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ArHi OS- An Unusual Wedding Night..!! ;))

whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 9:53pm | IP Logged

Hey friends!! HugHug

I'm back with my another OneShot on ArHi, and this is completely different from the previous one I've written. And believe me guys, I don't know that where I took this OS at the end LOLLOL?. This was simply an attempt to know that what would have happened on Arnav and Khushi's wedding night, if there was an arranged marriage for them, and Arnav agreed to marry for the sake of Anjali's happiness! WinkLOL


Please please do hit the like tab and leave comments?. Criticism is also welcomed! Embarrassed


Oh, by the way, this OS is dedicated to one of my closest friends on I-F, Richa (ar_sajan4evr), as it is her birthday today!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Most of you won't be knowing her, as she is a regular member of MJHT Forum, and is a silent visitor of IPKKND Forum!Smile


@Richa- I hope you like this OS jaana!!HugHug


@All- this OS is written form Arnav's Point Of View.

                                                  HeartArHi OneShot- An Unusual Wedding Night!Heart


Everything happened in such a quick manner! My wedding to Khushi was not so easy! But it was not that difficult too, as di had already sensed something between me and khushi, and God knows what was with her, ever since that time, she walked behind me with all those stupid teasings, which earlier Akash had received when he was to be married to Payal! But after him, who knew that my turn would come so soon!

"Arnavji, do you have any idea that why do people need milk on suhagraat?"

I saw khushi questioning me, holding the glass full of milk in it.

What the f***??!! What kind of a question was that? Is this girl so nave that she doesn't even know the need of milk on wedding night? Her question was though quite embarrassing, but still I tried to keep my face straight.

"tell na laa... I mean, Arnavji?.." Khushi asked again. "do I need to answer your questions? And that too such a stupid question?" I retorted back. "of course you do, after all, you married me, I did not marry you!" she replied back. "go and ask some else, but please leave me at my own mercy!" I said without looking back, and this girl was completely impossible, as I heard her opening the door knob. "where do you think you are going?" I asked perplexed. "you said na, to go and ask some one else, so I'm going downstairs?. Maybe Anjali ji will answer my question?. Or even Akash jiju will answer me!" she smiled widely. "what the?." I held her from shoulders, "listen, you're not going to ask this to anyone?.. infact, you're not going down?okay? Stay back here!"

I locked the door at once, and walked back, but I could see khushi staring at me in confusion.

"I don't understand what my amma, babuji and buaji saw in you that they agreed your proposal and handed me to you! But this doesn't means that you're going to treat me like your slave!"

She was in her full mood today to irritate and annoy me! Of course her reaction was justified, because she was unknown of the reason behind my proposal to her! Infact, she and my family were the only ones who remained unaware of the reason.

"hello, what thoughts are you lost in?" khushi waved her hand in front of me, "Did you hear what I just said?" "I heard you stupid!" I replied irritatedly. "And for God sake leave me alone?. You know, I can't handle these stupid rituals, and it was only because of Di that I had to give in!" "Ooh, I forgot that you married to me for Anjali ji's happiness!" she replied, making an extremely innocent face. "Shut up Khushi Kumari Gupta!"

I settled myself on the lounger and closed my eyes, and could hear the sweet sounds of her bangles, which collided to one another as she raised her hand to bite her nails, and also her anklets, which produced sound when she moved from one corner to another. It seemed as if those sweet sounds were the remedy to my problems??. Those sounds were lovingly healing my all past pains?.. as those sounds were soothing me!

"Umm??uh?..Laad gover?.. I mean, Arnavji, can I drink the milk please?? Khushi asked innocently, sitting on the very edge of bed. "What?" I asked in a bewildering tone. This girl is mad, but she'll definitely make me also the one. "Why?.." "I'm feeling really very thirsty?. And it is not necessary every time, that the boy has to drink the milk, is it?"

Khushi asked, cutting my sentence in between. Her sweet voice was enough for melting my heart, but her silly acts like this one brought me again into the mighty ASR mood!

"Have I said that I'll drink the milk? If you want, drink it! I don't even like milk!" I said, again closing my eyes to take some rest, when again she came to me with the glass of milk. "Haawww?? you hate milk? How can someone hate milk Arnavji! Don't you know, milk has necessary calcium, proteins, which is very essential for our body growth?.. it makes our bones and muscles strong, and gives us lots of energy!" khushi started giving lectures on the so-called great milk!

