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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 3)

boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Part 3 : Khushi saves Anjali

Hum hamesha hamesha tumse ( I will always..).. she opened her eyes.. what did he mean? Does he love me? She rubbed her eyes and yawned and tried to sit up. Then she realized that her hand .. she looked to her left and realized that Arnav was lying next to her on the bed, his hands tightly holding her left hand. She screamed and Arnav jumped up.. "Kya hua Khushi (What happened Khushi)", still holding her hand. "Aap.. aaapp.. yahaa (You are here?)", Khushi stammered, pointing to the bed.. "Aur main yahaan (and I am here?)" . Arnav replied with a puzzled look on his face.. "Haan main aur tum yahaan.. kahin aur hona chahiye kya (Yes, you and I are here.. should we be somewhere else?)". She shakes her head.. "Nahi.. woh aap bistar main kya.. (No, what are you doing on the bed)" she couldn't finish the sentence, she felt her face burning up.. Arnav noticed that her cheeks had gone red. He released her hand, touched her face with his palm and smiled.. "Main tumhara pati jo hoon.. (well I am your husband)" .. Khushi felt a shiver down her spine.. rabba ve.. He traced his finger slowly down her face and held her cheek lightly in his palm. "Par kal raat kya hua dha.. (But what happened last night)", she asked, her eyes tearing up. He smiles.. "Tum itne zor zor se kharrate ley rahe they.. aur kuch nahi hua..(you were snoring loudly, nothing else happened)" She stares at him astonished and he laughs.. "Ab chalo, nahaalo aur uske baat mujhe nahaakar office jaana hein..(Now go, take a shower and then I need to take a shower and leave for office)" She gets off the bed and walks to the bathroom, still surprised by his behavior. 

When she got out of the bathroom, he was already up and working on his laptop. She noticed that he was watching her as she dried her hair. As she sat down in front of the mirror, she looked at him in the mirror and asked, "Aise kya dekh rahe ho.. bathroom khaali hain.. aap jaayiye (Why are you looking at me like this? The bathroom is empty.. go)" .. He got up from the recliner, walked up to her as she started combing her hair. As she reached for the sindoor box, he grabbed it from her hand and she looked up at him.. "What the" .. Arnav looked at her, surprised.. and she put her palm on her mouth, her eyes bulging in shock at what she said. Arnav smiled and asked, "Kya (what)" .. She looked down, not knowing what to say when she realized that he had just put sindoor on her forehead.. She looked up and some sindoor fell from his hand on her nose. She remembered the night when Arnav had put sindoor on her earlier in the temple, with such force, such hatred in his eyes.. and now she looked into his eyes'she could only see love.. rabba ve.. A tear rolled down her cheek. Arnav got on his knee, wiped the tear off her face and the sindoor off her nose and kissed her nose. Khushi got up suddenly and not knowing what to do, ran to the door. Arnav looked at her and smiled, put the sindoor box on the dressing table and walked to the bathroom.

Anjali was performing the puja when Khushi came out of the kitchen. Khushi walked towards the mandir to take the prasad, when Anjali saw her and smiled. Khushi smiled back and then her smile disappeared, as Anjali stepped on her sari and tripped, the thali with the lighted diya falling from her hand. Khushi ran to her and held her, without realizing that the diya had fallen on her dupatta and her dupatta had caught fire. "Di.. yeh aapne kya kiya.. aap ko kuch ho jaati toh.. hum aap ke saath puja karlete.. aapko akele puja karne ki kya zaroorat dhi..(Di, what did you do? What if something had happened to you? I would have done the puja with you? Why did you do it alone?)" Khushi felt her dupatta being pulled off her and she looked over her shoulder to see Arnav fighting with the flames on her dupatta. Anjali looked at Khushi, "meri baat chodiye.. aapke dupatte main aag (Forget about me, your shawl was on fire)".. "Toh kya Di.. aap ka zindagi mujhse zyaada keemti hain (So what Di, your life is more precious than mine)", Khushi took Anjali's hand, remembering how Arnav had done the same once when Anjali had gone missing and they had found her at the temple.. Arnavji loves his Di and how will he survive if something happens to his sister. "Khushi.." Arnav yells, angrily. "Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata toh.. tumhare bina main (What if something had happened to you, without you, I'm..)".. He pulls her towards him. She looks at him, his eyes had teared up.. rabba ve.. He looked next at his sister.. "Tum donno mere zindagi ho.. tumhare bin main kuch nahi hoon (You both are my life, I am nothing without you)" and he hugged his sister and Khushi. Anjali smiled, "Main aaj itni khush hoon Chote.. (I am very happy today, Chotte)". Arnav and Anjali walked to the dining room.  Khushi went upstairs to change, remembering how this time Arnav had first been concerned about her, before his Di. 

