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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 24)

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wow...great update...keep going ...

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nice pm me when you update
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Part 16: Plan 1 succeeds

When Anjali came back with kheer, no one was eating. Arnav was on the phone, shouting at Aman. Khushi had her hand on his arm. Akash was on the phone as well. "Chotte.. ", she called Arnav. Khushi looked up and walked to Anjali, sat down next to her and explained what had happened. "Di, aap jaakar aaram keejiye.. Arnavji hain na.. woh sab sambhal lenge (Di, please go take rest. Arnav will take care of everything) " Arnav kept the phone and stood with his head rested on his hands. Anjali stood up and walked to him. "Chotte.." she put her hand on his shoulder. "Di, hum theekh hain.. main Oberoi se baat karne jaa raha hoon.. sab theekh ho jaayega.. par agar nahi hua, phir bhi hum manage kar lenge.. tab humhe shaayad yahan thoda kuch badalna padega.. Par main aapka aur Khushi ka khayal rakh sakta hoon..(Di, I am alright. I will talk to Oberoi. Everything will be alright. Otherwise also we will manage. We might have to make some changes around here. But I can take care of you and Khushi)" Khushi walked up to him.. "Arnavji, humari dabba business hai na.. aur phir.. (Arnav, I do still have my dabba business and ..)" she removed the ring that he had given her from her finger and took his hand in hers and put it on his palm. "Mujhe iski koi zaroorat nahi hain, aap hain na meri saath.. yahi meri liye kaafi hain.. aap ye rakh leejiye.. aap ka kaam aayega..(I don't need this. I have you and I don't need anything else. Please keep this, it will be useful to you)" Arnav's eyes filled with tears.. he pulled Khushi towards him and hugged her. "Nahi Khushi, yeh main nahi le sakta.. (No Khushi, I can't take this)" Anjali had tears rolling down her cheeks and Arnav looked up at her. "Di, aap jaakar aaram kar leejiye.. aapko apna dyaan rakhna chaahiye.. (Di, please go get some rest. You should take care of yourself)" He looked at Shyam, who was still sitting at the table. "Jijaji.. " Shyam didn't hear him. "Jijaji," he called Shyam again. Shyam heard him and turned around to look at Arnav, Khushi and Anjali. "Haan, saale saab (Yes Arnav?)". Arnav his arm around Khushi's waist, "Please aap Di ko lekar kamre main jaayiye.. usko aaram ki zaroorat hain..(Please take Anjali to your room. She needs rest)" Khushi took Anjali's hand, "Haan di.. aur main aapke liye juice laati hoon (Yes, and I will get you some juice)"

Shyam helped Anjali back to the room. Arnav is going to lose his business? How will I survive now? We might need to make some changes around here? Maybe I should just run away and move to some other place. I don't need Anjali anymore. Maybe I will take Khushi with me. I am sure she won't want to stay here either. As they reached the room, Anjali walked up to the cupboards, opened them and took out her jewelry. Shyam looked at her, surprised. "Rani sahiba, aap yeh kya kar rahi hain..(Anjali, what are you doing?)" Anjali replied, as she stacked the boxes one above the other. "Main yeh sab Chotte ko deti hoon. usse ab paise ki zaroorat hain (I will give these to Arnav, he needs money)". Shyam stood up. "Nahi rani sahiba.. yeh toh kaafi nahi hoga  aap ye apne paas hi rakhiye..(No, Anjali.. I am sure this will not be enough.. why dont you keep this with you)' " He turned around and then stopped. The jewelry.. yes! I can take that with me.. and Khushi as well. We will have enough money to survive once we sell this jewelry. How will I take it from rani sahiba now? He closed his eyes, squeezed a tear out of his eye and sat down on the floor next to Anjali. "Rani Sahiba, humhe yaha se jaana hoga.. aap aur main kahin aur jaakar ghar basa lenge.. aap agar yahan par rahenge toh sabki parishaani dekh kar aap bhi parishaan ho jaayenge.. aur aapka zehat par bura azar padega.. yeh (Anjali, we need to leave from here.. you and I can go and live somewhere else. If you stayed here, you will be sad seeing everyone else's worries. That will be bad for your health)", he pointed to the jewelry. "Arnav ke liye kaafi nahi hoga.. par humare liye yahi kaafi hain.. hum ye sab lekar jaate hain..(This wont be enough for Arnav, but it will be enough for us. Let us take all of this and leave)" Anjali was shocked, she looked at him, tears rolling down her cheek. "Par main Chotte ko akela kaise chod sakti hoon..(But how can I leave my brother?)" Shyam took her face in her hands. "Uske saat toh poora parivaar hoga.. woh bhi toh yahi chaahate hain.. ki aap khush rahe hain.. mujhe bhi aapki chinta ho raha hain.. agar aapko aur humare bachche kuch hogaya toh main mar jaoonga.. (He has the wole family with him. I know he also wants you to be happy. I am worried about you. I will kill myself if something happens to you and our baby)" Anjali shook her head and hugged Shyam. Shyam smiled, Rani Sahiba please agree, that way I can get rid of you forever!

