Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Suhspective: Intense and Power Packed!!

-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys...
I typed a very long post...wth so many points and lost it all...Confusedso typing it again...May be not  in so much detail this time...UGHGHGHH...
Any way the gist of what I wrote...was..I really LIKED the episode today...It was very intense and I thought it took the MU issue head on today ...
I actually thought there were many things to like about todays episode...if you can get past Shyamus sickness and Anjs screwed up reasoning...but I will come to that in a minute...
1) First of all...I liked that they did not drag Payal's MU. It was cleared quite swiftly and in front of the whole R clan that is prone o suspecion as well nani who made nice observations...about Payal and Khushi...Arnie's reaction was worth watching....May be just may be we ARE moving towards clearing the big MU too...Day Dreaming
2) Secondly I liked the backhanded compliment Mami gave to Payal...that was done truly in mami's style she stayed completely in character...I only wish teh actress playing Payal could act one 10th of the actress playing mami ...The only expression that comes on her face as if she is constipated...UGHGHH...but lets not talk about that...
3) Anj's dumb reasoning about not bothering Arnie...Well what can I say it makes no sense...but I also know that in real life there ARE families who do HAVE THAT MUCH OF A SCREWED UP REASONING...not kidding you!
4)...But most of all what I liked today ...yet again...was Arhi interaction...!!!  It is quite clear that what Arnie feels and does is really not what he says...his feelings are quite complexed and today the CVS did a great job in sowing that complexity...HE wants to know where she was, he confronts her...because he does want to find out that may be just may be there IS an explanation OTHER than what he is thinking...Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part...but I did think that the CVS really zeroed in he plot that says ..."Arnie ko Farq Padta hei..."
5) Khushi is very frustrated...she does not know what is bothering him...She is asked to solve a puzzle where every verbal clue he is giving her is misleading...She does not know how to solve that puzzle...but I am really hoping she will...She is the only one who can get them out of this mess...I don't havemuch hopes from Arnie...I hope they will turn the story in that direction where she DOES figure it out...It was very encouraging to see her throwing her hands up in frustration and say...I AM TIRED OF THIS PUZZLE...PLEASE END IT!!! SHe was speaking for all the IPKKND fans...I hope CVs have heard that...
6) The best scene today was...that after all said and done...and when he had every reason to hate her (in his mind...although none justifiable)...he couldn't let go of herhand...even when she challenged his ego...THINGS HAVE is not the same Arnie...and they drew that contrast quite well b showing those FBS...
So overall...I think the episode was quite intense and power packed...It was quite well done...ARhi were brilliant as usual...and the CVs did not waste time showing useles crap...they got to the point...
Now the true test will be to see if this is yet another one of those that comes and does nothing or ar ethey really getting somewhere...In isolation...though, todays episode was quite good IMO. A nice change after the ridiculous episode we saw yesterday...with all that nautanki and extended screen time for the Jhas...
EDIT: Added a bit more on page 3 about the rabba ve and why I thought this was one of the BEST rabba ves EVER!!!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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-Jamba- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Hey Sush -  I hear ya!  Angry Angry when that happens!! Anyway - you did a fantastic recap on Take 2 LOL

I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's episode. 
No - I didn't get hit upside the head, Tongue and no - I didn't think today's installment reached Shakesperean levels of glory, but...

1. Today's confrontation felt almost climactic in its intensity. Since that day on the terrace, this is the first time ASR has actually seen them together, so his rage bubbles over. There's only so many times that they can have an exchange between them where they talk plenty, but don't actually SAY ANYTHING. Following the lather-rinse-repeat formula of MU/fight/RV/MU/fight/RV... bought the CV's 2 months to figure out where they need to go next.

2. There was an interview with the director posted a few days ago - where he indicated that the MU would (please, God!) start to clear up soon. Not taking that as gospel, but again...there's only so long they can stretch this! Confused 

3. The TRP's are dropping. And how!! Ouch Ouch IPK apparently did a Titanic on the ratings charts.CV's - that happens when you begin to depend only on the star power of your leads and don't provide a gripping story to back them up...

4. Tomorrow is Friday, and the 225th episode. The show has traditionally delivered on milestone episodes, and this would be a BA-AD time to make an exception to that practice.

5. Finally, the audience is DESPERATE for a change. And that ultimately, may be the biggest reason of all Wink

Now for my take 5 on today's epi...

1. Its cricket season in India (as I'm reminded repeatedly when I call home). In that spirit - CV's,does the term match-fixing mean anything to youShocked  Shouldn't both teams be disqualified - Beena and Co for soliciting a loss, and PayMam for throwing the game? There were enough witnesses when they 'fessed up for the judges to figure it out, and last I checked - the prize money wasn't anything to sneeze at!