As they were eating, Khushi's voice was echoing in Arnav's mind.. "Aap ko kuch ho jaati toh (What if something had happened to you)".. ."Aapke zindagi mujhse zyaada keemti hain (Your life is more precious than mine)".. and on the night of the Dilli main Bali hotel, "Main bhi ye sirf Di ke liye kar rahi hoon (I am also just doing this for Di)" .. Does she really care about Di? Then why was she having an affair with Shyam? Was I wrong about her? Was she not trying to break up my sister's wedding? He looked at Khushi who was sitting next to Nani, busily chatting with her. He looked at Shyam and he was staring at Khushi.. Arnav got up and went to Khushi and said, "Main office jaa raha hoon.. aaj raat ko jaldi aaoonga.. kal raat ki baad aaj..(I am going to office. I'll come home early.. after last night, tonight..)" and he smiled at her. She looked at him confused, but her face had turned red. He looked at Shyam and he was angrily staring back at Arnav. Arnav smirked and walked to the door, leaving a puzzled Khushi and a grinning Nani and Anjali at the table.

Part 4a - Khushi's thoughts (


Don't worry guys, please give it time.. I am making them realize their love for each other, and both Arnav and Khushi are going to put two and two together and solve the MU.. now that they both know they love each other, the pain is going to be more.. for Khushi because Arnav loved her but didn't trust her and Arnav of guilt, knowing that Khushi always loved only him. 

Btw, I wasn't sure if I should make Arnav this bold, but he is very bold.. remember he kissed her first at the poolside.. I hope you liked the kiss on the nose and the sindoor and the naughtiness in front of everyone ;)

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Rhysenn IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Just read all the updates..very cute! Continue please!Smile
Parker27 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Really really like this so far :) please please continue it :) 
AWESOME JOB. Also I love how Arnav realizes that you cannot win a person with hate only love :) Awesome concept. 
zafi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Superb updates.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
That was an interesting concept.
Loved it.
I love how the story is going. How slowly you are showing their love for each other.
Very well written.
Can't wait to read more.
sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
wow,amazing! I wish cv's see these OS and show it in the episodes.
boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Part 4a: Khushi's thoughts, a week later!

A week had passed since the day of the fancy dress competition. Khushi walked into her bedroom, tired. It had been a long tiring day; it was Ram Navami and she was helping Anjali, Naani and Maami with the preparations for the puja at the temple tonight. She sat down on the bed, her legs crossed over each other, leaned back on her hands and let out a long sigh of relief. 

She smiled as she thought of all that happened during the week. Arnav had been so loving all week, he took care of her, he smiled and laughed more and in fact, he never worked or talked to Aman once he got home! Earlier that week, he had taken her out for dinner and she had expected him to take her to an expensive restaurant, but instead he took her to a dhaaba, where she ate to her heart's content and they had eaten together from the same plate! Two days later, on her birthday, they had a party at home and afterwards, he had taken her to the poolside where he had a table full of snacks and sweets from Lucknow. He knew nothing would make her happier than having Lucknow sweets under the stars with her Amma Babuji. Khushi smiled, remembering how they had fed the sweets to each other, but her smile vanished as she thought of how Shyam had done something similar, by bringing Lucknow sweets to Buaji's house. Shyam was getting more annoying day by day, especially after seeing how close Arnav and Khushi were. Khushi couldn't help but notice that Arnav was more romantic whenever Shyam was around. He would hug her or slyly plant a kiss on her forehead when Shyam was close by. Maybe I am just imagining it, Khushi thought. But Shyam had walked into the kitchen one day when Khushi was alone and tried to kiss her and Khushi had yelled out to Anjali that day. Thankfully she was not home alone. She had made sure that she would never be home alone, because she was scared of  what Shyam might do. She didn't have the courage to tell Arnav about Shyam, but maybe he knows..something.. why else would he be more romantic in front of Shyam. 

