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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 27)

BSwan Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
nice update soon 

1DAlice Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Loved the update!!
What is Khushi going to do!!
iamtopper Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
srry couldnot comment on any updates... it was so interesting that i wanted 2 read everything in one go... plz update soon
devishree IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 9:55am | IP Logged
hey ya it was gr8 wat a show put up by arhi just awesome love in them to act upon and thrash shyam to the ground wow score-1 to arhi and  anji our dim wit got the clue of her husband running behind her money first clue to her
but i want arnav give him a super and square punch right on his faceWink
boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged

Thank you for your comments! Yes, yes, Arnav will punch Shyam and maybe I will also let Khushi slap him on his face and maybe kick him in his nether regions too towards the end Wink But first, you will have to wait patiently for the truth about Shyam to be revealed. I explain that in this part.. Anjali is pregnant and is getting closer to her delivery date. So I'm sure she won't be able to handle a major shock. So they  need to be careful while telling her the truth. 

Also I realized that with all this war going on, Arshi havent had a chance to romance yet, so this time you will see a little romance too Embarrassed

My hindi is not so great, I know. But I can't imagine Khushi speaking in English, which is why I have been trying to write in hindi as much as I can. But then I know there are non-Hindi speakers reading the forums, so for them I have included English translations in bold. But people who can understand my hindi, please do read the hindi, because I feel the statements don't have an effect if you can't picture Arnav and Khushi saying them. But do let me know if the English translations are distracting, in which case I will remove them! Thanks!



Part 17 : Plan 2- The war continues

Arnav was lying awake when Khushi stepped out of the bathroom.  He looked worried and he was staring at the ceiling, deep in thought. Khushi, wet towel in hand, walked to the bed and sat next to him. She put her hand on his face and he looked at her and sat up. "Kya baat hain, Arnavji.. aap itna dukhi kyu hain? (What happened, why do you look upset?)" Arnav smiled and shook his head. "Kuch nahi, Khushi (Nothing, Khushi)" and started getting off the bed. Khushi grabbed his hand. "Apne patni ko nahi bataayenge..(You won't tell your wife?)" He smiled, held her face and kissed her forehead. "Main Di ke baare main soch raha tha.. (I was thinking about Di)..I don't want her to get hurt" Khushi took his hands and wrapped her hands around them. "Main aapse waada karti hoon' unhe kuch nahi hoga.. main kuch hone hi nahi doongi.. hum yeh sab isiliye toh kar rahi hain.. (I promise you, nothing will happen to her. I wont let anything happen to her. That's why we are doing all this, right?)" Her plan was simple. Di already doubted Shyam. Now slowly they had to plant doubts in her head, so that she will doubt him more and her love for him will fade. Once her love for Shyam was almost gone, if they broke the news to her, she won't be shocked and so that will be safer than telling her the truth now when she loved him dearly. "Aur waise bhi aapke Di kamzor nahi hain.. Aur uske saath uski bachcha hogi.. toh who apne bachche ke liye jeeyengi.. aur unke parivaar.. aur aap.. aap uski zindagi hain na.. toh who aap ke liye jeeyengi.. hum sab uske saath hoge.. toh usse kuch nahi hogi.. waise bhi hum abhi bhi Di ko kabhi akela nahi chodti. Main ya jiji hamesha uski saat rehti hain, aise main woh Shyam ke baare main sochkar parishaan nahi hogi (Anjali is not weak. She will have her baby with her so she will live for her baby. She will have her family, she will have you.. you are her life.. she will live for you. We will all be there for her, so nothing will happen to her. Even now we don't leave her alone. Payal and I are always by her side, so she won't even get a minute to worry about Shyam)". Arnav hugged her. "Thank you Khushi. Jo tum mere liye kar rahe ho (Khushi, what you are doing for me..)". Khushi put her finger on his mouth. "Chup, aap meri pati hain.. main aapke liye meri jaan bhi dedoongi (Quiet, you are my husband.. I will die for you)". Arnav's face was clouded with anger. "Don't you dare say that ever again!" He grabbed her arms. "Understood?" Khushi scared, nodded her head. He looked into her eyes. She had such beautiful eyes. He released her, she smiled and she got up and froze.

Arnav had grabbed onto her dupatta. Her hair was wet, water was dripping down her kurta. Arnav got up, turned her around. There were water droplets on her neck. He kissed her neck and sucked on the water droplets. Khushi squirmed with pleasure. "Arnavji, aapko der ho jaayenge.. (Arnav, you will become late)" Arnav still kissing her neck, whispered, "toh der ho jaane do (then let me become late)" He pulled her close, "subah subah mujhe itna tempt jo karti hon.. main office kaise jaaoonga (early in the morning, if you tempt me this way, how will I go to office)" She blushed. He put his arms around her and untied her dori. He slowly slid the dupatta off her and sat her down on the bed. She was blushing with a cute smile on her face. She looked up into his eyes, her breath had quickened. She grabbed his arms, because she couldn't breathe and she felt she would faint. He continued to kiss her and the windchimes on the door jingled as they made love.

