovely so sweet of u dear to fill me with ur update in the arhiless weekends
that was beautiful and simply superb

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Aww how cute and romantic!!!
Loved it!!!

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Awesome Awesome Awesome   Awesome    Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome Awesome   Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome Awesome   Awesome    Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesom Awesome  
Awesome Awesome  Awesome  Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome   Awesome    Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome 
Awesome Awesome  Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome   Awesome    Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome Awesome 
Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome   Awesome    Awesome  Awesome  Awesome 
Awesome Awesome Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesome Awesome AWesom
Awesome   Awesome    Awesome  Awesome  Awesome  Awesom Awesome  Awesome  
 Awesome  Awesome 
SEriously loved it!!!
amazingly written!!
thanx for the pm
please continue and update the next part asap!!!

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wowww...its amazinggg Embarrassed
continue soon

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continue as soon as possible

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