Her last sentence made me open my eyes wide in shock. For a second, I don't know why, my mind was diverted to the first question which she asked after seeing the glass of milk!

"you are such a kid Arnavji! You don't drink milk!" she started again. "What? I seem to be a kid to you? And what are you then?" I asked, looking at her in amusement, as she drank the entire milk in one go! She was the only single piece on planet!

"Don't argue with me Arnavji?? you married me, now you are my husband, atleast you should know the likes and dislikes of your wife na? Don't you know that I love to have milk with jalebis??"

I saw her face glowing brightly with the name of jalebi! I don't have any idea that what was there so much exciting about jalebi, which always made khushi beam happily.

"Milk with jalebis is equal to??. Akash jiju with jiji!" she smiled even widely. "where on earth would you get jalebis at this hour of night khushi?" I exclaimed, pointing towards the clock, which struck half past one! And with that, khushi frowned.

I again got back to my previous state. But I knew, that marrying khushi was nothing normal! All was abnormal! And she would neither rest herself, nor would she let me do the same! Arghh? Whenever I recall the moment I married Khushi, my mind starts cursing my family for marrying me to such a weird creature on earth! I'm completely clueless that what was so fascinating in khushi, that my Di and Nani loved her so much and were extremely fond of her!

"Arnavji, won't you argue with me for the bed? I mean, you have a habit to argue on each and every issue with me, and so, we should even argue on dividing the bed!"

Oh yeah! The bed! Well, the bed was all mine. The room is mine, and everything here belongs to me?.. So I will sleep on the bed! And with a determined look on my face, I smirked and then stood up from the lounger, and then threw myself on the bed, making her jaws open in shock.

"This is absolutely cheating Arnavji?.. I asked to have an argument?.. not you to come and lay on the bed!"

I saw khushi standing up from the bed in shock. Well, did she know that how beautiful she looked even when she was shocked? No, I guess I was the first and the only one to notice this?? after all, she was MY wife!

"You laad governor, leave the bed, and go back to the lounger. This is my bed!" she argued, trying to push him off the bed. "Oh really khushi? You think I'm going to fall down from the bed with your feather-like pushes? And by the way, this room is mine, so the bed is also mine! You better go on the lounger or sleep on the floor, I don't care!

Though I said that I did not care whether where she opted to spend her entire night, but only and only my heart knew, that how bad and guilty I would feel after seeing her sleeping in an uncomfortable manner!

"Fine, do whatever you want! I'm going to complain about you to my love!"

What the F***?? Her love??? Who was he? And for how long did khushi know him? What kind of a person is he? And how dare khushi call him HER LOVE??? These questions made me sit on bed at once, looking at her in desperation. Yes, I do agree that I felt jealous everytime she talked nice about some other person. I hated if she praised some other man, and not me! I am her husband, and she has no right to call some other person her love!

But damn! All my jealousy turned into anger and amusement, when I saw her taking out a huge poster of shirtless Salman Khan, and as she took it out, her face glowed with bright smile and she blushed?? blushed?? That stupid actor makes her blush?? And what about me? Doesn't she know that whenever I am around her, her heart starts beating at an abnormal rate??

"My love?? My Prem?. My Veer?.. My Dabangg?? My Lovely Bodyguard???" she went on drooling and admiring him.

"Shut up at once khushi kumari gupta!" I groaned, making her scared for a while. God knows what was so fascinating about this actor that khushi was having a crush on him!

"Singh Raizada!!" she retorted back at me, showing of the mangal-sutra that I had tied around her neck. Wow, she claimed to be my wife by name, but her mouth did not stop praising that actor! Great! "Do you have any problem if I stick this poster her?" Khushi asked me in her sweetest voice ever, pointing on a wall. "Of course I do! I don't like useless and idiotic things in my room!" I answered at once. "Don't ever call idiot and useless to my Salman Khan! He's the best! You won't even have any idea that how much I love him, admire him, respect him?? and drool over him!"

This was the limit! How can she love a stupid actor more than her own husband? And that actor was not even related to her in any way! And how dare she say MY salman khan?? I don't know what to call this, but what I felt at the moment was envy, when khushi was busy praising Salman! And what the hell was wrong with me? I'm jealous, and that too of Salman?? As if he'll come and take away MY WIFE from me!

