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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 101)

--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
hey i just read ur fic. Its amazing. Loved it. Plz pm me when u update

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
read the missed out parts from 26th till the latest chapter. loved it. thanks for the pm.
waiting for the next update.

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 4:16pm | IP Logged

Part 35: Haldi ceremony

As Arnav entered the Raizada mansion, Nani asked, "Chotte, aap kapde lene gaye the na.. kapde kahaan hain? (Chotte, you had gone to get the clothes, right.. where are the clothes?)" Arnav stammered, unsure of what to say, "Nani.. woh (Nani, that.. )". "Nani," he heard Anjali's voice and Arnav and Nani turned to see Anjali walk towards them. "Woh, Chotte kal raat kapde lekar aaye the.. aur phir subah maine usse kuch aur kaam ke liye bheja tha.. kaam ho gaya Chotte? (Arnav had gone to get the clothes last night and then today morning I sent him to do some other work. Is the work done, Arnav?)" she asked looking at Arnav. He smiled and nodded. Nani then saw Hariprakash and walked towards him to ask him to get more flowers for the wedding decorations. The wedding was to take place the next day and the house was buzzing with activity. As Nani walked away, Anjali moved closer to Arnav and asked, "Kya hua, Chotte.. aaj aapne der kardi? (What happened, Chotte.. you are late today?)" Arnav put his hand on his head, "Kya batau Di.. kal raat Buaji ko sab pata chala aur usne..(What can I say, Di.. last night Buaji found out everything and then she .. )" He explained and Anjali laughed, hearing how Buaji had caught Arnav sneaking into Khushi's room the previous night. "Waise, Di.. aaj kya ho raha hain'(Anyways, Di.. what is going to happen today?)". He looked around and saw that the couches in the living room had been pulled aside and white sheets were laid down. "Ha, Chotte.. jaao jaakar taiyyar ho jaao aur jaldi se neeche aa jaao.. aaj haldi ka rasam hain..(Yes, Arnav.. go get ready and come down quickly.. today we will have the haldi ceremony)" Arnav raised his eyebrows and replied quickly, "Di, don't you dare put haldi on me again", he was referring to when Anjali had put haldi on him during Akash's haldi ceremony. "Waise bhi mujhe bahut kaam hain (Anyways, I have lots of work)". Anjali smiled naughtily, "Theekh hain, Chotte.. jaise tumhari marzi (Ok, Arnav, your wish)". She made a sad face and walked away. She turned around after a few seconds, looked at him and said, "Waise Khushiji aur uske parivaar thodi hi der main aa jaayenge.. dono parivaar ek saat Khushiji ko haldi lagayenge (Anyways, Khushi and her family will be here soon.. both the families with apply haldi on Khushi together)" and then walked away with a big grin on her face. Anjali had asked Buaji whether they could have the function at Shantivan and fortunately, Buaji agreed; Anjali knew that was the only way she could get Arnav to participate in the ceremony.

Arnav was working on the laptop, when he heard music and laughter. He continued to type something and then he remembered Khushi's face, smiling as she looked at his face, her head against his chest as he hugged her. He smiled and then went back to work, and he remembered Khushi laughing, her face filled with excitement. He started to get up and then sat down again, "no.. control yourself", he sat down again and then he remembered Khushi again this time with a sad face and tear-filled innocent brown eyes. He closed the laptop and walked out of his room. As he walked through the corridor, he looked down at the living room and he saw Khushi, in a bright yellow saree, sitting in the middle of the room, holding Payal's hand, surrounded by a group of women.