Or, maybe he is just being more romantic' Khushi blushed, thinking of the kisses on the cheek and forehead that seemed to linger, as if they both wanted more.. and every morning they would wake up in each other's arms. Nothing more had happened, yet.. maybe he thinks I am not ready.. am I? Khushi wondered, noticing that her cheeks were burning and that her heartbeat had increased. "Theek hain.. theek hain.. hum samajh gayi (Ok, ok, I understand)", she said, blushing as she put her hand over her heart. 

She remembered the conversation she had earlier today with Anjali, as they were making the flower garlands for the pooja. Naani and Maami had gone shopping and Anjali and she were alone at home then. Anjali had told her how happy she was that Khushi was in her Chotte's life. Anjali had explained how she should have understood Chotte's love for Khushi since the beginning, but she had failed to notice it. His concern for Khushi after the guest house incident, how he changed while Khushi was teaching Laavanya.. Anjali always thought the change in his behavior was his love for Laavanya but now it was clear to her that he was always doing it for Khushi. It was her pranks that got him to agree to the engagement and to be more involved in the pujas and celebrations. "Shaayad Laavanyaji ko pata chal gaya tha.. (Maybe Lavanya had understood)" Anjali had said. True, Khushi thought, that explained why Laavanya had asked her to take care of Arnav and she had broken off the engagement. But what about all the hatred and the harsh words from Arnav back then? Though she didn't ask Anjali that, Anjali had sensed her wonder and had pointed out that maybe Arnav himself hadn't understood that he was in love and instead was trying to hide his love by hate, the way he had used hate to hide his actual feelings the past few years. But now things had changed, thanks to Khushi, Anjali had said, smiling with gratitude in her eyes and she had hugged her tears rolling down her face.

Khushi looked at his picture on the side of the table, took it in her hands and smiled.. "Gussa toh dekhiye, laad governor ka.. par ab aap aise bilkul nahi hain.. (Look at his anger. Now you are not like this at all)" She put the picture back.. "Arnavji hamesha mujhse pyaar karte they..(Arnav always loved me) ", Khushi leaned forward and looked at  her bangles, the ones he had gifted her right before the wedding. "Uss din ke baad, kya hua tha.. ki woh hamse itni nafrat karne lage.. zaroor usko Shyamji ke baare main pata chal gaya hoga' par kaise.. kisne bataaya hoga Shyamji aur hamare baare main.. Jiji aur hamare ghar waale.. nahi.. phir.. (What had happened after that day that he started hating me? I'm sure he got to know about Shyam and I? But who would have told him about us? My family? No.. then)" She thought of the events of that day.. she had met him near the mirror and he had put her bindi on the mirror.. what had happened after that before she met him later.. "Kya hua tha.. (What had happened)" Then her eyes bulged with terror.. "Woh chhat main .. shaayad usne mujhe aur Shyamji ko dekha tha.. Hey Devi Maiyya, usne kya dekha hoga.. hum usse kaise pooch sakti hoon.. par hume pata karna hoga.. (On the terrace.. maybe he saw Shyam and I. Oh god, what did he see? How can I ask him, but I have to find out)"  She looked at the time.. "phir kabhi.. ab woh ghar aata hi hoga.. (maybe later, he should be coming home soon)" she blushed thinking of how he would walk in, close the door and give her a bear hug and tell her how much he missed her the entire day!


Now next part, Arnav thinks about all that happened during the week.

Part 4b - Arnav's thoughts (

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Part 4b : Arnav's thoughts, a week later

Arnav walked into his office after a 2-hour long conference call. He sat in his chair and let out a huge sigh of relief. He looked at his dabba. He smiled, Khushi hadn't forgotten his dabba, even amidst all the commotion about the Ram Navami puja at home. Khushi was still involved in the dabba service, but Shuklaji had taken care of the dabbas for today. Khushi had still made Arnav his lunch before he had left for office. He opened the lunchbox. He missed Khushi, they had started eating lunch together everyday, of course she talked all through lunch and he listened smiling. He smiled thinking of the moments he spent with her all week. How they woke up in each other's arms. He used to stay awake at nights, his arms around her, just watching her sleep on his chest, peacefully. He fought hard every night to resist the temptation to make love to her. She is so young, what if she is not ready. I don't want to force her. I want it to be perfect! He remembered how he had given into temptation on the night of Diwali, if only I had kissed her that day when I had the chance! But the past week was great, she clearly enjoyed the love he was showering on her and she showered lots of love on him too, fussing about everything..  from a small bruise on his hand to when he sneezed after being out in the rain one night. That night, he had slept on her lap and she had stayed up all night to make sure that he was alright.