"Why don't you admit that you are jealous of salman??" she giggled. "And why should I be?" I looked at her in astonishment. "Well?.. he has an influencing personality?.. great body?. He's a talented actor?.. and a nice person by heart!" she blushed. "As if you invited him for the dinner and he readily accepted your invitation, huh?" I grinned, "Listen, you better go to sleep, and let me also do the same!" "you're such an arrogant person Arnavji! Now I know, you married me to take off all your frustrations on me?. To remove all your anger on me?.. and now, you want me to obey you, to listen to your orders??"

"yes, I do want that! Now shut your mouth and go to sleep!"

I said in a very rude tone, so that she goes to sleep now. I knew that she was more exhausted than me, because her condition reflected the same! She was wearing such a heavy lehenga and so many heavy jewelleries on her tiny body; it seemed that she'll fall down at any moment. And my rude behaviour, which would hurt her even more!

After a couple of seconds, I realized that khushi was not in the room. Maybe I was too much rude with her. At once, I stood up from bed, and ran my eyes all over the room, but the sight which I caught the opposite side of the glass shutter made me forget everything, everything that existed in this evil world!

I saw khushi, sitting on the edge of the lounger by the pool side, and her head raised above towards the sky. Maybe she was having her conversation with her late parents. This was known to everyone that whenever khushi felt alone, she came under the sky, and searched for the brightest stars among the cluster of stars, and then shared her problems and pains with those two stars, assuming that they were her parents.

With an eagerness to hear her conversation, I walked forward, and stood at the slider of glass shutter, leaning my shoulder to the walk. Her big beautiful eyes were glued on the two brightest stars on the sky, as if they too were talking to khushi.

"I don't know amma babuji, why I got married to Arnavji?. He doesn't even loves me! Infact, he dislikes me?.. he hates me?? he loves to see me in pain, he loves to see me crying?.. and when a person doesn't loves me, then why I got married to him?

She thought this about me?? Only my heart knew that how I felt whenever she thought like this about me?? She considered me the most arrogant person in world, she hated me to the core of her heart?.. But what was with me? Why did I feel bad on hearing these words about me from her mouth?

"I know, that if something bad happens with me, you both request to Devi Maiyya to get me rid off those problems?? but why did you got me married to Arnavji? I don't even match to his status?.. even if he is a nice person by heart, we could never become one?.just like a coin can never have a same side??."

Of course a coin can never have the same sides, but in spite of that, the coin is one! Though there is a huge difference between us, but you only said once, that love can turn anything impossible into possibilities! So why do you think that?

I was again lost in my own chain of thoughts, when I noticed khushi had fallen asleep on the lounger. I smiled slightly and walked upto her.

She looked so innocent, so pure, yet so beautiful, just like an angel. She looked so calm while asleep?? nothing was there that disturbed her peaceful state?. She slept peacefully; it seemed that she was again conversing with her parents, now in her dream.

"I know khushi that I've given you a lot to suffer, for no reason. I've caused you so much trouble, without any mistake of yours?? I tortured you mentally by giving you several tasks when you worked in my office, without even realizing that how much in need you were for money, so that you could earn for your family???I again troubled you when you visited Shanti-van, but never knew that how mingled up you had become with my family??. And in the course of time, I didn't even realize that when I had become a habitual of you?? arguing with you became a bad habit of me??. I felt angry whenever I left for office without seeing your face?.. your one look gave me so much satisfaction, so much contentment, that I needed nothing more.

And I have no clue that why do I have such feelings for you?. Those feelings which mean nothing to me, those feelings which I have ONLY for YOU?? My mind keeps on thinking of you??. My heart beats ONLY for YOU?? But still, why can't I realize that what these feelings are?"

With these confusions running in my mind, I gently picked up Khushi in my arms, and then walked inside the room. No, of course she did not deserve the lounger to sleep on, but the bed. I smiled at the moment when she was ready to argue with me to divide the bed! Crazy girl! Why was she like this, no one can ever know! It's only she that can know herself best?.. and hopefully, some day, I'll also know about her??. Because she's my wife?? for the entire life??

Though I married on much persuasion of Di and Naniji, and we both are still happy with this new relation, yet, I hope, that some day, I'll realize the true meaning of marriage?? the true meaning of what is called love!


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fantastic dear

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Hey this is quite interesting.
Pls continue

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that was cute!

My mom was yelling me to drink milk this very moment i cracked up reading Khushi's lines along with her yelling!!

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zafi IF-Rockerz

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Loved it. It was so cute.
Nicely written.
Thanks.Big smile

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hey it was really nice one...

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Nice one.. Loved it..

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