When Khushi came out of the kitchen, Arnav was at the dining table. Their eyes met and they blushed. Nani saw this and she smiled. "Daamadji, Anjali bitiya kahaan hain? (Son-in-law, where is Anjali)" Nani asked, thinking that Anjali would have been happy to see Arnav and Khushi share a moment. "Woh kamre main hain.. (She is in our room)" Khushi looked up and she said, "Main unhe lekar aati hoon (I'll go get her)". Khushi walked towards Anjali's room. 

The landline rang. Arnav picked it up. "Ha, andar bhejo usse (Let her in)." Mami looked up. "New entry.. who izz coming" Arnav said, "Khushi ki koi ristadaar hain (Khushi's relative)". Mami annoyed, "Wonderful. full family yaha aakar settle ho jaayega.. First khoon bhari taang, phir phati sari, aur ab yeh new entry. very good. hello hi bye bye" Shyam got up, "Main chalta hoon (I am leaving)".  Nani smiled, "Theekh hain, daamadji (ok, son-in-law)". Arnav sat down and dialed a number on his phone.  The bell rang. Akash said, "Jijaji, dekhiye na kaun hain (Bro-in-law, please check who is at the door)" since Shyam was almost close to the door then.  Shyam walked to the door and opened it. 

In the meantime, Khushi had reached Anjali's room. Anjali was on the bed, sorting clothes, Om Prakash was helping her put stuff in the laundry bag. Shyam had gone for a business trip and had just gotten back this morning, Anjali explained. "Khushiji, woh kapde de deejiye.. unka aaj subah ka kapde hain (Khushi, please hand me those clothes, that was what Shyam was wearing this morning)" She pointed to a shirt that was lying on the other side. Khushi turned and took it in her hand. "Wah, Di, kitni pyaari hain (Anjali, this is so pretty)". Anjali surprised looked up. "Kya Khushiji? (What Khushi?)" Khushi took an earring out of the shirt pocket. Khushi blushed handed it to Anjali. "Yeh to meri nahi.. (This is .. not.. mine)" Anjali wondered. This was not hers. How did it get into Shyam's clothes, especially the shirt he was wearing when he got back? "Di.. aap kahan kho gayi? Zaroor jijaji ke baare main soch rahi hogi..(Di .. you got lost in your thoughts? I know for sure you are thinking about Bro-in-law)" Khushi smiled and blushed. Anjali nodded. "Chaliye ..aapka sab intezaar kar rahe hain. Om Prakashji, aab ye sab sambhal lenge na? (Come, everyone is waiting for you. Om Prakash, you will take care of everything here, right?)" Om Prakash nodded and said, "Ji Khushi bhabhi (Yes, Khushi)". Khushi helped Anjali walk to the living room.

Shyam opened the door. In front of him stood a tall, slim fair woman with a smile on her face. She was wearing a pretty salwar, that showed off her curves. She had hair upto her elbows that she had left open and her bangs were flying in the wind. The wind was so strong, her dupatta started flying on to Shyam's face. She smiled and Shyam couldn't help but notice how pretty she was. She said, "Namaste.. main andar aa sakti hoon? (Hi, can I come in?) Shyam nodded, still mesmerized by her beauty. She tripped on the threshold and fell straight towards him. He caught her in his arms. She had closed her eyes, scared. They stood there for a few moments (picture how Khushi had fallen into Arnav's arms in the dressing room before Heer-Ranjha!) . The girl had opened her eyes and she was staring into Shyam's eyes and then she blushed. Shyam was about to leave her, but she grabbed his hand tightly. Just then, he looked up hearing Khushi's voice. "Chameli? tum aa gayi? (Chameli? You are here?)" Shyam turned around and saw Khushi and Anjali. Anjali was staring shocked. Then Shyam realized he still had his arms around the girl. The girl exclaimed, "Khushi!" Then she looked at Shyam and said, "Hume chodiye na (Please leave me)". Shyam confused, let her go and she ran to Khushi and hugged her.  Shyam looked at Anjali. She was staring at Shyam, expressionless. "Rani Sahiba!" he said, moving towards her. Anjali said, "aap jaayiye.. warna office ke liye der ho jaayega. chaliye Khushiji (Please go, you will become late for office. Let's go Khushi)". She turned around and started walking towards the living room, leaving a confused Shyam at the door.


Do you guys see what is happening? I will let you guess for a while and then post the details of Khushi's plan! Please do leave your comments below, so that I can improve the story!

Ok, a quick update to explain the plan! Part 18 : Khushi explains her plan

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SaJanLuv14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Sorry I haven't had the chance to comment for a while X_X exams killl~ 
but regardless, I'm totally loving the flow and plot of this ff, and how ArHi blend with one another :D 

1ST ;D 
will be back to put more :D your hindi is very good, I hardly see any mistakes when I'm reading it,

what I'm wondering is that, was the earring really there or was it just a part of the plan? and is Shayam really like this (going around with other girls?) or are they purposely trying to make him look bad regardless that way it's easier to break down the truth to Anjali?

I can't wait to see the new twists in the ff :D ArHi is so cute <3

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gd9424 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
awesome...!! shyaam is such a flirt...!! omg...
Punkin22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Oh my, what a marvelous post.  Love this installment.  Fabulous watching Khushi and Arnav work together to expose Shyam.  Romance was devine.  Thank you for english translation and thanks to all Hindi speaking persons for your patience with us.

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