Thankfully she has forgotten his blackmail about ruining Payal's marriage. She no longer was scared when he was talking to Akash or Payal. Earlier today, he had given Payal a ride to the grocery store, because Naani and Maami had taken the other car for shopping. Arnav had then made sure that the driver would pick her up once she was done with shopping at the store. Khushi did not seem upset, like she would have been earlier if he had spent some time with Payal. He remembered his conversation with Payal. Payal had told him how she was concerned initially that Arnav was not right for Khushi, since she had heard only about his arrogance from Khushi.. but then she told him that she never realized until now that Khushi always had feelings for Arnav. She told him how excited she had been the night he had said sorry to her. She had laughed when she told him about her concerns regarding 'her friend's ukhdi ukhdi behavior' right before Diwali.. "us din ko hi mujhe shaayad samajna chaahiye tha ki usse pyaar hua tha (I should have understood then itself that she was in love)" .. Arnav was shocked, before Diwali .. but he was not ready for what came next.. "aur Shyamji ne (and Shyam)".. and Payal stopped.. "Shyam?" Arnav had asked. Payal had quickly answered, "woh hamara jo paying guest tha.. (he was our paying guest)" and then she had smiled and said, "usne kaha tha ki agar uss insaan ke pas jaane se tumhara dhadkane tez hojata hain toh gadbad hain (he said that if your heartbeats quicken when you go near the person, then something is wrong)".. Arnav grinned remembering the time when Khushi was moving towards him and away from him and when he had caught her, she had run away. Khushi loved me since then, then he remember her tears seeing him hug Laavanya and how cute she looked when Laavanya had kissed him at the temple during Teej.. she was jealous! He smiled, and then his smile disappeared when he thought of the Diwali night near the poolside and how he had broken her heart when he announced his engagement. "I'm so sorry Khushi", Arnav thought.. his heart paining for the misery he caused her. Then he remembered how she had cried once near the pool.. when was that.. he remembered asking her about her fiance.. wait, that must have been when her engagement broke off.. what did Payal say now about their paying guest.. wasn't their paying guest Khushi's fiance? Payal said his name was Shyam.. could it be? No way, how could Jijaji stay at Khushi's place.. he was away on business, right? By then they had reached the grocery store and shortly after he left, he had gotten a call from Aman and he had forgotten about his thoughts.

But now he remembered about Shyam. Could it be his Jijaji? Was that why Khushi was upset that day? That was the first time she had met Jijaji.. Maybe he was wrong.. maybe Khushi never loved Shyam.. maybe Shyam was just playing with his feelings and purposely turning him against Khushi, so that they couldn't be happy.. could it be? How can I find out the truth.. how? Should I ask her? But how will I ask her.. what if I'm wrong completely, what will she think about me? 

He looked at the clock.. maybe I will go home early.. I miss my wife.. maybe I will convince her not to go to the temple.. now that is going to be difficult for her.. choosing between Arnav Singh Raizada and Devi Maiyya.. but I want to be home alone with her.. with my wife.. he smiled' maybe tonight is the night! 


How did you guys like these parts? I figured that they should know that they both loved each other for a long time.. and of course that way the sisters get to play their parts too.. Khushi and Arnav have still not confessed their love .. even though they can sense each other's love.. 

now you have to help me.. do you want them to confess their love to each other tonight? or do you want the MU to be cleared and the guilt track to start before they confess their love AGAIN!! The second one would break my heart, and I'm sure that is how the CV's would have done it.. but I'm leaving it up to you readers.. what do you think? 


Most of you wanted them to confess their love, so here you go!

Part 5 - They confess their love.. and become one! (

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hey yaar amazing work..
and hmm according to me you should show some love making scene..
and then MU clearing...
because once the MU will be cleared and the guilt track will start..i dont think anyone would even think of making love...
and i dont know but i also want to khushi getting PG...
Tongue...these are my thoughts but the rest is up to you!...Smile

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