2. The snake grabs KSR (thank you ASR - I like it much better than KKGSR) - AGAIN. Angry Angry AngryThe reason this track has been so wildly unpopular is because the sight of an older man harassing a younger, female family member evokes a deep, visceral disgust in most folks (falls under the category of horrible, but all too common). And when that female behaves out of character by not standing up to him...that leads to frustration for the viewers. 

3. Another MU? The old one was dumb enough - thank you! Dead We really didn't need to add another layer to it. To quote Diya - Arnie's RTR is already circling the globe, and its a LONG trek back to civilization.

4. Drumroll...And the award for the most gratuitous, badly conceived Rabba Ve goes to this one. Angry It just DID NOT work for me. KSR - you weren't exactly hovering over a precipice, woman! It was a freaking step - just put ONE FOOT back, and you're steady again!

5. So. Here we are again - pinning our hopes on tomorrow and giving the CV's yet another chance to make good on a promise made back in June...that this is not a show that follows the beaten track. CV's - channel your inner Robert Frost and explore the path not yet taken, your viewers (and ratings) will thank you for it!

BS/SI - you two are the lifelines keeping this boat afloat!

TGI (almost) F!! Smile

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
A long one Sush, forgive me but I couldn't stopLOLYes, it's inching towards the truth; Shyamu brought the intensity. Thank you baby...ROFL ROFLROFL

2 dimwits who really love each other trying to find answers; but what they don't realize- even if one of them ponders over their conversation with a cool head the answers are there. Especially for Khushi, how hard is it to understand what he is insinuating?  There was a brief moment in the past when she thought it could be Shyam; since then he has given several clues but she fails to connect the dots.

Today, a jealous Arnav kept pressing her; "kaha, kab kiske saath ho mere jaan ne ka mutlab hai, tum meri patni ho".  Isn't that a clue that he is suspicious? She gave him a lame answer. He just wants to know where you were, dammit! Yes, she is angry & doesn't like the line or tone of his questions but does that ring alarm bells? Does she realize it could mean only 1 thing, he may have seen her w/Shyam? Agree w/ASR on this one, mahaan SP bahu Khushi covers up for Di coz she didn't want her chote to know that she was feeling giddyShocked Show them as real people w/real feelings, dammit! I 'm tired of the tyaag devi's they portray.

Why does Khushi always act clueless when he is pressing her for answers? When he says he was forced to, when he says he hates her for a reason, when he says bewajah nahi hai, when he says he did it for his sis... Yes, she is mad. I would be too... But he is giving her so many hints that points only to Shyam but she pretends she doesn't get it & that is what I don't get Confused Yest she said, sawal ka jawab doesn't have to be spelled out. Here there are plenty of indications... Yes, she is the innocent victim but she isn't brainless...Confused

She first gets abused by the scum; who was just fantastic todayClap  Superb when he offered his cheek...LOL ASR's expression was on the money...Thumbs Up Something he dreaded was unfolding right in front of him...Poor baby...CryLike any scorned man he showed his worst side...Ouch But Khushi nailed it with the right question. You call me your wife when you want to & then you discard me when it suits you...Clap Do you think marriage is a game? His clue but he didn't pick up on it...Confused He should have pinned her on that...but he didn't.

Both want to win at any cost; in their quest to win the argument they don't listen to what the other has to say. They are busy thinking of the counter punch. In the heat of the battle all the clues are just lost. But this cannot go on forever...SleepySleepySleepy

CV's give the audience a feeling that the story is inching towards the truth by revealing the smaller inconsequential instances; like Khushi gave away the prize money...Payal Devi hai aur Khushi use kahi zyaada mahaan...Sleepy But he doesn't see Khushi's side when Shyam is groping her...Very convenient! They are ruining the characters to keep the suspense....coz any one with half a brain can figure this out by now. ASR has all the power & money but is watching his jijaji roaming around groping his wife...Shocked


Yes, the brief accidental hug spoke volumes. They hate each other but they can't be without each other either. It was mixed feelings for both...

Mind says one thing but dil says another...Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

I love that the intensity is coming back Clap but I'm too nervous to say it out loud...LOL No festivals or Halloween pleeeje, mami style...ROFL btw, Mami's speech was fantastic...ClapClapClap

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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 5:56pm | IP Logged

I liked the episode too, and as you put it -as a standalone episode it was perfect.  I'll err on the side of caution though before expecting anything to come of it because as some one pointed out today, the CV's have cried wolf too many times by way of raising our anticipation.  
Oh, who am I kidding -I am totally waiting for tomorrow. If next week disintegrates into inane comedy like after the "Kab chot pahunchayi hai hum ne aapko" one, I will seriously disintegrate into tears! 

-It was indeed great that they did not subject us to another week or two of the Payal-MIL misunderstanding. It was dealt with swiftly and quite well.  I'm hoping Arnav will know tomorrow that Anjali sent Khushi off with Shyam.  Oops... there I go with the expectations again. 