Anjali was the first to see Arnav walking across the corridor. She touched Khushi's shoulder, giggled and indicated towards the corridor with her eyes. Khushi turned to look around and saw Arnav walking towards the living room. She looked at Anjali, giggled, got up from the floor and started walking towards him. Their eyes met and they walked towards each other, looking at each other. As she reached Arnav, Khushi stopped and while looking into his loving eyes, she put her hand on his face. Arnav smiled, his heart beating fast feeling Khushi's touch. Suddenly Khushi started laughing; she quickly rubbed her palm on his other cheek, turned and ran away. First Arnav was confused, then he touched his cheek and realized that Khushi had put haldi on his face. "Khushi", he yelled and then stopped seeing Anjali and Nani bursting into laughter. Khushi stopped next to Anjali, and turned around to face Arnav and started laughing again. Arnav, his face furious, walked towards Khushi. She stopped laughing, soon her smile disappeared and was replaced with fear. Anjali and Nani had also stopped laughing. Arnav stopped next to them and was still staring angrily at Khushi, when Anjali asked, "Kya hua Chotte.. aap ka kaam khatam ho gaya? Ya.. (What happened, Arnav.. is your work done? Or.. )" she turned to look at Khushi and then back to Arnav. "aap Khushiji ko dekhne aaye the (Did you come to see Khushi?)". Arnav's face softened and he looked at Anjali. "Woh Di (Di, that I..)".. he started and Anjali smiled and said, "Ha.. haa mujhe sab pata hain.. agar Khushiji ko dekhna hain.. toh aap yahaan reh sakte hain.. (Yes, I know everything.. if you want to see Khushi, then you can stay here..)" Arnav and Khushi looked at each other. "Par, (But)"Anjali added and Arnav looked back at his sister, "Khushiji aapko haldi lagayenge (Khushi will put haldi on you)" Arnav looked at Khushi and smiled; she blushed. Still smiling at Khushi, Arnav said, "Theekh hain Di.. main kaam baad main kar loonga.. kahaan bedna hain? (Ok, Di.. I will work later.. where should I sit?)" Anjali giggled and pointed to the sheets. She helped Khushi sit down and gave her the bowl of haldi.

Arnav watched Khushi as she applied haldi on his face, arms, neck and feet. He was oblivious to the music and dance and the people around him; he never took his eyes off Khushi. He watched as she blushed, when everyone around them was teasing her with Arnav. I can stay here all day just watching her blush and smile and looking so happy, even if I have to let her put this disgusting paste on me, he thought. Anjali smiled, she knew Arnav wouldn't be able to stay away long if Khushi was in the same house and that he would never refuse if Khushi was putting the haldi on him. She looked at Nani and giggled. Then she realized they needed more haldi for Khushi, so she walked towards the mandir to get more. 

Anjali picked up the haldi from the mandir and was walking back, when she saw Rahul walking towards her struggling to balance three baskets of flowers on his arms. Anjali giggled and walked towards him. Rahul was concentrating on balancing the baskets, when he noticed Anjali; he stopped and smiled at her. As she reached him, she gave him a naughty smile and took a handful of haldi and applied it on his face quickly. He was shocked for a moment; seeing his expression Anjali giggled and started walking away. Rahul quickly placed the baskets down, grabbed Anjali's arm and turned her around. He slowly pulled her towards him, took some haldi from the bowl and applied it on both her cheeks. She was shocked and Rahul froze after he applied the haldi. They looked into each other's eyes, realizing what they had done and wondering what to do next. Rahul didn't realize that he had his arm around Anjali and Anjali didn't realize that she had put her hand on his arm. They both also didn't realize that their bodies were pressed against each other, but when they did they pulled away and looked around to see if anyone was watching. They looked at each other, confused and awkward, and turned around. As Rahul picked up the baskets, he looked back to see Anjali walking towards the living room. As Anjali turned around to look at Rahul, he was walking towards the mandir with the baskets.

When Anjali got back, Arnav was completely covered in haldi, but was still watching Khushi as she applied the last drop of haldi on his chin. As Khushi put the haldi on his chin, she looked into his eyes and froze, her hand on his chin. While rabba ve was playing in the background, Arnav and Khushi looked into each others' eyes, their hearts beating faster, beating as one. Their thoughts were interrupted, when Chameli asked, "Kya tum dono ek doosre ko poore din isi taraah dekte rahoge.. arre humhe Khushi ko bhi haldi lagana hain..(Will you both keep looking at each other this way all day? We need to put haldi on Khushi as well)" Khushi and Arnav looked around and blushed. As Khushi moved away, Arnav grabbed her wrist and she looked at him. "Khushi ne mujhe haldi lagaya, toh mujhe Khushi ko haldi lagane ka mauka nahi milega? (Khushi applied haldi on me, now don't I get an opportunity to put haldi on her?)" Chameli answered, "Haan zaroor jijaji.. Khushi par pehla haq aap ka hi toh hain.. (Of course, bro-in-law, you have the first right to apply haldi on Khushi)" Everyone else around them giggled. Arnav took the haldi bowl from Anjali, then stopped when he noticed the haldi on Anjali's face. "Di, yeh aapke chehre main.. (Di, your face!)" Anjali was shocked for a moment, her heart started beating fast, but she controlled herself and replied with a smile, "Mera chodiye Chotte.. Khushiji aapka intezaar kar rahi hain (Forget about me, Arnav.. Khushi is waiting for you)". Arnav smiled and looked at Khushi. She was looking cautiously at Arnav and then at the haldi bowl and she swallowed, scared, how his touch might affect her.  She swallowed again, and then closed her eyes, as he scooped up a handful of haldi from the bowl and applied it on her cheek. She remembered how he had applied the red color on her face on Holi. She opened her eyes and saw Arnav looking at her with a smile on his face. He applied it on the other cheek, gave the bowl to Anjali and stood up. As he got up, NK came running, "Wait wait Nanav, mujhe photo lena hain.. (I want to take a photograph)" and he clicked a photograph of Arnav. Arnav looked annoyed, when NK said, with a huge smile on his face, "Thank you Nanav.. aap haldi main.. budiya.. sorry sorry.. badiya lag rahe ho (You are looking.. like an old woman.. sorry sorry.. awesome covered in haldi)". He heard Khushi giggle, so Arnav looked at her. She saw him looking at her and stopped giggling. He smiled and walked away.