Anjali looked at Shyam, and his face changed to sad again. "Nahi, hum Chotte ke saath aisa nahi kar sakte.. aap ye soch bhi kaise sakte ho.. (No, I cannot do this to Arnav.. how could you even think like this?)" Shyam took her hand in his hand. "Rani sahiba, aap abhi parishaan hain .. isliye hume ye karne deejiye.. hum jo bhi kar rahe hain aapka aur humare liye hi toh kar rahe hain..(Anjali, you are upset.. so you are not thinking straight. Let me make the decision. Whatever I do, I am doing it for us)" He stood up and started grabbing the jewelry. Anjali grabbed his hand, "Par humhe iski zaroorat nahi hain.. hum iske bina bhi apne zindagi jee sakte hain.. yeh hum Chotte ko dete hain, humhe iski zaroorat nahi hain, par usko hain' usko bhi Khushiji ka khayal rakhna hain.. uska bhi bachcha hone waala hain.. (But we don't need this. We can live without this jewelry. We will give this to Arnav, we don't need this, but he does. He has to take care of Khushi, they are also going to have a kid)" Shyam gets angry. "Bas keejiye.. humesha Chotte.. Chotte.. aapko humari fikar nahi hain.. humare bachche ka fikar nahi hain.. hum paise ke bina kaise jeeyenge.. aap chup rahiye.. mujhe pata hain kya karna hain (Stop.. Arnav Arnav.. you dont care about me and our baby. We cannot live without money. You remain quiet. I know what I should do)".  He walked to the cupboard and took a bag out and started stacking the jewelry boxes in it. Anjali sat on the bed, looking down on her hands, tears rolling down her face.

 As Shyam zipped the bag, Arnav came running, "Di.. " Anjali looked up and stood up slowly. Arnav ran to her and hugged her. "Di, don't worry.. ab sab theek ho gaya hain.. maine Mr Oberoi se baat ki..sab bas kuch galat faimi thi (Di, dont worry. everything is fine now. I talked to Mr Oberoi. It was all jsut a misunderstanding)".. Anjali smiled and touched Arnav's face with her hand, "Thank god Chotte ki sab theekh ho gaya hain.. ye lo Khushiji bhi aa gayi.. (Thank god that everything is fine. Khushi is also here)" Khushi walked in with a glass of juice. "Di, aap jaldi se juice peeleegiye.. mango juice..(Di drink your juice, mango juice) " Khushi winked and Anjali and she laughed remembering the time Khushi had filled Arnav's shoes with juice. Arnav turned around and noticed the bags on the bed. Shyam was looking at them, confused. "Jijaji, aap kahi jaa rahe ho? (Bro-in-law, are you going somewhere?)" Arnav asked. Anjali and Khushi looked at Shyam. "Nahi, saale saab.. Rani Sahiba keh rahi thi ki ye sab aap ke kaam aayega.. issi liye hum ye aapke liye lekar aa raha tha.. (No, Anjali said these might be useful to you. So I was just bringing them to you)",Shyam said quickly, avoiding Anjali's eyes.  Arnav turned to Anjali, "Di.. aapne mere liye.. (Di, you did this for me?) "Anjali hugged him, tears rolling down her cheeks. Shyam quickly walked out of the room.

Once Arnav and Khushi left, Anjali sat down on the bed. Why did her husband lie to Arnav? Was he feeling guilty for planning to take the gold and leave Arnav helpless? But why would he even suggest that? "Hum paise ke bina kaise jeeyenge.. (We cant live without money)" How could he say that.. was it the same guy who used to say that she was his life.. She remembered what Khushi had said to Arnav, "Mujhe iski koi zaroorat nahi hain, aap hain na.. yahi meri liye kaafi hain (I dont need this. I have you and that's enough for me)". Did Shyam not love her? Why would he need all this money? He did have a job, we could have survived on the money he earned, unlike Chotte, if he had lost his business. He could have used the jewelry more. Why did Shyam try to take the jewelry and take her away from her brother? She sat on the bed, pulled her knees to her chest and put her head on her arms.

Shyam walked in and saw Anjali deep in thought. He had a bouquet of red roses with him. He sat down next to her and handed her the bouquet, "Rani Sahiba.. mujhe maaf keejiye.. main.. mujhe pata nahi kya hua tha' maine sirf aapke aur humare bache ke baare maine socha.. issi liye main dar gaya tha.. (Anjali, please forgive me. I don't know what happeend.. I was just thinking about us and our kid. I was scared)" Anjali looked up, smiled and hugged him. But she was still thinking, Why did he say that he won't be able to live without money?

Arnav closed the door and turned to face Khushi, Akash and Payal. They were in Payal and Akash's room. Arnav folded his arms and said "Kaam hogaya hain! (Our plan worked)" and they smiled. "Toh ab kya? (Now what)" Akash asked, as Arnav put his arm around Khushi and sat down next to her. Khushi smiled, sat up right, with a determined look on her face. "Ab meri baari.. jaise ko taisa! (Now its my turn.. I will give him a taste of his own medicine)

Part 17: Plan 2 - the war continues (

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Jaise ko taisa? A good kick in the ass would be appropriate.
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so creepwa's downfall has started yayy Clap continue soon
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Hey boreddamsel, thank you for pm.  Love your new installment.  Full of surprises.  I really do dislike Shyam but will be interesting to seeing what ASR and Khushi have up their sleeves for Shyam.  Look forward to next post.  Have good weekend dear.

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