-The final nail on Shyam's coffin came in the way of his lustful smirk watching Khushi leave -and definitely witnessed by Arnav.  It was evident by his expression that he never fell for Jee-ja-jee's rose petal act.  The CV's redeemed themselves somewhat by keeping the ASR brain in the right place at least where Shyam is concerned.  Now to see whether he will go digging or not.  

-This has been said many many times before, but Barun and Sanaya astound me again and again with their emoting talents.  Today's fight was brilliant; they always bring out the best in each other.  I will go ahead and at the risk of inviting trouble here say that Barun's expressions with Sanaya's body-double are never as good as with Sanaya herself.  Here's to the great chemistry that they share.  

Now on to tomorrow! 

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savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
I loved the episode today with absolutely no reason to press the forward button. Anger, jealousy, possesivness, betrayal everything was there  in this episode. Arnav-Khushi scenes were explosive. First intense, wanted discussion since the marriage and they should have had these  scenes right after holi.

Aww.. for the Payal Mami relation thawing. Mami in her own unique backhanded way offering compliments to Payal. Uttaraksha was great! Aakash taking his mother for her speech was also nicely done.

Khushi-Shyam encounter was good with the emphasis on the line made by Shyam - how come she is ok with Arnav touching her but not him? something Khushi needs to  ponder on for her own self realization. Barun's expressions as a heart broken Arnav on seeing Shyam and Khushi was superb. Arnav there was just a jilted lover not a brother who who was  thinking about his sister's life. It also proved to Arnav that Shyam is never going to reform as he promised.

The way they pushed each others buttons @ the entrance of RM was superb!-here again Khushi's talk with Anjali triggering it. More clues were thrown out - "Forced to marry', " ruined someone's life". The jealous nature of Arnav really came out. I know the forum was split on the  Rabba Vaes, to me the RV's were totally justified - exactly shows how he feels. He wants to hate her but is not able to, he wants to let go but cannot. Such a change from the first fall of Khushi on the cardboard boxes in AR office. Love amidst the bitterness which neither is willing to acknowledge

This track has be furthered without any loss of tempo, the angst has to hit a crescendo pretty soon with one of them breaking.  Brilliant acting by   Sanaya and Barun

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
Agreed Savvy...I also thought that the Rabba Ve today was very well placed...It was came excatly when he should have hated her the most...That made it more powerful than any of the forced slip and fall ones...This one felt real...Big smile
I think the leads were BRILLIANT today and as frustrating as the conversation was was a real one...

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 6:05pm | IP Logged


Glad I am not alone and there are others who liked the episode as much as I did. I feel like things are finally moving along, the focus is right where it should be instead of on mindless OTT tracks that were brought it to distract and annoy us
What I loved:
While Shyam creeps me out, that is his purpose and I am glad the CVs have increased how bold he has become.  It makes perfect sense why he would act now, he is an opportunist and he is taking full advantage of the opportunity presented to him. I don't fault Khushi for not slapping him, he was lusting for her touch and that just disgusted her to no end. All Khushi could focus on after that was getting the hell out of his reach.
I was shocked yet pleased to see how quickly the MU was cleared when it came to Payal and Khushi's reasonings for losing, giving up the trophy. Yesterday I hated how lame the reasonings were but it ended on a strong note. It established who Khushi and Payal are at heart to the Raizadas which will be important once this MU comes out. Today what Akash said about Khushi became a fact to Arnav, there is a reason behind what she does and it finally set off a flicker of light in his head
So Arnav has another image burnt into his mind about Shyam and Khushi but unlike last time, this time he confronted Khushi in hope of answers. Arnav in his heart knows Khushi is innocent but needed to hear it from her mouth. Similarly there is Khushi who in her heart knows how Arnav feels for her but that ego of his stands in his way of expressing it, hence the clash of emotions clouding their judgement begins. Frustration takes over and they just let it out! I really loved this confrontation especially from Khushi's side as she really did show how fed up she is of all of this. Kudos to her for fighting back and showing the fiesty side we all know and love!
Loved when Khushi reminded Arnav of how he let her fall that day yet he couldn't do it today despite the supposed hatred he had for her. It really showcased the thin line between the love and hatred here
What I didn't like:
There wasn't much to complain about, the only thing I hated was that forced Rabba Ve. It was the worst in the history of the show. I don't understand why the CVs chose to add the Rabba Ve scene when the scene was going perfect without it, Barun and Sanaya were doing full justice here and the Rabba Ve music just set it off. Advice to those who watch, just mute and the scene will leave the impact its supposed to.
The second was ok as it fitted the moment but the first was just so out of place
Overall a very good episode, things are moving forward. I look forward to seeing what is in store for the next episode, I really hope the CVs don't let us down especially when they are on the right track.

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
Is it s different hairpiece or the same awful one? It looked a little smaller today...or am I just in a good mood that tomorow is a holiday...SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile ?????

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