After the haldi ceremony got over, Khushi and her family had to go back to Gupta house. When they were leaving, Khushi hugged everyone and then when she turned to Arnav, she had tears in her eyes. Arnav couldn't bear to see her tears, but he remembered what Buaji had asked him the previous night. He shook his head slowly, pulled her close, hugged her tightly and caressed her hair. Anjali and Nani looked at each other, and then at Buaji. Chameli was looking around them, and then she asked, "Yeh bhaiyya kahaan hain..(Where is Rahul?)" and then she spotted him walking towards them. "Yeh lo, bhaiyya bhi aa gaya hain (Here, Rahul has come)". Anjali turned around to look at Rahul and their eyes met for a moment, but Rahul looked away and walked towards Chameli. Buaji put her hands together and started saying, "Humhe ab jaana hoga.. ghar main bahut kaam baaki hain (We need to leave now.. there is a lot of work left to do at home)". She turned to Arnav, walked to him and said softly, "Bitwa.. humhe maaf kar deejiye (Son, please forgive me)". Arnav looked at Buaji, pulled away from Khushi and said, "Nahi Buaji.. please maafi mat maang na.. yeh Khushi bilkul pagal hain.. hamesha har baat pe roti hain (No Buaji, please don't say sorry.. Khushi is crazy.. she cries at everything)". Khushi looked at Arnav, made an annoyed face and turned to Buaji, "Chalo Buaji, chalte hain (Come, Buaji.. lets go)". She turned around and started moving away from Arnav, but he was still holding her hand. She turned around, shocked as he touched his lips to her hand. Arnav then moved towards Khushi and kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ears, "Khushi.. I will miss you.. a lot.. pata nahi tumhare bina aaj neend kaise aayenge.. par ek hi raat ki toh baat hain.. aur phir kal toh humhari suhaag raat hain.. I can't wait ..(Khushi.. I will miss you ..  a lot.. I don't know how I will sleep tonight.. but it is only one more night.. and tomorrow is our first night .. I can't wait)" He moved away, smiling naughtily. She blushed and said a final goodbye. As she walked to the door, she kept looking back at Arnav, who was staring at her. She waved her hand one final time at the door. Arnav sighed and watched the door, while everyone else walked back to the living room.

Part 36: Lovers separated (


Readers have asked me who I thought of when I introduced Rahul and Chameli. As Rahul, I was thinking of Shaleen Bhanot (Anjali's real husband). I had a few people in mind for Chameli, but I'm going with dillmillgayye's suggestion, Muskaan Mehani would be perfect for Chameli's role.

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
First to commenttt yayyy Eagerley beenwaiting for ur Update loveeeddd was jsut thinking about u knw glad ur okay got a bit worried been a long time e
anyway loved the updateee sooo cuteee 
thnx for the pm

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
Funny how even I thought of daljeet's real hubby as rahul too
Hey even anjali and rahul love story is developing a bit
Loved arnav when he couldn't stay away from Khushi
Their haldi ceremony was fab
This update made up for not getting update earlier thanx for pm

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
fabulous update
cant wait for next part to see the marriage

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What a fantastic update.  I love the interaction of Khushi and Arnav. I would love to see ASR/Arnav like  this on screen.  Khushi has had the wedding from Hell so could we have everything perfect for her the 2nd time around please.  Thank you for update and look forward to the wedding...

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
too good.. was waiting eagerly for this update... Arshi are soo cute together i feel like crying... your the best di...thank you!!Clap

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